None Shall Pass
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  1. Oblivion


    • wingedwolfgirl



    • Frank

      Awww! How cute! The racoon remembers her!

  2. Fuzzypaws

    He needs a name! Something cute. <3

    • nightroxas67

      how about Lenny?

      • gagi

        he said something Cute .. :P

        jk jk

      • shadowmaat

        Tell me about the rabbits, George. ;)

      • gbeaniesword

        hey if you don’t mind me i have a good idea why not use a metal steel type trash can for the collar for the reccoons that whould look cute and nice if you don’t mind me saying

        • Frank

          Collars would involve “abandoning the old ways”; and as Grape has shown, that usually ends up involving chainsaws:

        • Foxstar

          The coons are feral animals. What is the logic in having feral animals wear collars? Only animals who live with humans wear collars. Think about it.

    • Whyaylooh

      I think Cinch. Lots of possible fun possibilities, a streetwise raccoon from the wilderness with a name like that. And, if his buddy from that initial broom encounter shows back up, he can be Tigh. (And, if you’re wondering if I’m going somewhere with this, visit the section of your local grocery store where they sell garbage bags.)

      • Watcher

        I always wanted a Racoon named “Bret”, after my favorite percussionist Bret Kuhn…

    • cwg

      How about Waffle?

      • Frank

        Nah, it needs to be something fitting for someone who hasn’t “abandoned the old ways”. Something like Cranberry… wait a second, that sounds too much like Thanksgiving. Somebody’s playing with my mind!

  3. Cannon Fodder

    “Ye must answer me three questions lest the other side you see”

    • Arcanewind

      “I move…for NO man…”

      • Cerberus

        “Its a flesh wound”

        • Repicheep22

          “I’ve had worse.”

          • rWolf1991

            Come back over here so that I can Bite you!!!

          • Cannon Fodder

            Wenn ist das Nunstruck git und Slotermeyer? Ja! Beiherhund das Oder die Flipperwaldt gersput!

          • ZukinLWW

            BWAHAHAHAAAA Die Flipperwaldt gersput! HahahahahahahHAHAHA! *dies*

          • Parry

            ZAT’S! NOT! FUNNEH!

        • Shady Kitsune

          “Look you silly b****** you have no arms left!”

        • Sockmaster

          “Fight me, you pansy”

    • Oblivion

      Your mother was a hamster!

    • Maxwell

      What is the air speed velocity of an unlaidened swallow?

  4. Repicheep22

    You do NOT mess with the Grape-inator!

    • Frank

      Wouldn’t a grape-inator be a winery? Terrible pun, I know, but I couldn’t help myself

  5. Cerberus

    So wait peanut doesn’t know? Didn’t he go last time too?
    You have got to love this coon. Both times his been here hes big and bad but in the end Grape gets the better of him. A lot like most relationships.

    • rWolf1991

      To the question NO. because it was Grapes dream sequence kinda thing.

      • Cerberus

        Grape and Peanut search long and hard in the Temple of the Pete, finally they came upon a small grove. A waterfall trickled quietly to the left, trees swayed gently in the breeze. But something was wrong. Where the great griffin?
        “Grape! Peanut! Over here!
        It was Zach. He was standing at the far end of the clearing, looking over. His paw was pointed at a chest high mirror next to him. Peanut followed close behind Grape as they carfully walked over. Inside the mirror a shadow was shifting. Grape gasps in horror,”Pete?”
        The griffin was looking helplessly out at them, paniced and terrified. The mirror was golden and embroidered, and at the bottem there was a large section missing. Scribbled in the space, something had wrote,”Find the pieces three, and your friend will be set free.”
        “Whats this mean?” Peanut asked, kneeling down.
        “I’ll tell you what it means. It means we’re going to be late for dinner.”Grape replied.

        –Zach has joined your party, you can now access Temple of the Pete-Dungeons–

        • BlueAnubis

          Dude, that is waay too deep for 1:30 in the mourning. Epic, but way too deep.

          • Cerberus

            Really? You’ve got to be to the east cuz it was only 10:30 when i posted. And anyways that wasn’t that deep. That was acutally kinda sloppy in my opinion, but usually writing comes pretty naturally to me, and im sure Rick can relate.

          • Frank

            The Housepets server (and hence, the times on the posts) is in Central Standard Time. I guess that means Blue Anubis is in Eastern, and Cerberus is in Pacific. Me? I was asleep for once in a long time, and didn’t see it until about 10 or 11 am, so no complaints on how epic it was. Loved it! I didn’t think of posting this until now

        • Tallen


        • Jutah

          ““I’ll tell you what it means. It means we’re going to be late for dinner.””

          That sounds very familiar, is that a quote from a game or something?

          • Cerberus

            You know, when i was typing it, it seemed that way but, for the life of me, i can’t place it.

          • Frank

            Sounds like something one of the leads on one of the CSI’s would say

          • Queery

            i think Grape ahs said it before int he comic. might be my imagination, though.
            it does seem oddly familiar…

        • Maxwell

          Upon returning from the ancient archives (June 2008), I have discovered one thing. You all lost the game.

          • Frank

            Oh, I guess that’s my bad (see my post above on November 21, 2009 at 4:24 pm)

          • Frank

            Wait, just revised the context. You actually checked every appearance of Grape to see if she had said “we’re going to be late for dinner”?

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            *pulls out shotgun*

            You… are… deserving… of… this…

            *BLAM* *BLAM* *BLAM*

  6. JoeyWolf

    What you don’t see are the fires of doom in Grape’s eyes.

    • Maxwell

      What? You don’t see the fire in her eyes? Why do you think her eyes are yellow?

  7. nightroxas67

    i see pain in his future x3

  8. james319

    LOL poor dude, they could just say they know Zach XD

    i knew it! it was related to the dream! what ever happened to that feather? and can Tarot do anything with it? :3

  9. 8feet

    Its the cat who BROOMD me! Spare mah SOUL!
    another problem solved by Grape again!

    p.s. I’m not crazy today because I’m out of VODKA! can some one buy one for me?

    • Cerberus

      Hold on i need to check my SpaceBag (Call now!). *ruffles through MANLY puppy purse*
      Well……i’ve got this black flask of something.*pops top, vapors rise and form a skull and crossbones before blowing away*. It might not be vodka but….*takes wiff* its definitly got a strong*stops suddenly, pupils envelope entire eye* You want to see my dance Dexter? *voice very shrill*I call it the Prancing Unicorn.*begins spinning and jumping in a tipsy balletic fashion* Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

      • Maxwell

        Don’t worry, I’ve called! I’m just waiting for delivery. But I’m up for delivering that bottle to 8feet for you.

        • Cerberus

          Ha ha ha okay.*continues dancing, sees shiny red button*
          OOOOoooooooo what does this button do?
          Voice:”DeeDee, i mean Cerberus, nooooooooooooo!

          • Maxwell

            “Having just barely escaped th explosion caused by Cerberus, Maxwell began his quest to deliver the mysterious bottle to 8feet…”

  10. BlueAnubis

    Bwa ha ha! Grape’s expression in the last pannel is awesome. I see a vision,
    *eyes glow blue and sares off into the distance*
    someone will make Grape’s or the raccoon’s faces into their avitar… And someone else will be eating… a roast beef sandwich while reading this strip… And someone else will get a craving for a roast beef sandwich while reading this comment.
    *glowing stops*
    Huh, Weird. I really got to stop drinking energy drinks at this time of night.

    • Echo

      Darn it. I can’t even swallow, but now I’m craving roast beef! Curse you… *voice fades from throat pain*

    • Maxwell

      If I know firewing, it’ll probably be him

      • Firewing417

        Actually, i WAS Thinking of it, but i figured naw :P

        • BlueAnubis

          aww, why not? is this because I spoiled the future for the rest of the readers?

          • Cerberus

            I think your Future Sight is a little wacked, cuz i had a roasted pork snadwich not beef. You might want to get that checked.

        • Maxwell

          Good to finally hear from you again. I mean after nearly three days, you hadn’t posted once, I thought something had happened

          • Cerberus

            He fell ill with Scott Ramsoomair disease.

  11. Ada

    Wow, Peanut in that last panel. Something about it, he looks -very- attractive.
    Maybe I’m just a weirdo for thinking that. o.o

    • Shady Kitsune

      You find confused blank stares attractive?
      Like this? O_O

      • Frank

        I think he’s more alarmed than confused now… maybe its the thought his naïvité could get crushed?


      i pretty much think that Peanut the dog looks handsome and grape the cat looks cute.

  12. Shady Kitsune

    … She’s still cute when angry. =P

  13. Just-This-Guy

    None shall pass…..Except for Grape who will destroy you if you try to stop her.

    • Frank

      “You do NOT mess with the Grape-inator!” –Repicheep22

  14. Lax

    She’s cute when she’s angry :D

  15. Maxwell

    Violence is all the comedy this comic needs.
    And on another note, Grape really should have brought à broom.

    • Frank

      There was no room with the flashlight :D

  16. Max Wolf

    I find it to be a conspiracy started by Zach and now Peanut, Grape, and Pete must save him :D

  17. Peanut-lover

    You just know where peanut is looking in the first panel. Peanut you dog! (Dont kill me for that pun)

    • Tapewolf

      It’s a hole barely big enough for either of them to squeeze into, he’s not going to have much choice where he can look…

      • Xu-kitty

        With a fine feline fanny in front of him, and a long, fluffy tail brushing delicatley against his ears….?


    • BlueAnubis

      Oh, don’t worry, I won’t kill you for the pun, I’ll just maul you horribly for accusing Peanut of thinking the way you do. *Snarl* just close your eyes and count to 10,000 and it’ll be over before you know it.

      • Cerberus

        *curls up on the floor, debating on weither he should put up a screen or not*

        • rWolf1991

          I want some. *Thinking * Watch or participate in the fun.

          • Maxwell

            *tapes up BlueAnubis’s knuckels and puts Bruce Buffer on speaker phone*
            Me: The ref of ths fight will be Cerberus!

          • Cerberus

            Im in charge of consessions, ref falls on rWolf here.

          • Maxwell

            That’s fine by me.

          • BlueAnubis

            *We return to find Peanut-Lover pinned to the wall with crossbow bolts and BlueAnubis pointing his fingers in his face*
            I’m not touching you! I’m not touching you! I’m not touchi- *Ding* huh, 10,000 already? Oh well. Ooh! Popcorn!
            *munch, munch*
            Hey, Cerberus. What’s with the crowd?

      • Enty

        Oh come now, you know you were thinking it too; I know I was, being the hopeless PB&J fan I am~xD;;;

    • Enty

      Such wordplay does not entertain me… *puts sunglasses on* or anypun else here.


    • Loki Impisi

      Somehow I just knew someone would post this comment…

  18. Cingal

    It’s quite interesting to see you working with lighting and shading more in this arc, keep it up.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      The lighting in this is very dramatic.
      Nice work!

  19. MagicalSarai

    I want the raccoon’s name to be something refined… like Vincent or Drayton… I dunno. I still love the little guy. XP

  20. Angelkitt

    Yay Grape, choke the racoon

  21. CalaverX11

    IS GRAPE GONNA HAVE TO CHOKE An old joke that was three strips ago?

  22. toboe

    I wish I had a girl like Grape to beat up all my friends for me.

  23. R-One

    Once more, we behold Grape’s all-mighty powers of intimidation… rofl.

  24. tjprower

    “And thus did the opener of ways meets the intimidator of ways…”
    Watch out, Zach, or you might just cross paths with a ticked grape!!

  25. wingedwolfgirl

    Grape’s expression -Any problem can be solved with the correct application of pressure to a stupid person’s face. -would fit this situation nicely.

    ANNND on that note:


    [ Anyone getting tired of the LOTR references yet? Cuz I’m not! ]


    • Rawrimaducky

      nothin yet :P

    • Cerberus


      “Fly, you fools.”


      • toboe

        I still cry every time wingedwolfgirl falls off the bridge.

        • Xu-kitty

          Don’t worry; it’s OK: She returns as Hoverpod-and-Rocket-Pack Wolf Girl in the next book

          • Cerberus

            Im sry to say i was quoting the movie not the book. And though i kick myself on a regular basis for it, i haven’t actually read the books.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            Cerberus… EVERYTHING I KNOW IS NOW A LIE!! *runs off crying* *scrapbook of role-models falls to floor with pic of Cerberus’ gravvy*

            Mr. Raven: How dare you not read those books!? Their CLASSICS!

    • Chiry

      I’m getting a lot more monty python refferences from this than LOTR… The Black Knight for instance?

  26. Shadow M

    Grape is kinda cute when she’s angry!!!:D

  27. Zobeid Zuma

    Shouldn’t Grape’s ears be turned back? When a cat is facing you but you can see the backs of its ears, that’s when you know it’s really mad at you. See here. . .

    • gagi

      ears back means she’s scared … ears forward mean she is ready to charge … and both can be aggressive. (i think)

  28. FriendlyFireForKids

    I see a giant boulder chasing them in their future.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      But none of them have a whip, brown leather jacket, or cool possesed hat that never lets itself get left behind.

  29. Rawrimaducky

    So, so, somuch pain in the near future. :P

  30. Squival

    lol talk about put in ur place

  31. Charlie

    Well, of course! Peanut may be a dog, and as the legend goes, wolves gave up the life of wild and turned to man as a brother, to share a nice warm house and chase sticks, hence we have domestic dogs, the servants of man.

    But cats NEVER gave up the life of wild. They simply tolerate man and his dogs, and share the company and warmth of the fire, But, whenever the time comes they head off into the wild to do those things only wild creatures do.

    Hey, it’s legend, okay? No throwing tomatoes!

    • Maxwell

      Not tomatoes, but year old cabbage!
      *chunks a year old cabbage at Charlie*
      Join in everyone!

    • Frank

      How about eggplants? Can we throw eggplants? They’re fresh, but I ain’t gonna eat ‘em. (That, and I don’t think it was bad enough to deserve ROTTEN vegetables)

      • Maxwell

        Yeah, it’s just that cabbage sits around in my house because we’re too lazy to throw it out

  32. Cerberus

    HOLD EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!
    Rick we need a cast update. Miles, the coon(name to be announce at later date), and the weasels are currently NOT on the list. They have feelings too. Your making them seem like *dramatic push in combined with dramatic voice* MINOR CHARACTORS!
    *a gasp from a lady in fake audience*

    • gbeaniesword

      you could use a steel trash can as a collar just posting this again just in case the other one was’nt the owner of this web or something

      • Foxstar

        Ferals don’t wear collars, silly. Pay attention.

    • Frank

      Maybe they are just jumping sharks… Not that we mind, we love these new guys!

  33. Shady Kitsune

    Is it just me, or does the 1st panel make Grape seem a lot more slimmer?
    But that might be becuase of her upper torso not being visible.

    Grape sure is fit for a housecat. Unlike a certain indoor cat I know. *glances at pet sleeping on his bed*

    • Frank

      Grape is in “a hole that was barely big enough for either of us to squeeze into” (see The slimming is likely caused by having to press against the walls of the, uh, hole

  34. Gizer

    killer grape xD

  35. Kyderra

    Don’t ever poke, Point or offend peanut in front of grape,

  36. Frank

    Peanut must still know *some* akkadian, if he’s still able to recognize it as such

  37. Maxwell

    Is it just me, or am I the only one who noticed Peanut didn’t “halt”, and walked up to the racoon?

    • Justice193

      Knowing Peanut, it was probably to ask why he needed to halt.

      • Cerberus

        If someone standing in front of a temple enterence told me to halt, i’d walk up too.

        • Frank

          You play way too many videogames

          • Cerberus

            Well if some little punk is going to tell me that i can’t go see the Great Deku Tree, even though an annoying little fairy keeps telling me its important, im going to go find a sword and shield and show him what for.
            yea maybe i do play a little too much

          • Frank

            Hey! Just ’cause my avatar doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean I’m a punk! (I’ll make one… sometime)

            Give me a couple days and I’ll probably think of a better punky comeback

          • Cerberus

            Hold on that was a Zelda Ocarina of Time reference, not you sry if that wasn’t clear.

          • Frank

            I know it is, and I know the only character pesterred by an annoying fairy is one that doesn’t speak. Notice I made no comment about “little”, “sword and shield”, nor the Great Deku Tree.

            …You and I spend way too much time on this page…

          • Maxwell

            We need comic relief. So,

          • BlueAnubis

            YAYY! We’re DOOMED! I’m dancin’ like a MONKEY!

  38. J.J.

    Peanut: “Where are we going, Grape?”

    Grape: “It’s a quest. We’re on a quest for FUN!”

    Peanut: “Ah… Not WALLY WORLD?!”

  39. Justice193

    … besides, the raccoon doesn’t realize that Grape was supposed to open that door, this is most likely one of those predetermined destiny moments, but as Grape refused to pursue her dream to see if it was real, something had to be done to give her a kick into gear… oh well, predictable is in this year I guess.

    it’s still surprisingly funny, even though we all seen it coming though XD

  40. Enty

    hehehe…. The grapes of wrath.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      *Mallet to the noggin*

      Don’t remind me of my AP Language reading…. IGNORANCE IS BLISS!

  41. fox

    Grape is so hot with her dominance

    • Maxwell

      Keep yer hands off my Grape!