Where Do Lonely Hearts Go
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  1. Theo


    • Kamron

      Kick it up a notch.

    • Cannon Fodder

      NOOOO!!! I’ve been out comment leeched!
      “I’m melting! melting! what a world! what a world!”

    • BlueAnubis

      *Bolts Theo to the wall by his clothes*


      *walks away, reloading*

      • Theo

        Just wait ’til Monday.

        I’ve done it twice already, let’s see if I can pull of a hat trick.

  2. Kamron

    Way to go, Fox!

    • Manic

      I cant let you do that Starrrr Fox

      • Kamron

        R x2

  3. Snowmon

    The vet right?

    • Snowmon

      Shoot off by that much…

  4. Darcin

    Why did Pete randomly give King shots?

    also y halo thar irony

    • Fuzzypaws

      Because he’s evil.

      • Keeshah

        not all that evil.. at least King didn’t get fixed..

        • htg

          That’s what I was thinking too…

        • slacks315

          XD! Good point.

          • Frank

            Wow! Your avatar fits excelently here!

        • Fuzzypaws

          We decided it probably wasn’t a good idea to go there. :P

    • Kesh

      Not exactly random. You get a pet, they need to be vaccinated. For their safety, as much as any other pets around.

    • Justice193

      He’s a dog now, for all intents and purposes, he doesn’t catch human sicknesses, he catches dog sicknesses, so he needs his shots, just like we need our shots when we’re born, and occasionally (and routinely) as we get older.

    • Foxstar

      Because Parvovirus is deadly.

      • Alex-chan

        Only near 100% deadly to puppies, older dogs seem to have a higher chance of survival with just treatment if they haven’t been immunized. It DOES kill nearly every dog under 1 year that catches it though, and King is technically less than a year old as a dog…..

  5. Blondi

    Fox brings happiness to corgi’s everywhere.

  6. Maxwell


    • rWolf1991


      • Blondi

        Hurr hurr, he called you, and you answered.

  7. Theo

    So how did we go from trying to go No. 2 to shots in the buttocks?

    • Rick Griffin

      So wait, you seriously think I needed to follow through on a bathroom joke

      • Snowmon

        Well, no but it’s an odd place to put in a “shots” joke, After a “bathroom” joke. If it weren’t for Pete talking I’d think that King needs more fiber in his diet or something.

        • Snowmon

          and yet he can still “sit”…

        • Foxstar

          Most vets tend to give injections along the dog’s back leg.

          • TGH

            He could alsobe complaining about the thermometer placement

          • BlueAnubis

            Poor King, his butt died.

        • Justice193

          actually I thought the same thing until I started reading it (I like looking at the story the pictures tell first… maybe could of opened with him at the vet?), I was like “why did it hurt? is it really that cold outside??… did it freeze to his fur?”

          • Snowmon

            Did the picture tell you something like this?

            1. Pete: Take it outside
            King: I can’t hold it anymore.
            2. King: Fine, I’ll do it right here. Not like it matters. I’m a dog now.
            3. King: No, I can’t do this. I’m not a dog. I’m not a dog!
            4. Fox: Hey new dog. Want a bone?

            I am so glad it didn’t go in that direction…

      • Theo

        Well, it seems kinda sudden, don’t you think?

        I don’t try to overanalyze everything that goes on in your fictional universe, but it feels a little too LOLRANDUM XD!!!1! for this kind of transition to happen.

        I mean, where did Pete find the time to look up an available vet to perform in-home immunizations, let alone the time it took for the vet to come over and actually do the dirty deed? There’s also the matter of ordering and processing the necessary vaccines that isn’t taken into account.

        And I swear to God, if the answer to this is magic…

        • Rick Griffin

          What makes you think he did it in-home?

          • Theo

            Okay, you got me on that one.

            But then where was the vet’s office, how much time did it take to make get through the appointment?

          • Justice193

            if it’s anything like the vets around here, all he had to do was make a quick call to let him know he was coming and what for, they’re normally not busy enough to not see you right away and be done within 5-10 minutes. and there’s normally more than one person there anyways, in fact, when peanut and grape went in to the vet, I was surprised that one of them had to wait, and that they weren’t taken into separate rooms, but then again it is a comic and it was done for comic relief.

        • Darcin

          Well, it’s quite possible that this strip didn’t take place on the same day as the last one.

        • Rick Griffin

          There, I have added some context

          • Snowmon

            Dude, You can do that so quickly? Cool!

      • Zoomy

        A cool follow-up to the bathroom joke would have been King peeing on a bush when Fox comes along and says “Hey, new dog, mind if I sniff that after you’re done?”

        Or would that be taking it a bit too far? ^.^

        • Foxstar

          Tact. Learn it.

          • Frank

            The animals in this strip certainly learn it. Apparently, they wait untill the “author” is long gone before sniffing it, and refer to this act as “zoning” (August 27th, 2008); “sniffing” is reserved for other actions (October 19th, 2009).

      • Keeshah

        Yes??? :P

      • Argent Stonecutter

        “So wait, you seriously think I needed to follow through on a bathroom joke”

        Yes. We want to know if they actually make pets go outside. I mean, really…

  8. JoeyWolf

    Is King more shocked to see Fox or interested in the squeaky bone? His face in panel four is…confused.

    • TheBrigeedaRocks

      Couldn’t it be both?

    • Snowmon

      I think that he also went where he didn’t want to when he saw Fox and the Squeaky bone.
      Great depression then whoop! happy place.

    • Keeshah

      does king know how to puppy fight over a squeeki bone>?

      • Justice193

        that is a very good question, and I’m certain that if he ever spills the beans, the first thing he’ll be saying is “I… I… I don’t know how…. to be a dog v.v”. That or he innately knows these things, which would be rather convenient for him.

        • Frank

          “You’re now a fish. Instincts, you know.”
          “But you said I *had* no instinct!”
          – The Sword in the Stone (1963 film)

  9. MalixDexide

    The first thing I thought when I saw Fox on panel 4 was… UH OH….

  10. slacks315

    Quit being so melodramatic you silly king and go make friends with Fox.

    • MalixDexide

      Ok, why NOW am I getting a Dragon Ball reference? When Yamcha says that “for all I know Piccolo and Goku might become best friends” thing, except switch Piccolo and Goku with King and Fox. :D

    • Snowmon

      What fun would that be?

  11. TomFox

    I can’t let you do that Fox

    • Repicheep22

      What’s the matter. scared?

      • Darcin


        • Silenvo

          There has to be a law against one to many starfox referances around here somewhere.. I MUST FIND ONE.. lol jk.. its funny… hehehehehe.

        • tjprower

          “You’re not welcome here!!” XD

        • BlueAnubis

          “Fox! Get this guy off me!”

        • overzen

          Do a barrel roll!

  12. Cerberus

    And some thoughts flashed through King’s mind, “Why is he so happy? Doesn’t he realize how horrible his life is?” Then Kings eyes grew wide, “Oh no, thats the dog from the park.”

    Great timing on Fox’s part. Now here comes awkward moments and a rather uncomfortable King.

    • Cerberus

      Wait thats if King reconizes Fox. Is it possible to do that without losing some epic opportunities? Drat now thats going to bethe only thing i can think of until Monday. AHHHHH

      • Buckdida

        See, the best part is that King couldn’t tell Fox who he really was, even if he wanted to, because of Pete’s mind-meddling.

        This oughta be good.

        • Justice193

          as discussed before, that depends entirely on weather or not he is being mind controlled in that little section, I forget my real name when I’m RP’n after all >.>.
          I love that look of internal thought that says “is he talking to me”, coupled with a potential “do I know you?” and a final one that isn’t there… yet, “I hope he doesn’t recognize my smell, pete DID remember to change that… right?”

          I wanted to comment this later at the end, but meh, I have time to read through the comments this time round :P

  13. Repicheep22

    So, Fox wears an airman’s jacket? (or whatever those things are called)

    • Barker

      Is it bad that that’s the first thing I noticed out of the entire comic? Just… “hey, he’s got a jacket’. Then again, his handkerchief sets him apart from a lot of the other dogs so covering it with a scarf would just help him blend in.

      That and it screams Mr. Falcon Punch a bit more…

    • Maxwell

      Well, yes. Fur doesn’t keep you warm in the bucket on a motorcycle.

  14. ravagefox

    “Where do Lonely Hearts go?” Why, Sgt. Peppers of course! :3

    • Snowmon

      I thought that lonely hearts go find other hearts.
      It’s great for the completion!

      • Darcin


        • Xemnas

          KINGDOM HEARTS!!!

          • DZ


            And something about really wanting him heart back.

            But mostly DARK DARKNESS.

          • Snowmon

            long live king Irony

  15. toboe

    “Hi stranger! Lets be best friends!!!”

    • Frank

      For better or for worse, that seems to be how dogs’ mind works… except when they think the “stranger” is trying to get into their home.

      Seriously, meet a dog on the street. End result? “he followed me home”
      Meet a dog when he’s at his (or rather, his owner’s) house. End result? He’ll probably chase you away, barking all the way; regardless of if there’s a fence or a door between you, or if you have a car and he doesn’t

  16. Jebin Zedalu

    …Is it bad that I didn’t make that connection that King was the PETA guy until reading these comments?

    • Foxstar

      Yes. Because you could have found it out by following tags.

      • Justice193

        and the comic itself… no offence.

  17. Noir the Sable

    Squeaky bones. They make everything better.

    Also: Hello, irony. I wonder if Pete arranged this meeting.

  18. Arbajor

    totally saw that coming

    • ColdCedric


      • Darcin

        i totally saw that you would reply to his comment that way


    • tjprower

      I’m pleased to say I didn’t! XD
      Awesome… I wonder how this is going to turn out….

    • Maxwell

      Well, I saw King, Fox, and Fox being the first do do Something with King, but my thought was Fox figuring out King’s real identity.

  19. Yami


  20. Asteri

    huh, and here I am studying Asian Myth final about Karma and Four Noble Truth for tomorrow’s final :)
    (scene 2 and 3 haha)

  21. Valerio

    funny that pets here must be given shots in the butt. Mine never suffered from the traditional neck shot.

    • Foxstar

      It depends on the vet and what the shot is.

  22. Kitsunefan

    Is fox wearing a fur coat? O-o and not the one he grows

    • Valerio

      Now, *that* is odd, since of all dogs Fox is one of the naturally best equipped for cold weather…

      • falconfox01

        It’s a WWII style “Bommers” Jacket, wool lined (or used to be) at one point it was THE “cool” jacket to wear ages ago. I think it looks good on Fox

        now I feel soooo old.

      • Snowmon

        I like the jacket. It makes it easier to Identify him than a scarf would, since he looks so much like the wolves anyway. If it weren’t for the Squeaky Bone I’d think he was Miles or one of his cubs.

        • Frank

          The wolves have a longer snout, and the bridge of their “nose” is covered in a darker fur. They are also, of course, much more “built” and much taller. Miles in particular has dark grey (not blue-grey) eyes, and (judging mainly by Spirit of the Wolf’s avatar) other wolves have their eyes yellowish

          • Snowmon

            I realize all that about difference in detail But it’s still hard to tell with the jacket on and without the bone and handkerchief and without a photographic memory as detailed as yours.

          • Frank

            My memory was only “Wolves are bigger”. I had to look at one of the old strips (I think it was October 12) to produce that.

  23. AFox

    Go away. Can’t you see he is trying to be emo about being alone? 8o

  24. Thoth

    Joel/King seems to have rather confused motives anyway. Judging by his dialogue, he seems to rather like pets despite being “kidnaped” by them, but feels that humans and pets would be better off seperated for psychological reasons – but isn’t entirely sure of that. Perhaps the only “lesson” here is that (1) pets aren’t much different from people, and (2) it’s better to be with friends. Of course, by that logic, the various material benefits (or lack thereof), the lifestyle harrassment, the shots, and whatever else pops up along those lines, really would just be Pete being a jerk.

    • Justice193

      Pete’s taking care of him… just not to the degree the pets deserve, rather, to the degree every other human takes care of them.

      We’ve been focusing on peanut and grape allot, and it would appear that they’re allowed to do whatever they want to do, but I doubt that is the case for every pet, or even them, it’s just what we see of them… on top of that, Joel/King knows there is better than what the pets have, the pets probably don’t.

      • Frank

        we’ve often said pets are like children. Example: when children first get an allowance, how often do they say “screw you mom, I’m getting a job”? Or, “screw you mom, I’ll go to bed at whatever hour I feel like”?

        Children have a certain thing for doing as they are told until they reach the “you gotta question everything” age, by which point they know they’ll someday grow up and be freed from all those restrictions, for better or for worse. I’m guessing pets never reach that point of maturity, and therefore stay willingly subjugated to humans.

    • Cerberus

      yea i agree with that. Because before he was PETA, he was ASPCA. Though that may be a step down by our mind set, it also shows the he wants to help pets by just about any means necessary. Now im guessing his whole run in with Kevin, Fido, and the rest of the police dogs turned him sour to the fact that pets can be helped, since they are so willing to put him in jail, weither his intention were “just” or not.

      • thewhitedragon

        and perhaps learn he can help pets in OTHERWAYS ?
        like.. being friends!

  25. Fuzzypaws

    I can see the “Oh shi-” going through his head :3

  26. james319

    LAWL poor guy, seems pets have more fun XD especially ones that can walk and talk XD

  27. SuperNova

    So he calls himself King even when he is talking to himself.

    • Justice193

      as far as I’m concerned, names are superficial, and we just use the ones we prefer, and most people hate the names their parents gave them, it’s why we use different ones when we RP, and probably why people are so ready to change their last name in marriage… and keep the change…

      they’re also situational, go play a game for a bit, if you’re into the game, you may not hear someone call your real name until you can pull yourself away from it, you just won’t even recognize your real name as being you until you’ve adopted it again, unless you’re capable of keeping the fact that you go by two completely different names in your had the whole time your playing… I mean, it seems like a deep part of ourselves, but I almost guarantee you it most certainly is not… it would be interesting to see a study on names in this direction actually… “rambles on for hours on end about names”

      • Cerberus

        Well if we remember back two, three comics, Pete actually warped King’s speech to make him say King instead of Joel. That could be long lasting through maybe even the entire arc, or at least until he comes to accept himself as King and symbolically sheds his old life and Joel along with it.

        • Justice193

          see, there’s the problem, and what I’m getting at, technically speaking, and for all intents and purposes, we don’t know if he actually did do that… there was nothing said from rick confirming it, and nothing from the characters, all we know is that Joel/King assumed that Pete did it… and as I like to keep an open mind, I believe Rick is keeping this open to interpretation so he can do whatever he feels like doing with it.

  28. Maxwell

    I’m just wondering, but if Rick put up a TWC vote button, who would vote every day? I mean, 1143rd place is great without voting, but I know we have a shot at the top 100 if everybody votes. So, what do you say l, Rick?

    • BlueAnubis

      So I’m not the only one who thought of this. Yay! I’m thinking with all the people who comment every day, Housepets! could be in the top 20 easy. I know I’d vote.

      • Maxwell

        We just need Rick to put the vote button up. I mean, Housepets is #1143, and that’s on views only! If we voted, we would cause Housepets to immediatly rocket up.

  29. Mowo64

    Awwww, that was cute!

  30. Salen

    Ring Ring! Hello? Oh hello Irony! It’s good to see you’re doing well.

  31. Shady Kitsune


  32. tjprower

    Reminds me of the classic cartoon entrance:
    *Comes flying in from the background*
    *Grabs and shakes the other character’s hand in a manner that vibrates them*

    • Frank

      Uh, we’ve already done that. Remember October 19?

  33. Tobias Rhdoes

    Wow, fox seems a whole lot taller now, or maybe I just underestimated how small King really was.

    • Justice193

      well.. king is sitting down >.>…

      • Tobias Rhdoes

        Well yeah, but I mean look at his head and such. It is much smaller.

    • Frank

      King is below waist height. All other dogs are about elbow height.
      ∴ King is tiny

  34. Spirit of the Wolf

    Fox VS King!


    King: *starts killer combo*
    Fox: *performs Combo breaker*
    Announcer: C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!

    Fox: *Performs Fifth Finisher*
    King: *blehch*


    I did not make this up. All rights reserved to Nintendo and the creators of the Killer Instinct fighting game series. Fox and King © Rick Griffin and http://www.housepetscomic.com 2009.

  35. Rider098

    Ouch. Well King does need that kind of treatment, guess its for the best. I’m sure that in the last panel he wised he became a much bigger dog. Let the awkwardness begin!

  36. overzen

    Must have gotten the rabies vaccine. They give those near the right hip. Probably got the distemper vaccine too, though I doubt that will improve his attitude. ;)

  37. Tails++

    Totally agree with the 3rd panel.

    • Frank

      “Life’s not fair, is it?”
      – vox populi

  38. Teh Brawler

    King: Help me, Fox!

    • Loki Impisi

      Fox: HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!? o.O

  39. LucifersAngelFeather

    thats gotta be the best sugestion i have seen all day :D

  40. Justice193

    next comic:
    *Joel almost forgets completely about the situation he’s in as he recognizes Fox*

    king: “Hi, I’m Jo-King”

    Fox: “you’re joking?”

    King: “no, I mean my name is King,” thinks: ‘OMG’
    King: “how exactly do you fight over a squeaky bone? I’ve never done.”

    Fox: O.O; “you’re joking?!?”

    King: getting a little annoyed; “haven’t we been over this??”

    • Snowmon

      I don’t think that it’s going to be as simple as that. Plus I agree slightly with Cerberus and SuperNova. King’s not trying to hide that his name’s really Joel. Not saying that it’s entirely Pete’s warping ability.

      • Justice193

        just keeping an open mind, the jokes been passed around :P I’m simply elaborating on it XD

        that’s the fun of wild fan speculation, you never know if it’s true or not until the author does up the next strip… and then it’s time for MORE WILD SPECULATION XD… besides, that’s probably only enough to cover two panels :( .

        • Snowmon

          Whoops, now I see the Jo-ke. :D
          I’m so slow when I’m trying to be serious… Sorry about that.

  41. Cerberus

    Ok Rick, heres a question i need answered. If anyone of us devoted fans of yours were touch on a point that was suppose to remain secret or wasn’t suppose to be reveiled yet, would you deny it being true? Cuz something came to my mind that could be a potent spoiler if it were to be true.

    • Rick Griffin

      How would anyone know if it’s true or just wild fan speculation?

      • Cerberus

        Well you’d know if it was true or not and pending on how concrete the “speculation” is, people can be swayed. I just don’t want to ruin any part of the comic by speculating too much.

  42. FAKKY

    (insert random star fox quote) all i know is either the 2nd or 4th panal
    is my favorite from this comic. just for kings face

  43. BlueAnubis

    hehe, Fox is being friendly with King, I totally call…*pupils get tiny*
    Squeeeekyyyyy Boooonnnnneeeeee… *wagwagwag* Huh?! What? Oh sorry. Anyway.

    Isn’t it interestin that the last time Fox saw King (as Joel) he said he wanted his Squeaky bone and wanted to tear him appart? now he wants to share it with him and play. Ahh, Good times, good times.

    I think it’s funny that Fox is the only one who wears a jacket, and the whole Bomber’s jacket goes well with his dogtag… tags. I wonder if Bill was in the military before he became a cop? and on that subject, will Fox introduce King to Bill? That would be rather awkward.

    Bill: Hey, little buddy! how’s it going?
    King: *thinking* Gah! it’s the cop who arrested me! Ok, don’t panic, I just gotta play it cool.
    Bill: uhh, are you OK?
    King: *Crap, he’s getting suspicious! Quick! Do something doglike.* Uh, Hey, watch this! I can chase my tail! *runs around in circles*
    Bill to Fox: Has he had all of his shots?

    • Frank

      How about Max introduces him to Jake?

      King: (thinking) “Gah! It’s that guy who punched me in the face!”
      Jake: You remind me of someone that could sue me. Do I know you?

      • Maxwell

        I would never introduce a dog to my family, that would be Bino’s job.

    • Frank

      Ah, but will King recognize him? Last time he saw Fox, he was way taller than him. From this (literally) new perspective, everything has to look bigger, which could cause this problem.

  44. Flexico

    I just cannot get over how cute King is. =3 And … I’m still unsure about the effect of him suddenly accepting “King” as his name … did Pete do that?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I think Pete somehow caused him to unconsciously accept the King-name
      (and by “somehow”…I mean magic).

    • ilikepie

      I’d really, really, REALLY rather not think that Pete has the ability to warp Joel/King’s mind to the point where he can’t say his real name. I hope it was just a slip of the tongue. (And Pete’s “do what?” seems to confirm that interpretation.)

      The whole idea of mind control has always freaked me out. Heck, I’m a sci-fi fan, Star Trek especially, but I can’t even watch the episodes where they erase someone’s memories. That’s just wrong on such a deep level that it’s automatically horror-grade material to me.

      • Snowmon

        Or Pete said “do what?” as part of the joke, Pretending that he had nothing to do with it so that King would be more susceptible to accepting the name as his own.

      • Flexico

        Maybe that’s part of the “kind of a jerk” bit. =P

    • Justice193

      it’s still open to interpretation, don’t let anyone’s beliefs fool you, it’s been left open, so go with whatever you prefer to believe until it’s confirmed either way… if it’s ever confirmed either way >.>, Rick can keep it part of his “ongoing hooks” program for as long as he wants, as far as I’m concerned :P

  45. Frank

    OMG! Fox is *huge* compared to King!

  46. Rawrimaducky

    At least he asks :P

  47. wingedwolfgirl

    So King’s already BEEN to the vet then?
    and I was so looking forwards to making some kind of joke about his “butt”…“dying”?
    -oh well.

    On a lighter note:
    Foz iz cute! hez like a mini-wolf
    Woot. :3

    • Frank

      Uh, we’ve already done that too, remember January 30?

      • wingedwolfgirl

        Ummm… Yea,
        thatz what I was refering to…

        • Pop-o-lick

          I noticed that he didn’t get a lollipop.

          Sad :’(

          • slacks315

            I wonder which vet he got. The creepy one with the big fake needle or the pretty one with the big fake ummmm

            Ya, not gonna finish that.

  48. The game

    Haha that is funny XD
    Now that Fox has entered the stroy what do you think will happen next??

    • The game

      Also, he has a star coming out of his butt! hahahahaha(im such a little kid!)

    • slacks315

      Personally I am hoping Pete leaves town or is recaptured or something and King must live with Fox and learn to be a doggy.

  49. Legendario 777

    Squeaky Bone FTW !!!
    Suddenly , this is getting better and better !!!

  50. Desi

    hah! if only all things were as simple as:

    1:’I'm sad!’

    2:’Chew toy!’


    • Frank

      Unfortunately, they are:
      1: “I’m sad”
      2: “Antidepressant!”
      1: “Wooooooooooo….
      [about half an hour later]
      1: “…oot! Woot. Woot? Aw, the effect is over. Now I’m über sad!”

  51. Cooljoe224

    YAAAY Rick used my idea or already had it comming and i just predicted it yea

    • The game

      What was your idea??

      • Cooljoe224

        My idea was or my question was “Do you think Fox is going to know that King is Joel?” I dont know about you but i think i hit bullseye on that topic

        • Justice193

          we’ll see, that really depends on weather or not Pete remembered to change his smell/ if the fat mans smell didn’t overpower his back then… mind you, there is someone that could remember >.>

          I just noticed that that is the same squeaky bone he wanted back then :) Fox is being very nice, and considering dogs acute sense of smell… he’s probably already past that point of recognition being possible… however the dog that tackled him, or any of the ones that arrested him >.>…

          • Cooljoe224

            Well I was thinking that how King acted would give himself away but I never really thought of the smell factor but since Pete changed him into a pet there might be no trace of previous identification, heck he might have even changed his blood type. But who know’s all we have to do is wait 2 more days

        • Kamron

          A lot of people were hoping for that.

  52. The game

    I just realized omething!! Earlier, I said Pete wasn’t jerk…….I stand very corrected! Pete is a super jerk for making King’s butt produce pain stars!!!

    • slacks315

      But he is nice enough to give King some shots and not get him super sick.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Yeah! Deely Boppers are meant to be worn on the HEAD!

  53. Charlie

    Oooh! A squeaky-bone! If King doesn’t want to, I’ll fight for it!

    They squeak!


  54. The game

    King: (OH CRAP!!!!) Sure super giant dog…..
    Fox: (haha dumb Corgi…wait do i know him!??)

    • Maxwell

      Fox and King are the same size, King is sitting down.

      • Frank

        I know Rick says he doesn’t guarantee sizes to remain constant but, after a brief search of the archives, here’s what I found
        Peanut is elbow-height (January 30, 2009)
        Grape is elbow-height (January 21, 2009)
        Bino is waist-height (November 25, 2009)
        Tiger is waist-height (December 25, 2008)
        Fox is somewhere in-between (December 17, 2008) however, he’s slightly taller than Bino (July 19, 2008 and July 27, 2009)
        King is below waist-height (December 4, 2009)

        • Frank

          Sorry, forgot to say what I conclude from this: Fox IS taller than King

          • Maxwell

            Maybe Gustaf/Pete is taller than all the other humans.

          • Frank

            It’s Gaspar, Maxie. It’s Gaspar.

            and I’m pretty sure this will be settled in about two hours, when Mondays comic goes up. It’s just fun to go on what you got while you still can, and speculate about it not knowing who is right.

  55. Cracked

    awww poor kid

    • 2MK


      • Thoth

        Why not? He does show some symptoms of immaturity – notably, being so easily led and not checking out the groups he joins first (as per his first appearance).

        Besides, “Kid” is relative. For most people it tends to translate as “obviously substantially younger than I am”. After all, my niece is in College, and I still think of her as a “Kid”.

  56. Squival

    I like this version of Pete a lot more, he should stay this way ;P
    And good ol’ Fox for sayin hi to the ney guy

    • Frank

      Uh, meaning he should stay off-screen?

      • slacks315

        Human, off screen, not using his powers for every little thing. I love the current arc, but I hop magic isn’t a regular thing.

  57. Majin-Wolf

    At least Pet was kind enough to give him shots, but still he shouldn’t be trusted just yet and the look on King’s face when Fox is challenging him to a squeaky bone fight is priceless ;)

    • slacks315

      Indeed. Makes for a nice avatar, ya?

      • Shadow m

        Oh yes my friend XD But the question is who will win the squeaky bone fight?! O.o Fox has lots of power but King’s power is speed! A must see fight indeed muwahaha!!!

        • slacks315

          Fox has the all around upper hand. The King is still getting used to his new body, strength and reach go to fox, not to mention the experience and drive to win. Will King’s hatred be enough to claim a victory? Or will he just snap at Fox and storm away?

          • Hunk23

            I have to agree, King is not used to his animal athletic ablitites and he won’t be much of a challenge to Fox but it could backfire or he could walk away upset! King will be drawn to canine toys like a moth to a flame that’s for sure!!

  58. nightroxas67

    do it do it fight over the squeaky bone =D

  59. FriendlyFireForKids

    He has the bone! Quick, tackle him!

  60. Zeek

    Le gasp! Fox and King, how ironic to be friends despite their preivous encounter.

    • nightroxas67

      lol then again Fox dont know who King really ish x3

  61. Thoth

    Actually, the shots do seem sort of pointless unless he’s only having them to provide the legal record and get the tags. After all, canines are subject to a variety of minor childhood diseases just as humans are, but humans have only created shots to handle the more serious ones. Unless Pete provided immunity to all of those with the body, Joel/King would be in for a miserable time – and a visit to a vets office would pretty much ensure exposure to a wide range of such minor canine pathogens, possibly enough to be quite serious all at once. If Pete did provide such immunity, why wouldn’t it include immunity to to the major pathogens?

    • Justice193

      …if you want to show someone what it’s like to be something, you’ve gotta show them everything, getting your shots included, after all, it is a regular thing for dogs and cats, and humans alike.

      and telling him to go play in the snow is actually smart, it will keep any swelling that may occur from being noticeable.

      • Thoth

        Well, it’s not like shots will be a new experience for him; human kids get plenty of them – and we don’t really know what Pete’s motives are (or if they really have deeper roots than “funny situations”; it is a comic).

        There is nothing wrong with the natural version of an ice pack though.

  62. The game

    what is Fox’s collar?

    • Max Wolfe

      It’s supposed to be dog tags but now he wears a bandana over it.

      • BlueAnubis

        He’s holding his squeaky bone over his dogtags

        • Justice193

          good ol’ dog tags… for when symbolism just don’t cut it… my old cat would of been wearing cinnamon sticks, and I’d probably have to replace them every couple of days :P

  63. String Petoun Ping

    King probably think right now that there is no way that this is just a coincidence. I bet he is sure that Pete arranged that somehow (could be wrong but if I was in his place I would think that.). Also, I’m not sure he will accept to play, he just got shot and give him a good excuse about why he want stay still.

  64. Wolfspawn

    Keep it going Ricky :D

  65. ColdCedric

    I sense a 200 page coming

    • Frank

      Apparently, we hit 200 at 7:13 PM, CST, with Spirit of the Wolf’s comment. We’re still on Page 2 of comments (which I personally prefer, it means we’re keeping our conversations sensible and organized (most of us are checking what other people said before repeating something, thus responding rather than repeating) and less likely to get closed down by Rick)

  66. Musimba

    If I was King and he told me to “Go cool of in the snow until the shots stop hurting”, my retort would have been “Why don’t you kiss it until it stops hurting?!”. Though I’m a lion and not a speciest human turned into an annoying corgi.

  67. johnwolf

    wow no one commented what joel just revealed about him self. I can see how it’s connected to his hatred towards Pets and people.

    • Snowmon

      Maybe it’s because no one noticed what you did. What is it that he just now reviled about himself? The fact that he’s totally Emo in the third panel?

      • Justice193

        Joel/King holds allot of resentment for everything and anything.

        he’s had a hard life, I know were all saying Pete is being a jerk, but Joel needs the time to just chill, relax, and have some fun, something I’m certain he’s [b]never[/b] done before, Pete is taking care of everything he’d normally have to worry about as a human, and the only way I could see him being a jerk, is if he does something totally cynical at the end of this… like turning Joel into a slave.

        • Snowmon

          I thought we already established that. That’s what I like about him. One of my cousins was the same way, except he was a lot more, how you say?… of a killjoy. His Idea of a vacation to the beach was to avoid everyone else and read his book, and then complain about the salty air ruining his paperback.

          At least King is miserable in the fun lovable way.
          Well, either that or I’m slightly sadistic. ‘(^,_,^)’

          I’m also beginning to wonder can you be a “kind of a Jerk”, if you force your help on people that don’t want your help? Pete may not be your definition of a Jerk, but what you defined as such is more cruel than jerkish.

          • Thoth

            Well… The pets may be happy and much prefer it to being feral, but they are still sapient, talking, and capable of using tools – quite enough to make them “people” as far as I’m concerned – who are property. They may be beloved pet slaves, but they’re still within the meaning of the word.

            Fortunately, it’s a comic. Character motivations are “serious” matters, but their world doesn’t have to be entirely consistent. Otherwise we’d have to ask questions about background elements – such as how all those domesticated breeds were developed.

  68. icarus

    this is exactly why i’m a dog person. when everything’s at its worse, they always come trotting up with a toy. and you always wonder…are they oblivious? they seem oblivious, but the timing is always so uncanny…

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      No, we’re just too oblivious to realize that the dogs can tell when we need comfort.

      • Justice193

        True that, and what’s more comforting than giving them attention :P *drops ball at feet* *stares at you, tail waging furiously* “woof woof” *jumps around a little* *picks up ball and tries to drop it in your hand* *continues on like this until you give in XD*.. all the while the cat is sneaking up behind you, getting ready to pounce, just in case the dog can’t convince you to move…

        • Frank

          Your cat is funny. Mine is usually wondering how I could possibly pay attention to anyone but him (or indeed, anything but him)

      • Snowmon

        My dog was oblivious to almost everything. He used to hop on my lap wanting to play when we were stressed or miserable. Which, Since he was like a 200 lb.(or so) Rotty, made us more miserable, So then he’d continue to try to comfort us, then we’d forget why we were so miserable in the first place. He was such a slaphappy dog who thought he was still a little puppy.
        Sigh, I miss Tack. :(

  69. MagicalSarai

    King looks too cute to have been a pet napping, tall, gangly human…