That Sinking Feeling
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  1. Rick Griffin


    • Frank

      Aw man, I wanted to go first! I even prepared a message, look:

      Only 11 more days ’till Christmas! (and possibly, the end of this story arc)

      • Majin-Wolf

        After previous simple one word 1st posts from previous panels Rick was prepared for this ;)

        • Cannon Fodder

          That’s just how
          *puts sunglasses on*
          Rick Rolls

          • Theo

            Oh,we;;. Better luck next time, dude.


          • lolparty

            *starts slow clap*

          • ThatMeerkat


          • XintolerableX


          • Nohbody

            For the (hopefully) few who don’t get the reference:


          • Firewing417

            You should be pun-ished for that. Cannon.
            No Puns are allowed.
            No Typing with your mouthful. (Yes, im talking about you. you know who you are!)

          • Denaya

            That comment just made my morning. I wasn’t expecting it… then bam!

          • Cannon Fodder

            FireWing417, how do you know me?
            Wait are you Jonathan?

    • Blondi

      I would’ve been, had it not been for my slow internetz.

      • Rick Griffin

        I don’t think you could have beaten my posting at 8:29

        • Blondi

          you cheated. :3

          • Snowmon

            You were technically first Blondi.

        • Asteri

          but… but… but….

      • Maxwell

        Look at the time Rick posted

    • DZ

      Not that it matters, but if you did this every time I’d be so happy.

      • Frank

        I guess all the people who _really_ want to go “whooT!!1! first! I is teh roxor!!”
        will not be discouraged anyway. They’ll simply switch to going “whoot!!1!! second!”

        • Foxstar

          Or Rick can say “Enough with the first/second” crap and that can be the end of it like almost every other fourm/blog does now.

    • Blondi

      8:29 yesterday!!! so unfair…

      • Foxstar

        The first stuff is silly anyway. What does it matter?

    • Theo

      You’re slick Rick. Catch ya’ Wednesday.

    • Kamron

      Applause for the champion, everybody!

      Thank you for stopping the first-campers.

      • Blondi

        I’m a 6th camper… :3

      • Theo

        Don’t you mean 2nd campers?

        • Kamron

          Nope; I was talking about the people who just sit there and refresh until the page loads so they can post first.

          • Theo

            No, I definitely meant 2nd campers.

            They always get the 2nd post after my “Bam”

            This game is fun.

    • gagi

      one hundred and first !!! yea i win :P ..

    • Tobias Rhdoes

      hahahahaha! So that’s what yo uwere waiting for when I was talking to you last night. Pffft, hahahaha

    • Legendario 777

      The MAN himself !!!!
      *Bows to him*
      ( And HE was first)

    • BlueAnubis

      You, Sir, are officially the most awesome author of any comic in exsitance. The comic is awesome in itself, but extreme “First” sniping? You have won every internet I own. Rock on, my good Furret. Rock on.

    • Justice193

      *Jumps on the band wagon*

      you know, that small comment may be even more epic than your strip :P … why don’t you have an avy?

  2. slacks315

    lol nice one rick

  3. Theo


  4. Hunk23

    GO FOX GO!!!!

  5. Oblivion

    D’awww, oh lord!

  6. Blondi

    Aaaaakward. :3

  7. Spirit of the Wolf

    Perhaps it’s the fatigue setting in, but I don’t get it.

    • Frank

      Panel 1: King DOES remember Fox, and he’s not to happy about it
      Panel 2: well, funny obviously because Fox is supposing King thinks like a dog, yet we know he doesn’t
      Panel 3: King has been so flushed, he can’t manage to speak louder than 8-pt font, and Fox looks cute sticking his tongue out
      Panel 4: Suppose King IS crying, how awkward is it that he wants to go back to talking about the squeaky bone?

      Still not funny enough for you? come back here after sunrise

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Slightly better, but I guess my mind is in the gutter atm. I need a good cup of coffee… stat.

  8. Snowmon

    Aw… he’s blushing!

    • Snowmon

      I can see like six or seven different emotions adding onto each other within these four panels. All summing up to uncontrollable weeping.

      • JB

        Bad Fox, he made King cry. Although it was a good thing too or we wouldn’t see those funny faces on King. :3

  9. Maxwell

    Great comic, You can put your butt back were it was please.

  10. Cerberus

    So much for tact. But hilarious none the less. I also adore King’s stressed out face, the blushing was b..e..a..uuutiful.

    I don’t think its weird……

  11. Frank

    So, Max, we still don’t have it resolved. Anyone have any more arguments to add as to whether King really is shorter than Fox, or it only seems that way because King is sitting down?

    • Snowmon

      After this confrontation King’s a lot shorter now… lol :D

  12. Kitsunefan

    I actually LOLed at this , awesome

  13. Asteri

    love fox hahahaha XD
    King’s reactions are just priceless :D

  14. Majin-Wolf

    Aiiee-yaaaahh! poor King his shocked expression is just down right priceless!!!

  15. Maxwell

    Oh, and while I know Rick is up, who about putting up a TWL voting button?

    • Cerberus

      Hey thats actually a great idea. Id vote.

    • Snowmon

      it needs one.

      • Majin-Wolf

        I’m down for it!!

    • Maxwell

      So Rick, what do you say to a vote button and possibly even more readers?

    • Darcin

      I certainly know I’d vote!

    • Blondi

      I’d vote!!!

    • Theo

      What’s TWL?

      • Maxwell

        I meant to type “TWC”, but the TWC is basically a list of webcomics that gets automatically arranged by views and viewer votes. The TWC is how I found out about Housepets and right now, based only on site hits, Housepets is ranked #1143. So a group of us want Rick to design a voters button and setting it up so we can get Rick more viewers.

        • Theo

          Huh. Sounds alright.

          Thanks for the info, “John”.

        • Buckdida

          Uh-huh. And what about the nearly mandatory voting incentive? Not that I wouldn’t vote daily for this comic if it didn’t have one, but I’d imagine many artists don’t deal with TWC because that means one more heaping helping of work.

          Just playn’ devils advocate. Of course I’d like another way to help the comic, and the vote button is easy for all of us!

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          I like that idea, and perhaps we could design it for him. A contest, if you will.

          And if he did do an incentive, that’s where he could put the Adventures of Spot: The Superdog! comic. That way, making the incentive won’t take long, and truer fans will be brought to the fore by making references that non-voters could not possibly get. :P

          • Maxwell

            And speaking of a contest, whoever wins could get a guest character to appear in one comic.

          • Snowmon

            In the end it’s for Rick to decide, though what you’re suggesting does sound like fun.

        • Kakurady

          I don’t vote for webcomics. Okay, your comic has more readers, so what? It’s as pointless as “FIRST!”…

          • Justice193

            this comic has a very definitive point to it, comedy, comedy doesn’t need to have a singular direction, other than to make it’s readers laugh, that and he’s constantly starting new story arcs that tie into the previous ones somehow, it’s like we’re watching the hilarious day to day events in this small town :) … at least… I think it’s small.

          • Maxwell

            Justice, how well do you feel that tied into the TWC vote button feed?

          • BlueAnubis

            I think of TWC as a bit of extra advertising, and I think that sharing is a good thing, especially if it is funny.

    • John


  16. Darcin

    Hmmm…is he blushing/weeping because he’s happy that something’s proving his cynical worldview wrong, or is he just grateful that Fox doesn’t recognize him from the kidnapping incident?

    Granted, I don’t think Fox would have held that incident against him too much. His friend with the, ah, “glandular problem”, on the other hand…

    • Snowmon

      It’s a mixture of everything I’d bet.

      • Snowmon

        Total Emotional Breakdown!!! Why didn’t I see that coming! It’s not awkward at all.
        (no sarcasm intended.)

    • Thoth

      Presuming he remembered all the dialog, I think he’d just think that Joel was far too easily led for a supposedly-adult human…

    • Foxstar

      I’d say he’s blushing because he’s now a dog and is not used and very uneasy with the way that dogs tend to find out information about each other. Part of it is that yes, it’s Fox. But it’s more of the sniffing thing.

  17. Dart

    King is just getting cuter with each passing comic…. and I love it!!

  18. Maxwell

    InB4 Theo says “Bam”. Just thought I’d start this up.

    • Theo

      Twelve minutes too late.


      • Frank

        Actually, Max was just in time. Your first Bam (up in the first post) came two minutes after he forewarned of it

        • Theo

          True, true.

          I knew something was going to happen anyways before I could post, so I just said “Congrats” to show my concession of defeat.

          Oh well, it was fun for a while.

        • Maxwell

          Hey Frank, for the record, my name is John, I just like Max as a fursona.

  19. Thoth

    Very nice (if a bit surprising that he recognized a dog he only saw relatively briefly all this time later)… Although I’d still like to see him stay a dog (or possibly switch back and forth occasionally), especially since he seems to be adapting well. Lets see;

    He’d be a much more interesting character that way. He wasn’t doing well as a human; he may well do much better as a canine – and he’d be the only pet in the community with twenty years experience as a human, a human-style education, and an adult human mindset.

    That would open up a lot of storyline and joke possibilities. For example, Joel/King knows how to drive a car, even if he would currently need some extensions to reach the pedals. He might be able to make a substantial contribution towards getting animals some additional legal rights and recognition – almost certainly more than he could as a rather unexceptional human. He could certainly function well as an advisor, and possibly as a leader, for them and find some fulfillment for himself.

    It might well be that the basic limitation on the pets is lack of learning time; if they’re near-adult at four or five, they won’t have much time for an education – unless someone introduces some form of continuing adult education for them.

    It would secure Pete’s “Jerk” credentials; re-arranging people’s lives whether they like it or not is certainly a bit jerkish – and it probably would take at least a few years off Joel’s life, even if they might or might not be good ones.

    It would also an opening for big enough changes to confuse and upset anyone who’s prone to visions of the future – and thus would account for Tarot’s visions.

    Of course, I have an automatic tendency to try to put all the details together into a plot; it comes of too much game mastering, and probably the story will go in another direction entirely – but it’s fun to speculate.

    • Justice193

      I agree wholeheartedly, however I’d like to point out that Fox is kind of the reason he was in prison, about to go on trial.

  20. ImpDynasty

    Awwww…. That was so cute XD

  21. Theo

    Well, that was a good laugh. Certainly put a smile on my face.


    How do you think King is going to react when Fox introduces him to his friend on the Force, Fido?

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      He’d probably get about 100 yards from the jail, scream “I know where we’re going! YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE, COPPERS!!!” and struggle and fight while all the time making himself look like a psychopath, eventually topping off this look after being dragged by his hind legs (so he can grab onto stuff and be knocked over the head for it) to maximize his effect of comic relief.

      wow…. some of that don’t even make sense to me…. and I typed it.

      • Captain50

        uHm… what?

      • Justice193

        it makes perfect sense to me, then again I’m borderline insane, so…

        I personally think he’ll either just hide, or be recognized eventually, it’s almost an unavoidable scenario… almost…

      • Maxwell

        I get what you’re getting at. You’re saying, Fox will introduce King to Bill at work and King, being Joel, will want to avoid anything that has to do with the police and go crazy.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          What I was saying is that maybe Fox will take him to meet the others when they are about to clock out and King will end up thinking that they know who he is and that they are trying to take him back to jail. Then, to prove him wrong (while having absolutely NO idea what he’s screaming about) they’ll drag him into the station in classic cartoon style just so he can meet Fido and the others. Though Rick will probably come up with something different, this would be funny, and cool to see happen.

  22. Fuzzypaws

    Poor King! He is so incredibly adorable with all those conflicting emotions coming together and making him blush. *squeezes him!*

  23. Wolfspawn

    Awww Rick is so cutzie :P Awkward moment thou ^^ Love it to bits!

  24. 2MK

    Doesn’t Fox had a white fuzzy mark on the back of his tail?

  25. JB

    Oh no, I’m melting. Melting. What a cruel world. It’s becasue Fox farted. j/k lol. xD Love the expressions.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      That one you can’t…
      *puts on sunglasses*
      … blame on the dog.

      I think I used that correctly. Works for me.

  26. Speedo


  27. ColdCedric

    Well this is unexpected outcome of event. Does King know Fox before when he was human or…

    • Foxstar

      Yes. There was a whole arc. New to the comic?

      • ColdCedric


        • Snowmon

          Please see “A Sinister Shadow.”

  28. Raelynna

    Man i’m so late~ i’m going to have to get used to posting times and what not. I’ve gotta say your comics have yet to leave me disappointed~ this strip is hilarious, i think i actually Lol’d and the facial expressions for both of them are lovely~ i can’t wait for the next one >w<

  29. AFox

    hehe, I love that little blush, especially how it can imply, so many things.

  30. Valerio

    today’s comic is total AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWness!

  31. Cal

    Fox- =/
    King- D:
    Fox- :D
    King- DB
    Fox- :P
    King- o.-
    Fox- D:>
    King- …

  32. falconfox01

    This is just too darn funny! LOVE the look on king’s face in EVERY panel…well cept the last one lol!

  33. fox

    aww hes blushing

    • ColdCedric


  34. J.C.

    I’m worried about the comic sinking into a cliché; the arc title “It’s A Wonderful Dog’s Life” isn’t helping.

    There are only two endings I can imagine to this arc: either

    1) Joel becomes a permanent character and starts feeling happy about his life much in the same way Scrooge does in “A Christmas Carol” OR

    2) Joel becomes a permanent character, keeps his negative perspective, but realizes he can open up and make friends in the neighborhood, perhaps alleviating, but not eliminating, his worldview.

    I’m worried that the ending will be option one, mainly because that would make Joel very, very boring. It also doesn’t fit his personality or problem: he believes that all pets and people, at this points, hide uncaring, ruthless animals. He reminds me of House in that way, except Joel is a bit more existentialist – he sees no meaning in life right now. Pete said that Joel places all the blame on animals for his problems, but that simply isn’t the case: Joel’s bitterness is caused by a negative worldview that was started by his own pets kidnapping and then abusing him in the same way that Joel’s parents abused his pets. Pete also said Joel has a broken conscience, which isn’t true, as Joel felt bad about Fox almost dying.

    On the other hand, option one feels “Christmas-y” and it would be incredibly easy to end the arc on Christmas Day. Option two doesn’t have a very Christian vibe to it, and would take longer to properly tell, which may alienate some readers. That means option one will probably win, and Joel will be boring. Maybe I’m just enjoying the fact that his perspective is different from every other character; the only other character like this Zach, who feels invisible and like trash that will never fit in. It feels like these characters with inner conflict seem to get marginalized; this was my same complaint with the earlier “farm/date” arc. Instead of exploring Peanut’s inner conflict in that arc, a plot device was thrown in to solve his problems – Tarot. I’m hoping Fox isn’t going to be just a plot device – that would probably be the case in option one. I’d really like to see what Fox’s personality is like – up till now, he’s been very flat.

    Most of all, though, I’m worried that Zach’s problems just disappeared. I want to see the ending to the Oops I Arced arc very, very badly.

    And, yes, I do realize that nothing has happened yet, and for all I know, the author has the greatest ending in the world planned. For once, I think I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and go along with the ride… but I’m still a little worried.

    • Foxstar

      What’s the TVTropes term for this? I forget. Other then “I’m projecting my fears and worries over a comic I have no say over, do not write or draw and will be upset if it does not prove me wrong”

      • ColdCedric

        Give this person a cookie
        *clap* *clap*

      • J.C.

        Speaking of TVTropes, my worries can be primarily summed up in two (three?) words: Motive/Badass Decay. Of course, as response to my post has proved, Your Mileage May Vary.

        I think you’re referring to Serious Business, perhaps to the point of Stop Having Fun, Guys, although I mostly disagree with that characterization.

    • Captain50

      J.C. I don’t think you need to fret that much Rick from my experience has always been great about keeping a story interesting and the characters dynamic so even if it ends up as option one i’m fairly confident King won’t become boring. BTW (off topic) you all lost the game.

      • Justice193

        Huzah, I think like Grape in this matter so… I WIN XD

        anyways, I don’t see howcome you think it’s more of a christian perspective to end it in option 1… you know, Christians aren’t supposed to resolve their problems by hiding from them… and there’s actually a whole lot surrounding the very idea of “christmas” and how christian it really is, but I’d prefer not to get into that.

        I agree with everyone else in this: don’t fret; whatever happens, it’s for the better of the comic, and most certainly will aid in contributing to the hilarity of many strips to come, in almost always the least expected of ways :) .

    • The game

      Way too long a response
      A conked out at around the first ‘the’

  35. james319

    LOL awww XD the stuff dogs do XP

  36. kettish

    Oh Joel/King. *chortles* Too darn adorable, really. I can just see him crying and trying to figure out how to play without looking too pathetic. LMAO.

    Wow Fox is just such a friendly thing! :) If I were a dog I’d be instant friends with him I think.

    • Thoth

      Oh, I’d suspect that he knows the game perfectly well; he had pets as a child – and in the Housepets universe, they’re a lot more like siblings than real-world pets.

      I’d be more surprised if he HADN’T tried the dogfood, the catfood, and participated in most of the pets games – which may be a part of why “King” had no trouble going from “I’m naked!” to “next topic” once Pete put a collar on him as a dog.

      Of course, that also implies that parents who were abusive to the pets were probably pretty hard on him as well – a possible good reason for the pets taking him along when they ran away. It might have been a more-or-less mutual decision. Sadly, once on the streets. they’d probably expect him to be more helpful than a child the apparent age and size shown could be. After all, he’d probably be older than they were – and I doubt they would have appreciated how much less mature a human child of (say) eight or so would be than a dog or cat of eight.

      It makes me wonder why he was in prison, and what it was that would disqualify him from working for the ASPCA; if it was a habit of petty theft left over from childhood or some such, that really wouldn’t be relevant for a lot of jobs. Perhaps it was assaulting someone who was abusing a pet?

      And this comment has now officially wandered entirely off the original point. Oh well.

      • Justice193

        but elaborating on topics is so much fun ^.^… you make a very god point, and it’s actually something that I wanted to elaborate on, or at least see elaborated upon in the comic strip a bit more, and expect to see something of later. the more we open up the facts about Joel/King, the more I realize one thing: Pete can’t do anything with other people’s minds, other than place a thought in them (like he did with grape) otherwise he’d know allot more about Joel’s initial position and would of worded things a bit differently (that or he is just a jerk)… I still stand by my “he needs this” statement though

        • Thoth

          Oh yes, if only because his life as a human was a mess. As I noted a bit further up, I’d very much like to see him stay as a dog; I can think of all kinds of gags to go with that – and lots of plot possibilities.

          I’ve got to agree with you on the mind-reading bit. Pete really doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of motives or minds; his magic is pretty direct, versus Tarot’s “psychic” routine. I can’t say that any dream-sending that leaves physical traces (the feather) is especially subtle…

          Personally, I hope that Joel’s “My name is King” bit really was a slip – or at least that inducing a slip of the tongue was about the limit for Pete’s powers.

          Besides, if Joel/King is headed for a position as spokesman for dogs, he now has the name for it.

  37. Firewing417

    90th! 83
    Yes, im a 90th camper.:P

    • Firewing417

      anyways, i dont even want to imagine how Red King is, laying there. XD

  38. sketcherofstuff

    My first comment…
    Hmm, well, i think that i know what would be fitting here-
    “This looks like the beginning of a buetiful friendship”

  39. Majin-Wolf

    For some reason King’s shocked and nervous expressions in the first two panels reminds me of Courage the cowardly dog when he’s scared out of his doggy mind, I love that cartoon lol!!

    • Darcin



      • wingedwolfgirl


        • BlueAnubis

          *Smacks Darcin in the head with a rolling pin*

          OW! Wha’d I do?

      • Captain50

        Great now I need to rewatch that series after i finish reading artemis fowl book 5 for the 6th? time, LOL

  40. Sabakuryu

    Yet another unexpected twist! Bummer!

    King is getting possibly some of the most adorable ratings in your comic history Rick, haha.

  41. Cthulhu

    Oh boy, no context is ever going to make this seem normal to me.

    • Indagare

      And, given your chosen user name, that’s saying something!

      • Cthulhu

        Even Cthulhu who sleeps down in R’lyeh and maddens mankind with the mere sight of him is disturbed by what could only be described in the hidden tomes of strange girly fanfiction!

        • Darcin

          I bet ZALGO wouldn’t be weirded out by it.

          • Cthulhu


  42. tjprower

    Oddly, I somehow see Pete setting this up… anyone else notice the irony that Fox just happens to be the first “passer-by” after King is kicked out into the snow? A nice coinicidence, but the chances are quite slim that Fox would be the first visitor at a certain time on a certain day where King is already compromized by the vet’s shots and mental trauma from the entire experience.
    My mind is screaming “SET UP!!” XD

    • Justice193

      not that odd to me, it’s rather funny really, but it ALWAYS works out that the individual you want to meet the least is the one you run into, almost like were all connected mentally somehow and the thought of being disliked by someone draws you to them in an effort to resolve whatever issues there may be between you two.

      best part, and excuse my language in advance, Fox is now having a WTH moment :P … that whole “what did I do??” emotion is displayed perfectly in the last panel XD

      • Thoth

        To be fair, it’s not that big a neighborhood, the police dogs may well be busy, the local cats are probably going to opt to be second to approach a new dog, and the location’s not that far from Grape and Peanuts place – and we know that Fox is a neighbor. Ergo, not too unlikely – and possibly well within the normal range for normal coincidence, much less coincidenice in a comic strip.

  43. Arcanine

    I it just me or did King become insanely 10x cuter? >_> It’s awfully adorable how he blushes and the last panel just made me go aww.

  44. Angelkitt

    Um… I’m curious as to why King kept blushing deeper and deeper.

    • Indagare

      My best guess is that it’s due to him having dognapped Fox in a previous arc and he’s now being offered friendship by him.

    • Snowmon

      Not to repeat myself, but it’s because he’s feeling like six or seven different emotions all at once. Guilty, Shocked, Embarrassment, Confusion, Fear, and some overwhelming Joy all at the same time Miserable about his “doggy life.” The result: Adorable Blushing and Crying. A Total Emotional Overload. Well, that or a mental breakdown. Either one works.

      • Justice193

        Call me cynical, but I prefer to think it’s a mental breakdown… I can see some pretty funny things occurring if he faints :p

        • Snowmon

          I wont lie to you. Going insane is fuuuunnn…

    • The game

      love you avatar!!

  45. Pokeblue

    Well, this certainly made my morning.

  46. Argent Stonecutter

    That’s not a blush, that’s King getting red-shifted as he approaches the cuteness event horizon.

  47. Argent Stonecutter

    MY predicted next strip will involve these lines:

    King: I’m sorry, I haven’t been allowed around other pets before.
    Fox: Oh, that’s OK, I’d LOVE to teach you EVERYTHING!
    King: *explodey*

  48. Legendario 777

    You know you are very late for comments when you have to scroll over more than a page of comments just to write your own _ _ U ….
    Blushing Joey/ King…. ^///^….CUTE !!!!
    Well, that is just what I expected to occur !!!!
    Can’t wait his reaction on the next strip !!!!!

  49. Zeek

    Awww…. Fox is so adorable <3

  50. Fox

    Aww that’s adorable :D I hope he sticks around after the arc ^__^

  51. sketcherofstuff

    Mouse over= “Also, yeah this is such a wierd comic”
    I think that’s been pretty clear all along

    • saiyentom

      you should have said first… and then beat rick… right… into the face 8D

      • Foxstar

        Uh, no.

  52. Mowo64

    Aw, that was cute…

    Poor King… he’s got himself into such a mess…

    I can’t wait to see where this is going to go… :)

    • Pop-o-lick

      Oh yes, I had forgotten that he had kidnapped Fox.


  53. TheSind

    I just love this strip =3

  54. Ace

    HAHAHAHA! And the award for “Most Awkward Moment” goes to… King and Fox! I honestly hope that Joel/King becomes a permanent character, like J.C said, slightly changed for the better for his experience, but still a pessimist. It’d still fit the Christmas season, and it wouldn’t be so “done before”.

  55. Tom

    Both of their scarfs are very cute.

  56. wingedwolfgirl

    King just keeps getting lower and lower… :3
    Definite LOL for this one!

    You’d think he be embarrassed cuz of their last encounter, But the:
    “I’d love to fight over your squeaky bone”
    has me thinking he’s overcome with joy.

    • Justice193

      I think he’s too afraid to say no / doesn’t want to raise any suspicion… poor poor Joel/King, I’ma break this down later if no one beats me to it :P

  57. Dissension

    Instant Favorite. Oh, Fox. x3

  58. Majin-Wolf

    If only an Aku Aku mask from Crash Bandicoot exist in King’s world he might just win this squeaky bone challenge XD BUDABUGGA!!!

  59. Captain50

    Well sorry i haven’t gotten to post in a while i’ve been busy rereading the whole comic along with about 26 other books i have(runelords, inheritance cycle, etc.). I love where the comic is going right now and i’ve also noticed that the commentors seem to have exploded from 4-100 some? in only a year.(Initiate spam commenting)

  60. Captain50

    I ask this of all of you. How can you be up at(1:00 for me 12:00 for rick’s area) that time every posting day? I can only do it once every 4 months (once it was once every 9 days now i have school which works every1 haggard).(I just realized I never use 1337 speak on this*excluding 1337* but i do all the time on quakelive LOL)

    • Justice193

      I reserve a minimum of 5 minutes for posting on various boards, it’s not hard to do if you try… you can do it during a stress break… I do tend to put a little much time into commenting on this one though >.>… meh, comes with being a fan :) .

    • Ebly

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    • slacks315

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  61. BlueArmy

    I get last word yet again! (In case you’re wondering, hi, my name is Clarke B. Macbeth, furry since 2008). I think meeting the animal you’ve abused as an animal is the perfect punishment for King, or any other animal abuser. Makes a great story, I can’t wait to see what happens next. Nice job Rick.

    • John

      Hi (in case you’re wondering, my name is John C. K., furry my whole life), you don’t have the last say.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Sup. My name’s Jake L. S., also a furry my whole life, but only accepted this year. And you don’t have the last say either.

        • Thoth

          Why would you want it?

  62. BlueAnubis

    Okay, I’m sorry, but this is the first thing that came to my mind. Please forgive me.

    *starts the music*
    Fox had that awesome bomber’s jacket
    covered with fur
    when King saw him
    he just said “Err…”
    He hit the snow,
    Next thing you know,
    King went low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low, low.

    You may commence with the throwing of random harmful things.

    other than that, there is the potential for six new Avvys available (since one has already been taken,)

    • The game

      I… WILL….find….you….home…..

    • John

      *Hurls a rotten tomato*
      Wait! That won’t do any good!
      *shouting* I… HAVE… THE POWER!!!
      *picks up Rotten Fruit Stand Inc. and hurls at Blue Anubis*
      *roundhouse kicks The Game* Roadhouse!

      • The game

        You’ll pay for that…*snrk* John

        • John

          You going to laugh at a trained submition specialist? If I meet you in person, you’ll be in a Guillotine Choke so fast, you’ll have nothing to laugh about. And I am serious!

          • The game

            Hey! It’s all good bro!! My brother’s name is John, I ain’t laughin!!!!
            Seriously, i'm not laughing.

          • The game

            PS- Yeah i would nock ur head so hard, you’ll see planets!!

    • The game

      But, i have to say……
      I give you points for coming up with that

      • The game

        Hurls King at

    • freezycastform

      *can’t stop laughing*

  63. HYBRIDcreature

    The strip was expected and, i should say, awaited (King is so adorable being embarassed :3). Speaking about awkward moments – would Fox just leave it out? It always seemed strange to me that no one thinks why would a person be embarassed.

  64. Justice193

    too bad Joel/King is probably about to pass out XD

  65. Rawrimaducky

    So confused. 0_0

  66. Thoth

    A chunk of childhood coming back perhaps? After all, he had pets then – and suddenly he has dog that’s bigger than he is, in roughly the same scale (at least judging by this comic: ) wanting to play with him. That would probably stir some old memories.

  67. Cannon Fodder

    FireWing417, do you know me from somewhere?
    Wait are you Jonathan?

  68. John

    Name change! I used to be “Maxwell”, but now I’m “John”.

    • rWolf1991


      • John

        Because I like being me.

        • The game

          So you’re real name is John????

          • John

            Yes, I told that to Frank already.

        • John

          And as soon as I can get to my computer, my image will change.

          • The game

            Well sorry!!
            I’m less observant then Peanut!!!! (which takes skill)
            And what’s this Christmas talk?? It’s still June!!!

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            It does not take skill.

            All I have to do is forget to take my ADD meds and — hey look! A butterfly! *nom*

          • John

            Only reason it’s taking this long is because I’m on sort of a holiday vacation.

    • rWolf1991

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      This is my Gamertag name on Xbox Live. :)

    • Theo

      Congrats, John. I look forward to the new image.

      Now if we can only get Foxstar and BlueAnubis to follow suit…

      • Foxstar


        • Theo

          You heard me.

  69. The game

    Um……a couple of stuff
    1. Haha King is adorable when he’s embarrased, his face got redder with each panel!!XD
    2. AWWWWWWWW He’s crying!!!
    3. Why is he crying???
    4. Panel two… BRAIN BLEACH!!!
    5. Im soo very glad I’m not a dog
    6. I bet King feels like a giant jerk!!:P
    7. In panel three, Fox is making Grape’s signature face!!!
    8. I LOVE THIS COMIC!!!!<3

  70. rWolf1991

    I thought that pets didn’t do the whole sniffing thing because human thought it was weird and from the whole “The Visitor” story arc

    • The game

      They don’t sniff the humans!!! The other pets are fine with it!!
      that sounded so…wrong?…. weird?…weirng?

      • rWolf1991

        Well ya that would be weird if a pet sniffed a human but it the comic I thought it meant *sniffing* plane out.

        • Cerberus

          Yet peanut even says that humans find it weird. so that tells me its normal for pets but strange sincethe wolfs are trying to be more like adult humans

    • Justice193

      King is from out of town, for all fox knows where he comes from it could be normal, he’s just covering his bases in trying to be nice.

  71. The game

    Two more!!!!
    1. (swipes hands in the air) You can just feel the awkwardness…..
    2. *Peanut randomly comes in* I DONT WANT MY BUTT TO DIE!!

  72. The game

    one more!!!
    1. I wonder if this is ‘the important’ thing Pete needed to do

  73. Justice193

    my breakdown of Joel/Kings emotions:
    panel Emotional experience
    1 Wow, that was a close one, hope he doesn’t question me about it
    2 What? NO!! why would I ever want to do that??
    3 He’s reaching for a knife, OMG he’s reaching for a knife!!
    4 I didn’t mean to do it, I swear, it was all faty’s idea, I was only the driver… DON’T HURT ME!!!

    *faints* (only because that’s what I’d like to see happen :P )

    • The game


      • Justice193

        I know, I saw :P stole the spot XD

        • Majin-Wolf

          The Children don’t forget the CHILDREN!!!!! XD

  74. Majin-Wolf

    Is everyone’s “200 Comment” sense tingling? Mine too ^^

    • Justice193

      I thought he was just doing some weird countdown, I don’t think rick will apreciate it much if all we do is spam up to 200 though, got anything to talk about comic related? that maybe we could draw out? >.>

      • Majin-Wolf

        Yeah you’re right Justice193 lets not over do it then -_-. BTW changing the topic here, eh..about what you said with the crazy idea of a Knife scenario in King’s head that would be funny to see him react to that I mean look how small he’s become in the last panel. We can guess what’s going through his canine mind right now: “Omg he’s gonna kill me”, “he knows me already I can sense”, “he knows my scent OHNOO”

  75. The game

    We’re nearly there!!!!

  76. The game

    PLS PLS PLS dont kiil me for this but….
    did Fox look like he was trying to model in panel 2??

    • The game

      and very happy about sticking his butt in King’s face??

      • Foxstar

        Your reading too much into it.

        • The game

          Ha ha i konw

          • HYBRIDcreature

            That’s fine, You can put your butt back where it was please, lol

  77. Cooljoe224

    Can sombody say cute comic? or what

    • The game

      Cute comic, what

  78. Captain50

    I can’t wait for grape and peanut to meet king. I wonder if they’ll figure out that king isn’t all he appears to be(Why can’t i make myself use shorthand on this..?).

    • Thoth

      I’d bet on grape; she’s already suspicious and not too inclined to take things at face value.

  79. Zoradain

    I’m not sure what is going on here but… it’s cute that’s all I can tell ^^

    • HYBRIDcreature

      Gosh, why not read from the beginning of the comic?) It’s not that big like 8-bit Theater with over 1200 strips and tons of text D:

      • Zoradain

        um I have but it’s just that I’m not really sure what is going on “now”

  80. The game

    Is it just my computer, or is there a new lay out???

    • Snowmon

      Yeah I see it too. or not see it since it’s blank.

  81. John


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  84. tjprower

    Ummm…. there’s some glitches with the new page design…
    specifically: text coloring, and my computer is treating every word, box, and background as a link… rather frustrating…

  85. Theo

    What the heck, Rick?

    Did the site get hit with a blizzard or something?

  86. Thoth

    Well, I think we have broken the CSS sheet, since something is evidently not loading properly… Hopefully it’s not the flood of comments on this one. It would be quite tragic if the cuteness factor had to be cut back to keep the comments from overloading the page…

  87. Hunk23

    Skynet is becoming self-aware!!!

  88. kettish

    I do rather like the “Previous” and “Forward” buttons though. Much easier to find than they were before. I’m sure Rick’ll have the site running better soon.

  89. Wolf Nanaki

    I hope they become a couple >w>

  90. Pvt Ssellur

    1. my name is my gamer tag.
    2. I hope they fully integrate Joel/King into the community.
    3. I hope Grape figures out who he is but sees that he is really happy and doesn’t rat him out. (Sorry for the Rat joke Spo)

  91. Wolfspawn

    How’d you come up with this storyline? Amazing ^^

  92. johnwolf

    HOLY COW. the art style has improved greatly wwwooowww. it was great to start with to.

  93. Spirit of the Wolf

    Me: Rick! What’s the scouter say about the number of posts on today’s comic?!

    Rick: It’s over 200!!!!

  94. Justice193

    well, since I can’t seem to locate a reply button: it tied in perfectly with the TWC feed max (if you mean my comment) as it was a reply to a preposition that this and first had pretty much no point to them, not the TWC comments themselves.

    • Justice193

      oh NOW it shows up… MAN, I wish I could at least delete a post if I haven’t left that page yet >.>…

      • John

        I get what you said, it’s just the specific feed you posted it on.

  95. Max Wolfe

    For some reason I feel sad for King… also, NICE LAYOUT RICK :D

    • Thoth

      Because he doesn’t know how to deal with someone who wants to make friends? That says sad things about his life, so I think it’s allowed.

  96. The game

    Yay the layouts back!!! Love the bone and fish buttons!!

  97. The game

    Wait, where are the reply buttons??

    • Rick Griffin

      Above the text now!

      • The game


        kk thnx!!!

  98. Cathallago

    im so glad i discovered this comic. its just adorable, keep up the good work.. that said, MORE BUNNIES.. please?!? =:3

  99. The game

    Fox: A-Are you crying???
    King: I”M SO GLAD YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!

    • The game

      ps- what is Fox’s tag-thingy?

      • Thoth

        I believe they’re military tags, although I don’t recall a reason why being given. I could be wrong though.

  100. John

    Thank you Rick. Persistence pays off!

  101. pet_fox123

    i like the new buttons^^…..
    oh and major butt in the face on the 2nd panel.
    also, if someone should tell fox about who king really is it should be king himself, after they become friends XD. i know it’s a tad cleche(sp) but it would be kinda cute.

    • Thoth

      It would be cute. Kind of distorting to the pets view of the world and their relationships with humans though. If King winds up as a long-term character, I suspect that only Grape will find out, and she’ll be asked to keep it a secret.

  102. Bloo-Doggie

    I would like that. :D

  103. J.J.

    Ah… poor King (aka.. Joel).

    Can’t sniff like a dog…, cries and blushes with embarrassment…, poor guy probably can’t hike his leg properly either.

    Wonder what the other dogs will think of King? Hope they’ll let him play in “Dog-Run” games.

  104. toboe

    Such a weird freaking awesome comic.


  105. Thoth

    Even looking back, that last panel still seems like a return-to-childhood moment to me…

  106. Stevie Maxwell


    Last comment here (hopefully)

    Ahem, anyway…

    I do enjoy this arc and where it’s gone since this strip — heck, there are times when I wouldn’t mind a griffon appearing in my presence to magically transform me into a sentient anthropomorphic dog. I just can’t help but feel a sense of dread about the upcoming pages for this week. Will Pete/Gaspar become a real jerk and make Joel/King “suffer” something worse than Bino’s prank? Will they just be quietly added into the cast as more underdeveloped minor players? Will we ever see Zach again?

    Er, uh, strike that last question. And here’s to a very Merry Christmas comic special.

    • Thoth

      What, worse than back to feeling that the world is a place of misery, that he has no worthwhile future (whether as a human in jail or as King), and that he has no friends and has accomplished nothing?

      It’s really difficult to make someone that depressed any unhappier. Even having bad things happen is often cheering; at least the universe is living up to your expectations!