Since We’ve No Place To Go
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  1. Richard Lin

    Im starting to like king as a character

  2. MalixDexide

    Just like a sleepover! Except without the comforts of home!

    Gotta love her! XD

  3. slacks315

    Yes yes yes a million times yes. I had been wanting to see more of Sasha’s Drunken loser of a father.

  4. Bloo-Doggie

    You…beat me ….

  5. Kamron

    No bridge-jumping scene?

    That’s probably a good thing, of course…

    • Thoth

      Ah, duty. Even if self-inflicted and rather thankless so far.

      • Kamron

        Some elucidation, please? I do hope that I have mistranslated the meaning of your post.

        • Thoth

          “It’s a Wonderful Life” is about a man who was going to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge, but an “apprentice” angel persuaded him that his life was, and had been, valuable.

          Joel/King might well feel that he’s never made a difference, and has found nothing but misery in the world, and that all his “friends” betray him – but he has yet to give up. He’s still trying to do the right thing despite the fact that he feels that this is just going to result in more pain.

          Good for him.

          • Kamron

            I was referencing that movie, but I don’t recognize your quote. Oh well.

          • Thoth

            Oh, mine wasn’t a quote – it was a comment on why this is different.

  6. slacks315

    p.s. Wasn’t the last time we heard from him last christmas? Must be a depressing time of the year for him.

    • Kurastwolf

      It was Sasha. The comic had a single panel on how her daddy was upset and wanted a beer, and she was all “Yes daddy… I love you daddy…”

      But, yes, Sasha’s owner is like the neglectful dad. I’m sure he’d miss her something fierce like many dads would, I just think he’s depressed especially around christmas for having no one to be with like everyone else.

      • John

        I’m pretty sure she also says “Sorry daddy”

  7. Snowmon

    I believe that it’s safe to say Absolutely No One predicted this coming.

    • slacks315

      a female pet maybe, but definitely not Sasha.

      • Silverpaws

        I actually thought that was going to be grape the one that would be coming but it was sasha

        • Thoth

          I was betting that it was time to start tying things together rather than adding even more elements.

          Tying everything together in a single strip will be a remarkable trick.

          • Frank

            Didn’t he do that with last year’s Christmas strip?

        • Sind

          I too thought it would be Grape =/

          … and I seriously can’t see in any way how this situation can have a good result…

    • Darcin

      Curses! My guess about further Pete hijinx was wrong.

      UNLESS PETE IS MANIPULATING SASH-yeah i got nothing.

    • Cerberus

      My thought was Peanut was gonna chase after him. Him or maybe Tiger, tiger being less likely. But yea didn’t see Sasha coming.

      • Sind

        I figured he’d bump into Tiger. I seriously doubt he’s at the meeting anyway. ^-^l|l

    • Pokeblue

      Well the fact it was a female character, maybe, but don’t think anyone saw it coming that it was Sasha.

  8. John

    Let it snow.
    Let it snow.
    Let it snow.

    • Sind

      Had the same reaction when I read the title =P

    • Frank

      Oh, the weather outside is “freezing cold and there’s no food”,
      but the “big, long curb” is so delightfood,
      and “since we’ve no place to go”,
      Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

      We’re going to get another “I was wondering if people get the oblique references I make in these titles”
      aren’t we?

      • John


        • Frank

          Ok, mister. You try to make it rhyme working only with quotes from the comic and/or the comments section

  9. ndigit

    Sasha, you are awesome.

    • Valerio

      that sore, drunken loser of her owner should be paid a nice visit from Pete… Unless he planned this all along, then it’s fine by me.

  10. Pvt Ssellur

    Super happy that King has someone to share his sorrow with. You know Sasha is just as sad as he is and now they can cry together. Maybe a Shipping thing is going to happen where he beats up her owner.

    • Thoth

      Not too likely I fear. This isn’t a very violent comic – and dogs that attack humans wind up in a lot of trouble. Joel/Kings already got enough of that.

  11. knux


    • ndigit


    • John

      Nitro glicerin
      an explosive gelatin that is also used as a blood thinner, I think

      • redwolfmatt

        Nitrous oxide more likely. it’s what’s used in those little pellets that make those little pine car thingies shoot off… so i’d think it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to rig something up to make one of those shoot something out of the side of a box.

    • TheBrigeedaRocks

      Uh, his gift did go “kaboom”.

      Kabooms are fueled by nitro.

    • Thoth

      One of the classic explosives, requiring nothing more than nitric acid (easily produced) and glycerine (from animal fat). Unfortunately, it tends to be violently unstable unless all traces of excess nitric acid are carefully removed, and is none too stable even then. Classically combined with inert materials for greater stability, as in dynamite.

      Technically you could get much the same scent from nitrated cotton (guncotton) or a wide variety of other nitrated organic compounds, but they’re not nearly as notorious.

    • Snowmon

      Green stuff in Crash Bandacoot.
      Makes things go BOom.
      (Mind you just “Boom”, me likey boom.)

  12. John

    It’s Sasha’s week again

  13. TheBrigeedaRocks

    The Grammar Nazi in me wants to point out that you probably mean either “Aren’t you gonna go home” or “Aren’t you going to go home?”

    Poor Sasha…takes so much crap from her “dad”.

    • Kamron

      The spoken word defies grammar.

      I’m gonna to leave it at that.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Beat me to it.

    • Rick Griffin

      Man I looked at that like ten times and missed it every time

    • Justice193

      if you tell me that, HEY COOL, you gots a Gravatar :) love it :D

      anyways, if you tell me it’s because he’s sobbing, I believe you :)

  14. Lax

    Well now, this how baby thing is slowly getting out of control. Wonder if Fido will assist her, knowing he has a duty as a police dog :D

    Seems like she can warm any heart :)

    • Frank

      Considering the last time Fido tried to help Sasha she said “I told Bino ‘I’m going to go make out with your brother’,” (August 21) I’m guessing he’ll leave this case to someone else

  15. Snowmon

    Here’s an Idea invite her to your house, King. I’m sure that Pete wouldn’t mind and Sasha’s dad wouldn’t care. AND it’s a heck lot better than both of you freezing to death on Christmas.

    • Pvt Ssellur

      He doesn’t want to go back to that place. Pete will just tell him that it was his own fault for some reason. Don’t forget, Pete wants to Torture him.

      • Snowmon

        But who could say “no” to a pair of cute faces like Sasha and King?
        Besides Pete doesn’t have to know about the party…

      • Snowmon

        Plus like Both Sasha and I said, “there’s no beds, no pillows, and it’s freezing COLD, and no food.”

        • Pvt Ssellur

          I still doubt that they are going to his house. Bad message sent. (You know which one) I think Peanut and/or Grape are going to find them and take them to the Sandwich house for the night

          • Snowmon

            That could work then we’d have 3 couples eating popcorn and watching “All Dogs Go to Heaven.”

          • Pvt Ssellur

            I run a blog site as well as a fan fiction site. Its my job to please the fans. I understand what people want. They want happiness as well as hate. But more of the former, and the latter is only to be used to make they main targets stronger. (Except in Bino’s case where i hope they toss him in the lake)

          • Snowmon

            (Not trying to argue if that’s what this is coming across as.)
            I will be shocked if there’s anything else that Pete can do to torture King at this point. Now if he somehow does get involved with Sasha (even in rumor form) Pete would be able to tease King, but then that’s it… then it’s off to jail.
            hmmmm, Bino Ice Sculpture…

          • Snowmon

            Oh, yeah and Bino would hate him for it too. That would be one way to break the Ice.

          • slacks315

            I see a possible new ending. Although I am still going to hope for him staying a corgi. If he becomes human again maybe he will take over as sasha’s owner. Then again, sasha seems to love him even if he seems like he may be abusive/neglectful.

      • Thoth

        Pete’s motives are still pretty vague really. He might just like to watch the chaos.

  16. Thoth

    And another complete change of tone – and Joel/King still attempting to go to the rescue in his own quixotic fashion.

    It does have to be something pretty fundamental for him to keep on trying to be decent despite being punished for it each time.

    • Frank

      That’s probably why he had to leave the ASPCA

      • Snowmon

        Dare I ask ASAP”CA”?

        • Thoth

          Hm. Presuming the question is serious, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

        • Shady Kitsune

          It’s like PETA, but you know, NOT full of idiots.

  17. Frank

    Wait… the alt text… nobody’s going to die, are they?

    • Summercat

      Nope! He said that’s NOT going to happen tonight.

      I think the best rendition of that little story was in Hogfather.

    • Thoth

      Probably not; I noted in the last set of comments that “The Little Match Girl” was ALSO very seasonal, but that things probably wouldn’t go that way.

      The Little Match Girl is a semi-classical story about a small homeless orphaned girl who sold matches to survive. Late at night, on the cold streets, she began seeing visions – including that of her deceased grandmother, the only person who had ever loved her – and kept lighting matches to keep them in view. In the morning, her frozen body was found, smiling, and with a burned-out bundle of matches.

      It seemed an appropriate match for Joel – heading out into the snow, probably no real desire to go home to Pete (who did this to him), gravely depressed, and feeling that he had no friends anywhere. He apparently didn’t get along with his parents either, so it was entirely possible that the only person he’d really feel connected to would be a deceased grandparent.

      However, it didn’t seem likely to go that way in Housepets. There are lots of depressing comics out there if you want that sort of thing.

  18. R-One

    Well, this is interesting… *starts looking forward to the follow up*

    … Wonder if Fox has maimed Bino yet, since he looked ready to by the end of the last strip. >.>

    • Frank

      Do we really need to see Bino hosptalized again?

      • Snowmon

        In a word… “Yes”

      • Darcin

        At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Bino’s owner doesn’t have the vet on speed-dial.

        • Snowmon

          At this point they may start to think that he’s abusing Bino, if it wasn’t for the fact that he owns two dogs and I’m sure that The Vet has met Bino’s Ego.

        • John

          At this point, I wonder why Bino hasn’t been in the Loony Bin yet.

        • Thoth

          I’d guess because most of his activities are merely annoying to the other dogs, most humans don’t care how neurotic dogs are, because his owner (judging by the shock collar incident and his leaving it on Bino after losing the remote) doesn’t care to bother – and because there may not be any such facilities for dogs.

          Still, the psychiatric dogcatcher, taking Bino away for therapy in a net, is an amusing image. We can but hope.

      • Thoth

        Oh, we don’t need to see it. A casual off-strip reference would suffice.

        Although the rest of the dogs leaving him behind would probably be better.

    • slacks315

      I agree with Thoth that an off screen reference would work. maybe Fox will follow him out and invite both Sasha and him for a sleepover at his house.

  19. Majin-Wolf

    Sasha is sweet!! ^^

    • Valerio

      the poor dear deserves SO better. Maybe King’s just the right pup for her :D

      • Majin-Wolf

        She could be the key to solving all of King’s problems a true friendship to cherish a life time! Only time will tell now!!! Yes the right pup for Sasha indeed!! ;)

        • Thoth

          Except that he probably thinks she’s an idiot.

          • Majin-Wolf

            “Sigh” He might!! ಥ_ಥ

          • Valerio

            King really wants to believe there is hope, that’s why he was so hurt by Bino’s prank. In Sasha, he could see just that innocence he always sought in pets.
            OK, enough saccarine for now :P

  20. DZ

    Sasha’s acceptance of her mistreatment is so sad, I’m curious to see what will happen to this unfortunate pair come Christmas.

    (Also, that’s a big, long curb. She doesn’t need to scootch, hoohah.)

  21. Oleo

    Panel Seven.

    Just…panel seven.

    • Stevie Maxwell

      The second to last panel in most of the strips for this arc have been very poignant ones, while the final panel tends to wrap it all up with some humor.

      This strip’s penultimate panel seems to be the best evocative one, by far.

      • John

        Lemony Snicket reference!

  22. Frank

    The effects with the Christmas lights in the background is just beautiful

  23. Teh Brawler


    • Majin-Wolf

      Lets not forget Die Hard 1 and 2 as well!!! lol

      • Snowmon

        Yeah, some real holiday classics right there. (-_-);

      • Kurastwolf

        Someone watches the Nostalgia Critic’s latest Christmas Top 11, I see >.>

    • HYBRIDcreature

      He’s not from America, mb? For instance in Russia, there is ‘The Irony of Fate’ for a classic [s]Christmas[/s] New Year movie. Gotta watch all those references some time though, so thanks for the tip)

      • HYBRIDcreature

        Ups, forgot that it’s html tags not bbcode.

  24. Summercat

    Let it snow…

    Let it snow….

    Let it snow…

    • John

      Your a little late, I beat you to that

  25. nightroxas67

    she really isnt making things worst so yeah o3o

  26. GameCobra

    You know, in one way…

    King is getting back at Bino by (unknowingly) spending christmas with Sasha. why wasn’t Sasha at the club i wonder?

    • Stevie Maxwell

      Most likely her daddy had her at the human party to try and help him score as usual.

    • Thoth

      Because her dad dragged her along to a human social gathering as a prop.

      • GameCobra

        That makes so much sense… why didn’t i think of that!

        • Justice193

          yeah… now I wish I hadn’t read the posts in reverse order… >.>… oh well.

    • Snowmon

      I think that it’s also a type of “men’s club” (using term “Men” lightly). Notice that Sasha was never with them and Tarot wasn’t there that night either?

      • ndigit

        wasn’t Sasha there with them at the club’s easter egg hunt?

        • Snowmon

          That was a Neighborhood thing, not just the club. Cat’s were involved.

        • Snowmon

          Weren’t they? I’m not sure…

          • Cerberus

            Bino said the Good Ol’ Dogs Easter egg hunt so i think it was only the dogs

        • Snowmon

          Oh, well it was just a thought.

          • Justice193

            I’m pretty certain Grape was just there for the snacks.

  27. Autismdegree

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

    Aww, I think King might be making a new friend! :3

  28. Rukral

    King’s life seems to be full of ups and downs, this becoming a possibly very good up for him compared to the down he just faced. We’re rootin for ya King! :D

  29. John

    Just preemptively, BAM!!!

  30. Asteri

    awwww :(
    …… king’s tears frozen?

    • Gravity-Glue

      frozen tears makes faces cold…
      sled+ice+pole = snow in places snow should not be, and a face full of hurt

      • Stevie Maxwell

        If you keep this icon, I’m gonna cry every time you post. And I’ll keep on blaming Rick for making King less hate-worthy in my eyes. *shakefist*

        • Frank

          “Rick has been blessed by the gods of cute”
          –someone early last year

          • John

            It’s not a “God”, it’s a “Godess”

    • Frank

      “Due to their high salinious content, tears and sweat do not freeze as easily”
      –Jimmy Neutron

  31. flora

    its been so long since i read housepets sinse school started

  32. Squival

    ouch… just ouch
    Talk about gettin deppressed right on time for xmas… just like every British soap ever made :P

  33. Kailen

    Nice callback to what remains a strong point in my mind, despite being a single panel in last year’s Christmas entry.

  34. Cathallago

    awwww… this is getting so sweet.. i can taste it.. maybe he can find a friend..

  35. Cerberus

    Awwww so cute, so touching it almost makes me want to cry. *sniffle* and its perfect that Sasha is the one to reach out to King. She has it pretty rough too. Thats just not right, locking Sasha out cuz your can’t get a date. Just terrible.

    • MC_Hollis

      Too right. Maybe that’s the lesson. Humans suck as much as he says pets do. You just got to play the best with the hand you’re dealt. In Sasha’s case an alcoholic, and seemingly intentionally neglectful owner.

      • Thoth

        Somehow I doubt that Joel/King would find much enlightenment in deciding that everyone is equally bad. It wouldn’t ne much fun as a Christmas story either.

        • Cerberus

          not that everybody is bad, just that even though Sasha has a bad owner she is still joyous and expressive.

      • Justice193

        I agree with Thoth, but it may be true >.>… v.v.
        However, I don’t think that’s why her owner is mad, as she is quick to say that he probably just forgets when he’s mad… actually makes me wonder what he’s mad about, but alchy’s normally don’t need much… yes, I have a pet name for them, sue me.

  36. Caleb

    I wonder if and I do mean if king turns back into Joel would he adopt Sasha.
    Could you picture him being a better owner to her.

    • D

      Personally I think that would be way to dissapointing for a lot of people. I’m sure I’m not the only one that would prefer King staying as he is right now. But, I guess that would be also a great finalle. Quite unexpected.

      But they look so cute together!!! Christmas is always depressing for one reason or another, yet there’s always something that put us back on our feet… something like Sasha or… desserts? Now I’m just babbling.

      • Justice193

        A dessert is something to wallow in, while you try to futilely stitch your thoughts together, a person that understands you, and tells you like it is, will be 75% more successful… the 25% is the time you don’t listen.

        … as a side note: Mmmmmmmm, chocolates with cherry flavored caramel centers… Mmmmm… the cherry goodness of it being mixed with caramel and chocolate… maybe even mixed heavily into and dribbled over vanilla ice cream… *continues eating his sundae*.

        • D

          I was thinking more about, maybe a flan or a treblingly delicious mosaic jello… but that’s me, of course.

  37. toboe

    This comic regularly gives me such warm fuzzies.

    And I wish I could be optimistic like Sasha

  38. Hunk23

    If people were just like Sasha the world would be a better place!! ;)

    • Darcin

      Unfortunately, the world has its fair share of Binos.

  39. Rooth

    Very nice, Rick. :) I love King’s expressions here. Can’t wait to see Friday’s, if there is one. :)

  40. Buizel

    I really love the lighting in this. :3 *bows before Rick’s mighty skills*

    • Rukral

      Yeah, great shadowing, I really noticed it on Sasha’s paw in the second frame

  41. jack

    I really wish this was a cartoon that aired for at least one hour per a day, 5-6 days a week. This is reminding me of the movie Avatar. Except for the killing each other parts.

    • Justice193

      avatar was such an awesome movie… could have done without a particular scene, but still pretty awesome… to be honest though, I may just be impressed more by how much detail went into the 3D side of it, and how awesome the 3D graphics look with the glasses on.. yeah now that I think about it, avatar is too serious for this comic >.>.

  42. Darcin

    Will Sasha’s infectious optimism be able to defeat King’s deep-seated cynicism?! Will Bino be in traction for the next three weeks?! Where has Pete been?! To find out the answers to these questions and more, tune in next time, same Housepets time, same Housepets channel!

    At least, one can hope.

    • Thoth

      Well, we haven’t been disappointed yet.

  43. wolfsangel

    nice move using sasha as the step in to save the day angel. its a nice touch, plus, though i expected something along the lines, wasn’t quite expecting this. have a good christmas rick

  44. Dart

    Oh man this story arc has been really getting to me. Is it strange that King acts exactly like me when I get angry/frustrated?

    • Thoth

      Not too strange. Get upset and stamp off to cool off is a pretty normal behavior pattern for human being in general.

      • Dart

        Don’t forget telling everyone off and then start crying.

        • Thoth

          Although there’s just enough ambiguity in his having just had a lot of junk blown into his eyes to make lots of different interpretations possible.

          • Justice193

            perhaps he freaked out on such a level that him being this angry hurts his feelings directly?

          • Thoth

            I meant that it could simply be taken as eye irritation. Thus the ambiguity; is this emotion, or is it not?

            I’d go for emotion personally; the blast doesn’t seem to be having much in the way of lasting effects beyond the catnip scent otherwise, and it’s much more interesting that way.

  45. Raelynna

    Oh golly! look at that. Was not expecting Sasha. lol i guess i’m with the majority on this one. I kinda like that it’s her though.

    • Justice193

      Sasha is like the Spanish inquisition, you’d have to be really, really good at guessing to expect her :P

      • wingedwolfgirl

        -Sry, couldn’t resist. :D

        • Thoth

          Or the preying mantises reporting back to their mothership.

  46. falconfox01

    Another interesting twist! I hope things work out for both of them.

  47. falconfox01

    Also i like King’s face in the 7th panel, so expressive. perfect work with the ears too Rick!

  48. Shady Kitsune

    C’mon Sasha! Give King a hug, he clearly needs one!

  49. Sleet

    It seems to me Peanut and Grape are gradually shifting out of this comic’s focus. Not like it’s necessarily a bad thing. It’s called “Housepets,” not “Peanut and Grape.” It’s nice to have a large cast of interesting characters.

    Also, Sasha’s last line was awesome.

    • Sleet

      Also: “It’ll be just like a sleepover! Only we’ll be sweaty and covered in grease!”

      • Justice193

        bad BAD READER, go to your cave!!!, you can come out when you finish thinking about the PG13 nature of this strip, and just how much that implies!


        • Sleet

          Don’t blame me, blame Spongebob. That’s where the quote’s from.

          It makes sense in context. :P

          • Justice193

            … that show always did scare me…

  50. Fuzzypaws

    I love how poignant this arc is, and of course even when upset King is impossibly adorable. Sasha is very cute too.

    • Valerio

      cuteness overload!
      These two are such a good match!

    • Justice193

      such a small dog… how can we, as humans, do anything more than call it cute when he gets angry?… in Bino’s particular case though, he does make a good point… and there are a few of him around town >.>… King needs to come to terms with the fact that some people exist purely for comic relief, and while that may not be true, I will go on saying it XD.

  51. William Frost

    It would appear that King is not alone in his sorrow.

    • Justice193

      what sorrow? she’s never sad, ever, cup half full type ‘O dog, like me, only I’m human, like you… you are human right?

  52. Valerio


    • fox

      heh ill say that’s an invite right there..I have a feeling sasha just may know how to make King feel better.

      Yes King, yes Invite her Home!

    • Frank

      I shudder to think of Pete’s response

      • Valerio

        ogod, a sudden thought: what if he turned BOTH King and Sasha into humans?!? :O

        • Justice193

          but… that would… I mean, where would the point be in that??? O.o *brain explodes*

          • John

            *scoops up brain chunks and fries chunks in canola oil*

          • Valerio

            Pete is an impish prankster. Chaos becomes him.

    • Snowmon

      I suggested that over 250 comments ago. Wow, in only 20 hours and 48 minutes and there’s over 275 comments.

      • Justice193

        I read the comments backwards from where I posted >.> almost everything I said still makes sense though, surprisingly.

        • Snowmon

          I believe you.

  53. DarkRexx

    You know, I find it really interesting how Joel seems to garner a lot of sympathy now that he’s an adorable pet. Back in the older comics when he was first introduced he didn’t have it so lucky.

    Pretty much leads me to this theory.

    Angsty Corgi King = Valued Individual with important feelings.

    Angsty Human Joel = STFU Evil PETA monster!!1

    • slacks315

      Well when he was evil peta there wasn’t much to sympathize with. But getting his whole life turned upside down and subjected to all of this makes it much easier. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he is a lot cuter now, but that is not the only reason.

    • DZ

      I agree completely. I could not understand the hate he got ,when he really just seemed like a guy who got far too involved in something bad, and found out far too late. He was even speaking out against what the fat guy suggested, he just didn’t stand up against it.

      How people got “Grrr EVIL PETA!!!” and lumped him together with fatty as an antagonist despite all of his dialogue and apprehension, I really don’t understand.

    • Thoth

      A lot depended on if you said “PETA! I HATE’S THEM!” or if you said “Well, he certainly seems confused”. Reactions towards the real-world PETA tended to seriously color a lot of the responses.

  54. Wolf Pup TK

    I have to say, I really love how you’re drawing all these expressions lately.

    • Thoth

      Not to mention King’s ears. You could almost compile an ear-language glossary.

    • Sind

      And the seventh panel in todays page, you can tell what they both are thinking just by their expressions =O

    • Justice193

      transparency…. is…… enabled O.O… must… make… avatar… smaller… so …. whole… thing…. will…. fit

      (yes, that was necessary, for effect………. shhhhhhhh…)

  55. Max

    I simply love this arc. Though we don’t get to see a lot of Grape and Peanut lately. Would like to know how their relationships with Max and Tarot are getting along…

  56. Cat-Lover Cross

    I demand peanuts!! 0_0

    • Frank

      Peanut was there in Monday’s crowd. Didn’t you see him? We also had a nice helping of him and Grapes on December 7

    • Justice193

      yeah but, them and King still haven’t been introduced :P

  57. Cat-Lover Cross

    btw what constitutes an ‘awaiting a moderation’ tag on my post? Kinda new to this so…

    • Thoth

      Apparently the board runs a set of rules, and anything which might violate them gets shunted into “awaiting moderation” category to see what a moderator makes of it.

      I’ve had that happen to a few posts, which generally went up shortly thereafter – but looking at them, I don’t have a clue what might have triggered it.

      • Keeshah

        there was a sockpuppeting event..

        basically one person making several accounts so that he could argue or agree with himself about his own posts on the comic..

        Which is why there is the awaiting tag on new accounts..

        • Littleaeris

          That in fact, does make sense.

          • Cat-Lover Cross

            Thanks guys. Only finished the whole shebang recently anyway, so I was kinda new to commenting.

    • Frank

      I’ve gotten it with certain words (making a Joke on Herman Melville’s masterpiece resulted in the Comment never showing up) and when I put more than three webadresses (in that case, I was referencing three old comics in the same post. Since then I just write the date instead of pasting the link)

      There is one “awaiting moderation” I couldn’t explain, but I guess it was because there were too many fifth-level replies to that comment already, or because I had posted too much in total that day.

  58. james319

    Awwwwwwwww i like this Pairing :3 DO WANT!

    • The game

      Wait, so wouldn’t he be stealing Sasha from Bino?…..

      • John

        This relationship is made of win!
        Looks like King has
        *puts on sunglasses*
        *insert clever royalty pun about love*

        • slacks315

          *imagines King getting down on his knee and asking Sasha to be his queen*

          I like this pairing.

          *wonders if a kiss from a princess will turn him human again*

        • John

          Ok, I have the joke ready
          *clears throat*
          Looks like King has just found
          *puts another pair of sunglasses over the pair I’m already wearing*
          his Diamond in the Rough .

      • James319

        You see What i mean? there is NO DOWN SIDE TO THIS THING! 1.King Gets a Girl 2. Bino does NOT 3. This will fill up a Couple strips of the Comic and 4. the fact that he’s not a dog and he’s with PETA would add alot of drama to Kings story XD also, im wondering what He’s Gonna Get her for Christmas :3

        • The game

          You read my mind exactly!!!

          • James319


            Makes me feel bad the usual strip is 4 Panels XD

        • Snowmon

          Kind of unfortunate that Sasha likes Bino’s brother.

          But still, it’s as if they were made for each other. After all they’re so drawn well together. (Yeah I went with the bad pun, so sue me.)

          • The game



          • Snowmon

            Hey, I said it was a bad pun.

  59. Haraio

    I second Valerio’s comment :3

  60. Xu-kitty

    Little Match Girl….. *sniffle*

  61. machchunk

    That’s some cheekmouth you got going there

  62. SalenStormwing

    Awwwwwwww. Poor King & Sasha. Sasha seems to have it worst off than King and yet she’s still chipper, so maybe she’ll rub off a bit on poor King.

    • Justice193

      king would be a hypocrite if he ignored her, I think he realizes that… which is honestly more than I gave him, glad to see there is still hope :p.

  63. AceyWinters

    such a touching moment <3

  64. Legendario 777

    1. last strip…o.O
    2.this one….o///O
    Hey Mr.Rick, you sure can change the subject on one strip to the other…
    I hope Sasha teaches King to appreciate life better, no matter what it trows at you, and King can be the good friend we see she needs …..

  65. John

    King X Sasha 4EVUH!!!

  66. Valerio

    anybody noticed that in the last panel the tricks of light make Sasha’s floppy ear look like a little heart just popped out instead?

    • John

      Foreshadowing of King and Sasha becoming an item.

      • Justice193

        what are you talking about? her ear has always been like that. it just looks different in the other panels cause we’re not seeing it straight on.

        • John

          Just because it’s always like that doesn’t mean it can’t be foreshadowing. I mean, this is the first time it’s shown like this.

          • Foxstar

            Reading too much into things?

          • Thoth

            Why not? Speculating and reading too much into things is half the fun!

        • SalenStormwing

          Right. Her ear is like that in every panel.

    • ilikepie

      Yes! In fact at first though it was a heart, then I looked closer and realized it was her ear.

      Intentional or not, the effect is definitely there.

  67. Valerio

    PS – how a dog could smell like nitro is beyond my imagination…

    • Valerio

      ops. forgot the explosive package….

      • Justice193

        and the fact that he just exploded too… though that does explain how Bino rigged it to explode >.>… now where did he get the nitro???

        • Thoth

          Nitroglycerin, and a wide variety of other explosives, are very easy to make in small quantities.

          • Valerio

            considering that dogs can’t be sold even catnip, it’s very worrysome that a nutcrack like Bino could arrange a small explosive package. And Fido should be even the more worried…

          • Justice193

            I was about to say the exact same thing… what kind of deranged lunatic would even allow Bino access to that sort of information?

            maybe I’m jumping to conclusions here but, might he just be a tad bit more insane than Tiger?… speaking of tiger, I do hope that isn’t the next person King meets. o.O

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Where did he get the nirto?

          “On the Internet nobody knows you’re a dog!”

  68. Mattes

    Awesome…..will there be the next comic on friday or will it be after the holydays…….want to know what happens next

    • Frank

      Rick did a December 25 comic last year. I think he’ll do it again.

      • Keeshah

        an it was a triple length one too.

      • John

        December 25 is Friday, Rick has to in order to stay on schedule

  69. tjprower

    I find it ironic that King finds animals so uncaring and short-sighted when the human race typically isn’t much better… ^.^;

    I kinda like the 5th panel… we’re left to guess just exactly what is going through his mind…

  70. caesalson

    Rick, are you psychically stealing my ideas? Cuz I was gonna use this EXACT idea in a fanfic, ‘cept king was peanut.

    Also, awesome strip!

  71. Cat-Lover Cross

    I do want to see more Grape action though, kinda miss the purple lassie. King’s a great guy isn’t he? He should meet her, he might get the practical view of pet’s life.

    • Valerio

      Grape could be back to hit Bino again with a pan the moment he tried to put himself between Sasha and King. Ah, sweet memories…

      • John

        Bino has not come between them yet

        • Cat-Lover Cross

          Makes me wanna sort of teleport into their universe and come between Bino and them myself. :D

        • John

          Though Bino will be upset and think King took Sasha from him

        • caesalson

          Oh, but he will. He will…

      • John

        And to be honest, Bino brought King and Sasha together via the “Nip Box”

  72. Classic Steve

    Hope the tears don’t freeze to his face.

    Typo in panel 6: “Gonna to” should be either “gonna” or “going to.”

    • Frank

      “Man I looked at that like ten times and missed it every time” — Rick at 7:43 am

    • Frank

      “Due to their high salinious content, tears and sweat do not freeze as easily”
      –Jimmy Neutron

    • Justice193

      I noticed that too, but I’ll let it slide if Rick says he’s stuttering because he just finished crying >.>.

  73. Tibarus

    Sasha to the rescue. They make a pretty cute couple. Great work as always Rick.

  74. Aristocles

    Lol, Little Match Girl. Have you seen the Disney short? So sad.

  75. Speedo

    Nice work Rick

  76. Justice193

    so skipping past all the other comments, just to avoid contamination of my freshly roaming brain *look suspiciously at the other posters* don’t worry, I’ll go back and read them,

    Dang it, missed posting on Mondays comic, remind me not to get wrapped up in cod:mw2’s spec ops missions >.>…anyways, this comment is a bit for both, Mondays comic was pretty cool, might seem a little too serious for some, but to be honest, it was necessary to show that “king” still has that same old attitude, Bino is still extremely Ego sensitive(we gamers would call him a noob >.>, no not a newb, noob, very different), and DANG IT MAN, INTRODUCE HIM TO GRAPE AND PEANUT ALREADY!!! *fumes for a bit*. and today’s comic will definitely tie nicely into Monday’s…

    I like King’s look of “why me, why?” or “I can’t say that and then ignore her, that would make me a hypocrite.” but hey, after that previous explosion, which may have been a little uncalled for… Bino is special after all :P , he needs someone like Sasha to put things into perspective for him; someone who sees things exactly the way they are, won’t think twice about telling you, out of the shear belief that it will help in some way or another, and can joke about it a little… (as evidenced by her little babies thing, for those that missed it, she then explains that her owner probably just forgets when he’s mad).

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      Or maybe remind him what it really means to be a pet…human.

  77. Cat-Lover Cross

    I just can’t help noticing Sasha is taller than King. Bummer if you ask me. Or…is that just me.

    • Valerio

      all the better to hug and comfort him ;)

    • Keeshah

      everyone is taller than King, altho Tarot might be his same size.

      • slacks315

        That would be an interesting meeting. I wonder if she would know his secret.

        • William Frost

          You’re likely giving Rick ideas here.

        • Thoth

          Or Sabrina. Both were on the “guess some future scenes” list…

  78. Arinmal

    aww so cute

  79. The game

    Love King’s face in panel 7!!!!
    King looks like a cat in panel 6.
    And yay Sasha!!

  80. TheEnigma

    Hope this “human into pet” arrangement is permament. I want to see zany hijinks, NAO!

    Also, (I) don’t get the reference. How is a Han Christen Andersen story about a little girl who sells matches supposed to be relevant with this?

    • Indagare

      In the story of the Little Match Girl the young girl is afraid of going home without selling matches because her father is abusive. Here we see that Sasha’s ‘dad’ is behaving similarly – locking her out because she couldn’t get him a date.

      The Little Match Girl eventually dies from exposure after hallucinating for a while. That’s not going to happen here because of King, I think.

    • Thoth

      It got brought up a strip or two ago:

      I’ll take the blame, as far as I know I was the first one who did; the original comment was:

      Now, hopefully Fox will shortly check to see if Joel/King did indeed make it home – and organize a search party if he didn’t.

      After all, the original version of “The Little Match Girl” is also a seasonal story, although I’d really hope that things don’t go that way.

      (Hopefully those tags will work properly).

      • Thoth

        Almost properly. Oh well.

  81. Arinmal

    i have to say i have a rather large soft spot for king hes a cutie i do hope he stays in the comic

  82. Ace

    Say it with me: DAWWWWWWWWWWWWW.

    • Valerio


      • John

        *waits until finished*

    • Tibarus


  83. hennessyvenom

    id love to see panel 7 as a desktop wallpaper

    • Valerio

      I second this motion. My PC NEEDS such a wallpaper

    • slacks315

      I had time to kill before work, so I decided to see if I still remembered how to blow up an image without losing quality. I don’t. But it killed the hour before work and now I am running late :)

      • slacks315

        It killed some time, and it’s not very good, but I was bored…

        the results

        I hope Rick doesn’t mind that I tried, but if you take offense please just delete this comment and/or shoot me an email and I will try to take the images off of tinypic as well.

        • Justice193

          you know, if rick doesn’t mind, I’d be more than happy to touch that up for y’all. :)

          • slacks315

            That would be cool, If he doesn’t mind (and doesn’t do one himself :) )

        • Valerio

          that was a nice try, but alas it’s totally unfit for my screen size and type :(

          • slacks315

            Same here. I liked how it looked as a background, but the quality kept bugging me, so I kept my old one.

            Not to make excuses, but it;s hard trying to fix up a picture with a broken touchpad.
            *Hopes for a tablet for christmas*

          • hennessyvenom

            did you try just having it centered in the middle?
            that worked fine for my computer

        • hennessyvenom

          what operating system are you running?

          • slacks315

            Mint Linux <3

  84. Kes

    Smells like a cat or smells like a gryphon?

    • Foxstar

      Catnip, thus cat. It’s unlikely Pete has a scent.

      • Thoth

        Or at least not one that remains consistent or that Sasha would be familiar with.

        • Valerio

          considering she doesn’t surely seems upset that the a dog could smell like cat+nitro, what would be the problem with someone smelling like cat+bird?

      • Kes

        Catnip =/= cat

  85. Zeek

    ^^;; Well, gotta like her optimizim… if you can say thats what it is. >_>;

  86. natu

    omg i love her!

  87. Tobias Rhdoes

    Instead of the usual comment lacking any depth or such emotions, I will offer this message instead:

    I really like the shading to begin with.It really does add to the overall emotion in this strip. I mean, if it was all bright and such, it woudl not be as emotionally moving and lacking that sort of “dawning light” aspect that King undergoes in the 7th panel. Like the light of God shinign down on him.
    Next, I really do like the emotion in this piece. It is a wonderfully romantic sort of piece, without the actual romance. It simply conveys the emotions of the piece wonderfully. I totally could see some soft music playing in the background whiel this is goign on.

    Merry Christmas Rick, in case I don’t get online on the actual day.

    • Thoth

      It seems a bit more like “Why me God? Haven’t I tried hard enough?”

      And then he goes back anyway, because there’s no one else to do it.

      I did some guessing, but I’d really like to see something definite about what in his past has made him quite so driven.

      • Justice193

        I agree in full… dang it… now I have nothing else to add :(

  88. Kid_K

    Well this is an interesting turn of events isn’t it?
    Angry Human in a Dog’s Body.
    Realizing…that no world is perfect.
    But maybe learing to forgive?

  89. MAARK30

    You know after he gets done with King I think Sasha’s “daddy” needs a little correction from the gryphon. (He does remind me of the American indian legend of the Cyote, a shapshifting trickster god). Beyond all of that Happy hollidays and I love this comic.

    • John

      I thought the Raven was the trickster

      • Indagare

        There are many trickster animals, including (but not limited to) Coyote, Raven, Fox, Rabbit, and Spider.

        • Thoth

          Or perhaps only one…

          • Indagare

            Well the trickster deity in any given culture is often known for being able to change shape, much as Pete does.

          • Thoth

            Well, that’s the point. Although there are stories where two tricksters meet, or the ones where Coyote and Fox are traveling together, but those could just be another trick…

          • Justice193

            It is my personal opinion that the only trickster is the human.
            Take that out of the equation though, and you wind up with some pretty boring stories.

          • Thoth

            I don’t know; in my experience horses and cats both often do quite a good job of manipulating and tricking their owners.

            A horse can manage “I’m so tired…. The Saddleband is too tight… I’m starving… You’re so heavy… with a mere glance – and then exhale, let the saddle slide to the side, and dump you with a look of total innocence, even if it just pulled exactly the same trick on someone else five minutes before.

  90. WolvenPaw

    I see a fight for Sasha coming on …

    • Tibarus

      That would be interesting to see.

      • Justice193

        I do not approve, while he may be prone to mood swings, and probably could kick Bino into next week, like every other dog, he’s rational enough to see that there is no point to it.

        • Valerio

          I’d likely kick Fox’s tail for that dude still hanging with Bino. Fox should be more *intelligent* than that

          • Thoth

            Well there’s loyalty, there’s acceptance in the group – which Bino (through Fido) was still a notable member of – and then there’s the impulse not to leave a lunatic unsupervised.

  91. Kaotix

    Sasha might not be one of the smartest of the pets, but she is definitely one of the most caring ones.

  92. BlueAnubis

    Aww, she’s always so happy.

    So Bino apperently used nitroglycerine in his catnip bomb, but how does Sahsa know what Nitro smells like? Did she take a class in bomb sinffing?

    • SamBlob

      Maybe Fido told her while trying to think of things to say to her.

      Then again, no; all he was thinking about was how to get away from her.

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      ooh. I was wondering what that ‘nitro’ thing was about. But heck, wouldn’t that disintegrate the catnip? :)

    • Thoth

      Well, if her owner likes guns, works with explosives (such as in mining or construction), dabbles in chemistry, or takes nitroglycerin for heart problems, she might be quite familiar with the smell.

      And it all depends on how much you use. The explosive agents in snappers, cigarette loads, and small firecrackers are just as potent as the ones used in heavy-duty mining; there just isn’t nearly as much.

    • Justice193

      I think we have discovered where Bino either got, or learned to make Nitro from…

  93. Fenrir

    Sasha would be an awesome pet/companion to have. She would be the perfect dog to come home to after a hard day at work. You can’t help but adore and love her.

    • Indagare

      Apparently her current owner *can* resist adoring and loving her, given she was locked out because she couldn’t help him get a date.

      • slacks315

        Well, he is just a big meanie. Hopefully Fox will come along and invite them both for a real sleep over with blankets and pillows and warmth and food.

      • Valerio

        her owner is the Grinch

  94. Tahoe

    Gahh.. Rick… Your Christmas series always get me emotional.
    Excellent work on this comic. The expressions are wonderful and it’s amazing where this comic has gone in a year. Merry Christmas Rick ^^

  95. Rukral

    Panel 7 is so well done, i just love it. I even made it my Steam avatar!

  96. Matsu

    I love it…. TT^TT
    King is so adorable!! I can really sympathize with him. He may be one of my favorite characters already!

  97. crazyredemu

    Even if King gets a crush on Sasha like every one is saying she is a flirt and King will get hurt again and have even more angst.

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      Which would make for interesting plot twist honestly.

  98. The game

    King’s face in panels 1-4 says one thing:

    bah! Humbug!!!!(sp?)

    • The game

      panel 1: Bah…..HUMbug
      panel 3:bah…………
      panel 4: HUMBUG!!!!!

  99. The game

    and why didn’t the tears freeze??

    • Thoth

      Perhaps they’re slicked-down areas of damp fur rather than drops of water?

    • Justice193

      or it’s just not cold enough outside? tears are not only saline, there also acidic, to a point that they can digest things like bugs that get into your eyes, which should help explain why sometimes when you get a bug in your eye, it never comes out, and just seems to go away sometimes >.>… this is also evidenced by the fact that it irritates the skin slightly, and which is also what allows a person to cry in the middle of winter, and have those tears not freeze until they have nearly completely dried.

      I will not be held accountable if someone sticks something in their eye to try and prove me wrong, because that’s just stupid… feel free to cry into a plate and see how long it takes your tears to freeze compared to normal water though :) .

      • The game

        i fell asleep around ‘tears are not only saline, there also acidic’
        I only read the last paragraph cuz of the bright colored smilee
        sorry *yawns* no offense, I can’t focuz and this time of the nigh…morning??

      • Thoth

        Quite true, but the difference is only a few degrees. Given the amount of snow, the reference to it being “freezing cold”, and the implied threat of freezing to death from the atl text (despite having their scarves and thus being “appropriately dressed”, it seems likely that it’s cold enough.

        Of course, tears on a human face tend to be warmed from underneath. Fur is a fairly efficient insulator, so it’s surface will be considerably cooler than that of the skin beneath, but it also takes up water – so dampened areas will persist for longer.

        Ergo, we could be seeing a layer of ice over and in the surface of his fur, damp fur, still-running tears, or frozen tears. I’d lean towards one of the first two given that the apparent configuration of the wet areas changed in the last strip from panel to panel and isn’t doing so here – but even for me this is heading into over-analyzed territory.

  100. wingedwolfgirl

    Awww that is sweet! :3
    Pessimistic King meets the optimistic Sasha.

  101. FuRrY321

    Well, at least King’s not meeting “Hi, I’m Daisy!”

    He’d send her flying to the nearest field with a daisy… well over a mile away.

    Yeah, I agree with all the previous comments – introduce Peanut and Grape to King, and make King and Sasha a pair!



    • slacks315

      But what if Joel could save Sasha from her neglectful owner? I’d love either scenario really.

      • Thoth

        How would he acquire her? Somehow buying her seems inappropriate, stealing her is messy (and would probably put both of them out of the comic, which isn’t the desired result), and getting her as a present seems a bit unlikely.

        • slacks315

          Pete Intervention? Buying might be a bit inappropriate, but the dad might be glad to be rid of her. Haven’t really seen enough of the dad to be sure. Or maybe he finally gets a babe and the babe doesn’t like dogs. So many ways it could happen. Though the easier and probably much cuter way is making them a pair.

          • HYBRIDcreature

            It doesn’t look like she hates her dad very much. She’s kind of used to it. So it still depends on her dad.
            Though i’m not looking to King transforming back to Joel anyway.

    • Valerio

      Pete or Joel himself could ask the Milton ferrets to look through laws & neighbourhood rules for a way to end current Sasha’s ownership so that Joel could adopt her.
      Oh, and in the case Sasha’s owner would refuse all the way, the wolf pack could be called in for some…persuasion.
      Or, even sweeter, Fox’s dad could do the same job, adding breaking up said owner in two. :D

      • Thoth

        Given that any attempt at “persuasion” by the Wolf pack puts them back in “Feral Animal, No Rights” territory, I doubt they’d try it.

        Fox’s dad, of course, could engage in “persuasion” – but I doubt that Sasha would find assault and battery on her “dad” (as in “I love you daddy” from last christmas) especially endearing.

        Legal manipulations are always possible – but are even more awkward than just buying her.

        Best possiblity that I can think of to enable this scenario? Her current owner decides on another ploy for attracting women and dumps her. It’d be a pretty big trauma for Sasha though.

  102. FuRrY321

    Favourite panel is the last one: “Oh boy! It’ll be like a sleepover! Except without beds or pillows and it’s freezing cold and there’s no food.”

    ^_^ Go Sasha!

    • FuRrY321

      I think she just scored herself (and King!) some cuddle time! ^_^
      How else would they stay warm? If they can feel the cold through their fur, it’s obvious it’s not enough to just curl up in the snow.

      • Thoth

        Well, there might be someone coming home after a late night party or some such who’d take pity on them.

        Besides, if it gets too cold, Joel/King presumably isn’t locked out. Even if he doesn’t want to invite Sasha to visit, there’s nothing stopping him from going for a blanket or two and a thermos full of hot soup.

  103. John


    • John


      • John

        This is SPARTA!!!

        • slacks315

          tsk tsk tsk. Naughty John. Though quite amazing it got to 300 in less than 24 hours. Congrats Rick.

          • John

            Sorry, had to be safe for the 300 in a day thing

        • Thoth

          No, that’s another comic three IP addresses over. You took a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

          • slacks315

            They need better signs in Albuquerque. Everyone always seems to take a wrong turn there.

          • Darcin

            Pismo Beach and all the clams you can eat!

  104. MAARK30

    I blame the Rabbit

    • Stevie Maxwell


      AFAIK, Zach is still “missing”. Sure, Grape and Peanut seemed to have made it home fine, but we haven’t seen anything of the Arbelt household in this arc (yet).

      • The game

        lol your avatar matches your comment!!

      • Valerio

        plus, in the woods there must be at least a raccoon, a deer and a squirrel who are crying their eyes out for not having had their golden age of equality and prosperity.

        • Keeshah

          Pete did take off an left King on his own, because he has to take care of something.

      • Thoth

        Oh I doubt it really; Peanut and Grape were looking for Zach, they found him, they were together when Pete got set “free”, and Peanut at least made it home with no apparent trauma. Zach’s owner was nearby too. If something had happened to Zach, I doubt that Peanut would be attending parties with no sign of distress.

        Ergo, Zach got taken home, and presumably reassured.

  105. BlueArmy

    Wow, I just love how much emotion has been put into this one comic. It almost makes me want to cry reading the last two pages of it.

    Even so, is this guy being taught ANYTHING from this experience? After (and if) this is done, all he could end up learning after that dog being mean to him is to hate animals MORE. This accomplishes nothing, and could lead to serious continuity errors down the road.

    • Thoth

      Well, we really don’t have much information on Pete’s motives.

      We do know that his initial statement in this arc wasn’t entirely accurate with respect to Joel/King. Even if we take “this must cease” at face value, it doesn’t say anything about WHY Pete would think it must cease.

      He never hated animals; he just didn’t think they were the same as people – and was for pets rights.

    • Einenwen

      I think maybe Pete could be trying to teach him the pets and people are the same, there can be absolute jerks and dangerous ones but there can be ‘normal’ and kind ones. The animals are no better, nor worse, than the humans. Maybe the “this must cease” thing could translate to “Enough of this silliness.”

  106. Justice193

    Congratulations on breaking that 300 barrier.

    I like how everyone assumes that Joel is going to stay King, and considers it the most logical course of action…

    maybe Pete is a huge Jerk, just not in the way we all expect, maybe he’s a perfect gentleman to absolutely everyone in the comic, but because of what he does, becomes a huge Jerk to the readers. In a strange sort of way, Rick may have actually discovered how to shatter the 4th wall, without ever touching it, or coming near it… now if he actually does it, (and no, it does not require the characters to address the reader in any way shape or form).

    However, at this point I’m certain that everyone who has been following the comments knows exactly what I am talking about, and would agree that it would make him, for the most part, a huge Jerk in the Readers eyes :P .

    • Thoth

      I think “Logic” went out the window when “Magic” came in – and that it’s much simpler.

      The comic is about the pets.

      A lot of the readers are enjoying having “King” in the comic. He’s certainly a strong contrast to most of the other major characters and has a lot of story and humor possibilities.

      If he goes back to human, he probably won’t be appearing that much any more. The humans in the comic generally don’t.

      Ergo, there’s a lot of support for Joel remaining King. That doesn’ t mean that he will – it’s Rick’s comic after all – but it would please many readers.

      Pete could indirectly become a “Jerk” to the segment of the readers who want to see Joel remain King by changing him back – but only if they were inclined to blame the characters for the storyline, and I don’t think that anyone here is that lost to reality.

      • Justice193

        … I’d be willing to pass that blame to a fictional character :D … no, you’re right there, I suppose… it will be interesting to see what happens either way, I kind of liked the focus on Grape and Peanut, but the focus being shifted around between various characters does allow for much more :) , and meshes in with the title better too :P .

        … but I LIKE logic :( … it’s what assures me that there is no monsters under the bed!, still though, I stand by my “magic” having less to do with all these events than Pete just letting things happen, with a few little guidelines.

  107. The game

    His hands look inflated in the last panel!!!

  108. Shoji

    I just love Sasha! She’s just so… innocent XD

    • JB

      Yeah, pure and honest though sometimes a bit weird. But we love her. <3

  109. MAARK30

    I still Think her “daddy” needs a does of karma for his mistreatment of such a loving and upbeat creature.

    • JB

      Hey, maybe King (a.k.a Joel) is going to meet her daddy and confront him about treating Sasha better. That could be a possible event that could happen.

  110. Cat-Lover Cross

    Romance, Teen Angst, Innocence, Comedy, Suspense, Drama…wait…where’s the matrix action?! This comic is almost complete!!

  111. TomFox

    I really love the image of King in the second to last frame. Its like you can feel what he’s thinking… its the moment he gets over his problem and starts caring about someone else for a change.

    Btw: King is officially my new favorite character. I hope he’s a permanent character

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      I prefer to think of him as Joel. :D

      • Caleb

        So do I.

        But I refer to him as King when he’s a dog to avoid confusion. But I feel he always was and always will be Joel.

        Oh and on a side note I liked his character before he was a dog he was an interesting Anti Villain

  112. ColdCedric

    Merry Christmas Everyone

  113. Cat-Lover Cross

    well it’s 6 hours to christmas here, but Merry Christmas everyone and Rick!

    • ColdCedric

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      Merry ADVANCE Christmas Everyone

  114. Caleb

    Well there’ll be a Christmas web comic but an early Merry Christmas Everyone.

  115. Cat-Lover Cross

    I just took a short nap and had this unerring dream that Joel would be Sasha’s next owner. 0_o

    • Caleb

      Just like my previous post.

      December 23, 2009 at 1:05 am
      I wonder if and I do mean if king turns back into Joel would he adopt Sasha.
Could you picture him being a better owner to her.

      Personally I do think King will turn back into Joel. But I’m hopeful it won’t happen until near the end of the comic like in ten or twenty years. And if King does turn back into Joel I truly believe he would make a better owner to Sasha then her current owner could ever hope to be.

  116. HYBRIDcreature

    I don’t know why but I feel that something good is about to happen
    toward you

    Cookies for those who now the reference)

    • HYBRIDcreature

      know of course

  117. FuRrY321

    I just remembered something that I’m pretty sure Joel/King forgot. That his real name is/was Joel. Remember, in the house that Pete bought/rented in the neighborhood? Joel, as a dog, said to Pete (or something around these lines): “Would you stop calling me King, my name is King!” *look of realization on his face* “How did you do that?* Pete: “Do what?”

    Lo and behold, it appears “King” is already starting to forget that he was “Joel”, or perhaps he still remembers but for the life of him can’t remember all of it? And now, up to and including this comic, it seems King is getting more and more used to being a dog. All he has to do is fix those personality issues (such as calling the animals “animals” and his short temper) and he’ll be a whole ‘nother person.
    Which, sadly, not everybody will agree would be a good thing, but I for one am for it, or for something like it. ;)

    • Cat-Lover Cross

      Nah, he was aware that it wasn’t his name, so it’s only logical to assume he was forced to say the name “King”. Looking at the outburst he has in the club it is also logical to assume he has every memory intact (because what use would the whole ‘be a dog’ thing be if he didn’t remember why he was having to do it?

  118. Zekermeme

    People keep weighing in on whether or not Pete is ever going to turn King back, even though Pete himself hasn’t appeared for a few comics, so I might as well…

    …Pete’s been presented as an antagonist, right? Assuming he does intend to reverse the spell… will he even get the chance? If the main characters do something to seal him again or whatever, he won’t be able to do anything. On the other hand, it also depends on how the spell works. It might be one of those goofy spells that wears off when the caster falls… but story-wise, those don’t work so well in conjunction with sealed superbeings. Logic clash.

    Of course, I don’t think he does intend to do so. He never personally said anything to that effect. What he did say was: “The cycle must stop.” And what better way to stop a cycle than to remove a key component?

    • Thoth

      Honestly, we really don’t have enough information on Pete, or as to his actual motives, to reach much of a conclusion.

    • slacks315

      I have personally been hoping he gets caught or sealed and king is forced to live with Fox as a dog. Fox can then help King grow as a person. He can stay cute, there can be an occasional rivalry at the same time a bond. And it gets pete ot of the strip. I’m not a fan of pete. He’s a nice plot device, but if magic were to be a large part of the strip it just wouldn’t feel like a comic about cute little house pets any more. It would feel like just another webcomic.

  119. Anime_lover

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i see a new relationship growing ^_^

  120. BlueArmy

    I’ve placed an entire section in the forums on whether Joel should remain King, you can find and discuss here:

  121. Thoth

    Oh, the Character Dossier thread over on the forums - – now includes Joel/King, Pete, Fox, Fido, and Bino.

    Who should be next?

  122. The game

    Merry Christmas Eve all!!!!!

    I wonder what exactly King was thinking in the 7th panel….

    • Snowmon

      God, why me?

  123. Thoth

    Personally I’m still hoping that we’ll get a brief cut back to Fox (perhaps with Bino shoved halfway through a wall in the background) as Fox checks to see if Joel/King made it home, and then – when he finds that he didn’t – helsp Fido organize a searching party.

    A confirmation for Joel/King that someone out there is also trying, for Sasha that her faith in the world is accurate, and for Fox that he can be effective.

    As a bonus, it would show Fido taking charge again to clean up one of Bino’s disasters, comeuppance for Bino, and – perhaps – imply getting Sasha’s Dad in trouble for locking her out in these conditions (much less on Christmas eve). That probably does constitute animal cruelty or neglect after all.

  124. Pop-o-lick

    Where did the white things above King’s eyes go?

    • Thoth

      Hm. They also disappeared after the astral jump… Hm. Anger-sensitive fur? Perhaps the white areas are still grimy from the explosion, and so they roughly match the surrounding fur and they don’t show.

      OK, for once I don’t really have a good explanation. Could just be Rick being in a rush.

      • Snowmon

        well, now Rick (in a rush) put them back

        • Rick Griffin

          I miss them sometimes!

          • Snowmon

            I know that a lot of people say this but, Thank you… for all the hard work and dedication that you use to develop such a wonderful comic. Have a Merry Christmas!

          • Pop-o-lick

            I made a change to the comic! Woo! I got my Christmas present now.

        • Thoth

          And I still hadn’t come up with a decent theory…

  125. LoftyFox

    Sasha isn’t very bright… lol.

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        But, thanks ! Now I know the real reason = ) !

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    Well, there’s some time yet before the next strip, presuming nothing interferes. Plenty of time to speculate on it a bit.

    Will it be a montage strip, a jump to morning, shift to some of the other characters – such as back to Fox and the party, will Pete re-appear on camera or hasn’t even Joel/King seen him since he left?

    • Majin-Wolf

      He’s probably been watching Joel/King through scyring Pete’s magical after all!!

      • Majin-Wolf

        opps I meant Scrying!!

    • Snowmon

      Maybe he’s getting King’s Christmas gift.
      Hey, it could happen…

  131. JB

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    Go Sasha. Show him the good in pets….well, I hope she does.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

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    400 comments should prove that Rick has a fan base and that the continuation of this comic is extremely important for all of us. I expect more of this throughout the arc.

  135. Wolfspawn

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  136. Rags

    Maybe if they sit there looking pathetic, some rich lady will come along in her limo and take them home to a life in luxury.
    Let’s see if anyone gets THAT reference!

  137. Foxstar

    Are you sure you did? Or that Rick simply didn’t have this planned?