A Thanksgiving Intermission

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  1. Maxwell

    Savage Proto-Turkeys will kill us all.
    Wait, I just had an idea! What if we pitted Proto-Turkeys against Pete in sort of an AVP style showdown.

    • Bella

      I whole-heartedly second that match. And bet my money on the turkeys.

      • Frank

        I bet on Pete; he can fly.

        Don’t worry, my posts farther below are about less random stuff

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Clucky would win… and then the Log would beat Clucky.

          • rWolf1991

            AHH Naruto the Abridged Series. and Clucky would WIN


      why is the turkey on fire?

      • Frank

        It’s a wicker turkey; that means it’s a symbol made of wickerwork, and thus highly flammable.

        Not helping? Imagine a giant picnic basket.

        • Cthulhu

          A giant picnic basket…That’s on fire.

          Because Yogi Bear is an arsonist.

          • Frank

            Hey! If it weren’t for Yogi Bear’s arsonist practices, Smokey Bear would never have taken the job!

    • Kitten

      yeah that would work ^^

      • wingedwolfgirl

        I can see it now…
        Proto Turkey: I challenge you to a showdown! How do you reply?
        Pete: ROAR!
        Proto Turkey: I will take that to mean that you except the challenge.

  2. Hatter

    Can’t argue with that. I mean, he is a professor.

  3. james319

    Lawl, Witches XD id like one XD

  4. Cerberus

    Cool ive always wondered what thanksgiving was all about and now i know thanks to Spot (professor).

    Oh and that would be so awesome if turkey was only $2 a pound jeez

    • Forvet

      ’round hereabouts we had turkey for 60 cents a pound. I work at the Giant Eagle where they had them. Of course everything else was just as expensive as everyone had ‘em. (Ham a bit more, I’d say.) But turkeys were 60 cents a pound.

  5. GameCobra

    Remeber kids:

    Witches like fire, and we must remember to give thanks for tradition.

  6. Oblivion

    Tee Hee.

  7. Bella

    All the stores areound here are lame. They don’t sell witch-efigies. D=

    Thanks for the lesson, Spot (professor)!

    • Frank

      Did you look next to the Santa-shaped candles?

  8. Legendario 777

    UUHH My stomach hurts….tooo…much…turkey…I must have slept for a couple hours by now…
    what ??? It’s only 1 AM?? I went to bed at 12: 50 !!!
    Hey, anybody want turkey ????

    • JoeyWolf

      Yes please. I’ll bring the gravy.

    • Frank

      So long as it’s not a savage proto-turkey!

      • wingedwolfgirl

        I don’t think you’ll have to worry about a proto-turkey,
        Considering that giant griffon flying around…

  9. Kaloyan

    Makes sense to me.

    • Fuzzypaws

      Witches taste like duck!

      • SamBlob

        …and they weigh the same, too.

        • Frank

          Of course they do! If they were heavier, they’d need Tarot’s help to fly on their brooms!

        • Green Dragon

          oh I love Monty Python :)

  10. Anon

    HAH! I LOVE the “as well as burning witches” part where it. It sounded like the story had completely trailed off, but then the witch topic got dropped and picked back up in the same sentence. Just plain awesome.

  11. FriendlyFireForKids

    I’m sorry, but I’ve stopped eating that stuff… Cold turkey.

    • Frank

      Aw, come on! I’m pretty sure you have a microwave oven big enough

  12. Shadow m

    Yes plz! ;) but it must be cold by now I’ll think I’ll pass :) anybody shopping on blackfriday?!

    • Cerberus

      Grrrrrrr. Black Friday was a disaster. everybody was frenzied. Thats the only day where you can trample someone and blame it on the price of the witch effegies, or the barbie house. The only day.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Surprisingly no… I even went to a Wal-Mart, and only spent an hour there (only because my parents usually do the shopping) and got checked out in less than 5 minutes.

        Crazy, right?

    • Frank

      I have resolved to sleep in on long weekends. If there’s shopping that needs to be done, I’ll pick out from what’s left (this saves me a good many tramplings)

  13. Sockmaster

    PEANUT! Pete is free and about to destroy the world, this is no time to be drawing comics!

    • Frank

      I’d guess he drew it at the *beginning* of november, before Jerry found out Zach escaped. Remember this story arc practically begun at sunset, and the comic immediately before that took place near midnight. What happened in the missing day in between? Well, now we know!

  14. Frank

    Hilarious! I am thankful for… this intermission! Anyone notice the proto-turkeys are actually a tracing of Peanut’s hand?

    And how does peanut know all this stuff? I mean, not the funny parts, but about druids, witch burnings, and that Benjamin Franklin wanted to make turkeys the national symbol? It’s not like he goes to school… does he? Or is this part of Fido’s “teaching puppies to read” campaign?

    I don’t think it’s wierd he knows about the pilgrims or about “founding father” because, well, if you have a pup that walks and talks, reads and writes, sooner or later he’s going to “wonder where holidays come from” (to quote Tim Burton) and Mr. and Mrs. Sandwich will have to improvise an explanation.

    • Frank

      Oh, the Alt text. Silly me. Peanut, you spend way too much time in front of the TV! And I’m not talking about Mario Kart this time!

    • Pokeblue

      I’m think Peanut is smarter than he lets on sometimes.

      • The game

        I really hope your right

      • wingedwolfgirl

        Of corse he is!
        It’s always the cute ones that you LEAST suspect.

  15. SamBlob

    It is interesting to note that the holiday associated with turkey in the UK is Christmas. This is even more interesting when one considers that turkeys are indigenous to North America. I guess they must have got them from Canada.

    What has pretty much cemented Turkey into the British Christmas tradition is the passage in “A Christmas Carol” where Scrooge pays a boy in the street to buy the big turkey in the shop window and deliver it to the Cratchit house.

    • Frank

      I think the UK tradition started with partridges or some similar wild bird, but hunting them was outlawed around the time Turkeys were discovered.

      Now don’t take my word for it, the “around the time” is my “little Peanut half-truth documentary”

      • Hodgelett

        Actually traditionally it’s goose. As far as ‘tradition’ goes back to Victorian times. Christmas hams too. The American love of turkey got exported over here fairly recently as a much bigger cheaper bird than goose. In a similar way, plum pudding’s been replaced by Christmas pudding.
        Anyway we have pheasant at my house ;) Much tastier.

        Thinking about it, this is the first year Thanksgiving completely slipped me by since my year Stateside. I always loved being asked “Do you celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK?” “Sure, everyone celebrated when the religious misfits left our shores or the New World” *duck*

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          No offense taken *helps back up*

          We prefer having tea whenever we want. *ducks*

          • Hodgelett

            *sips her coffee*
            Tea? Dock water’s the best thing for it.

            Macaroni for dinner?

  16. 8feet

    Now I see everything! thank you Professor Spot!

  17. Shady Kitsune

    Remember kids!
    Witches burn because they’re made of wood!

    • Maxwell

      So, how do you tell if she’s made out of wood?
      Yes, but can’t you also build a bridge out of stone?
      Oh yeah.
      Does wood sink in water?
      What also floats in water?
      Bread? Apples? Uh, very small rocks? Cider? Gravy? A cherry? Mud? Churches? Lead?
      A duck!
      Exactly. So logically, if…
      She weighs the same as a duck, she’s made of wood.
      And therfore…
      A WITCH!!!

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        How do you know she’s a witch?

        She turned me into a newt!

        *weird stares*

        … I got better…

        • Maxwell

          A newt?

          • othorlimmis

            no no NO no no no NOOO!

            my mind is a fragile one.

          • Spirit of the Wolf


            Oops… looks like I just shattered what was left of my already shattered fragile mind… my hard head protects what’s left.

          • BlueAnubis

            Aw, come on! Again? I told you to wear a helmet the last time I helped you put your mind together. Do you know how hard it is to glue all the shards in the right places?

  18. Frank

    Hey, this comic is tagged “random people”! Have we seen this “random people” before?

  19. Kamron

    “It’s tradition, that makes it okay.”

    • BlueAnubis

      Hip hip hooray! it’s weasel stomping day!

      • Frank

        I really don’t think the Argent Stonecutter appreciates that comment (if you read these posts regularly, you’ll know who I’m talking about)

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          It’s a quote from Weird Al’s “Weasel Stomping Day” song.

          “Hip-Hip-Hooray it’s Weasel Stomping–
          Put on your boots it’s Weasel Stomping–
          Put up your guns it’s Weasel Stomping Daaaaaaaaaaaaay!
          *bass voice* Weasel Stomping Day
          *All* HOORAY!!”

          Robot Chicken did a very nice run with this.

        • BlueAnubis

          I always thought that Agent Stonecutter was a ferret, though it would probably be a good idea for him to hide on Weasel Stomping Day regardless, as some people may not know the difference.
          Rick may also want to stay inside, people may not recognize he is a Furret.

  20. The game

    Nice Peanut

  21. Squival

    This is now how it has been

  22. Gapre


    • Frank

      That would probably work better than Tarot’s “hurry, Peanut, or it’ll be the beginning of the end for all of us!”

      • Gapre

        Ha ha yeah i guess so…

    • Echo

      Evil. and worse, sort of a jerk! :o

  23. BlueAnubis

    That explains the witch effigies in the deli department. I understand everything now. I just thought Thanksgiving was a day to make 200 Lumpia and ten pounds of Pancit and eat it for the next six months. Now everything is clear.

    • Chip Uni

      Mmmmm… Lumpia! Yum!

      (I should visit a good Filipino bakery near where I live. I haven’t had lumpia in a long while…)

      • BlueAnubis

        I was wondering how many people have heard of this kind of food. It’s good stuff.

    • Frank

      Eww. I don’t want to see what thanksgiving leftovers look like in May (11th month + 6 months = well you get the idea)

  24. schitzree

    I really like how the handprint turkeys are 3 fingered. real attetion to detail there.

    • Gapre

      Actually, counting the red ones, its six fingers

      • Frank

        You realize that pretty much refer’s to Mr. Peanut of Planter’s Peanuts?

  25. K

    Rick, I’m starting to think you’re going down the path of Cerberus. All these “gag-a-day” comics can only go so far. :p

    • Cerberus

      Says you. I believe that a gag is always there if the joker is willing to dig deep enough. Theres always something. *slowly tilts his head toward the sky and stares blankly into nothingness*

      • K

        Says me, yes. But all I’m saying is, give us something to work with. Give us something “dark”, to work with. That PETA arc was actually decent, but it was too short. Sure things can be cute, or funny, but honestly just sticking to the one-note plan of “gag-a-day” just gives some people an awkward chuckle and a “Why doesn’t this guy do something new?”

        By that logic, Jay Naylor’s comics are pretty much the same, along with various other fur-based comics that go on “gag-a-day” logic. But at least Jay’s early portion of his series was pretty dark, but in the end, the characters learned a lesson, or were taught something to live by.

        Just my two cents.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          well here’s my three cents.

          When people come home from a long day at work, school, etc., they don’t want to have to read something AND have to comprehend a “deeper meaning”. They want MIND NUMBING TV AND FUNNY WEBCOMICS!! At least I do.

          People always need a good, easy laugh. Though I do agree that the comics with a little darkness are good.

          • Maxwell

            Hey, I found five cents! MINE!!!
            But on the other note, I don’t think Rick cares about this comic going cerberus as long as his dedicated readers keep on reading and not digging into the meaning. To me, a gag-a-day basis is good enough for me. I mean, if I need to dig deep into the meaning of a comic, it’s not worth it to stay up or slack off from school work. So with my metaphorical two cents in the pot, I say good day to you all, good sirs and madams.

          • Frank

            Which is why, Spirit, there are special comics for things like Thanksgiving, Easter, and Christmas. People want to lay back and relax those days, so they want something which (to paraphase Steve Jobs) disconnects their brain.

            The rest of the time, in my personal opinion, they just want to find out what happens next. It’s like reading a good chapter book, but you can only read the next chapter every third day (or, for those of you not book-savy, watching a really, really long TV series, which only broadcasts five minutes a week… with Tivo)

      • Frank

        Why Cerberus! I thought you, of all people, would appreciate the Cerberus syndrome! …uh… pun intended?

        • Cerberus

          I appreciate it believe me, Cerberus syndrome is very useful when it comes to capivating audiences. Start out soft and kind to coax your reader in, then gradually turn the world upside down so that they can’t stop reading. Very useful but not what i want to see happen to Housepets!
          you don’t have to be so frank about it….(wow i hate myself for that one.)
          and in an attempt to stay on topic about the comic…..recent Housepets strips have really been taking a turn to the dark side

          • littlebeast

            *twitch* *twitch*

            It’s Cerebus Syndrome guys. Not Cerberus. Cerebus.

            *grammar nazi away!*

          • Frank

            Why you little beast! You’re objecting *spelling*, not grammar (which is even funnier because the name Cerebus began as a misspelling)

  26. Kujiiro

    … NO! I’ve reached the latest post! I just started yesterday! D:

    Now that’s 5 comics I have feeds for X3
    Happy Thanksgiving! :3

    • Kamron

      Only five?

      • Frank

        He must be feeding them into something with either bandwidth or storage limits

      • Kujiiro

        Haha. Good, I haven’t hit obsession yet X3

        • Kamron

          I’m currently following eighteen webcomic sites, but I used to follow about thirty. I decided that thirty was a couple too many.

          Good luck on finding your balance.

  27. Rawrimaducky

    As a Canadian, I’m feeling slightly left out. :(

    • Maxwell

      Why, you had thanksgiving in October

  28. wingedwolfgirl

    Thanksgiving in the cavemen days?
    Boy, were we wrong about the pilgrims…

    It’s nice to see an acknowlagement of;
    Franklin’s push to adopt the Turkey as the national bird.
    It could have happened, but everyone was all like “go fly a kite Frank!”
    -at least that’s what I heard.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      One of them even suggested tying a key to the string for some reason… no idea why. Just like I have no idea why anybody would want to mount a bear’s arms on their wall, even if everybody does have the right to bear arms.

      • Frank

        Ooh, I love “rights to bear arms” debates. I find it amusing that nobody seems to realize this was created because carrying a sword was considered highly fashionable at the time, but if anyone that wasn’t descending from nobility was discovered carrying a sword, they could be imprisoned. It was later changed to free men (so long as they didn’t descend from a former slave) but to keep it simple (and in accordance with be base principles being established), the Founding Fathers decided everyone shold have that right.

        Did I just do “a history lesson about a history lesson”?

  29. Spirit of the Wolf

    To be honest, panel 3 reminds me more of Sauen than Thanksgiving.

    For those of you who don’t know, Sauen was an ancient Highlander (not the TV show ftw) tradition. The Celtic Druids would hold a large ceremony around a huge bonfire on the night of the Harvest Moon (I think) to ward away bad spirits and return them from whence they came. Stone Henge is believed by some scholars to have played a part in this, but no one really knows.

    Sauen, a Pagan tradition, was eventually stopped by the Catholic Church. But, like most Pagan holidays like this, the people who celebrated Sauen merely morphed it into something that the Catholic Church would support, and it eventually became what we know today as Halloween.

    • Maxwell

      Yay, a history lesson about a history lesson.

    • Frank

      “not the TV show, ftw”? I thought ftw was “for the world!”, “for the win”, or “fut the whuck”, depending on context. But I can’t seem to fit any of these into this context. One acronym that fits is FYI (for your information) but the letters are too far away on my QWERTY keyboard to be a conceivable typo…

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        A brief mind lapse made it come out as meaning *insert naughty word here* the world… not one of my shining moments… now. Let us not get any further off topic than we already have.

        • Goldenear777

          What topic?

        • BlueAnubis

          Wait… you want to get back on topic?
          *picks you up by your scruff*

          • BlueAnubis


          • Frank

            It was tamed when Rick closed last Friday’s comment section :-P

  30. Leinad

    Peanut’s stick figures remind me of xkcd, somehow.
    plus, i think (his) art is getting much better! Kudos!

  31. Ellix

    Here’s to hoping there will be a future comic that also has the tag “savage turkey”.


    This comic makes thanksgiving so much more interesting

  33. Shades

    i love this comic

  34. MagicalSarai

    Witch burnings while the stadiums are filled with people eating turkey legs… the modern day Salem Trials.