To Be Continued!

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  1. Maxwell

    I’m going to kill you in your sleep! Hahaha

    • Maxwell

      Well, at least they’ve started to bond and Pete is BLUE!!!! MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!

      • Frank

        He’s blue AND yellow… wouldn’t that make him a macaw?

    • Insignificance

      I found that particular comment rather adorable… because it was Tiger O_o

      • flora

        it wont be adorable when he is in your bathroom with a bloody knife……. it maybe cute though

  2. Cannon Fodder


  3. Midnightwolf

    This does not bode well…

  4. Cerberus

    Ha yes i love the group Uh-oh at the beginning.
    and its great to see Tiger and Bino laughing together, even if there is still tension between them.

    • Cerberus

      Oh and since Thursday is the next comic heres my prediction.

      Scene: Late at night outside the Sandwich household. Moon in the background.
      Mr. Sandwich: So, Peanut. Would you like part of the eagle half or part of the lion half?

      • Maxwell

        Has Rick announced a Thursday Comic?

      • Siggy

        Dangit, no eating the gryphon! Aside from the fact that neither big cats nor birds of prey make good eating it’s simply wrong, that would be like eating a kakapo, or a three headed dog, or a geman guy who doesn’t drink beer- basically everything that’s extremly rare and therefore precious!

        • Kes

          Nobody can eat me? Awesome. I feel safer.

      • Cerberus

        Sry Friday……. and if Pete is going to a jerk and begin the end, then id have no problem saving a helpless turkey.

      • wingedwolfgirl

        There’ll be a comic Thursday?

        • wingedwolfgirl

          Oh duh,
          I didn’t read the whole thread.

  5. Dude...

    Why is Mr. Sandwich one of the tags?

    • Cerberus

      cuz hes standing behind Bino

      • blackcat


  6. kennyfox

    oh wait. thats pete from grapes dream. back before the color comics o.o

  7. Asteri

    The griffin is just…… beautiful… D8

    • flora


      • MenachemSchmuel


  8. JoeyWolf

    And now begins the Epic battle between Tarot & Pete.

    • Cerberus

      And since the ferals sorta worship Pete cuz hes obviosly suppose to bring around a golden age for them, that would mean domestic vs. feral too? And which side would the wolfpack choose?

      • Watcher

        I’m guessing doimestic. They did go through all that trouble throwing a gas-less Barbecue for the neighborhood…

      • Maxwell

        They would probably choose domestic. Me, I’m fighting alongside Grape armed with a super broom on an super long extension pole.
        *Hits Pete in the face with my broom from 100 yards away* UBER LONG DISTANCE SUPER BROOM TO THE FACE!!!

      • Blue_Elite

        As you may recall, the prey (and low-level predators) were the ones talking about a golden age of equality. I think the high-level predators (like the wolves) would be not-too-keen about suddenly having the same status as a sloth or turtle.

  9. CalaverX11





    • Maxwell

      Neither are ellipse overdoses

      • blackcat

        your comment is scary
        your photo is even scarier!

        • othorlimmis


          and why are we scary, darlin’?

  10. Fuzzypaws

    Black speech bubbles tie everything together!

  11. Rider098

    Woah, he really was a griffin… and a blue one at that! This doesn’t seem good…

    Now the real question is WHY DOES NOBODY HAVE THEIR CAMERA PHONE OUT?!

    *gets out his* Sooo going on youtube and facebook! XP

  12. Faved

    The makings for a really awkward moment if you ask me

  13. J.J.


  14. Pokeblue

    Definitly not good.

  15. Froggy

    Anyone else here Pete’s voice as that of Man-Ray’s from Spongebob? Maybe it’s just the I AM FREE thing…

    Will the ferrets buy Pete a house too?!

    • wingedwolfgirl


  16. Sleet

    Evil or not, he’s gorgeous (in an it’s-an-animal kind of way).

    And Tiger continues to show why he’s one of my favorite characters.

  17. falconfox01

    maybe instead of really evil he’ll just be “sort of a jerk”

  18. Tapewolf

    So, a new Golden Age for Pete, and all beings are equal beneath his iron fist (or foot)…

  19. Squival

    Surely we have the proper technology to handle an overgrown hyppogriff type creature though :)

  20. James319

    i am seriously liking where this is going :D cant wait!!!! :D

  21. Argent Stonecutter

    Ursula Vernon warned us about this.

  22. Vash

    This smells of trouble, in fact forget smell it reeks of grade A badness. I’m hoping praying, wishing, this ends in a decent way. I’d be sad if someone had to die. I can’t wait to see friday.

    • Rick Griffin

      You do realize Friday is the Thanksgiving comic?

      • Maxwell

        So, I have stayed up everynight for the past 2 months, waiting for comic to update. Any comic that I can easily comment on then fall asleep is worth waiting for.

      • Vash

        Honestly that holiday skipped my mind when I commented.

        • Frank

          It’s practically the only thing I’ve commented on all month! come on!

  23. Shady Kitsune

    Cerberus syndrome detected!

    • Blue_Elite

      Why do I have to keep pointing this out?

      It’s not cerebus syndrome unless the comic consistently takes on a dark/dramatic tone and maintains it. Going from “a humorous comic with the occasional break from comedy” to “a dark comic with an occasional funny moment”.
      Give it a few story arcs before bringing up cerebus syndrome.

      • rWolf1991

        AH. that was a great Arc

      • Shady Kitsune

        I said “detected” not “ZOMFG IT AR CERBUZ ZYNDROOOM!”

        And mostly, it was a joke making fun of all the “omg housepets is going cerberus!” comments.

    • Foxstar

      Shut up about Cerberus syndrome already. If it happens, it’s up to Rick, It’s his comic, doof.

  24. Just-This-Guy

    Pete is…..evil?:’(

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Well…”sort of a jerk” –at least.

  25. Aristocles

    petepetepete yay!

  26. Legendario 777

    I….AM…..FREE !!!!!!
    Awesome !!!
    This may has started a new interesting battle between Good and Evil, Domestic vs Feral,
    etc, etc, .
    Gotta love the black speech bubbles, it adds a lot of mystery and an evil appeal, if you will.
    Well , I’ll just have to wait to see the beginning and continuation of this mysterious yet promising arc !!!!
    Before anyone says it , I know it is a bit ( or maybe a lot _ _ ) earlier than usual but , I’ll say it anyways :

    • Maxwell

      Who celebrates Thanksgiving? I mean I celebrate Nation Fry Up A Turkey And Stuff Your Face Until You Can’t Eat Any More, Then Go Back For Seconds And Sleep Tomorrow Away Day.

      • Gamerkitty

        Same thing really *eyes up the stuffing and drools*

      • Legendario 777

        AMEN TO THAT !!!!!

      • Cyn

        wasent thanx giving in october??

        • Maxwell

          In Canada it is.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            *Gets out cookbook*

            Time to show the Lucretia how to properly roast, baste, and stuff a turkey. We don’t want a repeat of the party again.

  27. nightroxas67

    is it rreally time for laughs o-o

  28. 8feet

    I wonder how they will be able to defeat Pete,if he is the bad guy,who will stop him then?
    is it Tarot(the magical dog),Zach(the opener of ways),Grape(the violent cat),or Peanut(the playful dog???)

    • Littleaeris

      I think it’ll be Spot (Superdog) who will defeat Pete (Secret Villain) !

      • 8feet

        could be possible Lolz’D!

    • Zekermeme

      They’ll need to rely on modern tactics.

      …I don’t know if I’m allowed to say any more.

  29. Shadow m

    I do hope either the pets or the humans can find a way to make things the way they were before or bring down that evil lookin griffin and use
    it as a subsitute for thanksgiving turkey ;)

    • Legendario 777

      MMM Turkey

  30. Rj-pilot

    That griffin should totally have been called Rick.

    • Foxstar

      Why? Rick’s a furret.

  31. The game

    YEs!!!!!!!! This is sooo awesome and suspensful!
    haha i love tiger
    Tiger: Im gonna kill you in ur sleep ha ha
    Bino: ha that funny- wait WHAT!!?!?

  32. Gapre

    Ha Grape! look what you cuased! ha ha ha
    wait why am i laughinig?

    • Cyn

      twaz actualy zach who pushed the buton thats waht the *click* was in the last comic

  33. Peanut Butter!

    so….funny….except for the giant evil Griffin part
    I hope this teaches Peanut a lesson: never have a short attention span
    im still working on that…………

  34. A Concerned Reader

    Let us hope Housepets isn’t victim to Cerebus Syndrome.

    • Blue_Elite

      Give it a few more story arcs. If this arc ends on a downer note and then the next one starts with the after-effects of the downer ending from the last, THEN we can START worrying about cerebus syndrome.

      • MenachemSchmuel

        Aaaand what is that exactly?

    • Foxstar

      Shut up about CS already.

  35. Shadow m

    Instead of Pete it should have been named Allister the griffion or Kenneth, forest, Marcus, bob, momo :)

  36. Ark Gullwing


  37. HonorèDerzey

    Has it ever occurred to anyone that Mr. Sandwhich, to some degree, looks like Chuck Norris…

    *Insert Chuck Norris Joke Here*

  38. BlueAnubis

    ooh, nice effect, very ominous and shiny at the same time.

    Shiiiiinneeyyyyyyy………….. *stares for hours until getting re-distracted by some other shiny thing*

  39. The game


    Pete is so kick-butt in this! if he wasnt evil it woulda been awesome!!

    • The game

      He looks most im-gonna-scare-the-pants-off-you in panel 2
      And grape, a broom and your foot is sooooo not gonna work here

      • The game

        Ha in panel 4 he lloks like a ballerina spinning
        he needs a tutu!!

        • Spirit of the Wolf


    • MenachemSchmuel

      Well, Tarot’s kinda mental. She called on the spirits in order to find the remote, so when she says, “The beginning of the end,” she could just be talking about the end of Pokemon.
      And she only says he’s a jerk. So maybe he’s not so evil. Just emo. Hence the black speech bubbles.
      (No offense to all them emos out there)

  40. Doomwolf

    Quick, someone summon Godzilla!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      I’m playing Blue Öyster Cult, but she just… won’t… respond.

      Godzilla? Godzilla!


      Looks like we’re on our own… unless… Grapezilla?

  41. Chip Uni

    Tarot was right; Pete is a bit of a jerk.

    He didn’t even thank Zach!

    • MenachemSchmuel

      So… rude… GAAAH!

  42. wingedwolfgirl

    “Jinx! You owe me a soda!…
    Oy. -_-

    Anywayz epic, totally EPIC! :D :D :D :D :D :D
    What in the UNIVERSE are they going to do about a Giant Gryphon I wonder?

    • Gravity-Glue

      Call the Ghostbusters? If not, there’s a worse chance of Popeye’s floating arm comming to save them.

      • Maxwell

        If there’s something weird, in your neighborhood! Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          What? Ghost BUSTERS?
          They were put out of business ages ago by…

          Vag-ge-geta-geta! Vag-ge-ge-ge-geta!

          Vag-ge-geta-geta! GHOST NAPPA!

          yeah… http://www.tfsabridged.com/

          If it says 404 file not found, just click the dragon… after the quick monologue.

      • MenachemSchmuel

        Option #2: Saturday Morning Watchmen.

  43. mathgrant

    Pete, in color? Holy crud.

    Also, great way to follow that epic plot point up with a joke. This is a comic, after all, not a graphic novel. :P

  44. BlueAnubis

    I just thought of this

    Grape: Hmm… I’m gonna need a bigger broom.

    • Spirit of the Wolf


      • MenachemSchmuel

        I’m going to kill you in your sleep.

        • Silenvo

          Heh.. Heh.. Heh.. He defiled the Comment. But i still sit here.. Laughing.. .. *Laughs Maniacly*

  45. MenachemSchmuel

    Oh, that’s gonna be awkward when Peanut sees Tarot again…
    “Why didn’t you listen when I told you to keep Zach from setting Pete free?”
    “Um, because you were speaking in my head…?”
    “…We might be through.”

    • Indagare

      I doubt it. He actually had no time to act on her warning since Zach released Peate almost immediately after she finished giving him the message. She probably anticipated this, which is why Sabrina had that spell book out.

  46. Silenvo

    . . . Wow, <__> … Okay. I might pop in for more commentary later.. As you may already understand: i like the Abnormal and Supernatural.. It draws my attention.. <_< .. yeah. Iol Ok. *watches..*

    • Silenvo

      … Gahhh, My message got deleted… stuipid.. messed up.. messaage.. board.. thing.. so like.. ill resay that.. I haven’t commented in a while.. and im sorry about that.. uhm, Great comic Rick! .. and uhh.. Happy thanks giving everyone! and.. Great story that i’v NEVER stopped reading.

  47. R-One

    Well, so much for realism… but given the insane landscapes this neighborhood has (as you so kindly pointed out earlier in this arc, lol), that was kinda a given anyways. :D

    Love the way you half-kill the sense of drama with Bino and Tiger’s little joke there – keeps the mood light even when it’s taking a more serious turn.

    • R-One

      Quickie addendum: “Realism” based on the already established norms of the comic anyways. Not much realistic about walking, talking pets/animals in the first place, lol.

  48. Rags

    So we don’t have to pay for him? Good, I could never afford a griffin.

  49. snowpaw

    lol that sly comment at the end is quite funny “im going to kill you in your sleep ” i mean that hit the bullseye first time for me, because i just looked at the site. nice…nice

  50. Chromeheart

    Looks like Pete-r Gryphon’s out for blood this time.

  51. FriendlyFireForKids

    It’s really big.

    • Kamron

      Actually, we haven’t seen a size comparison between the real Pete and any other character. For all we know, he’s human-sized.

      …and before anyone says “but the people are looking at him,” I’ll just say that Petey Bird could be REALLY loud.

      • Ada

        He’s actually pigeon sized. He just has a really loud voice.

        • Kamron


      • Spirit of the Wolf

        I think you mean “Tweety” bird.

        • Kamron

          Once again, precisely.

  52. Maxwell

    It’s almost Dinner Time, so I want to wish you all a happy National Fry Up A Turkey And Stuff Your Face Until You Can’t Eat Any More, Then Go Back For Seconds And Sleep Tomorrow Away Day and just 7 hours and 42 minutes till the new comic.

  53. Silivenist

    Awww not all gryphons are mean, some are very nice and friendly. Happy turkey day.

  54. Net

    Wait, do both of them “I’m going to kill you in your sleep.” or only the one with the purple collar D: Confusing speech-bubbles are confusing.

    • taco

      tiger said that only, we all remember the cat skin thing… right?

  55. Justice193

    It’s only tiger, only tiger would say that… I’d almost be willing to say that Tiger is a Sychopath in the making.

    it’s official, the Gryphon is EVIL… now we need a dragon to fight it with XD, because, you know, Gryphons are traditionally seen as nice creatures and Dragons and mean bullies, so as the opposite applies here, it would only make sense to have an appropriate mythical creature at the very least set it straight.

    and the beginning of the end could simply be the beginning of the end of human reign as the dominant (not by volume, but social hierarchy type of dominance) species…

    in which case it wouldn’t really matter, and the comic could almost continue as normal… and the ferrets would of done this eventually on their own anyways XD.

    • Maxwell

      I reject your hierarchy and substitute my own!

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        If we’re going mythical, I suggest that Miles call up some of his Werewolf buddies.


  56. Kamron

    It would be great if Pete turns out to be nothing more than a mild nuisance. Y’know, peeking over peoples’ shoulders when they’re composing e-mails, knocking on doors and running away, wedgies, whoopie cushions, etc…. It’d be pretty much the biggest let-down ever.

    I’d love it. }:3

    By the way, is Tiger’s sudden relapse possibly related to this? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pixie_and_Dixie_and_Mr._Jinks

    • Alex-chan

      Well… he IS said to be ‘actually kind of a jerk’, not ‘evil incarnate brought upon earth to end all mankind’…. I’d giggle if he really is just a pranking jerkwad and nothing menacing.

    • Leinad

      pooping on all the statues…

  57. The game

    Who killed Bino???!??!?!

    • Frank

      I don’t think Bino will be killed… but he may land himself in the hospital for the third time

  58. BillyMT

    Oh Tiger, you and your lack of emotion management… XD