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  1. KzT

    Beware the fanservice.

    • Kamron

      *opens umbrella*

    • JuniorMint

      All to your designated fanservice shelters! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Where’s my orange vest, I’m supposed tobe Fanservice Marshall for this floor!

      • Loki Impisi

        At least its no “n-ple date” shipping arc… Oh the casualties oh ship to ship combat…

  2. Cingal

    She makes a good point..

    • slacks315

      About the lions or the intellectuals? Personally I think the lions make the stronger statement. :3

      • Cingal

        The lions, definitely. .

  3. Majin-Wolf

    Love Grape’s cute blush!!

    • MelSkunk

      I loved the blush so much it’s mah avatar!

  4. Richard Lin


  5. Thoth

    Uh-oh… I have competition in the over-analysis department…

    It’s hard to evaluate ancient conspiracies though. After all, pretty much by definition you’d never hear about any that were actually successful.

    Nice to see that Grape and Maxwell are continuing to get along though. I wonder who’s house they’re at?

    • Justice193

      and so Rick proves that he can show us all up with merely his characters… show off :P

    • Frank

      What would you call a successful conspiracy then?

      • Thoth

        In general? A conspiracy is usually only required if a goal is (1) unpopular enough so that mass action is not practical and (2) requires secrecy. Otherwise you have an association, guild, political party, or other pressure group.

        A successful conspiracy must remain secret until after it’s goal is achieved and – to avoid counter-activities designed to reverse that goal, replace the eliminated leader, or whatever – will ideally make the outcome it has forced seem like the natural course of events.

        Ergo, remaining unknown both before and after the fact is generally a part of a truly successful conspiracy.

        • Rick Griffin

          The issue of course is that there’s a difference between ‘a conspiracy’ and ‘an ancient conspiracy’ where the second is a Xanatos Gambit that sweeps out longer than the originator is alive for philosophically dubious reasons.

          • Thoth

            Oh, I personally dount that there have ever been any such conspiracies. I just can’t actually know…

          • Frank

            You mean like the various plots throughout history to form a new “roman empire”?

          • Thoth

            Since we don’t have one, yes.

            Secrecy is part of being a conspiracy. Part of being a truly successful conspiracy is remaining secret. Ergo, I know of many failed conspiracies. If there are any that have been truly successful that I was not a part of, by definition I will not know of them.

  6. WolvenPaw

    You know this goes all the way back to Grape’s poster that Peanut proposed was “Eye Candy” LoL

    • rWolf1991

      True. So very much true

  7. Kamron

    But what about the passage in The Flame of the Pridelands where Jeijan discusses the ruins of Anleth with the high council? That passage leads me to believe that the “ancient conspiracy” is a recent invention, as opposed to a thousand-year organization. The reason it hasn’t been hijacked is that it hadn’t existed.

    Blushing Grape is awesome.

    • FuRrY321

      But I want her to blush for Peanut!

      • Severedevil

        Peanut in tribal gear makes a convincing argument all on his own?

        • FuRrY321

          He shouldn’t even need to wear it…

          On second thought, Peanut, don’t put that on just yet.
          I have to go to the costume shop to find a lion head. No, not a real lion head! *sigh*

          • Zekermeme

            I don’t think foam rubber is going to be the solution. Call it a hunch.

            I STILL don’t know how they blush through their fur, though. It’s fur, it doesn’t even HAVE blood vessels.

  8. HonorèDerzey

    I had NO idea what she was talking about! ^^ Although Rick, for those who aren’t familiar with The Pridelands you make it short, easy to get, and to the point in the last panel. Brilliant!

    If Housepets! becomes as famous as Garfield or Calvin and Hobbes, I will say proudly, “I was one of the very first veiwers of Housepets!”.

  9. Snowmon

    @_@ 3 letters. the first one is W. I’m in too much of a intellectual shock to think of the other two letters…

  10. loudhawaiianshirt

    this is the exact reason i avoid the sci/fi fantasy genres. i’d much rather spend my time analyzing characters than i would analyzing the inconsistencies of an imaginary universe.

    • Kamron

      C’mon, it’s not ALL bad!

      • loudhawaiianshirt

        well, you do have to admit that characters are secondary to the universe those sorts of stories create. most people remember the complexity of the star wars universe, not the richness of characters (oh wait there was little of that in star wars)

        • Cingal

          True, I mean, where would we be without Jar Jar Binks.

          It doesn’t bare thinking about it.

        • Kamron

          Ha, true. I also hate that sort of story, although I feel that rejecting the entire genre because of those bits o’ crap is a little extreme. Certain science fiction and fantasy authors can and DO write stories with greater character depth and quality.

          You just have to know what you’re looking for.

          • loudhawaiianshirt

            well i guess im biased because i tend to like stories that take place in this world. i love to write about real people and real situations that could conceivably happen because i feel those sorts of stories have more of a universality to them than fantasies (this is ironic coming from a self-proclaimed fur, but hey, we all have our inconsistencies).

          • Kamron

            As a wannabe sci-fi writer, I also have my biases.


        • Argent Stonecutter

          You need to read some Iain M. Banks. You’ll never forget Horza Gorbachul or Gray Area or Sleeper Service. You might WANT to forget Gray Area, I admit. :)

    • Thoth

      Ah, but the game is trying to find a way to make all the components of an imaginary universe make sense. That’s why everyone hates a retcon; it spoils the fun…

      • Kamron

        “Lord of the Rings: Revised edition! A special note from Tolkein:

        ohai, you guyz. i mad some mistakes in the first too books, so I rewrote them just fro the return of the king.

        Buy your retconned copies today! “

      • Cerberus

        Thoth, again, seems to hit it right on the head. Where would entertainment be if it didn’t make you think from time to time? Furthermore, where would the mind be if it wasn’t forced to think? Components need to fit and its up to the loyal fans to peace them together.

    • Snowmon

      Who cares if traveling lightspeed is impossible it’s still totally cool.

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      You do realize that you are including the Final Fantasy games into that…

    • Flexico

      Hey, no-one’s [i]forcing[/i] you to analyze anything, Go ahead and focus on the aspects you want to. =P

  11. Loki Impisi

    Saso = 1000 times better then estrogen brigade lions.

  12. Snowmon

    Panel two’s answer. Because there needs to be an absolute of some kind, otherwise the world would fall to ruin. If not then the world might repeat the same mistakes and evils as Adolf Hitler, Joseph Statlin as suggested by Carl Marks.

    Sorry, forget I said that.

    • Snowmon

      This is a comic made for laughs, not for the discussion of religions, politics, and ect… SO Please no one respond to this statement that I made.

    • Zekermeme

      Who in the world is Carl Marks?

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Carl Marks is Joe “the Mo” Statlin’s straight man in the “Joe and Dolph Holocaust Show”, Jeeze.

    • SamBlob

      Surely you mean “Karl Marx”…

      • Snowmon

        Sorry, I’m terrible at spelling. I blame my pre-K teacher. That whole “So long as you try, then your right” Philosophy and the “just sound it out” theory messed me up for life.

  13. Cerberus

    Oh yea ive had these kind of moments. They can be fun, just sit there and throw ideas off someone else and see where it goes. But beware the deep depths of the mind, you never know what may be lurking. *insert dramatic music*

  14. GameCobra

    Max, i hope to see you match wits with Grape someday =3

    but i seem to be more interested in whose fireplace that belongs to o_O

  15. machchunk

    Grape’s face in the last panel is disturbing

    • Zekermeme


  16. Lance

    Hari Seldon rides again!

    • Thoth

      And here I thought that when he fell off the Mule kicked him.

  17. shnurui

    So …Wait what? Pridelands is a real book?

    • Thoth

      I’m afraid not.

      Conspiracies are, however, a real problem with a lot of books.

      • Justice193

        if I had a penny for every conspiracy theory and every book written that contained one… well I’d have to have a penny for every copy of those books too before I’d be rich, but you get the picture :) .

  18. Profesor Rod

    That’s one cute blush :3

    • WingedWolfGirl

      Makes it look like Grape Jelly’s got a little strawberry on her. ;3

  19. Valerio

    hey, Max’s ear is whole now, or is it just my impression?

    • Thoth

      It does look that way in the first panel, although we could just be seeing it edge-on, and thus be unable to make out the missing bits.

      Panels three and four it looks like we’re seeing the inside of the remainder of his ear through the bite.

    • gagi

      Silly now it’s not … look closer. It just looks whole from this angle.

    • metaceryn

      …and I seemed to royally screw that one over. My bad.

  20. Cat-Lover Cross

    awesome! More grape action! And it’s a bit of a feminine grape action. Wish they’d sell ‘Fall of The Pridelands’ near me so I could know what the hell they were talking about though.

  21. James319

    LOL i wish i knew what she was talking about T_T

    hundreds of lions in tribal gear? XD yup, thats Grape =P

  22. Legendario 777


    • MagicalSarai

      My thoughts exactly…

      I like your avatar by the way.

      • Legendario 777

        Thank you ! ^//^

    • Frank

      Hey yeah! Pretty much what I thought when I got here:
      “New year, new storyline! Yay!
      “Wait, uber wall of text? Argh! ”

      Oh well, it’s funny, nonetheless. Rick, we forgive you

  23. Zlashdrive

    Wow, its just amazing how much background information tends to be disconnected in these kind of stories, although I think there should be a real pridelands book to confirm everything Grape said.

    • Frank

      Oh, I doubt it. Rick may be as great as he is, but he’s no JK Rowling

      • Thoth

        Like the invisibility cloak which can be seen through with a properly-enchanted eye but is perfect in the next book? Or which is abruptly revealed to be vastly superior to similar items in a final book, but somehow this has passes unnoticed amongst the students at a school of magic for several prior books?

        • Zlashdrive

          Exactly my point, lazy writers trying to make ends meet, although I’m not saying the are bad authors. Even if Rick diddnt write a pridelands book it could still be a fan-fiction.

        • Frank

          Actually, I was referring to how she ended up writing several in-universe books which were more of a mentioned-in-passing:
          Quidditch through the Ages
          Fantastic Bests and Where to Find them

  24. crazyredemu

    Bah! I hate it when people over analyse works of fiction. I don’t care were Prime’s trailer goes, it just does!
    But the comic is funny none the less.

    • Frank

      Wait, you mean how Grape rambles on about Pridelands? or how we ramble on about Grape’s rambling?

    • Thoth

      But isn’t suggesting that people stop analyzing various elements in works of fiction itself predicated on an internal analysis of what elements are worth your concern?

      • crazyredemu

        AHHHHH! there is no escape!

  25. WingedWolfGirl

    Of course!
    You favorite character in underdressed attire is always a wining argument.

  26. SalenStormwing

    Does this mean that 100 normal lions is just 100 normal lions but the moment they put on some tribal outfits it turns into kitty fanservice?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Totally. Leather is more naked than naked.

      • Thoth

        For Housepets pets? Well, since they can’t readily determine each others genders while they’re simply wearing collars, gender-specific clothing would probably be far more suggestive than no clothing at all.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Sure. Just look at Bugs Bunny.

          • Thoth

            Hm. That one should have been a level-one reply to the previous post, not to yours Argent. Probably the replies acting up again. Hopefully this one will behave.

          • FuRrY321


            I dunno, I think that turned out pretty well. I honestly thought that was how it was supposed to be until I read otherwise. XD

            But yeah, it’s easier to tell what gender a character is by if they’re hinting at it (clothing, pose, etc.) than if they’re not.

            I have Peanut’s original assumption of Grape to back me up ;)

        • Salenstormwing

          Hmm. Well, you know that lions are pretty distinctive in their appearance. I mean, male lions have huge freakin’ manes of fur. But eh, who knows. Maybe female lions have manes too, or not. The world may never know.

          • Thoth

            Depends on the variety – but the ones on the posters did have manes. On the other hand, it’s Grapes cultural expectations that are the determining factor there.

  27. AFox

    … have you recently read Isaac Asimov’s Foundation recently or something? seriously you just sad the whole plot of the series.

  28. Spirit Studios 2010

    I can’t believe no one noticed this, but there is a typo in the alt text:

    “Of course Miss Auburn could circumvent the entire problem if it turns out the the old gods had survived the — *gasp* that’s it! To the internet!”

    • Justice193

      do tell :)

      • Justice193

        oh wait, I see… looks like it’s fixed already… man, double the the is so hard to notice XD

  29. Frank

    Max is probably like, “Should I be feeling jelous now?”

    • Legendario 777

      LOL at that

  30. BlueAnubis

    I’ll admit, Even I can’t argue against a hundred lions in tribal gear. they’d beat me senseless, or their rabid fangirls would do it for them. I mean seriously, have you ever seen a fangirl in action? Last time I made a joke about… a certain alpha wolf… around WingedWolfGirl, I almost lost an arm! Sure it was a pretty lame joke, but still!

    • WingedWolfGirl

      don’t remember that.
      maybe tis a good thing that I don’t.

      • FuRrY321

        Yeah, fury can do that to ya.

  31. Thoth

    Maxwell is now up over in the Character Dossiers thread:


    The (currently) last index link should take anyone who’s interested right to that post.

  32. The game

    Grape fourth panel= lol and AWWW
    I love that blush!!

    And she is right, they do make a good argument….:D

  33. Kume

    I agree with her statement in the last panel!

  34. Fuzzypaws

    Needs more lion!

  35. Anime_lover

    0.0 WOW

  36. Thoth

    Since I’ve had some spare time to kill, Spo’s Dossier is currently up over on the forums. It is, once again, currently the last link in the index – now just after Maxwell’s. This one also includes some speculations about pet linguistics… This link should go straight to it if anyone is interested.


  37. J.J.

    “DEEP Thoughts” – by Grape!

    • WingedWolfGirl

      Gah! Now I have Hitchhikers’ Guide on the brain!

      “…and the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is… 42.”

      • Tsunami

        I heard some where (it’s been a couple months so I don’t really remember since it was more or less in passing) that they got the calculations or the number wrong or something.

  38. Robby the Perv

    Oh my goodness, Grape’s a perv!
    Welcome to the Club!

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      I think she’s just some regular femme-fanatic. I’ve seen many women moon over obviously painted 6-packs at the movies.

  39. FuRrY321

    Okay, that’s it! Max, get out of here, I’m brining in Peanut.

    He knows a lot about the Pridelands series, too, and he recently bought a Pridelands six-pack costume so that Grape can moon over him (though the outfit shouldn’t be necessary for that, XD).

  40. Argent Stonecutter

    Need More Jo…King. :D

  41. rose ison

    ok so is the pridelands a real series or did you just make a generic overanalyzed fiction series as a plot device.

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      I believe it’s the latter. Although, Rick, if you ever decide to write up the whole pridelands shebang, reserve me an extra copy, mkay? :D

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Speaking of writeups, did he ever post that story explaining what happened between King and Bino before the party?

    • Salenstormwing

      I think it’s the Harry Potter/Twilight generic popular book series of Housepets! Plus, the lions probably don’t sparkle, so that’s a big plus.

      • FuRrY321

        I know I’m gonna get in a lot of trouble for this, but…

        I hate both of those series. Let us hope that Pridelands (and the only PS2 game ever based on it, check the fanart) is much better, and not based on witchcraft or vampires.

        Please, no more vampires!

        • Zekermeme

          I’d equate it more with the Firekeeper trilogy.

  42. The game

    Is Max drinking hot cocoa? Cats can have chocolate??

    • Anime_lover

      could be warm milk ^_-

    • Kamron

      Tea, perhaps?

    • Thoth

      Well Grape apparently had chocolate-covered expresso beans with no ill effects.

      Given that the housepets universe pets are a great deal closer to humans than real-world pets, I wouldn’t be surprised to find greater metabolic differences too.

  43. FuRrY321

    I just realized this, but…

    *GASP!* Max has an actual chin!

    Maybe that’s why Grape’s so into him. ;)