Home For Christmas
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  1. Maxwell

    Alot of Pete’s in this town.

    • Squival

      im sure there are a lot of Pete’s in most towns… whats weird is a lot of them seem to be known by Grape ;)

      Also off topic… is the wolf story arc over? Kinda just ended, guessin they are just ‘part of the community’ now and will feature occasionally just like the other side characters

  2. Wolfswift

    Hah! Everyone gets nervous on their first astral jump! And Grape is suspicious! Fun!

    • Foxstar

      That’s ‘nauseous’ as in ill.

      • Wolfswift

        yeah, I mistyped, I meant nauseous.

  3. Teh Brawler

    Don’t forget that crazy hobo who lives in the dumpster. His name is Pete, too.

    • Repicheep22

      “And dad’s coworker’s uncle’s neighbor. Can’t forget him.”

      • Salen

        And that weird kid who sees invisible dragons.

  4. Two_Twig

    Grape calling for Peanut… That’s a first.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Indeed it is.

      • gamerwords

        i know this is a bit random, but your icon matches your comment. lol

    • Pokeblue

      Interesting change of pace.

    • Blondi

      It is indeed a sign of the apocalypse…

    • Alexander

      I love the reversed roles here. Grape interrupting Peanut, thusly screwing him over in his game (as opposed to Peanut interrupting Grape’s naps), and Grape being all paranoid over stuff.


    • Teal'c

      *raises one eyebrow*

    • BlueAnubis

      Perhaps when Pete came out of the place he had been sealed, maybe we fell into an alternate reality. one where Peanut is the violent one and Grape is the happy go lucky one?

  5. Spirit of the Wolf

    Aww.. poor Peanut. He died again…

    Also, I am suprised that he has such an extensive vocabulary. Kind of different.

    • Wolfswift

      Yeah… the 3rd and 4th panels, Peanut doesn’t seem quite himself… Those words don’t seem the type he’d usually use…

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Oh, Gods…. ROLE REVERSALS!!!!!

        • Gapre

          you put GodS

          • tahrey


          • Bella

            So? :|
            Polytheism is actually quite common.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            I prefer to take the mainstream and say, “Hey you! Yeah, you there on the band wagon! You won’t get me suckers!”

          • Frank

            He probably doesn’t like Herman Melville (apparently, yout can’t post the book’s name here — I tried to do so on December 7, 2009 at 8:58 pm, CST) The internet phrase “Ye Gods” originates from that book.

      • Foxstar

        Peanut is as smart as Grape is. It’s not that out of character.

        • tahrey

          Wasn’t always, at least in the very early strips… Peanut was sort of Bart to Grape’s Lisa, though with reversed ages. Call it character drift / development, seeing as the comic was still finding its feet wayback ;)
          He’s still often a bit more oblivious or at least happy-go-lucky than she is.

          And I like the scarves :D No-one likes having a cold neck, particularly when you’ve gone inexplicably bipedal and verbal compared to your standard evolutionary peers. Suddenly all that skin’s out in the airstream, even with hair on it could get chilly in the snow.

      • Frank

        Uh, Wolfswift? I know you wrote that at midnight so I hate to point it out but… Peanut isn’t in the fourth pannel; I’m guessing you mean the second and third pannels

        • lolparty

          his words are in the forth panel.

        • Silver Guardian

          Peanut *himself* isn’t in the fourth panel, but his words *are*. And that’s what Wolfswift was referencing when he said that.

          • tahrey

            Are they? Or is it just standard author narration?
            The words aren’t in quotes, so I vote the latter.

          • Zekermeme


    • Buckdida

      Well…Peanut DOES read a lot, and reading a lot gives you a more extensive vocabulary. Peanut probably knows a lot of words, but doesn’t use them unless he has to. He’s a pet, after all, and he doesn’t need to give off the impression that he’s smart as a result. My two bits.

  6. Darcin

    I’d ask where he got that scarf from, but then I remembered Pete warps reality for laughs.

    • Wolfswift

      I’ve always wondered why they even need a scarf to go outside in the cold! If their neck is cold, aren’t the rest of their bodies cold at all? I mean, the collar is kinda just aesthetic, but a scarf now too? Their necks aren’t any less furry than the rest of their bodies, why is it the only part of them clothed?

      • Teh Brawler

        Willing disbelief. And you’ve got to have the characters fit the winter motif, am I right?

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Yeah, and they also had scarves in the Calvin and Hobbes tribute, not to mention the first time they “met” Pete.

          • Wolfswift

            That doesn’t make it any more strange… Since they already wear collars on their necks, that seems like the last place to need to warm if going outside… but oh well I guess…

        • Frank

          Couldn’t they fit the winter motif by wearing Santa hats or something? Just for the sake of variety, and to have something else to laugh at.

        • tahrey

          Exactly. Or, in short, “Dude… it’s a COMIC”. There are certain conventions to follow, and the normal flow of logic need not always apply.

      • Shady Kitsune

        It’s just a comic “gag” of sorts. The collars are their “clothes” so a scarf would equal their cold weather “jacket.”
        Also Hobbes always had a scarf on winter in Clavin and Hobbes. Despite being an imaginary tiger thats really a plush toy. (OR IS HE?!)

      • Buckdida

        Maybe their fur is thinner around their necks.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          In reality, an animals fur is fairly thick around the neck… at least on a German Sheppard.

          • Foxstar

            Collar wearing dogs can have thinner fur around the neck where the collar fits over.

          • Sockmaster

            I have a German Shepherd, his neck fur is relatively thin.

            I guess the whole scarf thing is about people humanizing pets, and since Housepets pets are ultra-human already, why not give ‘em scarves? :P

      • Frank

        We’ve already established that the collar is the only thing that makes them “clothed”. Thus, the only thing that could reasonably fit the label “winter clothes” is a scarf. The rest of their body probably doesn’t get cold because, if you look at real-world pets, they grow more fur in preparation for winter.

        Also, scarves have been used in cartoons for a long time to signify cold because they’re “easier to draw” than a full-body set, and also keep the character easy to identify by covering the least of their body possible.

        • Teh Brawler

          or willing disbelief

          • Frank

            You already said that! Honestly, it doesn’t sound like a very good explanation. I class it right beside “because I feel like it”

          • Teh Brawler

            that’s exactly why I said it :D

          • tahrey

            Frank: They’re talking domestic animals that walk upright on two legs, have near-human cognotive abilities yet are (mostly) happy to stay in their “pet” caste/status/position/whatever you want to call it. Plus one of them is purple.

            I think we have greater things to worry about, if we’re going to argue realism, before we get onto the wearing of what is often* entirely optional/decorative winter gear even for humans (and real world pets owned by sappy humans).

            (* but not always – after many years of not caring about scarves even in brassic winter weather, I’ve been driven (har har) to wear one on my “new” motorbike with the onset of single-digit celcius days… it’s the wind that gets ya. Maybe it’s a breezy part of town.)

          • tahrey

            And indeed, never mind the magical Gryphon that’s just turned into some impractically bemustachioed Welsh gent moving into el random nowhereness, USA all of a sudden ….

            Or in other words, “suspension of disbelief”. It’s what makes stories work.

            Now, if we can just get you to ignore the thermal vests and long-john leggings they’re wearing under their fur, mickey & donald/looney tunes/animaniacs style to combat the cold weather without the benefit of outerwear (which rubs up the wrong way something awful dontcha know)

        • falconfox01

          Yea, My Keeshund grows a (THICK) winter undercoat in addition to his already thick summer coat….not fun in the spring when it “blows off” we have to comb his coat out consantly and you get enough to make a whole other dog lol! Oooo Rick! draw a Keeshund!!

          • Kaloyan

            I love that in a comic about talking animals and magical giffions the one detail so many are focused on is why pets need to wear scarves in wintertime.

          • Frank

            It’s called shedding. I was going to make a joke about the word, but I seem to have forgotten it over the course of the day

  7. Loki Impisi

    Harry Potter reference? And look at the second Panel… SHOOP DA WHOOP!…… Please don’t kill me…

    • Littleaeris

      Blah, you can’t combine that with housepets.. Housepets is too much pro win rather than cheap laugh like shoop da whoop.

    • Shady Kitsune

      Uh? “Shoop da whoop?”
      Sorry, I do not see any comically large mouth open with bug eyes ready to fire a LAZAH!

      Just Grape overreacting.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Nor do I see DR. OCTAGONAPUS or Will Smith.

        • Rangershot13

          Dr. OCTAGONAPUS only attacks during random appearances in the wild.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            FINALLY! Someone else who is a D-Fear Studios fan!

          • Shady Kitsune

            A wild DR. OCTOGONAPUS APPEARED!

          • BlueAnubis

            Grr! DR. OCTO-MOTHA-*bleep*-GONOPUS!!!!

  8. Rider098

    “Tarot said we need to stop worrying.”

    Well saying Pete’s release would bring about the end certainly didn’t help! Sheesh.

    • Frank

      I don’t think Grape heard that at the time. After all, she’s referring to Pete as an “imp”, a much more mystical term than “jerk”

      • Teh Brawler

        Either way, I think the fact that Tarot’s switching her, eherm, opinion on the matter is reason enough to worry

      • Rider098

        I am fairly certain the conversation after Pete’s dramatic release went like this:

        Grape: SEE?! I told you it was all real!
        Peanut: Ok, ok you were right, its… just…
        Grape: Just what?
        Peanut: Weeell Tarot just spoke to me in my mind just before we released him that Pete is actually a jerk and will bring about the end of everything as we know it.
        Grape: 8D… :I … D8
        Peanut: … yeah, sorry, I just got distracted by the whole telepathy thing, it was so cool!
        Zach: *cries some more*

        Well however she found out about it, I’m sure anyone would freak out over that realization. I got a feeling she will be keeping an eye on these new neighbors. I am curious of how the conversation will go if they do cross each other again!

  9. Pontos

    So, with the addition of a fantasy element in the comic, a lot of possibilities may arise with time ^_^

    Looking forward to what will happen with Joel’s new life!

  10. Travuersa

    Wait, what happened to the giant killer bird-type thing?

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Read the last two comics.

      • Travuersa

        Yeah, I just realized I was a retard…

        • BlueAnubis

          It’s okay, you’re in the internet, this place is full of them, and most of them are posting comments on youtube.

  11. MalixDexide

    Awww… poor King… :(

    Quote from a bad movie: “That’s alot of Petes.”

  12. Frank

    I loved Grape’s “freaked out” expression. Also, how did Grape come up with “Welshman”? Why not “Englishman”, “Briton”, etc?

    And why are there so many people awake this early in the morning? Bed! Everyone! Now!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      NEVER! I have a two page paper I must write that is due in several hours in the morning… oh wait… I need soda.

    • Teh Brawler

      Who honestly has a mustache like that in London?
      And who sleeps these days?

    • tahrey

      Maybe she’s just REALLY good with foreign accents. That or she’s not so brilliant and he’s actually Indian…. or northern English …. Scots…. West Country… Irish… Australian… Canadian…. Austrian… German….. ;)

      Or has watched too much anime and so clocked the breed, and assumes Welsh Corgis are only owned by Welshmen, same way that German Shepherds are only owned by Germans, Great Danes by the Danish, Shi-Tsu’s by….. ahem.

      Diolch a Nos Da.

      • Frank

        If you’re not going for sound but for geography, Shi-Tzu’s would have to be owned by tibetans ( yes, you can say “tibetan” without having to say “tibetan monks” :) )

        • tahrey


        • tahrey

          But srsly thanks, that’s my “at least one thing” for the day learnt ;)

  13. Fuzzypaws

    I am still wondering how ‘King’ is going to act when he gets some face time with the other neighborhood animals!

    • Buckdida

      I’m looking forward to King meeting Fido and Fox.

      • MalixDexide

        I have a feeling King and the neighborhood dogs will become best friends forever! :D

        As for Pete… I dunno…

  14. Valerio

    role reversal! pete’s REAL prank!

    • Teh Brawler

      OH NO! THE HUMANITY!!!!!!!…….Griffinanity?

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Yay! We have the same idea!

      • Frank

        No you don’t. Your idea is trademarked with 3 exclamation points or more. There lies the “magic” of it, making it three times more expressive

  15. Cingal

    Housepet Scarfs: The essential winter collection.

  16. Kitsunefan

    I really hope King stays like this , he is just to cute to go back.

    • Frank

      Maybe when he “turns back” he buys a welsh corgi which just so happens to have a similar personality?

      • Siggy

        Now that would be quite amazing!

  17. Valerio

    Also, KPET reference, yay!

  18. Shady Kitsune

    Lots of things are kinda off:
    Grape being panicky and not the snarky cool and collective type.
    Peanut knowing unusually long words and not being worried.
    Tarot suddenly saying they shouldn’t worry of Pete, who would bring destruction and ruin.

    … We can blame it on Pete’s reality warp due to Astral jumps.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Like I said, ROLE REVERSALS OMG!!!

    • Frank

      We already know Peanut is a lightning-fast reader (see “fall of the pridelands” arc). It stands to reason he will have picked up several unusually-long words while reading like that.
      As for not being worried, let’s just say that while we were busy watching Pete, this conversation has happened before… many times

      • tahrey

        Aw, and until now I was going with the Linus-from-Peanuts explanation. Particularly as we could see our current favourite family as a reasonably good Van Pelt analogue, with Grape as Lucy.

        Lucy being surprised at Linus reading “The Brothers Kasparov” (presumably some at-the-time famously overwrought Russian epic like War and Peace) asks him how he copes, and how he’s getting through it so fast. Linus replies simply… when he gets to a name or other such thing that’s too long and complex for him to take in, he just BLEEPs straight over it, like a TV censor noise ;) One could imagine Peanut tackling large portions of fantasy sagas like Pridelands in a very bleep-heavy fashion, hence screaming through it.

    • GameCobra

      The situation as it’s right now for Grape is like a “God really exists” kind of thing. Grape i would presume is edgy now that there just happens to be a real-life gryphon out there.

      as it stands, i wouldn’t really expect it either at first, but now that i think about it, Grape was originally excited, probably thinking it’s all a dream. but now that the situation looks real, she might either feel responsible or scared about something like this being let loose.

      The reason why i think Peanut isn’t bothered by Pete is the same reason he thought about Tarot. he doesn’t find it odd in his POV. only if he saw Pete do something really harmful or if Tarot said there was a reason to worry would i think he’ll start to change his POV about him.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        … why… why must you shoot down my idea just as it was taking flight?

        *worlds smallest violin plays*

        • GameCobra

          I didn’t shoot it down! :(

          it’s still role reversal!

          • Frank

            You’re not supporting it, you’re de-mystifying it!
            (paraphrase of Asimov’s “Nightfall”)

  19. Spirit of the Wolf

    Hey, we broke 50 comments before twenty minutes went by. Record much?

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Let me rephrase that, in the first 20 minutes.

    • Frank

      Like I said, Bed! Everyone! Now!

      I’m still awake because I got a project due tomorrow, Spirit has an essay. Anyone else have an excuse? No? Then go to bed! Now!

      • Teh Brawler

        I’m still awake because I took a two hour nap earlier today and now I can’t sleep

      • Loki Impisi

        I’m still awake because I have yet to START a backlog of homework for tomorrow… I am such a bad student. Why am I reading web comics while I should be doing work?

      • Wolfswift

        I got off work just 3 hours ago and I am off tomorrow. So I’ll be up a few hours more doing… whatever the hell I feel like… … Tho I am a bit bored so I may go to bed… meh.

      • Valerio

        ahhh, the advantages of being half a world away and well awake…

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          You, Sir, suck…

        • Frank

          Actually, I’ve done this with Europe-published webcomics, and have gotten some very wierd responses from their very drowsy minds, which they have a hard time taking back when they finish waking up

          • tjprower

            *Snrk* LOL!! XD
            I can imagine the looks on their faces when they looked at their responces…
            As for me, if I just happen to be up that late, I’m still usually wide awake due to some other reason.
            It’s rare you’ll get a comment from me that is completely insane unless I intended it to be…

      • wingedwolfgirl

        -Now I jealous.

        • BlueAnubis

          Don’t worry, I skipped commenting til today too. On some rare occasions, sleep is more important than commenting. Not often, but sometimes.

  20. Spirit of the Wolf

    I actually probably going to go to bed soon. Wake up in three hours. Rush BACK to my computer to start and (almost) finish the essay (which, thankfully, is to be done in double space). The only thing I have to do is get it well written and between 400 and 600 words. Not too hard for an AP assignment.

    • tahrey

      Ah I do so miss those days.

      Not so much for the work but the opportunity to go out every night on someone else’s dime and not have to work all that much.

      A few days off work pre-xmas (forgotten vacation time that needs to be used) is proving a slight return, although with less booze as there’s still errands to run and I’m no longer in a town that I can cross in 45 minutes without needing a vehicle.

  21. Shadow M

    I’m glad this strip chapter was titled “Home for Christmas” and not “Holidays” the dumb politically speaking way!! Why I am not surprised that the Pete and King will be neighbors to Peanut and grape lol more surprises await us!! ;)

    • Frank

      “Home for Christmas” is a song from 1943; “It’s a wonderful life” (after which the entire arc is named) is a film from 1946. Back then, political correctness wasn’t the issue. In fact, if you didn’t make politically incorrect jokes about the Germans, the Japanese, etc, you were “frowned upon”, to say the least!

      • Kitsunefan

        Aw so since its named after “Its a wondeful life” Is he turning back a the end like how the guy in the movie learns his lesson and returns to his life? =o lame, and i hope i thinking of the right movie lol

        • Frank

          Joel also thought it was lame (see Dec. 2), so I doubt we’re going in that direction

          • Kitsunefan

            Ah cool, so why do they have scarfs around their collars? o_o

          • tahrey


  22. thewhitedragon

    I actually wonder why tarot suddenly changed of opinion about Pete..
    first it said pete was a jerk, and now told peanut to “stop worrying”?
    or did pete perhaps affect everything?

  23. Foxstar

    Where else would you wear a scarf but around your neck?

    • tahrey


  24. james319

    LOL alot of Cats named Mr. Bigglesworth and Humans named Pete XD

  25. Tallen

    This comic just went from “interesting and funny” to “epic win and hilarious” in this arc. You’re great, Rick.

    • Wolfswift


  26. Max Wolfe

    YES! Collar-colored scarves. Scarves make the fashion world go round :D

  27. Keeshah

    King is STILL naked! the scarf does nothing to hide the area he is worried about showing! :P

    • tahrey

      Could be that Pe…. “Gaspar”s mind-meddling to change his name also moved the area of embarrassment (draft?) upwards by 18 inches or so…

      • Wolfswift

        His name IS still Pete. It is his Gaspar getup, that doesn’t mean his name is now Gaspar. The tags still call him Pete, and upon moving in, his name is Pete, it’s what Grape heard, so it’s obviously common knowledge to the neighborhood that the new neighbor’s name IS Pete.

        • tahrey

          Whoops, my bad. Yet…

          1/ “Tags”?
          2/ It could be Pete Gaspar, Esq.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            If you look under the comic you’ll see a list of names, the ones for this comic being: Grape, King Peanut, Pete.

            These are the tags, and tend to give away names before they are mentioned in the comic.

    • Frank

      Hadn’t we already validated that collars count as clothes in the Housepets world?

  28. Mario_Dan

    Is that a Wiimote? xD

    • Frank

      As far as we know, the only console Peanut has is a wii, so yeah.

      • Peanutty

        he has a ds and PS2 or 3 i think

  29. Rawrimaducky

    I didn’t know dogs went green. :P

  30. Angelkitt

    I’m taking bets, this isnt going to end well before the new year comes..

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      I bet you my bowl of Kibbles it will only get iffy by the end of the year.

      Who wants to bet that it will be resolved by the end of the year?

      • Leinad

        I’ll throw in two rawhides that it gets resolved (comic-time) on the day right before or right after christmas.

        • BlueAnubis

          I got two Rare Candies and a small Christmas ham that says Pete and King will still be residents of Babylon Gardens after New Years.

    • Wolfswift

      I don’t want to see this end… especially not so soon as before christmas… It just started!

  31. Pokeblue

    Grape being suspcious seems rather amusing in a strage way. Cool though.

  32. Ace

    THAT’S an interesting shade of green to be certain. I have a feeling that Pete/Gaspar made the trip as uncomfortable as possible for our canine felon.

  33. JB

    Astral jump saves money for transportation plus it is like a roller coaster. Weee~! Pete should be up-to-date on the latest fashion. The only places I would see people wearing that might be at an old folks home.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Not necessarily. The band director of my school’s rival high school (DOWN WITH LHS!!) dresses that way all the time. He even has a little feather in his hat. The only thing he doesn’t do is carry a cane.

      • tahrey

        Is that because carrying a cane makes it difficult to also carry your umbrella and attaché case at the same time? :)

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          I’m not sure where the umbrella comes in, but, possibly.

          • tahrey

            My dear boy, one simply is not DRESSED without one’s umbrella. Didn’t they teach you anything at finishing school?

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            I live in the US. What the heck is a finishing school? (rhetorical)

  34. Gapre

    hahahahaha that is so funny!
    love grape’s face in panel 2

  35. The game

    I didn’t see the controller in Peanut’s hand at first and when he said”Grape you made me die again!” i was like huh? did they wish you back with a dragon ball or something??(haha its ok if you dont get that)

    and whats da point of da scarfs? it doesn’t really help the cold or anything…..

    • Peanut Butter!

      Haha I totally get it!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      If you don’t get it… *pulls out 50 cal*… you get the picture.

      BTW, going shopping for ammo and supplies soon, anyone else need anything.
      (Yes, I am STILL sitting in my corner, waiting to claim the next female wolf character)

      • BlueAnubis

        Yah, could you pick up some more bolts for my crossbow, some sheet metal, and some art supplies? I’m feeling the urge to remodel my treestand.

  36. Peanutty

    I wonder what game Peanut was playing….

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      Probably the New Super Mario Bros. for the Wii, judging by the way he’s holding the wii-mote

      • Hunk23

        True Peanut might be playing it. It looks hella fun! I’m trying to decide which game to get for the WII, “The New Super Mario Bros game or Resident Evil Dark side Chronicles!! I haven’t played a good Mario game in a while and RE5 played it a million times so…..

  37. Cooljoe224

    Any body know what King/Joel’s Dog tag looks like? Snow man? Pillar? Somthing to do with his name?

    • Shadow Wolf X7

      …are you joking?

    • Leinad

      ever play chess? or pay attention? go about three comics back and you’ll find out

      • tahrey

        ONE comic back, surely?

        • Cooljoe224

          im sorry i didnt know its just in this comic the tag looks a little curvy than a usual chess peice

  38. R-One

    Why do I suspect that this arcs going to last up till “JUST” before Christmas? :P

  39. Peanut Butter!

    Peanut: My how the tables have turned

    • Spirit of the Wolf


      • Zaffa

        Hey, you only copyrighted the phrase with three exclamation marks! Four is going too far, sir!

  40. Snowmon

    I think that it’s been a while between when Pete escaped and this strip. That’s why they’re having this conversation, why Tarot said “not to worry”, (because nothings happened), why Grape’s been paranoid about all the “Pete”s, and why it’s suddenly become winter. After all it takes Months to get a house, even with magic. (-_^) l.

    I’m sort of hoping that Pete’s gonna be just like a wishmaster Djinn except without the killing. I mean, just look at all the things that Rick’s characters would wish for (and go horribly wrong.) That would prove that he’s a jerk. :D

  41. American Otter

    Okay, I cannot stay out of the comments any longer, first off, current arch is amazing.

    but I am not sure how to respond to an earlier comment, but I think Joel/King, was referencing more like “A Christmas Carol.” not “It’s a Wonderful life”

    I am appreciative of all the puns and play on words of the old movies, but I got the opinion of it being “A Christmas Carol” with the single night of events and thinking it was a dream.

    Whereas the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” gives no room for there being it anything else but reality, I saw nothing that might have caused it to be a dream at all.

    As for today’s comic: very nice bits of moving the plot along in the Neighborhood, as for those on roles reversal, I think it is more that Peanut memorized the list that Grape made, as he references a list in the comic itself… as for the big words?

    I find it to be a normal vocabulary, just because he reads a lot, as mentioned before, why are people surprised? as someone before me said, he didn’t sound like that, because he didn’t have to.

    my two fish anyway.

    • Frank

      “an undigested bit of beef” is indeed a quote from “A Christmas Carol”. Scrooge lists it along with mustard, cheese, potato, and gravy when Marley’s ghost first appears. If you look at the book, Charles Dickens went to great lengths in ensuring we understood Scrooge had a very large meal, to leave the door open that it may all have been a dream

  42. American Otter

    Ah, well I am more of viewing the thread from the vein of “It’s a Wonderful Life”

    because, my question is…. Why would Joel be dreaming of turning into a dog, especially after Pete was released?

    That there makes me think more of this not being a dream like might be hinted at in “A Christmas Carol.”

    Too many events leading up to this to make me discount the dream hypothesis, but other then that, I don’t know what to expect and look forward to the coming comics.

    • Frank

      On November 23rd, the only power we were confirmed Pete had was the ability to send dreams to people. Since we were also told Pete was “a bit of a jerk”, it doesn’t seem we should trust the things he says or does as being absoloute (if this IS a dream, turning one thing into another requires no great effort)

      Of course, the more characters that get involved, the harder the dream hypothesis becomes to support, since either Pete is showing movement in the background to make the experience seem more real to Joel, or everybody in the comic is dreaming the same dream… a dream controlled by Pete, who sent it to them all

      • Tapewolf

        Or, to split the difference, control over dreams may have been the only power he had until he was freed.

  43. J.J.

    Joel (aka.. KING): “Astral jump? Astral.. whatzits? (URP) I need an airsick bag.”

    Pete: “It will get better, and soon with all the frequent flier miles during the holidays.”

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      *Snrk* ROFLMAO

      • The game

        I l-o-v-e this comic!!!!!!!XD Grape’s face in panel 2
        her eyes are crossed!

  44. Blondi

    There are a whole lot of petes around aren’t there?
    Love the last panel.

  45. o_o

    Did I miss something? What happened to Zach and the doomsday button?

    • SamBlob

      Zach pressed the button, Pete was released, Pete turned Joel, one of the PETA crooks, into a dog, Pete turned himself into a bowler-hatted gentleman with a moustache bigger than Dennis Gage’s, and they moved into Babylon Gardens.

      • tahrey

        Does no-one bother to read back a few strips when they’ve missed a week any more?


          I do…

        • o_o

          Thanks for being totally snarky for no reason. No, I didn’t miss a week. Yes, I saw that. Where is Zach? Why was the button so horrible? How did Peanut and Grape get back? It feels like a lot of loose ends got left, is what I was saying.

  46. Justice193

    all I’m gonna say is that sometimes, instinct is all you need to go by, and that grape should trust them, and never give up on this one :p

    • Justice193

      and sorry for my mistake in the last strip, I sorta just skimmed through all the posts… there’s so many! :p

      but you’re right, totally not a spaniel… >.> maaaaybe I was “subconsciously” expressing my desire to see one :P maybe… the subconscious part….

  47. BlueAnubis

    I love the scarves, they’re so cute on the pets. X3
    I am feeling the urge to make scarves with their tags on them, just so I can have my own inside joke in my neighborhood, and possably do some advertising. *walks away, stroking his chin*

    • Spirit of the Wolf

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        • Blondi

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          I noticed that too, he’s everywhere.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            This is just one of my more active sites until Fur Affinity finally gets back up. I’ll still be posting here often, though.

          • The game

            you’re like the only person who understands my username!
            as tiger would say “you like awesome and the best friend i ever had” (ignore the running to Marvin part)

          • BlueAnubis

            of course Spirit lives here, the rent is in his price range, it’s in a great neighborhood, and within walking distance of the local pool. I got a great rate on my treestand, I just have to work as the groundskeeper and maul anyone who gets too annoying. It’s my dream job!

  48. wingedwolfgirl

    weren’t they just…trekking through the forest?…what became of King/Previously-invisible Zach…
    Clearly Pete erased everyone’s mind and now everything is somehow “magically” normal again.
    Yeah, that makes sense. -_-


    Reversed Roles > © Sprit of the Wolf
    /\ SO COOLZ!!!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      It’s actually


      but it’s the thought that counts, really.


      ROLE REVERSALS!!! — It’s the thought that counts…
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          *Face palm*

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            Don’t worry, you didn’t use the three exclamation points at the end. Just narrowly avoided a potential lawsuit. I need to add one more thing anyways.


            ROLE REVERSALS!!! — It’s the thought that counts…
            All rights reserved. © Spirit of the Wolf 2009. Any use of the term “ROLE REVERSALS!!! — It’s the thought that counts…” without permission of Spirit of the Wolf is illegal and will result in a lawsuit. Yes, you will be sued for every piece of Steak and Kibbles you own. Anyone whose screen name contains “wolf” or any understood derivative (i.e. wulf, w0lf, etc.) is exempt from these terms.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            Also, don’t you mean *facepaw*?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I see now.
      Grape’s been making a comprehensive list of all the local Petes.
      Waiting expectantly for a magical-creature-by-that-name -to show up.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        It would explain why she’s so edgy. I just don’t think of her as the type to freak out like that and pull a “Peanut” (excuse the term) at the mere mention of the word/name ‘Pete’. It is out of character for her.

        Normally Grape would have just stayed calm while Peanut freaked out over the exact same thing, except she would be asleep, not gaming. That’s why I got the idea of roll reversal. It not only makes sense in a “real” term, but also flows well with the theory that this is just a dream being made by Pete.

        Also, the list theory may explain why Peanut is saying larger words than usual. If Grape repeats it enough (which she should in her state of “Peanutness” [plz don't hurt me]) he probably has the capacity to learn/memorize the list of names, just like he has the capacity to learn ancient Akkadian(sp?).

        • wingedwolfgirl

          Whew, I get to keep ma kibbles. /\
          The only 2 thingz to ask now are…

          (1) Did we ever determine if Peanut REALLY knew Akkadian?

          (2) [hopeing this doesn’t infring on the previous comment’s ©]
          “Do you like live on this website?”
          > © The game

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            The answer to you first question can be answered at the beginning of this arc, after Grape and Peanut crawl through a small hole they can just barely fit through (refer to the first time they “met” Pete) and approach the coon who says that they cannot pass. Peanut is commenting to himself the entire time that everything seems strangely familiar (a sense of deja vu) and mumbles that there is Akkadian writing all over the place. So it can be assumed that he does know Akkadian.

            The answer to your second question is answered in a reply to that same comment.

          • The game

            Awwwww, you quoted me!!

    • The game

      His name was Joel before not Zach. Zachy was the aweseome bunny they were looking for who has obviously been found!

      (ps I’m in a spelling bee 2morrow, wish me luck!)

  49. Kume

    Let me Guess. Peanut is playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii. XD

    • Hunk23

      Yup he sure is lol!!! ;)

  50. overzen

    Just wait until King has to use the bathroom. I’m sure that will be an enlightening experience for the guy. ;)

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