I would just like to say that sockpuppeting is NOT ALLOWED in the comments section no matter how unpopular your opinion is, thank you.

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  1. Foxstar


  2. Dontar

    what is sockpuppeting??

  3. Keeshah

    i concur, what is sock puppeting?

  4. Cat-Lover Cross

    Thanks for the illumination

  5. Draco_2k

    Why the hell do people do that anyway.

  6. Echo

    I have no idea what sockpuppeting is…it sounds amusing but im guessing it likely has more to do with snarkhunting…

  7. Cat-Lover Cross

    Well I suppose to make their opinions look more appealing and to create a jump-on-the-bandwagon scenario. And that just makes me wonder what snarkhunting is.

  8. Dontar

    ah, ive seen people do that on the forums I admin (TheBetterMod Forums)

    people would make a dozen gmail accounts just to sockpuppet and troll…never knew what they were doing was called. I usually delete the posts and ban the puppeteer.

    is Sockpuppeting against ISP terms of service?

    • Rick Griffin

      It’s not against ISP TOS, just against common decency.

  9. Dontar

    it should be against ISP TOS….then I can report em and get thier internet shut off… :-)

    • Jer-oh-me

      Why? All it is is annoying, not malicious. If it were being used to perform DOS attacks, then there’d be a good reason.

      • Foxstar

        It depends on the terms of your ISP, ISP’s have a rather wide range of things they can nuke you for.

  10. Firewing417

    People do it cause they know their stuff might be bad to a lot of Critics.
    I honestly wouldnt Bother doing it. Nice Avatar by the way Rick.

  11. fastbreak333

    Who in the world was sockpuppeting? I haven’t seen any evidence of that anywhere.

    • Rick Griffin

      J.C., Matt and Skippy on Friday’s comic all had exactly the same IP and exactly the same opinions, and pretended like he was multiple people backing each other up.

  12. The game

    ok. I won’t ever sockpuppet…again. :)
    jk…or am i?
    *cue eerie music*

  13. The game

    what’s an IsP, and top btw???

    • HYBRIDcreature

      Internet Service Providers and Terms Of Service

      • The game


  14. Pvt Ssellur

    I run a small blog site that i have to scan for idiots that do that sort of thing. I ban whole IP addresses though not just the account or email. You wouldn’t believe the sorts of emails i get for it.

    • Foxstar

      Oh I would.

  15. bookvee

    Of course, that mian problem is, sometimes you do actually get two users from the same IP address with the same opinion, because theyre related. If they make exactly the same spelling errors though, thats a bit of a givaway. I recall once A forum I was on had the same guy posting under 40 different account names. I cant imagine how he kept them all straight!
    the mods developed a system where the same ip couldnt reply to their own posts.

    • Pvt Ssellur

      The problem with that is occasionally you may get someone from the same IP. I only block it, if it is a continuous thing where the same IP is replying to itself over and over again. once is fine, but twice is shut down.

  16. jack

    Rick Griffin is AWESOME!!!

  17. jack

    Mod Edit-No

  18. jack

    Mod Edit-Not cute.