Going to Comicpress 2.8, so the site may be a little clunky for a while

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  1. joey banana

    wow, it certainly looks different. i almost thought i mistyped the url!
    hope it won’t stay that way though

  2. Ivan

    The comic shrank a little. Is that fixable? I prefer a larger size to see more detail of your great art.

    • MattM

      Right-click image and click “view image” to get the full-sized pic.

      Very annoying that you have to do that in order for the text NOT to be fuzzy, but we’ll have to put up with it for now until Rick finds a way to fix it.

      Oh, BTW, Rick, <3 Your comic!!! (Would it be more appropriate if I said "love" rather than "heart"? Too girly?)

      • Rick Griffin

        It is fixed now; went to the three-column version

  3. Indagare

    Um… where did the forums go?

    • Rick Griffin

      ALL of the php files and the css files have to be manually adjusted and I can’t fix them until the theme is live, so I’m doing that right now.

  4. Ebly

    Eek! Well definitely have fun fixing up the graphics. :V

    Do you know if Comicpress 2.8 will have some easy way of doing the alt languages thing? Probably doesn’t.

    Okay, just looked up the latest additions. Member’s content, huh? And .swf support? …GRAPHIC alt text? Geeeeeeez.
    But I’m kind of left wondering what you’ll actually use.

    • Rick Griffin

      Actually I think it might. It has a lot of new options and I’ll check them out too.

      • Ebly

        Ooh, awesome. I should really work on my Japanese…

        Anyway, looking forward to the changes.

  5. Two_Twig

    I walk away for ten minutes only to come back utterly dazed…hows a guy to keep up? All silliness aside, this isn’t so bad. I just pray you’ll fill in that blank white background soon, its, just so empty.

  6. Teh Brawler

    Forum tab? Forum tab??? FORUM TAB!!!!!!!!

    • Teh Brawler

      And yes, I read the explanation higher up, I just felt like being dramatic, which consequently fails because of this, but oh well.

  7. Fell Wolf

    wow spiffy!

  8. sketcherofstuff

    wow… i’ve been on a while and hadn’t refreshed the page… wow

    • sketcherofstuff

      Also, two contacts…

  9. brostudios

    I feel like I’m in that one scene in Serial Experiments Lain, the one with the empty room with silhouettes of people with the voices. Okay maybe its not exactly like that.

  10. Pop-o-lick

    I don’t know why I came back after reading this comic a few times, but I did and now the site’s changed.
    On the bright side, I can finally say that I’ve been through a site change on here.

    Did any of you guys think that the buttons up there looked a bit like Windows Media Player or something?

    • HYBRIDcreature

      They look more like Quick Time’s one)

  11. Alex-chan

    Oooh! New website… Uhh… problem with teh comments thing, I can’t read the ones with dark backgrounds… the text color is the EXACT same shade T____T Back to the BBC drawing board, Rick?

    On a lighter note, loving the storyline, as always, cute and brings giggles on a cold day (very cold… threatening to snow!!) <3

  12. james319

    Do like :3

  13. Alex

    I like the changes on the site…. but one thing’s bothering me, and that’s the Hosuepets favicon. What is it now, a red C letter on a redder ball? What does that even mean? No crossed bone-fish anymore?

    • Asteri

      I noticed that too…. he probably didn’t change it yet… most likely the “comicpress” default icon :/

  14. TheSind

    Man, the website has gotten way slower for me D=

    Meh, I’ll just have to trust Rick to fix the temporary site problems =3

  15. Foxstar


  16. Rukral

    It’s looking good so far! Love the fish and bone buttons!

  17. MattM

    Glad to see you got the theme back up, Rick!

    Love Housepets, the first truly furry webcomic I’ve read that’s focus is actually comedy (WAAY too many serious comics out there, though there are some comedic moments…)

  18. Cerberus

    oooooooo i like the new style. Very awesome. I especially like the first/previous/next/last buttons. And YAY a TWC vote button. Woot

  19. Theo

    Way to delete my exactly-at-midnight post for the new strip, Rick. You’re learning fast.

    And the site looks cool, too

    • Rick Griffin

      I’m putting a stop to all that nonsense. And you’re gonna be on moderation until you can talk about something that does not pertain to posting.

    • Rick Griffin

      Oh, and thank you!

  20. Marluxia Kyoshu

    You finally updated the logo, looks great~!