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  1. Wolfswift


    • Umbreon

      Just to let you all know Wolfswift was camping this website for like 3 hours waiting for the comic to be posted so that he could have the first comment.

      • Wolfswift

        I didn’t care if I got the first comment really, I just wanted to see the update. The first comment was pretty cool tho. I didn’t think I’d manage.

      • Gamerkitty

        and who cares if he was anyway? whats it to ya?

        • wolfsangel

          lol, whats worse, someone who sits around to make the first comment, or someone who watches the person sit around to make a comment about them sitting around to make the first comment?

          • XintolerableX

            Neither, they’re both equally horrible.

      • DocterNameless

        Wow, was this something really to argue over? and how would you know? did you wait the same amount of time trying to do the same thing?

      • dragonnutds

        and you where waiting just for a little longer just so you could accuse “first commenting” on the first comment you see, even if it is just someone expressing how much they enjoy the comment

        • Lucas H.C.

          I bet that he wanted to post first!

          • Wolfswift

            No, he’s my friend, and at about the stroke of midnight(central) when the comic updated I announced to our vent “GLEE!! IT UPDATED!” he just happened to find my comment and be… annoying about it. I think he had been tired of hearing me go on about how annoyed I was that the comic updated on central time when at midnight(eastern) it hadn’t updated and I had to wait another hour. He pulls this crap all the time, I’m used to it. He’s announced to game servers before that I “hate everyone out there” and crap. So comparatively, this isn’t as bad.

            I do feel bad having just said “Awesome.” but it was the first comment to come to my mind. ‘What describes this comic?’ all I could think of was “Awesome.” because… Everything about it is so great! King freaked out as I hoped in a hilariously fun way, Pete made an unexpected interesting twist turning into a human, and making a Chrono Trigger reference, and like King got magiced into being unable to say his old name in a cool way. It was just pure “Awesome.”

      • Blue_Elite

        Really, as long as they aren’t specifically saying “First comment” I (personally) think it’s fine. Having the first comment and gloating that you have it are 2 different things.

  2. Maxwell

    “HowNow did you do that?” LOL!

    • MagicalSarai

      I was expecting an “it’s magic” reference somewhere with jazz hands…

  3. FyreFlareon

    Hahaha. I love that. “AHHH I’M NAKED!” Absolutely golden. So far the “jerk” label doesn’t seem all that true! At least to me, so far.

    • Frank

      Well, he IS breaking the law (see my post yesterday at 5:08 PM CST)

  4. EHH

    Theme Tagging. Good point.

    • Peanut Butter!

      That doesnt apply to Max tho

  5. JoeyWolf

    Oh ho. A Welshman and a welsh Corgi. Classic.

    • 2MK

      That sounded a bit stereotypic, but , oh well.

  6. Repicheep22

    This comic is made of win!
    “Aaah! I’m naked!” Classic!

    • Valerio

      HAH! I KNEW IT!! :D

  7. Khenal

    Ah, Chrono Trigger. Very good likeness, I thought “Gaspar!
    as soon as I saw him. Keep up the awesome comic, been long time reader, first time commenter, heh.

    • Frank

      Don’t know about that. When I hear Gaspar I immediately think of the Three Wise Men. Maybe I’m looking too far into the Christmas theme?

      • Xanni

        The Chrono Trigger characters were named after the Three Wise Men by the English translator, so you’re not entirely wrong!

        • thewhitedragon

          and each one had the acknowledge and expertice for certain fields, one was of time, one of reason.. I forgot the third D:

  8. Gravity-Glue

    What I was about to say sounded better in my head… Now it just sounds weird, and I don’t even remember what it was…

  9. Fuzzypaws

    Joel should be a dog permanently. No transformation back into human. Would be a good subversion since it’d go against how literally every other story of this type ever ends.

    • iSKUNK!

      Yeah, and there’s also the possibility that if Joel!King turns human again, he’ll be back in the human justice system. Maybe he’ll find it advantageous to stay as a dog. (Though I hope animals in this universe live longer than they do in ours…)

      • Keeshah

        pets life spans are twice as long in the housepets world compared to ours.

      • Argent Stonecutter

        … back in the human justice system, facing extra charges over his “jailbreak”.

  10. QuetzaDrake

    Aaaaah, Chrono Trigger. Awesome.

    Also, yes, Jo- King is very adorable.

    • Nightfirex

      waiiiiiiiiiit! how you get here?! I know you from somewhere!

    • tjprower

      Heh, cool…
      Quetza Drake, nice to see you out and about.
      I was wondering if all you did was your job (or school… pretty much the same depending on how you look at it…), your comic strip, and going to cons. Lol.
      Just joking…

      As for the comic: awesome. I DIDN’T see this coming, for the record. XD
      Didn’t think Pete was going to take the form of a human, so that was an interesting turn of events.

    • gavinfoxx

      Guys! It’s NOT from Chrono trigger. Well, it is, SORTA, but the name / concept is originally from the Bible! Maybe the look of a character with that name is from Chrono Trigger, but still!

      • Foxstar

        Could be from both, But the look at least is from Chrono Trigger. The Three Wise Men/Sages/etc does stem from the bible tho.

        • Kes

          That particular threesome is likely to be quite a bit older than the Bible.

      • Rick Griffin

        I like how you say it’s from the bible when the names of the wise men never appear in it.

        • BlueAnubis

          True, the Bible does not say the names of the Magi or how many there were. We just assume that there were three because of the three gifts that they brought.

      • QuetzaDrake

        It’s definitely a Chrono Trigger reference specifically from the design of the disguise. The three guys in CT (Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar) are all, yes, references to the supposed Three Magi… but Rick is right in that Matthew didn’t name them in his Gospel (a Greek text from the 6th century did).

        The More You Know====*

  11. Cerberus

    WOOT for Pete and magic. YEAH
    I sense lots akward moments and maybe a new addition to the Babylon Garden neighborhood by the end of the arc

  12. Chip Uni

    You know, Pete has a rather astonishing amount of power…

    Why is he focusing so much time on Joel King?

    • Kamron

      After a certain point, powerful individuals might enjoy a little bit of a challenge in the methods they use to implement their schemes. It’s no fun to win instantly every time you do something.

      I mean, if I had huge amounts of power and some nefarious aims, I’d make sure that turning people into dogs would be somewhere on my agenda. IT WOULD ALSO BE NECESSARY.

    • CalaverX11

      Think of John DeLancie’s “Q” from ST:TNG.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        By the Gods, man! He does remind me of Q.

        Sadistic, underhanded, and having the ability to change reality at will… still an awesome character for Piccard to fight. I especially liked the Robin Hood episode.

    • tjprower

      Umm… anyone notice the subtle name change?
      Joel King – “el” = Joking? XD
      Are we meant to assume this is a pun, or a coincidence?

  13. Zurr

    I’m liking King and Pete so far.

    • Valerio

      together, they’re awesome!

  14. Shades


  15. Barker

    Still waiting for the jerk to be a jerk…. Right now he’s just screwing with one guy in a cliche life-lesson that will end with an equally cliche repentance or request to stay as he is.

    Either that or he’ll find an actual Welsh Corgi named King and adopt him….

    Can’t wait for him to try an explain himself to the other pets in the neighborhood.

    • Wolfswift

      With how Pete seems to control what he says, I doubt he can. King probly can’t talk about his former life. If he tries, I’m sure something interesting will happen. I wonder if he smells completely different… Would be interesting if Fido found his familiar somehow, be suspicious of him.

      I didn’t like the name King, but now that it’s tied into Chess, it’s pretty cool. Can’t wait to see what happens.

      • iSKUNK!

        I gotta say, the mind-control thing going on here is… an interesting twist. Did Pete actually *snap* Joel!King’s body-shame out of existence?

      • Barker

        Oh, I figured as much. That’s why I said I can’t wait for him to “try” and explain it. It’s always amusing to watch someone figure out the rules to these sort of things, though Pete/Gaspar may just let him babble and let the other pets think he’s crazy. This is going to be quite interesting.

        Also, I’m not quite sure if Pete caused King to say his name is King or if he replaced his actual self-identification as King instead of his former self.

        • Wolfswift

          It’s his ‘Gaspar’ getup, but I don’t think he’s changing his name. He’s still Pete as far as the tags show, thereby as far as we know. Especially since the tags foreshadowed King’s new name, so the tags know all. All hail the tags, namer of names!

          Also, I completely agree, this arc looks like it will very VERY interesting. Housepets has always been funny, but now it’s interesting too?! Not that it wasn’t interesting before, it was “haha, I wanna see more” funny interesting, but now it has real intrigue! So many possibilities, anything can happen, there is magic involved. All we can do is sit raptly and wait to see this unfold…

      • Profesor Rod

        I can only wonder… but Pete will play some “real chess”, with our heroes.

    • Cerberus

      I think that here, the comic doesn’t really stick to the cliche. Rick typically has something different or unexpected that we don’t really see coming. Though there are a few.

      • Barker

        I know what you mean, this is actually one of the very few times I’ve been waiting for a webcomic to update just to see what happens outside of OotS. I can’t wait till Monday except for the fact that I don’t actually want tomorrow to come for school-related reasons.

      • Frank

        I doubt he will go for the cliché ending, especially after stating it so explicitly in the last strip. It’ll probably be something much, much funnier

    • Tapewolf

      How about the bit where the prison guards discover that Joel has escaped? Granted, Pete may have undone the whole trial and made everyone forget it should have happened, but if he hasn’t made that kind of provision for it, Joel – reformed or not – is going to be in for a world of hurt. They’d throw away the key.

      • Frank

        Like I said, see my post yesterday at 5:08 PM, CST. Pete is breaking the law (several laws in fact)

  16. Ainoko

    Win for gryphon

  17. Rider098

    Hm… so apparently Joel had his name replaced with magic. Pete certainly is powerful! Of course the first line was pure hilarity, Pete probably planned that reaction.

    It always seem like these types of trips always have a sad moment in them, especially Christmas tales. I better brace myself.

  18. Duskyo

    Waaaaaaiiiiiiit… Am I the most confused person on the planet, or what?!
    Is Joel’s real name Joel King, or did Pete just rearrange his memory…?

    Those who think Pete’s NOT A JERK, please RAISE YOUR HAND/PAW!!!

    • Duskyo

    • Duskyo

      Oops… Gotta rewrite my reply:
      [I raise my hand]

    • Siggy

      >v> Not me, since that was a really mean thing to do to Joel.

      • Duskyo

        Hm… I don’t know… I can see it being bad as a punishment, but if you had an opportunity to be turned into an anthropomorphic animal, would you take it?

        • Kamron

          Just a note, Duskyo: most people on these parts of the internet don’t have opinions that align with those of the public at large.

          Oh, and my answer is yes. }:3

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          my reply would also be yes, but I would be very specific how I wanted to be a wolf.

        • Siggy

          Well, deffinately not against my will, otherwise and if I could choose what kind of animal… maaaybe. But this is about Joel and he really doesn’t seem to happy about it, so I think it’s just wrong!

        • wingedwolfgirl

          I would definitely take the opportunity.
          If I were allowed to be a wolf.

    • Frank

      I’m betting on the memory thing. It’s a much better thing for the “that” in “…how did you do that?” to refer to

  19. slacks315

    Amazing comic is amazing!!!! I love transformation stories and art, so this hits just the right spot.

  20. Pokeblue


    Nice, excellent work. Unfortunately I’m fairly naive so I don’t get the pun/joke either.

  21. james319

    LOL nice XD he can say his name and the neighbor hood might think that he’s crazy…..speaking of the neighbor hood, what happens to them? did Pete just fly off?

    • Wolfswift

      Pete and King are moving into the neighborhood. So they’ll get acquainted soon.

      If you meant what happened to them all watching as Pete was released, we don’t know yet. It’s assumed he got away, no one killed him or stopped him or anything, so he is free, but what happened? Who knows, we’ll probly find out soon.

    • Kamron

      Nope. He slaughtered ‘em all. This is a reboot of the comic with an entirely new cast.

      • Darcin

        A Crisis, wouldn’t you say? Possibly one taking place on Infinite Earths?

        • Kamron

          Possibly. Certainly on a bunch of Earths, in any case.

          • Darcin

            Hopefully, Peanut Prime won’t show up in his super-suit and try to claim he’s the real star when ripping someone’s arms off.

        • Frank

          that IS a possibility, no one yet within the comic has referred to “this universe”

          • Zaffa

            Though Pete just did refer to “this dimension”. So, yeah.

  22. Kamron


    • Kamron

      Now that I think about it, why does Pete say “this universe?” Is this possibly the first mention of a detailed cosmological system?

      I hope we get to see a tuxedo cat named Schrödinger at some point. }:3

      • gagi

        omg …. i so wanna see that cat … tat would be awesome :D

      • Frank

        Aw, where would that leave Fiddler and Keys? So far they’ve been the “formal” cats

  23. ndigit

    so wait, is Joel as we know him gone for good or what?

    • Indagare

      I guess it depends on what you mean by ‘Joel as we know him’. Obviously Joel’s personality is doing just fine in his new form. If you mean whether he’ll become human again, I suppose there’s even odd on that. As for Joel himself, well, no one ever stays the same all the time. This whole thing is undoubtedly going to have *some* effect, even if it isn’t the standard one we see in holiday specials.

      So long story short: wait and see.

  24. Sleet

    Is anyone else reminded of the trick Sarda has pulled on Black Mage several times in 8-Bit Theater?
    (mild language warning)

  25. falconfox01

    did NOT see this part coming!

  26. Darcin

    Pete is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, even if he is sorta a jerk. Gotta love that distinguished, genteel appearance. And hey, warping reality is always fun!

  27. Zanzawolf

    Took me a moment to catch the reference ^^;. Haven’t played that game in an insanely long time but anyways cool and quite funny to boot.

  28. Keeshah

    how long will it be until Tarot outs Gaspar as Pete?

    • Islefox

      Heh heh.

      A battle of wits. As one is psychic and one can probably effect luck. That’s a hard one. I suspect that Pete won’t give up his charade easily. Yip!

    • Frank

      Remember, Tarot “foresaw” when Peanut was at an “hour of need”. She’s probably watching this from inside her mind with a good bowl of popcorn (and we do know she likes popcorn)

      If not, she might feel a strange presence in Gaspar or something similarly cryptic and mystic

  29. Islefox

    Awesome obscure reference. Yip!
    However, the reference to Gaspar is worrisome, as I will always think “The End Of Time” with appropriate theme music. Yap.

    • Hodgelett

      Could be worse, I’m now reading Pete’s lines in my head with Jamie from Mythbuster’s voice.

      • BlueAnubis

        Great, now all I can hear is Pete saying “Okay, King, what myth do you have for us today?” and I’m probably going to hear Adam doing King’s lines from now on.

        • wingedwolfgirl

          totaly love that show.
          random statment.

    • Frank

      Like Tarot said, “it’s the beginning of the end for all of us”

  30. Firewing417

    Gawd! :P
    King and Peeete! So cool! Okay im done, Now let me.. -Faints-

  31. KathYohneke

    I think I see why Taroh warned about him. Im guessing he likes animals but dislikes humans and humans that cause problems for animals, thus causes problems for humans, which in turn causes big problems for the animals <_<

  32. SnowFox102

    Shades of new The Prisoner! “I’m not Six! I’m Six! No, I’m…Six!”

    Rick has probably never seen either version of The Prisoner, and it’s just an awesome coincidence. 8D

    • Frank

      In my opinion, the best reference to “The Prisoner” was in Pinky and the Brain.
      Original line: “I’m not a number, I’m a free man!”
      The Brain: “I am not a hat, I’m a free… uh… something!”

      And like I said before, this “memory modification” is the best alternative for the “that” in “how did you do that”?

      • wingedwolfgirl

        I WONDERED if this was a reference to the new Prisoner…
        Now I HAVE to watch it!

  33. Frank

    How does someone who has never before moved their ears in their life manage to always get them to show the right expression when the muscle to do so just *apppears*?

    • Indagare

      It’s magic!

    • Kamron

      The transformation was so awesome that King was awarded a gold medulla.

      • Zaffa

        So part of his brain’s made of gold now?
        That’s interesting.
        (if you don’t get it, medulla oblongata.)

        • Kamron

          Puns are only good if you don’t explain them.


          • Zaffa

            What are you talking about, puns are never good. Occasionally guffaw-worthy at their best, but not good.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            The best puns are always the worst… and most unintentional.

            I made an entire sentence into one horrible pun once when I was talking about cars with stick shifts. I was talking to two girls and they both suddenly stopped me and said, “You have NO idea what you just said, do you?”
            Don’t think about it too hard those of you under 15.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Itz a natural reflex that occurs…naturaly.

  34. VanDerSpar

    Wow! What’s up with the fennec ears? What’s the species called?

  35. Valerio

    so far, the tableau of King’s expressions cries out CUTE!

  36. ColdCedric

    Hmhmm I see this something I have never seen before so in the run, tell me…how did it get so popular?

    • Frank

      People like magic… so long as it doesn’t involve superstition or spirits (like the real-world witches make it). I guess this was one of the reason’s people didn’t like Tarot’s second appearance that much, too.

  37. Frank

    Wait, Rick. Are you drawing these at the last minute? I mean, if you changed Joel’s “dog name” right after posting the last comic, how could you come up with the chess-piece joke?

  38. Frank

    Another thing to muse about: If Pete’s able to make that reference to Chrono Trigger, that means he must’ve been sealed in the temple sometime after 1995! Now, who knew what Ancient Akkadian even was back in 1995? Much less how to write a riddle in it on a stone door?

    Or maybe someone could offer another explanation as to why Pete knew the game?

    • Frank

      Sorry if this is unclear. by “knew the game” I mean he knew about Chrono Trigger, not The June 18, 2008 Game

    • Argent Stonecutter

      He knows the game because he’s made of pure awesome.

    • Tonamel

      It’s not a Chrono Trigger reference. In fact, Chrono Trigger was making the same reference being made here: You know the Christmas carol “We Three Kings”? Gaspar was one of those guys. The other two were Balthazar and Melchior.

      • Foxstar

        This. People forget Rick’s a Christan, most of his family are pastors/active in the church, etc.

    • Zaffa

      Pete’s pretty much an extradimensional being(why else would he say this “dimension” when commenting on Joel’s response?). I’d expect him to know just about everything.

  39. AceyWinters

    I wonder if I’m the only one that has saved every page of Housepets thus far ;p

    • Valerio

      I did, to translate them.

      • Milesrose

        I did.

        • BlueAnubis

          I haven’t saved them, but I did make Housepets! my homepage.

          • wingedwolfgirl

            Saving, Hompage…
            that’s fan loyalty! -Im impressed.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            Anyone know how to set a homepage on Firefox?

      • Frank

        Wait, you’re translating them? I want a hand in that!… what language?

  40. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Joel or should I say King makes a cute dog, but it’s all soured cause he’s not a nice guy.

    • Valerio

      Actually, it’s just that dualism that makes him a cool character :D

  41. Classic Steve

    Anyone else thinking of Liar, Liar?

  42. McCorgi

    Well at least you’re not naked any more silly King. Heh Pete certainly is the master of head games. “Do what?” indeed.

  43. Milesrose

    That Collar looks quite snazzy on him :D

  44. knux

    I wonder if Fox will recognize his scent(unless he has a different scent now that he’s a dog)

  45. Zaffa

    Oh wow, I skip a night(I usually check every night), come back and there’s an absolute flood of comments. You guys sure don’t waste any time giving your opinions.

  46. Tibarus

    Brilliant Chrono Trigger reference. Great comic, keep it up.

  47. Ping

    Aww, but by the end he’s not nakies anymore. He has a collar. :3

  48. Jadugara

    Try to understand…. TRY to understand!!! …try,…Try,….TRY to understaaaaaannnnd,…..He’s a magic man…

    • Rick Griffin


      Sometimes I wonder if people get the oblique references I make in these titles.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Weird, I’ve been hearing this song alot latly. :)

  49. Insignificance

    Ya know… the owner really matches the dog – _ o

    • Indagare

      Yes he really *lowers shades* put on the dog. ;-)

  50. Zeek

    Man, a friend showed me this today and I been reading through everything all day. Really great comic in both artstyle and humor!

    Really can’t wait to see the continuation of this. Specially with this strip you ended with here. =)

  51. Justice193

    everyone is going on about how pete controled joel/king’s memory, or what he said, but I don’t think he did, in any way… firstly, joel wasn’t like “oh I’m a dog” straight off, he had to realise that he was one, secondly, the collar probably somehow made him feel like he wasn’t naked anymore, as I’m sure Grape could probably relate to you very easily (tying together many different parts of a story, even for one little strip, is fun :P ) and lastly, I believe that look and question at the end there, as swell as the answer, was because pete hadn’t done anything.

    freudian slip… joel subconsiously likes the name king, may even consider himself higer that the others without realising it, so king, while he was reading it right there on his collar, was the first name that came to mind.

    now either he’s now assuming that pete controled his thoughts for that split second, which could be completly wrong, or he actually has forgotten his real name, which I doubt, because doing that to a human, playing with such a FUNDAMENTAL part of their memory, could cause them to go into a state of long lasting shock, and make him not even care about everything that happened to him as a dog by the end of all this, if it does end :P

    what I mean is that it would cause him to question if he is willfully doing this, or if he is being forced, because if he decides he was forced, he can dismiss everything as being unnatural and not the way things would of occurred.

    also, pete is magical, for all we know he could currently be bending time, that’s how those stupid christmas stories always played out. he’d wake up in that huge room, with his lawyer shaking him, a reformed man, win his case by a landslide, maybe have nothing more than community service to do,and due to his current attachments to babylon gardens, introduce a new character into the gardens for us… maybe a hyperative little welsh springer XD

    I love springer spaniels… did you know that most species of springer see the world in full color? just like we do? another excellent reason for Joel to have been turned into a springer, if you ask me, Pete’s been pretty nice so far, and as joel no doubt probably knows a fair bit about dogs, he wasn’t using his body changes as a reference as to weather he had been turned into a dog, he was expecting his vision to suddenly change to the limited color spectrum most breeds of dogs see.

    • Justice193

      wow… hadn’t realized my comment had gotten so long O.O… addon: still waiting on this whole “jerk” thing… you know… maybe it’s just the part where Joel wakes up in a cell at the end of all this :P , which unbeknownst to him, actually saves his skin for skipping out on court… they just somehow hadn’t noticed he was there the whole time. which wold baffle anyone, but the court would have no choice but to go with it, having no other plausible explanation.

    • Frank

      As for the name thing, yes he is in shock in the last panel, and the implications of taking people’s names away have been explored in works of fiction such as “The Prisoner” and “Spirited Away”: people usually accept the new name, no questions asked, until something happens that makes them realize how unnatural that is. It’s like ID numbers, I think. We never question having to identify ourselves by our Social Security Number, Student ID number, or whatever other number we get assigned; despite using our names would be so much easier.

      As for your rant on Springer Spaniels, I thought it was pretty firmly established yesterday that he was a Welsh Corgi

      • tahrey

        Bingo, Number 6…

        But what of the reverse … i.e. online identities? Where you pick an entirely different name for yourself in most situations.
        I’m left wondering about the implications of when (usually) women get married and change surnames. That’s got to have some kind of strange effect. Apparently my mother’s nickname at work is based on her surname. Thing is, she’s always been known to them by her married name… which she’s kept after divorcing my father. o_O

        Oh, and nicknames which may or may not be anything to do with your real name. Which sometimes transition into online handles….

        It’s a big ol’ psychological mess innit.

    • Lax

      Yup, he was indeed controlled, no self-consciousness involved here

      • Itive

        are you sure about that?

    • Reo

      All of that MAY have been correct, IF he were an actual human being with a complex thought process and not a fictional character part of a plot.. :P

  52. The game

    What i don’t get is that Tarot said Pete was a jerk.
    He looked all evil like when they were looking for Zachy but now he seems like Karma.
    Anybody else feel da same way??

    • Wolfswift

      He kinda is a jerk in that, he’s all powerful and chooses to mess with people with his power. I mean, while some people would like being turned into a dog, he found someone who not only wouldn’t like it, but would absolutely hate it. He’s being a pretty big jerk to Joel. But hey, that’s what we like about him now isn’t it?

      • Noah

        I agree that he is a jerk for doing what he did, but could it be possible that Pete and Tarot had a fling and broke up, hence why Tarot calls him a jerk? Or secretly Tarot might be evil and Pete her mortal enemy O.o But I think the first one is more plausible.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      He is neither of good nor evil, but brings random chaos to mundane order…
      Or somethin’

      • Loki Impisi

        Neutral from twokinds?

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          I think he’s a LOT nicer than Ephemural. He also isn’t trying to take over Grape’s body (no joke, read Two Kinds web comic).

          Side note:
          FINALLY!! Tom’s brought back Scythe! Hooray for epic wolfyness!

          • Ada

            Hey! Two Kinds fans! *Hugs!* Sorry, Rick. XD

          • Loki Impisi

            Yeah. He would probably just shape shift to look like Grape and cause pandemonium. That seems more his style as I’ve seen so far. And yes he is FAR nicer then ethy. Ethy makes Pete look incredibly tame.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            HA! Ephi makes Pete look like [database error]. Completely useless except for fighting IN THE NAME OF MEANINGLESS BATTLE!!

            Yeah, I went there…

  53. BlueAnubis

    Ooh! Ooh! King me! KING ME!!! (sorry, I couln’t resist)

    So far, Pete seems to be more Chaotic than Evil so far, but this could all be part of his nefarious plot to take over the world. I believe that the best way to take over the world is slowly and quietly, rather than with a hostile takeover, cause then they start rolling in the tanks and stuff.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      You do make a good point.

      no offense, but the new avvy looks kinda weird.

    • Frank

      How much time does Pete have, though? Akkadian became a dead tongue about 100 AD, which means Pete is probably 1900 years old

  54. Tobias Rhdoes

    Poor King, not only has he just been given the name of King, which will likely lead to some sort of superiority complex, but he is likely going to have to handle Bino in a match for biggest ego.

  55. TLV

    I know the bird is supposedly “evil”, but I still can’t help but like him.

    • Frank

      It’s a Griffin; he’s only a bird from the top half of his chest to the top of his head. His bottom half is all Lion. Check up your mythology (or see last Friday’s strip)

      • Wolfswift

        I think they were just calling him a bird to be simple, not necessarily because they didn’t know he was a griffin. But anyway, he might not even be a griffin what with the new fact he can change forms. He might just be some all powerful being that likes taking the form of a griffin most commonly or something. Who knows what is or is not. All we know is that he is Pete and he is a magic man.

        • sirbacon

          Pete’s one of the Q from Star Trek!

  56. Mynx

    Hehe it DOES look like Jamie from Mythbusters… Great comic, it really made my friday better =)

  57. othorlimmis

    looks at walking stick*

    ooh ooh ooh, tapdance!


  58. RobbyThePerv

    Rock-A-Doodle joke at the beginning, how nostalgic.

    I bet he’ll start looking at female dog’s a little differently; if Gaspar has anything to do with it.
    And If he complains.”Well if you want to look at male dog’s a little differently..?NO!”

  59. Ian

    I *LIKE* this gryphon. This is a fellow after my own heart, indeed.
    Every town needs one like this.

    • Carma

      Definitely. This town would be sooo much nicer if we had Pete around to do things like this.

      • Frank

        Every town, you say?

        “Johnny, why didn’t you come to school yesterday?”
        “I was turned into a dog, you can ask Pete”
        “Er, right. Did you do your homework?”
        “I did, but I ate it”
        “You ATE your own homework?”
        “Didn’t I just tell you I was a dog yesterday?”

        Ok, maybe I need to work on my impromptu jokes. This one sounded better in my head

        • J.J.

          You ate the homework? Just “Woofed” it down, did you?

        • tahrey

          Seems good enough to me ^_^

  60. Maxwell

    Who else think King may be the only dog to accept Tiger as a friend?
    And on that note, who else wants Fox to be the first to figure out King’s true identity?

    • Doomwolf

      Pete would just wipe Fox’s mind if he figured it out.

      • Zaffa

        Or not, for maximum entertainment.

        • Frank

          Entertainment indeed! It would be so frustrating for Fox if he knew something he was magically stopped from telling anyone, wouldn’t it? We know he likes to point out the obvious and use big words.

          • Maxwell

            i.e. Fox: “Total felinophile.”
            Bino: “I’ll pretend I know what that means.”

          • tahrey

            Frank: And we come back to the Miyazaki references again …. Howl’s Moving Castle, this time? (Though to be fair that WAS based on a book by another author – one who, if not Welsh herself, DEFINITELY has about the most Welsh name surname you can get without it actually containing an over 3:1 consonant-vowel ratio or a work role construct such as “The Coal”)

            Maxwell: Don’t let anyone see you playing with that junior music-box “record” player, not unless you want to be arrested for Child Phonography…

    • Wolfswift

      I think Tiger and/or Fido may recognize his scent, but being he IS a dog now, who knows, it must be somewhat different. I’m hoping not entirely, but it would be interesting if they were suspicious of him. But more fun if they can’t actually figure it out. An endless game of cat and mouse. “Who is he? Why is he familiar… It’s on the tip of my tongue… … and now it’s not… WHO IS HE?!”



    • Caleb

      I think king and fox would make great friends

  61. wingedwolfgirl

    Ahh, a chap (Jamie) in a bolder! -so coolz.
    I had to look it up.

    But itz soo cool looking!!!1!!!

    • tahrey

      I’m so, so glad someone else answered this before I had to either ask, or spend an hour traipsing through 40+ results on the wiki disambiguation page alone… So, he’s a Guru of Time, is he? Could mean that when all this is done, Joel gets zapped back to his old identity – and his starting time/place, just before the attorney arrives – but with all the memories intact. Ding, guilty plea… and 80 hours community service parole in an animal shelter / airport quarantine wing?

      Also be careful if he goes to meditate as the entire strip might crash.

    • tahrey

      Also also also, anyone else get the feeling that the little text in Petespar’s 2nd speech bubble in panel 2 is more Rick talking directly to us through him, rather than staying within the 4th wall and talking to Joeking?

  62. Shadow M

    Something tells me that Joel..I mean King will want to remain as a dog not a human anymore and he may find someone special in the end! ;)

    • Frank

      Wait, by “someone special” you don’t mean something like “Daisy might findally get a boyfriend”, do you? I mean, wouldn’t that count as inter-species romance?

      • Shadow M

        Well King is a dog now right, he wont be human for a while come on now his life sucked, he was kidnapped by his own pets when he was young his adult life is going nowhere but grief and misery, reality can be quiet harsh, so yeah he might accomplish something good that he couldn’t accomplish in his human form, so why not hm?! Why not an inter-species relationship. King could live with Peanut and Grape and see how an animals life is or with the wild animals in the forest with Pete it wouldn’t hurt for him now that’s he’s an animal. Hell I would do the same if I was in King’s paws! But then again he might lose his memories and be turned back to his original state! 0.o

        • Tobias Rhdoes

          Everyone deserves a little love, right?

          • Shadow M

            Love is like an earthquake: unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are!!!
            Enough said….;)

      • Frank

        Agreed, though I was expecting someone would say something funny about the “cat-lovers” story arc

  63. Frank

    I’m taking a new stance: this is already a dream. My main argument? There are certain things which don’t work in a dream, such as pinching yourself, getting coherent readings from a clock, trying to perform simple math, or saying your own name. If you manage to do any of these things, you wake up. (The short explanation is that all these activities require parts of your brain that get shut down to allow your body to do, all the things it needs to do, while you’re sleeping)

    Oh sure, other people in the dream can use your name to give you that sensation that someone’s calling you, but you’re not allowed to say your own name.

    My secondary argument is that, prior to this week, we only knew for certain Pete had one power, and this was sending dreams to people. Joel is nervous about the trial, and his dream got mixed up with what Pete sent him, producing this hilarious story arc.

    • ilikepie

      No, no, no, no. All these “rules of dreaming” people constantly come up with don’t exist. They may *usually* work, but there is no single foolproof way to identify a dream state. THough if you believe in these rules yourself they are very likely to work *for you* simply because dreams tend to follow your expectations (while reality doesn’t).

      I can – and have done – some pretty non-trivial math in dreams (multiplication +addition to obtain result, and clearly remembered doing it, *and* checked my answer after I woke up – I was right!). I have looked at clocks and gotten times consistent down to the second. And I have definitely said my own name (usually while introducing myself to people in dreams). This last rule seems especially bizarre, where did you hear this?

      I have pinched myself in dreams (again, where did you hear this?) and in fact inflicted severe bodily damage to myself (and yes, you can feel pain in dreams).

      I’ve also died in my dreams. Multiple times. And used light switches which worked perfectly (another supposed sure-fire way to check if you’re dreaming is that lgiht switches won’t work).

      The only “rule” that seems to have worked so far for me is that after reading a passage of text in a dream, when I tried to read it again it was slightly different – I haven’t been able to find consistency in text more then a few words long. But I still doubt this works 100% of the time.

      • wingedwolfgirl

        You must have a “super brain.”
        I have never been able to pinch myself, do hard math prob’s, or kept track of time durring a dream.
        -I guess it could be a mind-over-mater choice though.

        • pet_fox123

          when ever something happens in a dream to me, like pinching my self or getting hit, my body goes tense in that certain spot.

          • tjprower

            Try this: I’ve kicked myself awake. >.>
            THAT was painful…
            I’ve also said my name while asleep, beaten the crud out of someone else while taking “hits” myself, and even done some negliable math work (Negliable because my dreams typically don’t involve math work. XD )

        • tahrey

          Huh, I’m impressed even by people who can TRY to do these things in dreams. I wonder even if having the proper self awareness to do so means something’s not working quite right in the sleep centres (or perhaps it’s a sign of it working fine and it’s my brain that’s wonky). It’s a proper hypnotic state for me, whatever bizarrity happens, including the odd out-of-body angle or all manner of preposterous setups, I quite happily go along with, as if nothing’s wrong. Or if it IS “wrong”, then it’s in a way which doesn’t lead to questioning such as “is this real or am I dreaming?”. And yes I’ve tried that thing of asking yourself the same question several times a day… lucid dreaming was once a goal. Never mind the outcome of pinching, light switches (I imagine that “shouldn’t work” as all the things you’d interact with in the dream sequence only exist in memory as properly lit images, and the existence or otherwise of magic imaginary photons can’t change that) or what have you, I wouldn’t even think to try it.

          The wierdest thing is slightly waking up from a nice one (and once, bizarrely, an epic nightmare), realising it was actually just a dream sequence, and happily sliding back into it and relinquishing full control once again because I was enjoying the fully immersive 3D movie, with virtual-body puppetry, that it represented. Hmm.

      • NoirTheSable

        *pin-pon* Ah, I’ve got a medium exception for a Mr or Mrs ‘Pie’?

        Yes, the “rule” of reading a passage repeatedly and noticing changes somehow indicates dream state doesn’t apply for me. Anything I usually read or write usually stay the same when I read them over.

        As for the other rules, I know I’ve done simple derivatives in a dream (Calculus test), felt pain, flicked switches, and said my own name many, many times, died quite a few times, and rather than pinching myself to try to wake up, I’ve taken to finding the nearest wall and repeatedly slamming my head against it. (Not sure if the clock one applies — I’ve never ever dreamt a clock before, for some reason)

        Honestly, the most surefire way for me to realize that I’m in a dream state is to stick me in a place where I’m honestly risking my life, such as the front lines on D-Day or a B-movie science horror space station. That’s when I realize, “Hey! What the heck am I doing here? I’m a bleedin’ coward! I shouldn’t be here!” Commence head-slamming.

        I suppose it depends mostly on the person, really.

      • Chip Uni

        I have no problems with light switches in dreams. They work just fine.

        And I’ve died in dreams, as well. The most freaky dreams are the ones where the dream doesn’t stop after I die…

        • Frank

          You can’t die in a dream. If, after you “die” in a dream, you stay focused on your body, then you didn’t die; you actually had the perspective of a third person watching a death. If you go on to experience the afterlife, then the dream wasn’t about you dieing, but about you exploring the spirituality of your soul “or some other new-agey junk”. If your senses stay with you (say you fell to your “death” and after your “death” you dream of your face being stuck into the ground) then let’s just say you must’ve watched too many cartoons when you were little.

          It’s just part of how the mind works

      • Frank

        I think you’re confusing Lucid Dreaming (when you know you’re in a dream but it’s entirely out of your control) with Hypnagogia (that state where you don’t know if you’re asleep or awake, but the fact that you’re nearly awake means you can take control of the thing as if it were something you are writing; which will probably wake you up, turning the dream into a daydream). And yes, it did take me all day to look up what the names for these concepts were.

        • ilikepie

          Frank: I know what lucid dreams are, having had them many times. All the examples I gave were from “normal” dreams that I remembered.

          I still don’t know where you learned about these rules. They may work for you but beware of generalizing your own experience to others.

          • Frank

            I actually found these little by little on my own. Later, I started noticing them referenced in movies, websites, etc. When I repeatedly asked my classmates about this years ago, they were all like “oh yeah” and “of course you can’t” and “everyone knows that”. So many people seemed to have the same “restrictions”, it seemed safe to generalize; even more so after reading up on the much debated “reason” for sleep.

            Hence, my post, and my approach to responding as trying to find a loophole that would ensure the “rule” still held

        • tahrey

          Funny… that’s back to front with how I learned it and most other sources describe it.

          But as Captain America has previously pointed out, it is possible for the entire world to be wrong, and then all you can do is hold fast with your proof and whatever strength you can muster to try and change their minds.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Ummm… hmm. I’ve heard some of these before, but have never tried them. I seem to know when I’m in a dream, even though it feels like reality. One moment I’m going about what ever business I’m going about, and all of a sudden it hits me that I’m dreaming.

      I can’t recall ever dieing in a dream, only sustaining severe injuries, never looked at a clock as far as I know, have never needed to say my own name (as far as I know), and I hate math, so why would I EVER need to do it in my ESCAPE from reality.

      In fact, I usually hate waking up from dreams, unless they are nightmares, which I don’t usually get very often. I prefer to be in my dreams because I am a better version of myself, most often. I am indifferent to what most people think of me, could say things I never can in real life without getting in trouble and not have to face consequences, and am much happier in general.

      One other reason I know that I’m dreaming is because everything is blurry. I can’t make out any clear details. I have very bad eyesight and very thick glasses, and since I don’t wear them when I sleep, I don’t wear them in my dreams either. Hence the blurry vision.

      One last thing, I have heard that it is possible to sustain “phantom” injuries from dreams. If you get hurt badly enough in your dream, you may wake up with an unexplainable cut or bruise somewhere on your body. Can anyone tell me if they’ve heard of this before? I may have just, in all seriousness, dreamed it up.

      • Frank

        Well, if you dream you thrust your arms upward and hit them against a low-hanging lamp, or something, if it really is a dream you may complain, but aren’t actually in pain. If you do feel pain, you’ll probably wake up and realize you thrust your arms up for real, only to hit the head of the bed. I think it’s things like that are what cause these “phantom” injuries: you did it to yourself, but you didn’t think you were doing it for real.

      • dralou

        I have heard of this theory before. In horror movies, especially. And a bit transformed in “The Matrix”.

        The only time I have been really hurt in a dream was when I woke up after a nightmare, the back completely bowed cause I have dreamed I was backstabbed.

    • Frank

      Anyway, what I was going towards is that the storyline will probably end when Joel is reminded of his real name (perhaps through a “wanted” poster), and tries to say it aloud. Under the “rules-for-dreaming theory” (as iLikePie seems to have so aptly named them) he would have to wake up if he does manage to say his name aloud.

  64. Azrael

    I don’t know about any of the stuff you guys are talking about. I am just giddy over the fact that Pete likes Chrono Trigger.

    • Azrael

      Also, I am appalled at the fact that none of you seem to know what Chrono Trigger is.

      • Wolfswift

        I do. Those who keep saying that it’s supposed to be Gaspar of the Biblical Magi are wrong. None of them looked like the Gaspar at the End of Time from Chono Trigger.

    • Loki Impisi

      Are you by any chance named after a certain “Renard” ’s alias?

  65. Blair Mckain

    You sir, are my hero for making such a reference.

  66. Coshi

    Does Anybody else get the name of the Joel Is also the name of the really Evil guy from Concession? I thought about it, and was like !!! a reference!?

  67. Wolfswift

    Arg… As cool as it is to have extra free time on the weekends, and have friends around… It’s not cool to have to wait two days for a Housepets update now! Not now! So much going on! I can’t wait to see how this turns out! And yet… I have a feeling the Monday comic is gonna be a switch back to the other pets to catch up with them…

    I wanna see King’s & Pete’s new house… The collar looks quite elegant… though not necessarily expensive… Though it could be… Pete’s new form looks like a gentleman who would likely have a lot of money… Can Pete magic up a ton of cash? Or maybe he’s just tricking the landlord’s mind into believing he’s paid them a great sum for a nice house or something. Regardless, I wanna see how this turns out!

  68. Supuhstar

    He’s so much CUTER, like this!!! ^ω^

  69. Rj-pilot

    Hahah King is fast on the way to becoming the most ‘avatar’d’ character of all time! XD

    • Wolfswift

      I have four distinct avatars of him already!

  70. Gapre

    Pete is a jerk and a justice bringer at the same time!! His nickname should be Jerkustice!
    Also. King/Joel/Sourpuss/Whoever is soooooooo cute!!!!!!

  71. Barker

    I’m looking forward to King learning exactly what he isn’t supposed to do as a pet. We’ve had a vague sense that there are a lot of things pets are expected to do despite the humanized features such as playing the Wii like the owners children or getting an allowance. At the same time, we’ve seen pets sleep in pet beds and a “restaurant” setting based around eating out of the garbage. This could be a good way to see more of the pet life the other pets and owners take for granted.

  72. pet_fox123

    joel might have to stay as king if this is real.
    because now he has more crimes on his record:
    kid/petnapping (whatever you wanna call it)
    resisting arrest
    and now he’s ‘escapeing’ from prison

    • Wolfswift

      I’m sure Pete made people forget about him. I’m sure it’ll be fine. ’sides, why would he wanna turn back? He’s so much better now!

  73. Wolfswift

    Has anyone noticed that King coughs at the *poof* in the second panel, and yet the *poof* that changed him into a dog went completely unnoticed? Seems hard not to notice and he certainly couldn’t ignore it there… Kinda odd…

    • pet_fox123

      the poof that changed joel into king was around him so the smoke was moving away. when pete poofed , king was close by and the smoke hit him and caused him to cough. same reasoning for why the collar didn’t make him start coughing.

      btw did anyone else notice how the comments are getting more serious and discussion like. i kinda like it.

      • Frank

        I’ll say! This is almost academic. I didn’t expect my little assertion last night at 8:43 (CST) would get such a response! Now, how can we encourage this kind of sapient debate in places where it’s actually needed?

    • Frank

      I think it’s mostly for the comedic effect. Stage magic requires smoke and mirrors because, to put it simply, it’s a show! Why would real magic require so much smoke? How much smoke is too much? We probably have too many “poofs” in this storyline; the audience might get tired of them.

      I think it’s an excelently-used joke-opportunity. Well done, Rick! Don’t pay too much attention to all this nit-picking

      [insert joke about nits and gnats here]

    • iSKUNK!

      I think I recall seeing somewhere that coughing/reacting in the presence of smoke is caused as much by psychological expectation as by actual irritation of the air passages. That if you see smoke surrounding you, but it’s of a kind that doesn’t feel any different from normal air, you’d still be liable to cough, because your brain is telling you that you need to do so.

      Joel’s obliviousness to his transformation in the last strip is still a stretch, however. Forget the presence/absence of coughing—you think he would’ve *seen* it!

      • Indagare

        Well in cartoons, Wile E. Coyote can continue running, even when there’s actually nothing supporting his body – until he notices anyway. So I imagined that Rick is going with that sort of cartoon humor here. Joel *ought* to notice the transformation, but doesn’t – which is what makes it funny.

        • tahrey

          Plus – like Wile E. – he’s too focussed on what he’s doing (ranting, here, rather than running) to actually pay attention to his surroundings* until the problem is either pointed out or becomes unignorably severe.

          Plus the amount of smoke Pete’s transformation produces looks quite heavy (there’s a lot more mass to convert / body volume to be replaced with air than for Gryphon > Human than for Human > Corgi) and has the distinct noticeability advantage of happening right in front of Joel/King, instead of _to_ him.

          • tahrey

            (If I could edit, I would have put that it’s an old trope…. like someone growing a tail or whatever… its a rather drastic occurrence, to their own being, but it’s only noticable** to outside observers at first…)

            * Why yes, Batman Begins WAS on TV last night, why do you ask?
            ** No, I have no idea what the proper spelling of this word is, and I’ve seen it both ways enough times to not be able to infer it.

  74. person

    omg! corgi! he’s so cute! i love your art style! keep up the good work!

  75. ColdCedric

    Again another 200 comments

    • Shadow M

      Aiiee-yaaaahh indeed ;) !!

    • iSKUNK!

      Ah, transformation story arcs—the sweeps week of the furry world ^_^

  76. Angelkitt

    hehehe., King..

  77. Barkum

    Avoid the bucket on the left.

  78. Pashakitty

    Funny, I would have expected his name to be pawn since that’s what he obviously is now.

    • tjprower

      … o.0; …
      Whahahaha!! XD
      Nice one!
      Never saw that coming…
      Agreed, “King” is on the wrong end of the leash… =)

    • Frank

      On the other hand, who would beleive “pawn” is a dog name? King is much more beleivable

    • Wolfswift

      I think Rook sounds best personally.

    • tahrey

      Knight would be a pretty cool name to have… but I guess King was chosen because it’s pretty cheesy, yet believable… and Queen would have been just a bit too much all at once.

      Finally there’s always Bishop if you’re a Ridley Scott fan ;)
      Horsey, Castle and Prawn if Grant-Naylor is more your bag.

      And pawns can be exchanged for Kings under the right circumstances, can’t they? Or was that Queens…