A Man Of Secrets A Ferret Of None
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  1. Dissension

    Newspeople certainly -are- nice!

    No, I’m not biased. What makes you think a journalism degree equates to pro-journalist bias?

    • Frank

      Simon’s definitely your guy, then! Talking to the media, finding treasure maps for them…

      Keene, on the other hand, still wants television to be invented first, despite loving to play on his Blackberry

      • Frank

        Okay… I’m really hating that moderating filter now. Honestly, I can’t remember to say “before”, rather than the-word-before-second, all the time.

  2. KzT

    How hard can a person physically facepalm?

    • Gardevoirian

      Quite hard actually. My hardest facepalm broke my nose, bruised my right cheek and gave me a black eye…

      • BlueAnubis

        Ha! I beated u! I gibbed miself Dain Brammage wif dis facepam

        (okay, not really that bad, but I did break my glasses with one once. popped the lens right out.)

  3. EchoFireant

    LOL…”That means YOU Simon”

  4. Darcin

    You’d think the old guy would know his pets well enough that leaving a secret treasure map in his house would only end in tragedy. Or hilarious comedy, which seems far more likely. In fact, he probably wants that, doesn’t he? This is all a big Xanatos Gambit, isn’t it?


  5. Thoth

    Hm. The classic “insane scramble for the treasure”. Of course, it’s likely to twist in some other direction entirely.

    And nice to see that Mr Milton did indeed take every precaution to look after his pets. Now, if only they had enough sense to go along with it.

    On the other hand, who knows? Perhaps Milton was sure that they wouldn’t, and set this up as a gigantic diversion. Such are the possibilities of convoluted schemes.

  6. JoeyWolf

    Whatever they do I’m sure Daisy will win again.

    • HYBRIDcreature

      Hi, I’m Daisy!

      • FuRrY321

        With green paper stuff in a cloth bag that smells like clean socks.

        Who wants some!

  7. Cerberus

    Yea know, ive never been too good with money, but im pretty sure these billionaires have to find there fortunes somewhere. Now i know where. A dusty old treasure map in the attic.

  8. Parou

    Sharp as the proverbial bowling ball…. yup, that be our ferret friends….(especially Simon)

  9. Pokeblue

    Those ferrets sure had one hell of a clever owner. Like his relative was gonna say, can’t fault the man for covering his tracks.

  10. Frank

    So this is one of the times Forbes’ figures were actually acurate?

  11. Icharus

    No one can resist looking at an inconspicuously- placed map.

    Especially when it has your name on it and “SECRET!” written in big bold letters.

  12. Cat-Lover Cross

    I wonder how a meeting between Milton and Pete would have turned out, both seem so deviously complicated.

    • MrMutt

      I think Milton would be the nicer guy.

  13. Valerio

    my impression, or do these ferrets look cuter in today’s comic?

    • Thoth

      I don’t know; the one on the end – Simon is it? – looks a bit bilious to me.

      • Frank

        Simon is the one reading the map. I presume Rock is the other one.

        • Thoth

          Ah. I never have gotten the ferrets names sorted out.

  14. Thoth

    Oh, for those who are interested, the Dossiers for Fiddler, Keys, and the Raccoons are now up. As usual, the link is currently the last one in the thread index.


  15. Majin-Wolf

    The treasure map could led to the location of a security deposit box key or a box containing a microfilm leading portions of the twenty billion dollars stashed around the world in separate accounts or one big account. Oh boy that would be fun to hunt down all that money! All them Benjamins just waiting to be found!! Or just valuble treasure that is worth twenty billion dollars waiting to be found! Or i could be wrong :)

    • Indagare

      Or it could be a baseball and a glove and a vial of mysterious red liquid that might resurrect the dead… wait, wrong show…

      • BlueAnubis

        now all I can think of is a fried egg saying “am I alive yet?”

  16. Valerio

    Oh, and BTW, thanks Rick for hiding again the ungrateful relatives’ faces

  17. Kyderra

    o Boy indeed

  18. ndigit

    Anyone else like to vomit at how lucky some guys get?

  19. james319

    i could go for a treasure map right about now T_T dang their lucky XD

  20. othorlimmis

    “being a rational human being”

    why the emphasis?
    i think shes a monkey in disguise or something….

    • gatherer818

      Heh, it reminds me of “who, despite all appearances, is not a cat” =P

      Or “I did not have s… er, how do you define that term again?”

    • Frank

      *Gasp* Maybe she’s Pete in disguise! That would also explain why the emphasis on “not even Pete will touch this guy” in the last strip! If that is so, what has Pete done to the real Celia?

      Or maybe Ricks building up momentum because something irrational is about to happen?

      It’s also possible she’s just rubbing in her cousin’s face how he didn’t come up with anything while she was trying to solve the problem.

  21. Argent Stonecutter

    I bet they end up owning a pipeline factory. And get lost in it.

    • Frank

      Heh, maybe thats what the “long narrow tubes LTD” was

  22. Rukral

    Omg, I got such a great laugh upon reading the last frame. This is gonna be a hilarious treasure hunt (unless the mean relatives get their hands on the map too)

  23. Legendario 777


  24. BlueAnubis

    NO! DOWN! Bad Simon! Do what your Dad said and give the map to Lana! ( she seems to be the only sensable one)

    I will now peer into the future, to the end of the storyline. Hmm…
    *activate glowy eyes*
    Everything’s blurry, I can’t see it, but I hear something…
    “Hey! where’s the treasure?!”
    “Hi! I’m Daisy!”
    *Stop glowy eyes*
    What can it mean?

  25. HonoreDerazey

    I… don’t get it…

  26. Wolf Pup TK

    Yay treasure hunting! :3

  27. The game

    Lol, he knows Simon so well

  28. Justice193

    and the Santa in Peanut’s recent strip in the entity that represents the Miltons, while the aliens are just a holiday version of the normal villains, and they try to take something from the Miltons, but King saves the day, somehow or other, in an act that in a mere fraction of a second, changes the world of the better in some small way, which will most likely be forgotten in a couple of months :P .

    speculation that tries to tie the figment of a characters imagination into reality, is fun XD.

  29. FuRrY321

    Thanks Rick for not showing Celia’s face. The guy’s okay, but she just freaks me out.

    Now, how would a guy know that his pet ferret (specifically, Simon) would find the so-called “treasure map” and want to display it in public? And how is it that they can read what’s on their Blackberry smartphones (Ha, grammatically correct!) but they can’t read what’s on the side of a paper in big, bolded, underlined letters?

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      she’s like Paris Hilton after one day in a Lost episode. *shudders*

      • FuRrY321

        Here’s something totally unrelated, but I heard it at school:

        If they called Michael Jackson MJ, what do they call Brittany Spears?


    • Thoth

      Perhaps because ferrets can be counted on to get into everything and find anything?

      As for not reading the instructions, perhaps – as with so many real people – only the parts they like actually register.

      • FuRrY321

        Sadly, that is true for many people. However, I always read the instructions to make sure of what I’m doing, so that I don’t screw up later on and have to redo whatever it is that I have just done.

        That still happens sometimes, nonetheless. ;)

  30. wingedwolfgirl

    So the ferrets ether can’t read, or are oblivious and haven’t turned the paper over.

  31. Zaffa

    If this ends in a road trip, SOMEONE’s gonna get hurt.

  32. Profesor Rod


  33. Lutrinae

    Something tells me this is going to turn out like “Rat Race”

  34. RockstarRaccoon


  35. Kujiiro

    I’m not sure I get this one.