Gregory Who?

EDIT: Living in Alabama must be getting to me since I drew a winter scene with leaves on the trees; I will TRY not to do that again

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  3. BlueArmy

    Happy New Year! There were certainly people demanding the wolves again.

    • BlueArmy

      Note to self: vying for first comment is not worth it anymore. Too many fans.

      Also, I agree about saying the year like two separate two-digit numbers. However, I’m class of 2011, so will it be “Twenty-Eleven” or “Two-thousand-eleven?” I have yet to find out.

      And finally, it’s nice to see some humor coming back to the comic.

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        Try “twenty-’leven”. That’s what I say about my graduating year!

      • Thoth

        Why would you want to try for first place? You can’t actually say anything relevant and still beat out someone who’s putting up a pre-prepared cut and paste message.

        That doesn’t always happen, but it becomes increasingly likely as soon as people start viewing posting as a competition rather than a method of communication.

      • Frank

        Twenty-eleven has always reminded me of that Calvin and Hobbes strip:
        “You have to use imaginary numbers like eleventy-one and thirty-twelve.” I’m sticking to “two-thousand..”etc untill the ‘teens come around.

  4. Snowmon

    Now that is cute Happy New Year everybody.

  5. KzT

    I liked saying a single number. Curse you 10!

  6. slacks315

    Whoopey! Happy new year! I find it rater sad I am here checking the update to a webcomic rather than at a party.

    Anyway, the conversation on the last page got me looking through the achieve and I just realised something. There are no old pets. Am I missing someone? Everyone seems to be rather young yet.

    • Thoth

      Only Rufus during the Farm arc – although a lot are indeterminate. Could be coincidence, or perhaps Babylon Gardens – being something of an intentional social experiment – uses some sorrt of incentive to bring in people who have just adopted or purchased young pets.

      We do know that Fido (and probably Bino) are somewhat older; Fido couldn’t have won the pet games three years running without being at least four, that was more than a year ago (due to a prior christmas story), and he was probably near-adult – perhaps three – before he started winning. Ergo, he’s quite likely to be eight or so. Bino’s probably of similar age, or he probably wouldn’t be a co-founder of the Good Ol Dogs Club.

      • slacks315

        Yes, but pets have twice the lifespan. So if the average dog lives from 10-15 years, 8 years is under middle aged. I was thinking senior citizen old. I have to double check Rufus, because I don’t really remember much about him.

        • Thoth

          Oh yes – that’s why “only Rufus”.

          Fido’s only noted because there’s more information about his age than about most of the other pets – and even for him, it isn’t much. What references there are (Peanuts mentioned age and a few clues) do indicate that most of the other dogs are younger than Fido. Physical maturity does seem to be by age five or so though.

          • slacks315

            After looking at Rufus, I would maybe say he was old, but I was thinking more along the lines of stereotypically elderly.

            And even with Rufus I wouldn’t guess him to be all that old.

          • Thoth

            It’s really rather hard to say; looking back on them, most of the dogs and cats I’ve had didn’t really show much visible signs of their age until shortly before they died.

            As far as the dogs went…

            Chang, Pepper, Little Bit, and Shadow went a little gray, but they were mostly black originally, so it showed around the muzzle.

            The Great Pyrenees – Kahn, Linda, Misty, Domino, and Bosun – were white, and only got a little shaggy towards the very end. Khan was pretty arthritic the last year though.

            Blaze, Chiquita, and Sugar didn’t show much in the way of signs of age either.

            For the cats, Rajah faded into gray in the last few years, but he lived to be a bit over 21 – and he was still hopping up on five foot fences in the last few years. Midnight was black, and faded a bit in spots, but it didn’t show much – and Jove, Simone, Luther, Tailspin, and Patches and the rest didn’t show much signs of age either.

            I’d guess Rufus to be fairly elderly, but the fur, lifestyle, and the fact that this isn’t a photorealistic comic make it hard to really be sure.

          • FuRrY321

            Most of the animals are still very young. When Rick made the cast page, (which was how long ago? I’m too lazy to check, it’s the new year!) he said Peanut was around 4. So he’s still pretty young, and Grape is younger still, even though she’s more mature than Peanut. I think the only animal(s) that actually show a hint of being older are Fido, Rufus, and that bulldog (Rex?). I dunno why, he just looks older, and it’s NOT because of the wrinkles that every bulldog has! ^_^

            BTW, this is a reply to Thoth, in case the comments are screwy again.

          • Spirit Studios 2010

            Good lord that’s a lot of pets.

          • Thoth

            For FuRry321 – yep; depending on what assumptions you make (the discussion is over on the Dossier thread under Grapes entry) you could justify Grape being anywhere from somewhat less than two up to nearly four.

            About all we have on Peanuts age is the cast page. Depending on the assumptions you make there – primarily ranging from “it’s current” (and Peanut is less than five, although we can’t be sure how much less) to “it’s from near the start of the strip”, and we’ve had more than one year (two Christmases) but less than two years – making him anything up to a maximum of six and a half with a probable minimum of four and a half.

            I listed Fido simply because he’s one of the few pets on whom there’s enough information to set a minimum boundary. After all, we’ve all already agreed that most of the pets are quite young; the question was why we haven’t seen any older pets around Babylon Gardens – and what we have on Fido suggests that he’s older than the others and yet is still fairly young.

            And for Spirit Studios, yes, it’s been a lot of pets.

  7. Tobias Rhdoes

    Happy New Year!

  8. Leaviathan

    Happy new year!(As of 37 hours and 3 minutes ago anyways)

  9. Two_Twig

    Happy New Year! Here’s to a new year of shenanigans!

  10. Thoth

    Hm. Presumably they don’t want to go with collars for psychological reasons. Still, they really need somewhere to carry their pet licences, and there are those rules about pets with no collars – at least based on Grapes worries about having it removed. Perhaps shoulder bags or small packs or something?

    • BlueArmy

      The year is young and this is all you have to say?

      • Thoth

        Oh, I already left Happy New Year on several forum posts.

    • HonorèDerzey

      Do you take suggestions for New Years resolutions? If so, I got one: Don’t worry about the logic in cartoons/comics because they’re just cartoons/comics…

      …HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! =D

      • Thoth

        Ah, the classic suggestion “Don’t have fun”. I often take suggestions – but not that one.

        • Kamron

          Good for you.


    • Foxstar

      Dude, none of the wolves wear collars. Why would they? They aren’t pets.

      • Thoth

        Because – legally – they are. Loopholes may be being exploited, but they are licensed as pets:

        In fact, the question of “where was he carrying that card” has also been asked before in the comments.

        • Justice193

          That, is a very interesting point… so technically speaking, they’re pets of either the Miltons, or of Themselves, with the miltons last name. While pets wear collars, if they are pets of themselves, why would they wear collars? collars are a sign of attachment to someone else, just like earrings originally were, sure they could wear them as a commodity, but, and I agree here, there is nothing stopping them from adopting something else to show their unique pet position… pets in their case is sort-of a citizenship card it would appear.

          have fun figuring something out Rick :D .

          hmm… you know, if they figured it out, they could make some mean dear Jerky, what with their heightened senses and all :P .

          HAPPY (belated) NEWYEAR, may many blessings come your way throughout the coming year, and may you always look at the positive side :P .

          • Thoth

            Well, since pets are short on rights, if they were “pets of themselves” they’d need a legal Steward and a source of income to be administered.

            Since they’re using the Milton’s name (or that of the Milton Estate, as administered in trust by Steward the court-appointed Steward on behalf of the Ferrets), they presumably do “belong to” the Estate.

            As for the collars… They’re (1) a place to carry things, (2) support for identification tags, (3) apparently some sort of legal requirement (thus Grapes worry about being picked up by animal control and sent to the pound when Earl Sandwich removed her collar at the convenience store), and 4) a quick and easy visual indicator that “this animal belongs to someone and has a place in society”.

            All of those would seem likely to apply – especially because the Ferrets wanted them to be careful to obey all the rules, the better to take advantage of the loopholes.

            Of course, the pups are in their own yard, which is presumably fine – but if I were Miles, having observed the human reaction to random “Ferals” during his first visit to the city, I’d want to make sure that the pups were clearly identifiable at a glance as “part of civilization” not “random ferals that have wandered out of the woods”. They might not like collars – but Daryl was already wearing a hat, so there’s evidently no fundamental objection to using something. Carry-packs, shoulder bags, vests, coats (as per Fox) and hats all come to mind.

          • Spirit Studios 2010


            Of course, since Fox’s owner showed up at the party, I assume he knows that they are “pets” of the Milton Ferrets, and would probably have them released immediately should one of the wolves be caught and put in the pound.

            Also, my guess is that the Ferrets have already made an announcement to all of Babylon Gardens stating that the wolves are there and under the protection of the Milton Ferrets. This way, while they may not wear collars, they would be treated as if they were.

            Besides, if YOU were part of Animal Control, would you want to try and catch a wolf with it’s pack most likely nearby?

            Wow. That could be a decent arc right there. One of the wolves (probably a pup) gets taken to the pound and the Pack does all they can to get their pack member out.

          • Thoth

            Oh, there are mitigating circumstances – but it’s unlikely that everyone in Babylon Gardens made it to the party, and even if they had they would not have met the cubs (since they were inside playing with Peanut and they took Peanuts advice to “hide their relatives”). Even if they had, they might well not be able to distinguish between one of them and any other feral wolf that wandered in – and there’s apparently enough wilderness nearby to provide that gutted deer carcass. Babylon Gardens is not a sealed community; there will be outsiders coming and going all the time.

            I’d agree that they’re probably not in danger of impoundment (save, possibly, in the short term) as long as they have their pet licenses (wherever they wind up keeping them) – but I was considering more direct dangers. Wolves were classified as an endangered species, protected by some rather tough federal laws, quite recently – and that didn’t keep people from shooting, trapping, and poisoning them. I doubt that we’ll actually see anything nearly so grim in Housepets – but there was the fate of Karl-Lenin Faust to show the readers that it’s possible, and – if I were Miles and those were my cubs – I’d certainly consider it, just like warning them about crossing the street without looking.

            Finally, if I was part of Animal Control I wouldn’t hesitate a moment to catch a wolf. Animal control deals routinely with quite a variety of creatures – and real North American wolves are generally terrified of any involvement with humans. For them it’s been suicidal for thousands of years; attack a human, more humans come, and the entire pack dies. In the housepets universe, where they can pass on that information culturally as well as genetically, I think they’d go in for something much more subtle than attacks or even threats.

            The “Mission Impossible” wolves going to the rescue might be a lot of fun though.

          • Spirit Studios 2010

            YAY! Someone else who understands!

  11. Spirit Studios 2010



    Rick, will you ever name any of Miles’ Pups?

    Also, I am Spirit, I just changed my name for the New Year… and my gravvy. The old one will make appearances with each holiday, though.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Gravitar told me a name was permanent.

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        Just change you’re name when you leave a comment.

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        Just change you’re name when you leave a comment.

        And I like what you did with your gravvy!

        • wingedwolfgirl


        • FuRrY321

          Nooooze! You said “Gravvy!” Now I’m thinking about Gravy! Why, Gravatar, why?! :D

  12. loudhawaiianshirt

    dude i now know how to celebrate new years from now on… over and over again.

  13. HonorèDerzey

    Happeh Nu Yeir!!!!

  14. Icharus

    Yay happy new year! (in two hours for me) !

    • Leaviathan

      Interesting. My only wish was that I was in China for the new year so i could call my parents 36 hours in the past from there and tell them Happy new year.

  15. ndigit

    They don’t seem to quite grasp the concept of a calender.

    Happy new year peoplez!

  16. Cerberus

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! May all your New Years revelations work out and good luck in the new decade Though its still two hours til where i live, have a great year Housepets! and all its fans. The wolf cubs are awesome and adorable as always.
    um and not to get nitpicky but isn’t wolf pups? Just wondering?

    • Cerberus

      sry resolutions* little slip of the tongue.

  17. Cannon Fodder

    I gotta ask though did the bunny go back home though, or stay in the woods?

    • Thoth

      Grape came to get him; if you were a rabbit, would you say no?

  18. Valerio

    It’s just the right thing that cubs introduced us the new year! And a happy one to all of the cast! (Bino and fat PETA excluded!)! :D

    • Leaviathan

      Uhm..who are you? Or did you(valerio that is) forget to put your email address? Or are you some random name thief?(Outta left field there LOL!)

      • FuRrY321

        He is Pete in disguise, come to steal all our names and cause havoc in the New year. Apparently, however, even a Griffin can be forgetful sometimes. ;)

  19. kennyfox

    happy new year rick! my first new year resolution is to vote house pets on TWC every day :D

  20. falconfox

    Happy new year everyone, be happy and safe! :)

  21. wingedwolfgirl

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  22. Cat-Lover Cross

    Ehhh!! I see grape! Yay Graaaape!! And Mile’s pups look like they’re making a comeback. All in all a very promising year for the Housepets!

    • slacks315

      Kind of makes me wonder why she isn’t at the yarn ball.

      • Thoth

        Well, since the cubs ask what’s at midnight, it can’t be midnight yet – so Grape might be going later.

        Alternatively, Christmas eve was very cold, and the previous Yarn Ball was held outside; perhaps it’s simply too chilly to spend much time there.

        Or she didn’t go for some other reason – perhaps because she’s too busy watching out for Petes.

  23. Valerio

    Aw, Grape, don’t look upset! (wonder how could anyone look upset at those pups!)

  24. redwolfmatt

    wolf pups = win x3

  25. James319

    LOL Happeh New Yeah! XD

  26. Raelynna

    Happy new year everyone! =D good luck fall upon all of you!
    and heck yes for the wolves ! =p have a good one rick!

  27. FuRrY321

    It’s 3:06 AM EST here in Ontario, Canada.

    Wishing all of you a very happy New Year! May 2010 bring an end to the recession and the great amount of death seen in 2009.

    PS Sorry it’s a little late!

    • Rukral

      Whoot! Go Ontario :D

  28. rWolf1991

    Happy New Year I can’t believe how much it site has grown sinse I first started reading it which is no actually that long but still!!!

    • Leaviathan

      Yup from 4 commentators to 246(as the largest number of comments so far).

      • rWolf1991

        But what funny is that I started back I September of 2009 and it grown ablot sinse then.!!! :P

  29. crazyredemu

    Ha! I’m in Japan it’s already 5:32 PM (as a point of reference it is 3:32 in Indiana)

    • crazyredemu

      3:32 AM

      • Leaviathan


  30. Nightfirex

    The beginning of a new year.. may you all have a good upcoming year and enjoy your day. ^_^

  31. D

    Happy new Year to everybody!!! Espero este año les depare muchas bendiciones and many other good stuff Rick might be preparing for us… flan to everybody!!!

  32. JB

    Though I’m late saying this but Happy New Year to you all.
    The little cubs are so cute and I just love fireworks. >u < <3

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  34. Manic

    oh and grab some Coke for me k:D

  35. HYBRIDcreature

    Happy New Year everyone! С Новым Годом, с новым счастьем! :3
    Rick, I wish you readers all around the world)

    • Darcin

      Happy New Year, folks! 祝你们新年快乐!

    • Leaviathan

      How you manages to get Russian characters I will likely never know.
      HAPPY NEW YEAR AND A TRUE WISH TO ALL!(ONLY one true wish per person)

  36. Squival

    lol thats a shock, someone was refreshin this page at midnight on the new year ;P

    Yeah, Happy New Year Housepets! :)

  37. Legendario 777

    Happy New Year to everyone !!!!!

  38. Kyderra

    happy new year!

  39. Cat-Lover Cross

    I expected some kind of Wallpaper worthy double spread pic though. Heh. Looks like Rick’s getting more than his fair share of holiday fatigue.

  40. The game

    ha, funny, and yay! we see Grape again!
    Happy New Year everyone!

  41. Pokeblue

    Aw, they’re such cute little pups. Pretty funny too, but ya gotta love their enthusiasm.

    Happy New Year.

  42. Lloxie

    I’m tempted to say “Oh-ten” just to bug people. X3

    • Leaviathan

      I miss saying twenty-oh-9

  43. Critter Rhode

    Happy Nude Deer!
    Happy Gnu Year!

    Happy New Year! :-)

    • Spirit Studios 2010

      Unnamed Knight No. 1: Nii!

      Unnamed Knight No. 2: Nii!

      Unnamed Knight No. 3: Nuu!… Year!

      *covers head*

  44. Majin-Wolf

    Happy New Year 2010 Everyone and hope to see more King this year yaaah!!!

  45. BlueArmy

    For those of you wondering about the title, “Gregory Who?” is likely a reference to Pope Gregory XIII, who invented the Gregorian Calendar we all use today. At least, that’s what I think it is.

    • The game

      The whatarian calender?

  46. FuRrY321

    I hope nobody made any New Year’s resolutions… I always end up breaking mine right on New Year’s Day. :D
    So now I have made a vow to only make one resolution each year: To not make any resolutions at all!


    • slacks315

      but you have already broken that one by making it! Also I made a resolution to gain more confidence and either start on my comic or my book I have been working on. A few others, but they are the usual ones most people make.

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      I resolved to make a resolution, but it just put me in a rhetorical where I couldn’t answer my own paradox. =(

      • Leaviathan

        (Why does the commentator spellcheck mark everything as spelled wrong?)

  47. Rennis Tora

    A happy new year to all! now just 364 more days to go…-_-

    • Leaviathan

      Actually a year is 365.26 days.

    • Leaviathan

      Oh I forgot the other stuff.
      The earth day is only 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds.
      A leap year is the .25 adding up every 4 years and no I don’t know whether or not they make an extra leap year or just have one a year earlier when the .01 extra adds up.

      • Rennis Tora

        And your point would be?…>->

      • slacks315

        Do they even make up for it, or is it just lost time? I know our current calendar is supposed to be pretty inaccurate.

        • Thoth

          At the current rate the error in the current leap year scheme will add up to one day in roughly eight thousand years, and you’d need to skip the normally scheduled leap year day in years divisible by 8000 to fix it.

          There’s no point in trying to go make rules that far ahead though; over those timescales tidal effects, procession of the equinoxes, and unpredictable changes due to climate variation (the accumulation or loss of ice near the poles changes the rate at which the earth rotates very very slightly due to the conservation of angular momentum).

          Now see what you’ve done, you’ve gone and triggered “pedant” mode again.

          • Rick Griffin

            Well not to mention the fact that it’s 8000 years; there is no guarantee that the Gregorian calendar will not be replaced by then. It’s a VERY long time.

          • Thoth

            Aw, are you implying that you might stop writing housepets by then? That might inspire a riot!

  48. RockstarRaccoon

    oh hey, I’ve done that…

  49. Thoth

    And here I just presumed that the green things were conifers of some sort and that the christmas cold snap was over.

  50. Spirit Studios 2010

    I’d like to point out that this would be a perfect facepaw moment for Grape.

    • Leaviathan

      Actually it feels to me that that would be slightly out of character for Grape to facepaw at this moment…

      • Cat-Lover Cross

        I contradict that and say it’s a perfect time for her to faceclaw

  51. Thoth

    Oh, Peanut has now been added to the Character Dossier forum topic, along with a direct link index to the characters who have been examined so far and some return-to-the-index links. Hopefully they’ll all work. It should be over here…

  52. Nyrufa

    Well, they’re wolf pups, so they’re pretty energetic. Wouldn’t be surprised to find out they’re that naive.


  53. Thoth

    Or just that enthused about getting to make noise and celebrate, rather than hiding in a den.

  54. kikia

    When i first moved to the city. I didn’t understand it either.

  55. Cat-Lover Cross

    so where’d they learn to shout happy new year, rofl.

    • Thoth

      Now they have television… It is, after all, what humans do!

      • Justice193

        Miles has allot of books on human culture, and as he had mentioned, him and his pack liked human culture, I would say it is more likely they picked it up from one of those books and have been doing it ever since.

        • Justice193

          … grammatical errors ‘R us; that should read “he and his pack like”

          man that made me feel so stupid :(

        • Thoth

          Yep! But I still bet the cubs will pick up things like shouting “Happy New Year!” without understanding what it’s about a lot faster from few weeks of TV than they will from books.

          Nothing better than TV for filling people’s heads with random bits of unexplained culture.

  56. Anastacia

    Haha, I just moved to AL and I’d have to say…there were more leaves on the trees than I expected.

    What part of AL are you in?

    • Rick Griffin

      Near Huntsville!

      • Spirit Studios 2010

        Talk about close to home. I live just across the Georgia/Bama border.

        • Anastacia

          I’m just across the Georgia/Bama border as well! I’m in Higdon. Huntsville is I think an hour and a half away from there.

  57. Ki

    Rick is in Alabama? *blinks*

    YAY! I grew up in ‘Bama! *poses proudly*

  58. greek geek

    I’m a little farther north. lol. I’ m in TN.

  59. Mikomi

    I used to do this all the time with my sister… also never when it was actually New Year’s. Except we’d throw leaves up in the air, “One, two, three! HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

  60. SamBlob

    I didn’t notice, but then I’m from Jamaica…

  61. RageReaper

    Twenty-ten. Two thousand ten. WHOO! late, but oh well.