‘Tis Better To Give
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  1. Theo

    Ya’ know…

    If this goes on any longer,
    King’s going to end up…
    *puts on sunglasses*
    …royally screwed.


    • Skippy


      I wish I could make jokes like that
      Maybe I should study…
      *puts on sunglasses”


      • Darcin

        It looks like Bino…
        *puts on sunglasses*
        …just let the cat out of the bag.


        • Serp

          You’d think we’d be past jokes like these.
          But it seems…
          *puts on sunglasses*
          ..they’ve only just begun.


        • lolparty

          We have a winner

    • The game

      Bino had the element of surprise
      *puts on glasses*
      but King is the king


      • HYBRIDcreature

        King is so adorable… ^_^
        *puts on sunglasses*
        … even with a burnt face D:

    • Epsilon

      Lol’d so hard.

  2. Thoth

    Well, that’s Bino all over.

    • Sind

      And with it being Bino I guess he’ll end up in the hospital again quite soon ^-^l|l

  3. DZ

    That’s quite a time skip.

  4. Cannon Fodder

    you know I wondered what happen to that box.
    Oh well that answers my question

    • redwolfmatt

      i was gonna say the same thing x3
      “now we know what Bino did with the gift he was originally going to give Peanut!”

      • String Petoun Ping

        He never managed to rig the package to explode last christmas and wasn’t able to get catnip. ( http://www.housepetscomic.com/2008/12/19/best-laid-plans/ ) He probably work all the year to manage to get it right. Also, I agree with Valerio, Bino should have a painful comaback. King could become Bino’s nemesis.

  5. Snowmon

    guess it hurt huh King?

  6. Cerberus

    Don’t take it hard King. Bino’s just that kind of dog. Ha
    Awwwwwwww im a huge softy when it comes to sentimental moments. *wipes tear from eyes* thats just beautiful.

  7. John

    Bino’s plan finally worked, after 365 days of planning, it finally worked!

  8. Kitsunefan

    awww , poor king, figures as much though

  9. MC_Hollis

    Bino’s mean! :( That was just plain uncalled for, and does anyone else seem to remember his first plot to get Peanut with that that gag? I hope King/Joel’s a good sport.

    • Justice193

      I agree, that was mean spirited, but I don’t think it will be let slide… or at least that’s what I’m hoping, and by good sport I hope you mean vengeful XD, I could see this going on for some time, them trading off more and more “elaborate” gifts, in an effort to see who can get who best :P

      as a side note, anyone else find it weird that MC_Hollis’s comment has been getting pushed down to the llast comment, despite 22 new comment topics apparently coming after it? (time wise)

      • slacks315

        Just for bringing it up they are doing it to you too.

      • Pokeblue

        Now that you mention it, yeah that is strange.

        • Justice193

          it is a reply, they’re appearing as separate posts that move together O.o

          • R-One

            Yeah, that post is sliding down the page – i made a non-reply comment, and it got bumped in above said post. >.O

      • Thoth

        The comment feeds are kind of iffy too; the longer ones don’t seem to come through at all.

        It might not be including replies to earlier comments after the first level, but I’d have to get a better sample and do some comparing to be sure of that.

    • John

      I completely forgot about it until this comic

  10. slacks315

    3 points

    1.Looks like Fox is about to tell Bino off.
    2. Awww cute king!
    3. Gah! It’s sticking out again! Only on the opposite side now.

    • BlueArmy

      On your furst point:
      My thoughts exactly

  11. Alex-chan

    Goddamit Bino, now King’s gonna go feral >.>

    Wonder if the Wolf Pack has an opening?

  12. rWolf1991

    Looks like Bino found away to make a box full of Catnip Explode!! :P

  13. JB

    I’m short too. You taller folks shouldn’t mess with me. I’ll kick you between the legs.
    Very bad first impression, Bino. tsk tsk. I thought he used that joke on Peanut than on Joel.

  14. Matt

    It’s so cheezy and cliche; thankfully, as Joel’s personality is slowly sucked away, his use as a plot point develops nicely. After all, a man transformed into a dog allows for a lot of great Christmas party jokes! And, plus, we’ve still got to cover the whole “does Fox find out that King is Joel” plot point, as well as the “does King turn back into a human?!?!?” plot point, allowing the author to easily move the story forward in the most contrived way possible. I wonder if King’s personality will be as flat as Fox’s by the end of the arc, or whether Rick will leave King with a tiny bit of negativity to keep him interesting.

    It’s like the author is saying, “Hey, I know! Instead of spending tons of time developing the character’s personality, let’s just take the easiest route possible to pulling off tons of great visual/verbal gags!”

    I honestly don’t care if the comic is super-funny or well-drawn or whatever – if the story is bad, the story is bad. If the characters are flat, the characters are flat. And, just like any movie critic or book reviewer out there, I think I’m justified in saying: this story sucks and these characters are flat. We started it out with two interesting characters (Joel and Pete) and a great potential for conflict (Joel vs. Fox, Joel vs. Pete, Joel vs. Society, Joel vs. His own fears), and now the story has devolved into either a “power-of-friendship” story OR a “oh, god, my life is actually really great and I was just looking at things wrong!” story.

    Maybe the problem is that Fox is so flat a character that there was absolutely no way to prolong Fox and Joel talking. Or, maybe the author has a set plan, and wants to finish on Christmas, so he’s going to rush the story to make it fit, trading quality for quantity.

    Even if you don’t consider these as problems, consider this: Rick is basically stealing the storyline of “It’s A Wonderful Life” and doing it with his rather weaker characters. One of the things that made that movie GOOD is the high amount of conflict – not just “inner” conflict, but actual, straight-up Potter vs. town CONFLICT. This story arc has NONE of that, and since King’s personality seems to have taken a nosedive into mediocrity, all potential for it seems to be fading away.

    I hate seeing such a great character turn into “Stereotyped Neighborhood Dog X”, or at least “Stereotype X”. I guess we’ll have to wait until Christmas to see if this mess can get turned around.

    • Mouko

      And just like any other movie critic or book reviewer out there, I’m justified in saying that I disagree with you. :) Funny how that works!

      Really, I don’t see their personalities as flat in any way, and I certainly don’t see this as a ripoff of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. The only connection I see is the whole concept of changing someone’s pessimistic attitude, and that movie sure as heck doesn’t own the copyright on THAT age-old theme. I’m fairly certain there’s a large number of parables and fables about that very subject that pre-date it!

      Seriously, that’s a pretty flimsy reason to label this whole arc as a ripoff. To me, that’s like saying Harry Potter is a ripoff of Lord of the Rings because they both have ‘elves’.

      It’s pretty obvious that you’re not enjoying yourself, but the sheer amount of CONTEMPT you’re displaying in the comic for both the comic and the author is rather baffling. It’s as if Rick killed your dog or something.

      • J.C.

        That’s the problem, isn’t it? The author has taken an age-old theme (a cliche), and done it in a rather “contrived” manner. Both Harry Potter and LotR both feature a “coming-of-age” story, and both do it effectively with two very different sets of characters. Imagine if JK Rawlings had done a bad job in the 5th book, making all of its characters stereotypical and forcing the story to go in certain directions so she could write beautiful descriptions, even though she sacrificed character quality to do it.

        Many people would be upset, to say the least. Nobody like to get really involved in a storyline, then let down spectacularly. Everybody bloody-well knows that JK Rawlings is using a cliched storyline, but it doesn’t matter because the characters are interesting, the writing is fresh, and the plot is just varied enough to make it good. Also, Harry Potter’s plot never feels forced, as this one now feels.

        I felt rather let down when I read this strip, and I expressed the worry that this would happen in Monday’s strip, where I was promptly told to trust the author. What I was worried about was: “Joel losing his negative perspective”. I won’t elaborate, but they *appear* to be coming true.

        I think the one thing I’d agree with Matt on is the lack of conflict thing. Without any source of major conflict in the comic, the arc is starting to get flat.

        Conflict is created by strong characters – the fact that the arc is lacking a significant source of conflict means that the characters are too flat to make any. I think this is the thesis of Matt’s third through sixth paragraphs. While his comments are harsh (perhaps overly so), his analysis is spot-on and his passion shines through: I doubt he’d post something that inflammatory if he didn’t love the comic/author at some point. Either that, or he’s a troll… who still has passion and good analysis.

        (Sorry if my analogy wasn’t very coherent… a better one might be the difference between a good remix of a song versus a bad remix. Or a good pop song versus a bad pop song. Sure, they both play with the same themes, but one is contrived and one isn’t.)

        • Mouko

          Except I don’t see why it’s contrived or how the characters are weak. The entire analogy, whether using books or song remixes, falls apart because it depends on me accepting both points, and I don’t accept either. I see nothing wrong with the characters or the plot, so I can’t follow through with the rest of the analysis.

          …And on an extremely ironic side note, I despised the later Harry Potter books as contrived and weak in character development. ;)

          • Thoth

            Not to mention having some gaping plot holes – such as the perfect cloak not being so perfect in previous books.

          • ImpDynasty

            I agree with Mouko, except about the Harry Potter books, (aside from the fifth one) but I think the main reason you guys claim it’s cliched, is because this arc is just starting, the main conflict is just developing, immediately saying it’s cliched just because of the beginning is stupid, give it a few weeks to work out, if you still don’t like it then don’t read it. No point in complaining about something that’s already been written, just enjoy it for what it is.

            Also as for the characters being ‘flat’ how so? I don’t see why having King happy for a moment immediately makes him a ‘flat’ character. Just because someone is naturally angry or depressed doesn’t mean they can’t have a good time once and a while. Just like a happy person isn’t always happy. Showing characters different emotions is what makes them realistic. While forcing them to ALWAYS be one way regardless of the situation is rediculous, and unrealistic. (Also when King was Joel, he was pretty easily persuaded, so that’s could be part of it)

            As a side note it seems that Matt is just pissed that King isn’t being the ’slit my wrists’ emo, that he likely was never intended to end up as.

            Also if you haven’t been to the forums, some of the development Rick had wanted to put in, (ex. fighting for the squeaky bone), wasn’t because Christmas is coming up and I guess he wanted to get the Christmas stuff in on time.

            I think it’s a cute, optimistic arc perfect for the Christmas season.

            That’s my 2 cents.

    • Thoth

      Well, it doesn’t have nearly as much depth as Joel/King’s despair on the steps or meeting Fox, it does skip forward rather rapidly (past a good deal of the interesting adjustment period for Joel/King), and it does seem a bit rushed (Joel / King is perking up really rapidly there) – but I don’t expect every entry to be equally good and it certainly shows Joel that the other dogs aren’t ideal either.

      Besides, who knows? Perhaps it will take a sharp and unexpected turn to the negative. Lets see…

      Pete could wait until Fox was good friends with Joel/King, then wipe Joel/King’s mind and ship him back through time to become his own pet and suggest kidnaping himself – thus both make him the “cause” of his own miseries, inflicting Joel’s unpleasant parents on him a second time when he’s even more defenseless, and sending him to whatever unpleasant fate befell Joel’s childhood pets. Could that be why we never saw Joel’s second dog?

      That might take only a single strip – and would neatly demonstrate truly spectacular jerkishness for Pete, turning him into a villian that most of the readers would love to hate. It would also set up a developmental quest for Fox. Fox could try to find a way to rescue Joel somehow, despite the shock of discovering Joel’s real identity and having to question whether Joel was really worth the effort. Meanwhile, the rest of the characters could try to find a way to stop Pete.

      Now that would massively change the tone of the entire strip, but it wouldn’t require any changes in the main cast.

      Less extremely, being perked up for the moment, and being reminded of your more optimistic youth, really isn’t likely to overcome major personality traits. A return to human form with all it’s attendent complications and legal problems, or a sharp reminder of the costs of remaining a dog, could easily bring Joel/King back down again in short order.

      • Matt

        While I think erasing Joel/King’s mind wouldn’t really fit in the storyline, trapping King in some awful situation with no way out, except with Fox’s help… well, wow, that would be a really epic plot. That would be one of those “OMG WHY HASN’T RICK POSTED YET” type of plots.

        The only problem with that is that Fox would need to rapidly develop a personality for it to be interesting. Heck, the plot we have right now would be just fine if Fox and King both had personalities, and for a while there, King had one… but now his is gone too.

        King saying “I’m all better now! I feel happy again!” shattered the dramatic tension – the great leap forward didn’t help much. All that rapid transition says is: “Nothing interesting happened in that space. The characters didn’t develop, and the story flat-lined.” Even though the overall plot here is good, the bad pacing and lack of personality kind of swallow that up. That is why this arc is contrived, defined as “forced and artificial”.

        • GamECobra

          although you got some valid points, other things we need to take into consideration is the mystery around King at this point and the style of the comic.

          King and Fox already have personalities. Fox is a buddy more than anything, a shoulder to lean on and a smart one. King is a pet lover gone sour with the way life treated him. I don’t think King when he was human could’ve gotten along with pets just as easily as he thought it was when he was first changed. At the current moment though, there’s alot of regret on King’s part that may have made him wish he could use this opportunity to fix things with Fox after meeting him, and i’m sure that’s why he just jumped straight to this point of the comic.

          and about the dramatic tension: There’s always the risk at this point now that King is getting chummy with Fox that Pete may pull a “cat out of the bag” situation on King. In my opinion, that’s the tension in this comic from this point on. =P

        • Thoth

          Well, that’s simply the most “dramatic turn to the negative” (utter misery followed by likely death) that came to mind as an example on the spur of the moment – with, of course, the usual RPG loopholes for player characters to try and slip through.

          Now something like that probably wouldn’t fit into Housepets too well (ergo the more “realistic” possibility on the end), but RPG scenarios are my personal bias.

    • Sleet

      These are animals that talk and get into cute and/or amusing antics.

      • Skippy

        Just like most books/movies are about people that talk and get into interesting situations! ;)

    • Foxstar

      QQ more.

    • Foxstar

      Also, this is a funny animal comic. When will you folks learn to stop reading so much into things? PA, Sluggy, all of them get along fine,

      • GamECobra

        I love this comic <3

        But i think people that read this comic don't look at the comic as the traditional 'newspaper' comic that i read Housepets as, or they are just so in love with the character development that they have to overanalyze it =P

      • Skippy

        Yeah, it’s a funny animal comic, but movies are just talking people, and books are just a bunch of words on paper.

        I don’t necessarily agree with other posters, but I get annoyed reading posts from you attempting to stop all discussion. Why are we supposed to just stare at something and not talk about it? This is the same way Twilight-fans attempt to silence anyone who hates the books and/or movies.

        QQ about people who like the comic enough to talk about it.

        • Foxstar

          There’s discussion and there’s “Reading too much into a funny animal comic” Not hard to see what the former and latter is.

    • TD

      Far be it for me to bash someone’s opinion; but I think you’ve set your expectations far too high for this comic. Though you do make points about character depth that I can’t outright dismiss, I feel obigated to point out that Rick, although a fantastic artist, is by no means a professional Comic Book writer.

      Yes, it’d be NICE if these characters had in depth stories behind them and well rounded personalities; but it’s simply too much to ask from a comic strip that comes out every other weekday. Granted, it can happen with multipage comics; but this is one man’s webcomic that he only does for fun. You can’t alway expect him to shove out gold with each strip. On top of that; Christmas specials are BUILT upon cliches; we expect them and, for the most part, ENJOY them. Yeah, it’s cheesy and overdone, but it’s also what people do at Christmas; you can’t expect him to come up with something unique and awesome to a comic that’s only been up about two years.

      So, while I respect your point of view, I must admit that I find it slightly flawed in it’s logic. No offense to you.

    • Islefox

      ~Sighs~ I have to agree that there was a lot of dialog lost between Joel & King. Yap.

      However, Christmas = Mediocrity. It’s a lot like a Christmas Special in its approach. Like all things Christmas it will pass and the comic will move on. Merf.

      I still love the comic. Yip!

    • Justice193

      I agree with Foxstar, TD, and Islefox. exactly what I was trying to get at last strip in my so called reprimand.

      Aaaaand; I totally agree, Christmas time is BORING and mediocre in what goes on, for all we know, the only other animal he hung out with the whole time is Fox, sure there may of been a few funny moments missed, but that’s it, nothing to really add to a story happens during Christmas time. I’m GLAD he skipped it all, every last bit of it, focus on after it for a bit :P … you want to see a flat story? convince him to go back to before it.

  15. RobbyThePerv

    Anyone wonder what’s going to happen if he walks outside?
    He’s already befriended the dog’s, I wonder which pretty kitty will stumble into him outside?

    • Justice193

      you know what, that is exactly what I thought, I can just imagine him screaming “is this catnip?? how am I going to get home??? there’s like, 20 cats between here and there!!!”


      • slacks315

        Perfect time for awkward meeting with a girl cat. Just to make Bino scream cat lover.

        • Snowmon

          He just might be a Cat-lover, I mean look at his emotionally scaring backstory. That wasn’t not no dog that he was protecting and then he got mugged by the dog.

      • Pokeblue

        You know I could totally imagine that right now, 20 or more cats chasing him cause he now reeks of cat-nip.

        Also Slacks may have point. I’m sure Bino didn’t intend it that way, since he just met King/Joel, but he did buy that stuff for that exact purpose, for a cat-lover. And having it be a girl cat, would make things very interesting.

  16. ImpDynasty

    The ending made me laugh, but I felt kinda bad for him after such a cute moment. Can’t wait to see the next comic.

  17. 8feet

    King was OWNED!!! Lolz;D!!! Well just by seeing this page I guess that he change his mind about…Hope…But still NICE!

  18. Fuzzypaws

    And so the hazing begins… and curiosity over Pete’s evil plans grows even more!

  19. falconfox01

    The flips and flops this arc has are quite interesting and entertaining, can’t wait to see what’s next for poor King. Will he come to realize he needs to “fess up?” Will Fox forgive him if he does? Will Bino end up in the hospital again?

  20. overzen

    And now PETA comes and kidnaps King, just when things are starting to get better. Bum bum bummm…. ;)

  21. American Otter


    Who wants to say that Fox is going to wipe the floor with Bino…. not sure, but I think I see Fox’s eyes of being that… “You did not just do what I think I saw you just do.” I think King is going to find out that Fox is going to be a good friend indeed….

    and okay I admit I am giong to make a prediction…. King goes back to Joel, but Fox comes in and works out on getting the charges lowered, maybe community service in Babalon Gardens… or something, but I think Fox is going to find out or maybe not… but I look forward, I see no trouble, because if King is enjoying life, and finding hope… and this said hope is still fragile, then… what bino might have done was undo all of it.

    Which… I could see Pete picking here because it has the both good and bad dogs, that would really tear King up emotionally, the good dog, Fox, and the bad dog Bino… I still think Fox is going to punch Bino for the cruel trick that was pulled.

  22. Valerio

    if King kept only half of the mean sourpuss he used to be as a human, Bino’s in for some painful comeback

  23. Darcin

    Fox’s expression in the last panel is priceless.

  24. ndigit

    cue the smacking of Bino upside the head.

  25. james319

    Ouch what a Jerk :( at least its just him….for this week :0 Fox is nice to em though :D

  26. Islefox


    Bino is a really a bad dog. … If I was a pet with an allowance in this world, I would donate most of it to Bino’s “parent’s” so he would get vitamin shots every week. >:)

    I really like Fox’s winter clothing. Yip!

  27. FuRrY321

    …what’s with all the long comments….?

    Anyways, yes, that was mean of Bino, but he’s not generally kind at heart like Fox, so maybe that’s why it seems so cruel…

    It’s kinda like Cruella Duville (101 spots if you can guess what movie that’s from) in dog form.
    Except Bino’s much better looking. ;)

    • John

      101 Dalmations?
      That movie stole my soul and sold it back to me on the blackmarket.

      • FuRrY321

        And that avatar just goes so well with that comment…

        Poor Max…

  28. Caleb

    So when will King and Pete be added to the cast page and what do you think their intro will say.
    Pete a magical griffin disguised as a Welshman who’s kind of a jerk.
    King formally Joel a human turned dog by Pete

    • slacks315

      Probably after this arc and it is shown whether or not he will stay a dog.

      • John

        Well Rick is already behind on the cast anyway

  29. Asteri

    …. wait, so how did he get Catnips?

    • Justice193

      He had it last Christmas, as explained in earlier comments, he was going to do this to Peanut, but couldn’t get it rigged up, and peanut won that little present off with a very nice gift :D .

      • Asteri

        Doh, XD ofcourse!!

      • John

        Justice, Bino couldn’t buy the catnip because humans can’t sell catnip to pets

        • Justice193

          You make a good point, I had forgotten that… I honestly don’t really want to know how he got it then… probably had either something to do with stealing, or bribing… he did have all year to figure out how to get some.

          • John

            He never got the catnip, he probably “borrowed” some “nip” from Max’s holiday stash.

  30. John

    Ok, I give, King is shorter than Fox.
    And Bino, which therefore means Grape, and Peanut, and Max, and Fido, and Sabrina, and Fidler, and Keys, and some of the Mr. Bigglesworth’s, and most pets on the block.

  31. Justice193

    well, I can see this turning south very fast… I dare say you’ve set us up for some bit of mischief, and now that it’s there, you better deliver XD.

    no coping out now, I want to see vengence :P , blood has been spilled. (proverbially speaking)

    I can see part of the next strip now: Fox scolds Bino for doing that to the new dog, and King suddenly feeling great about it, giving a wide smile, and telling him not to worry about it, silently scheming his revenge XD.

    • Snowmon

      Or someone will hit him with a frying pan…
      Put him into recovery…
      And everybody will forget…
      Except King who’ll realize that these pets are nuts.

  32. Legendario 777

    Bino finally got the “present” to work !!!!!!
    AAWWW !!!!
    This is looking better !
    I already have a plot to this arc so to speak, including Pete ( muahaha), but let’s Rick decide the better outcome…..
    ( Here’s a little clue regarding the “possible” outcome I’ve thought about this arc : Pete was described by Tarot ( Where’s she, anyway ? ) to be a creature neither good nor evil, but a JERK . Now think about that !!!!

  33. nightroxas67

    aw poor king D:

  34. Argent Stonecutter

    King has much more knowledge and experience to apply to a comeback than Bino can possibly imagine. And he shouldn’t have much difficulty getting Fox involved, given his expression in the background. This could be the beginning of him becoming a real power among the pets.

  35. Pokeblue

    Oops that last one was suppose to be a reply to Justice.

    Leave it to Bino to pull a stunt like that on the newcomer. I wonder how the other dogs are gonna react to this.

  36. Shady Kitsune

    Well, King certainly took into his new life faster than expected.
    And apparently, he always wasn’t a douche and didn’t hate everyone and everything.

  37. Rukral

    Of COURSE Bino gets his trap working right when King comes around..

  38. Ace

    HA! I love King’s and Fox’s expressions in the 4th panel XD Interesting to see what King’s retaliation will be, and more interesting to see how fast he has to run away from cats now :P

  39. R-One

    First comment I’ve made on this arc, and have to say, it’s not bad… but it does need some improvement. I’d say just bring out the personality of the other characters a bit more (Fox seems a bit flat compared to prior arcs), and that should cover it.

    The big problem here seems to be that your main cast for this arc is more or less background characters – Fox, Bino, and the rest of the “Good ‘ol Dogs Club” cast are pretty one-dimensional. For some, this may very well work – Bino’s always a bit of a jerk after all, so it’s fitting for him to be that way most the time – but when those characters get put in the limelight themselves, they need to have a bit more depth than that. Not a whole lot that can be done right now, but in the future, I’d suggest adding a bit more personality to each member of the cast over time before giving them the spotlight in an arc. *shrug*

  40. wingedwolfgirl

    “Guess it couldn’t hurt”
    Ha, it hurt!
    Fox in the background looks like he’s thinking…

    Christmas is a week from today! ~_~

  41. John

    Had a friend send me the image. So it should be up.

  42. The game

    Bino finally figured out how to rig the present!!!!
    If he weren’t such a jerk I’d be happy for him

  43. The game

    Oh oh!!!!! My guess is comin true!!!
    “b. King and Bino will either be mortal enemies or soul mates”
    Who’s ready to pay???

  44. Peek

    Did King’s ears get bigger?

  45. The game

    Ha King’s ears express exactly how he’s feeling!!
    and in the last panel, Fox’s and King’s pupils were barely visible!

  46. Anime_lover

    Wow look at fox’s face in the background though i mean lol so unexpected poor king i never gonna want to go back ^_-

  47. The game

    King: blah blah happy gushy mush that’s a sweet warm fuzzy.
    check ‘rig present to explode off my list’
    next is….this should be FUN!!

  48. A Cheetah

    now i don’t have to watch “it’s a wonderfull life” this year, thanks rick, no seriously thanks, that movie is horribly cheesy and black and white really doesn’t help.

    • Epsilon

      Had to watch that yesterday, though it was in color

  49. BlueArmy

    Fox looks shocked in the background. I bet this will amount to something, like Fox standing up for King.

    • Thoth

      That would be fun – and it would add extra awkwardness to King’s not having revealed his real identity.

  50. John

    InB4 Theo says “Bam!”

    • John

      Thanks to the U.S.C.G.

  51. Squival

    rofl, Bino is such a prick xD

  52. Valerio

    the worst thins about Bino’s prank is that he knew it’d work only on a complete stranger. Meaning that either Bino never gives a gift or that no-one would trust a gift from him.
    Doesn’t this make him an even worse character than we know?

  53. Thoth

    Even presuming a triple Christmas strip, we’re down to twenty panels for the arc if it concludes with Christmas – so what do you think is going to be in those panels? Rick will certainly surprise us, but ideas are always fun.

    Here are some to start:

    *Fox’s, and the other dogs, reaction to Bino’s “present”.
    *King admits his real identity to Fox.
    *King has to deal with being covered in catnip on the way home.
    *King considering “why?” – is this a second chance, a lesson, or a game?
    *Kings final confrontation with Pete. Will he be grateful, upset, still not see the point, or have something to say?
    *Some indication of why Pete is bothering with a single human.
    *King meets another pet. Grape is suspicious, Tarot or Sabrina may already know, Fido tackled him – and they all might be interesting.
    *King really realizing that – when (if) he gets back to human – he’s going to be in an even bigger mess than before.
    *King deciding whether this is real. He may still think it’s a dream.
    *King with a major decision. He’s been pretty passive so far. Perhaps whether or not to go back to being human?
    *King giving someone a present. Perhaps Fox for an implied apology, Bino for a replay of Peanuts setup, or Fido for maximum awkwardness.
    *Grape discovers Kings real identity.

    If Joel stays King:
    *Where does he wind up staying? With Fox? Attached to the Ferrets like Miles and the Pack?
    *He gets snatched by PETA.
    *Does anyone notice anything odd about him?
    *How King reacts to affection – either from humans or from pets.

    If King goes back to being Joel:
    *How his disappearance/escape and reappearance gets explained to the police.
    *Fox testifying at his trial.
    *The trial outcome.
    *Will Fox miss King – or recognize him in Joel later on?

    Things that’d be nice to see:
    *The squeaky bone fight.
    *How the Joel’s kidnaping story concluded.
    *King invited to a Christmas dinner.

    Hm. Either way – back to human or staying King – that’s 19 already. Come, let us attempt to predict the comic and run the comments through the roof.

    • HYBRIDcreature

      Can’t think of anything now but will comment on your ideas (yeah, that’s always easier X) )
      1) I think that Bino’s “present” is only a prank, violent a bit, but still a prank. The consequences of catnip will be funny to watch though. As someone mentioned already meeting a cat-girl would be really interesting.
      2) No doubt he will meet someone else. Grape is the first candidate, cause a new neighbor Pete bugs her that much. She have no reason to suspect King of something though. Except that he is Pete’s pet)
      3) And i think nothing major will happen before Xmas. King may think about his problems, but in such a festive atmosphere he won’t have much time) Personally, on his place i’d forgot all the troubles and just spend time having fun.
      4) All sorts of things could happen to King, but not much to Joel. Nothing but trial comes to mind, the results of which are kind of predictable anyway. Humans obviously don’t play a big part in the stories. So we’ll just get rid of King this way. And everyone loves him, am i right?
      5) The Farthest Adventures of Spot anyone, lol?

      Btw, didn’t meant to offend anyone with my last (deleted) post, i’ll be more careful from now on. ^_^*

    • Timmie

      King meets the wolf family and learns about what a wild “free” animal is all about.

  54. D

    Everybody have said this already, but I guess one more doesn’t hurt: THIS COMIC IS AWESOME!!!! I reallt hope Joel stays King, thst would be soooooooo perfect… anyway, I guess we can’t have all we want… or can we? Well, I surely hope so, Watching King become Joel again would be so dissappointing… at least for me. Is it me or King has had developed some kind of childish crush for Fox???

    • Thoth

      I think it’s more “I was despairing and depressed and I’ve found a mentor and a friend who is bringing some fun back into my life”.

      Most people who are drowning in misery will clutch at anyone who offers them a hand up.

      Now, will Joel work up the courage to risk that by telling Fox who he is, or will he continue to have the feeling that he may be unworthy of friendship gnawing at him? Risk a lot of pain, or settle for a smaller ongoing one? Either way would be a valid decision.

  55. BlueAnubis

    heh, It looks like Bino finally got his catnip bomb to work from last year. >83

    • John

      Hey blue, you late on this issue

  56. Manic

    Dun Dun Dunnnn

  57. toboe

    Daww, King’s a good dog after all. =3

    *Sniff* No one’s ever told [i]me[/i] that.

    • Thoth

      Well it is Christmas…

      And a Bad Dog wouldn’t care if anyone said they were a Good Dog, so simply asking is a strong indication…

      And you are going by “Toboe”…

      Ergo, if you are a dog (and on the internet who can tell?) you must be a Good Dog, and Santa will Rick will doubtless leave a regular supply of new Housepets comics online for you next year…

      But that means that – if anything happens to Housepets or it goes on Hiatus or some such – it must obviously be all your fault. See how much responsibility you have now?

  58. Manic

    Wait i just notice in the last pannle.
    how much pressher can be in a box?

    • Thoth

      Depends on what you use to provide it;

      *Pumping it up with a bicycle pump after somehow sealing it? Perhaps 80 pounds per square inch. Still enough to cause serious injuries. Fortunately, sealing a box effectively is very difficult.
      *Evolving gas in a sealed container? More than that.. People have been seriously injured by flying champagne corks – and all that involves is sugar water, yeast, and time.
      *Rigging it with a pressurized gas cartridge like a cartridge-powered BB Gun? Just like a BB Gun, enough to inflict serious injury.
      *Using an explosive charge? Enough to level the building. Depending on the agent used, a fraction of an ounce can be enough to kill.

      Fortunately, this is a comic strip, or Bino would quite likely have maimed or killed himself trying to rig up such a device and Joel/King could easily be being rushed to surgery and permanently blinded if he wasn’t dead.

  59. Wolfspawn

    Awruu :) I knew he couldn’t be all that dull and evil :P

  60. wolfsangel

    ah, so bino figured out the set up for the boom device. least he shows some brain cells

    • John

      Which were probably lost in the resulting concussion wave from the explosion

  61. Shadow Wolf X7


    lol, I love the classic soot-covered face.

  62. Majin-Wolf

    Poor King that Catnip bomb explosion is one big owie, curse you Bino!!ಠ_ಠ Housepets is getting better and better! Gotta love King’s expression in the last panel btw lol!!

    Rick needs to make this into a live action cartoon show for Cartoon Network or something that would be awesome to watch! But who will be the perfect voice cast for the characters?!! ಠ_ʘ

  63. Ann

    That is the cutest little Corgi ever. Fox looks like he’s about to start a fight. And how.

    • Thoth

      Well, that is a pretty nasty thing to do to someone else’s guest. Once upon a time, that sort of breach of hospitality led to feuds, formal duels, and minor wars.

  64. John


    • John
  65. pkpg

    for a secound i thought he was black from burn marks O_O but then i noticed the *nip* xD (oh and YAY first post here :D )

  66. D_Leo

    Fox looks like Bino is about to get his face inverted

  67. The game

    Why is Bino allowed in the good dgs club???

    • Thoth

      Because he’s a co-founder with his brother Fido.