Pool Of Tantalus
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  1. Foxstar

    Oh Simon.

    The havoc ferrets cause. Of course anyone owning stock in airlines would be thrilled.

    • D_Leo

      Of course the ferrets had bought some of the stock cause they were bored.

  2. Dissension

    I actually know where it is! *laughs*

  3. loudhawaiianshirt

    “Trapped in editing room, send help”

    I see what you did there….

    • MC_Hollis

      I don’t :-/

  4. Lutrinae

    Can someone help me here, i have a question. What do the pets eat? I’ve seen them eating dry food, and i’ve seen them at the table (one of the 2008 thanksgiving strips). if anybody knows, plz tell me!

    • Dissension

      They eat whatever. It is presumably up to the owners to supply food for pets, so if the pet has a particularly caring owner they may get something other than kibble.

    • Lutrinae

      I know its completely unrealated to anything at hand, but it has been bugging.

    • Thoth

      Well, we do know that the Dogs (and presumably the cats) have easy access to various forms of kibble; it’s presumably reasonably good, especially since they can talk about it and request the brands they like.
      Tiger gets to have pizza and cookies.
      Rex bakes cookies (and presumably eats at least some of them).
      Grape and Peanut do have their own table with their own dishes, but eat with the family at least on special occasions and have free access to the soda and ice cream (needed to make rootbeer floats).
      The various dogs usually bring dog biscuits/cookies to the Good Ol Dogs Club meetings.
      Bino has access to the pantry and the dog snacks/treats (from the first Christmas gift exchange).
      Peanut has access to either a seriously specialized caterer/pinata maker or at least “four different kinds of tripe” (if he filled the Pinata himself).
      Grape references eating the insides of cows during the farm arc.
      Grape also eats a mouse during mouse-mouse revolution.
      I’m not sure chocolate-covered espresso beans really count as “food”, but Grape had those.
      A pet (I think it was Peanut got) chocolate at Halloween.
      Joey is having a commercial cup of something at the bookstore during the Pridelands arc.
      The bonus “allowance” strip shows Grape with access to tripe and Peanut having a vision of buying all meat on a shopping trip.

      That’s all I can think of offhand; I’d say that the pets can eat almost anything a human does, mostly would prefer meat, and actually get to eat whatever their owners are willing to supply – but most of the owners seem willing to indulge them fairly casually. Ergo, a basic diet with lots of treats. Pretty much like any kid, except that their basic diet is kibble instead of peanut butter and jelly or macaroni and cheese and such.

  5. Thoth

    Well, announcing “Treasure Map” and letting people put that together with “twenty billion dollars unaccounted for” should get them a lot of visitors and a great deal of excitement. What more could a ferret ask for?

    Perhaps Mr Milton wanted them amused after his death, and has left a whole string of treasure maps hidden around the place…

    Oh, the Ferrets are now up over on the Dossier thread. As usual, they’re currently the last link in the index:


    • Frank

      So, you think he watched National Treasure and liked the idea?

  6. Cerberus

    This is so like Oprah. She says lose weight, 10 million people drop 50 pounds in a day. She says read this book, they run out of copies. People are so submissive to the media.

    • Snowmon

      Not to sound random, but what dots? A bunny? Cruddy talk show host?

      Okay, I understand your pain, but they’re talking about a treasure map here… I think that even more idiot will listen to Oprah if she was talking about 20 million.

      • Snowmon

        Now to be random…

        Hi I’m Daisy.

        • gagi

          hi Daisy!

          and i know i would start watching Oprah if it was about 20 million dollars and a treasure map .. actually i think that would be the only show on all channels on tv … forever lol

          being random : simon looks so cute ..

  7. KzT

    The being trapped in editing room stole the whole strip for me. That’s just hilarious.

    • Weaver

      Isn’t someone going to help the poor captioner? He/she’s dying of thirst! There’s nothing but Bawls to drink in there!

    • Justice193

      it did the same thing for me :P , I read over the strip, then noticed the little captions, and when I read it again, even though I should of seen it coming, I’m still laughing :P … that joke just never gets old when used properly :D .

  8. Fuzzypaws

    And now they have to hire security guards because of the lineup of people who will breaking into their home every night. :3

    • Pappy

      That’s why they brought in the wolves!

  9. ndigit

    So is simon like the TV person who represents the ferrets as a whole and the ferrets individually have like their own jobs? Or does he just like hogging the camera?

    Also, and no one probably cares as we refer to the ferrets as a whole anyway but Duke has only been seen twice. Ever.

    • Thoth

      Maybe he just likes being on TV and none of the rest care? After all, if they wanted to sponsor “the ferret show”, they could afford to do it.

      • ndigit

        The show would still have to be popular to keep running

  10. Icharus

    *airline site’s server explodes*
    *ten thousand viewers facepalm*

    *technical director needs a crowbar*

    • RockstarRaccoon

      Obviously he likes media-attention too much…

      • RockstarRaccoon

        Actually, it’s not too much, you can never have enough ferret.

  11. Cat-Lover Cross

    Milton put his fortune in orbit around the moon :p

  12. james319

    “Send help” LOL

  13. Salenstormwing

    Ferrets; Causing random Anarchy since 19XX.

  14. Rukral

    We just gotta find a place that looks like a bunny!

  15. BlueAnubis

    Hmm, somewhere not near Lake Michigan… Dots connect to make a bunny… I have it! I know exactly where it is! Let us be off, Watson, We have a fortune to find!

  16. Toggleroo


  17. The game

    The only part i got about this was that some poor dude was trapped in the editing room.
    Other than that, i am totally lost.

  18. Stupid cancelling fees

    There’s a slight typo in the second panel- should be secrtes, not secret. Still a great comic though.

    • Justice193

      if you’ll look at the previous strip, it says:
      “SECRET! do not display -H Milton (That means YOU, Simon)”

    • arcanewind

      yeah, i think he meant “…he put ’secret’ all over it..”

  19. Profesor Rod


    Not that I actually didn’t think Simon was going to do it, but… DAILY TALK SHOW?

    • Frank

      Yeah, and it probably compete’s with channel DEF’s “Rise and Shine” talk show :D

      • Frank

        My apologies to anyone living in Georgia. I didn’t know a “Rise and Shine” talk show actually existed

        • Dissension

          You could probably have gotten away with “Good Morning Everyone” as a competing show. *laughs*

  20. toboe

    Whichever of the ferrets I happen to be looking at, they’re suddenly my favorite X3

  21. RockstarRaccoon

    lol, “That’s one place we know it’s NOT.”
    also: “trapped in editing room, send help!”

  22. Argent Stonecutter

    It’s in Al Capone’s vault!

  23. wingedwolfgirl

    That Most have been a really weird spike in the Airlines stock-chart.


  24. The game

    I don’t know where it is!!!!!!!!
    someone tell me plz!!!!!!!!!!

    • Darcin

      It’s not there.

      It is in your heart.

  25. Squival

    Love the text lines from the editin room at the bottom ;)
    Its great how insanely happy the ferrets are, good reason to be too I guess

  26. Frank

    Who would’ve guessed Simon was actually going to be able to keep the secret?

  27. BillyMT

    Either he’s too smart for us commune folks to understand, or he picks what he says out of sheer dumb luck XD

  28. Thoth

    For those who are interested, the dossiers for the various human characters (excluding Mr Milton and his ungrateful relatives on whom fresh information is likely to appear soon) are now up on the Dossier thread. As usual, they’re currently the bottom link on the thread index.


  29. Silver Dragon ordinence

    Hello everyone, I’m new here.

    Were are Peanut, Grape, Max and everyone else?