Because One Christmas Special Is Not Enough

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  1. Rukral

    Yay Spot! Thanks for saving Santa from aliens!

    • Rukral

      And Spot saved Rick apparently! He really is a super dog :D

  2. Teh Brawler

    Butbutbutbutbut……..The orphanage?

    • RockstarRaccoon

      Good point. Also, I know the arc’s over but, King? Pete? Tarot? Epic battle with a Griffin who’s not “evil” per say but “sort of a jerk”? Move the story along man! It’s ridiculously interesting!

      • Teh Brawler

        I was actually referring to where we last left Spot (Superdog). Tied to a chair in an orphanage.

        • Cerberus

          i concluded that he broke out of the ropes and saved everything in a very Spot (superdog) fashion.

        • Just-This-Guy

          This comic is non canon to the Spot (superdog) storyline. Just a christmas special. :D

          • Leaviathan

            Like how the Pokemon movies have nothing to do with the series other then introduce new Pokemon and legendaries.

    • james319


      • Thoth

        End of arc. Each arc does tend to focus on different characters, but the spotlight will swing back eventually – and plots do tend to come together.

  3. Darcin

    Santa seems oddly similar to Bino. My mind, it cannot process this.

    • Leaviathan

      Santa is getting on in years so recently he’s become more commercial and cynical, thus giving him a personality similar to Bino though not as bad as Bino’s personality actually is(most of the time anyways).

  4. Thoth

    Well, hard to get a much bigger change of pace than Spot saves christmas.

    And Peanut is evidently beginning to lampshade himself. At that rate he may soon be writing a genuine comic book.

    • Blue_Elite

      Maybe he’ll write a webcomic where humans are quadrupeds and can only speak in basic grunts and other simple noises.

      • Indagare

        Johnathan Swift beat him to that.

  5. james319

    LOL poor santa XD so thats how he does it all in 1 night XD


  6. KzT

    Remember Santa. There is always someone better. Even better than you.

    • Rukral

      But then…who is better then Spot!?

      • Leaviathan

        The god of mischief…

        • BlueAnubis

          Which one? Loki? Anansi? Kanaloa? there are several, so you have to be specific.

          • Leaviathan

            Oh sorry I was referring to Loki.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Chuck Norris

        • Leaviathan


      • Cerberus

        And then whoes better then that person, and the one better then that one, and then that one,and the on………. (continues on and on)

        • Thoth

          The criteria change with each step, and eventually it loops?

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Like the Energizer Bunny!!!

          *cases battery powered, one-bunny drum-line with tail wagging*

        • Indagare

          Isn’t this the plot of the entire Dragon Balls series?

          • Thoth

            Nah, they come to an end; it isn’t infinite.

          • ndigit

            Besides, they actually had to make Goku WEAKER in order for him to to contend with other villains. Until he reached SS4 which was against the dragon balls themselves.


      • Snowmon

        Old Yeller

        • Snowmon

          Santa Paws
          That dog that eat alphabet soup
          That dog without front legs so then she walks on her hind ones.
          Any higher than that & we’ll be talking religion here.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            … All hail Hypnotoad…

          • Snowmon

            HypnoDOG lives in England or something.

            Hypnotoad However, (gulp) doesn’t exist… Ah, don’t hit me!

          • Leaviathan

            Who or what is hypnodog? And perhaps as another option…
            Clifford the big red dog.

          • Snowmon

            Sweet pickles in gravy Who’s Hypnodog?
            @_@ I forget… all hail… hypnotoad…

      • RockstarRaccoon

        Sylvester Stallone. Watch the documentary on the making of the new Rambo movie. Rambo is not a fictional character as long as Stallone walks the earth.

  7. slacks315

    Way to go spot! Thanks for delivering my new tablet safely!

  8. Snowmon

    Seems a little bipolar don’t you think?…(-_-);

  9. Cerberus

    YAY SPOT(Superdog) SAVED CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!
    and he saved Rick too YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ah if only Spot had a theme song Rick could play during end credits.

  10. Spirit of the Wolf

    Santa=Jealous much?

    • Leaviathan

      No, Santa is just angry that he wastes so much time when he could’ve been paying Spot to do it for him faster.

    • Cerberus

      Sweet gravvy Spirit. awesome

      • Spirit of the Wolf


        Thanks especially to Rick for making a great avvy worthy character. And thanks less especially to MS Paint.

  11. loudhawaiianshirt

    well at least Peanut considered how fast all the world’s presents would have to be delivered in two seconds. pragmatic fantasy.

  12. Draco_2k

    Massive alt-text win acknowledged.

  13. Duskyo

    …Is it just me or is Spot’s (Superdog’s) eyes kinda funky in the fourth panel?

    • Leaviathan

      Peanut made circles for Spot’s eyes because it was a close-up rather than a long distance view where the eyes are black dots,

  14. Spirit of the Wolf

    like the one I just did…

    • Leaviathan

      “like the one I just dud…”
      In reference to what?

      • Leaviathan

        lol should’ve copy-pasted
        dud=did(damsel in distress)

  15. Pop-o-lick

    Santa can’t deliver presents in 999 picoseconds? My life is a lie.

    • Poplick

      I have to change to Poplick now, because someone apparently already has Pop-o-Lick on Gravatar. Hooray.

  16. wingedwolfgirl

    Way to go Spot. -_-

  17. ndigit

    Um…too many “o”s.

    Also. Santa. It’s okay. We never believed in you anyway.

  18. Valerio


    • Majin-Wolf


      • Valerio

        without him, it’s a royal mess…

  19. kuisbright

    He broke the speed of light D:

  20. Majin-Wolf

    lol Spot saves the day once again!! If Spot traveled that fast he would have been zapped into last week or a million years in the past and endless possibilities can occur!!

  21. Wolfspawn

    HA! he got Santa good :P

  22. falconfox01

    Spot rules! yay!

  23. Valerio

    And nice special effect, on the teleport :D

  24. Legendario 777


  25. BlueArmy

    Want more King! Want more King!

    • Leaviathan

      Either you did this on purpose or it’s one hell of a glitch.

      • BlueArmy

        It’s a glitch, my comments won’t show up on top for some reason so I didn’t notice until the third comment. Sorry, everyone.

    • Thoth

      Well, to be fair, we’ve got “I want more…”

      Grape & Peanut
      King & Fox
      Rido & Spo
      Miles & the Pack
      Bino & Joey
      Tarot & Sabrina
      The Ferrets
      Tarmac and Gambit
      The Wild Raccoons

      And it would be an awfully crowded strip if Rick tried to fit them all in. The focus shifts from arc to arc, but I suspect that the plot threads will continue to come together.

      I haven’t seen much call for Daisy, Tiger, Squeak, Rex, “Joey’s Creepy Friends”, “Neighbor Dogs”, or “Neighbor Cats”, or most of the other rarely-appearing characters, but I’m sure that there are fans amongst the less vocal readers.

      • Justice193

        Rido?… I don’t even want to start on that one… and you mised Miles, Daryl and the rest of the wolves, there’s been plenty of call for them.

        • Thoth

          Ah well, typos will happen. That should be Fido of course.

          The rest of the wolves go under the “Miles & the Pack” though. They’re on there.

          • Justice193

            ahh, I read through that 4 times just to be sure… missed it XD

      • slacks315

        Personally I would like to see squeek and joey thing developed a bit more. And maybe some more personality of rex. We know that he comes off as a tough guy who would like nothing better than to torture small animals, but in reality likes baking cookies and singing. It’d be interesting to see what Rick could do with him too.

        But all the characters you mentioned don’t, as of right now, have anything to draw interest to them. They are just background characters used for filling space and taking small roles to advance or introduce plot points. People will want more of them when there is something more to want.

        Speaking of Squeek it would be interesting if she was related to the mice from mouse mouse revolution somehow. Either part of the mouse mob or related to Poor Faust.

        • Thoth

          Oh, I like seeing any of them develop – although I haven’t seen (in going repeatedly through the archives to compile the Dossier thread) many calls before for Joey and Squeak.

          That’s just a list of the ones that I’ve seen requests for “more of” – and since you have now requested Joey and Squeak they have now gained the no-prize of a place on it.

          As for background characters – we have at least one individual requesting Shardul, and he only had a bit part in one strip in the zoo arc. You never know what someone will want more of.

          As for Squeak being related… considering the size of Spo’s family (and reality), just go back a few years and every mouse in Babylon Gardens will be related.

          • slacks315

            Good point, but if they are, closely, related it could be a source of some tension if grape and her ever meet. Though thinking about it we haven’t seen Max trying to get Grape involved with the other cats for a while. Maybe it is time to develop non-Grape cats a bit more.

            I’ll be happy with whatever Rick is willing to give out though. He hasn’t gone wrong yet. Though the introduction of real magic made me roll my eyes a bit.

          • Thoth

            Transformation does go a bit beyond minor psychic powers. Oh well, who knows? Perhaps it will all turn out to be advanced alien technology or something – not that there’s a real functional difference between that and magic.

          • slacks315

            Don’t get me wrong, I loved king’s transformation and his character, but this strip always came off as more of a slice-of-life comic than a fantasy one. So regularly incorporated magic in a world that seemed not to have any just comes off as gimicky. I guess. But Rick’s doing a great job with it so far, so who knows.

        • slacks315

          Oddly we haven’t seen Daisy since she got her big bag of money, and she has never said anything other than hi, I’m daisy. Is she new to the neighbourhood? Does she have friends? Is she some creepy dog like joey or his friends? What did she spend it on?! Ok I’m going to call for more Daisy now :P

          • Thoth

            Hm. She has only appeared in four panels, and her three lines have indeed all been “Hi! I’m Daisy!”. At the moment, she just seems to be the designated airhead. She can’t be too new though, since her first appearance was at least one christmas back.

            Of course that was the starting-off discription for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is an interesting thought.

            Perhaps she gave the money it to the Raccoons and they’re trying to figure out how to spend it? After all, she gave them a bag of something last Christmas…

          • slacks315

            But if she is the designated air-head what does that make Sasha? So far her character comes off as a little lonely and maybe a bit socially challenged, which is why she seems to go out of her way to greet people and make friends.

            But the same actions also lead me to question if she has any good friends right now. We don’t really see her much, so can’t say for sure. However, she is only shown greeting people, never hanging out. Even the one Panel where she didn’t say anything she was waving hello to sasha. She also doesn’t seem to be at the club parties. Unless she is just hidden in the crowd. Not to mention her relationship with the raccoons, who don’t seem to have the best relationship with the pets.

          • Thoth

            I think Sasha’s the designated optimist – determined not to see that her owner doesn’t really care about her – and the poster child for neglected pets in the comic (probably not shown much because it’s not much fun).

            She does seem to be friendly enough with Bino, Fido, and most of the other pets and turned up at Fido’s party. I don’t think she’s particularly outcast; she just hasn’t been in the spotlight much.

            As for Daisy… I suspect she’s reasonably good friends with everybody, but it’s hard to extrapolate much from only four panels.

          • slacks315

            Sorry, my post was about Daisy. I agree with you on Sasha, but the few times we see Daisy she seems to be trying too hard to get people to like her or make friends in general. I’m probably just reading too much into it, but that’s just my 2 cents.

          • Thoth

            Ah. I wasn’t sure when you switched over.

            Daisy seems cheery, and isn’t apparently resented – but that is about all we’ve got. Sadly, it’s just not enough to deduce much.

  26. Cat-Lover Cross

    I need moar Grape action! Also, more King Cuteness. And a break form all the noisy firecrackers. Happy new year to GMT+8 timezone.

  27. Enty

    Heheh, Santa paws… Peanuts learning fast! ^^

    On a side note…. What’s with all the love for King?

  28. Argent Stonecutter

    I like how he loses track of how many arms the aliens have. ^^

    • ilikepie

      He doesn’t. The aliens each have 3 arms: one on the right side of their bodies and two on the left.

  29. Argent Stonecutter

    @Enty – Everyone loves the underdog, and King’s about as under as a dog can get right now. Plus he’s cute as a button.

    • Enty

      I dunno, but keep in mind, you’re giving your love to a middle aged man (or is he really middle aged Rick? That’s how I saw him…)

      • Argent Stonecutter

        Joel’s emotionally about 12 inside. That’s just about right for King.

        • Thoth

          I got the impression of mid-to-late 20’s physically – although that’s purely subjective.

          Emotionally? I’ve got to agree; 12 does seem about right. I doubt he’s ever got past his childhood traumas.

          Hopefully his current canine body is on the young side. Making him a mid-to-late 20’s dog would go a bit beyond being a Jerk.

  30. Squival

    the really long “Nooo” is a great touch xD
    And wow at the fast pressy delivery as well

  31. Blue_Elite

    Say Rick, have you ever considered doing “excerpts” from Pridelands when you need filler? Not that there’s anything wrong with Spot (superdog), just another idea; especially if for some reason you run into a situation where you don’t have access to a scanner for some reason.

  32. Weaver

    I predict that, due to the oddities on this site’s sorting algorithm, I’ll end up somewhere in the middle of the stack again. But no matter.

    Somehow I get the feeling something similar to this happened in some Silver Age Superman comic. It seems fitting for that level of “wat”

    • Thoth

      Are you sure that’s not *EVERY* long-running comic book?

      I think “Group X Saves Christmas” is a requirement enforced by ninja-pirate-mole men-jedi-time lords. If you don’t do it, there will be no place on land, at sea, in space, underground, or in time, where you can hide.

  33. Xyie

    Ah, time zones, the killer of many a ‘only X time left!’ plots….so we just give them the boot, kick them out the window, and of course it’s 2 seconds to Christmas morning all around the globe. no biggie.

    It is funny though. hehe. Good job P.B.S., now here’s your enrollment to astronomy 101. :-P

    Also, punch > laser, apparently.

    • Frank

      You should watch Santa Who, Xyie. They actually use the time zones, first to explain why Santa can deliver everything in one night, then to explain why the time to save christmas is running out, despite it being only, like, 11 AM.

  34. Zoe

    I have to be honest here, I love the comic to death but these “Spot” intermissions are a HUGE knee in the balls for me. 8(

    • Justice193

      what are you talking about? I think every arc should start with a good Spot (superdog) strip :P .

    • Thoth

      Why not just consider it a delayed strip if Spot makes you unhappy? Housepets would still be far more regular than most webcomics and it’s not like we were paying for it and thus had a right to expect something other than whatever Rick feels like putting up.

  35. The game

    The distressed cry of ‘no’ looks funny in the 3rd panel lol

  36. The game

    ….does Santa have a tail?

  37. The game

    why are my comments in the middle of the page instead of the bottom???
    this is soooooooo weird!

  38. Frank

    Well, my reply didn’t show up as a reply either.

    Now to what I was really going to say. Anyone else just noticed Peanut’s initials could (how can I put this?) be on TV?

    Also, it’s funny that all of Peanut’s characters (except Stripe) have the same head shape

    • Frank

      Wait a minute, why is my near-midday post showing up before the near-midnight posts?

  39. tymime

    Has someone been watching Santa Claus Conquers the Martians? :3

  40. Weebz

    Was I the only one who thought Darth Vader’s “NOOOOOOOOOOO” when I read Santa saying that?

  41. BlueAnubis

    First off, Yaayyy!! Spot (Superdog) Saved Christmas!

    Secondly, NOOOOOoooooOOOOOooOO00000000OOOOOOoooooOOOOOoo!!!!!

    and third, Woo Hoo! mass confusion in the comment section! This is fun to watch.
    *sits and noms on popcorn*

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Heeeyyyy… that’s my lunch!

      • BlueAnubis

        Oh, sorry, want some sandvich? It adds 150 health.

        • Leaviathan


  42. Thelonious

    Hi! Been following your strip for over year and a half, and I just thought…. would it be possible to continue the catnip arc, posting it with the “unused strips”?

    By the way, nice work.

  43. Sleet

    If Spot managed to deliver all the presents by circling the planet once, he would have traveled on average 1.3 billion times the speed of light.

  44. Tahoe

    The alt-text made that one for me *laughs*

  45. fastbreak333

    For a moment there, I thought he reversed the Earth’s rotation in panel 7.

  46. Sokahu

    Santa has a tail!

  47. FuRrY321

    LOL, “Too late superdog! We have the Santa, and you cannot get past our radar lasers! Plus, it is two seconds to Christmas morning!” I guess being a superdog and all, Spot can punch the bad guys, untie Santa, and deliver all the presents all in less than two seconds.

    Peanut, you’re making up physics again!

  48. Rukral

    Whoot! I was eginning to think Spot had completely forgotten my Housepets T-shirt, but it arrived today! Looks like he went back for it, thanks Spot!

  49. Danieluyoshikoto

    Oh wow… Long Comment page is long.
    Can´t wait for todays update…

  50. Danieluyoshikoto

    wait a moment… what just happend with my comments, shouldn´t it be on the bottom?

    also appearently it´s still 2009 here…

    • Leaviathan

      I’ve been in 2010 for the past 18 minutes already…another 42 minutes until the new strip is up.

      • slacks315

        Cuz central time is the best and rick knows it
        Jk :)

  51. Musimba

    After seeing this Spot Superdog comic, I have to wonder if Peanut just finished watching “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”.

  52. Leaviathan

    It is 1:00AM for me and I managed to make it LOL.

  53. Spirit of the Wolf

    You’re getting moved down!

  54. Spirit of the Wolf

    Meant to hit reply…

    You’re getting moved down!!!

  55. Spirit of the Wolf

    this is odd…

  56. Kamron

    That’s okay; we’re not offended by an improper reply at all. Odds are that I’ll do it too.

  57. Spirit of the Wolf

    I hit reply twice after that and it treated them like separate comments

  58. Leaviathan

    yup…And now my comment that was…14? is below some of the later ones.

  59. Leaviathan

    That last one was suppose to be a reply to spirit(and this one to myself).

  60. Cat-Lover Cross

    things are getting screwy! What’s a happenin’??

  61. Frank

    Maybe it’s the effects of having presents delivered so quickly? Or webcomics press has a way of detecting when it’s Peanut that draws?

  62. FuRrY321

    Well, it seems like all the comments eventually get fixed after a certain amount of time… or not.

    This is a reply to Frank, BTW.

    Peanut’s actually not that bad at drawing. It’s the colouring in the lines that gets him (and me, when I’m actually trying to colour with pencil crayons, LOL).

  63. Justice193

    I’m the opposite, I have the shading and all that down to a science… it’s getting the right form… takes me either hundreds of reference photos or 20 attempts to get the shape I want.for a particular piece… a reason I have come to love the line tools and their handles… cause I can see the shape in my head, but drawing it is a different story.

  64. Leaviathan

    I’m cursed a different way…I can be the most beautiful artist ever without any mistakes but it takes me 3-12 times longer than any other master(which is why I never made a webcomic).

  65. Leaviathan

    My previous post is a reply to Justice193,