Peace On Earth To Men Of Good Will
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  1. Darcin

    Ha ha, awkward moment has arrived!

    • Darcin

      wait what the devil just happened

      • Justice193

        he had fun… I know, it’s amazing right? :)

    • Sind

      You kiddin?
      This whole ark’s been awkward for poor King XD

  2. Cannon Fodder

    Cannon fodder uses leech
    It’s super effective!

    • Cannon Fodder


  3. Hunk23


  4. slacks315

    Yay! Kingy had fun with the squeeky! But don’t be too hard fox, he just know how awesome you were yet.

    • slacks315

      didn’t know*

  5. Bloo-Doggie

    There goes being 3rd…T_T

    • Zoradain

      Cheer up ^^ *Pats back*

  6. Cannon Fodder

    Jeez even animals hate PETA!

    • Foxstar

      They don’t hate them. Fox is just upset at the idea they dognapped him with the so called intent of ‘freeing’ him.

    • Thoth

      I suspect that “Loonies who try to kill me” is considerably more upsetting than “Loonies who want to dump me in the woods”.

  7. Thoth

    Well, that’s a sharp turn back into depression there – and bad news for Joel/King; unless time travel is involved, returning to human might be quite awkward.

    • JB

      I was wondering if the had police notice that Joel wasn’t there no more. Can’t wait to find out at the end if he turns back into a human or not.

      • Thoth

        I still hope not. Just think of the possibilities in having a pet in the community who knows how to – say – make mechanical or electrical repairs, handle a phone menus system, or drive a car.

        Plus the possibilities of having a spokesman with a decent education for the pets. After all, there was that bit about Pete’s release bringing about a golden age or equality.

        • Wolfy

          Knowing how to do something and being able to do something are 2 different things. I don’t think a Corgi could reach the gas and break pedals of a car and still see over the steering wheel.

          Besides, this is a Housepets version of “It’s a Wondrful Life”, or did you not notice the title of this story arc?

          I bet he will realize the error of his ways and WANT to be human again in order to face the consequences of his actions like a RESPONSIBLE person. And then he’ll probably turn his life around and do things that actually DO help pets.

          • Thoth

            Yep – but it’s always possible to use extensions, there are real-world arrangements for legless drivers, and a comic strip can improvise in many ways.

            Speculations on the meaning of the title, whether the character names mean anything, and lots of other details have been engaged in for the fun of it in earlier comments and – to some extent – in the comments on earlier strips.

            As for Joel – he realized the error of his ways back when he decided to stop trying to run away and go back.

    • J.C.

      I doubt Joel/King will become human again – he assaulted police and evaded arrest, meaning that he’ll go straight to jail. That would be a very unhappy, unsatisfying ending. Besides, that would mean that King wouldn’t remain a primary character in the comic, which would be a great loss; I can’t wait to see King meet Grape and Peanut.

      On the Pete thing… Tarot said Pete was a jerk. While Pete’s goals may seem nice right now… I think he’s going to use rather harsh methods to get there. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what Tarot was talking about.

      And still we wait to see what happened with Tiger and Co.; I wonder if King and Zach will meet? Their emotions of depression and loneliness are similar, but their personalities/perspectives are just different enough that it could create an interesting dynamic.

      • Thoth

        Well, it is a comic, and hence has no limit to the number of ways to work things out – but it doesn’t look good.

        As for Pete’s goals… There’s really no way to know what they are at the moment. We’ve got his own (rather strange) activities, a woodlands “prophecy” (which could well be badly distorted), and Tarot’s statements (also possibly confused; psychics are notorious for that).

      • Prof

        Good point J.C.
        I was wondering about the same thing. Zach still desperately needs a friend.

      • Justice193

        like you said, he’s kinda a jerk, exactly why when everything seems to be going right for King, I expect him to turn ‘em back into Joel, if he shows up in a prison cell, there’s no real way for police to explain what exactly happened, and he can say whatever he wants, but I do believe that it will cause him to become attached to the community, and give him a real goal in terms of helping the animals get what they deserve: their rights.

        a couple of cameo characters supposedly going through the same thing later, and Pete will have created an animal rights movement, heck he may even reform the entirety of Peta, just for kicks, and to be a huge jerk to every other animal rights movement out there :P (it would also force those groups to jump on the band wagon, and I’m certain you can see how that would spiral out of control)… I think Pete is a jerk, but more on the positive side of being one :) .

        • Wolfy

          You don’t know that he’s a jerk. Just because that’s what Tarot said doesn’t make it true. She might not even be a real dog. She just showed up out of the blue right before Pete was set free. She could be some kind of magical creature, even another gryphon. Pete can change his shape to a human, no reason he couldn’t become a dog. Tarot could be an ex-girlfriend of Pete’s who is being petty and vindictive.

          • Thoth

            Judging by


            I’d bet on a real pet, and probably a real dog.

            Although much of the speculation does note that her statements are not necessarily accurate.

            Personally, I tend to assume that most of the information presented is accurate from at least the characters viewpoints since that makes it harder to fit it all together – and I like complicated puzzles. Speculation is just a mental game after all.

          • Wolfy

            You mean you tend to assume the MOST RECENT information presented is accurate. The information presented when Grape and Peanut first met Pete was that he was nice. He made no beef about Peanut not being able to pronounce his name, and he let them ride him. An arrogant jerk would be ‘too good” to permit that.

            But Tarot calling Pete a jerk came after that, so that’s what you’re going with.

          • Thoth

            Since the first bit of this is a direct reply to my previous statement above, and there is no seperation, I’ll have to assume that the entire segment is directed to me. Hopefully that’s accurate.

            As noted I tend to assume that most information presented is accurate from the character’s viewpoints; We presumably got an accurate representation of what Grape dreamed. We also presumably got an accurate statement of what Tarot said. Note that this does NOT mean that any given character-presented statement might not be an attempt at manipulation, but the endpoint of that logic is discarding all dialogue – ergo it seems reasonable to take most statements with no obvious manipulative purpose as being relatively accurate from the character’s perspective.

            Now, in fact I didn’t mention Pete in the comment above; where I did – further up – I noted that we have no way of knowing what his goals are as of yet. Sending a dream is a part of his activities. Information from that dream is going to be whatever Pete wanted it to be – as translated by Grape into a dream. Most people have a positive view of themselves and tend to stress that if they want something and dreamsending is definitely manipulative. Ergo, that information must be rated as being somewhat less reliable.

            However, the statement I made was that – going by the referenced comic strip – it seemed likely that Tarot was indeed a real pet and probably a real dog. That is because the little shared-heart images are not a part of the strip “reality”; just like the more recent pain-stars hanging around Joel/King, they’re emotion-indicators for the readers – and thus unlikely to be misleading.

  8. ndigit

    Is that a hint of remorse I’m sensing from Joel?…I mean King…I mean…gah never mind.

    • Thoth

      Well, it’s not like he was ever too enthused about the kidnap plan in the first place. He didn’t know about it in advance, didn’t see the point, and the “was the part where we righted an injustice” speech seemed fairly revealing.

      So he joined PETA without actually investigating it, then – equally foolishly – presumed that their plans actually made sense. If he’d bailed out ten minutes earlier – say by pulling over and letting Fox out – would he be a heroic figure?

      • Cerberus

        To an extent, yes. he’d be a hero. but then we’d lose out on the “happy” feeling we get when a bad guy gets caught and pays for his crimes.

        • Darcin

          And the joke about fatty’s glandular problem. And that’s nooooo good.

        • Thoth

          Not quite what I meant: He’d still be exactly what he is now; a bit thoughtless and easily led, still an accomplice to petnapping even if a regretful one (remorse, even a few minutes afterwards, would not negate the original offense), and – quite possibly – still in much the same situation.

          Looking at his speech then, I suspect that he might well have pulled out given a little time – and would still be exactly the same person. Seeing him punished (presuming he is being punished) isn’t or wouldn’t be particuarly satisfying; foolishness is best dealt with by education.

          It’s only subjective perceptions of him that would change.

          • Cerberus

            I see that and agree as well (we are also reading a little deep into it). Just the fact that Joel pulling over would actualy change him from being submissive and thoughtless to a more independent person. His veiw of the world and of pets would have been changed and (in my opinion) he’d be more comfortable around Fox, since Fox’s hatred toward Joel births from Fox being held captive.

            Wow that was a little too deep for a comedic web comic.

          • J.C.

            I’m not sure Joel/King’s perspectives need to be “dealt” with. He never seemed like that bad of a character; even now, his distinctive personality, while negative, makes him a powerful character, perhaps even more than Grape and Peanut.

            I would hate to see his personality snuffed out; the stubbornness, negativity and cynicism foils well with the other characters in Housepets.

          • Thoth

            Well, it was the readers perceptions of him that were in question.

            Joel/King does need to learn to look before he leaps however – as well as not to be so blind a follower.

            Fortunately, he may now be getting just the education he needs. Nothing like a change of viewpoint to get people to question their assumptions.

          • Justice193

            dang it, I should of responded to this one… oh well, you can read it up there XD.

  9. Fuzzypaws

    Well at least he’s finally having fun with his new form!

  10. Theo


    My post got taken down.

    Oh well.

  11. dragonnutds

    nice new navigator rick

  12. StainedSword

    It looks like Fox is playing video games in the last panel. Just thought I’d say that.

    Love the artwork as usual, always loving it. Looking forward to more.

  13. Cerberus

    Ha love the sudden “inconspicuous” nervousness in King’s voice at the end. And the way his eyes shrink, priceless. oh and Fox’s face is sweet too. He does have a brutal side, doesn’t he?

  14. Pokeblue

    Lol, but now I’m wondering if by a slim chance Fox is talking about the fat guy that tried to smother him him with his weight…

    • Darcin

      I really doubt that’s the case, since Pete did bust Joel out of the prison at the start of this arc.

      Unless Pete’s been really busy ever since he vanished from sight.

      • Thoth

        Of course Fox may not know which one it was. He’d probably have stronger feelings about the lunatic with the noxious rhetoric who tried to kill him than about the driver – especially if he actually remembers the converstation.

      • Indagare

        Actually I think Pokeblue might be correct. In the first place, the person ‘escaped from the courthouse’ and Joel was in the jail (which, I guess, could be in the courthouse but it seems less likely). Second, part of the comedy of situations like this is that it’s nearly always a case of mistaken identity with Joel somehow interrupting everyone just before he gets the vital info that it’s the other guy everyone is talking about. Finally, Joel was just the driver – I’m not sure Fox would get this ticked off about the guy who drove the vehicle as opposed to the one that tried to smother him.

        Then again, Rick can always turn every convention on its head and inside out.

        • slacks315

          You make some good and convincing points, but I guess we will just have to wait to find out if you guys are right.

          Waiting blows…
          *goes off to find a new hobby*

  15. J.C.

    King is dealing with the fact that Fox still hates his human form by diverting attention from the topic; I wonder if he’s simply afraid of breaking his cover, or whether it’s something else.

    I think it’s interesting that Fox never heard Joel’s explanation of his role in the kidnapping. Will Rick consider this in the following scenes, or will that remain inconsequential to the story?

    The comic reminded me of the scene in the Lion King where Simba, Timon, and Pumbaa lie in the grass and talk about the stars, but I’m not sure the comparison applies on more than a superficial level.

    At least King is finally enjoying himself; I wonder if he’s experiencing reverse Stockholm syndrome. At any rate, King’s personality/perspective seems to be changing.

  16. Duskyo

    Just “PLAY IT OFF”, King! Play it off…
    Man, what a way to “learn from your mistakes”!

    • Justice193

      He didn’t make any, except joining the wrong group without doing some prior research to their methods, and agreeing to be fatty’s driver.

      I think the point here is for Joel to realize that animals are exactly like people, except maybe nicer, but not just to realize it, to be so enthused at the end of all this that he wants to rally people behind him to fight for equal animal rights, in much the same way that women did in most of the world., except he may be human when he does it, why? animals are a completely different race than humans, getting humans behind you as supporters would be a larger help to your cause than getting animals behind you…

      • J.C.

        Why is equality always assumed to be a good thing? Everyone may be equally miserable – no one would like that.

        • Justice193

          The whole point, even in that scenario, is that their equal, particularly when it comes to their rights and the privileges presented to them. Everyone could be miserable, but lets say one group of miserable people is allowed to do anything they like, whereas the other is miserable because of just how repressed they are, to the point that they don’t make any personal decisions, others make it for them. These groups may be equally miserable, but they are not truly equal; to be truly equal, they would need to have the same rules and guidelines applied to both groups, as though they were one group, even if they’re still kept separate, both groups would at least be able to do just the same amount of things, and be treated with the same respect from either group as they are from their own.

          More to the comic itself; what we’re discussing is total equality, not partial, they already have partial. As you can Imagine, total equality is a good thing, as it means rules can be universal. However, people in a position of power are often reluctant to relinquish it, and what seems like a very simple and functional solution, is vastly over complicated by unnecessary interruption.

          • Thoth

            I’m not sure that total equality is entirely practical when some of the species are on the food chain for the others – and when the lifespans are so different.

            Would Daisy be very functional in society without someone to look after her?

  17. falconfox01

    It would be an irony if Fox and King become good friends only to have Pete change king back into Joel at a really inopertune moment. Letting Joel/King see things from the pet perspective Could be more than just a form of punishment.

    • Justice193

      you mean like… when all the other pets are around and there all having fun?.. man, that would just… and I could just Imagine what Pete would say: “you mean, you never told them?!?”.

      Maybe not that inopportune eh? :P

  18. Raiettei

    Ahahaha… haha… ha… Hee.

  19. gamerwords

    i wonder what will become of their relationship. lol

    • gamerwords

      arg! i thought i updated my avatar!

  20. Asteri

    XD I love fox!!!!!!
    btw, this was the “second time” he was interrupted by awkward laughs…
    then when was the first?

  21. Valerio

    this moment HAD to come! Wonder how King didn’t turn violet by now…

  22. Logo

    And here I thought Joel/King was cynical enough to not feel fear.

    Oh well.

  23. M.D.

    Light and funny, but also touching in the foretold redemption of the character through mutual understanding (coming to age and all that; the quintessential element of the American novel). A very nice recovery in a storyline that seemed to lean towards a distubringly serious version of CSI or Law and Order. Well done. I’ll keep reading this comic, after all!

    • Justice193

      O.O Shame on you for doubting Rick! :P

      • M.D.

        Still, it’s healthy; essential even. If you do not doubt an author’s ability to deliver, how can he ever surprise you?

        • Justice193

          I had a really long comment on this, but in a effort to not become know as “the boy that writes too much” I’ll sum it up:

          Ricks way of telling story isn’t fast paced, it’s what allows him to throw as much comedy as he wants into the story, if you take a look at each little arc, that story section could probably be summarized into one 8 panel long serious strip, and as Rick wants to keep his readers hooked, as noted by his “keep hooking” speech, he draws out the days of his story into weeks of comedy, quite contrary to the serious strips that tell days of story as they think of them, and that to me is an effect of too much stress on a writer, and the want to just tell you’re story as quickly as you can, make your voice heard, and be done with it, maybe having one or two people pat you on the back after it, and is highly unprofessional, and Rick is a Professional, he’s probably got years worth of story already stockpiled, with the only problem being “how do I make it funny” and he’s good at doing that. sure it’s healthy to doubt people ever now and again, but if the story takes a little turn for the worse because the particular part of the story he’s trying to tell just can’t be that funny, no matter how much you draw it out, and you stop reading entirely, then you’re being too unrealistic, as the truth is that Rick does have a story to tell, and sometimes it won’t be as funny as others, and you’re only setting your standards too high if you expect every strip to be just as funny, or funny in the exact same way, as the last… nay, you’re not setting them too high, you’re looking at them with too narrow of a perspective.

          I’m a “the glass is half full” not a “the glass is half empty” kind of person, there is no use getting upset as long as you still have some of that precious liquid left, and dropping some of the comedy down allows for a sort of break in the flow that keeps readers interested, I mean come on, if all this was is random comedy, you’d get bored of it eventually and go off to find a better comic because this was missing something, it wasn’t concrete enough, even for comedy.

          and yes, this is summing it up, I went into much detail about every little point, and looked up after a half hour with wide eyes and said O.O WOW that’s HUGE, I could write a short novel on what it takes to be a professional comic book artist on this alone XD… now if only I could tell a good story.. or draw cartoons for that matter :( .

          • Justice193

            OMG it’s STILL HUGE, AHHHHH *Smashes head against desk repeatedly*… maybe what I had written before was a small novel…

          • Thoth

            Well, there are always the forums…

          • Justice193

            a very good point, I’ve never hit the forums of any comic I’ve posted on before, but lately my comments have been becoming less of a comment than a commentary… it’s just so hard to comment without elaborating for me, and it feels so much more natural to post under the actual strip you’re talking about….

            there I go again DX

          • J.C.

            Ha ha, I completely agree with your views on how to write a comic, Justice, but disagree with you on how the comic works.

            Unlike you, I feel that Rick’s arcs often run short; I am a little biased, though, as I read Jack, Lackadaisy, MNT Gaiden and Dreamkeepers, and am therefore used to longer, better-established storylines. In fact, in all those comics, comedy is sometimes sacrificed for the sake of the story; in MNT Gaiden and Jack, jokes are rare.

            On the other hand, I also read Penny Arcade, VG Cats, and XKCD – I believe these comics stay alive on pure comedy and nothing else.

            Housepets now occupies a precarious middle ground, attempting to both tell a story and be funny. I personally believe Lackadaisy and Dreamkeepers accomplish this better; this is why my comments on this comic are often pessimistic.

            I strongly suggest you read Dreamkeepers or Lackadaisy as well as Housepets.

            And, honestly, I think commentary is exactly what belongs in the comments space: the forum seems like a better place for praise/witty comments about the comic.

          • M.D.

            I’m not sure what to make of your reply, Justice. I just wanted to say that I like to be surprised, and good surprises come at the price of risking bad ones.

            As for the pace, I agree with you, and I’ll add that in my opinion the sequential, regularly updated American comic strip is fundamentally flawed in that matter. While the advent of the internet allows more flexibility in that matter with weekly or monthly updates, the need to deliver a punchline almost every day seems too restrictive for me.

            Also, I mentioned that I considered not reading this comic anymore not because jokes fell flat (not everyone can be funny all the time) but because of elements I found disturbing: the apology of violence on PETA members, or some bizarre animal/human interactions too reminiscent of apartheid policies. There’s no need to argue on that: I fully understand that those perceptions are mine only, and if you don’t see things that way and enjoy the story, good for you. But the freedom to read what you like is also the freedom not to read what you don’t.
            There, I went and wrote a huge reply too. Seems like it’s contagious.

          • Justice193

            good, I was beginning to worry that I over-think Everything :P .

            I personally could see some bizarre human/animal interactions too, I’m just trusting Rick’s pg-13 policy, something I wish every comic had, and I fully agree that it is hard to deliver a punch line every comic, which is exactly what I was getting at, in order to deliver one, sometimes you need to purposefully lower the readers expectations for a second, before they get too high :)

            and hey, even Peta members, no matter how monstrous, are human… though I generally agree with you on that point, and I’m sorry if I came off as offensive in any form, certainly not what I was trying to do, I just love expanding on topics :D .

          • M.D.

            Don’t worry – I don’t aknowledge the existence of the word “offend”.

  24. Sleet

    Let’s see just how awkward this can get!

  25. James319

    LOL kinda reminds me of Brother Bear XD i miss that movie and like the way things are going here XP i wonder how peanut and grape are spending Christmas

  26. Sockmaster

    Whoo… New buttons-n-such :D

  27. Squival

    the lids gunna be blown off eventually, cant wait ^^

    Also great image choice for your “Vote TWC” box, love that pic

  28. Wolfspawn

    hahaha that’s so very classic :D

  29. John

    Commissioning a new vote button. If you want your avatar or any other picture or original image on it, send the image to “”. Kai, thx!

    • John

      The images will be due by Jan 1st.

      • Justice193

        But I LIKE this one 8(

        What’s wrong with it? You just want a cameo character don’t you? :P

        • John

          No, I just need to stay busy for a while. Still waiting for vacation to end and I need something to catchup with.

          • Theo

            There’s this cool anime called Baccano! you could watch.

            It’s pretty short, like 16 episodes total, but it’s a fun ride.

          • Justice193

            Vacations are for relaxing >.>… but I do agree that this particular holiday is a little long winded, like myself.

            you could take up plastic canvas craft :P , or clay modeling, or fly tying; etc… get a hobby, it’s what I do when I have spare time that I’m not filling with work and research for future projects.

  30. Cathallago

    hahahaha.. i love it… poor guy. i imagine hes getting really nervous now.

  31. Tobias Rhdoes

    Hooray for akward moments! Also, love the new site layout.

  32. Traxer

    I think I’m just reading this to see King’s expressions each update now. It just keeps getting more brilliant each sequence.

  33. Justice193

    humans go to the extremes with their expressions, I wonder if that could account for many of kings… meh.

    so my topic, as you probably know by now, for today is: what will Joel Learn/ what exactly is Pete up to? We all read a little deep into the comics, try to figure stuff out, if you skiped over the other coments let me recap mine: Pete is probably attempting to reform Peta , turning it into an animal rights activist that know what animals really need: equal rights (that or he’s using Joel as staging for a new group… however, I like to think there’s a reason Pete is one letter off from Peta, and he has to be a jerk somehow.) causing other groups to suddenly wonder “what have we been doing rong that they suddenly started doing right?” and jump on the band wagon, sending this nothing of equal animal rights spiraling out of control until the world just accepts it (not like there’d really be much of a choice after that).

    Joel is probably going to be a human after this, why?: not that it really benefits Joel much in terms of happiness, he’d probably be happier staying a dog, but he’d be more thankful after this if he’s human again, it’s not much to show up in a jail cell, explain his way out of a baffled court, and begin rallying supporters… and as previously stated; I believe Pete means business, it’s much easier to get humans to equalize their rights systems if you have actual humans behind you, instead of just a bunch of animals. (no offense to any animals, but you do see my point right?)

    now the only problem is getting the animals behind you, after all, what’s the point if there happy just the way they are?… gee, I wonder how he could do that?… *cough* slip up *cough* :P … I could elaborate but… I’m feeling good today, like I could be on a role, and I prefer to just watch and see if I’m right, better not to ruin an arc for everyone if I am :D as all I’ve touched so far is more or less just side story XD.

    thoughts everyone?

    finally: WHY DON’T YOU HAVE AN AVATAR RICK?? how are we supposed to recognize you at a glance? :puppyface:

    any thoughts on this?

    • Thoth

      Oh well, if we’re reading into things deeply…

      I doubt we’ll see much reform of PETA. After all, the only serious PETA member we’ve seen was entirely lost to reality. People like that are poor cantidates for reform. They’re also about the closest thing to real villians that the strip has, it would distance the background even further from reality – and thus make the strip less accessible – and PETA is apparently widely disliked, in reality, among the readers, and in the setting. Why work uphill?

      In any case, the ASPCA is apparently already working for reform, and getting animals rights, within the legal system. Given the fact that humans in the strip are already making mockeries of the leash laws, giving their pets allowances, and treating them as their kids, I suspect that “rights for pets” already have plenty of backing among humans. Perhaps what they need are some examples of animals who are obviously deserving of rights and clearly capable of handling them… Episodes like the Canine Easter Egg Hunt will not do; the animals need a coherent spokesman.

      I would speculate on the introduction of something like the General Obedience Exam – perhaps the General Citizenship Exam – allowing animals who can demonstrate the ability to handle having rights to get them. After all, the Housepets universe has farms, which means that any form of “general rights for animals” would really overturn the setting.

      As far as names go… We can always speculate on “Joel” – most notable as a minor old testament prophet who spoke of a plague of locusts as an omen or an upcoming of a judgement. The name itself seems to mean “The Lord is God”. We could combine that with Tarot’s predictions to come up with some really apocalyptic scenarios.

      For that matter, we can simply take the arc title literally; “It’s a Wonderful Life” convinced a suicidal man to go back to his life because it made a difference. Ergo, would a “It’s a Wonderful Dog’s Life” be about convincing someone who felt that their life was worthless and that the world was full of nothing but pain that a better alternative was open?

      Personally I’m hoping that Joel stays a dog. I think it would work at least as well as a catalyst for change in the setting – Joel as a human, even a reformed one, is nothing special. Joel as King is fairly unique – plus I can think of a lot of possible jokes involving him, and this is a comic strip.

      As for getting the animals behind him… Well, that would almost have to go through human media – and through the owners. The animals themselves only have word of mouth, which would both take forever and is terribly prone to distortion. Secondarily, it would be kind of impractical to organize the pets for a mass demonstration, or even exert much pressure, when their owners are free to simply lock them up. It’s not like a civil rights movement, or even women’s sufferage in the US.

      • Justice193

        where the men were free to just lock them up?, I see your point, and I think you almost see mine, maybe I should elaborate on the pet part, but less story wise;

        equalization of rights is hard, and takes courage, from allot of people on both sides, and in the middle, because there is middle ground that needs to be worked out. True, Joel is from Peta, but he’s also formerly from ASPCA, and has just joined Peta for that matter, by explain his way out of court, I meant it would be easy for him to explain his current situation, say he didn’t know that they were not only such extremists, but stupid, and begin a campaign that would eitehr end up starting a much stronger version of the ASPCA, or eventually cause it to merge into their cause.

        Peta is hated, and while I agree that removing it removes a villain from the story, perhaps the real villain here isn’t Peta, it’s equality, and while everyone does hate Peta, they are the exact type of extremists that could cause a stir if they had the right motivation (you know, not “set all the cute bunnies free in the wild to be eaten by a pack of ravenous carnivores”, rather “set the animals free of their constraints, give them their rights”), if this is something that isn’t possible (ie: assuming everyone in Peta isn’t raving mad) Joel would at least know enough of both the ‘pencil pushing, dodge around the topic but insist it’s important just so I can get a living off of it… it will happen eventually’ side of it and the “DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW” side of it to start up a proper movement.

        King is most likely (and I say most likely because it seems more logical to me, but is not necessarily the way rick will tell it) going to be Human at the end of this, why? the short is that it’s tuff, live with it, Pete is a Jerk; the long is that you are absolutely right, even if the animals wanted to do something about it, what is keeping their owners from locking them up? sure King would be an excelent example of just what Animals are capable of, but he [b][i]isn’t[/i][/b] a true example of what pets are capable of, you don’t go on wanting equal rights by lying about yourself (ie: men didn’t dress up as women to help them gain their rights), which is also why I believe that King will slip up, spill the beans, and eventually everyone in the entire community will eventually know his true identity, possibly only finally believing it when he is Joel again, alleviating my conscience of having to think about what could happen while he’s a dog, and any possible natural desires he may get (sure, him dating another dog would feel weird, but what if his natural attractions were based off his root form? ie: human.), forcing people to realize that their pets are the same as humans, and getting owners full support… all you have to do is read some of the character bios to learn that not all owners, even in this community, really believe their pets are capable of handling anything humans can, it’s evidenced by how much they pay them, when they do work, and just how much like children they treat them, but their true intelligence is expressed by various aspects in the pets lives that many of us have probably missed or ignored, including myself (I’ll have to have another go at reading through these) but include and are not limited to: holding meetings, reading and enjoying novels (not just books), working, and taking care of others, perhaps one of the better examples of just how intelligent animals are, and a much better candidate than King is, is the Wolf family, and Pete had nothing to do with that, something that gives it a better ring in my ears.

        this would also allow Joel to take on the more serious side role that I believe he was meant for, allowing brief comic moments to occur, while still allowing him to seem like he’s doing allot of serious stuff on the side as opposed to turning the comic into the serious story telling stuff so many of us dread this turning into…

        Or we could all be wrong and this is just a test to see how much Joel likes being an animal before Pete turns EVERYONE into animals… forever… and I know that Rick has some point to this so I’d prefer to believe that is not the direction he’s going with this… cause he’d have to be both a madman and a genius to be able to continue effectively hooking after that, you know, COMPLETE comic shift.

        at least the minority would be right… but it’s not like Rick to only aim at pleasing the minority… part of what people like about this is that while it’s a comic based around animals, it’s not a “furry” comic, which is refreshing.

        • The game

          You think too mcuh

          • J.C.

            You think too little.

          • Justice193

            Sadly, I agree with him to a point, you can never really think too much, but for this comments section I may be overthinking it a little. Mind you I had thought of more to post, but thought better of it…

            You know, Rick doesn’t care how long these get surprisingly, says ‘e loves reading them (I asked in a sideways sorta way in my activation email)

            Just don’t repeat my mistake of using too long a paragraph/ too many run on sentences :) … it’s hard to read; too bad I can’t edit that >.>.. yes, I will go on about it :P .

        • J.C.

          The equality issue doesn’t necessarily apply to animal rights; certainly, we’ve seen some examples of discrimination and marginalization within the pets themselves, especially in the “Oops, I Arced” arc, where this entire idea of “Pete will bring equality” was introduced.


          I seriously doubt that Rick would turn the entire world into animals; this would have a minimal effect on the reader, as very, VERY few humans have been introduced. See, a transformation story hits hardest when we know and relate to the characters: this is why seeing Joel turned into King captured my attention. If Rick is planning to turn everyone into animals without the plot feeling contrived, he should introduce at least some of the owners of the pets. For the transformation emotional effect to be substantial, Rick would have to take up a large chunk of time developing these owner’s personalities.

          And, of course, the name of the comic would no longer make sense. Because turning everyone into animals would feel contrived and takes too much work to pull off, I don’t believe the author will do it.


          “Housepets isn’t furry”? … he he he HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! *wipes away a tear*

          • Foxstar

            The mini thesis would be better served for the fourms.

        • Thoth

          The trouble there is that Joel would have a lot of trouble founding an organization; he’s already spent time in jail, he was a member of PETA – showing either spectacularly poor judgement or serious problems – and he really doesn’t show much in the way of human leadership qualities.

          As for reforming PETA – we have only one example of a generic Peta member (so tagged) – and he was completely disconnected from reality already. Why start with the lunatics when you don’t have to?

          While King wouldn’t be “a true example”, so what? Most of the potential “true examples” will never get a chance. All that’s needed is an effective example. If the worst thing that an attempt at social upheavel throws up is a minor deception, it’s doing very well.

          As for what might happen while he’s a dog; presumably the same things that might happen with any other dog in the strip within the limits of a PG rating and King’s (apparently fairly high) embarrasment level.

          Now the Miles’s family – and the manipulations of the Ferrets – may well be important, but the attempt to allow animals to function in human society is unlikely to be unique – or to be entangled in prophecies.

          • Justice193

            you people have all truly surprised me with the length of constructive comments you can dish out, I’ve never seen it anywhere else :) .

            for Once I might have almost nothing to say :D ,

            I must agree on the point of Peta, which is why I offered an alternative in my theory, generally what I’m saying is that he is probably moving towards it somehow, starting with Joel and his confidence in… well… everything… as it was hinted at by Joel that he considers the ASPCA’s methods far too slow.

            and I agree that sometimes a lie needs to be introduced to help clear things up, I just prefer solutions that present themselves as opposed to ones you introduce that could mess things up… could be that human “I’m Flawed” part of me speaking though :P .

  34. [The game

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    • John

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            yeah, a few places I post on have this set up, I was kinda surprised to see my avatar stayed universal when I started posting on other comics myself, gonna have to make a mental note of this in case I ever decide to start up a web comic, or know someone that does :P .

  35. BlueAnubis

    *stares at the new layout* Ooh, Pretty, and with new TWC buttons, YAYYY!

    well, at least King is enjoying himself, finally, dispite the awkwardness.

    P.S. href= is the first time that Fox was interupted by awkward laughing, for those of you who wanted to know.
    P.S.S. This is my real name, Theo. or at least it is on Deviantart, PSN, XBL, and anywere else on the internet. >83 Mwe he hee!

    • Theo

      My full name is Theodore Christmas Rollock.

      That’s right. My middle name is Christmas.
      It’s on my birth certificate.
      Everyone on my mother’s side of the family has the last name Christmas. Legally, too.

      Ball’s in your court, my alias’d friend.

      • Justice193

        how far back does this extend?? only reason I ask is that it sounds kinda silly :P hard to imagine a teacher keeping a straight face reading it XD.

        • BlueAnubis

          Just last update.

          Bwa ha ha, he has told me his full name! Now I shall steal his identity, look up his adress, buy thousands of copies of videogames that nobody over the age of three wants (with a credit card in his name), and send them all to his house! BWA HA HA HAAAA!!!
          Okay, not really. But several college security classes have taught me to be warry of the internet and the people therein. so I will keep my full name to myself. Besides, BlueAnubis sounds far better than Figgs.

  36. The game

    This was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! XD
    Poor King tho

    • Justice193

      makes me wonder, what would fox’s reaction be to finding out who King really is? if it ever does happen >.>.

      • The game

        i would go to King’s funeral

      • Thoth

        Incredulity? Besides, I doubt that Fox would hold much of a grudge against the reluctant driver who is now smaller than he is, already in trouble, fairly helpless, and clearly already in emotional turmoil – even if he hadn’t made friends with him.

  37. The game

    Wait, so Fox’s dad is a cop, his best friend is a cop, but he isn’t??

    • Justice193

      right… I think… he might be, but we’ve only seen him off duty? I presume he has some ties with the military somehow, unless his owner thought it would be silly to have him walking around with a dog tag that was a picture of a fox and opted for something cooler :P only time will really tell, however he’s not saying “one of the guys we caught” as though he was part of the team, so it’s probably safe to say that he’s not a police dog.

    • Thoth

      Well, it’s not contagious. I have I have friends with the same job that my father had, but that doesn’t mean that I do the same thing.

      • Thoth

        Odd, how did “I have” get reduplicated? Oh well.

  38. MattM
  39. Phife

    I certainly like Fox’s outfit and King is just amusing.

  40. FuRrY321

    This is just a test to see if my Gravatar worked. It’s taken from the “awkward laughter” of King.
    Ah, I just LOVE furries! ^_^

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            Almost as embarrassing as when I walked into a gas station/Tim Hortons and asked them where the washroom was. Turns out it was right behind me!

  41. Caleb

    I wonder what Pete is doing. It could be something that makes sure Joel won’t get in any more trouble for Pete taking him. Or he could be just watching as King bonds with Fox.

  42. John

    Looks like Fox is gonna have to choke a …..!

  43. Rawrimaducky

    Help me squaeaky bone!

  44. Raelynna

    lawl xD ooooooh the pricelessness!!

  45. Thoth

    For the fun of speculating, here’s a scenario for Joel/King’s background:

    He’s apparently in his 20’s or early 30’s as a human.
    He had pets (presumably friends/quasi-siblings) as a child; his parents treated them, and possibly him, badly enough to make them run away and take him along, whether willingly or unwillingly.
    Life on the streets with the now-feral pets did not go well.
    The situation only lasted for a week.
    Joel may have been returned to his parents, or he might have been placed in foster care.
    As for his pets… Ferals have no rights of any kind. They’d gone feral, and had almost certainly been accused of kidnaping, and possibly of injuring, a human child. It doesn’t seem at all likely that Joel’s parents would have taken responsibility for the mess rather than blaming the pets.
    If they were very lucky, they escaped. If they were less lucky, they were caught and impounded – and probably put to sleep; judging by Miles’s case; Humans apparently have few compunctions about eliminating dangerous animals.
    Worst case? Joel saw one, two, or all three of them die at the hands of his “rescuers”. That would at least account for his special concerns about animal rights, animals not getting Miranda warnings, and why he apparently has no pets any longer when one or more of them might well have lasted this long – thanks to the doubled lifespan mentioned in the information thread – otherwise (and ASPCA people usually have pets anyway). It would be nicer if they escaped, and there’s a reunion (possibly due to the publicity) sometime – or perhaps meeting some of their kids – but it doesn’t seem all that likely.
    Joel joined the ASPCA as an adult, but did something that got him kicked out – likely the same thing that got him jailed. This could be as simple as drunken driving, but, since none of the other pets rights organizations would let him join, seems likely to be pet-related.
    His “not being OK” with petnaping, and his speech on “righting an injustice” make it seem unlikely that his offense was harming a pet. What else would disqualify him for membership in a pets-rights organization? It might have been assaulting someone who abusing a pet, or an illegal rescue attempt, or some such. Those kinds of offences would certainly get him labeled a loose cannon.

    Now that background could account for his being dedicated enough to join any animal-rights group that would take him, for an irrational willingness to follow unwise leadership, for obeying people who shout at him (like his parents), for having a panic attack when the police are arresting him, for his desire to “keep other pets from ending up like his”, for having trouble dealing with animals despite wanting to help them, for feelings of bitterness, isolation, and depression, for an extreme emotional reaction when confronted with Fox, for an emotionally troubled response – apparently including crying – to a dog that wants to be friends, and even for his excessive nervousness about any mention of police involvement in his current situation.

    Now that’s not the happiest possible scenario, but Joel/King isn’t an especially happy character.

    And that makes it someone else’s turn to spin a scenario… Got any nice rosy ones? That one is a bit sad, even if it does fit in with the “it’s a wonderful life” theme.

    • Justice193

      unfortunately I agree with you entirely, and had come to close to the same conclusion as to his past, and while I prefer to Imagine that his old pets hadn’t died, it is quite likely… however, I think that anyone would be scared when confronting the dog that threatened to tear you to pieces, wears a leather jacket, dog tags, a biker scarf, and looks to have enough muscle to back up his threats :P … even if he had a squeaky bone, I’d at least be uneasy for a bit :) .

      I refuse to account his nervousness about police to his past however, he seems logical enough to realize what their jobs are, he just doesn’t want to be caught, or alternately found out, believed, and turned in… he is technically an escaped prisoner, which at least doubles whatever sentence he may of gotten… especially considering he was Peta >.>… until he’s put back, Pete is only helping ‘Joel’ look more like a raving lunatic.

      I’m amazed that he wasn’t the least bit surprised by seeing a Gryphon though. That, at the very least, suggest a past so troubled that seeing one would seem normal to him in his current situation, and after the quick little bit Pete said, he may have been all too willing to have a chance at redemption. the question is simple: is it a chance at redemption, or is he being used again?

      I hope it’s both personally.

      • Thoth

        Oh, I suspect that I’d put a lot of it down to pure talk; after all, Fatty tried to smother Fox – which pretty much must have left him within range to be attacked – and came off without a scratch.

        A lot of people are nervous about police, but he does seem a bit excessive about it. After all, if he was found out and believed, he’s not an escaped prisoner; he’s a kidnaped prisoner. If he’s not believed, than he’s just a silly dog. I suspect he’s irrationally nervous based on a very unlikely scenario – being found out, believed, and then having his “case” handled according to whatever procedures there are for dogs.

        As for seeing Pete – well, we do know (from the dolphins in the zoo storyline) that Telepathy, and possibly other psychic powers, are known and accepted in the Housepets universe. His initial assumption that “Pete” was a figment might be pretty rational in the setting – or it might easily indicate a seriously troubled past, or both.

  46. slacks315

    So the police have noticed he was gone. I was under the impression they were working with Pete. You know from the size of his room and all. Maybe they are, maybe Fox’s owner will know King’s secret.

    Oh well, I am still hoping he stays a corgi, but has to live with fox and his owner. Kind of like a house arrest or probation.

    • Thoth

      That would definitely be endlessly awkward, and thus endlessly amusing.

      Besides… Most of the readers seem to like him, and that’s always a weight on the decision to keep a character around.

  47. Majin-Wolf

    King sure is having those butterfly effects right about now after hearing Fox’s vengeful words and to think they are becoming good friends while in King’s canine form!
    A few arc back Pete said to King that “I have something I need to do” I wonder what it is?

    • Snowmon

      something’s telling me he’s going to “help” some of other pets. the Jerk. If not then God and Rick only knows.

  48. Snowmon

    I hope that King learns this lesson above all else, “Life is Hard, but worth suffering through.”

    He’s already got the first part down and here I think we can see that he’s slowly realizing the second part.

  49. ColdCedric

    You know, I have a question. Since everyone like webcomic so much, why hasn’t this comic voted into the top ten in top world comics?

    • Justice193

      because you’re not clicking that button often enough, CLICK IT MORE!!! you can click once every 16 hours :P .

      I intend to camp it whenever possible :D

    • Thoth

      Because the vote buttons only been up for (I think; I didn’t make a note of when it went up) four days or so?

      As of a few minutes ago, Housepets was up to #79 on the list, with 572 votes. If (and it is a large if) that keeps up, that would imply 3000-4000 votes per month. That would put it comfortably in the top thirty.

  50. Dorian

    Many great leaders have built a golden age upon the bones of their enemies. Personally being a jerk may not make him totally evil. As for King, if it was me being a total asshat jerk then I’d wait till he was really happy with being a pet then put him in a situation where he had to be a human to save someone and having to make the choice of going back to be human (being hated by all and wanted by the police) or remaining a dog (having friends and a good life).

    Of course he could just be a normal jerk and is doing this for his own amusement and will get bored at some point and either wander off or change him back.

  51. J.J.

    Years from now, they’ll unearth King’s private journal, revealing his prior identity as Joel, and they’ll make the writings into an Academy Award winning film…

    “My Life As A Dog”

  52. The game

    Also, in the lst panel, Fox looks like a little kid trying to be tuff….

    • The game

      wait, oops i meant 4th panel

    • Thoth

      I’d definitely have to agree there. The stick-your-tongue-out and make-vaguely-threatening-motions-at-the-air bit sems more like an “impress the new friend” thing than an actual threat.

    • MC_Hollis

      I say It looks like he got to the last boss on an imaginary hand held game.

  53. CJ

    I love this comic. But is it just me or does the comments and things not seem to work on Internet Explorer?

    • Thoth

      I had to swap it into compatibility view, but that seemed to do it. It does tend to vanish otherwise though, at least on my machine.

    • Justice193

      IE is not internet friendly, and Microsoft is extremely stubborn when it comes to updating it’s format, for anythin internet related, I’d honestly sugest using something else… like Firefox :) … which is also safer :D .

      • Thoth

        True enough – but I’ve had bad luck with a lot of the others (Firefox Google Chrome, etc) being unable to run on the older computers.

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  56. John

    141st! Wait, that few. What has come over us? Not ODing on commenting!

    • Thoth

      To be fair, this one has both less complicated and obscure emotions and implications and more dialogue that helps explain them. Ergo, less debate and theorizing.

      Which thus helps boost the post total…

  57. Thoth

    Hm. It may just be me, but in some of the older strips – such as this one -

    with a lot of comments, there seems to be no way to get to the older comments. That particular strip notes 141 comments, of which only 21 show – and there doesn’t seem to be any way to get to the rest. It looks like the “previous comments” link is attached to the Comment box – so once comments are closed, there’s no link.

  58. American Otter

    Wow…. nice comic today, and well on and off topic at the same time, I noticed the TCW vote button cool.

    I sure hope that what ever happens, it is for King’s betterment. personally… I do wonder if King goes back to human…. he might be put in the insanity plea.

    Though what is this golden age of pets or animals? I must admit that this is all very interesting, either this is one huge dream…. or well… I will just see where Rick takes this, no use speculating when one can show patience and see what the story comes next.

  59. BlueArmy

    I still think this is the perfect punishment.

    • Thoth

      Interestingly, that can work whether you think this is a second chance or a punishment.