My Favorite Villain Shorthand Is Orphanage Landlord
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  1. Foxstar

    Better start again from the bottom you two.

  2. Fuzzypaws

    This so reminds me of Millionaire Dogs. *giggles*

  3. slacks315

    The ferrets have enough. They should let them be servants or something.

    • SamBlob

      Just about the most important characteristic of a servant is trustworthiness.

      They fail.

      Next idea?

      • FuRrY321

        They start out from scratch and make dryers with drawers?

        • Frank

          Ah, but to start producing such a thing commercially, they’d need money. Where are they going to get it? Looking back at plan A, for better or for worse

      • Darcin

        But hey, at least they would get into a series of wacky hijinx, always trying to off the ferrets in one way or another only to have their plans turn back on them in a hilarious twist!

        i smell a spinoff

      • slacks315

        keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

      • Frank

        The three kings have replied to this post. Sorry, but with Christmas so close behind, someone had to say it!

        • Justice193

          and with that thought, someone would correct you:

          it’s just tree different poses of the same king :P .

  4. KzT

    Start from the bottom you two. It wasn’t your money it was Milton’s.

  5. Dissension

    I’ve always been a fan of orphanage-landlords, but I couldn’t like these folks less. Huh. x3

  6. Snowmon

    Not a prediction, but I don’t think that they are going to be so “lucky.”

    • Frank

      So, you think this is going to end up as a courtroom drama?

      • Snowmon

        I don’t think that they’ll make it to the front door.

  7. Cerberus

    Let the games begin!!

    • Cerberus

      Oh and is it just me or is it always the rich and wealthy relatives that look like they fell from the ugly tree and hit every branch going down?
      (this is NOT against Ricks artistry)

      • Pontos

        It’s the usual way to portray money hungry crappy relatives. Ugly on the outside as in the inside.

        That, or a really handsome ~30yo woman or man, which will be the worst of them all as well.
        If older than that, they will be ugly :P

  8. Blondi

    Them ferrets be ’sappin my money!

  9. BlueAnubis

    Okay, is anyone else somewhat frightened by Miss Ungrateful Relative?
    *paw up*

    I would not recomend trying to intimidate a family of billionare ferrets that have a pack of wolves as their pets/employees.

    • rWolf1991

      Agreed :P

    • Cerberus

      *paw raised and waving back and forth*

    • Pokeblue

      *raises paw*

    • Thoth

      I’d suspect that the wolves are much more a point of vulnerability than an asset as soon as the word “lawyer” comes up. This is a human-dominated world, and most of the humans will be wanting to keep it that way.

      • Indagare

        Except, of course, this is a comedy so the villains are more likely to come up with some unlikely scheme than to do the more sensible legal attack.

      • Justice193

        on that note, the simplest of arguments is the most valid in the case of the Milton ferrets: they’re simply furthering Pa’s dream, and doing nothing different than he would in that instance.

        How valid the last bit point is remains a little open for debate, but from what I’ve read of him, he would of probably done more.

    • Valerio

      *raises paw*
      Man, in these plots it’s the wummin who’s the most pernicious villain!

    • SamBlob

      She reminds me a bit of Cruella de Vil, but that’s probably just the fur around her neck and the aura of evil…

      • Rukral

        I sure hope that isn’t Ferret Fur aroun d her neck!

      • Kailen

        Yea, as soon as I saw that the Disney song popped into my head.

    • Frank

      Her name is Celia (see July 20, 2009). The question is whether her last name is “Milton”, like her deceased uncle, or “Ungrateful Relative”, as you imply ;)

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Agreed. *raises paw*

  10. Thoth

    Hm. I think I’d throw a few million at them just to get them to go away and get plastic surgery.

    I’d still guess at “relatively few” though. It hasn’t been one of my fields of reasearch, but I don’t think that there are all that many privately-run orphanages in the US any more to foreclose on. Presumably though, even “one” is too many.

    • SamBlob

      There are probably quite a few church-run orphanages, and he’s probably foreclosed on those and the churches as well.

  11. EHH

    Did he have to mention foreclosed orphanages? That just says “I’m evil”.
    By the way, Rick. I like you are showing more human faces. I just wish it wasn’t with her. *shudders* She give me the creeps. Then again, it is appropriate.

    • tahrey

      Welllll maybe they didn’t keep up with their mortgage repayments for a whole year, and that income is his way of paying his own rent now that the otherwise sensible investments went south…

      Or he could be a cunning combination of the deceptively evil gandalf-like landlord and his piggy (but ultimately good) little rent collector from Little Dorrit ;)

  12. Nitrofox

    wolfies go om nom nom crunch

  13. Nitrofox

    not to mention have yall seen miles’ arms? holy s**t!

  14. American Otter

    And why am i suddenly very worried that we will see the appearance of a certain blue mythical beast that no one is really too sure about one way or the other on which side of the black and white field he is on?

    Uh… anyone? Because I will not be surprised if he shows up in the next few comics.

    • Blue_Elite

      Read the alt-text (if you’re using FireFox [not sure about other browsers] just let the mouse pointer sit on the comic), Pete wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole.

  15. machchunk

    should that jaw be jutting out like that

  16. Thoth

    Oh, the Dossier for Marvin, Tiger, and Zachary is now up. As usual, it’s currently the last link in the thread index.

    Hm. Not that many notable sets of characters to go.

  17. Silverpaws

    I smell trouble for our ferret friends

  18. SuperNova

    Drawing humans isn’t Rick’s strong point. Is it?

    • james319

      well hes better than most of us here :P

    • tahrey

      Why d’ya think Bill and former-life King are about the only ones he’s drawn in full before now? :)
      They’re not supposed to be the focus anyhow.

    • Frank

      They’re supposed to be ugly, see Cerberus’ comment above at 12:09

  19. Duskyo

    Oi! It’s Hillary Clinton! …Or maybe that’s just me…

  20. james319

    even the Tag says Ungrateful relatives XD

  21. SamBlob

    Apart from the court official, the only full human faces we’ve seen so far have been villains, first Joel (and the court official), and now these two.

    Frankly, I’m amazed they haven’t considered the *irrational* approach yet: killing them all. Especially since we all know one particularly large guy with a bad attitude toward pets who they could hire as muscle for such a nefarious scheme. He’s probably on parole too, since he would have blamed the whole caper on his accomplice, who didn’t show up for trial…

    …and I would *so* love to see Fox biting his wrist and King biting his ankle…

  22. Caleb

    When do you think we’ll see more of King?

    • FuRrY321


      You actually asked that?

      Yes! That means THERE WILL BE KING!

  23. Argent Stonecutter

    At first you think Cruella is the devil
    But after time has worn away the shock
    You come to realize
    You’ve seen her kind of eyes
    Watching you from underneath a rock.

    Cruella De Vil
    Cruella De Vil
    If she doesn’t scare you
    No evil thing will…

  24. Cat-Lover Cross

    You know it’s the end of the world when the industry is going to the dogs – er…ferrets.

  25. Salenstormwing

    *snickers at the image text* Darn, and here I was hoping Pete might show up and brain these two with his cane.

  26. Cat-Lover Cross

    which reminds me these two are some of the few humans whose faces were actually shown! I sense a deeper plot in this.

  27. Legendario 777

    They just showed us the REAL reason of why they got OWNED by a group of ferrets….
    Ferrets FTW !!!

  28. Frank

    Celia is assuming the ferrets are also rational human beings. I really don’t think they’ll want to “throw a few million at them to keep it out of court” for either of these reasons:
    1. They’ll say “Yay! Court! I love playing with gavels!”
    2. They’ll say “What’s a court? *gasp* You don’t mean a food court?”
    or something of the sort

    • Thoth

      That wouldn’t help them much with their attempt to demonstrate that animals can function independently in human society though.

  29. jack

    She looks like Hillary Clinton!!! lol

    “Don’t let a crisis go to waste. If there isn’t one, create one.” ~Progressive

  30. Wolfswift

    OMG! Humans with faces again! Will they be turned into animals too? Pete’s next targets maybe? Then again, the fat PETA guy and the cop’s faces were shown too… but they were kinda just because they had to be. When Joel’s face was shown, it marked his becoming main character material.

    So what does the showing of these two’s faces entail?

    • Justice193

      … I wanna see them turned into gerbils >.>… or something of the like… it just feels like their very nature would perverse the idea of being a more popular pet type.

  31. Nyrufa


    Hee hee.

    If they do try and steal the money, think of all the “shiny” new security systems the Ferrets might have!

  32. Naya

    Dude her face would make a baby cry o.o

  33. wingedwolfgirl

    At least they didn’t go whit the villainous option of “having their opponent removed”

    Also, I’m not Tarot or anything… But after spending years in court, I can easily see them wining their case, only to find their lawyers‘ bills adds up to the same amount! :D

    • SamBlob

      At least they didn’t go whit the villainous option of “having their opponent removed”

      No, they haven’t… yet….

  34. The game

    Why is his arm stickin out like that?
    and DAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!!!!!! She is u-go-LY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (no offense to Rick, he prolly drew like tht on purpose)

  35. Frank

    I’ve just noticed something: Rick got us to see Thomas as villainous by having him close orphanages. Peanut got us to see his “bad guys” as villainous by having them take over an orphanage!

    • The game

      I see a future arc!!

    • Kamron

      Spot then shows up in real life and messes everything up.

      • FuRrY321

        And why would that mess everything up?

        …Oh yeah, Spot (superdog)’s “super intellect” would be hampered by the tons of “orphanite” (coal) just lying around the power plants he just so happens to hang around. Then he would accidentally make up physics, and the universe would tear itself apart.

        Which, BTW, would not happen in 2012 *wink*
        It would happen in 2013 :D

    • Justice193

      … Spot… is… King….

      and Peanut really has the ability to see into the future, expressed via his little cartoons in a “superd” up version.

      which, coupled with Grape’s small yet untapped psychic abilities, attracted Tarot to them.

      O.o… I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to be paying more attention to the similarities between Peanut’s comics, and future real comic world events.

  36. Yojimaru

    *laughs* The bald guy’s line in the last panel makes me imagine him as M. Bison from that ultra cheesy American made Street Fighter cartoon. “Don’t be hasty. Not until I see those Ferrets PUMMELED TO DUST, which should be any moment now~” *cue ferret getting tackled* “Yes! Yes!! YES~!!!”

  37. pkpg

    been reading the comments, honestly i think they are both equaly evil… just cause she’s more ugly dousn’t make HIM less evil >_> anyways, just wanted to mention that… for no particular reason at all ._.

    • Frank

      on the other hand, she is the one with a plan

  38. MagicalSarai

    She looks like Hillary Clinton… kinda scary.

    • The game

      Rick probably did that on purpose XD

  39. Zeek

    And so the plot thickens..

  40. Justice193

    So yeah, I had allot to post on this one, but frank totally broke my train of thought by pointing out something so subtle yet so obvious.

    Now I have to wait for a few more strips before either my previous train of thought can be restored, or this new one sets in o.O.

    • Frank

      Wow! A train wreck!
      I seriously didn’t think it would be that big of a paradigm shifter. After all, it is hinted in the strip’s title.