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  1. Cannon Fodder

    And then the found the wolves

    • Cannon Fodder

      Also I think someone is impressed by nature

    • chrisQ

      …no they don’t – the wolves are living a respectable middle-class life in Babylon Gardens, remember^^…

      • Cannon Fodder

        What about the deer?

        • Blue_Elite

          Playing with the antelope wherever the buffalo roam.

          • J.J.

            As long as Zach isn’t learning how to play Poker with Buffalo chips ;-)

        • hephaestus

          the center piece of course

    • Air

      Erm… The wolves all live in the suburbs now…

  2. Sleet

    Wow, I’m impressed.

    Also, Tiger is becoming one of my favorite characters.

    • Ensesse



    That last panel is amazing.


      Clearly I have no idea how this gravatar service works.

      • Cannon Fodder


      • gagi

        you’ll get it soon ..

        but i think you can have any nick you want .. it just checks the email… and gives an avatar according to that …

        for the comic: it’s so … umm i have the words on the tip of my tongue .. it’s so …

        • byt

          Ah thanks.

  4. kennyfox

    pretty waterfall rick! yet another awesome wallpaper idea.

  5. Insignificance

    I just love Tiger’s excessive cravings~~~

    • J.J.

      Nervous habit from worry.. possibly?

  6. Eric

    The last panel is … it’s on the tip of my tongue… AWESOME!

    I am totally loving this Tiger-Marvin-Zach-raccoon arc. Excellent.

    • Justice193

      I think he was actually looking for “small and overwhelmed” but whatever :P .

  7. Frank

    hee hee. Zach from afar looks like Bugs Bunny (the 1930s/40s version) and the racoon looks like… it’s on the tip of my tongue…

    And just a minute, Jerry’s reading Zach’s diary?

    • ndigit

      you knkow how parents are, telling you to do chores, encouraging you, supporting you, invading your privacy even though they say you trust them, embarassing you in front of everyone you know, stuff like that.

    • TGH

      well it was sitting next to an open window, and zach’s collar, he might have even left it open

      I don’t think it’s someting he does on a regular basis this is extrodinary circumstances

  8. BluFox

    I love this… it’s hilarious!

  9. Doomwolf

    Dude I’m guessing you have not been to Ohio because it has some of the best backyards you couldn’t imagine heck the first house that I grew up in (that was in Ohio) had it’s own sledding hill and in the summer you could go pick wild blackberries.

    • TD

      As a fellow Ohioan, I have to back up DW here. And, even in the event that you have a small back yard without and real hills, you are never far from a park which has plenty of hills.

      • BlueAnubis

        wow, you guys must be from the nice part of Ohio. I’m from the part where the town is too small to have anything fancier than a walmart, but too big to have that small town charm. the only real nature that exsits here is one park, but it’s become too overcrowded by cars and kids that go there to get away from their parents, so it’s not very peaceful anymore.

    • Chip Uni

      Does Ohio have multi-colored, seventy-foot waterfalls?

      • Teh Brawler

        The waterfall is multicolored?

        • Justice193

          no… it’s fall, you know, colored leaves on the trees? anyways, I know something this place has, that Ohio definitely doesn’t: a portal in a cave to an alternate reality.

          • BlueAnubis

            oh sure we do. it’s outside of Columbus. you go East on 70 til exit 52, get out of the car when you reach the woods, go under the roots of the largest tree in the forest and do the Dance of Wonders while reading the ancient Sanskrit markings on the wall. You can’t miss it.

          • Cerberus

            oh yea ive been there. its not easy to miss. but i messed up the dance and the portal closed while i was half way through. Scattered my soul and such. Tarot was right it’s really bad for your complextion.

  10. Cerberus

    Anyone else get dizzy looking at this? No? Just me? Well it must be my overwehlming fear of heights. Yea thats how realistic it looks (but i may be exaggerating :) )
    now i wonder how much time had past between the last comic and this one. Though awesome, it seems weird that the nieghborhood’s backyard is something straight from the movie Planet Earth.

    • Buckdida

      Is it honestly that surprising when the said backyard quite possibly housed a Griffin?
      Very nice job on that background, Rick.

      • Cerberus

        well i like to think that they went through a portal or something, not that it just lives randomly in their backyard

  11. rathalos1

    huh it is truly amazing that zach actually found the nerve to do something without freaking out

  12. Repicheep22

    I can just imagine Zach’s face at this point. Lol.

  13. taay

    cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie cookie

    i had that exact craving when right before i saw this =O

  14. falconfox01

    Sweet! wish my back lot was like that! OOOO! If they go past the magic stone do they get to see the Griffin??

    • Firewing417

      Maybe so.. THEN Imagine how Zach would react! Priceless! :P

  15. 8feet

    I wonder what’s on the tip of his tongue?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      His physical feeling of a reaction to the waterfall
      *possibly a personal metaphor

    • Frank

      You mean he brought some candy?

      Oh, the word. Well, the thing is, being faced with something huge, beautiful, majestic… doesn’t that make you feel “small and overwhelmed” in comparison? See, it’s the same kind of feeling he had before, but in a good way

  16. Carma

    Loving the Zach arc! The comic definitely needs more bunny. ^^

    • Frank

      You know what else it needs? More Cowbell!
      sorry, couldn’t resist

  17. Traxer

    Mmm…I don’t know, my backwoods are exactly like this.

  18. Maxwell

    The word Tiger is looking for is “Boring!”
    Nah, but I love this comic and Rick is doing a good job.

    • Maxwell

      Sorry, that’s Zach talking, so I think the word is ” Feraltastic”.


        i think Zach the bunny is finally feeling free outdoors.

        • Justice193

          yeah that won’t last long… though it wont be the same exact trouble someone thought up earlier, it’ll still be trouble.

  19. james319

    nice background Rick!!! isnt that where Peanut and Grape met the Griffin? (Grapes dream…i think)

    • othorlimmis

      or WAS IT?!

  20. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Improbably maybe, totally awesome, yes, man I wish I lived near a palce like that, all I have at home is a swampy backyard and suburbs, then here in Richmond I guess I have a little more cloe by thanks to a big park and the James River, still not much though.

  21. Paranoidman

    Tiger has become one of my favorite characters and I hope to see him in more comics.

  22. Squival

    love the alt text xD

  23. thewhitedragon

    and thus Zach gets to taste the gorgeous nature!

  24. no space

    Those woods are pretty brightly lit for such a dark night, haha.

    And I love Tiger in the second panel.

  25. htg

    If you lived in the Niagara Escarpment area of Ontario, scenes like this would be no problem. In fact, I could almost take a photograph almost exactly like the last panel, within half an hour’s drive from where I live…

  26. johnny40000

    i love the backwoods in this comic it reminds me of B.C. up here in canada.

  27. wingedwolfgirl


    the perspective iz perfect!

  28. Foxstar

    Tiger is going to catch hell when they find Zach if their dad read Zach’s diary.

  29. BlueAnubis

    Omigawd! Zach is naked!!! oh… wait… nevermind.

    I wish I lived there, adorable animals that talk to you, friendly nighborhood wolves, and amazing waterfalls within walking distance

  30. Shady Kitsune

    I shall dub this unnamed waterfall “Purdeefalls.”

  31. toboe

    RUN FREE, Zach! Be one with the ferals!

    That scenery is gorgeous. Wallpaper!!! jk

    • Maxwell

      Why is Zach looking up to someone who eats trash for a living?

      • Justice193

        we all look up to people that have something we don’t, in this case it’s the freedom to do whatever he pleases, instead of being cooped up in the house and ignored all the time.

      • Cerberus

        and whats wrong with garbage? a banana peel tastes very delcious after a couple days fermenting among the table scraps and coffee grounds. don’t judge something unless you’ve tried it :)

        • Maxwell

          Thank you Cerberus, but Zach is civilized and could eat whatever he wants. And I’ve tasted trash, it’s not as good as it sounds.

          • Cerberus

            I agree that Zach is civilized and that he may not want to eat trash, but the way you worded it made it seem like a bad thing, and that isn’t true. may i present example A:

            Elzar: thats what rich people eat, the garbage part of the food
            Zoidberg:bah i ate garbage yesterday and it didn’t cost me tree-hundred dollars. Im’ not paying. woh woh woh woh woh
            (my not be exact dialogue)

          • Maxwell

            No Cerberus, I meant looking up to someone who HAS TO eat trash.

        • HonoreDerzey

          *High-fives Cerberus* w00tz for fermented Banana peels!…And Terra-cotta pie!…


          BTW, moldy cheese burgers are better in my opinion! That roots of the mold tenderize the meat…can I has a cheezeburger? And no, I’m not an lolcat. :D

  32. HonoreDerzey

    Rick! PLEASE don’t make Zach too overwhelmed! I don’t want his lil’ bunneh heart to give out! D:>

  33. Cerberus

    You know what…….
    is the end of this going to be like “and the moral of the story is……” with some life lesson past down through the generations. Something like “don’t judge a book by its cover” or “the world is a cruel place” or even “don’t talk to strangers” something along those lines. Anyone else see that coming? Not to be a downer or nothing

    • Justice193

      DANG IT!!!

      you posted before me XD

      • Cerberus

        Ha sry a little quicker on the draw :) but i feel better now i know that im not the only one that thinks that

    • HonoreDerzey

      Bah! Screw morals! We have enough of them as it is!

  34. Justice193


    you’re predictions may be correct Blu, (I stopped doubting it the last strip) but at the moment, I consider it a rather small prediction, I’ll add to it: he’s gonna get into a heap of trouble, but not with the neighborhood (this is the kind of trouble that makes him afraid for his life), narrowly escapes, and realizes that his life was rather nice back at home, feels lost, dejected, and worthless, just before getting rescued… heck, I’ll even bet that it’s back at this waterfall that they find him…. it’s a great thinking spot.

    also; the only individual to learn nothing from this: Tiger.
    but that doesn’t really matter, as we henceforth see more of Zach, as he’s less afraid to get out on his own more.

    • Maxwell

      But Zach is not alone, he has an escort.

      • Justice193

        you say that now, but in 4-6 strips >.>… it’s only a prediction anyways,, you never really know, and I’m certain it’s not 100% accurate, I may be able to read minds but story writers minds are generally hard to pick… that and Rick can make certain it’s nothing we’d expect via these comments if he really wants to.

  35. Bella

    Improbable or not, that’s the kind of backwoods that should be everywhere! =D

    Poor Zach – he doesn’t realize that they do, indeed, care. =3

  36. Rawrimaducky

    I wana live there! :)

  37. FriendlyFireForKids

    Inb4 Peanut and Grape ruin the semi-seriousness of this arc.

  38. ang

    ooo i wish i had woods like that out the back of my place

  39. SirMadness

    It’s right behind the Denadoro mountains, circa 600 A.D. isn’t it?

    Isn’t it?!?!

    It HAS to be!

    • Frank

      You mean the griffin or the “improbable backdoors”?

      • Maxwell

        No, he means whatever is behind the Denadoro Mountains

      • SirMadness

        What I meant to type in my hasty enthusiasm is

        The neighbourhood is in FRONT of the Denadoro mountains! It has to be!

  40. J.J.

    Zach: “Wait… it’s… It’s right on the tip of my tongue.”

    Raccoon: “Bbbb … BEAR!! BEAR!!!”

    Zach: “No the fur is fluffy enough to cover my skin.”

    Raccoon: “Bbbb … BEAR!! BEAR!!! Bbbbearrrr… We rrrr.. die.”

    Zach: “What is it you’re tryinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh BEAR!”

    Bear: “Hi! Name’s Smokey.”

  41. Fuzzypaws

    The backwoods of the neighborhood is actually Faerie. It’s much larger inside than out… probably looks like a little park on overhead maps, but inside it’s a whole country.