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  1. Cannon Fodder

    I wish my GPS was as accurate

    • Cannon Fodder

      Also is it just me or is this referencing something?

      • Repicheep22

        Read the Gryphon arc from last November, you’ll see it.

        • mc_hollis

          Still flew right over my head… Explain?

          • Zee

            When Grape and Peanut first saw the Gryphon they had to get directions from an old guy that only spoke in Limericks.

  2. Oblivion


    • Mephitidae

      so he…. does exsist?

      • Mephitidae

        this is getting more interesting all the time o.O

        oops… no edit button… hehe ^^;

  3. BlueAnubis

    Crazy Man Who only Speaks in Limericks FTW

    • Cerberus

      anyone else notice the fist in the background of the last panel.
      ummmmmmm whats with that?

      • Cerberus


      • Drakel

        It… It’s not right… Two thumbs?

        • Firewing417

          Yes, Well, It Might be a Genetic Mutation of the Giant who’s been Buried there for 1,000~10,000 Years. But thats just on a Slight offchance Rick decides to Draw Somthing i Suggested. (Or Did I?)

        • Cerberus

          maybe not, the one thats tucked in could be the crease your hand gets when you do that.
          Ha poor Rick, all we are doing is critiquing his artwork, jeez

          • Firewing417

            Yeah, We should be, He’s doing a Good Job. :P

      • Frank

        See November 21st of last year: “we under a rock outcropping that was shaped like a fist”

  4. Cerberus

    YES ELMER FUDD(plz let me spell that right) LOL
    Ive always loved the Looney Tunes!
    Not all that good at poems though
    Never knew how to rhymn
    But just to let you know
    Something that stands the test of time
    Just keep your head low
    And never trust a mime
    plz don’t hurt me

    • BlueAnubis

      I know what you mean, those mimes are crafty

    • Rangershot13

      You of course realize the mime assassin is after you now.

  5. Ruduen


    Not the most subtle of limericks, but subtility is lost when there’s a giant stone hand.

  6. Odos

    Ehhehe… I remember this XD, I successfully called the bluff that time, but this time I don’t think it is… This could get interesting :)

    • Odos

      I just wonder what grape did with that feather… Does she still have it?

  7. Luu

    Well, at least they didn’t have to answer he these questions three!

  8. CalaverX11

    I love how you can tell who the newcomers to the comic are.

    • o_o

      Mind explaining, anyone? I read through the archive, and I don’t remember this guy.

      • Firewing417

        Flew over your head did it?
        You must look At the Background In Panel #4,
        Then you will realize what the Old man Says,
        Is all True. (The Way you Seek Is in Hand, So it Seems)

        • Firewing417

          Also Thats a Left hand. So yeah it Makes Sense.
          Gotta Love how you Can tell the New guys from the Non. :P

          • Firewing417

            Norm* Bad Typo. Baaad!

          • Chip Uni

            Arr nom nom nom nom!

        • Cerberus

          Ummmmmmmm……….i was think he meant the feather Grape had. “the path you will find is the one in your mind, and the one in your hand, so to speak” I thought that meant the way she said it was a dream (in your mind) then pulled the feather out(in your hand). if that doesn’t make sense then i would like to know.

          • Frank

            I at first thought it meant “look at the hand you’re holding something with”. Her flashlight is in her right hand, which is the old man’s left. The “in your mind” probably refers to how she thinks it’s all “oddly familiar”, In other words: if in doubt, look through your most obscure memory.

  9. CalaverX11

    Wait…Peanut seems confused.

    Does he still remember how to speak Akkadian?

  10. Manic

    Meh probably not

  11. toboe



  12. falconfox01


  13. FriendlyFireForKids

    I tawt I taw a putty tat!

    *looks at Grape*

    I did! I did taw a putty tat!

    • Maxwell

      Sufferin’ Succotash!

      • Zaffa

        That’s “Thufferin’ Thuccotath” to you.

  14. Spirit of the Wolf

    Don’t we all just love how blissfully ignoran
    little Peanut is?

    • Spirit of the Wolf


    • Maxwell

      “No, they’re just being ignorant!”
      -Michael Jackson
      “South Park”

  15. Maxwell

    Hooray for the old man who speak in limmerics!

    • Firewing417

      Oh Yes, Before i Forget. -Slaps you Upside the Head for Kicking me into the Eternal Pit of death-

      • Maxwell

        If your in the pit of death, how cab you hit me?

        • Firewing417

          I Respawned. Durr. How ELSE?!

          • BlueAnubis

            It took him so long to respawn because he had so may betrayals. It’s too bad because one more, and he would have gotten the Benidict Arnold Untouchable medal.

          • Firewing417


          • FADFRANKIE

            i don’t know the old man speaks in limericks.

          • Maxwell

            A medal for being evil. Sign me up! And who did Firewing betray?

          • Firewing417

            I.. Umm.. NO ONE! AAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhh! -Runs away Screaming-

          • Firewing417

            -Falls into the Pit of death again-


          • BlueAnubis

            Aww man, I missed him! I was hoing to get the point for that one. Oh well, see you in seven seconds.

            *Beep. Beep. Beep. Booop!*

          • Firewing417

            -Respawns.- OH SH–
            -Gets headshotted by a Splazer-

          • Cerberus

            YES! WOOT! IN YOUR FACE
            score one for the noob
            *jumps around in circles like an idiot*

          • rWolf1991

            BlueAnubis and Firewing417 don’t tell me you’re acting like it Halo 3

          • Maxwell

            Throws a Frag Grenade at Cerberus, and yes rWolf, we are.

          • Cerberus

            *stops dancing* Huh?
            *picks up grenade* Ummm?
            *yells* Hey!! Did somebody drop this?

            Im sure you know what comes next.

            Beep Beep Beep Boooop

          • rWolf1991

            laser, double kill

          • Enty

            *shoots some random guy* SINGLE KILL! SINGLE KILLINGSPREE! SINGLE SPREE SPREE! SINGE SPREE SPREE SPR-*brickd for stupidity*

            Beep… Beep… Beep… Boop

          • Rangershot13

            Respawns are only for nerds that memorized the layout of every Halo level.

  16. Tapewolf

    Oh, I really like where this is heading. I’m not sure Peanut will be able to translate the tablet, though. If Grape remembers what he said in the dream, things could get a little convoluted in terms of explanations.

    • Frank

      Yeah, because it was a dream… or was it?

      • Tapewolf

        Well, can you think of a better word to describe it…?

        • BluFox

          Not a ‘word,’ per say, but here goes… “Weird Reality In Which Everything Seemed Like a Dream, But It’s Not Because You Had a Feather In Your Hand When You ‘Woke Up.’” Does that work?

          • Frank

            How about “…because it’s Rick at the steering wheel, and he’s driving under the influence of… his brother”

  17. Doomwolf

    Is this going to lead to some sort of epic quest where Peanut, Grape, and Zack have to get ye flask?

    • Kume

      But they can’t get ye flask

      • Doomwolf

        Exits are North, South, and Dennis.

  18. Firewing417

    The Old man who speaks in Limmerics Is FTW. So is Peanut & Grape. :P

  19. Tallen

    Oshi- do we get to see the gryphon again?

  20. Shady Kitsune

    Wonder if Grape still has that feather, and if Peanut still knows how to read… What was it? Akkadian?

    I think we all can say we knew that we’d get a second coming of the griffon soon.
    Oh, and Limerick Man (*plays the MM2 Robot Master Theme*) needs a bath.

  21. Max Wolf

    It’s all coming together.
    Grape must be thinking Peanut can still read Akkadian xD

  22. Tapewolf

    Ooof, I forgot about the feather.

  23. Mephitidae

    wait a sec…. “A rabbit, gray colored, you seek?” … i thought zachs fur was a light pink…? (hex triplet #F1E4FC using 11/6/2009 comic as reference…)

    ..ok yeah.. im over-analyzing this…

    • gagi

      well if i tilt my laptop monitor back he looks purple …. hehe ..

  24. james319

    seems familiar? YES i was right ^-^ i aint gunna bring it up again, might spoil it XD

    LOL i like the way this comics going :D first it was like: GRA-APE! The Wii Remote is out of Batteries, Mom And Dad are out of The House And Im Bored and now its the entire neighborhood looks for Zach and he is going to be crowned king or something XD

    • Maxwell

      Peanut: All HAIL the RAINING King!
      Grape: * Slams bag over Peanut’s head*

      • Cerberus

        Yes hoorah for paper bags with funny hats drawen on then.

      • james319

        even THEN the art was good XD

  25. Denaya

    WOO! To adventure!!!

    • wingedwolfgirl

      “Anyways, you need people of intelligence on this type of mission…quest …thing.”

      • tjprower

        I guess that rules you out, Peanut! XD

        Rofl, perfect timing on that comment, my friend! ^.^

        • Cerberus

          “Nine companions,
          So be it.
          You shall be the Fellowship of the Feather”
          “Great…….where are we going?”

          Sry to stretch it but we had to finish the scene.

          • Repicheep22

            “The door, Grape, is it left or right?”

  26. Blue_Elite

    Are those flys or moths coming off the old man?

    • Frank

      They’re flies. Classic cartoon way to show something smells much worse than it looks. Moths are usually white, and tend to come out of empty wallets :-D

  27. Flexico

    And the gnarled old oak! XD This is gettin’ goooooood! I knew that finding that feather was foreshadowing something. =3

  28. JB

    I hope the wolves are in the search party. I think they can smell prey miles away. Maybe I’m just exaggerating. Not saying they will hurt Zach or anything.

  29. Hoppie

    *makes a Flap Jack face as a chorus sound all around her* ADVENTURE!!!!!!!

    • Kume

      dangit! I was gonna do that! >_< lol

      • Maxwell

        Yeah yeah yeah, adventure.

  30. Frank

    Wait, last time the griffin appeared, the storyline ended in time for Thanksgiving. That means we only have three more strips!

  31. Yami

    Ever since i saw the movie deliverance I am afraid of the backwoods. Grape is a brave girl.

  32. MenachemSchmuel

    Took me a few seconds, but I finally got the reference. Excellent, it looks like Pete WASN’T a dream.

  33. Sockmaster

    Riiick, that is a sloppy hand. :(

    • Frank

      It’s not a hand, it’s a fist-shaped rock :)

      • Sockmaster

        *shrugs* It’s a sloppy fist-shaped rock. ;)

  34. Azuris

    Haha! Monty Python and the Holy Grail reference, right? :D

    • Teh Brawler

      I don’t know, but there had better be the questions three at some point in the arc.

      • Cerberus

        What is your name?
        What is your quest?
        What is the airspeed velocity of an unladden sparrow?

        • Queery

          African or European?

          • Cerberus

            I do not know that.

  35. wingedwolfgirl

    Wandering through the woods in the dead of night…
    Husky-men who speak in riddles…
    Looney Toons References.

    THAT IT. I gota go read the original Gryphon story arc. Reality, sense, and reasoning are slipping away…

    • Maxwell

      Since when were they within grasp?

  36. Tony

    o-o um that old man is weird and the hand is so helpful x3

  37. Rawrimaducky

    … just the crazy old limeric man :P

  38. redwolfmatt

    YAY! IT’S ALL THERE! PETE’S GONNA BE BACK! http://www.housepetscomic.com/2008/11/21/and-she-said-it-had-no-practical-value/ (link for the lazy)

  39. Shadow M

    Why is it always the creepy smelly looking old dudes that gives you riddles?! Why not to a hot looking girl instead XD

    • Maxwell

      Because that is way too simple.

    • Cerberus

      Then no one would pay attention to the riddle. Your mind would travel, if you catch my drift.

    • Frank

      Actually, that was kind of the logic behind the sphinx: she was half a hot girl, and people never were able to answer her riddles; thereby appeasing her other half: the vicious, muderous predator.

      Ok, (Griffins + Housepets) x Sphinx = Way too much mythology together. Forget I spoke.

      • Firewing417

        Oh-ho-ho-ho! I Will not foget what you Said. More Mythology? I WUNTS ETT! You must make rick put AT LEAST Some sort of Other mythological Creature other then Pete, Not saying Pete isnt enough, Buuuutt.. 83

  40. GameCobra

    It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This.

    *Grape acquires a Wooden Sword*

    • Teh Brawler

      GameCobra! Also come back to the forums(although you never really left)!

      • GameCobra

        I’m always there!

        Just not currently as active as i use to be. but i’ll post more <3

  41. Fuzzypaws

    Wuh oh, hope they’ve paid up on their adventurer insurance :3

    • Maxwell

      Oh $#!7, I leg mine expire.

  42. forex robot

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

  43. BlueAnubis

    Woo Hoo! One hundred and first!

    … I still dont get it…

  44. Zekermeme

    …I’m not sure about this one… seems like Peanut and Grape are about to upstage everyone else in a story arc that previously wasn’t ultimately about them.

  45. Duskyo

    Would someone explain to me why Grape is talking in Elmer Fudd?

    Actually, this strip isn’t getting random at all! It’s just making more references to the past! For those who are still confused: http://www.housepetscomic.com/2008/11/21/and-she-said-it-had-no-practical-value/

  46. Enty

    Hehe, Peanut’s expression in the last panel, I can’t stop staring at it. ~xD

    I see a PETE reference!

  47. Cerberus

    Oh don’t tell me i made that VG cats joke for not? Jeez going on about vidgames and i have to introduce VG cats. Fine
    Your lives are now closer to completion. Your Welcome

    • Enty

      I saw no vgcats reference….

    • Frank

      It’s spelled “naught”. And I didn’t see a reference either… and I re-read all your comments on this page.

      • Cerberus

        I find spelling irrelivant as long as the point is made.
        and the reference is my grenade post and this comic
        it kills the joke since i have to tell you

        • Enty

          When you mispell somthing, you offend the powers that be.

          Ah… ITS ALL CLEAR TO ME NOW!!! I mistook that for a ctrl+alt+del reference.