I Could Have Done That

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  1. Teh Brawler

    Where’s the giant boulder?

  2. Tibarus

    I wonder where this will end up. Keep up the great work Rick.

  3. JoeyWolf

    You would think the big button with the “Push Me” button would have tipped them off.

    All hail “The Opener of Ways”!

    • JoeyWolf

      Opps typo. Meant to write…the big button with the “push me” written on it…

    • Kamron

      ALL HAIL

    • Kamron


  4. JoeyWolf

    With guest appearances by Hammy, Bambi, & Thumper.

    • BluFox

      I thought that was a fox, not a squirrel… though, looking at it, a fox would have a longer face, would it? Sorry… ^^;

      • gagi

        and shorter tail .. :D

        • wingedwolfgirl

          Looks like it has 2 tails.
          Hmmm… related to Tails?

  5. Sleet

    “Giant rock, you lied to me!”

    • Cannon Fodder

      “Because a robot from the future told me too”

      • wingedwolfgirl

        …the Robot that was killed by the Samurai.”

      • Rick Griffin

        “Looks like the rules . . . just got screwed”

  6. falconfox01

    *blinks* errrr…..

  7. Thoth

    Oh well. Never underestimate people’s ability to miss the blatantly obvious.

  8. Two_Twig

    I wish my backyard forest had ancient temples…

    • crazyredemu

      My backyard has an entrence to an ancient temple, doesn’t everybody’s?

      • Blue_Elite

        Some of us only have labyrinth hedge mazes and/or forbidden caves.

        • crazyredemu

          There is a corn field across the street you can get lost in and a storm drain do those count?

          • Scott A

            My family owns some land that may have been ceremonial cremation grounds for a local Indian tribe. Does that count?

          • Misskmae

            I have a tunnel in the ground that you can only go a ways in because it gets too small. How about that?

          • Repicheep22

            I’ve got the remains of an early nineteenth century farmstead, how ’bout that?

          • crazyredemu

            Well you have my corn field and storm ditch beat that’s for sure

          • Cerberus

            i WOULD tell you i have a haunted mansion……………………………….
            but they’re watching……….

  9. Cerberus

    Awwwwwwww the woodland critters are so adorable, love the lighting effects
    and ummmmmm…………
    *in deep booming narative voice*
    and deep inside the cave, Zach faced many trials. But with the power of the Furforce of Courage he soon pervailed. Hidden in the lair of his final foe, Zach found the sword of evils bane………..
    The Master Sword has been awakened, and a new hero has emerged
    duuuuuuh duh duh duhduh duh duh duhduh
    (lol couldn’t resist)

    • Zach

      By the power of greyskull

    • BlueAnubis

      HEY! Listen! HEY! Listen! HEY! Listen! HEY! Listen! HEY! Listen!

      • Blackwlf

        I need to beat you with something for making me hear her voice in my head again.

      • Cerberus

        Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo Echo

  10. Jutah

    I really hope we aren’t about to start running into Cerberus Syndrome…

    • Cerberus

      you can’t possible be talking about me?

      • Jutah

        No no no, Cerebus Syndrome refers to when a normal lighthearted and comedic entertainment series that doesn’t have one long storyline full of storyarcs, usually webcomics, starts becoming all serious, dark, and dramatic, tossing away the comedy and usually retconning most of the sillyness and slapstick into a more “realistic” tone with a long story.


        “More generally, it’s any story/series which starts out light, episodic, and comedic, and then becomes dramatic and arc-based.”

        • Foxstar

          Is that a jab at Sluggy? No way Sluggy would have stayed around without evolving.

        • Zetal

          I really wouldn’t mind that.
          Also, does anyone recognize that griffin on the door as something peanut and grape ran into..?

          • Cerberus

            It would be interesting for this comic to turn serious, but i don’t know if it would be for the better or for worse. I just can’t see Peanut dealing with real life problems, passed his unaccepted love for cats

  11. lightwolf

    Nice griffin engraving on the ancient temple door.

    • Cannon Fodder

      I wonder if it is named Ricki?

      • BlueAnubis

        No, I think his name is Pete!
        My name is-
        Me: I can’t pronounce it!

    • RGD

      I just know the dream Griffin has something to do with this.

      • wingedwolfgirl

        IT MUST!

      • Cerberus

        it took me a minute but when someone mentioned the griffin on the stone, it sorta connects dots.

  12. Mephitidae

    o.O this is getting interesting…. apparently that gryphon-in-the-dream does exsist? … this is gonna be a long wait till monday…

    • knux

      Well that feather Grape found does still have some questions to it

  13. SomeGuy

    Plot Device, Go!

    What could equalize all beings? I’m looking forward to the answer. :D

    • Tapewolf

      A nearby supernova would render all Beings equally dead…

      • wingedwolfgirl

        True alll would be at- “peace.”

  14. FriendlyFireForKids

    Do I see a griffin on that door? :3

    • JakJak

      Isn’t it spelled gryphon? Or can it be spelled both ways?

      • Kamron

        Yes, it can be spelled both ways. Some people even think “griffon” is proper– silly them!

        As for me, I’ve always been more of a Keythong sort of person. Hieracosphinxes are also pretty sweet.

        • Indagare

          Opinicus and Alce are also options, though the former sounds like it should be writing snarky commentary while the later could be mistaken for the scientific name of a moose…

        • Mephitidae

          “Hieracosphinxes”? …. what in the world is that??

          • Kamron

            Webster sez: “a hawk-headed sphinx.”

            It comes from hierax, which was a Greek word for hawk.

  15. FriendlyFireForKids

    ^^Above post states the obvious too much.

  16. Rider098

    *is totally expecting Pete to come out at any second* 8D

  17. DarkRexx

    Yeah, it might be the paranoid-of-dungeons-from-playing-too-many-RPG’s side talking, or the fact that Charlie the Unicorn sticks in my mind right now for some reason….

    But I sense a giant backstab coming, if not a rude awakening.

  18. Able

    luck favors the dumb

  19. Kamron

    Finally! A deer!


    • Kamron

      In fact, I think it’s rather splendid.

  20. thewhitedragon

    omg, zach is insanely adorable in these panels!!!
    also lol , he’s now famous XD

  21. thewhitedragon

    wait a sec, isnt this the dream place where peanut went and ride the gryphoon?

  22. Doomwolf

    For some reason I have the felling Zack is being punk’d.

  23. TLV

    I see where this is going.

  24. Yami

    Anyone else remember a similar temple in Might Morphin Power Rangers the Movie?

  25. Kormiak


    Free cookie to anyone who can guess that reference.
    Should be an easy snack.

    • Maxwell

      Forrest Gump?

      • Kormiak

        Sorry to be so slow, but, YES!
        Here is your free cookie. Once again, sorry I was so slow.

        • Maxwell

          “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    • wingedwolfgirl

      My life as a teenage Robot?
      Never mind; I don’t need a cookie infecting my computer.

  26. foxfireattack

    *Guesses that this is where the Griffin of the comic’s must live*

  27. JB

    Hey, what does this circle looking button do? Ooh. It opened. -laughs- xD
    I don’t know about you guys, but I really love the shading in this strip.

  28. 8feet

    I bow before your glorious power oh great Zach

  29. Max Wolf

    When I see Zach in these panels he seems more naked compared to the woodland critters…
    Must be the lack of collarness.


    how did Zach open the hidden fortress?

  31. TD

    As disappointing as it would be; I’m expecting this to be a hallucination/dream of Zack’s brought on by eating something he shouldn’t have.

    • Frank

      You, sir, have seen too many adaptations of “A Christmas Carol”

  32. BlueAnubis

    Aww, Daisy isn’t there? maybe she’s already in there? I can see it now.
    Raccoon: Wow! this place is… Daisy?
    Daisy: Hi, I’m Daisy!
    R: What are you doing here?
    D: Hi, I’m Daisy!
    Pete: Good evening, Daisy. Friends of yours?

    Mysterious cave of mysteriousness! *wigglewigglewiggle*

    is it just me or does that fox have two tails? Woo hoo! Kitsune!

    • Traxer

      Actually…I believe its a squirrel with one tail. I can see why it looks like two though…

      • Forvet

        OR maybe it’s a Squirrelzune?

        A crossbreed of a Squirrel and a Kitzune?

        … My bet’s on that it’s a Squirrel though.

      • Cerberus

        I like the idea of it being kitsune…. adds a little multicultural flavor to the ever changing mix. but…. my bets are on squirrel.

        And its also awesome how the racoon is sqeezing his paws in panel two, very mysterious.

  33. 8feet

    I don’t think that Daisy will be there,instead I think that this character will!
    the reason why I said this is because if you look more closely to the door,you will know how I thought of this!!!


    p.s. Max Wolf is right Zach seems to really look a lot naked without the collar.
    NICE work on the lighting Rick!

    • 8feet

      oh and I forgot the door is also showing a serpent/snake like image!!!
      Zach seems to be headed for trouble!!!

      p.s. I love Easter eggs Lol! Another work well done Rick!

  34. DZ

    Ha! Is that deer standing on four legs?

    • Kamron

      We do that on occasion.

      • Maxwell

        Yes, but Maxwell is not Prey/Low-level Predators.
        So I kind of outclass you.

        • Kamron

          *bounds away*

    • Frank

      Deer are not pawed animals, they’re hooved. Thus, by the rules established by Rick, they have to be drawn on four legs. Look back at the visit to the farm arc, it was discussed quite a bit then.

      • Maxwell

        That, and deer don’t qualify in my book of intelligence.
        Exhibit A: if you stare into the headlights of oncoming traffic.
        Exhibit B: if you are regularly hunted, and killed, just for fun.
        and Exhibit C: if your only form of defense are TROPHIES.

        • Kamron

          1.) The staring into lights also works with other species, even (in my experience) humans.
          2.) Sorry, try again. “Hunted and killed” has no bearing on intelligence.
          3.) I don’t believe antlers were ever advertised as trophies. Besides, they’re more frequently used as tools of aggression while our hooves lead the defense, preferably far away.

          • Kamron

            CORRECTION: I don’t believe WE ever advertised antlers as trophies.

  35. redwolfmatt

    i think Peanut already found this place last year x3

  36. Chochi

    Sooo…Zack is…GORDON FREEMAN?!!

  37. Kid_K

    “It was all just a dream”…….OR WAS IT!!!

    Methinks the Griffon’s Back!

    • Maxwell

      Your not alone. I also think about Griffin wings as well.
      P.S. Don’t capitalize “Back” after and apostrophe, it looks like your talking about part of the body.

  38. Frank

    Woodland critters is, like, the best tag ever! It makes me think of Toy Story 2. Don’t ask

  39. tymime

    Speak friend, and enter!

    • wingedwolfgirl


  40. Traxer

    This just seems all “FORESHADOWING TO EPICNESS” to me. The raccoon’s cryptic lines are worrisome. And hilarious. What else would be expected from a raccoon?

  41. Just-This-Guy

    is that….a gryphon on the door!

  42. tjprower

    Here we go, again…
    Lolz… I actually could see that for real, though.
    You know: A group of friends goes into the woods, get lost, find an ancient door, the group can’t figure it out, and then the silent, unassuming one walks up and just opens it… XD

  43. toboe

    Rick, that foresty lighting is sweeeet.

    And I love where you are taking us =D

  44. HonoreDerzey

    First, all it is is Zach wanting to see what a feral lives like and inclines to Zach opening a door to an ancient lost city

    …Rick, you didn’t arch…you arched, went straight up and forgot were you’re going! XD

  45. Forvet

    Could it actually be, that ALL of this, ranging from the dream griffin to Peanut’s Girlfriend (Her name escapes me at this very moment and I will remember the moment I hit submit.), is actually one massive storyarc that’s been getting to this ONE point… That Rick has cleverly hidden from us?

    Maybe Rick’s had it all planned out from the beginning? And he just doesn’t want us to get bored and annoyed at one massive super-serious plot and likes drawing with an upbeat mindset?? =D

    • Maxwell

      You lost me after you forgot Tarot’s name.

    • Cerberus

      I think what he’s saying is that there is a connection between Tarot’s powers and the griffin, which i believe makes sense and i like the way your thinking outside the box, but that just doesn’t seem to flow the way it would. Tarot was sent to bring Peanut and Grape together, while the griffin seemed to n\be more of just a fun little side arc. The only person who’d know is Rick and i don’t see much reason for him to tell us.

  46. Rawrimaducky

    A whole new meaning of “magic fingers” :P

  47. wingedwolfgirl

    “You guys are awesome; I hope you don’t get eaten.”

    Best line ever! :3

    • Kamron

      Indeed. I will have to use it in casual conversation from now on.

      • wingedwolfgirl

        I’m DEFINITELY going to!

  48. Charlie

    With that “Opener of ways!” title I would have expected Zach to be a white jackal. :3

    • Justice193

      LOL… maybe he will be O.o.

  49. Kailen

    That’s some pretty elaborate hazing…

    • Kamron

      Kudos for being suspicious.

      • DarkRexx

        But you just KNOW it’s gonna be something like that!

        • Kailen

          Well yea. I’d totally build an epic “mysterious ancient temple” with an obvious entrance to mess with people’s heads.

          I might even take their kidneys.

  50. Bella

    Does this mean “Pete” is making a triumphant return? =D

  51. Tobias Rhdoes

    He just seems so naked without his collar. No lie though, he really does.

    • Watcher

      Its been mentioned before.

      This comic reminds me of Lord of the Rings…
      “Mellon” anyone?

    • D_Leo

      Oh crud.
      A rabbit. Naked.
      That’s just asking for trouble.

  52. Yume Ishimaru

    Hey… Maybe this is the next appearance of the griffen?


    I feel like this is how Link opens the doors to the dungeons.

    • Kamron

      Nah, that usually involves fire.

      • tjprower

        Or over-sized keys…

        There are several games where you’ve got to wonder how Link can carry all that junk… o.0

        • Frank


        • Cerberus

          With SpaceBags
          store as much as you want and still have room for more
          Lightweight and airtight, clothes, staves, and ocarinas are kept safe from everything
          Keep them in a back pack or just have them magically appear when an outside force want them to.
          But wait theres more
          Stay tuned for your chance to win the amazing Hyrule twelve pack set of masks
          Want to swim like a pro? Slip on the Zora mask and impress everyone with your aquatic athletics
          Wont to get around faster? put on the Goron mask and roll like theres no tomorrow
          Got a grudge? become a deku tree shrub and blast them with a few nuts
          all these and much more if you call us at 1-800-GET-LINK
          operators are standing by, call now

          (Get Link Inc. does not take responsiblity for any inguries caused by our products. Warning masks may cause split personalities, use as directed)

          • Maxwell

            I know you’ve heard this before, but you probably just made the soul of Billy Mayes very happy.

          • Sockmaster

            Don’t forget about the tunics :P

          • Kume

            *jots down number* Do we get discounts if we provide our own faeries and bottles?

          • Cerberus

            Please I’m nowhere near Billy Mays standards, though im happy you think so. Ive always thought tunics to be clothing, and if you manage to get a hold of a Babylon Gardens newspaper, there will be a coupon for 20% off the purchase of SpaceBags. Thank you for your service. :)

          • Maxwell

            Which issue and what subdistrict.

          • Cerberus

            Tomorrow’s issue(the 16th) and all subdistricts. Keep your eyes open.

  54. ang

    i luv this comic ^^

  55. Tsunami

    Hm… getting back into mystical it seems…. I hope a dragon or two is involved.

  56. Fuzzypaws

    Watch out, it’s the Temple of Doom!

  57. Frank

    I’m going to take a wild guess at where this is going: some time ago, somebody in the comments said they expected any day for it to be revealed this all took place in a future where pets had been genetically altered. My guess is they find the whatever-is-in-the-temple had already been activated, and thus it’s explained why the non-human animals in this comic can talk to the human ones. Of course, it’s Rick directing the story, not me. He may not be responding to that comment but to something totally different!

  58. Calbeck

    Where’s Short Round when he’d actually be useful?!

  59. icarus

    the owls are not what they seem

  60. Nia

    Man talk about dumb luck

  61. matus

    woow, Rick, I just realized something… all your characters we had pleasure to meet have great way of standing with their backs sqare , I mean none of them bends their backs…
    they have more like dance figure bolt upright from pan to neck


    btw … that’s one hell of big squirel if you ask me ;p

    • Maxwell

      You saying that squirrels have to be small.


        how did Zach know where the button was i wonder.

        • Maxwell

          Based on his reaction, I’m guessing he was lucky.

  62. LucifersAngelFeather

    when ya dont know what to do… push all the buttons

    • Frank

      Except the one that says “self destruct”, preferably

  63. Pogiforce

    The door reminds me of the giant Two-face coin Batman keeps in the batcave for posterity.

  64. Sokahu

    The return of the griffin! er.probably…that would be awesome. Actually, anything would be awesome. And I absolutely LOVE the deer.

    • Sokahu

      On that note…I went back to look at the griffin part of the story, and grape mentions wall etchings in her description of how they got there. Coincidence? Perhaps.

  65. Calbeck

    “And a fluffy fluffy bun bun shall lead them.”

    • Frank

      “Follow the White Rabbit”

  66. J.J.


    Sorry… Aladdin bit was too much to resist.

  67. james319

    they look cute, glad the found some respect ^^

    it was that simple? XD ALL HAIL!

  68. Insignificance

    I can see a deer, a squirrel, a raccoon, and Zach…
    What’s the last guy?

    • Frank

      I’d bet it’s a hare

  69. NeutrinoX

    Aha, it’s the Fellowship of the Fluff!

  70. J.J.

    “Choose. But, choose wisely. For while the true Grail will give everlasting life, the false Grail will bring…. DEATH!”

  71. Shady Kitsune

    Wonder what will be in that Temple?
    The Master Sword? The Holy Grail? The Golden Idol that launches a boulder at you if removed from it’s pedestal?

    But I’m 90% sure theres a Griffin in there. <.<

  72. rWolf1991

    is it me or does zach look different

    • 8feet

      His still the same…just without the collar.

      • gagi

        hehe .. in this comic, without a collar is the same as being naked … the poor guy :P

        but yea lol at what difference one neck ring makes :P

      • rWolf1991

        maybe I think that because this is the first time we get to see him in a full body view.

  73. rWolf1991

    maybe I think that because this is the first time we get to see him in a full body view. :P