And The Sentence Was Going To Be Time Served Too
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  1. JoeyWolf

    Is that the PETA guy?

    • duke

      yeah it is. the good one not the crazy one

  2. LoftyFox

    OK now how did it fit in that room??

    • Maxwell

      Can you not see how high the roof is?

      • LoftyFox

        Yes the roof is high but there are bars on the windows and regular sized man doors.. Unless there’s a bigass HUGE door.. Which wouldn’t make sense..

        • TheBrigeedaRocks



        • BlueAnubis

          Griffin = Magical Creature
          they are not bound to rediculous things like the laws of physics

          • kira

            hes jesus

          • MenachemSchmuel

            Super Jesus, actually.

        • taay

          the ceiling gnomes… its the CEILING GNOMES! ANND THEIR SORCERY!!!!!!!1!! lol

  3. Maxwell

    Pete’s a lawyer?! O…M…G…!

    • Valerio

      that, and the fact he’s going to defense a pet kidnapper, is the final clue that Pete’s EEEEEVVVVIIILLLLL

      • Valerio

        On the other hand, Joel’s REAL trouble could be just about to begin

    • thewhitedragon

      they say every evil is a lawyer :P

  4. BlueAnubis

    Okay, who saw that coming? Rase your hand. *looks back and forth with his hand down*

    • Rooth

      *stares back, claw up* … oh, or did you mean Pete?
      *puts his claw back down*

  5. lolparty

    roomy cells in this jail…

  6. Serp

    a ha! so pete is a smartass! i like him already.

    • JoeyWolf

      Na, just “sorta a jerk.”

      • Serp

        thats the definition of a smartass <.<

        • duke

          smart ass…

  7. JoeyWolf

    Anyone else hear the voice from Independence Day? The one where Steve opens his laptop and it says “Good Morning, Steve.”

    Imagine that one for Pete and this just gets funnier.

  8. Sleet

    This comic is funny on two levels.

    • Cerberus

      Because Pete is two stories high
      Duh Duh tish

      • BlueAnubis

        Wha wha wha whaaaa

      • MenachemSchmuel

        That’s a knee-slapper!

  9. Rider098

    …well I… uh…

    Yeah, totally lost with this one. How Pete knows Joel, how did Pete get in there and why there isn’t a huge crowd of reporters trying to get a picture of a Griffin… guess we have to wait for the next strip to answer either one of those!

    I can only imagine the complete and utter confusion newcomers would have on this strip alone. “Huh, a webcomic on cute housepets! Lets check it ou-…wha?” XD

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      *head explodes*

      • Rider098


        AW man, not on my good shirt! I blame you Rick! XD

    • Frank

      “How Pete knows Joel”
      He probably got into a random room, and Joel had the bad luck of being put in it

      “how did Pete get in there”
      I’m guessing this is probably the room they keep those big trucks you see people escaping in the movies in. Thus, it must have a pretty big door

      “why there isn’t a huge crowd of reporters trying to get a picture of a Griffin”
      They got more than enough pictures the previous night (see last Wednesday’s strip), where they probably stayed up late. Now they’re sleeping in.

      “I can only imagine the complete and utter confusion newcomers would have”
      That’s what the archives are for! You don’t start reading a series from the last book that comes out, you start form the beginning! …don’t you?

      • Alexander

        Generally speaking, the newest comic is always the first impression someone gets when they start reading. 95% of the time, the home page has the most recent comic on it, so that’s the first thing people see before they have the chance to read through the archives.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          That is true. I only know of a couple of web sites where you have to click another link to get to the comic.

          By the way, is anyone else having trouble getting to Fur Affinity? Or is it just me?

          • Indagare

            It’s not just you. The ISP for Fur Affinity is down. For further details see this:

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            Wow. Glad it’s not just me. Hope it gets back up and running soon.

            Also, I am still incredibly confused as to why Pete went from black speech bubble “I AM FREE!!” to “Hello, and no, you aren’t insane.”

  10. Buckdida

    WHAT’S THIS?!?!? Pete has a new ear design! A cat-like ear design! WHERE DID THE AWESOME FEATHER EARS GO?!?

    • Valerio

      Not to mention that now his beak is a parrot’s! Ew!

    • Frank

      Griffins are half-lions, you know; and lions are obviously cats

      I, personally, like to think they’re more like Owl’s ears, and save myself the headache

      • duke

        i don’t know about you guys but the more i look at the other one the ears look the same, you just don’t have the side view so you can’t see inside them.

  11. Cerberus

    I couldn’t help but notice how different Pete looks. His beak is broader and his ears are different too. Well to be honest i thought that his beak was eagle like in the grove arc and now it looks more like a parrot’s. Not bad though i like it.

    Also did the fatter one get the same punishment or worse for…….oh i don’t know ATTEMPTED MURDER. Just wondering

    • Maxwell

      In Texas he’d probably have the death sentence. We tend abuse the death sentence.

    • Frank

      “according to law, the dog is property ” –the judge in Air Bud

      From what we’ve seen, the laws in this world aren’t very different (save for the ruling of Terryson vs. Florida, see May 25) so really, what’s the worst you can get for attempted destruction of property?

      • Valerio

        Depends, and it’s up to Rick to explain it anyway.
        A pet may be legally a ‘property’, but in this world pets are also fully sentient beings, with a knowledge of the surrounding world. Just because of that, the Milton ferrets were given the whole of their master/dad’s properties.
        Also, according to law in HP, pets can have a job (remember the talk between the ferret and the Wolf?), so I wouldn’t classify the killing of a pet just within the mere ‘distruction of property’.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I gotta say, the way animals are treated in this world kinda weirds me out. Not quite the way I felt about how people in Star Trek kept treating holodeck characters after it was revealed that they could be fully self aware individuals, but the same kind of thing.

          Actually, the really weird bit is how they go along with it.

        • sathroe

          actually pets get left inheritance all the time in real life so…

      • Shady Kitsune

        Or to put shortly what Valeria just said:
        In this webcomic it’s more like “if animals were anthropomorphic and pets are basicly children to their owners.”
        Though the childish innosence doesn’t apply to all, like Joel’s childhood pets who kidnapped him.

        • Valerio

          in Joel’s specifical case, his added problem is the fact that he kidnapped and mistreated -and has been accomplice in attempted murder- of a *police* dog, who can qualify as an even better witness thatn your ordinary pet.
          Furthermore, adult pets (speaking at least of cats and dogs) act and speak better than huan children, who by law can tesimony in front of a jury.

          • rWolf1991

            Ya but you have to remember Fox is not a police dog. His Dad/Owner is Bill a cop and Fox is also best friends with Fido.

  12. ndigit

    suddenly everything Tarot said makes sense.

  13. mathgrant

    After all that dramatic build-up and Tarot forewarning of “the beginning of the end” is the gate is opened, and then the gate opening and Pete being released, I expected the story arc to continue with more dramatic epic-ness and the pets trying to kill, maim, and/or un-release Pete. This. . . was an anticlimax, sort of. Somehow. D:

    Although given the new arc’s title, “It’s a Wonderful Dog’s Life”, I’m hoping it’s some sappy and inspirational story arc about a dog who thinks the world would be better off if he died, and then some guardian angel tells him “NO :C”, and he realizes he’s better off alive, and he doesn’t commit suicide, and they all live happily and non-suicidally ever after. I love sappy sentimental crap! :)

    • Frank

      Go watch “All Dogs Go to Heaven” (and its sequel… uh… sequels?) Oh, and get your dog to see it too (see September 5, 2008)

  14. 8feet

    is Pete suppose to be bad? or did I judge him too soon lol?

    • Wolf Pup TK

      Pete is neither kind nor good; He’s actually sort of a jerk. ;3

  15. Cannon Fodder

    I should’ve called it!

  16. james319


  17. james319

    i was wondering were the PETA Guys were

  18. CalaverX11

    PETA, Pete. Pete, PETA. Now you two go make friends.

    • Chip Uni


      And Family Guy made the same joke last night. It’s a conspiracy, I tell you!

  19. Foxstar

    Ah, lovely job Rick.

  20. Spirit of the Wolf

    I like his coloration. It’s my high school’s colors. DOWN WITH LHS (Cross town rivalry).

    • Frank

      isn’t LHS “left-hand side”?

      oooo I don’t like this… I think I’m growing up to be an “acronym nazi”…

    • Legendario 777

      “LHS” isn’t by any chance Lexington High School ?

      By the way, Mr. Rick, I don’t know what going trough your mind right now,but this is funny !!!
      Kudos for making this strip a way to make the stress and tension from the last arc go away…
      but from the way I see it ( that is if I can still see something _ _ ) , this is somewhat related from the last arc and yet I do not see the connection there. Either way, this brightened up my Monday !!!

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        No, LaGrange High School. Not the Texas or Tennessee one.

        • Legendario 777

          Great, thanks !

  21. Nohbody

    So, is this a variation on the wookie defense? :)

    (Google is your friend. :P )

    • Nohbody

      Speaking of google, I should’ve double-checked my spotty memory. Chewbacca defense, not wookie.

      (Though he _is_ a wookie… :P )

    • Frank

      This would be really funny if the insanity plea hadn’t actually been used, often in cases where the person wasn’t actually insane (see the wikipedia article on “insanity defense”; or better yet, see the Calvin and Hobbes strip where he pleas “temporary insanity” to explain “the noodle incident”)

  22. Sockmaster

    RANDOM QUESTION: Is Bino pronounced like “bean-oh” or “buy-no” as in “albino”?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      …I think.

    • Bella

      I’ve pronounced it bean-oh, but it could be either. Maybe just whatever sounds best?

      It could also be bihn-oh.

    • Frank

      I knew this had to have been asked before. I Googled “ pronounced bino” and got topic 147 from the forum. Apparently, Rick said in an interview it was pronounced “bine-o” to rhyme with “dino”, so I guess that’s “buy-no” in your notation.

      • Buckdida

        *Does a fist pump*

        That massive information thread I made is finally coming of some use.

        • Frank

          Wow. I didn’t knew you read the comments. Uh, you’re welcome?

  23. shadow1w2

    Phoenix: There’s clearly a contradiction with the witnesses testimony…..
    Judge: and what is this contradiction?
    Phoenix: Well its uumm, you know…
    Judge: No I don’t know. Phoenix I’ll have to penalize you for this outburst, please be more carefull next time.
    Pete: Oh poor little pheonix, did you forget defense lawer one oh one again? Tsk tsk…
    Phoenix: Man, this guy never gives a man a break does he?
    Canary: I can see how he’s said to have such an effect on people. I guess he is kinda “great and magical” in a way.
    Phoenix: Oh no, not you too!?
    Phoenix: I can do this, I just need to focus… I know my client is innocent, I’m sure of it, but how do I prove it….. Maybe if can get him to focus and explain what happened in detail…
    Peanut: Oh look birds!
    Phoenix: *facepalm* It’s hopeless, I’m doomed…
    Judge: When did this room get bigger? …. Was it always like this? I wonder how I never noticed…
    Phoenix: Absolutely doomed….

  24. Argent Stonecutter

    Are we sure that’s the same griffin?

    • Indagare

      It’s very likely the same griffin, as there’s only been one and Tarot said Grape knew him/her/it as ‘Pete’. I imagine the difference in appearance could be either due to Rick forgettting how he originally drew Pete, Pete presenting a false image of himself to Grape in the dream (she did, after all, dream of an enchanted forest too), or that Pete has some sort of shape-shifting abilities so he can choose what he looks like to a degree.

      • Forvet

        All the characters looked marginally different back then. Changes in Drawing style. It might be that too…

        • Indagare

          Well, yes, if you want the *simple* explanation… :-P

  25. Kamron

    Amazing alt text, Rick.

  26. Angelkitt

    *smacks head* This is not going to end well, is it?

  27. Shades


  28. Indagare

    Does anyone else think that Pete may be turning Joel into a dog?

    • Valerio

      ooooo, neat :D

    • Kamron

      I hadn’t been thinking in that direction, but I hope you’re right.

  29. nightroxas67

    o-o eh? how he get in there and y Joel o-o

  30. Frank

    Cerebus syndrome: Myth busted!
    Tarot’s prophecies: Myth confirmed!

    ‘couldn’t help myself

  31. Valerio

    All of a sudden, thinking about Indagare’s comment, it comes to mind that Pete may be a sort of trickster/prankster. And what with those magical powers of his, well… Rather than just dessert for Joel I’m starting to expect wild duck soup :P

    • Frank

      So far the only magical power we “know” he has is sending dreams to other people. How much damage could he cause with that?

      ALT+TAB ooh, look at all the damage caused in Pibgorn with sending someone one little dream


      • Valerio

        As an old fan of Freddy, I have an idea of what dreams may come to…

      • GameCobra

        It’s very possible for dreams to have an outlandish impact on people since dreams can sometimes depict three things to a person:

        A) A foresign of things to come
        B) A inner monologue that they wern’t aware of
        C) A different perspective in life

        Of course, all these things are also pretty much used on Television and comics, but it still pretty much can mean the same thing in real life. Pete may have messed with Grape’s dreams one time, but he could possibly do the same thing to Joel, although there’s a good chance that he’s going to do something more life-altering to Joel to change his opinion i believe.

        • Frank

          Wait, so this could already be a dream?

          • GameCobra

            Possible, but not probable!

  32. Frank

    I’ve been wondering… the size comparison between Grape and Pete in the “the grove” story arc was roughtly that of a cat to a mouse. Now that he’s free, WHAT IS PETE GONNA EAT?

    • falconfox

      or worse, who?

      • Shady Kitsune

        Hey Pete! How many licks does it take to get to the juicy center of a falconfox-pop?
        *shoves falconfox to Pete’s open beak*

        • wingedwolfgirl

          Pete: *Picks-up Shady Kitsune with beak.*

          “The world may never know…”

  33. Lycanthrope

    I think Pete looks cute in the 3rd panel. (non sequitur)

    *Offers Pete a cracker the size of an Escalade*

    • BlueAnubis

      No, Lycanthrope! Don’t do it!
      *teleport poof*
      *re-teleport poof as Pete bites the ground*
      Whew! That was close! Don’t you know Griffins have an entire food group based around people who offer them crackers?

      • Frank

        “This is stupid, you can’t make up physics!”
        “Or maybe I am just that smart?”
        –April 17, 2009

  34. amoxil

    I want to say – thank you for this!

  35. MagicalSarai

    I don’t know if I like him blue… I think Pete should be something like… pink. Pink would have made that all the more hilarious. Ooh… what if he’s a griffen of a different color? eh? can change at will like the horse from the Wizard of Oz?

  36. SaavyJones

    I say….. Pete’s gonna convince the judge to accept an Alternate sentence for Joel…. So Joel can be a pet for a few weeks.

    • Frank

      You’re comment gave me the sudden impression of one of the Milton ferrets walking Joel on a leash. :D Now what do I do with that image?

  37. Legendario 777

    Some maybe this is what Tarot ( Yay ! ) meant by saying Pete is in fact, a jerk, playing with the minds of people and making them lose it ( although this is impossible for the PETA guys, you have to have one first in order to lose it)….

  38. Ann

    The faces look great. But now its all very Silly.

  39. wingedwolfgirl

    O_0 …Okay.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Actually, never mind.
      I love Pete’s expressions in the last two panels! :3

  40. The game

    Darn it! I was hoping for some crazy kick-butt Pete action! This was a disappointment…..:((

  41. Cooljoe224

    Is he laying down? I mean seriosly did the costrution workers think “hmm hey bill should we add a 100 foot room just in case a griffin comes to see a prisoner?” i dont know maby im like every one els but this did jump the shark a little

    • Frank

      I think it’s for trucks, and when you’re dealing with the government (as you do with prisons) the bill really is something to think about

  42. Zirobo

    I have a feeling this is in media res.

  43. Bella

    I have no clue what’s going ot happen next. o.o

    Can’t wait til Wednesday – great job, as usual!

  44. Bobs your uncle

    Umm…a lot of you guys commented on his “ZOMG” change in appearance…? This makes little sense to me lol. All you saw were the equivalent of brief silhouettes of Pete XD a sketchy small silhouette at that.

    • Bobs your uncle

      ohhh wait nvm i totally forgot about that old b/w story arc. Yeaaahh i’d just chalk it down as progression of art style. I mean look at the way the old peanut and grape were drawn compared to now. =p

  45. Fuzzypaws

    Hee, can’t wait to see the next part. ^.^

  46. Alex-chan

    Joel says Pete is NOT his lawyer… but Pete KNOWS Joel…

    I bet Pete is Joel’s imaginary friend…. Or is connected to those pets Joel had that went totally insane and feral… can’t wait to see the next comic.

    • Frank

      Do we know Pete knows Joel? I think it’s more likely he overheard his name, and that he was waiting for his lawyer, from the discussion at the doorway

  47. FriendlyFireForKids


    Griffins everywhere

  48. That Spy

    I don’t mean to sound rude, but….

    About the Pete-turning-Joel-into-a-dog thing. I reeeallllyyy hope this comic doesn’t go that direction. It may sound kind of fun to some, but Housepets has been doing just fine without the magic stuff. It almost kind of cheapens the experience in a way.

    But about Pete coming to Joel: I’m thinking the twenty-first century isn’t the most griffin-friendly era. You know, military choppers with laser-guided missiles and stuff. So, maybe Pete has to play it somewhat low key (which may be a challenge due to size constraints). Be the devil on the shoulder for people with certain…issues. Like Joel. Steer him onto a darker path, send him towards Babylon Gardens, then sit back and watch the fireworks.

    Or not. Whatever happens, I’m sure Rick will make it entertaining.

    • Indagare

      It’s not rude. Magic isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. I just thought it was possible that Joel might be turned into a dog since the title of the arc is “It’s a Wonderful Dog’s Life”.

      Being a play on the old faithful “It’s a Wonderful Life” it could be that Pete will show Joel what life as a pet is actually like. Either the transformation will be real or it will all be in Joel’s head. Joel, as we know, had a hard life. He likes pets to a degree but no longer trusts them after having been kidnapped by his own pets as a child. Maybe Pete will try and help him get over that or, since he’s sort of a jerk, he might just yank Joel’s chain.

  49. Ki

    I still love the name. “Pete.” You might think a Griffin would have something more fantasy-sounding. I love it!

    Hey, lookie! It’s the PETA dude. I wonder where the fat one is.

    • Frank

      Actually he does. See the November 19, 2008 strip.

  50. ZR

    So, what IS Pete’s real name anyways? (Since Peanut was the one who called him Pete because he couldn’t pronounce Pete’s real name.) :3

    And judging by the design on the chamber door a few comics back, will we be seeing a serpentine dragon character later? :D I’d love to see a dragon vs. griffon fight.

    • Justice193

      NO, MY CALL…

      but when to creatures actually fight in this strip? >.>

    • Frank

      The November 19, 2008 strip is titled Sylvan Glen. In my view, this could be either what Pete was going to say his name was, or be the name for the grove.

      “So, Joel, how are you and Mr. Glen getting along?”
      “Mister who?”
      “Oh come on, you’re telling me you didn’t see him? He’s impossible to miss! Even more than that ‘glandular’ friend of yours”

  51. Justice193

    ahhh pete, it makes sense that he looks different, that was only a dream, and he’s a jerk… you know, not as bad as a prick, but not as good as a meanie… the in between does whatever teh hell he feels like doing just because he can but does have some limitations type of guy.

    he’s an obvious Psychic too, that’s how he knew Joel’s name… or he could of overheard it, but to enforce my Psychic theory: he sent a dream to grape, and a feather… mind you, the feather could of been an illusion used to further cement the Idea that he was real in her head, but whatever.

    maybe that feather ends up being his undoing somehow. >.>

  52. Silenvo

    *Insert Long Laughing Point here* Ahaha.. hehehe..heh.. I really enjoyed this one.. haha… Keep it up.. Don’t let the Mythical Awesomeness End! *patiently waits for the next comic* .. >_> Please… I don’t want it to end any time soon.. even if pete is suppose to be a jerk.. <_<

  53. The Bronze Gryphon

    Hooray! Gryphons!

    Not that this comic actually needed any kind of mythological influence, but really, after the introduction of Tarot, I was expecting more of the supernatural. I’m really curious as to how this pans out…

    • Maxwell

      We met Pete a waaaaaaaaaaaaa…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay long time ago! A waaaaaaaaaaaaa…aaaaaaaaaaaaaaay long time before Tarot!

  54. Duskyo

    Sorry to break up everybody’s “Pete’s a jerk” discussion (which I think he’s not), but does any other fur realize that Pete is colored almost EXACTLY the same as “Dax”?

    • angelis

      So? there are only so many color combinations that make sense, even for a mythical creature.

    • Ark

      Umm no? That guy has like, green inner ear and green eyes and yellow ventral fur and stuff with white borders… The only similarity between the two is blue primary, and yellow “forearms” but Pete is a griff and griff’s generally have yellow bird arms. I am also blue primary with yellow forearms but i’m blue light blue and white, with blue eyes

      • Stavagante

        Reminds me more of the Flut-Flut’s colouration from Jak and Daxter one actually.
        Both look awesome, but only one is magic. Pete rocks!

      • Duskyo

        Yes… specific details… I was only making a vague reference.