So As Not To Leave You Hanging


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  1. Rukral

    Yay! Fox and King are friends again!

  2. Majin-Wolf

    How sweet good ol buds still!!!

  3. slacks315

    Foxy is such a good friend.

  4. flora

    dang it

  5. Darcin

    Nothing says friendship like brutalizing ex-friends!

    But WHICH three parts of Bino’s body are currently inoperable?

    • Rukral

      Bet his mouth is one :P

      • Sind

        I don’t think his mouth CAN be shut =/

    • JoeyWolf

      Brain is second but that was always inoperable.

      • Cerberus

        so that doesn’t count. ummmmm i want to say left arm, right eye, and either one of his legs.

      • Wolfy

        “Inoperable”? XDD
        “Inoperable” means “can’t be operated on”. As in surgery. I.E. “She has an inoperable tumor.”
        “InoperaTIVE” is what you’re looking for…meaning “nonfunctional.”

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Thank you Grammar Police… though that is true.

          Good catch.

          • Thoth

            “Inoperable” is literally something which cannot be operated, whether due to lack of fuel, physical damage, or lack of the necessary control inputs. In planning it can refer to a scheme which is not practicable. In medicine it can refer to something which cannot be operated on without killing the patient, such as a tumor located deep in the brain.

            Using it to refer to a body part which is so damaged that the owner cannot currently use it is quite accurate, although it is a mildly exotic usage.

            “Inoperative” is something which is currently not operating, but which may or may not have the potential to operate properly if activated. A damaged machine may be operative (and still damaged) or inoperative, while one which is simply shut down is also inoperative. Laws which have not been applied for a long time may be inoperative. Systems which do not produce the desired results are inoperative. Inoperative is commonly used to imply that something is broken, but this is a popular connotation, not a part of the definition.

    • HYBRIDcreature

      I bet the physical pain is not the least that Bino will suffer. Being expelled from club or vice-a-versa being abandoned will surely hurt him even more.

      • Thoth

        And it’s a good time for it. It’s not like the pets need “opponents” at all, much less more than one source of trouble at a time.

        • Justice193

          Are you kidding me?? Bino is such a vengeful guy, he’d find a way to get back at everyone, all at the same time, probably multiple times over… he needs psychological treatment, not a reason to keep being a Jerk… you know, he’s enough of a jerk to cover himself and Pete XD

          • Thoth

            Oh yes – but this isn’t really a superhero or adventure comic (unless the tone changes drastically). Bino will have a lot fewer chances to make trouble if he winds up being ostracized for a while (even after he gets out of the hospital again) – and there’s a potential replacement troublemaker ready to hand in Pete.

            Ergo, if Rick wants to sideline Bino for awhile, this seems like an opprotune moment.

          • Darcin

            Great, now I’ve got an image of Bino as the Joker stuck in my head. Not Heath Ledger Joker or Mark Hamill Joker, but campy ’60s TV Joker.

          • Thoth

            Ooohhh… I like that one. Now if only I could actually draw.

  6. flora

    i mean…………nothing

  7. John


  8. Leaviathan

    uhm…? 11? It’s 1:00(the most awkward time for me since i usually can’t stay up that late or wake up that early) and there’s already 10 messages jesus.
    Anyways! Yay more fox lovin’!

    • John

      What do you mean, it’s 12:00 here

      • Cerberus

        10:00 for me and the night is still young.

        • BlueAnubis

          1:00 for me, Woo Hoo! East Coast!!!

        • Firewing

          Same here Anubis. :P

        • John

          Central Time Zone!
          And Cerberus, do you have a PSN account and CoD: MW2

  9. Cerberus

    And a thats a great epilogue to an emotional arc. And as a side note, by a show of hands (paws?), does anyone really think that Bino has learned his lesson?

    • Majin-Wolf

      Yes I totally agree Cerberus!!

    • John

      *raises paw, then thinks back*
      Can I take that back?

    • Flexico

      No. But if he did, where would be the fun of continually tormenting him after one of his explosions of stupidity? XDDD

    • Rukral

      Probably not. He’s just gonna try to place the blame on King I think (especially if he finds out the King and Sasha kept each other company). If he finds that out, he’s gonna cause a lot of grief towards King. That’s my take on it anyways.

    • pet_fox123

      Bino learn a lesson…..not likely, he’s probly plotting his revenge on both of them at this very moment

      • HYBRIDcreature

        He’ll have a lot of free time on his hands)

    • Cerberus

      Yea, i didn’t think anyone would.

      • John

        I did, for a minute

    • Firewing

      No, i dont think he did, Because if he did i wouldnt be able to maul him After he gets out of the hospital. -wanders away to stalk bino-

    • BlueAnubis

      *Paw up*
      I think he may have learned his lesson, but if not, I volunteer to help teach it to him again.
      *Waves paw back and forth*

      • Cerberus

        I wouldn’t doubt you could, but i think Bino needs to learn (to some extent) on his own. Bu tif that doesn’t work, we can always try the frying pan again.

      • Firewing

        Firewing obtained the Dented frying pan!

        • John

          No, no, no, that’s for Blue. And Blue, you’ll also need these.
          *Hands BlueAnubis a shield, a sword, a Rubber Soul album, a banjo, and an oversized electric guitar amp and distortion pedal*

        • Firewing

          Aww. Oh well, i tried. -pulls out baseball bat- To bino hunting!

        • Firewing

          I think not.

        • John

          No, just a regular old banjo, why?

        • John

          Hey! You owe me a new banjo!

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Shhhhh… be vewy vewy quiet… It’s Bino season!

    • Thoth

      I don’t think Bino will learn until he either has it out with Fido or is seperated from him for a few years. Everyone else is a secondary target.

    • loudhawaiianshirt

      so bittersweet… I DON’T WANT THIS ARC TO END!!!

      • Hunk23

        ME NEITHER!!! But unfortunately, all things must come to an end!!

    • Justice193

      Bino will never learn, ever… he’s been hit by one too many frying pans, I’m afraid that even after psychological help, he’d still be fun comic relief for everyone else via comedic pain :) .

      Thoth, SHHHHHHHH, don’t let Rick know how to fix him :D … we’re so cruel v.v.

      • Thoth

        But I’m a compulsive answerer of questions! If I try to stop my head may explode!

  10. Flexico

    That’s good. That’s really good. That’s Flexico-bothers-to comment good! XD

    • John

      Flex, you’re my new best friend

      • Flexico

        … that is highly pitiable. =P

      • Flexico

        I don’t know, I’m sleep-deprived. I think my logic was self-mocking. Probably.

      • Flexico

        I just wanted something to put other that “thanks”. XD

    • machchunk

      what the hell is that at the bottom of your avatar

      • Firewing

        It’s his avatar licking himself :B

      • machchunk

        You know what I mean. The brownish dome.

      • Firewing

        ..I dont even want to know. :U

      • Justice193

        ‘ve always assumed it’s his paw holding his leg up, and I will continue to assume that.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        DUDE!!! You have ruined my impressionable little mind!… Wait. No. You’ve only made my see something I DIDN’T want to. My mind was ruined by Family Guy and whatnot.

      • Flexico

        Sorry, I never thought it could be mis-interpreted … that way. XD Here’s a link to the full picture:

  11. Kamron

    It’s a GOOD life. Everything is peachy.

  12. Bear

    Since Bino doesn’t seem to use his brain does it count as one of the three inoperable parts.. I think he needs a muzzle

  13. Thoth

    Well, very nice to know that Fox did go looking.

    Although Bino getting trashed again is always a bonus. I can see why being Fido’s brother would drive anyone who wasn’t quite so “perfect” a little nuts, but Bino does manage to lose all sympathy by his constant failure to learn.

  14. pet_fox123

    didn’t we do this joke a couple of strips ago?

    • John

      This joke never gets old

      • pet_fox123

        good point^^

    • Flexico

      It will never get old. Ever. Re-using an overused joke aimed at a show that itself over-used it … nope. Never.

      • John

        -Cleveland Brown

      • Flexico

        I had thought that this comment was about the CSI:Miami jokes but now it looks like it was about the comic … maybe it got mixed up as Rick got rid of the unnecessary comments.

  15. Will

    HA! I KNEW this was going to happen! Well the part about Bino being hurt very badly. Couldn’t have happened to a pettier dog.
    Love it though, this has been a great arc.

  16. Lax

    A hug can fix everything! :)

  17. Nuclear_Fusion

    That second panel truly says everything. It conveys all the emotion of need for help and companionship, coupled with regret for previous actions. An absolutely brilliant piece of work.

  18. Flexico

    In the first panel it looks like King’s stomach is asleep. XD

  19. BlueAnubis

    Aww, King and Fox are friends again, and Bino’s in traction again. I’m happy with that.


    • John

      Now now, we don’t know that.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      *Jumps in* Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay group hug!

  20. Two_Twig

    That hug is doing things to me. Could this be that feeling called…. joy?

    • Cerberus

      depends on what you ate last.

      • Justice193

        how so? what does eating have to do with joy?… unless you count that delectable meal I once…*digresses for an hour*.

  21. Snowmon

    Ew guys hugging. Though, I was expecting King to still be in shock for a little bit longer.

    :) He must have developed that short attention span thing that Peanut and Grape are famous for.

    • Justice193

      look at the first section of the strip, he was still in shock, and has been for an undetermined amount of time, through which Sasha could have logically stayed asleep, as they were both up late last night.

      you’ve gotta come out of it at some point though, and Rick did miss an “in shock” joke :P … but that could have been awkward.

  22. Majin-Wolf

    Wouldn’t it be nice to see what was left of Bino’s butt whoopin from Fox or for Fox to go with details of what really happen that night during the dog club and to show a clip of it!! But I agree with everyone Bino will get his revenge!!

    • Valerio

      and payback will be likely as much painful, granted!

      • Majin-Wolf

        Raise your paw if anyone wants to sign Bion’s arm or leg cast if he had any?

        • Majin-Wolf

          Mybad I meant Bino I would write nasty things to him if he’s in a vet hospital with casts on his body!

          • Thoth

            How about “Kick Me” on the back of the body cast?

  23. Snowmon

    You may have gotten one of our endless supplies
    But you can’t
    “puts on cowboy hat”
    get rid of the joke.

  24. El Legendario 777

    Hey , that ended rather well. YAY !
    Now for the confrontation….

  25. HYBRIDcreature

    ups, ok

  26. Snowmon

    Okay, I’ll (attempt to) stop. It was fun while it lasted. Gave me caterpillars and tickles every time though.

    Mod Edit-No, you will stop or posting rights go away.

  27. 2MK


  28. Shoji

    Loved this arc, and loved the ending :)

  29. Teh Brawler


    • Teh Brawler

      Another thing: ALL THESE KING AVATARS. C’MON GUYS HE ISN’T THAT CU-ok, maybe he is.

      • Firewing

        Well, least im not using a King Avatars. I dont need King he’s..

        Too Cute! D:

      • loudhawaiianshirt

        dude, yeah, he is that cute.

        • Hunk23

          Yes he is indeed!!

      • Pokeblue

        Actually, yes, King is indeed cute. I think he’s actually earned more popularity points faster than any of the other characters so far…well maybe next to Tarot; but I’m completely sure about that, it just seems to feel that way. :P

      • Justice193

        I can see a hug avatar coming… I don’t even use an avatar from this comic, or related to it in any way :D . This is my avatar, wherever I go :P .

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        I’m good with my Wolf Pup Christmas Avvy for now. Next I have to figure out how to make… a… nvm. I have a good New Year’s Avvy now!

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          By the powers of MS Paint I have done it!

          My new New Year’s/B-day Avvy should be up soon.

          • wingedwolfgirl

            Gah, your’e doing the Cool-hat-thing again.
            I might have to join you.

          • HYBRIDcreature

            lol, i’ll be checking your avatar constantly, it sure is exploitable :D

        • wingedwolfgirl

          Said the dude with the comic-croped icon.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            What’s after New Year’s? Valentines?

            *starts writing down notes*
            *throws notes into fire*

            I know what to do.

          • wingedwolfgirl

            Saint patric’s, then July 4 I think.
            new icon hasen’t loaded yet?

  30. Snowmon

    It’s also amazing what simi-pseudo honesty can do to make it continue…

  31. Alahmnat

    Aww, yay hugs!

  32. Firewing

    Also, you didnt include a link to Housepets! like rick always does :B

  33. Shadow m

    Thanks Rick for an amazing story glad that Fox and King are still good friends!

  34. james319

    OK, the 3rd panel is really touching :3 the last panel was cute AND funny and lastly this entire strip really brightens up ur day :D thanks Rick X3

  35. Fuzzypaws

    King is easily the cutest character in the entire cast. *giggles*

  36. Arinmal

    ^.^ man kings ears are so expressive good to see him make up

  37. JuniorMint


    b) He couldn’t find him, in the road, on the way to his house, where he said he was going?
    Thoth, I think you can add “is bad at tracking” to Fox’s profile

    I don’t care, this is still adorable! *sigh*

    • Thoth

      I thought about it and I may – although I’ll have to add a note that there may have been supernormal interference or that King may have intentionally taken a roundabout route to make sure that he wasn’t followed.

      Otherwise I’d think that all that pulverized catnip woud give his location away. I can certainly smell it when I give it to my cat…

      • Justice193

        you give catnip to your cat? MONSTER!!! :P

        ooooor he could not have wanted to elaborate on just how long it took him to pulverize Bino, and then how much fun King missed out on when everyone at the party took turns XD.

  38. Kels

    Bino needs to go out and see the world then come back. King makes a good dog and it’s going to annoy him to no end.

  39. Max Wolfe

    Something tells me they’re going to forget Sasha’s sleeping there

  40. Cathallago

    i’m loving it…

  41. Valerio

    YYAAAAYYYYY!!!!! Also *sniffles* this is such a touching moment…
    Come to think of that, the local vet must be the only one grateful for Bino’s existence. He must have paid himself some rich vacation what with all the surgical bills :D

  42. 8feet

    Can I recommend a Psychopath Doctor for Bino in his upcoming surgery?

    • Justice193

      yes, but to no avail :P .

  43. Cat-Lover Cross

    I still want a Wallpaper of Christmas :(

  44. RockstarRaccoon

    Ugh… Why am I awake? XD
    I just noticed that King does not have a tail, and now I think he looks kind of weird.

  45. Random cat

    lol love it! and to bad bino isnt hurt worse he deserves atleast his tail to be hurt the jerk and yay king has atleast some happyness

  46. falconfox01

    panel 3 total awwww!

  47. ndigit

    And we all lived happily ever after!

  48. NickCole

    This somehow applies “Even your greatest enemies can be your ‘best friend.” C:

    I couldn’t help but go like “awww”. It was so cute. xD

  49. Queery

    panel two…good god, panel two. it made me go “d’awwwwwwww!”

  50. ndigit

    I like how Fox became a sort of father figure btw.

    • Thoth

      Well, considering that apparently Joel didn’t get along with his own parents, it may be about time for a father-figure to come along for him.

    • Pokeblue

      For some reason, that was were first thoughts exactly when I saw this strip. It’s actually a pretty cool idea.

  51. Foxstar

    No more CSI jokes. Period. Said this last comic, saying it now.

  52. Stevie Maxwell


    Oh wait I’m not in this arc. ;.;

    • Thoth

      Besides, your group hug would probably include Tiger, and would you really want that?

  53. JB

    This made me say, “aww~”. Very touching scene.
    But if Bino keeps getting hurt, he’ll be a regular at the hospital.
    Yea~. Love group hugs! o wo <3 I want to join in too.

    • Thoth

      Fortunately the ferrets named the animal health fund after him – and even Bino’s medical bills will have no real impact on their finances.

  54. Squival

    *takes in a deep breath*


  55. Ada

    Awww. Best hug ever. ^^

    Also, it looks like King is getting more popular than even Peanut, if the avatars are any indication.

    • Valerio

      King is cuteness incarnate. Also, he is a top interesting character.
      And his ears speak.

  56. WaveFox

    Fox is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters for how awesomely he’s treating King… and I want to en-roll wherever King learnt to be so adorable! <3

  57. Golgamoth

    Im as confused as you ada

  58. Littleaeris

    The scarf is sleeping. Z.

    • String Petoun Ping

      Sasha probably need a lot more sleep that the average bog. The fact that she sleep outside in a more or less regular basis and probably skip meals are probably some reason of this problem.

      • FuRrY321

        Hehe, “bog”.

        Sasha’s the equivalent to a marsh/swamp?

        Now that’s just rude!


        • Thoth

          Well, that could take us back to the off-the-wall speculation about “Peat”…

        • 2MK

          Jeff “Swampy” Marsh?

  59. Yami

    For a second there I thought King wanted to do the old Star Wars Trick to Bino and keep warm. I need to get help.

    • B

      Actually, I did too, I’m not gonna lie.

  60. Max

    King is so adorable in the second panel ^^

  61. Ray The Whimsical Lampshade

    Well, Bino got hurt, again, and I am happy, he acted like a punk.. I wonder how King’s appointment, with the vet will go. I am happy that he seems to be progressing as a character and I am glad that he is remaining a pet. Maybe he’ll find acceptance with the pets of BG, and learn to like himself as a being, because I think there was some self-hatred when he was Joel. King makes an adorable Corgi, and I am glad he still wants to be friends with Fox.

    • Thoth

      Oh, I doubt we’ll see anything more about the Vet. The jokes been done, and I suspect that the reference was just Pete’s way of stressing that King was a dog now – possibly quite permanently.

      I suspect he’ll be accepted quite well by the other pets in Babylon Gardens. After all, they accept Bino, Tiger, Joey, Cats who speak only in quotes from obscure programs, and more. It’s not like they can move away anyway.

      And I’d have to agree – excessive gult/self-hatred are two sides of the same coin.

  62. Valerio

    considering how mad Fox can get, given the proper circumstances, I wonder how much time Bino will spend in well-deserved traction :D

  63. Argent Stonecutter

    OK, I read all the comments and I’m completely missing whatever these references to sock-puppetry are talking about.

    Don’t confuse the ferret. Confused ferrets do weird stuff.

    • Thoth

      To quote Rick from the “Sockpuppeting” entry on the main page:
      “J.C., Matt and Skippy on Friday’s comic all had exactly the same IP and exactly the same opinions, and pretended like he was multiple people backing each other up.”

      The relevant commentary section should start here –

      Those comments are currently a little hard to reach; at the moment the comment sections aren’t linking to the “previous comics” after commenting is shut down. If you feel a need to look at older comments on a strip, you have to either use a direct link or plug in:



      and so on (although I don’t believe that any of the comment archives go much further at the moment) after the strip title in the address.

      • DZ

        Haha, how embarrassing.

  64. Salenstormwing

    And Bino once again ends up in the Hospital! It really is Christmas!

  65. FuRrY321

    3rd Panel: D’awww!

    4th Panel: LOL!

    ‘Tis now my favourite comic of all. I even like this more than other, more serious comics (ie TwoKinds) for a few reasons.

    1.This comic is updated more frequently than a lot I know;
    2.It has a deeper storyline, one that’s great for speculation;
    3.You can actually learn to care for the characters in Housepets.

    Okay, the last one you can do for just about any webcomic, but I just love this one.

    • FuRrY321

      What the… the time is seriously messed up here. I’m Eastern Time, which, currently, is nearly 10:00 AM. Cerberus, below me, I believe is also ET, am I right?

      And yet my post says “8:48″. What time zone’s this ComicPress set to?

      • Firewing

        Central standard time. Why do you ask?

      • Cerberus

        oh hadn’t noticed this til now but actually im on the west coast so that would be Pacific Time i think.

  66. ilikepie

    I just had a fun idea:

    [Bino is in a hospital bed.]
    Nurse: You doctor will be here shortly with your latest test results.
    Bino: *sees Pete in the room*
    Bino: You’re not my doctor.

    • Prof

      Thank you, you made my day. ^_^

      • Pop-o-lick

        Hah, same. :D

  67. Cat-Lover Cross

    basically it’s using another account to support an opinion made by another account which you also own. And this till leaves me HANGING! I mean, where’s the panel where we see Bino with incurable body deformations?! lol :D

    • Valerio

      This calls for one of Grape’s guided tours.
      ‘And in the next room: Bino with three inoperable traumas!’

  68. Anime_lover

    LOL guess everyone gets what they deserve in the end
    King- two new friends
    Fox- a punching bag
    Bino- pain

  69. ilikepie

    (Hopefully this is not a double-post)

    “Interopererable” – Entra syllable, no? Unless King is so cold he’s stuttering.

    • ilikepie

      Oh for crying out loud, I think it’s some rule of the internet that if you try to correct another person you’ll make a mistake yourself.

      “Inopererable” – Extra syllable, no? Unless King is so cold he’s stuttering.

      • FuRrY321

        Wow, I didn’t even see that until you mentioned it!

        Welcome to the Grammar Nazis of Housepets. Your name, please?

        (Don’t say “ilikepie”, we know that is not your name.)

    • Arcanine


      Could he have meant that it’s not operating anymore? Like, and inoperative liver and stuff? Inoperative is a word, and you can find it in the dictionary. Maybe Bino lost something he can’t use until he’s fixed up? >_>

      • ilikepie

        The error I commented on has since been fixed. “Inoperative” (as it now appears in the comic) is indeed perfectly correct.

  70. slacks315

    If your still cold, you may go cuddle with sasha some more. Or wake her up and go to Fox’s for breakfast.

    • Thoth

      Considering that Pete was feeding King dry dog food – rather than, say rootbeer floats and eating with the family like Grape and Peanut, or Pizzas and Cookies like Tiger, I’d vote for visiting Fox’s “Parents”.

  71. Cat-Lover Cross

    comments are getting screwy again. =/ just posted some and it got put waaaay up there^

    • Thoth

      I suspect that that happens when a comment with replies gets deleted, but the replies do not. They’re tagged to be attached after a comment that cannot be found, so they keep winding up defaulting to the end.

  72. Justice193

    go get a coffee, or a nice tea, do a little work to wake yourself up, grab another coffee or tea, and come back and read this again, it will still seem weird cause it’s two guys hugging and… guys generally don’t hug, but then you should have a clear enough head to see why the hug occurred.

    • Thoth

      That depends a lot on the culture really.

      • Valerio

        the dog culture in HP, when it comes to affection, involves lots of cuteness and mandatory hugging :D

  73. Justice193

    I can gather what happened from the comments, and anyone else should be able to.

    now, coment on the comic time :)

    YAY HUG… ok, so two guys hugging is weird, unless it’s s long lost brother, family of some sort, of something along those lines, OR you’re apologizing in such an emotionally sound level, that the hug is the final expression that proves how sincere you are.

    That and king did just get told he’s going to stay a dog, possibly forever, so he needs a hug himself… I would too… the “I’m sorry for yelling” could be sort of an after thought to change the topic in my head before the hug got awkward as it appeared to come from nowhere.

    now to explain why he’s cold: his body just shut down for about three hours while he was in shock, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    what’s next? new arc ^.^ this certainly feels like an end to this one for me, how could you end it better? (that is not a challenge)

    what? there’s not much to elaborate on this time, it’s the ending to an arc, go away… I could recap I suppose: So Joel, one of the guys we first seen with Peta, gets turned into a dog, named King. King has become fast friends with Fox, the very dog he tried to kidnap, he even played with Fox’s squeaky bone, his favorite toy, and then Fox brought him to the good ‘ol dogs club to meet everyone.

    Bino expresses his dominance issues again, in the form of an unused present… catnip rigged to explode, possibly with nitrous oxide… not very safe, however it could have been with other things that produce the same smell. Fox and Bino argue over how small Bino’s ego should be, King snaps, and freaks out about how selfish pets can be, and leaves the party, eventually running into Sasha, and staying the night out in hte cold with her, presumably because he hasn’t learned anything as a dog yet, but also to cool off and to have someone to relate to.

    He just woke up not too long ago, as Pete woke him up, pretending to be concerned with his not coming home last night (I’ll stick with pretending thank you), and telling him he’s going to stay a dog for a long time, and that he’s got an appointment with the vet tomorrow, which he probably didn’t hear.

    Fox shows up, snapping King out of his shock, who promptly hugs Fox and apologizes for yelling, and Fox comments on how cold he is, while this is an obvious statement, it may also be a little stab at how quickly he cooled off after his freak out last night. Now anyone too lazy to read over the other strips is up to date. but to get the full *speculators* scoop, you’ll have to go back and read all the comments too… I’m not recapping that.

    • Justice193

      EDIT: If I missed anything, I’m certain you’ll correct me, please do.

      • Thoth

        Well, it would be disappointing to leave a long post without a long response (even if it mostly only differs in details), so…

        I suspect that King spent the night with Sasha simply because he knew that she might freeze to death on her own, and that her (and his) odds were much better with someone to snuggle with – especially someone who was willing to swipe some newspapers for insulation.

        After all, I doubt that King would seriously assume that his “lesson” necessarily had to end on Christmas. Even if he’d fully accepted its reality, it’s still not really a christmas special as far as he was concerned.

        As for hugging… Practically every species that bears live young finds reassurance through friendly physical contact – and most people are quite used to hugging pets. Ever take a dog to visit a nursing home? It’s always a hugfest, even in the US.

        If you want a simple explanation – King had been out in the cold all night, sitting up. He’s cold, stiff, and tired. Fox gave him a boost up off his knees, then steadied him, and it turned into a hug.

        Why would he be sorry for yelling? Simply because Fox was trying to be nice and didn’t deserve to be caught in Kings detonation there. Plus, of course, Fox had understood and come to look for him.

        As for Pete… I personally suspect that Pete has other motives, and doesn’t actually care about King personally one little bit. As noted earlier, would the phrases “not just yet anyway” and “merry christmas, have a cup of hot soup” have cost Pete a thing, been lies, or made a real difference? They’d have made it a lot easier for King though – but Pete opted for the hit-him-with-a-hammer approach instead. Not the way to treat your pet.

  74. Ace

    King and Fox are friends again, and Bino is probably in traction. All is well.

  75. Zeek

    :) Glad to see King feels better, Fox is awesome, and Bino is injured.

    • Majin-Wolf

      It was a wonderful Christmas week for all of us!! ;)

    • Valerio

      All the best to make us happy :D

  76. DZ

    At the risk of sounding pedantic, I think there might be an extra ‘er’ in ‘inoperable’ in the comic. Unless of course King is shivering.

  77. The game

    yay!! King gets to wail on Bino!!!!!
    Fox wailed on Bino too!!

    HE GOT LIT UP!!!!

  78. Weaver

    Happy to see Fox is still willing to help King out, and that King knows he overreacted. There’s no excuse for Bino, meanwhile.

    Maybe putting him in traction could be a bit much, but it’s not like he doesn’t deserve to know he’s done wrong. You can’t blame someone for what they’re named, especially not a pet. The chihuahua that used to live next door, last year, his owner called him “Prince.”

  79. Valerio

    the most revealing thing in this strip is how Joel/King really loves pets and how much he wants to win their affection despite his juvenile trauma. I think that for him, being a dog makes it easier to be natural with his feelings now.

  80. Shirou14

    good to know king has his priorities X3

  81. The game

    also, in panel2 King is so short he has to tiptoe to give Fox a hug….
    now I can’t blame Bino for calling him shorty

    • Thoth

      I suspect that Fox is getting King up off his knees.

      • The game

        that’s prolly true….

      • Justice193

        and Fox is kneeling in the last panel, so that he’s eye level with King.

  82. D

    This is just lovely, delightful, delicious… Looks like King has just found a big brother and a little sister!! Figuratively speaking, of course.

    I’m sure that the vet offers Bino’s dad some kind of discount for his (Binos) frequent visits.

  83. Lax

    I wanna see Bino’s remains :D

  84. FuRrY321

    Is the “Three Kings” extra after this? Or is that going in the Bonus section?

    • FuRrY321

      Okay, why is my comment all the way up here again?

  85. Charlie

    I dunno about anyone else, but this strip is really touching. I mean, I can swear I heard King’s brain squeal as he realized Fox was out looking for him the night before in the cold, as in someone actually caring about his well-being, and that after keeping Sasha company all night and Pete’s discourse and threat of permanent-puppyness. It doesn’t hurt that Fox (and others, perhaps) also gave Bino a decent thrashing for what happened.

    ERgh. now I am full of warm fuzzies. I have to go soak in Scrooge-sims for a while to get rid of this strange, warm, happy feeling.

    • FuRrY321

      You heard his brain squeal?

      Okay, now that’s just creepy. Perhaps you should also go to a psychiatrist while you’re at it, since it seems you’ve been hearing things. Next thing you know, you’ll be seeing King and Sasha getting together as a true couple, and Grape finally realizing her feelings for Peanut (Grape talking to the barn cats about why she hangs out with dogs and not cats: “HEY, THAT IS FOR COMPLETELY DIFFERENT REASONS WHICH WILL OCCUR TO ME LATER.). It’s only a matter of time now, before we all go crazy with love for Housepets.

      And isn’t that a good thing?

      • Charlie

        I’ve packed my bags and am leaving on the redeye flight to crazy. Won’t you join me?

        Sasha and King … oh …wow. *squeals*

        Sorry. Inner fangirl got loose. Better now.

  86. Raelynna

    Dawww =D yay ^-^
    XD haha……bino has 3 unworking parts…..>:D HAZAAH!

  87. Firewing

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  88. Dogmeat

    Daaaw, panels two and three are utterly adorable :D

  89. Kujiiro

    I see I came late.

    The last panel, his expression accompanied with the text… only dirty thoughts come to mind. I didn’t even want to think it that way, but I had to read the comments before actually knew what he meant.
    Regardless, this really puts a smile on my face.

    • FuRrY321

      …ouch. I just assumed it was his arm(s)/leg(s) and some other part, but… ouchies.

  90. FuRrY321

    This is just a test to see if my comment will end up on the bottom or up top again (for a 3rd time).

    Boy, am I sure glad I don’t “sockpuppet”. I’d never be able to comment on the comic (just Housepets or the whole of Wordpress?) ever again, and that would very much suck.

    • FuRrY321

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      • Justice193

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  91. nightroxas67

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  92. Ragereaper

    This is getting interesting.

  93. KathYohneke

    Aww. :)

    Also, I dont think he’s being left as a dog for the sake of jerkdom. Think about it, he got arrested for stealing a policeman’s pet, which in this town is like kidnapping someone’s son, ran from the cop car, and now because of Pete excaped prison and if he returned to being human here, he’d basicly be returning to the scene of the crime and look like he was trying for revenge or having a nother go or something. He’d be a old man by the time he got out of jail if he went back to being human, so staying like this is a favour <_<

    • Thoth

      Emotionally perhaps, but the title told us “And the sentence was going to be time served too” – which would necessarily have covered both charges (Petnaping and Running) since they’d come up as a single case. Pete, of course, kidnaped Joel – which might be difficult to explain, but isn’t an escape. It isn’t doing someone a favor to arrange trouble for them and then “rescue” them from it.

  94. King's Cradle

    Now THAT is a cute one. Of course, considering I think King is the cutest thing since babies, any with him in it are bound to be cute. Here’s hoping that King stays a regular character.

  95. The game

    wit, john sockpuppeted??

    poor guy…

    • The game

      why are the comments so jumbled up??

      • Rennis Tora

        They kind of messed aren’t they? hmm, hopefully it goes away?

  96. Rennis Tora

    Because as long as Bino’s in pain that’s all that matters. =^w^=

  97. Rennis Tora

    It would seem King is getting popular, I on the other hand am not on that bandwagon and am instead a fan of the one tiger shown so far!

    • Thoth

      Sadly, I fear, that barring a return to the zoo, there probably won’t be many tigers in Babylon Gardens – even if there are a surprisingly high number being kept as illegal pets in reality. Would the wolves do? Unless I’m misremembering Rick’s comment, they should be showing up in the next arc.

  98. Thoth

    Looking at this again, it occurs to me that Fox and King have an interesting bit of common ground:

    “Hey, Fox, why did you go along with Bino’s schemes for so long?”

    “Because I didn’t realize he was insane until well after I joined his group… Why did you go along with PETA for so long?”

    “Because I didn’t realize they were insane until… Hey, wait a minute…”

  99. Zinfandel

    so cute. I want them together.

  100. wingedwolfgirl

    whatever they did to Bino, he totaly deserved it.
    and also…YAY HUGS!

    • Thoth

      Certainly. My Orbital Hug Lasers are locking on even now. One dozen one-gigawatt hugs being remotely delivered… Now.

      Are not things wonderful in these days of the internet?

      • wingedwolfgirl

        certanly. :3

  101. Wolfspawn

    Awww cuddle cuddle cuddle!

  102. Ann

    OK this is cute. I’m a tad confused from the look on Fox’s face… Is he being sly about the harm done to Bino, or is he interested in King. Or both?

  103. Snowmon

    You sockpupeted!?! You did the one thing that Rick asked us not to do in order to get rid of a continual joke that a few people enjoyed both performing and reading. That’s just cruel, manipulative, and “Pete”ish.
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    Believe me this is something that I am not going to forgive easily.
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