That Zach Is One Bad Bunny
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  1. Cannon Fodder

    I can only imagine the song “bad to the bone” starting to play on this comic

  2. BlueAnubis

    Hey wait… I’m being framed!!!

    • Cerberus

      Anubis, i think i owe you an apology. I underestimated your ability to see into the future.

      • BlueAnubis

        well, I almost called what happened to Peanut when Miles’ cubs dognapped him, I was off by a few details. but my comment disappeared mysteriously. I was sad, but oh well. let’s see how close I am with this one, then you can apologize if you want.

  3. Repicheep22

    So we had a wolf who wants to live like a human, a pet rabbit who wants live feral, dog-loving cats, cat-loving dogs, a…mouse-loving cat-suiting roleplaying dog, and millionaire ferrets. Can this neighborhood get any wierder?!

    • Cannon Fodder

      What about a cat that has a humansuit?

      • lolparty

        *head explodes*

      • Nutjob

        So if you were playing a furry who was roleplaying as a human… Would you wear a humansuit over the fursuit or just dress normally?

        • Cerberus

          well just for the fun of making matters difficult, isn’t being a furry already roleplaying as a human, depending on how real you believe your fursona is?

    • Watcher

      Don’t forget a witch-dog, videogame playing dogs/cats, police dogs (sounds regular, but not in the sense we mean it…), kidnapping pets, book reading pets, and I know theres more around here somewhere…

    • SomeGuy

      Yes. Probably in some ways you don’t want to know.

    • JoeyWolf

      Don’t forget a bulldog that bakes cookies for Christmas

      • Siggy

        And a gryphon who ‘might’ be a dream.

    • Cerberus

      It’s weird in very intertaining way. But when has ordinary done anything good for us anyway.
      I love where this is going. :)

    • crazyredemu

      You’ve jinxed us all!

    • Kadoukon

      We also have cats with lion suits

      • Shady Kitsune

        Halloween costume =/= Fursuit

        Also whats wrong with weirdness? Persoanlly I’d LOVE to live in that neighbourhood.
        My current one is boring. =/

        • HonoreDerzey

          Believe it or not,

          I’m a neighbor of a guy who had kidnapped like 30+ children. Me being 14, it was uncomfortable. So be thankful for your “boring” neighborhood. =)

        • rWolf1991

          BEST NEIGHBORHOOD EVER. you would never be bored

    • wingedwolfgirl

      …not to mention the shipperism floating around here…



    • R-One

      …. If the above replies didn’t sum it up, there wasn’t anything “Normal” about this neighborhood in the first place. :P

      • othorlimmis


        mah brain, it hurts….

  4. Maxwell

    Omg, Tiger is so adorable, especially when he’s get blamed for everything.
    P.S. First!!

    • Maxwell

      Or not…

    • Foxstar

      Stop the silly ‘first’ crap. Or Rick can always add it to the filter.

      • HonoreDerzey

        I do agree that the “first” thing is annoying, but it’s funny every now and then, just not all the time. That’s pretty much the only time I’ve seen it here on Housepets, but then again, most of Housepets viewers are CIVILIZED and MATURE people. =)

        • Maxwell

          Sorry, I was bored

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          … civilized and mature… you realize that several of us have been sitting in corners for about a month waiting for single characters to come along so we could claim them (if Rick hasn’t given them someone already) as our own?

          The most civilized things we have are the clothes (optional) on our backs, chairs, music, entertainment, and snacks. Possibly a tent.

          (let me know if I’m getting too into this for some people)

          • BlueAnubis

            Don’t forget a crossbow and a treestand.

          • Cerberus

            hold on……… aren’t you a “Lucario”? Why would you need a crossbow? Couldn’t you just throw a quick Shadow Ball or something. (sry, got bored so i checked out your deviantArt page)

          • BlueAnubis

            True, but have you ever seen anyone get stuck to a wall with a Shadow Ball? It’s a lot more fun to pin someone down and play “I’m not touching you” while they can’t move. >83 Bwe he he.

            Bonus points and a cookie if you can tell me where that idea came from.

  5. Sleet

    Social identity crises and shots at Garfield. Housepets summed up!

    I love it.

    • MagicalSarai

      shots at Garfield make everything funny… hench why Bill Murray in Zombieland was so much fun.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        I can also sense some classic Chuck Jones’ Looney Toons popping up in the future.

        Or maybe it was that school lunch I ate…

  6. 8feet

    Oh no Zach is going to run away! oh and No Brooms! only hammers!

  7. Kamron

    Speaking of raccoons and garbage, has anybody seen Tirrel’s animation on this subject?

    • JoeyWolf

      Of course. I have it favorited. :P

  8. Ellix

    I wouldn’t want to see what the raccoons will be like after getting hit with one of Tarot’s magic-augmented brooms…

    • lolparty

      Magic broom to the face!!

  9. rathalos1

    huh.. this makes you think ,depression really suck either that or zack really needs to punch tiger in his shnozz

  10. Alex

    I really can’t imagine Zach as a feral. This might be fun to watch :D

  11. Cerberus

    Wow, and now lets list the places where awesomeness is located
    1. The coons face in the first panel, complete and total mastery over expressions, Rick
    2. Zach’s depression, great way to keeps us wanting to know more
    3. Tiger’s confusion in the last panel, attached side comedy mixed with the answer to the question “Did Zach go with the coon?”

    I both hate and admire both your drawing and writing ability Rick, Keep it up :D

    • HonoreDerzey

      I don’t hate but I admire Rick’s drawing/writing skills too. I wish I was a LITTLE bit better in English, yeah I make usually a low A or high B in there it can’t compare to my grades in Math and Science.

      When it comes to my vocabulary I’m a caveman, “Me type on computer now, uhg! I:(“, lol!

  12. Mephitidae

    ok… serious question…. are these comic updates automated somehow? the rss feed said that this particular comic was ’sent’ today at “00:00:00″ ….. midnight -precisely- on the dot… last comic had this time too… unless rick has a very accurite clock and very fast and nimble fingers theres something mechanical going on here…

    • Mephitidae

      and as far as zach being feral? ….. i worry for his safety (any other ‘watership down’ fans out there?)

    • Kakurady

      You can write posts and have them published later automatically with WordPress. It makes a good buffer.

    • Clarke Macbeth

      This is why many web comics are posted on Wordpress, they will let you get ahead drawing tons and tons of comics and then it’ll post them for you automatically.

      • Mephitidae

        now we just need a ‘fast forward’ button >.>
        :P yeah… i know that would take the fun out of it…

        …and this post is also to see if that ‘gravitar’ thing works… not quite sure i ‘get it’… o.O

  13. Spirit of the Wolf

    Fourth panel should DEFINITELY be made into a T-Shirt.

    • Maxwell

      They also need couple shirts.

  14. Eric

    The alt text for this comic made me lose it. Very funny.

  15. Shady Kitsune

    Zach’s gonna be in heaps of trouble. As far as I know, the survival rate for feral rabbits isn’t so high as highly suspectible pray.
    Least he’ll do better than a chicken would.

    • Zekermeme

      Well, it probably helps his chances that he’s sapient. Of course, I’m not sure how that’s impacted by the fact that any predators he might meet are also sapient…

    • Frank

      Heaps of trouble? I thought they were only heaps of trash!

  16. JoeyWolf

    “A Wild Zachary Appears”

    • Maxwell

      Go “Tiger”!
      “Tiger” uses “Reference To an Old Mistake”!
      Wild “Zach” took 20 damage!
      Wild “Zach” fainted.
      “Tiger” gained 1 EXP.

  17. kusanagi-sama

    Why is the raccoon so big? Shouldn’t he be about the size of the rabbit?

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Most raccoons are larger than full grown rabbits.

      Hares, on the other hand, are a completely different story.

      • kusanagi-sama

        I’ve seen a raccoon or two, and chased a few jack rabbits (hehe, I did this when I was 8 years old when my mom told me to go outside and chase rabbits, but she didn’t mean it literally apparently).

        Anyway, yeah, I would say that a raccoon is pretty close to the size of a jack rabbit.

  18. Traxer

    That last line really made this one. “Distressingly frequent” indeed.

    And it marks the start of a raccoon arc. Total w00tage.

  19. Maxwell

    Who has any idea what their going as for Halloween next year.

  20. wingedwolfgirl

    Panicked raccoon iz panicked
    And wild Zach iz far too wild…
    Broom to both faces!

  21. R-One

    Rofl, I said something about how there should be an arc like this HOW long back? (think it was the PETA arc…). But not with Zach as the Housepet-gone-feral; excellent twist to a fun idea, Rick, this should be interesting, to put it mildly. :D

    And jeez, Grape, look what you’ve done… traumatized those poor coons for life…. shame! XD

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      I can just see some sort of big headed predator right now saying

      “Ohhhh, I’w get you, you wascawey wabbit!!”

      Someone pl0x get him away from my corner… he’s quite annoying |:-/

  22. Squival

    I love how this comic just continues to produce such fresh side stories and funny jokes and lines, most comics have a lil’ hook then kinda go downhill.
    Still loving this xD

  23. Ada

    I keep expecting Zach to be a girl.
    Wait a sec…does that make Zach a bishie? =O

    • JoeyWolf

      I know the PG limit has been stretched far but if this comment came true the limit would get blown too a million pieces.

  24. james319

    he’s a really sweet guy ^^

  25. Fuzzypaws

    Yay! This comic always needs more raccoons!