Off To A Smooth Start
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  1. Sleet

    Haha, this comic pushes its rating in so many ways.

    • Oblivion

      How so?

      • Cannon Fodder


      • taco

        bindo is being scared or a chicken so fido needs to choke a…

        • BluFox

          Ah. yes, thank you. I was afraid I was going to have to actually ask.

        • Sleet

          I’m pretty sure that’s NOT what he meant. You’ve never heard the phrase “does ___ need to choke a b****?”

          • othorlimmis

            not into gangsta, try again.

          • DZ

            I’m not ‘into gangsta’, and even I’ve heard that before.

          • BlueAnubis

            Makes me think of Wayne Brady when he was on the Chapelle show. >83

          • 1Adown

            It came FROM Wayne Brady . That’s why everyone says it / knows it , or at least most do .

  2. LoftyFox

    This is awkward for them all but also at the same time not such a bad idea!!!

  3. JoeyWolf

    Facepalm engaged.

  4. Shadow M

    Ah a stupid fathead!!!^^

    • tjprower

      Lolz at your choice of an avatar with that comment!! XD
      Go figure Bino wouldn’t be anymore socialable than that…

      • Shadow M

        Hehe thanks tjprower!!XD I’m surprised Bino still has friends to talk too lol!!

  5. Asteri

    …. I mean *facepaw*

  6. rathalos1

    y’know the funny thing is tiger is abut 3 feet from bino and after their last encounter id like to see what happens next

  7. Theo

    Now, I know what the original quote is, but in this situation (seeing as how Bino and Fido are brothers) would the saying have to be “Is Fido gonna have to choke a bas[CENSORED TO PROTECT THE PG RATING]

    • mathgrant

      While a female dog *is* called a certain five-letter word, a male dog is just called a “dog”.


      For realz.

      Boring, huh? D:

  8. 8feet

    The dog has Muscles! what’s zoning issues? Spo you’re not helping! Lolz’D!!!!

    • Frank

      I’d say, after meeting miles he started weight-lifting.

  9. Raiettei

    I’ve wondered for a while… is Bino’s name pronounced B-eye-no or Bee-no or is it some other way?

    On topic, Awesome, Spo. Just awesome.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I can see Spo tackling… well …SOMEONE right about now.

  10. Wolf Nanaki

    Did anyone else notice how much more muscular Fido looks? I don’t remember him looking like that before. o_o

    • 8feet

      That’s what I said too! he did got muscular…maybe because of Sasha! hehe she IS really scary!

    • Cerberus

      Do we have a problem with muscular?

      • 8feet

        No…it just happens so suddenly

        • taco

          spo had given him some steroids

    • Tapewolf

      Well, he is a working dog. I am kind of wondering if he was always supposed to be like that but only recently has Rick figured out how to make it look right. (DMFA went through something similar)

  11. FriendlyFireForKids

    Next, Fido will try to recruit the wolves.

    The wolves will say, “CAN’T LET YOU DO THAT, FIDO”.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Was that a 2001: A Space Odyssey joke? If so

      *brings out 20 gauge*

      you may want to reconsider who you have saying that…
      just jk, but I really don’t think that Miles, Lucretia, or any of the other wolves would do that.

      • Nutjob

        Here I thought it was a StarFox/StarWolf line.

        • Blue_Elite

          It is. Maybe the punchline would have worked better if it was Fox instead of Fido.

          • Firewing417

            Bad. You Should be Punished for that.
            By Elocution.

            (Pun wasnt intended.)

          • FADFRANKIE

            i wonder why Tiger doesn’t want to work with Bino?

          • Maxwell

            Have you not read the comic

          • rWolf1991

            Blue_Elite: I dont remember that line from any of the StarFox games
            FadFrankie: FAIL!!

      • Panyk

        On the topic of sci-fi quotes…
        Shooting a fellow comic reader? CURSE YOUR SUDDEN BUT INEVITABLE BETRAYAL!

        …it needed to be said.

        • Firewing417

          I Actually agree With you.

        • Akira

          AH-HA-HA! Mine is an evil laugh!

  12. Cerberus

    I love the whole “zoning” thing, its hilarious this whole arc is just hilarious in my opinion, the way it starts as a one-off sit-com has now morphed into search arc about Zach finding himself, with some added comedy. And is i just me or is Spo a very vicious mouse.

    To add, do we know if Tiger was at Fido’s “homecoming” party? Not that it has any relivence i was just wondering.

  13. James319

    At least Fido cares XD

    LOL i like it when Spo use’s Fido as a threat XD

  14. Spirit of the Wolf

    And what happened folks?
    Well some people say,
    That little Spo’s anger,
    Made him grow three sizes that day.

    He really does look bigger in the last panel.
    I guess it’s because his fur is all puffed up…
    ruffled up?

    Oh, and his eyes grew about 5 sizes.

    • Frank

      It’s dark. Cartoon eyes tend to look bigger in dark settings. Also, Fido is standing some three steps closer to us in the last pannel

  15. Maxwell

    Tiger needs to learn to cooperate.

    • Frank

      He needs to learn a lot of things, but part of the fun of the character:

      “…his owner was not aware that being named after a cat was a social h-bomb for dogs… and it’s driven Tiger to become agressive and paranoid.”

      • Maxwell

        As in he needs to help Fido.

  16. Firewing417

    You’ve GOT To Think that Spo’s Awesome. always. (IS FIDO GONNA NEED TO CHOKE A— YOUR NOT HELPING, SPO.)

    Simply. Awesome. Tiger’s Unaware that He’s a Dog? I Mean, Really?

    • Cerberus

      And tiger didn’t not know he was a dog he just didn’t act much like the other dogs

      • Firewing417

        Ah, I See.

  17. Frank

    Will Spo ever actually be helpful?

    Also, I love the lighting effects. This strip needs more flashlight! (“Torch” for any Britons out there, though I don’t know if the “more cowbell” reference is known in Britain)

    • Firewing417

      Maybe Spo will Be, And just to Point out, It Doesnt say One off. Sooo, Thats good at least!
      Maybe not.. Oh gawds im Slow.

      The Alt Text says it All!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      I would say too soon, but you gave a perfect build-up on that Saturday Night Live reference.

  18. BlueAnubis

    “Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke aYOU’RE NOT HELPING EITHER!
    Well, technically, it still means dog, just the female version. So technically if Spo started calling Bino a girl, it would have the same meaning. But let’s change the subject.
    Nobody really needs to worry, Zach is doing fine, he is The Opener of Ways!!

    • Cerberus

      *paws raised*

      • Firewing417

        Ye’ Need to Wiggle Yer Fingers When Ye Say it!
        -Raises paws and wiggles fingers- All hail the Opener of Ways!

  19. HonoreDerazey

    Zach is not a stupid fathead, Bino! You’re a stupid meanie, poohead and…and…YOU’RE A MEANIE!!

    • Maxwell

      Bino’s talking about Tiger.

  20. wingedwolfgirl

    Well then.
    There still having grudges over the whole, a-tiger-is-a-large-cat issue.

    Ripped Fido! :3 *drools*

    • BlueAnubis

      Now, now, we’ve talked about this. All your drool is staining the upholstery. Am I going to have to make you wear the bucket again?

      • Cerberus

        FALCONNNNNNNNN BUCKET!!!!!!!!!!!!
        well Anubis bucket but that didn’t seem to flow
        (sry first thing to hit my mind when i read the post lol :D )

  21. Rawrimaducky


  22. MenachemSchmuel

    Oh, this’ll end well… but I sort of hope Zack is able to stay out in the woods, he seems happier feral than as a pet.

  23. Gr

    This is annoying

    • Spirit of the Wolf


      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Sry, typo…


        • Firewing417

          Spirit, Do you know How Tempting it Is To Kick you And Yell a ‘500′ (Did i get that Right?) Quote?

          • Maxwell

            Two things,
            1. The movie is 300
            and 2. *Kicks forewing into the pit of death* “THIS IS SPAAAAAAARTA!!!!!”

          • Maxwell


          • Cerberus

            though i know deep down its terrible but i can’t help but laugh at that scene. The only reason being the same scene from Meet the Spartans with Brittany Spears and the Idol judges. I just can’t help it. *chuckles*

          • Firewing417

            AAAaaaaaaahhhhh! -Falls for eternity-

    • Maxwell

      *Slaps Gr*
      That’s for blasphemy!

      • BlueAnubis

        He he, Dr. Henry Jones Sr. reference FTW.

    • Gr

      Psh that blasphemy. Counter with my “Grr whats happening to zach right now!?”

  24. Phife

    Fido still remains my favorite x_x muscle police mature dog …. with idiot brothers

    • Cerberus

      Joey isn’t an idiot…………he just likes to push the PG rating……………
      Bino……..yea hes an idiot, but he means well………other than that time with the weasels……. and the when fido came back………you know what he may just be selfish, but thats why we love him.

      • Copycat

        ……That’s…..a………….you know….. nice comment there…. Cerverus….. you sure do… like….. your…. ellipses….

        • Cerberus


      • Firewing417

        You Tell him Cerberus.
        (Joey, Peanut, Fido, & Spo Fan!)

        • BlueAnubis

          true, Bino just needs to be whacked upside the head with a frying pan every once in a while to keep him in line. And Joey in not that weird, he’s just in love… with a mouse… who likes dogs… who dress like cats. well, he’s not much weirder than most of the audience, *says the Hedgecario sitting in a treestand with a crossbow*

        • Cerberus

          Of course always:)
          and by the way i love the one-off your avatar comes from, lol
          Does anyone truely think that Joey’s friends are creepy? thats what the tag says and i don’t agree

          • rWolf1991

            Which friends of joey I didn’t know he had any.

          • MenachemSchmuel

            He’s got plenty. They’re just weird. Like the time when one of his friends didn’t like dubbed shows (I’m too lazy to look for the link)

          • Maxwell

            Joey has a couple of D&D friends

          • rWolf1991

            oh the obligatory friends

          • Cerberus

            Yeah and the tag says when they show up that they are creepy, which confuses me and makes me ask why?

  25. Teh Brawler

    I wasn’t aware eveyone was familiar with Spo yet. What happened to the ensuing laughter from people commenting on Fido’s odd mannerism of talking to his forehead? Just wondering.

  26. Shady Kitsune

    Ironically they bring up the sniffing/smelling/scent part NOW.
    When in previous arcs many of them couldn’t tell another animals gender by SCENT.
    It might be partly justified for different species though. (Like Peanut not knowing Grape’s a girl for the first 30 or more comics.)
    But Max and Grape, both being Cats. How could Max not tell? (Before the 1st New Years comic.)

    • Cerberus

      They didn’t start to categorize the pets by scent until after Fido came back. And, to me, it seems like the cats don’t seem to pay much attention to scents, hence the two Mr. Bigglesworth cats when Max took Grape on that date.

      • MenachemSchmuel

        I STILL giggle when I read that comic

        • Cerberus

          me too *laughs under his breath*

  27. Ann

    I know that Tiger really cares about Zak. Its so cute. I think Tiger would want to come out the hero, somehow.

  28. Tony

    wow x3 Tiger is so stubborn

  29. CalaverX11

    Every time I read this, I hear Wayne Brady in my head, and I just die of laughter.