An Undigested Bit Of Beef
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  1. Kamron

    Yay! He’s a dog!

    • Kamron

      Also: why is Duke tagged?

      • Cerberus

        It was a slight oversight on rick’s part. I personally would have liked his name to be Duke and i would be pretty confident that readers could tell a ferret from a dog.

        • Rick Griffin

          Yeah but there is the One Steve Limit, and I already stretched that with the Bigglesworths.

          • Knaveofclubs

            Looks like someone else reads their tropes too ;)

          • blackcat

            i thought tarot and sabrina said pete was an evil force not a “humans need to be nice to aniamsl and pets “force
            not that im complaining

        • Cerberus

          Awwwwww but your the author. The rules bend for you, you don’t bend for the rules. *laughs* no that makes sense. Might also get confusing for a new reader.

          • Xu-kitty

            “Screw the rules, I have plot”?

          • Frank

            Well, he’s already bending the laws of physics, biology, chemistry, and practically every other science except geography. I guess bending that small rule as well was a bit too much.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            Xu-kitty, you just got +100 dead puppies.

        • Kamron

          Yep, I’d already figured it out.

      • Frank

        Look! his “dog name” is now “king”!

        • rWolf1991

          That’s what it was wondering

          • Kamron

            You can go ahead and say “he.”

  2. Maxwell

    Well, you people were right, Pete did turn Joel into a dog.

    • Maxwell

      P.S. A wall of words is the worst defense against the dark arts, ever.

      • Frank

        “Detention, Potter! I want you to write 1000 times ‘I will use the Protego spell’.”
        “But professor, a wall of words is the worst defense against the dark arts!”

    • 2MK

      and do 100 good deeds like Eddie McDowd?

      • Lloxie

        I remember that show! XD

        • Sahoni

          Me to :3
          Oh I hope so that would be interesting

    • Valerio

      A cute pup with a jerk’s heart. ‘Tis gonna be veeery interesting…

      • Valerio

        well, at least Pete started with a good deed.

    • Keeshah

      Don’t believe your a dog yet? how about we take to trip to the vet for a quick snip snip??

  3. SomeGuy

    Cute. Hopefully he does learn a lesson though.

    I love a good redemption story. :D

  4. Fuzzypaws

    Joel / Duke as a corgi is absolutely adorable! *hugs him*

  5. Serp

    say it with me: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw so cute :3

    • Valerio

      dawwwww, cuutieeeeeeee!

      • gagi

        there was a comment like that once … and it got out of control…. but it’s probably cause it was the first comment too.

        but what the heck …. DAAAWWWWWWWWWWWW .. so cute …

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          D’aaaaawwwwwwwwww… Queen E., she is pleased.

          • Frank

            Please don’t say “Queen” when there’s a dog named “King” around

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            I was making a point about how Queen Elizabeth’s favorite dog is the Corgi.

          • BlueAnubis

            Daaaaawwwwwwww is one thing, but when I saw Puppy Joel/King, I let out a good old fashioned “SQUEEEEEE!!!!!” draining every ounce of masculinity out of me in one breath.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw! :3 -he IZ cute.

  6. Cerberus

    So does this make Pete a jerk? Cuz thats pretty awesome. And awwwww Joel looks like an adorable little dog. Almost makes you for get that hes PETA………with a conscience.

    • JB

      Tarot said he was sort of a jerk so Pete isn’t completely bad, I think. But I could be wrong. Too bad his partner (that PETA chubby guy) isn’t coming along.

      • Littleaeris

        He’d fill up the screen more than Pete, even as dog or cat, mister Griffin can’t have that!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Well, he is being kind of a jerk to Joel right now…. from Joel’s point of view.

      • Frank

        2MK and Valerio already called this a “good deed”, and Joel seems to understand it’s a “good deed” as well. I’m sticking with them.

        Of course, the way he did it so suddenly is kind of jerk-like

  7. ndigit

    I like how he’s so small despite his age.

    • Frank

      It’s a small breed. (Wonder how his height compares to Tarot’s)

      • Siddy

        I was wondering the same thing how tall is he now compared to the others.

  8. Odos

    This… This isn’t good…

    • Odos

      Am I the only one who finds this a bad thing?

      • Darcin

        The painful cuteness of his new form is likely hindering any realization of the negative repercussions of this particular strip.

        Now, when Pete starts going around turning all of humanity (or the neighborhood, close enough) into animals for the flimsiest of reasons, then others may grasp the situation isn’t exactly looking great. Unless Rick draws it so that everyone turns adorable, in which case a majority of the comments will still be devoted to exclaiming how cute everyone has become.

        • Odos

          Exactly! “It’ll bring equality to blah blah blah… ” Everyone’s equal if everyone’s the same, right? And as such, then Pete’ll proclaim himself king, upwards to godlike levels, and no one will want to oppose him as he IS so powerful.

          But Grape’ll find a way, with Peanut and Tarot most likely, but mostly Grape, through wits and cunning, to find a way to beat Pete, at seemingly, his own game (Or into submission, one of the two.)

          • Maxwell

            I’m pretty sure max will help

        • Argent Stonecutter

          What would be bad about turning all the humans into animals, again?

          • Frank

            Easy: nobody would be able to reach the cookies on the top shelf! I’m guessing they also keep the can opener on the top shelf so… well, you get the picture

  9. TheBrigeedaRocks


  10. slacks315

    Is it just me or is 3rd frame really creepy?

    • Kamron

      It’s just you. Personally, I think it’s one of the cuter panels Rick done for quite some time.

      • Cerberus

        I think its on the verge of creepy……… like a china doll staring at you at a carnival, its a cute doll but just the way it stares at you……..*shivers* sheesh. But im pretty sure im alone on that one.

        • gagi

          i like his big ears … arff

          • Valerio

            And his chest is made for scratching. Wurf!

    • Frank

      Maybe it’s because we see his fangs and claws so close up? Or maybe it’s because his humid “bambi eyes” are reflecting all those windows we saw yesterday?

      • wingedwolfgirl

        It’z the “Bambi eyes.”
        Otherwise, I think the art in all 4 panels is kewl.

  11. redwolfmatt

    lol! i love Pete! i don’ think anything bad is going to happen just cus he’s chaotic good… maybe chaotic neutral

  12. Gab


  13. Brethil

    Lol. I love the title of this particular comic. Good ol’ Christmas Carol…

    Also, the expressions are awesome. :D

  14. Ark

    Huh, pete seems alright in my book so far!

  15. Cannon Fodder

    Daaaaaaaw so cute

  16. Lloxie

    >___> Why’d you have to go and make him so excruciatingly cute? Seriously, he’s even cuter than many of the other animal characters.

  17. Rider098

    That face on the third panel… wow, I have never seen such a cute sarcastic smile like that! Certainly put a smirk on my face.

    Based on what Tarot says and what I see here, Pete may not be bad per say, although I wonder what this “end” she spoke of is. The animals in the forest mention a new age of equality… there is a tag called King in this strip… can it be that Joel will…hm.

    Well, in the meantime I will try to figure out what Joel was turned into! Based on the patterns and the dog I so happen to have at home, I’m gonna say… beagle?

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      No, he doesn’t have floppy ears, and he also has a stout build.

      Thick body + short legs + big ears = Corgi.

      • Rider098

        *admits defeat* He also doesn’t have the same tail as well, just noticed that.

        *stares at the face* That is totally going to be an icon soon. XD

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          I agree, it will be, but not mine. I like my wolf pup avvy better.

          Btw Rick, will you ever give the wolf pups names?

          • Rider098

            Rick just released the no bubble image, so lets see if I got it right…

            (If so yay! If not next time.)

        • Frank

          Ha! A self-fulfilling prophecy!

  18. kira

    hes cute x3

  19. Shades

    hahah i love the 3rd panel

  20. Siggy

    Aww… dang it. I like a transmogrification at least as much as the next guy, I was just hoping Pete would not go for it since it’s sooo cliché. But that IS a very cute Corgi.

  21. Pokeblue

    Aww, how cute. He’s a little doggie. My he is smart he got everything right except he missed the turning into a dog bit.

  22. falconfox01

    he looks kinda cute as a far pete doesn’t seem too much a jerk, altho Joel/King might think diffrently.

  23. 8feet

    so if Pete was once good.
    Then how did he turn bad,jerk is better :) ???

  24. 2MK

    Wow, Pete can also make Joel’s prison clothes dissappear!

    • Frank

      I’m guessing that’s where he got the pattern for his coat from

  25. Copycat


  26. Shnurui

    Tis the sneezon for Aww….oh no, puppy eyes!

  27. Calbeck

    Don’t be dissin’ us unicorns. Rainbows ain’t all we dish out.

  28. TD

    Where can I line up to get turned into a pet?

    • Frank

      Oh? you want to miss school THAT badly?

      • TD

        No, I want to be an anthro animal THAT badly.

    • Kamron

      It’s not at my college, unfortunately.

  29. chrisQ

    …waaah – panel two is SO adorable ! – yay bolshy dog !… :D

  30. Traxer

    I was really wondering what was going to happen with this dangling plot point…and I believe the point has fermented in time. Can’t go wrong with sort of weirdness.

  31. An Cat Dubh

    Kinda reminds me of Nils Holgersson…

  32. Sahoni

    D’awwwww look at the snuggly wuggly criminal :D
    Can I pet him?

    • Frank

      Watch out. With most dogs, their bark is worse than their bite. With this guy, his kidnapping skills are worse than his bark :)

  33. Sockmaster


  34. Spirit of the Wolf

    Starbarks… giving you that unwanted lick-in-the-face-in-the-morning to get you going.

    Drink Starbarks Corgi.

  35. Salen

    I’m not surprised Joel got turned into a cute corgi, but I am surprised that Pete can snap his talons like that. I mean, if you want to talk about a magical occurance, there’s a good example. I mean, do you know how hard that must be to do?

  36. Draco_2k

    I love this comic so much. <3

  37. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Pete doesn’t seem as bad as what Tarot says he was like, at least right now.

  38. Kiwaku

    So cuuuuuute! Corgi is very fitting.

  39. TheEnigma


    Seriously though, I expect to see zany hijinks resulting from this.

  40. Forvet

    Psh, your ALL wrong.

    Spot (Superdog) will come and save the day and beat Pete up with PG rated Violence.

    • Frank

      Come on! Spot has never even tried to punch a bad guy! The only real viloence we’ve seen in the whole strip was when Joel was punched on April 27, and when the bad guys shot Spot with their non-special guns.

  41. Vash

    Looks like my worries of an overly bad plot turn were indeed wrong. This is a interesting change of pace. I wonder if Pete will do that to all of PETA and just leave em.

    Expression at 3rd panal is amzaing, so fake forthe character yet so real looking to the viwer. Creepy.

    • Frank

      Well, if you’re like “That Spy” (see the comments on Monday’s strip) this is indeed a bad plot turn. I guess it all depends on your point of view, if you accept the occasional magic or not, if you’re a sucker for really cute doggies, and how much you trust Rick to make this funny regardless of which direction it goes.

      I’m guessing we won’t see “That Spy” again until after Christmas.

  42. Traxer

    And suddenly…I realize the Christmas connection. *facepaw*

  43. Master_watson

    Daaaaw who`s a cute little puppy

    • Valerio

      he’s even cuter when he looks upset :D *hugs corgi*

      • Frank

        I’m pretty sure this particular corgi wouldn’t let you hug him and get away alive

        • Valerio

          Worth it all the way :D

  44. nightroxas67

    aaawwww he’s a cute puppy x3

  45. kennyfox

    just gotta say this is entertaining

  46. SuperNova

    It going to be one of those days.

  47. Frank

    Well, when I saw the story arc name yesterday, I started thinking this whole arc may be leading into an emotional Christmas strip. With the title of today’s strip, I’m sure I’m right.

  48. Frank

    Wait a second! The last strip said his “lawyer” had a “change of clothes” for him. Do you think the prison warden (or whoever that guy in the suit was) is “in” on the plot?

  49. Argent Stonecutter

    Turning everyone into cute fuzzies would be one way to resolve the ethical question I was angsting about in the last comment section.

  50. Anti-Theory

    He looks cute as a dog :3

  51. Tigergulp


  52. McCorgi

    EEE!!! CORGI!!!! Welcome to the brotherhood!

  53. Hatter

    He’s almost adorable, you know, in a scary radicalist kind of way…

    • Pogiforce

      Why is it with every new comic SOMEONE has to say they saw it coming? If I were Rick I’d be insulted that people keep calling me predictable.

      Me, I was expecting some sort of evil partnership. This came out of left field for me, and I love it.

      • Pogiforce

        replied to the wrong person…

        • tjprower

          You do realize that the arc tab states “It’s a wonderful dog’s life,” right?

          That being on the same comic as the last one kind of indicated something was about to happen relating to dogs. It’s not Rick’s too predictable… he’s just subtle enough that only those who read between the lines “are often ahead of the train”, to coin a phrase…

          • someone

            then it seems like people should read the titles after the comic? why ruin a good comic by expecting and understanding it before the punchline? or he could be more cryptic in his titles, i guess..

          • tjprower

            Hey, expecting, and actually happening, don’t always mesh…
            Either way, it’s still awesome.
            The times when you are TRUELY caught off guard, though, are usually the best! XD

      • Rooth

        People aren’t saying “I saw it coming” to insult Rick, they’re doing it to show off how insightful they are. ;)

  54. MagicalSarai

    And I have a new respect for Pete… and I have to say that even though I saw this coming, this was quite funny.

  55. Drakel

    I have to admit, panel 3 is rediculously adorable.

    • Chrislynx

      I totally agree

      • Angelkitt

        So totally cute, I wanna cuddle him and choke him.

  56. Pave

    Hmm, now why this comic reminds me of “Nils Holgersson” and Joel is Nils this time… =3

  57. Alexander

    “Mister Figment”… Apparently Joel is thinking he’s flipped his lid. I wonder how he’s going to react to his first Fire Hydrant? And I don’t know about you, but so far Pete actually doesn’t seem like such a bad guy. Reminds me of Santa in a very awkward, roundabout way.

  58. That Spy

    So we DID go the transformation route. Oh well….

    Nothing to do but hunker down and watch it all play out, I guess. This will probably still be good, in any case.

    • Shady Kitsune

      Hey, atleast it’s family friendly transformation.

    • Frank

      Hey! It’s That Spy! I was sure you’d disappear until after Christmas. Oh well, it’ll be nice to have someone around that doesn’t just say “awwww!”

  59. BlueAnubis

    Aww, Cute Puppy Joel is Cute! (and rather unobservant)

  60. Valerio

    “ogod…my voice…and I have grown fur..? HOLYMACKARELIAM*NAKED*!”

    • Frank

      I doubt his voice will have changed, his expressions are pretty much the same, and

      OMG He’s naked! Go out and buy a collar, quick! (June 15, 2009) or are we not allowed to sell that to pets? (Dec 10, 2008)

      • Pop-o-lick

        Hey look, he got his new set of clothes.

  61. Blaze MoonShadow

    I suddenly love Pete. I hope he does this more often. I also can’t wait to see the results in the next comic!

  62. TomFox

    Aww how cute :3
    Btw is it just me or does dog Joel remind you of Scrappy Doo?

    • Misskmae

      Completely and utterly! Like in the scooby-doo movies, how he’s adorable and evil at the same time!

      • dragonnutds

        are you referring to the first live action move? because the Scrappy in that one is not Scrappy, it is some retards idea of being funny.

        • DarkRexx

          Scrappy Doo was ALWAYS some retard’s idea of being funny.

          • Lucas H.C.

            Couldn’t have said better!

          • Alexander

            True, but the live action movies took Scrappy WAY too far. And when I say WAY too far, I mean like going down to the grocers, but ending up three countries over.

  63. Kes

    Does this mean the wolf pack will be turned into humans and take this little guy as a pet? I sure hope not.

    • Valerio

      Now you’re making mah head implode. (actually, your scenario would be funny in a monty python-esque way :D )

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Only if they were British… and Pete was a witch…

        • othorlimmis

          and a bloodthirsty white rabbit guarding the front door.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            Or if Joel’s bail was a shrubbery.

          • Maxwell

            A good one, but not too expensive.

          • BlueAnubis

            And one that goes right net to the other one to make a path.

          • Kurastwolf

            purchased from Tim

        • Valerio

          …and if the wolves would feed King more SPAM…

        • Drakel

          “You must carve your way through the bars of your cell with… A HERRING!”

    • Frank

      You know what would be even funnier? Once he’s turned back into a human, the trial sentences to doing community service for the milton ferrets… on a leash!

  64. Replyguy

    I’m hoping that while the guy learns a painful lesson, he genuinely does learn from this experience. Play his hard lessons for laughs, but let him see his mistakes. Perhaps he’ll end up liking it so much he’ll want to stay a dog.

  65. That Spy

    Wait. Joel may have been turned into a dog, but it seems that Pete has no power to directly affect his mind (you know, he can’t change minds through force and such). If that’s the case, wouldn’t Joel still have his human mind fully intact? As in, full human intelligence, but inside a dog body?

    ‘Cause, if so, chaos could very well ensue. Plus this could actually backfire on Pete big time.

    And, yeah, you could argue that having a dog’s brain would equal having a dog’s mind, but were dealing with magic here.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      “…Use the force…”

    • MenachemSchmuel

      It’s a comic. Not real life. Kind of like slicing pumpkins. Don’t get all real life-y. Besides, dogs are already intelligent here.

      • rWolf1991

        Ya just look at Fido or Fox

    • dragonnutds

      or he could just be trying to torture the guy, might i refer to how Pete is “kindof a jerk’

  66. Charlie

    Okay. Pete is definitely evil. Not too sure about Pete being a jerk, though. Yet. I get the feeling Pete is going to go around tormenting everyone with that which upsets them most … Hmm … Kind of like having that one aunt come visit and demand wet slobbery lipstick-smearing aunt-kisses.


    • Spirit of the Wolf

      And what’s so evil about dogs -hmmmmmmm-?

      • Shady Kitsune

        You misunderstood him.
        Dogs aren’t evil. (Well some dogs are kind of jerks and bite everyone and everything though…)
        But Joel got transformed into one thing he is biased againts and hates. Which are pets in general and many people LOVE small dogs.

    • Frank

      So he’ll be tormenting Grape with *gasp*”insomnia!

      This ought to be fun. Maybe I should start a forum topic so we can guess what he can torment the other characters with.

  67. wingedwolfgirl

    *points at everyone who guessed Monday that Joel would become a dog*
    D…do you guy KNOW Tarot personally or something? –how’d you all guess that?



    • Indagare

      No, but the spirits do help me to find the remote. Though, oddly enough, not where the rum’s gone…

  68. Forycles

    I have no idea what to say…

  69. Maxwell

    Is it just me, or did we overdose the comment board in one day?

    • Frank

      I can still post, so far, though I wouldn’t be surprized if all the comments that say nothing but “awww…” ( an ‘a’ followed by infinite ‘w’s ) get deleted overnight

    • Frank

      It would seem we have indeed breached the bounds of the comments section. I just posted something with my “black avatar” account, and that went to “moderation”

  70. Milesrose

    Bing Bing Bing, you win the Toaster Oven, Joel!

  71. Hoppie

    I’m just wondering the tags usually refer to who is in the strip, who and where is the King?

  72. Frank

    Aha! I found what Pete is doing that’s wrong!
    1. He’s depriving Joel from his constitutional right to a speedy, public trial *just minutes before the trial*
    2. He’s helping him break out of jail
    3. He’s atacking his physical integrity before receiving his consent
    4. There’s a small chance he’s making him hallucinate, which would probably violate some drug law

    I say, lawsuit! (Wonder what he’ll turn the plaintiff into?)

  73. J.J.


    I love Corgi’s… Little “Bullet Dogs” (Like my 18.5 yr. old Molly) with heavy duty joints for the fast herding run…!

    Oh, by the way, Joel in this form… You’re Neutered.

  74. Legendario 777

    I SAW this coming…..HAHAHA

  75. Rawrimaducky

    lol, now he’s tiny :)

    • Forycles

      I noticed that, too.

  76. DarkRexx

    Yeah, so am I the only one who looked at him and immediatley thought *Srcappy Doo*?

    • Frank

      Look above at Tom Fox’s comment, 1:59 PM CST

  77. rWolf1991

    So, is Joels new name King???

  78. Zirobo

    Why does pete remind me of jigsaw in the first box?

  79. ilikepie

    Quick observation on the laws of the Housepets universe:

    Apparently dognapping only gets you 6 months jail time – and that’s if you have a previous criminal record.

    • Frank

      This is the day of the trial! Nobody has decided yet how long he will serve for his dognapping

      • Indagare

        If the previous comic’s title is to be believed the sentence would have repeated the running gag in “Night Court” – time served.

  80. Cooljoe224

    I bet some one noticed this before but “Pete Griffin” Family reference? btw Joel is cute as a pet

  81. Blaze MoonShadow

    So I wonder how this will work? Pete turned him into a dog, for a time? forever? Until he does something or learns something? I’m thinking something like “100 Good Deeds for Eddie Mcdowd”. But I would understand if Pete is just lazy(or busy) and doesn’t feel like making an effort to turn him back. “Congratulations. You’re a dog now. Have a nice life. I’m busy, so… bye!”

    • Frank

      Funny thing is, while I did watch the “100 good deeds…”, what you describe sounds to me more like “Groundhog Day”

  82. Mikijji

    Am I the only one who got the “Undigested bit of meat” Pun?

    • mc_hollis

      Nay, There’s more of gravy than a grave about him… :3 :3

    • Frank

      Uh, how is quoting Charles Dickens a pun?

      • Mikijji

        Because in the book he says Marly was just undigested bit of meat and- oh never mind, I had finesed the book like 5 min. before I saw this sooo….

  83. Caleb

    I think king will be the name who ever adopts Joel will give him as their new pet. And it will probably be the new tag Joel will have until he changes back if he changes back.

  84. Ace

    I got the Pete(er) Griffin AND the undigested bit of beef (just watched it last weekend) so HA! And so far Pete doesn’t seem to be evil. A dry wit to be sure, but not evil so far. This COULD end well, but this could also end very,very badly.

  85. Ace

    And I love “King” ’s expression in the 3rd panel, mocking that which has already begun XD

  86. Ada

    Is it…is it wrong that I wanna cuddle the bad guy? o.o

    • Valerio

      hug him, scratch him behind his ears, cuddling…pick your petting, he’ SOOOO adorable :D

  87. james319

    Pete aint all that bad :3

    He got turned into an anthro……me next? XD

  88. icarus

    the gryphon is kind of jumping the shark, but…is he now a corgi or an aussie cattle dog?

    • Tapewolf

      I thought he looked a bit like a black-backed jackal, actually. But if you go to the wikipedia page on ‘Pembroke Welsh Corgi’, you’ll see something that looks almost exactly like ‘King’.

      • icarus

        that’s why i was asking, it coulda been either-or. my first thought was corgi, but then i remembered the aussies, etc.

  89. Tapewolf

    Wonder if his voice sounds the same…?

  90. Goldcat

    …He makes a veryy cute…Beagle?

    • Gizer

      corgi! ^^

  91. kettish

    D’awww…sorry, couldn’t help it! I have a corgi myself. Persnickety little snot sometimes. :P

    I too am rather curious about how he’s going to get turned back into a human, and when.

  92. Jrog

    OH MAN! x3 He looks like one of my friends! XD

  93. Rj-pilot

    Panel three of this page is now my favourite image ever. Maybe he could go hang out with those pets from his childhood now! XD

  94. Silenvo

    *falls down* *then gets back up* *eyes bug out* .. TWO? TWO OF MY FAVORITE PARTS IN STORY GOING!?! .. Mythical creatures AND transformations? .. This.. This is like an epic birthday present… And.. yes.. Joel is ADORABLE … Really long ear’d adorable. lol I can’t wait for the next comic.. I’m gona be on the edge of my seat for every.. single.. comic.. .. I hope the mythology never ends! :D ! … I should try and find out something better to say… but golly i can’t think of anything.. guess i’m just gona have to stick with “This is Awesome-Sauce.”

  95. Zaffa

    I personally think Joel/King could wind up being a permanent addition to the pets (and also meaning much more panel time for him!)

  96. Justice193


    watch pete (as he is kind of a jerk, as stated,) not turn him back after he’s learned his lesson :P

    hey look, he instinctively knows how to be a dog :P , he should be thankful he still has his brain :) .

    O.O he made him a little ANCKLE BITTER *hides* EVIL LITTLE PUPPY!!!! probably a statement about how much growing he still has left to do.. or maybe just a translation into dog years of his current age… which could mean that if he is changed back he could be much older O.o.

  97. J.J.

    Joel is the new “Pound Puppy.”

  98. Wolfswift

    Can’t wait to see Joel’s reaction!!!

    • Blakeswift

      Dude, stop stealing the second half of my name.

  99. Blakeswift

    So, it’s a beautiful life, I guess?

  100. Wolfswift

    . . . Housepets updates on central time, doesn’t it? =(

    • Maxwell

      Yes it does

  101. Nitrofox

    and as a welsh corgi at that!, never a more fitting form to punish such a punk

    • Arcanine

      He’s going to be showered with love for being such a cute doggy. :3 He’s going to regret it! I’m already wanting to hug hiiiiiim! DX

  102. toboe

    Ooh! I’m next! Pick me, pick me!

    • 2MK

      Which breed are you going to turn into?


        I would like to be turn into a border collie. ^_^

  103. Kamron

    Congrats, everyone, on breaking two-hundred comments WITHOUT spamming!

  104. The game

    wait!! he can’t snap!! he has talons!!

  105. Shadow M

    He can transform the entire human race to anything he wants with the snap of his clawed fingers if he wanted to, its no wonder he was put away for a big reason! Creepy!!

    • Shadow M

      He can upset the natural balance of the entire universe!!!!

      • Rooth

        I’m not upset. I’m rather fond of this turn of events. ;)

  106. Bear

    The third PANEL is so cute.. HE would probably have a nervous breakdown if he realized how cute he was..

  107. Grindzy

    Aaaaaaaaw! He is so cute in the second panel! I usually don’t like dogs but he is just adorable!!!!