The Real Culprit
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  1. Ebly

    Of course, when they come up reversed…

    • Indagare

      With Death it’s resisted transformation. With the Tower it’s still a disaster, only worse.

      • Cannon Fodder

        Well Peanut is wearing a red collar, I would say red shirt but a animal wearing a shirt is just silly.

      • Ebly

        I’d say that I know, but I’m going to assume you mean that for other people who happen to be reading!

    • Cerberus

      and also the plot you use, where the card turns up on the plot, where the three stars of Orion are located, weither its a full moon or new, what incense you choose to use, what time of year it is, weither …….. wow mystic readings sure have a lot of variables.

      • Tsunami

        I’d guess it’s because there’s a lot of wacky energy to read and nobody really knows anything on their own… or something.

  2. Dissension

    Hahah, cute! Tarot is awesome, and it’s good to see Peanut taking an interest in her skills/abilities/whatever, aside from the flying broom thing. x3

  3. slacks315

    It paid to stay up for a bit. :3
    I wonder how many more one shots there will be.

    • Frank

      Looked through the archives. It turns out, we’ve never had more than three in a row before now, and this is the fourth. I guess Rick really did need a rest after the “It’s a wonderful Dog’s life” arc… or maybe his Christmas guests haven’t gone home yet?

      Not that I’m complaining, I like one-shots that get to the point, and can be shown to others

      • slacks315

        Oh agreed, I like them as well, just curious though.

  4. Darcin

    “Resisted transformation”, huh? Certainly can’t think of anything like that in this comic. Also, yay more Tarot!

    • Stevie Maxwell

      So who wants to see King dress up as Death for Halloween then?

      • Zekermeme

        Might want to hold off on that for a few months…

        • BlueAnubis

          True, usually you wait until nine months before to start working on your costume, but I suppose that some people like to start early.

          • Ada

            Though it would be kind of funny if King worked all year on the perfect King sized (No pun intended.) death costume…Only to turn back into Joel.

  5. Fuzzypaws

    She’s quite cute! Especially in panel 3 :D

  6. Pokeblue

    Lol, Tarot certainly seems to make whatever game they’re playing right now more interesting. She looks a little fluffier in this strip, which actually makes her seem cuter really.

    • Frank

      She looks more like a real pomeranian (did I spell that right?)

      • Pokeblue

        Yeah you spelled it right.

  7. DZ

    This reminds me of a Simpsons episode.

  8. Frank

    I read the first line as “Every time a movie has Tarot reading…” and I was like, “Wait, what was Tarot doing in Hollywood with a book?”

  9. Parou

    Death does not mean death…. but some other card with a tower does, eh?

    Well, perfect then, that makes about as much sense as believing in Tarot cards anyway ;-)

    • Someone

      “The Tower” card in tarot refer to “A tower of Babel”. That’s mean “Death”, “The End”, “Destroy” like the fake that the tower of Babel get in a long time ago.

      And “The Death” can mean death too. (Because death is one of Change. But mostly mean Change. Or “The end of something”.)

      • Sind

        And here I thought The Tower simple represented “loss” =/
        Though I guess death is a kind of loss as well =P

        • FuRrY321

          Look at the lightning bolt. Definitely spells “disaster” right there. I’d be confused without the bolt there, though.

      • Justice193

        if that is the case, then the actual meaning of it would be that when you are at your highest point in life, it will come crashing down, and everything you strived to achieve will be confounded so utterly, there will be no-one left to support you… it could also mean that it’s stupid and the only real reading is when Tarot’s eyes turn green.

        • FuRrY321

          but then that’s cheating, she’s consulting the spirits, not reading the cards!

          • Justice193

            my point exactly…

  10. Thoth

    Ah Tarot… Readings always made a fun party game. Only then people started taking them seriously, and I became depressed at just how gullible they were.

    Onthe other hand, when one very silly individual objected to me slipping her the “Fool” card for her significator twice running, insisted on personally shuffling and dealing her own significator – and managed to get it again – I could almost have believed in the cards for a few minutes.

    • Frank

      It’s even funner when you don’t know what they mean. I always remember my little sister pulling out a card with a club drawn on it and saying: “someone is going to club you tomorrow”

      Oh wait, never mind. It wasn’t a tarot deck, it was Spanish deck!

      • Thoth

        Why would you bother with what they’re “supposed” to mean?

        All the “meanings” are so vague that you can interpret them any way you like anyway. The trick is in reading the person you’re fortune-telling for and making up something that suits what they want to believe.

        • Chip Uni

          Why would you bother with what they’re “supposed” to mean?

          THANK YOU!

          The real use of Tarot — if you don’t believe in a spirit realm — is for joint storytelling between a “reader” and one being read. The images in the Major Arcana had been characters from many common stories. They can mean whatever you like or nothing.

          I find tarot great for my intuition… and absolutely LOUSY as any real predictor of the future.

          • That Spy

            Actually, the really real use of Tarot is . . . Persona 4.

  11. Yami

    Miss Cleo here call me now.

    Wow, this one really brings back memories, as well as telling me which card actually does mean kick the bucket. I wonder if peanut will pick up card reading as a hobby?

    • MagicalSarai

      I so do miss… Ms. Cleo. She was always good for a healthy does of morning laughter.

  12. james319

    she looks REALLY CUTE on the third panel X3

    so the skull is change and the tower is death o_o at least we’ve learned something today XD

    wish i knew what a tarot card reading was like :(

    • FuRrY321

      Very confusing, with you usually ending up feeling you just wasted a whole lotta money. You rarely think about the prediction afterwards.

      Same with palm-reading. A whole lot of baloney. (Or is it bologna?)

      Not that I’d ever had my future ‘predicted’, of course. I’m Christian, and I don’t believe in that crap, anyway.

  13. Yojimaru

    The Tower card represents falsehoods (Like the Tower of Babel and the hubris of it’s builders) being struck down by the truth, and it usually isn’t pleasant.

  14. Spirit Studios 2010

    Ehhh.. this one doesn’t really hit home for me.

  15. Draco_2k

    -”And how about Life card?”
    -”That’s Death too.”

    • Chip Uni

      “The hanged man?”
      “Definitely death.”

      “This nine of swords?”
      “Death. Without honor.”

      “Uhmmm… the Fluffy Kitten card?”
      “Death by asphyxiation. The kitten will lay on your face while you sleep.”

  16. ndigit

    Just who IS her owner, anyway?

    • Thoth

      Tarot’s owner is, as yet, unrevealed.

      Since Sabrina and Tarot both appear sitting on what is apparently a sofa or bed (or at least a red coverlet of some sort with some pillows) while Sabrina reads a rather large book with a bookstand (unlikely to be hauled around with her) late in the evening during the “Oops I Arced” arc – and on their similar egyptian-themed gold tags – there’s a reasonable chance that Tarot and Sabrina both belong to the same person though.

      • ndigit

        Yeah that’s what I thought too,but it’s really interesting to think about.

        Is he an archeologist, which is why might have such interest in Egyptology, or is he actually Egyptian. Maybe he just watches too much “The Mummy” movies.

        …There are just way too many characters in this comic though. Dividing the focus between them properly must be a story board nightmare.

  17. AiRune

    I read cards and have done it for some time. Tarot is correct in Death representing change. It’s only by giving up past habit and situations that a person can move on with their life. The other card’s full name is the Lightning Struck Tower. It represents catastrophic change in a person’s life that results from the walls that a person builds around themself in order to protect the fragile ego. That event is necessary for the person to wake up to the truth and move on with hope, which represented by the next card in the Major Arcana: the Star. The whole of the Major Arcana is a story of a person’s life represented by symbols and images that our psyches can recognize, beginning with the Fool.

    • ndigit

      So what’s the last card, or how does the story usually end?
      …besides in death.

      • TD

        The last card is actually The World and represents total harmony with things around you. It’s one of the most happy cards in tarot; right side up at least.

  18. falconfox01

    lol, made me laugh, and I needed one about now too! Good to see Tarot again too!

  19. Cat-Lover Cross

    She’s not saying anything about Pete? Weird. Also, it’s not just the Tower, it’s the ‘Lightning Struck Tower’ that means death.

    • AiRune

      Perhaps a death to a way of life, if you wish to see it that way. I will say this once, though. There is no card that directly points to death. Movies use that for suspense. Dishonest card-readers use it as a gimmick.

      • AiRune

        I forgive Rick, though, since it was mostly a punchline. Artistic license and whatnot.

        • Cat-Lover Cross

          Well there are several meanings to death, it doesn’t necessarily mean extinguishing a life. Well, mostly it does, but the LST symbolizes death in a way that presents a definite end.

  20. AiRune

    It’s the World. If everything turns out well, the world’s at your fingertips, open to hundreds of possibilities. And that’s where you begin your journey anew. When one door closes, another one opens. Cliche, but cliches remain because there’s a great deal of truth in the words.

  21. Kegan

    Lol she pulls the change card on my b day. Is that to mean something? lol

  22. Argent Stonecutter

    I used to have a whole bunch of tarot decks, I wonder what happened to them.

    I think we need a new tarot, with new cards. Like “gas lines” and “the mortgage” and “google” and “site not found”. Then we can have conversations like “No, 404 doesn’t mean death, it means you have been looking for something in all the wrong places.”

    • Justice193

      while Google could mean death :P .

  23. Argent Stonecutter

    Someone did it already. Sorta.

  24. Snowmon

    See this is why I stick with fortune cookies… that is until the fortune says, “warning: may contain lead.”

    • MrMutt

      Or “Syntax Error:”.

    • Snowmon

      Lucky numbers: “6 66 13 9 11 20 12″

    • Justice193

      I prefer Misfortune cookies, they’re way funnier :P .

  25. Eric

    Tarot is so awesome! :D

  26. shenhibiki

    <3 more Tarot!
    was missing her already! ^^

  27. jack

    Mod Edit-No political BS in comment section please.

  28. Hyzigov

    … But not for you, Gunslinger.

  29. Shady Kitsune

    She looks fluffier… And huggably cute in panel 3.

  30. Rukral

    This looks like it’s gonna be a really interesting arc..

  31. The game


    Is it just me, or does Tarot look cross-eyed and somewhat chubby?

    • The game

      and why are the ‘girlfriends’ suddenly going into such deep explanations???
      I have a feeling I’m gonna like this arc :)

      • FuRrY321

        I wonder, have Peanut’s feelings for Grape subsided? Or does he still like her?

        Tarot, can you ask the spirits if, ah… no, nevermind. Maybe that’s not such a good idea. o.O;

      • FuRrY321

        And she just looks cross-eyed because she’s looking down her nose at Peanut, who is directly in front of her.

        I don’t recall her looking like this in any other situation, so it must be that.


        • Rukral

          In the fourth screen it’s almost like she’s trying to stare through the screen right at you

    • BlueAnubis

      I’m guessing that she just looks extra fluffy in this shot, it makes her that much more adorable. 83

    • Valerio

      she does, indeed. I was also moderated for saying that, yesterday :(

  32. wingedwolfgirl

    Not sure what to say about this one. But I am reminded of Spy Kids 2.

    -”wow, skeletons; DEAD skeletons.”
    -”Is there any other kind?”

  33. FuRrY321

    LOL @wingedwolfgirl

    Rick, how did you come up with the idea of including Tarot, anyway? She makes the comic even more interesting and entertaining, yes, but I thought you were Christian/Catholic? (Not the same, BTW, no matter what anyone says.)

    • BlueArmy

      You don’t have to write a story about your own faith, and indeed, it might seem more interesting to write and learn about others than to re-confirm what you already know.

    • Sleet

      If everyone wrote worlds consistent with what they believe is real, Middle Earth and Narnia would be way less interesting.

      • Shady Kitsune

        Amen to that. (I’m not religious BTW.)

      • FuRrY321

        I liked Narnia, though that indeed is based on Chrisianity.

        But I agree. Writing and illustrating on others’ POVs/opinions is a good way to get readers interested. Especially when you tell them you believe in something that discounts whatever it is you’re writing.

        It can also leave them a little confused. :D

        And while I believe things like witchcraft and tarot reading are wrong, I don’t mind seeing things like Tarot taking Peanut for a ride on a broom on Halloween or ask the spirits where she placed the remote.

        Those things, which would not *normally* happen in a *normal* person’s lifetime, are what make fiction more fun than reality.

  34. Legendario 777

    Yay ! Tarot FTW !!!
    ( finally )

  35. Justice193

    so… put the card down Peanut, and do it quick, then while you’re at it, burn them, or at least that card :P

    • FuRrY321

      Then Tarot can ask the spirits where she put the fire extinguisher. XD

  36. BlueArmy

    Uh-oh, I sense foreshadowing. This isn’t good in the slightest.

  37. The game


    Does that mean Peanut’s gonna die!?!??!!??

  38. Argent Stonecutter

    So… does getting turned into a dog change your birth sign?

    • Thoth

      Yep. Most often from “Delivery Room” to a house number.

  39. rWolf1991

    I wish I could have used that quote from Tarot for my senior quote! I was looking for something like that.

  40. BlueAnubis

    Don’t Panic! I am pretty sure that Peanut is just rifling through the deck and looking at all of the cards. Do not panic!

    it is so cute how we are seeing Peanut and Tarot / Max and Grape on their dates! And the girls are so deep and intellectual. (unless there are tribal lions involved >83 mwe he hee)

  41. Sahoni

    lol I had this exact talk before when explaining the symbology behind it.

  42. Ada

    Now watch Peanut place a trap card face down. XD

    • FuRrY321

      either I know little about Tarots or you’re getting your games wrong…

    • Tsunami

      Would she say, “The spirits tell it’s a trap.”?

      Sorry, I’ve been watching to many Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged Episodes.

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      So long as it’s not a card that makes you spell out D-I-S-N-E-Y to defeat your opponent.

  43. Lax

    She looks very cute in panel 3 :)

  44. toboe

    I knew it.

  45. Cerberus

    I LOVE tarot cards. They are awesome. I have a pack of sweet dragon tarot cards that rule! Ive done tarot readings though i dont claim to be a mystic or pshycic or whatever. I just love the cards and the mysterious, spiritual power they hold.

    • FuRrY321

      Just as long as you don’t find yourself with a weegie board. They are from the devil, and you know how I know? I’ve never had a personal experience with them, but every story ends the same: they try to get rid of it, they can’t. Though it’s made of ordinary wood, because of the evil influence, it prevents it from burning.

      Also, I’ve heard stories – and I know them to be true, because I can see the fear and the disbelief in people’s eyes when they tell me – that when you play with a weegie board and you get serious about it, strange things happen. As one story goes, a man was fooling around with his friends late at night with a board. He thought it was fun, but quit when one of his friends started to get serious. He went to bed, and later that night, he was woken up by a scream.
      He rushed to where they were playing before, and the couch in the middle of the floor was about 6 inches above the ground.

      You tell me that’s not scary.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        I don’t get that. Why would satan or whoever waste his ectoplasmic credit levitating stuff? It’s the psychic equivalent of crop circles.

      • Tsunami

        Okay, it’s not scary. And no, I’m not trying to be funny, I actually mean it.

        I’ve heard far worse about those crazy boards but I still don’t believe that they’re from the devil. Have they actually happened? It’s not for me to say. I can say that it has or hasn’t but unless I was there then I’d never really know.

        I’ve been unofficially studying a lot of spiritual things for a long while now and the theory I’ve put together is that they’re just supposed to be something of a conductor for energy, both good and bad. The more energy you put into it, the more strength it gets. Although I can’t determine it for certain, it could be that the more “dark” the desire is, the worse the outcome may be.

        I’ve heard of one case where someone accidentally summoned a demon that torched their house. Must have wanted something pretty horrible to pull that off…

        Even so, you want something a bit more scary then check out what the Aztecs used to do.

      • Cerberus

        Weegie boards? They’re the ones where you ask it a question and the little reader gets pushed around by “forces” to give you an answer? If so how is that suppose to animate the forces in this realm? Its more of an messenger than a portal. And thats not the worest ive encountered. Ive had a séance(sp), and ended up being the one the “other being” channeled through. Not fun.

  46. Nightfirex

    a very noteworthy comic.. which has my two favorite things.. spiritual aspects and tarots cards. I look through them every now and then to remember what I learn from my studies in college when I took several religion courses. Great stuff.

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      Also completely ludicrous. I mean, it’s great entertainment, but hell, that’s just what it is for me. 5 words: post hoc ergo propter hoc

  47. Latrans

    I wonder if the Tower Card is a far-call to The Dark Tower series. There was a tarot card reading scene in there, and lots of omens too. =3

    I guess this simply because I am a giant nerd about Stephen King and fantasy and have read the entire series and see connections EVERYWHERE because I am that big of a dork.

  48. Zeekthelion

    Didnt see that comin… owo

  49. William Frost

    Tarot looks so cute and fuzzy. :3

  50. fox

    did peanut’s girlfriend gain weight

  51. shadow

    she looks kinda creepy in the last pannel

  52. sparra1

    I never trusted those cards. after a reading told me when i was a senior chemistry major that i should have been an english major.

    • Arcanine

      It’s not the cards, it’s the reader who tells you what the cards tell that lacks talent. ~.~

  53. Pogiforce

    I knew a girl who believed in tarot cards. She brought them to the student lounge one day. But she always made so many excuses as to why the reading might be wrong. Such as “It must be a quiet room with no one else present but the reader and the subject, with candlelight only. If anyone else witnesses it, the cards will be confused by the number of chakras and the reading will be in error.” right. She got really upset when I told her that her mass produced anime themed tarot cards couldn’t possibly tell me the time of day, forget my destiny.

  54. MistingWolf

    I sense “Escaflowne” here.

    Ive been reading for a while, but I never really posted anything. I must say I very much enjoy the series. Thanks for drawing! :}

  55. J.J.

    As long as she doesn’t become the “Tarot of Terror” Peanut should be just fine.

  56. ShiroNoOokami

    Everybody likes a good Tarot joke ;D