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Because One Christmas Special Is Not Enough

So As Not To Leave You Hanging

So This Is Christmas

Since We’ve No Place To Go

Your Heart Is Full Of Unwashed Socks

I would just like to say that sockpuppeting is NOT ALLOWED in the comments section no matter how unpopular your opinion is, thank you.

‘Tis Better To Give

The forums have been updated to version 3.0.6. If you have somehow been unable to register, you can now, as this new version comes with a Q&A CAPTCHA, which is much harder for a bot to break.

Peace On Earth To Men Of Good Will

Going to Comicpress 2.8, so the site may be a little clunky for a while

That Sinking Feeling

Where Do Lonely Hearts Go

I don’t anticipate problems, but my computer is again on the fritz. However, due to the awesome warranty and service by the provider, it ought to be fixed by tomorrow. Here’s hoping!

Munchies And Crunchies In Here Somewhere

Home For Christmas