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  1. Maxwell

    Tarot’s back! Yay! And Zach’s naivette is adorable!
    I thought Tarot and Sabrina would live together.

    • MagicalSarai

      I actually makes sense, and I was wondering if they were friend… because I noticed that sabrina wore an Ankh and Tarot had the eye of Isis. So the egyptian thing had me wondering.

  2. BanditRingtail

    …this can’t possibly end well.

  3. Chochi

    The click that will end with all the clicks! :B

    • Cannon Fodder


      • Cerberus

        I want to say Jeff Dunham, but im not quite sure. Walter right?

        • othorlimmis

          its an overused joke found in flash movies mostly.

          • CaptainBaconMan

            You mean an AWESOME joke that’s AWESOME.

    • kalance

      I guess T. S. Eliot was wrong…

      “This is how the world ends: not with a bang, but with a whimperCLICK.”

    • Gapre

      What do you mean by click?

  4. DZ

    Groovy, a double helping of comics! I’d love to see Tarot’s/Sabrina’s owner(s).

    • The game

      * pulls out shotgun and mouth foams*

      my thoughts crae me more than Joey’s

      • The game

        oops i ment scare

  5. BlueAnubis

    Okay, here goes my train of thought as I read.

    Aw, poor Zach, he’s a sad bunny. I feel the need to bite the woodland creatures now.
    So Sabrina and Tarot do live together. I always thought so.
    Aww, Hugs and kisses, Puppy love! It’s just so cute.
    Tarot: Peanut! I need you to focus, Honey!

    • toboe

      Peanut: “Can you hear me now? Cool!! Can you hear me now? Cool!!”

    • Frank

      Sounds like that train isn’t going to brake at the next station

  6. Cerberus

    “The Earth cracks open and lava spills forth, Organa the forsaken has been reborn and he seeks vengance on all the peoples of the world!”
    “A thousand years of darkness! Fire raining from the sky! Floods! Hurricanes!

    • Maxwell

      Ahh, so you have been studying the ancient archives as well. Tell me brother, what have you discovered?

      • Cerberus

        I have and upon returning i am sry, but my search was in vain. Nothing came of my quest but a few long lost laughs. i have failed. T_T

        • Maxwell

          Don’t be sad brother, you have succeeded where only the ancients before you have exceled. Remember, you are the founder of Get Link Inc. and you hold the patent for what our ancestors created.

          • MenachemSchmuel

            That’s… eh… great.

    • BlueAnubis

      Now is that before or after the Mashed Potato Men from Mars came to conquor?

      • Cerberus

        After both the mashed potato men and the ninjas, but before the end when Mrs. Sandwich came back to a watery livng room. *chuckle*

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Strange… If the end is nigh… why hasn’t C’thulhu popped out of my head yet….

        *POP* ohh… there he goes… someone call 911 and save my corner for me… *falls on floor twitching*

        • BlueAnubis

          Eww, *Dials* um yah 911? I’m going to need an ambulence… bring a mop. Can somebody start CPR while I go catch the tenticled mass of Lovecraftian horror-goo that just came out of Spirit’s head? I’m not certified yet.

        • Kamron

          Sorry, we’ve already rented out your corner to a retired Math Ed. major who owns an insect collection and a library of astrological texts.

          She’s a pretty sweet tenant, so you’d have to do a lot in order to get us to evict her.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            *Activates God Mode*

            Need I use the Hammer of Dawn on you puny little agency? *said with divine reverb effect*

            They don’t call me [i]Spirit[/i] of the Wolf for nothing.

          • Kamron

            *sneers at your Hammer of Dawn and pulls out the Phlogiston Battle-Axe of Penultimate Pwn

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            *Calls up Chuck Norris and the Ghost of Bruce Lee*

            What now? *Still said with Divine Reverb Effect™*

          • Maxwell

            *Goes feral and chases Kamron away*
            The Archives and Spirit are safe once more, but now back to the matter at hand. Spirit, go back to your Apocolyptic meltdown.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            I’m over it now.
            C’thulhu came back on his own.
            *Mrs. ‘Thulhu has dinner ready*

          • Kamron

            *summons Teddy Roosevelt and then turns tail like the lowliest of cowards*

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            Elanor has dinner ready too. Better get home Teddy.

          • Kamron

            Wrong Roosevelt. }:3

            In any case, this is getting silly. Let’s stop now.

          • Rick Griffin

            I’ll say. I limited the replies to five deep for a reason.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            OK *sits back in corner with head still wide open*

            And don’t ask what happened to the previous tenant.
            *became main ingredient for Mrs. ‘Thulhu’s dinner*

          • Maxwell


      • Maxwell

        That would be after, as all scholars of these parts should surely know. Or do you merely jest at our intellect and suggest that your own studies thusly surpass the studies of Cerberus and I instead of being equal? Have you spent unforgiving weeks in the archives? Have you exploited Archivial information to form a company based on a magic bag that can hold and distribute infintecimal amounts of weight? I think not! So all I have to say is, in the paraphrased version of the immortal words of the Somewhat-Mighty Bino, “We are going to have to revoke your Scholar Brothership. So, you’ll need to turn in your card…If we had cards…Actually just don’t show up at the club house anymore.”

        • Frank

          We have cards?
          (Sorry, couldn’t help myself)

      • Maxwell

        And for the the record, the mashed potatoe men came after the Weather Wizard and the peasants sat down to delegations.

        • Foxstar

          Dude, use the fourms already.

          • Maxwell

            I want to but the forums won’t let me in.

        • Echo

          “HAIL to the RAIN-ing king!”

  7. Two_Twig

    This comic just took a turn for the weird-er- weirdER than usual…

    • Tapewolf

      I think that happened when Tarot first turned up.

  8. Sleet

    I did not know that Tarot and Sabrina would be friends and/or live together. The more you know.

  9. Maxwell

    Who else thinks that click was louder than it should have been.

  10. Oblivion

    Pete’s kid of a jerk.

  11. Tahoe

    OKay …. I want the fullres version of that last panel. Peanut’s expression is AWESOME!!!!

  12. Nightfirex

    Now this.. this is a comic worth commenting about. the perfect blend of awesome and win. Finally caught up and loved every moment of it.

  13. Kamron

    I love Peanut’s reaction to Tarot’s communication.

    This update is pretty sweet, but why’d Zach have to be such a click?

    • toboe

      He’s just trying to Switch it up on us.

      • Kamron

        I believe that you’re right on the button.

  14. Rider098

    …completely forgot Sabrina had an Egyptian symbol too! That just raises more questions…

    Wow, didn’t expect one of my favorite characters to actually be a jerk, although I wonder now if Pete really is a gryphon or something else. Based on what she says this could either be something really bad and/or a very nasty prank… like Pandora’s box. Grape is gonna be heartbroken if that’s the case, just like I am now. Baw.

    • toboe

      I thought we already opened pandora’s box?

      • Maxwell

        Fellow scholars are everywhere. What scholar class did you go to Brother Toboe?

        • toboe

          …Wikipedia’s School of Internets?

      • Rider098


        True, true… but whoever said there was only one “Pandora’s box”? ;)

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          ummm… you?

        • Peanut Butter!

          Its actually Pandora’s jar though

          • wingedwolfgirl

            You sure?…
            It not Pandora’s Satchel by any chance?

            Annnd In ATTEMPT to come back to the comic…
            I kinda thought Tarot and Sabrina would know each other.

          • BluFox

            You’re probably thinking of Sacajewea *serious spelling error*’s Satchel. I have a feeling she likes those things.

  15. Cerberus

    Anyone else notice that we actually over commented the last post? thats pretty epic in my opinion.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Notice what?
      I’m noticing the overcommenting on this page.

      • Cerberus

        I can’t post on the previos comic. it tells me that its been ended.wheither it was Rick telling us we get too far off topic or the Wordpress has a max i don’t know.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Six to one, half dozen the other.

        • Kamron

          It can’t be length because 11/13’s update made it all the way to 166 comments.

          I know that older posts eventually lock down after a certain time, but that wouldn’t explain why last time’s comments area shut down.

          • Rick Griffin

            It closed down because I closed it

          • Cerberus

            Which sound like a good reason for us to try hard to comment on the comic at hand. And if any other ideas pop up that could break that, then take it to the forum. If its not to much of an issue there.

          • Frank

            …like I said, we spent way to much time on that page

  16. Spirit of the Wolf

    Does this comic have a forum, or just the comment section?

    • Rick Griffin

      Look at the top bar silly

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        But why look there? that would make sen– ohhh…. I believe this would be a facepalm moment for myself…

        • Kyderra

          good thing peanut has a long term memory span……
          and is not easily detracted on the main object.
          And always tells the things of most grave importance first……

          So, next comic is the final one then?

          • Kyderra

            aaaand, my reply button was still on.

            here, let me facepalm with you

        • Frank

          “I think I’ve just zinged myself” –Garfield (in reference to his birthday)

          • Flexico

            Aahh, where does the time go? *pats stomach* XD

  17. Vash

    I think (and may be alone in this) This may not be a good turn of events. Somehow like pointed out a few days ago, I fear a Cerberus Syndrome will happen. But I’m not going to say its 100% likely. That click was far to loud, we shall see what has been freed… In a few days.

    • Foxstar

      What is so bad about that? You make it sound like it would ruin the comic. Sit back and see where Rick takes things.

    • Frank

      A few days? I still think this storyline will end in time for Thanksgiving… unless Pete appears holding a cornucropia or something

  18. Mephitidae

    darn… why couldnt he have been a -good- gryphon?

  19. falconfox01

    oh my! …Wait, Pete’s bad? NOOOOOO!

    • Frank

      Never trust people whose true name is unpronounce-able by a dog that knows ancient akkadian

  20. Shady Kitsune

    Oh my… Don’t push the button Zach, you’ll time warp us into 2012!

    • Frank

      So you might miss the apocalypse, big deal! If you get warped there and it’s already happened, there will always be another one Five Billion Years from now. If you get warped there and it *hasn’t* happened… well… there will always be another one Five Billion Years from now.

  21. james319

    LOL XD peanuts not taking it seriously XD

    “hugs and kisses, honey”? awwwwwww :3

    • james319

      another button? that cant be good XD

  22. Dontar

    Wow, Zach sure knows how to press dem buttons..hopefully there arn’t any big red ones that say Do Not Press, he would probably trip and fall against them..

    I wanted to see the Griffin again, he pwned.

  23. nightroxas67

    peanut is not taking things serious but thats y he’s so lovable x3

  24. fusebot

    So, am I the only one who didn’t immediately pick up that Tarot’s eyes were closed?

    • Frank

      “Great Scott, you’re right!” –Captain Hook (1953 version)

      Or maybe, Rick only drew her lower eyelashes

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Now that I look at it, you’re right. I always thought it was her eyes glowing green, but green eyeshadow makes perfect sense, too.

  25. Frank

    Quelqu’un peut-il dire: Il était une fois… l’espace ?

    • Frank

      Aw, come on! Nobody here has watched “One Upon a Time… Space”? Planets at different stages in evolution, a copilot with ESP, the Cassiopea Empire… no one?

      The reference is, although we’re told several times in the series the copilot has ESP, we don’t actually see her using her power to “talk in someone else’s head” until her captain accidentaly ends up lost, floating in the infinity of space with nothing more than a spacesuit.

  26. microbuss

    hehe everyone is right This not gonna end well or it may just go & do absolutely nothing ;-)

  27. Rooth

    I wonder if Peanut even remembers what she said. ;)

  28. Peanut Butter!

    lololololol Peanut was sooooooo cute!

    Wow… YOu can talk in my head thats soo cool!!! XD
    And also, peanut doesnt have much of a chance at stoping Grape. i mean, shes Grape!
    good luck anyway Peanut!!

  29. Peanut Butter!

    Zach is like Dede from Dexter’s Lab!

    ooooooo what does this button do????

    • wingedwolfgirl

      DEE DEE!


  30. Poke Peeve Puddlecub Ping Peek


    Anyway, perhaps Tarot shouldn’t transfer solutions to the universe to Peanut directly, but who else, right? Well, hopefully Peanut realizes that he’s supposed to do something.

    Love the “hugs and kisses, honey” part.

  31. BlueAnubis

    I gotta ask Rick, did you have this all planned out back before we ever met Dream Pete? Or was this something you just came up with in the past couple months?

  32. thewhitedragon

    poor zach, he seems crying in the first panels D:

    • gagi

      yea .. the poor guy … i just feel so bad for him .. not fitting in with tiger, and now the friendly forest critters pushed him in a cave … arff ..

  33. Peanut Butter!

    Uh, will Pete tke over Grape’s brain and try to use her to take over the world, or make her say stuff she doesn’t mean (namely to Peanut)
    Ohhh that would be a good plotline!

  34. Peanut Butter!

    plotline? i meant plot

  35. HonoreDerazey

    I don’t think it was smart for Tarot to inform Peanut on a If-this-happen-we’ll-all-die-so-stop-it-from-happening situation. She should’ve told Grape or Zach first hand. I mean, putting lives into Peanut’s hands? Yeeeaaaah… ¬¬

    • Cerberus

      She and Peanut have a “connection” that she doesn’t share with Grape, let alone Zach. And plus it adds drama.

  36. Calbeck

    “He is actually sort of a jerk” is the BEST prophetic psychic sending in a webcomic.


    • Chip Uni

      You and I agree! That line made me giggle.

  37. wingedwolfgirl

    That would be the reaction if someone started magically talking in my head.

    Zee plot for HousePets is really starting to get EPIC. :)
    Can’t wait to see what happens!

  38. R-One

    Well, this was unexpected… and highly amusing. :)

  39. Tobias Rhdoes

    Does anyone get the feeling that this has somewhat of a sense of an end about it, like enaring the end of either the story arc, or the end of Housepets as we know it?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I hope itz not the end of the comic.
      But why ask?
      Are you anxious for HousePets to come to a end?

    • Frank

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this arc will end in time for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is this Thusday, so no wonder it feels like the arc is coming to an end!

  40. Legendario 777

    Hey !!!
    It’s Tarot FTW !!
    Love this plot arc !!

  41. Charlie

    It looks like a giant tea cup. Ooh. Strong tea, steaming hot with two cubes of sugar and cream. Yes. Tea for all the forest creatures! That’s the … Oh! Is that a shiny?

  42. Tj Folf

    Awws! I liked pete…. :(

  43. flora

    i knew it fido girlfriend is egyption *i think* and tarots friends with her …… cool

  44. Ki

    “Stop Grape or we’re all in grave peril! Hugs and kisses, honey.”

    For some reason, I find that incredibly funny. Tarot is now one of my favs.

  45. Rawrimaducky

    Nice to know Peanut and Tariot are looking out for each other. :P and talking in Peanut’s head is pretty cool. :)

  46. Sokahu

    Noooo…Pete…why must all the cool guys be evil?

  47. Shadow M

    Oh boy now its time to use the time machine if it does exist! XD

    • Frank

      Why go all out for a time machine when Galaxy Quest’s Omega 13 would suffice? I mean, he only just pushed the button, it’s not like we’ve been building up to this for 30 years :-D

  48. Clarke Macbeth

    Oh look, there’s more Tarot. YAAAAAY TAROT!!!

  49. no-one-in-particular

    why do i have a bad feeling about Tarot… don’t harm peanut again Rick i beg you

    • Frank

      Oh, I doubt Rick will harm Peanut again IN THE SAME WAY, mainly because we’d be expecting it. Maybe he’ll harm him with an anvil? Or the Indiana Jones rock proposed Friday?

  50. Cerberus

    I like how Sabrina looks in the new style. She looks great.

    • Frank

      You know, I kind of took Sabrina for granted, despite her having had only 3 appearances before today. I had forgotten we hadn’t seen her in the new style yet.

      • Maxwell

        We’ve seen her in the new style, just the lighting was off.

        • Frank

          Curse you! Now I’ll have to go through the archives to find out when that was!

        • Frank

          You don’t mean to say you managed to pick her out from one of the crowds, do you? (the list of the comics I found with crowds is currently “awaiting moderation”) The only other strip I saw which you might be referring to is the one of February 16 (the “Please, Fidey?” strip), but that’s not in the “new style”; the new style started on March 9 and is distinguished by the increase in detail (e.g. fur inside the ears) and drawing cats’ eyes with slits for pupils

  51. Profesor Rod

    Heaven help us… Heroes are idiots!

    • Frank

      If they weren’t, superhero comics would be about a page long, and RPGs would be able to run themselves

      • Drakel

        It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a Grue.

        • Rangershot13

          You see yee flask
          >get yee flask
          You can’t get yee flask

  52. Peanut Butter!

    this is kinda random but i just figured out how to post and ive been wanting to say that Peanut should totally listen to Mika’s lollipop

  53. Mewn

    D’awww… Zach is crying!
    I think he is my favorite character so far, then its Maxwell ^^
    I love this comic and I liked how Zach said “Then what I did was press a button like so”

  54. Fuzzypaws

    Zach is so adorable, I lurve him <3

  55. CalaverX11

    [petergriffin]OH MY GOD!!

    YOU CAN TALK!![/petergriffin]

  56. Siggy

    Jerk or not- he can show up as an amazing giant griffon, which makes him awesome!

    • Frank

      uh, wait. Are you saying there are *tiny* Griffons?

      • Rangershot13

        Of course there are! They stand on two legs, are on fire, and are best friends with Santa.
        Just kidding, but yes there would be two legged ones.

        • Frank

          I think those are “Satyrs”, not Gryphons

  57. tahrey

    Greasy fingers slipping off the teflon drama tag once again…. :-D
    How long til you give in to inevitable temptation and get a grip on the hateful thing?

  58. Frank

    I’ve been waiting to se if anyone else said this, but since they haven’t

    It’s impressive how well-defined Tarot’s character has become in so little time. Tarot is clearly not the kind who says “I sense you are in grave peril”, preferring instead to say “Pete is a jerk”. And, of course, this is consistent with a girl who bothers the “spirits themselves” when she “seems to have misplaced the remote”

    OK, so those aren’t the exact quotes, but you get the idea. It’s a compliment, people!

    • Frank

      Maybe I should’ve read ALL the comments before posting; apparently Calbeck HAD commented on this fact

  59. Gapre

    Peanut: Wait so you can hear my thoughts?
    Tarot: Yes, honey
    Peanut: …That’s unsettling
    Tarot: You should tell that secret to someone before you go crazy locking it up
    Peanut: Don’t think don’t think wait! I’m thinking!

    • Frank

      … must … resist … making Eragon reference …

      • Gapre

        Frank with the black avatar say what??
        Ha, hannah montana super lame pun!
        *gets shot*

  60. Kume

    I want awsome head talking powers like that! And a flying broom!

  61. Cyn

    O_O you can talk in my head!!

  62. Gapre

    peanut vs. grape on channel 34 at 8!!
    the real cat vs. dog story!

  63. Zekermeme

    So. Zach has just unleashed an ancient unspeakable evil on the world.

    …it’s funny, I always thought it would be Bino.

    • Peanut Butter!

      actually Grape might release ancient unspeakable evil unto the world
      Peanut’s gotta stop her…….
      were doomed!!!
      haha jk i think Peanut could save the world with his eyes shut

      • Frank

        That’s “Spot! (Superdog)” you’re thinking about, not Peanut!

        …or is it?

        • Peanut Butter!

          Wait what?? Spot (superdog (lol)) will defeat Grape or can save the world with his eyees shut??

      • Zekermeme

        But… I saw it! It just happened! Zach! The button! Click!

        • Peanut Butter!

          What? that made no sense :?

          • Frank

            Look at the very last pannel: Neither Grape nor Peanut are actually doing anything. Zach, on the other hand, has just pushed a button, which has made a strong clicking sound.

  64. Peanut Butter!

    Wait maybe Spot will win Grape over and crush both Peanut and Max!!!
    im so diabolical…

    • Frank

      but where would that leave Stripe-who-despite-all-appearances-is-not-a-cat?

      • Peanut Butter!

        With Spot’s twin brother Dot of course!

  65. The game

    ha ha hugs and kisses honey
    honey rhymes with bunny! and Zach is a bunny!
    i sigh at myself….

  66. Enty


  67. The game

    im kinda annoyed that there is none for today
    but dont ever ever ever end housepets Rick!! I’d like, faint!!