Nor Hand Nor Foot Nor Arm Nor Face
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  1. Teh Brawler

    That’s funny, cuz I’d like to be “Aurthur” :P

  2. Keeshah

    keep putting it off miles, keep putting it off.

  3. shadow

    i wish i could have that choice

  4. Thoth

    Oh now THAT is going to be awkward. Particularly if Peanut does or has introduced them to video games.

    • FuRrY321

      I’m pretty sure he has already. Remember last time we saw him over at the wolves’ place? He said to Grape, “next time I’ll introduce them to video games”. I’m sure he’s been over there since we saw that scene.

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        Third Pup: Well dad, I’ve come of age, and I choose… SQUALL!

        Miles: Wow, that’s pretty good. What kind of name is that? Where’d you hear it?

        Third Pup: It’s the main character’s name in FF8.

        Miles: *Facepaw*

        • Argent Stonecutter

          But Squall’s such a whiny beggar! Sure you don’t want to go with Cloud? Or Tidus?

          • WolvenPaw15


            But I do support Cloud and Tidus are better Vincent too
            Maybe even *Music plays* SEPHIROTH!! *Music continues*

    • Frank

      I doubt they came up with “space laser” on their own; it has to be the influence of some pop-culture thing like a video-game

  5. Ebly

    *pumps fist*

    • EHH


    • Taay


  6. EHH

    Interesting tradition. I also can see Miles’ point. *snickers*

  7. Cerberus

    Oh i want to be Cerberus. Seriously too. And i actually have a reason for that. Not just cuz but an actual backstory. That would be so cool to choose your own name at a certain age.

  8. MC_Hollis

    I’m no. 7! I’m No.7! Also… :3

    • orp

      I am not a number, I am a person. I am Spacelaser!

  9. KzT

    I want my name to be “SPARTA!”

    Oh no wait, wait!


  10. JoeyWolf

    Wait…so…Mile’s wife relates herself to a woman whose death destroyed a tyrany…okie dokie.

  11. ndigit

    There was a time when I wanted to name myself Luigi. Ah video games.

    • rWolf1991

      Ya and I wanted to name myself Ash, ah good times. good times.

      • Majin-Wolf

        Same here I wanted to name myself Fox from Starfox to Link from Legend of Zelda or Gray Fox from Metal Gear, ah yes good times indeed!

  12. Draco_2k

    I’d say we have that choice here, on the Internet, but somehow all the good ones are always taken.


    • Rooth

      Kinda ironic, considering your account name. ;)

    • Science

      Ah, the joys of unique user names.
      Science conquairs evcerything!

      Great comic BTW. been reading it since Concession did a haloween special featureing “the purple one from HousePets, and the Other one from HousePets” I just had to find out more.

  13. BlueAnubis

    I must wonder, how many people bugged you incessantly bugged you to tell us their names before you drew this one, Rick?

    What’s wrong with *fist up* EXCALIBUR!!? I always wanted to be called Death Lazer when I was a kid. (Okay, it was really LazerMan)

    • Snowmon

      I smell a cop-out, but let’s give him a break. After all he’s name everyone in this comic. Including all the ferrets, Mr. Begalsworth, and Joel/King twice!

      • Echo

        Mr. Begalsworth? I believe you meant Bigglesworth.

        • Snowmon

          I was close…

  14. Snowmon

    I’m glad I have a set name. I don’t get confused with my other relatives, I’m not compared to my father for having the same sir name as him. (I’m a Junior.) My mom gave me a nicname since the day I was born so that wouldn’t happen.
    Besides, If i had my choice, I’d be everything from Albino Blue to Youko. My original pen name was Johny Kicks. (Yes, spelled like that.) Since then I’ve had way to many so I finally settled on one that fits me perfectly.

    • Legendario 777

      Me too !!!! In fact, almost all of my grandparents and before them, they had the same name as I have.

  15. Darcin

    You wouldn’t believe the names some students of English give themselves in foreign countries. When I was studying in China, I had a few friends named “Ice”, “Wind”, and “Cool”.

    though personally, I wouldn’t mind being known as “Tornado” ’cause I blow everyone away aww yeah

  16. Cannon Fodder

    I wanted Exilo

  17. Rider098

    It probably doesn’t help that Peanut was introducing those little ones to video games… or the general media altogether. XD

    Makes you wonder where they got the idea for Deathaxe and Space-Laser from in the first place!

  18. Thoth

    Oh, if anyone has an interest, the dossiers for Sasha, Sabrina, and Daisy are now up.

    If no one wants some character in particular next, it’ll probably be Miles, Tiger, or Zach.

  19. Whiskers

    that’s a pretty MANLY sip in panel two… look at that BULGING BICEP!

    good lord, Miles, go light on the steroids!

  20. Someone

    They cub are so CUTE!

    But… That’s notice me. They tradition for not name they cub until they grow up. Maybe because wolf’s cub in the wild alway DEATH in they first winter. (Form Animal Planet.) Name a cub who can’t survive are useless…

    How a sad tradition…

    • Firewing

      Whom cannot spell (Or has a lack of grammar) Id reccomend them keeping Either a) Dictonary near Or b) Notepad open, and using spellcheck. Please?

      • ilikepie

        Dictionary wouldn’t help much in this case. All the words used are spelled correctly. (Though “alway” is very archaic, and should be “always”.)

        Depending on the poster’s knowledge of English, this may in fact be a very good effort.

    • Firewing

      Honestly. But you nailed the punctuation. +27 Points.

  21. Icharus

    I’m still dying to see Miles going about his business while wearing a necktie.
    Also, interesting tradition, and good point in the last panel.

  22. RockstarRaccoon

    Names aren’t static. I tell people my name is Raccoon, therefore, my name is Raccoon. Rules and culture are a lie, everything is just how people interact with the world.

    • Sleet

      Technically speaking, in many (if not most) countries people have legal names. That doesn’t mean anyone has to call them that, of course.

      • Chip Uni

        And in those same cultures, there are ways to change those legal names. (I’m still sorry that my wife didn’t go with her plan to change her name, legally, to Trouble.)

  23. crazyredemu

    I wish my name was deathaxe :(

    • RockstarRaccoon

      Oh, you probably CAN’T pull off a name like that. It’s like I told my friend who wanted a similar name: it can’t be something that no one is going to accept. Deathaxe doesn’t sound like it can be a real nickname without being earned by doing something amazing, and even then, only the people who have seen this will use the name.

      • crazyredemu

        Well I could be Deathscrubbrush cause I accidently killed a groundhog with a plastic scrub brush. I have earned Crazyredemu (I’m crazy, have red hair, and had a pet emu)

  24. james319

    Death Axe XD wish i had a name like that :( how do they tell each other apart? o.o

  25. FuRrY321

    Bro 1: POWER!
    Bro 2: RANGERS!
    Bro 4: GO!!! Hey, where’d Bro 3 go?
    Bro 1&2: WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!?

    …dunno why I though of that….

  26. FuRrY321

    Oh, that expression in the last panel!

    I love it!

  27. Argent Stonecutter

    I’ve been Argent since I came of age on the Internet back in the ’80s.

  28. MagicalSarai

    That is actually a very interesting concept and a tradition that I bet is probably practiced somewhere in the world.

    • Thoth

      There are a few areas where it is or was traditional not to give children a name until they’re around two, mostly because – at least historically – the infant mortality rate was so high. If childhood mortality rate for wolf cubs in the Housepets universe bears any resemblance to the real-world rate, the same might apply here.

      Fortunately for the cubs, Miles and Lucretia have already done one of the few things that will vastly increase their chance of survival – moving into human civilization. Moving into a zoo would offer similar benefits, which might help explain why the zookeepers would let Grape and Peanut persuade them to let the animals out for a scrabble tournament; the animals are all smart enough to know when they’re well off – and so can be relied on to go back “home” to their enclosures after the party is over.

      Of course, virtually every human culture assigns at least a childhood use-name pretty much as soon as a child learns to talk and walk. That’s simple practicality; humans communicate so much information vocally that not being able to immediately indicate who you are addressing, calling, or (especially) warning of some danger, is a severe difficulty. Could you see trying to manage an elementary school without names of some sort?

      Quite a few tribal cultures let people choose a name, or be given a new one, when they become officially adults. This becomes increasingly impractical as the society increases in size and as record-keeping becomes more important. It’s rather awkward to rely on the reputation you’ve built up, advertise your services, or refer people to your past performance when they have no way of being even reasonably sure that you’re actually referring to your own record.

      In the cubs case, I’d bet that they have some sort of use-names (quite possibly the ones they just gave), no matter how traditionalist Miles is. After all, if they’re living with humans, they’ll need to have been given pet licences, rabies vaccines and such – and the vets and bureaucrats will need a name of some sort to file the records under, even if – like “Princess Periwinkle” – that name is subject to change later.

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        Quite a few tribal cultures let people choose a name, or be given a new one, when they become officially adults.

        I get what you mean. It’s like in the movie Dances With Wolves. Once the army guy got full accepted by the tribe of Sioux he was making contact with, they gave him the Lakota name that meant “He who dances with wolves”.

        • ilikepie

          I wish this was the tradition in modern western culture. I think it’s very unfair being saddled with a name without any choice on your part.

          I hate my real name. I want to change it legally but the hassle it would cause makes me keep putting it off. I already have the legal forms printed out, now I just need to gather the guts to go through with it. My parents certainly won’t like it…

          • FuRrY321

            Eh, who cares what they think? I’d say that if you really didn’t like your name, go through with it, no matter what other people say. My dad changed his name from Harold to Hal shortly after he became of legal age to do so. It may not seem like much, but when people ask what his name means he says, “it’s short for Hallelujah.”

  29. zane2099

    LOL I all was wanted to be war of the four horsemen

  30. Legendario 777

    Now that would be awesome!!!!!

  31. WildRoo

    I’ve been WildRoo since 95 I believe. Gatta stick with a good, unique name. :)

    If he hasn’t given them a name, then what does he call them when one of them does something wrong?

    • FuRrY321

      He calls them Boy, Boi, and Buoy, of course. What else? XD

  32. myzused

    OMG! I just did a research paper on a Lucretia!

  33. Miles Rose

    I’d want to be Eddie Riggs. The best roadie evar :D

    • Miles Rose

      Well, if I had no name. I’m perfectly happy with Miles Rose. Wouldn’t change it for anything.

  34. Asteri

    Excalibur? you mean like Excalibur from Soul Eater?
    *starts singing the excalibur theme*

    • Legendario 777

      * Hum along*

  35. Classic Steve

    So, um, what happens when they have to refer to the cubs in the third person? Especially when there are many cubs in one group?

  36. Chromeheart

    So Miles (my name) is Latin for soldier?

    No wonder why I keep thinking of my life as a battlefield. o_o;

  37. JB

    That’s a cool tradition. I want to change name because it is too common.

    • FuRrY321

      My name is Matthew, and that’s probably one of the most common names to date. There are 2 other Matthews in my Science class, and one more in my Religion class, so as a result my teachers have to say “Matt (A)” according to our last names. As well, I currently have two friends named Matthew, and I’ve had more in the past.

      And yet, strangely, I have never been compelled to change it when I’m older. So long as nobody calls me “Matty” I’m fine.

  38. Xodarap

    From United King!
    I’m looking for him!
    I’m going to California!

    • FuRrY321

      Make sure to bring along some rust spray to keep the Terminator at bay! ;)

  39. Rennis Tora

    Choosing your own name when you come of age is a great idea, in fact there are cultures that do it, I know that I would loved that, then again when he says coming of age, for a human that would probably be 12 or 16 in which case I was already knee deep in the furry fandom by that age so who knows what I would have chosen?

  40. WolvenPaw15

    My name had been Wolfy ever since I was 13. We were doing an assignment about animals in Science. The teacher asked me what I wanted to do my report on and I said “Wolfy” out of no where and my face turned red when I knew everyone heard… Needless to say I got an A+ on the assignment and loved the name ever since

  41. pot


  42. HonoreDerazey

    I wanted my name to be Temnota Andêl which is Czech of Dark Angel ever since I was 9. Oh well :(

  43. Spirit Studios 2010

    I’ve gone through too many names, so I am somewhat glad that my family chose a name for me, else I would hit myself every time I wrote ‘Gary Oak’ on my papers at school (that’s who I wanted to be for a long time). Though, if I had to choose now, I would probably do something like Mokoto, maybe the name of one of my characters, Sieven. Maybe it would be Lycos.

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Ugh, I found out what my name means.

      My name is Jacob, which is “He who supplants”. Then I had to find out what supplant means.

      My name means, “He who usurps, usually through intrigue or underhanded tricks”.

      I am not like that… at all.

  44. wingedwolfgirl

    *turns head slightly so pup can hear*
    We also do not ALLOW them to choose their own name until they have become more MATURE.


    fixed names? -whatever.
    that’s what we have internet for. :D
    for example, I picked Winged Wolf Girl for it’s ORIGINALITY.
    that…and winged Wolf was already taken on deviant art X_X

  45. othorlimmis

    I just came to the realisation that the comic is turning out with a lot of different characters and storylines.

    and when i say a lot, I mean that its coming to the point where I start to wander if Rick even knows for himself where he wants to take this.

    a spin-off might be nice, then again, it would double the work pressure, so it is inadvisable.
    perhaps Sinder could provide, although he cannot draw this in all its glory and charm, and a non-comic version of Housepets seems like watching a movie but not looking at the screen.

    but he may suprise us yet.

  46. The game


  47. Silver Guardian

    When I get stuck picking a name for anything, I have one fallback that I can use:

    I scatter a random handful of Scrabble tiles onto the table, and rearrange the ones that fall face-up.

  48. Fuzzypaws

    I should have been able to pick my own name too! Stupid 7 character first name and 11 character last name.

  49. Alanek

    I think that you can legally change your name when you become an adult, can’t you? wasn’t there that one media buzz about a guy who changed his name to optimus prime?

    • FuRrY321

      That would be funny: you meet this kind guy in the streets of Tokyo, Japan and you ask him what his name is. He says, “My name is Optimus Prime. Now bow down and polish my kicka** shoes, sucka!”

      I feel sorry for those people who were given utterly ridiculous names right from the start. Like that guy named Safety First who was caught speeding while not wearing a seatbelt. LOL

  50. The game

    If i could change my name, it would be something like, Amythist Lovechild….

    idk where i got that from XD

    • The game

      wait no, Emerald (my birthstone) Thistle Lovechild.
      that’s better

  51. Kamron

    I wouldn’t know whether to pick Winston Churchill or Teddy Roosevelt. You can’t be much more kicka than either of those choices.

  52. Yojimaru

    I used to hate my real name, because of other kids making fun of it and the fact that a large truck rental company uses it as their company name and you see their trucks everywhere down here. However, that changed many years later when I looked up it’s meaning and origin.

    • FuRrY321

      That’s nothing. The English way of spelling my last name is the same name you see on certain garbage trucks and manhole covers and urinals XD

  53. gamerwords

    My name is said, spelled, translates, and always mean the same thing in every single language…

    • Score


      • gamerwords


        • Indagare

          Score means that your name would not be spelled the same in Japanese (or, likely, Chinese, Korean, or similar) due to the fact that they have logographs.

          • FuRrY321


            That’s the first time I’ve ever heard that word… o.O

            (PS The Japanese actually translates to “Chart Logo”, but I suspect it’s essentially the same as logo graph)

          • Score

            @FuRrY321: Actually, that says “Rogogurafu” (phonetic corruption of “logograph”, of course). The translator you use was just trying to be clever and translating graph into chart.
            In the same way, GamerWords, if “Adam” is your real name, in japanese it would be アダム (Adamu) (yes, seriously).

        • gamerwords

          so basically its spelled the same(excluding the fact that they use logos), except is has a u added on. it’s about time a language opened up. just because it was a major religious thing and BLAMO it has to be the same EVRYWHERE! thank you japanese culture. XD

  54. nightroxas67

    i hate my name but names for those two could be Crazy and loopy x3

  55. Sahoni

    I’m lucky enough to have two names

  56. J.J.

    “That, which we call a Rose, by any other name… would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare.

    On the other hand, that which we call a Wolf, by any other name would smell…, like Popcorn!

    Seriously… I like the idea of this particular strip… in the children naming themselves when they come of age… Though I would never have named my self “Space-Laser.”

    • Summercat

      I admit it.

      I lol’ed.

  57. Lucien

    my name means a cove… or hollow….
    I still like it.

  58. Tre

    I’m named after a comic book character… How Ironic.

  59. gagi

    Well I worked in a surf camp once and we (the crew) got bored with our names, so every new group we got we chose different names. It’s awesome to be able to choose your own name (and this was fun too).

    So yea, I love this comic, but now I’m curious if those cubs will stick with the same names when the come of age.

  60. Squival

    I wish I could of chosen my own name, Im happy with the one I got but choosin one would be nice… not changin my name now as I’d feel bad ;P

  61. Kamike

    On the internet you get to name yourself and even make your own face too. XP

    Now I’m wondering though, without names are they just ‘the kids’?

  62. Cannon Fodder

    I never wanted to be named Kyle, I always wanted to be a lumberjack!
    Leaping from tree to tree as they float down the mighty rivers of British Columbia.
    The Larch! The redwood! The Sequoya!
    With my best girl by my side, we’d sing, sing, sing!
    Oh I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK, I sleep all night and work all day.
    I cut down trees, I eat my lunch, I go to the lavatory.
    On Wednesday I go shopping and have butter scotts and tea.
    Oh he’s a lumberjack and he’s OK.

  63. Snowblind

    the names the Miles’ cubs want remind me of Frank Zappa’s kids’ names…

  64. Thoth

    Miles and the pack are now up over on the Character Dossier thread in the forum. As usual, they’re currently the bottom link in the index:

  65. A.Beth

    Okay, it took a couple days, but I got here, and… The “Next” button is broken? I click and click and there’s no NEXT. *makes big puppy kitty eyes at you*

    • Thoth

      Sorry, but you’re up to date… Now it’s “wait for the next strip” – despite the unbearable agony that causes.

      • A.Beth

        Curses! I was afraid it was one of those “next strip not completed” errors.

        Oh, hey, it’s fixed now! ;)

  66. Kalianos

    My father was a nerd, so I got named after a Star trek character….Thankfully its still a normal name. One day I looked it up and found it meant Mountain or a steep Hill.

  67. Sir Kay

    Deathaxe may beat Deathlance, but it is no match for Deathsword.

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Your Deathsword is no match for my… MUFFIN!!! USE DEATH!!!…

      What?… WTF? When did you get confused!? No. NO! GAH!… it One-Hit-KO’ed itself in confusion…

      Fine, Deathsword beats Muffin…

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Nightsoil beats Deathsword.

        Nightsoil would make a great superhero. He’d be like an aquaman for plants, but too embarrassed to explain how he gets his powers.

  68. Justice193

    I stick by my statement that names are not a permanent thing, and that if you don’t like yours is really offensive to you (even after you look up the real meaning) you should get it changed, it would be wise to check with your parents first, as having a name that the at least approve of is sort of, at least in my mind, a way of honoring the fact that they put so much time into raising you.

    I like my name though, always have, especially considering mom originally wanted to call me Julian… and refused to change her mind, until the day of conception, when she suddenly changed her mind and said Justin… her family discouraged her on both, the first name for various reasons, I’ll just say that they thought it was a girls name but that isn’t the whole case, and Justin because none of the Justins they knew were good people, in any fashion.

    Now… I can see how the particular feature of naming themselves would be put off, and I can see how it would be important to give them a nice long talk about thinking of what represents them and then finding a name that means it, not just something that sounds cool, something that strikes home and makes you feel a little good about yourself every time you hear it, like the mere mention of your name is a small compliment… we should all be able to enjoy what little we can.

  69. Yami

    That reminds me of Jungle 2 Jungle where the kids picked their names, and Mimi-Siku chose cat pee lol

  70. David Foxfire

    That’s the main idea behind my Pen Name, it’s a name I earned throughout my internet years. As you know, my legal name is David Gonterman, which is as hard to pronounce and spell as it is easy to abuse. Especially in Junior and High School where the constant call of “Gonterwoman” flat out ensured that I’ll never connect with another person until I found the internet. (I am not kidding, even the faculty got in on it.)

    (And don’t get me started on it sounding German. I was born in Granite City IL. I identify myself with that.)

    If I could get away with getting my name legally changed to my penname, and if I can afford it, I would have. My parents might not like it but that last name has way too much baggage and scars for me to even consider keeping it, I’m sorry.

  71. Nikon Raccoon

    April 28th is my naming day. The day I legally changed my name to something that fit me better. I think we should have what the wolves have, and celebrate a birthday and a naming day.

  72. Balskaboo

    I personally don’t like my name either, but now that I’m older I realize that when your parents name you, they either have a very twisted sense of humor or are hoping for a certain trait to be passed down to the child. However, I wouldn’t mind being named Deathaxe. 8D

  73. Musimba

    I’ve often been asked where I got the name “Musimba”. It was kind of given to me from a couple of guys from Africa and refers to a human that is around lions so much that his spirit becomes like that of a lion.

  74. Fisk

    I bet when they get older their names will be “Death Laser” and “Space Axe”.

  75. DZ

    I absolutely love my name.

  76. FuRrY321

    Matthew: Common name
    Miller: English way of spelling my last name, found on garbage trucks, urinals, manhole covers, and athletes :D

  77. Ki

    My name means “follower of Christ” and my middle name means “Noel”

    …my parents will sure feel stupid if I ever become an atheist.

    • FuRrY321

      Please don’t. That would cause so much confusion that the universe will tear itself apart come 2012.

      Visit my blog to see why it won’t. ;)

  78. Stevie Maxwell

    Kinda makes you wonder if pets who are adopted after being named by previous owners still respond to their old names. Of course, “Princess Periwinkle Sandwich” doesn’t roll off the tongue like “Grape Jelly Sandwich”.

  79. Keiger

    DMFA tribute? woot. If not, then dang is that uncanny. (DMFA strip #372)

  80. SamBlob

    The name I use on the Internet was given to me on my hall of residence at university: Blob because I was fat (I am now fatter) and Sam because I sang Sam Cooke songs for the hall concert.

    In real life, my older brother named me because I am the last of four boys (and seven children in total) and my parents had run out of names. With my first name he named me after an astronaut, with my second I got the obligatory Catholic saint name, and with my third name he named be after a fighter pilot.

    I wouldn’t change my real name for anything in the world.

  81. Winston

    I always disliked my name…buuuuuuut,it saves me the trouble of thinking up a good name.XD
    And Miles is MUSCULAR.030

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