Munchies And Crunchies In Here Somewhere
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  1. Theo


    • Kamron

      Kick it up a notch.

  2. Tobias Rhdoes

    Theo is a cheater

    • Theo

      Oh, before I forget…

      …u mad?

  3. Wolfswift

    HAH, he’s learning alright.

  4. Maxwell

    King’s adjusting well.

  5. Teh Brawler

    Rofl, now I legitimately feel sorry for him.

    • Repicheep22

      Me too.

    • thewhitedragon

      actually I think king is trying to say he’s not enjoying the food, its like Pete is trying reverse psychology on him…
      Ie, King thinks Gaspar(Pete) is trying to make him feel bad or “torture” him, but inreality King seems to actually enjoy the food, now we’ll see about the bathroom XD

      so far King seems to be adjusting ok…

  6. Tobias Rhdoes

    Also…poor King. If food doesn’t make him remorseful, the bathroom situation will

  7. Loki Impisi

    He’s not going to make it…

  8. Spirit of the Wolf

    It’s cold… and there is no privacy. Some people (me) just can’t go in front of others.

    • yeosh


      • Pop-o-lick

        I stand at the urinal awkwardly until everyone leaves.
        It’s exceptionally bad when a friend or someone you know comes in.

  9. Theo


    King seems to know quite a bit about dogfood, considering he’s only eaten it once before.

    I wonder why that is…

  10. Angelkitt

    I wonder if there will be snow, hehe…

    • othorlimmis

      you cruel heartless….!

    • Cthulhu

      What’s yellow, cold and tastes funny?

      • Hatter

        Grapefruit Sherbet?

  11. Sleet

    Why is Pete trying to make him come to the conclusion that being a pet is unpleasant? Isn’t that the reason he abducted pets to begin with?

    • Wolfswift

      That is true, he abducted pets thinking freeing them would be better for them. Being a pet was hard and stressful for the animals. I thought that was how he felt. And that freeing them into the wild would be better. So yeah… just showing him how awful it is to be a pet doesn’t seem like it would help…

      • KzT

        Exactly. Unless Pete starts breaking out things to make Joel/King think that being a pet is the best thing in the world, he’s going just going to end up making things go full circle again.

        • Rick Griffin

          Hey, Joel already assumed that Pete was going to make everything about being a pet be butterflies and rainbows. Why would he sugarcoat something that isn’t?

          • ColeSutra

            My tingling foreshadowing sense is making me posit (as others have) that maybe Pete’s going to get Joel/King to appreciate what his pets had gone through transitioning from being pets (even if treated poorly) to being ferals.

            ….or this is just going to be a segway to having Joel/King trying to go outside, and meeting Peanut or one of the other dogs.

            ….oh for the love of Pete, what if it’s Sasha? O__o;;

      • Cerberus

        Well my thought is that Pete is going to show all these things that we’d find aweful, then have Joel/King notice that despite that, all the pets live happy, loved and wonderous lives

        • iSKUNK!

          Yeah, my money’s on that. It’s going to be fun, watching his character arc—he’s gonna get taken down a few pegs, and you *know* he’ll be cantankerous and kvetching every step of the way….

      • Wolfy

        You forget Joel’s experiences with his pets? I don’t really think he wants to free the pets for THEIR benefit. I think he more likely feels he’s freeing the humans from the pets that will someday turn on them (in his mind).
        People often say one thing and mean something completely different.

    • mathgrant

      Maybe Pete, that evil jerk, actually WANTS Joel to abduct pets again. After all, he’s an evil jerk.

      • Kamron

        Kudos for the suspicion.

      • Wolfy

        Why, because Tarot implied that?

        Did anyone stop to consider that maybe Tarot ISN’T REALLY A DOG?
        If Pete can change HIS shape, maybe Tarot is something ELSE that changed her shape.

        Like, oh, an ex-girlfriend gryphon that is spiteful?

        • Kamron

          Oh, wait. You already said that.

          Kudos for your suspicion, too.

          • Wolfy

            I was actually responding to mathgrant that time. Otherwise my reply box would have been inside yours.

          • Kamron

            I was aware of that. My reply was based upon the fact that I had just said the same thing in a reply to you (second page, first post, fifth-level reply). This comment was just noting the fact that you were suspicious of Tarot before me.

            I also just like giving kudos to wary people.

    • Zee

      Not from what I understand… he was forced by the PETA member to do that under the impression it would help the pets, but frequently argued against the one that initially suggested it, therefore suggesting that HE didn’t want to abduct them but instead help them, which was then sort of ruined why he revealed his kidnap story to the police dogs and he revealed his dislike for pets.

      • Valerio

        yes and no. After all, Joel *did* clearly state his dislike for pets. He may have had some second thoughts, but basically he’s still your ‘ol’ mean sourpuss’.

  12. Wolfswift

    You know… Tiger seems to eat whatever he feels like, and other pets seem to come and go as they like, he shouldn’t have to ask to go out. Though I can see if he is being forbidden to use the bathroom. Although that is odd, it would be more cleanly, some pet owners(in real life) manage to teach their pets to use a toilet, and are proud of that. You’d think if they wanted to, and were able, the owner should let them.

    • Buckdida

      Well…most of the owners in Babylon seem to treat their pets, not as pets, but as children. However, I’d imagine that some of the pets are treated like…well, actual pets, similar to our world, despite their intelligence. I suppose Pete is trying to show him that…

      • ColeSutra

        And then some are treated like accessories to try and get attention. Like poor wonder she’s a lil fickle.

  13. 2MK

    Oh well, I guess he’ll just go to the bathroom without going to the bathroom.

  14. Rider098

    I KNEW there was going to be problems starting the bathroom! I wonder why he ate pet food as a kid… and liked it. Must have been when he was kidnapped or something.

    I can only imagine how he would cope with taking a bath and being handled that way. Wonder how long he will stay like this… King/Joel will surely start to panic when he realizes this is not a one night deal when it goes on for over a week!

    • Chip Uni

      Kids will try just about anything…

      • Pop-o-lick

        Dangit, now I’m curious as to what dog food tastes like…

        • wingedwolfgirl

          Think of dry meat, with a cookie-like texture.
          Sometimes they put bone cartilage in it. -I think.

  15. lolparty


    • Serp

      c.c :3

    • Silenvo

      Funny, I noticed that too. his ears seem HUGE compared to any dog i’v seen.. ever. I Like it. It makes him characteristicaly Differant from other pets a bit. And can be kinda amusing when he shows emotions threw ear movements.. Heheheh. such as in the 4th panel.

      • Wolfy

        Pretty sure he’s a Corgi. Corgis have pretty big ears.

      • The game

        have..a..gravitational force!!!

      • BlueAnubis

        With ears that big, I almost mistake him for a Fennec Fox from time to time.

    • Valerio

      *noms King’s ears* :D

  16. BlueAnubis

    Ah, I forsee this as becoming awkward.

    *plays music*
    King: I really gotta go.
    Pete: Alright, but it’s cold outside.
    K: You mean in the snow?
    P: I told you, it’s cold outside.
    K: you just can’t make me.
    P: You think so? we’ll see. *poof*
    K: Hey! what’s going on?
    P: Have fun on the lawn.

    • Teh Brawler

      But, Petey, It’s cooold ouuuutsiiiiiiiiide :D

    • Noir the Sable

      (Several hours later, during a walk in a park or sidewalk with many potential witnesses)

      King: …there. You know the law. Pick up my poop.
      Pete: …
      King: Hope you brought a plastic bag, buddy. Hoo-ee, guess there /is/ a plus to all this.
      Pete: …drat it.

      • Barker

        Pete: *snap* It’s gone.
        King: That’s cheating!
        Pete: Your lesson. I’m just making you learn it.
        King: *grumble*

  17. slacks315

    Poor King, it is a set back, but I think overall he will learn to like being a dog. Also I now have my first avatar.

    • slacks315

      Also just noticed that his collar is better now. There is no more extra bits sticking out.

      • The game

        There were no extra bittsies

        • slacks315

          Was too! I also looked.

          So ha!

    • Purple

      Aww you totally beat me to it.

  18. TLV

    Actually, considering the nature of the Housepets universe, why would they make their pets go outside and be forced to pick up the feces when their pets are perfectly capable and intelligent enough to use a toilet?

    • Rick Griffin

      Because it’s a comic!

      • Teh Brawler

        You know you can’t argue with that when the author uses it.

        • Darcin

          Good old MST3K mantra helps out too.

      • chrisQ

        …yes, of course, it is /just/ a comic – but even so, the arbitrariness of the authors’ rules can sometimes be a bit disconcerting to the /thinking/-type of reader (albeit only to that type; so there’s no need to worry – there aren’t that many of us around^^)

        … haha – no, but seriously: naturally, these are the authors’ alternative universes and it is just fitting for their creators to make, break and bend rules… if the comic is good (like I personally would this comic consider to be^^) it is still a pleasure to follow… still, having just said that, nevertheless seeing something which doesn’t seem to make sense (at first) does make us thinking-types twitch slightly^^… XD

      • DZ

        How was that reading too much into anything? It was a pretty good question actually, for a universe where animals can read, play video games, and communicate via psychic links.

        • tjprower

          Added ephasis on the “communicate with psychic powers” bit.
          We know dolphins can do it, but we don’t know if dogs or cats can do it…

          By the way, hi DZ! XD

  19. Cerberus

    AHHH yes The Black Cauldren
    loved that movie but for the life of me i can’t remember the little things name. jeez its going to drive me nuts

    • Pashakitty

      I believe the little critter from the black cauldron was called gurgy.

  20. DarkRexx

    My concern’s not so much for what’s going on with King/Joel, whom I honestly believe from the comics he was in previously got dragged into something he didn’t completely understand, made a few bad moves out of panic, and was jailed.

    It’s what ‘was’ going on with the rabbit, it seemed to be one of those interesting ‘I’m sad because no one notices me’ deals that never got resolved because Pete showed up out of NOWHERE, and now he’s gone from some terrible creature of prophecy to ‘an impish prankster’.

    Now all we have to do is wait for Tarot to swoop in and magically right all wrongs and we’ll be about par for the course.

    • Foxstar

      It kind of was resolved. Zack’s owner read his diary. I’m sure he dealt with Marvin and Tiger. Grape and Peanut found him, he’s back home. Don’t need a whole strip or week of strips to detail that.

      • DarkRexx

        Because you know. Implied resolution is the best, most satisfying way to bring closure to something.

        • Foxstar

          The current arc is also about a week or so old and hasn’t run it’s course. There’s time enough to weigh on what happened at the end of the last one.

  21. Nightfur

    Perhaps Pete is going to show him what it’s like as a pet who has an owner first, and when King succumbs to it and finally settles in, he’ll ‘release’ him into the wild to show him just how much harder it is to live on his own as a wild animal.

    • chrisQ

      …excellent point !… :)

  22. Shades


  23. Cerberus

    And ummmmmm…… does anyone else see the word PETA written all over the word offal? I do realize that Joel was sorta pulled into the whole mess but really, i can’t think of the word offal without also thinking PETA. That might not be there actual mode of operation, but thats just what comes to mind.

    • Darcin

      I mostly associate “offal” with nobility talking about how they disdain the peasantry.

      PETA, on the other hand, I associate with their odd fixation on using “poop” in their ads instead of “feces”. Are they trying to market to children or adults?

      • Foxstar

        Offal means trash, waste, throw away meat. It’s used by butchers also to speak of the cuts of the animal (Brain, guts, etc) that are not safe or marketable, so more often it’s ground into paste and added to dog food. After all, if you’ve ever watched dogs and cats hunt, kill and eat, there’s very little they will -not- eat of the animal.

        • chrisQ

          …you know, Foxstar, might I suggest you inform yourself prior to spouting utter nonsense ?!… offal means internal organs of animals – which are of course eaten by humans, too ! (- or you never had liver, for example ?!)…

          …have a look at this please, everybody, and quickly forget what he said earlier about offal, ok ?!:

          • ColeSutra

            ….And you might want to read your own article before trying to sound like a knowitall at someone else’s expense.

          • DZ

            You’re both kinda right in different ways.

          • Foxstar

            You burned yourself so well, I have little to say in reply other then go talk to a butcher. Or a hog/cattle farmer who kills and cuts their own meat and see what they say. Wiki is not the end all be all, son.

          • Foxstar

            Also, don’t abuse ! and ? like that. Every single time you improperly use them, Mr Period has to offer a baby to Mr Backslash to keep him from killing again.

            Think of Mr Period’s poor mind if you won’t think of the babies.

  24. Barker

    Angry eyes, angry eyes, angry eyes, oh crap eyes.

    I don’t think being miffed about everything is gonna get Joe- King by this lesson… and I think he’s starting to come to the realization that it’s not gonna be easy, either.

  25. Fuzzypaws

    Maybe King is going to start to think he died and went to hell!

  26. root

    Poor Gurgi!

    • 2MK


      • wingedwolfgirl

        -Black Cauldron.
        A Disney film.
        (durring the 80’s?)

      • root

        It’s a black cauldron/chronicles of prydain reference. One of the characters, Gurgi, was always looking for “crunchings and munchings.”

      • Maxwell

        I’m just wondering, if Rick put up a TWC vote button, who would vote everyday?

  27. toboe

    “Why can’t you just put some newspaper down in the kitchen?”

  28. 8feet

    Poor Joel,I mean King. Have to go to the bathroom…WAIT! I remember! are DOGS allowed to use the bathroom? what I know is that Dogs use a tree instead right? Man I can’t wait for the next update Lolz;D

  29. FriendlyFireForKids

    Don’t drink out of the toilet, King.

  30. Watcher

    If I were to wager a guess, King is going to live as a normal pet, eat kibble, go to the vet, void outside, and other such things (things he saw as an unfit way to live), then he will be released to his own devices. When he is living on the street, having to scavange for meals, having no human help whatsoever, he will realize that being a pet in a household is a good life, allbeit different than that of a human’s.
    Or he will come to realize that unlike the pets he had that were mistreated, many pets do have a good experience.

  31. Amai

    Canine Crunchies are wayyyyy better then that brand

    • BlueAnubis

      Canine Crunchies can’t be beat, they make each meal a special treat.

      I’ve had Canine Crunchies before, or at least that’s what my brother and sister called it.

  32. Caleb

    My guess is that King won’t be Joel anytime soon. He could spend years as a dog. And if Pete can’t stick around he could arrange it so King has a new owner like Bill Fox’s owner or Jerry Tiger’s owner. And it isn’t over until King meets and makes friends with the nationhood dogs and becomes a member in the good ol’ dogs club. My money is on him not turning back for a few years or until the comic is close to ending. There are so many possibilities for this I’d be disappointed if the author didn’t drag this out.

  33. James319

    LOL XD

    • James319

      Also nice expression in the last panel XD never seen THAT face before, just a little more to learn i guess :P

  34. Sockmaster


  35. Clarke B. Macbeth

    Sounds like a great idea for a movie, I say.

  36. Snowmon

    Dog food really aint that bad, so I’m told. Most leftovers are better than the original and many people actually train their pets to use the toilet. Of course, Now I see why you didn’t change him into a cat. Being a dog is so much less private and demanding. I love it!

    • JB

      Good thing that cats have their litter box inside the house so they can do their business. Poor Joel. He should have lied and said I was going to lick the toilet bowl to use the bathroom. I heard some dogs do that. Although, Pete wouldn’t believe it.

      • Snowmon

        Going to the… I mean, I’m thirsty, so I’m going to get something to drink.

  37. JoeyWolf

    I want enhanced senses!

  38. matus

    wait guys! … youre telling me none of you tried eating dogfood ever? just to know the taste you’re feeding your own dog? :-D

    it would be GREAT making King one of the pernament cast… why change him back? it’s Pete we’re talking about not Disney…

    • Snowmon

      Well, I didn’t, but my brother did. He liked it too. Said it tasted like stale Kixx (or some other form of bad cheep cereal). I so tried stale Kixx, eh nothing special… at least it’s not canned dog food. Even my dogs didn’t want that stuff, and Tack would eat anything.

      • Snowmon

        Plus humans becoming a permanent pet would upset the balance of the world’s equilibrium and would cause the world to cease to exist.

        Besides that, I think that it be hilarious to watch Joel try to act human again If or when this is all over.

        • wingedwolfgirl

          “Plus it’s bad for your complexion” :D

          And yes; I have tried dog food. –Nuff’ said.

    • BlueAnubis

      Well, I havn’t tasted dog food before, but I did try the canned food we give to our cats as a treat. It was not as good as they made it seem, my tounge went numb.

      • JB

        I did eaten a dog treat once when I was a kid. An accident while visiting at a friend’s house. There was this small plastic with colourful stuff which I thought it was candy or some sort since it laying on top of the table. Had only two pieces. Don’t remember the flavor or taste but I remember it being hard to chew.

        • BlueAnubis

          I just remembered, my brother and sister were playing with me when I was about seven. they fed me “Canine Crunchies” which I found out, after three or four of them, were slices of bread rolled into a ball with a generous proportion of cat food in the middle. they were, apperently, not that bad.

    • Kamron

      My family lives on a farm, so my dog supplements his diet with manure and carrion.

      I think I can be forgiven for not wanting to eat that.

  39. overzen

    Wow, the bathroom situation came around a lot faster than I had expected!

  40. Squival

    if it is cold outside then the best of luck, best to get it over with quickly

  41. Unsilenced

    “King” can totally take advantage of this situation if he’s smart. Have a neighbor who’s always annoyed you?

    You and their lawn will sort it out.

  42. jack

    Doesn’t anyone remember that King(darron) was fighting agains pet ownership? If he want’s to be taught a lesson then make him ferral. then make him a pet. Making him eat dog food and using the lawn as a toilet will reinforce his anti-pet mentality. Think about it.

    • snowmon

      1st: His name was “Joel”. Sorry couldn’t help myself.

      2nd: Pete’s a Jerk. I don’t think that he honestly cares if King learns his lesson or not.

      3rd: Making King feral first would be like taking a human and throwing him in the middle of the woods. The transformation would be completely pointless and Pete (as a villain figure) wouldn’t be able to dominate over King and/or wont be able to perform whatever he’s got planed for the rest of Babylon Gardens.

      And finally 4th: It wouldn’t be as funny.

      • Snowmon

        Also just think about the mental shock that would happen if he went feral first and then being a pet. Sure he may appreciate the treatment that he’d get instead of the wild, but being human before even that he’d still want his human life more.

        So understanding the “Pet Life” first really was the best direction to go.

      • String Petoun Ping

        I agree with snowmon. Pete doesn’t try to teach him a lesson. He tries to get his dose of entertainment from king. I also think that he should become a permanent part of the cast. Also maybe Gaspar should get a cat too. I notice that almost all house got at least two pets. Usually it’s a dog and a cat, like Sabrina that live with Tarot (Fido should be really careful with that situation.).

        • Snowmon

          How about Joey? You know he’d love it.
          Squeek however… not so much.

          • Snowmon

            Or better yet Tiger, you know how much he’d love to live with King and Pete as a cat.
            … wait…

        • Barker

          Heh heh… a cat named Bishop.

          Actually, I couldn’t really see Pete and King with a cat. Something about it doesn’t seem quite right given cats are typically more mature and the situation would simply be a parody of King’s as the new guy works around the same set of rules as a cat such as having a litter box or going out at night to eat out of the “garbage”. Another dog would set King aside as a miscreant with an annoying little sibling to be calloused to. While cliche, the dynamic would better serve teaching King his lesson and frustrating him for Pete’s entertainment.

          That said, if Pete were willing to facilitate the lesson beyond his own personal amusement, I doubt he’d have gone to the trouble of moving to familiar territory to “exercise his judicial discretion” on the neighborhood. >_> I like that reference/euphemism…

  43. Alasnuyo

    It just occurred to me that Joel/King is probably the oldest pet in Babylon Gardens right now.

    I wonder how would it affect his interactions with the other pets…

  44. Matt

    Cute. Is King supposed to be a Welsh Corgi?

    • Foxstar

      Close. Yes.

  45. Blondi

    Kin’s soconfused!

  46. Shiftfox

    Honestly, I like the concept behind King. I know this is a holiday thing but I really wish that he became a permanent/recurring character. I can almost see it: as a Corgi he’d have something of a napolean complex being as short as I’d assume he’d be (compared to the other dogs and most cats). Just not as reactionary as, say, Tiger with the cat jokes.

    • Blondi

      I would love to see him stay, I like him better as a dog.

      • Cerberus

        ditto. Id truely like this story to follow the plot of the Disney movie Brother Bear, King will find something that keeps him from returning to being human and become a part of the Babylon Garden family as an adorable corgi. Maybe even resolve some issues the pets are having (such as resolve their disagreement with interspecies relationships). Or even move in as Joel with his own pet, a corgi just for irony. That could add some more drama for a future arc.

        • BlueAnubis

          I like it. I’ll get some of my Hollywood friends on the phone, Rick could be the next M. Knight Shyamalan, except his movies would, you know, make sense.

        • Blondi

          That Idea is epic win.
          Keep him!

  47. kettish

    The annoyed corgi face! HA HA ha! i have a Pembroke and she gets that face all the time when I play with our husky instead of her. It’s too funny.

    Their ears really are that big in relation to the rest of them, guys, I promise! We used to call her “bat dog.”

  48. Fell Wolf

    “Kanine Krunchies can’t be beat
    They make each meal a special treat
    Happy dogs are those who eat
    Nutritious Kanine Krunchies”

    This seemed to fit the mood of this strip.

  49. Insignificance

    Wow… If this is how all the other pets live…
    Then Grape and Peanut have it good…

    • The game

      XD that is so totally true!

      (and i wasnt champion in my spelling bee:((…)

      • wingedwolfgirl

        Ah, I was rooting for you.

  50. Kamron

    I just noticed that everyone seems to think that King will eventually benefit from this situation.

    What do you guys think about the possibility that Pete is attempting to warp him in a detrimental way?

    • Cerberus

      Based on what Pete said, I think his trying to change Joel’s outlook on how all pets are wild and savage by nature. Which really makes the bathroom thing seem counterproductive, since it would be more civilized to us the actual toilet. In the end, I’m pretty certain Joel will end up seeing that, though their life is sub par comparied to (some) human life, they are still happy to be pets.

      • Kamron

        So you’re believing everything Pete says?

        • Cerberus

          Well a Griffin (half bird-of-prey, half large cat) that large and has powers to warp the very fabric of reality, yea im going to trust just about anything he says, without question. I admire Joel’s ability to be openly defiant in the first panel. :)

          • Kamron

            Saying that Pete is telling the truth because he’s a magic griffin is like saying “I have a gun and you don’t, so I’m always right.”

            This is what I’m trying to question. Many people seem to assume that Pete is absolutely truthful and wants to help King. If you’ll remember the 11/23/09 comic, Tarot states that “…it will bring about the beginning of the end!” Everyone seems to be focusing on just the “…sort of a jerk” line.

            The big question is whether Pete is helping King or if he’s doing something that could have huge repercussions.

          • Wolfy

            If someone points a gun at my head and says they have the power to turn the sky green, *I* sure as heck won’t argue the point! XD

            But Kamron, why are you willing to believe Tarot over Pete? You don’y know Tarot’s motives any more than Pete’s. “The beginning of the end” could mean any of a billion things. Heck, teenage girls think the world is over when their boyfriends dump them! How melodramatic do you think A DOG would get?
            “No more rawhide?! IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD!!! /doom”

          • Kamron

            I’m not saying that Tarot is any more right than Pete. What I’m trying to say is that we have no clue if Pete is telling the truth.

            Your questioning of Tarot’s motives is interesting, though. If Pete was able to send Grape a dream that presented him as a different sort of person, how do we know that Tarot isn’t hiding her true nature? For all we know, Pete’s a hero and Tarot’s some kind of demon witch-queen who is a bit of a jerk.

          • Zekermeme

            Wait… are the two things necessarily mutually exclusive? He could be planning to make Joel a better person AND bring about the endtimes…

            …it’d be pretty silly to do something that redundant, but that doesn’t really violate what we know about Pete. Anyway, Tarot never said the end of WHAT – it could be a disaster on a smaller scale than we’d infer.

            Also, making Joel a better person could in some way be PART of causing the end of the world. It’s too early to even guess what’s going on here…

          • Kamron

            Zekermeme: Nope, the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. I’m just trying to get more people to question Pete’s motives.

    • Frank

      I’m a bit late, I know, but I think by making Joel/King’s transition intentionally dificult, Pete is proving how much of a jerk he can be.

      • Kamron

        That is a possibility. I suppose that being a demigodly griffin would make Pete have a twisted sense of humor, whether he’s planning to be malevolent or benign.

    • Eirik

      I’m wondering why Pete is expected to turn him back at all. If he’s basically malevolent, wouldn’t he lead him on a while, then leave him stranded?

      • Kamron

        Exactly. How do you think Pete could build off of this whole Joel/King fiasco if he just leaves him as a dog?

        …or do you suppose that Pete is a chaotic individual, so this is the first of many isolated incidents?

    • Zoomy

      I think it would be a better story if Pete was just, basically, being a jerk and messing around with Joel for the fun of it because he’s taken a dislike to him and has nothing better to do with his time. The whole “teaching him a lesson” thing has been done so many times before. I’d like it if the ‘moral’ to this story is that giant magic griffins like to have fun too…

    • Cerberus

      Im gonna put this down here to break the reply chain up above.
      Since im basically assuming this is a holiday arc, maybe Rick is swayed by holiday spirit. Maybe this strip is to end up being a holiday miracle. So that we get full of holiday cheer, then the next strip is Pete enslaving all of humanity and their pets. Like the calm before the storm.

      • Kamron

        “A merry Christmas to all/
        now you’re all gonna die!”

  51. Justice193

    … I’ll be honest, I had assumed that the people in this environment would allow their pets to use the washroom indoors if they preferred, in the washroom of course, whereas they are smart enough to do it, and to be honest, what normal, day to day pet owner wouldn’t love it if their pets were potty trained? so long as he knows how to flush, and theirs a good toilet bowl freshener in their, their really wouldn’t be a problem with it…

    now, if we must be honest, it’s normal for an animal to use the washroom outdoors, their taught to by their parents, and so most pets would probably find it odd if he wanted to use the washroom indoors. so pete is only being nice to him in this regard, however, as he’s new to it, it would be nicer if he walked him through the steps XD.

    dog food today is normally not only healthier, but better tasting than most of the stuff we eat, end of story, I don’t really know, pete seems to be just showing “king” that an animal has a pretty good life with humans, their pretty much equal, but I’m certain that he is bound to see some of the things he wishes he could do but can’t as a pet, and may have it planned to equalize the rights of animals and humans, however, I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch, so lets watch and see how things turn out a few strips from now.

    • Justice193

      wow, I missed some punctuations… more than some… is there an edit button I’m just not seeing?

      • Celtfang

        I’m quite sure no one is worrying over your lack of punctuation. ;)

    • Eriisu-chan

      How would a male use the toilet in a non-spray-pee-everywhere-because-of-their-*COUGHCOUGHCOUGH*s’-angle-to-the-rest-of-their-body kinda way? =P

      • Justice193

        … sit?, lift a leg over the bowl?(pretty much what we do anyways), whatever it takes?, if you really think about it, the way we use the washroom is pretty gross anyways…. then you could always manually aim it >.>.. suffice it to say, I never want to see a strip of any of them using the washroom, unnecessary to say the least

      • Snowmon

        He can just do what most full grown immature and/or criminal men do… Use the drain in the shower. :D Duh, I’m sure Pete’s not going to use it.

    • Frank

      About the dog food thing, well we’ve already seen that even Grape likes the dog food better (September 12, 2008)
      about the bathroom thing, sure we haven’t contemplated it before so it was to open interpretation, but it’s a *joke*. A joke, people! (goes into a fit until falling asleep)

  52. Cooljoe224

    I wonder if Fox is going to know that King is Joel?

    • slacks315

      Would make for some interesting situations. Makes me wonder if Fox would hate him and make his life miserable or find amusement at the situation. Though if he is found out Pete would be exposed too.

      Unless Pete gets exposed and then they find out about him after pete leaves town. Fox’s owner could adopt him. The romantic in me makes me wonder if his new body will make him perceive girl pets differently though.

      • Caleb

        If Fox found out he doesn’t strike me as the type to hold a grudge. I have to say I thought about what if bill Fox’s owner did adopt him and I thought it would be pretty interesting and would be very ironic great minds sometimes do think alike. And I personally believe that if any female dog showed interest in King the comic would have a very similar punch line to muchas smooches.

        • BlueAnubis

          My thought, Fox and Fido will instantly like King, but King will always be nervious/antisocial/more-angry-than-usual around them until later.

        • slacks315

          Good point, but the female pet doesn’t need to like him. Doesn’t even have to be a dog really. Pete is enough of a jerk that I could see him making king’s body attracted to cats. Just to cause some tension between king and the other dogs or to make King really confused.

    • rWolf1991

      I Agree with Blueanubis. How would Fox Know that King is Joel??

  53. Charlie

    Okay. Pete is a jerk.

    But this is sooo funny. I can’t stop watching this train wreck.

  54. wingedwolfgirl

    Sure it tastes great.
    But wait till you eat it over and over, every day, for years…
    [had the same experience with individual mini-piazzas for a while]. XD

  55. Arcanine

    King is still cute as a button! DX

    Last panel was cutest. >>;

    • wingedwolfgirl

      <3 -ing those ears!

  56. Kyderra

    you like it? good now you can wait a hole day before you get it again.
    but perhaps if you do a tricks you can have a little snack.

    I almost want to say: “poor king”

  57. EvoxAlien

    we leave food out for my pets all the time, wonder how they do it in this universe XD

  58. The game

    This was tooo funny XD
    I love King’s face in panel 4 and was that the door that lead outside??XD

  59. The game

    King (outside): …Stupid…Pete…No…Frikkin….Freezing..!!
    is jail REALYY that bad???
    Pete: I can make it that bad, just for you
    King: YousuckYousuckYousuck

  60. 11thcap

    King actually looks a lot like my dog, build and ears-wise.

  61. American Otter


    Not sure about anyone else, but our state is having single to below freezing temps, you would be insane to let your pet out for any long periods of time, if my pet knew how to use the washroom, and the weather was misrable, I would let them use it.

    because you have to go out with them, and frankly, without all the fur, one has to spend more time putting on warm clothing before going out. SO, yeah, why can’t they use the washroom? that is my question…. especially with the hint that outside is cold, how cold I do not know, but if it is really, really cold… brrr.

    • Zaffa

      I always thought Babylon Gardens was in New England, and they get pretty bitter winters over there. But I don’t know for sure… If the state or even just the region Babylon Gardens is located in was ever mentioned, I’ve forgotten. If anyone would mind delving into that dark pool we call the archives to find out, well…

      • slacks315

        I didn’t feel like going through the archive tonight, but after skimming the about section it says the house was originally somewhat based on rick’s old house from north carolina. Not sure if it still is. If no one else answers I might try going through the archive tomorrow, because you have made me curious.

        Haven’t gone through the top tabs in a while and was sad to see there wasn’t any new merchandise. I would like to buy some but thought the current one was too plain to spend $22 on.

        • Cerberus

          From what i know thats all thats been said. But then again, there may not be any one place that Babylon Gradens comes from. I know that when i put pen to paper (or type in Word), more than one thing influences what comes out. As Rick’s brainchild, Housepets! is subject to everything Rick has encountered, thought of and believes. So the actual place could be anywhere, real or imaginary.

    • slacks315

      We have that weather now and my dog won’t come in. Now that we have snow he always wants to go out and play in it. He shoves his head in and digs through the snow banks, chases snow balls until he finds it. He also attacks snow shovels, so you can’t shovel the driveway with him out there.

  62. American Otter

    yeah, I don’t know either, would be interesting….

    Though they do have very interesting backyards

    As the rabbit found out earlier in the archieves… breathtaking is all I can say.

  63. Lax

    Man, it’s annoying when they ask you the same question over and over, watching you…

  64. Kitsunefan

    Awww cute owo , long live the king!

  65. no-one-in-particular

    truly hilarious i commend you for your skills

  66. Argent Stonecutter

    Pet food, maybe I could see that. But who’s going to make more work for themselves by not letting their pets use the bathroom? No way. If Pete has him use a litterbox or go outside, he’s definitely just being a jerk.

  67. Naivax Wolf

    “Munchings and Crunchings in here somewhere!” I love Gurgie! (sp?) “G…going to the bathroom?” XD Awesome-ness in a can!

  68. Shnurui

    Darn it, That’s what I forgot, turning humans into animals makes them know how to use a john….I’m sure he’d probably lift his leg over the luo, just stand back a bit farther…. Dogs can and have been trained to do just that.

  69. Darcin

    I wonder how King would react to Beggin’ Strips…

  70. White Rhino

    Is that..

    …is that a Black Cauldron reference? o_o

    If so, I always thought it was “munchings and crunchings” that Gurgi used to be all-up-ons for.

    • Foxstar

      It’s more of a Chronicles of Prydain ref

  71. Caleb

    I personally hope King stays and as a main character. This comic can’t go wrong with more of him. He is so lovable.

    • Kamron

      Yes, King is cute, but he hasn’t done much to be lovable. He’s either been awkward or angry throughout this entire plot.

      Also, everything he’s done has been driven by another character. When he starts making his own decisions, we’ll see what type of character King really is.

      • Snowmon

        That is his character, he’s always under someone else. Someone is always telling him what to do even if he doesn’t like it. Like he said when he was caught, he didn’t know what they were doing. Five bucks says that when Pete’s gone, king wont know what to do.

        He’s a Pawn through and though. Ironic huh?

        • Kakurady

          He may be King, but he’s only a chess piece.
          We’ll see if Pete is trying to turn him into a player.

  72. Shady Kitsune

    Wait, if pets arent allowed to use abthrooms, then what about Grape and…

    • Amaranth

      Brain bleach? What’s wrong? Grape prolly uses a box and Peanut goes behind a tree. *shrug*

  73. Lobst

    Crackpot theory: Pete leaves King as-is; King is Rick’s holiday gift to Housepets! fans. :3

    • slacks315

      Crackpot theory: When Tarot mentioned Pete was the begining of the end Rick was foreshadowing the end of the comic.

      I prefer your theory.

  74. The game

    I’ll bet someone 3 steaks that the following will happen in this arc:
    a. Pete and King will bcum friends
    b. King and Bino will either be mortal enemies or soul mates
    c. King will learn to not be a jerk
    d. King and Peanut and Grape are going to meet in some wierd shannigain compliments of Grape

    • Snowmon

      Make it four and we have a deal.

    • Maxwell

      In that order

    • Frank

      A bit late, but, I’ll see your four, and add that the shennenigan is the crazy old man that speaks only in limerecks (sp?)

  75. Otterguy

    I’ve read every strip leading up to this point, and I have to say that this story is truly inspiring… funny… cute and an easy read.. I’m also enjoying seeing your art style evolving… I can’t wait to read more!

    • Maxwell

      Are you new

      • Darcin

        Perhaps he’s a long time reader, first time commenter.

        my money’s on new, though

      • Otterguy

        I am new ^^

    • Cerberus

      Salutations and welcome to Housepets!. Hope you enjoy the utter chaos soon to ensue from 12:00am to roughly 2:00am, every monday, wednesday, and friday, pending on the epicness of the current comic (which is typically ULTIMATE AWESOMNESS).

      • BlueAnubis

        A few recomendations,
        1. never try to comment “First!” that is a good way to get injured.
        2. if you see someone sitting in a shady corner, stay out of their way if the Wolves apper in the comic.
        and most importantly 3. watchout for that BlueAnubis guy… He’s crazy.

    • The game

      Dude, if your new, what ever you do Watch out for ‘Spirit of the Wolf’

  76. Thoth

    Hm. I’d vote for leaving him as a dog. He’d be much more interesting as a character that way; he’d be the only one in the pet community with a formal human education, experience in driving a vehicle, and a good understanding of a lot of the facets of human culture – nothing unusual in a human, but a near-unique resource for a pet. That could open up a lot of options for future jokes and plots, help bring about some major legal changes for pets, let Joel/King fulfill his desire to do something for pets – and leaving him being a dog (and with a notably shortened lifespan) would definitely keep up Pete’s “Jerk” credentials.

    Besides, that also lets Tarot be right – after all, it would indeed be “the end” of something, it just wouldn’t be a particularly bad thing. No one says that precognitive insights have to be interpreted accurately…