No Appreciation
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  1. Cannon Fodder

    I wondered what happened to the raccoons

  2. Tahoe

    The coons are back … oh boy, lol
    Didn’t think that I’d see them apologizing, but a great first question there ^_^

    • MagicalSarai

      I love the raccoons… here’s to hoping that Zack becomes a partner in crime!

      • Foxstar

        Running around with the coons, causing havoc will only get Zack in a crapload of trouble, some of which may be dangerous to his life.

        • ndigit

          but because its Zach, it entails comedy!

        • tjprower

          Like a broomstick to the head? XD
          Of course, now he’d have to deal with Tarot, as well…
          Now THAT would be interesting. ^.^

    • Echo

      You’d apologize too, after taking a broom to the face.

    • Nyrufa

      Maybe they’re apologizing because last time they tried being aggressive, they got a broom to their face!

  3. Cerberus

    Zach is so defenseless. its adorable

    • Cerberus

      just for the fun of double posting, It’s so awesome that Zach has a diary. :)
      simple adorable and the only true friend he has so far, which pains me to say
      And who can truely say they haven’t had a diary,EVER..

      • Cyn


        • tjprower

          and me

      • Shady Kitsune

        Welcome to the “No-fricken-diaries club.”
        Drinks to your left.

      • Forvet

        Guys have journals, not Diaries. =P So, no I never had a Diary.

      • Cerberus

        ok few things
        1.You all lie
        2.diaries are journals with a different title
        3. Diaries are manly
        and 4. if it boils down to a situation like Zach’s, a diary is………..well man’s best friend (please don’t hurt me, i know that was terrible)

        • toboe

          I endorse all of the above statements

        • tjprower

          Well, aside from the fact that you just falsly accused at least one person (being me: I have not had a diary, journal, sketch book, or any sort of notebook aside from those I use for school) I do support the rest of your aurguments.

          There is nothing wrong with having a dictionary, but THERE ARE people who don’t use them.

          • Clarke Macbeth

            Lol, you just said “Dictionary.” Haha, how many people have NOT used a dictionary? I love it when people get things wrong.

    • JB

      But that is what the little rabbit wants you to think. Zach is really a killing machine on the inside having learned some deadly martial arts from the pet store.

  4. JoeyWolf

    …I feel like no one even knows I’m here…

    Oh hey there. I had no idea ANYONE WAS HERE…

    It isn’t paranoia if you are right…lol.

    • JoeyWolf

      Also writing that you feel like trash and then having raccoons ask you if you have any trash just reeks of foreshadowing.

      I foresee Zach attempting to overcome his passive nature by learning to be wild and non-passive from the raccoons. Warning: Wild things are to come from this observation.

      • Cannon Fodder

        Joey: “Wild things are to come”

        It looks like this is going to be
        *puts on sunglasses*
        “Where the wild things are”

        • Disconnected

          Lol. ^-^

          • othorlimmis

            isnt it ironic that zach feels as if he is invisable, and the racoon WANTS to be invisable?

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          *Twitch* Please… do not begin using one of my most treasured memories from my childhood as a punchline.

  5. james319

    awww poor guy :( i know that stage in “moving in”

    • james319

      and YAY RACCOONS! i miss those guys XD

  6. Blue_Elite

    Just how many conveniently pet-high tables ARE there in that house?

    • Repicheep22

      That lamp seems to be pet-sized as well

      • JoeyWolf

        And that window.

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Cartoon physics.

          Like, how come all the weird stuff ACME makes is coyote sized? You never thought of that ‘cos you’re still going “hahaha, he doesn’t fall until he realizes he’s stepped off the cliff”, right? Well, it’s all part of the same effect, like the instant mail delivery. Raccoons are EXPERTS at cartoon physics.

        • Cerberus

          I think we’re missing something here. The animals in the comic are more then pets, they’re the “children” in a sense, minus the wolf pack. And since they are about waist high to the people in the comic, id roughly call then the equvilant to 8-9 year olds by our standards. Except Fido, he’s taller but thats probably to help emphasize that he’s the older brother. And also Zach could be sitting on a chair behind the table.

  7. falconfox01

    Yay Zach AND raccoons! double score!

    • falconfox01

      PS: Nice work on the shadowing!

  8. 8feet

    Writing a diary huh? poor guy…and the raccoons are back! still looking for trash Lol!
    oh and None of you guys see me today…

  9. Serioli

    Zach – ‘We might have some tra – BROOM TO YOUR FACE!’

    • Billy MT

      XD Grape’s brrom antics might leave a scar on the poor things.

      BTW, is it me or that raccoon look like a grandpa? So much older than his first appearance…

      • Justice193

        I honestly thought he was a strange colored wolf at first… as around where I live coons all have black masks (and he looks stronger in that frame), but as soon as I started reading the comments I facepalmed XD

        • JB

          I was mistaken too. I was like thinking a canine asking for trash and later saw the tag then I was like ohhh~! My wrong. Also, to me, that raccoon looks bigger plus a bit buff. I guess in the wilderness or dark alleys they exercise alot.

      • Cannon Fodder

        So I guess Zach will give a
        *puts sunglasses on*

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          *Twitch* *twitch*
          *falls into double-twitch induced coma*

          (beware the double-twitch)

  10. rathalos1

    i know the way hey feels i get treated like im garbage at my house too

  11. HonoreDerazey

    Awwww, Zach didn’t do a broom to his face!! :’(

  12. Squival

    hehe good ol’ raccoon makin the rabbit feel even better about himself ;P

  13. thewhitedragon

    Zach looks so adorable in the last panel!

  14. Shady Kitsune

    Sue me and call me blind, but I first thought the raccoon was an oddly colored wolf.
    But that’s mainly due to his size. He is huge compared to Zach, almost like Miles to Peanut huge.
    And the, lets call it “design” of his appearence is a tad similar to the wolves, except the added brown. (As far as I know raccoons aren’t canines…)

    • TD

      Trust me, you’re not alone; I looked at the last panel and was like ‘WTF, wolf?’ for about 10 seconds before I put it together that it was one of the coons.

      • Misskmae

        XD I still dinna get it was a coon til I read the comments.

    • Frank

      It’s probably because this raccon has a longer snout and a bigger nose than any of the other three racoons we’ve seen before, but if you look at real raccoons, their noses are quite big. I’m afraid I have to agree he does look like a canine, and I think it’s because of the way he’s opening his mouth (if it is a he)

    • CyberCorn Entropic

      No worries. Raccoons aren’t canids. They’re procyons and are more closely related to weasels than to dogs or wolves.

      • CyberCorn Entropic

        No, strike that. I lie. They’re very distantly related to canids rather than mustelids, but not close enough to be considered canids.

        • Shady Kitsune

          Well, seeing how some people have confused the canines and felines between each other in the comic, it’s nothing new then. >.>

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      *wakes up from Double-twitch coma*

      I was in the same boat until he asked for trash.

      And coons are not canine, they are rodents… I think… *googles raccoons*…

      *Twitch* believe it or not… *Twitch*… they’re… *Twitch**twitch*…. bears… *Twitch*

      *Falls into Quinta-twitch induced coma!!*

  15. Just-This-Guy

    THE RACCOONS ARE BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • wingedwolfgirl

      *starts dramatic music*
      Dun dut duh!

  16. Billy MT

    Talk baout being sneaky like a whale flopping about the ocean during holiday! XD

  17. BlueAnubis

    What a coincidence, Zack is feeling like trash and like no one sees him, and the Raccoon is lookinf for trash and does not want to be seen.

    Okay, my predictions, Zack is going to make friends with the Raccoon and go hang out with him. The Raccoon will introduce Zack to his friends, family, and girlfriend, Daisy. oh, and the Raccoon’s name will be… uh, Jeremy.

    *a ticket counter pops ou of nowhere*
    Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, how far off will our friend here be? Right on the money? In the same ballpark? In the next town over? Or on another planet entirely?

    • JoeyWolf

      Only the Rick knows…

    • TD

      You have no idea how much I want the next several strips to play out like that.

      • Justice193

        I think the raccoon was spying on Zack and thought he should do something :P .

        and I also believe those names don’t quite fit a raccoon :D

    • Cerberus

      I think that your in the ballpark……….of a town………… a seperate galaxy
      but then again who knows?

      • Justice193

        My point exactly :P

  18. Anhbas

    Just noticing that this is a different raccoon than the other ones before. His fir pattern is similar but he has different eyes and seems a bit shaggier. I only noticed this because I wasn’t sure he was a raccoon to begin with (being more familiar with the gray and blacked masked type) and I had to go back to the other raccoon comics, where I noticed the differences. (Thank god for tags) Not sure yet If its a new raccoon or just character aging/revamp.

    Also first time posting, great comic!

    • Justice193

      I think it’s probably just a revamp into the new art style he adopted over time… and that he’s drawn 1 too many wolves lately XD… O.O I swear if he’s supposed to be half wolf you’ll be scaring me!!

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        *briefly wakes from Quint-twitch coma*

        You can NEVER draw too many wolves.

        *Falls back into Quint-twitch coma*

  19. Sockmaster

    I just realized: Poor Bino, he’s been in the hospital for 3 months now! D’:

    • Teh Brawler

      Falling off a balcony will do that to you.

      • wingedwolfgirl


    • Cerberus

      its all right a nice young nurse has been taking good care of him

  20. Rawrimaducky

    Well he noticed Zach :P

    • JB

      That’s good. It’s not like us, the audiences, who are always invisible to the characters.

  21. Frank

    Is it just me, or does Zach have the best handwriting (paw-writing?) we’ve seen so far?

  22. Tobias Rhdoes

    LoL Madagascar reference.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      That may be stretching it. If I remember right Skipper says:

      “You didn’t see anything! *waves flippers in front of face*”

  23. Starmorph

    I really don’t think that’s a racoon. The face shape seems off. I think it’s just a dog, with raccoonish markings. He’s probably one of the guys who runs the restraunt, and was sent to collect trash. He also has a white belly, while his back is grey, and raccoons have a typically solid coat, besides the markings on the face and tail. And his front legs are half brown, which is a marking that coons don’t have… (i know way more about coons than i think i should….)

    • Bellwether

      The tags say “raccoon” though.

    • Frank

      The markings on a racoon are in those places, but are black. I’m guessing when rick went to color it, black just didn’t look right, so he went for the next best thing hoping nobody would notice

  24. wingedwolfgirl

    U saw Nouu-thing!

    6 3 6

  25. knux

    hmm. He looks more wolf than raccoon.

  26. mAnIc

    zach is probley a \\\ wait.. why it wont put in ///
    nah i wont be the spoiler here

  27. JB

    Well, opened windows or chimneys may be the only possible way to sneak into a human’s home for the raccoons since the owners stop having pet doors.

  28. Moosher

    this….will only get better

    • gagi

      are you saying it’s so bad now it can’t get worse …

      shame on you ..

      jk jk.. *hugs* i know what you mean .. i can’t wait to see what comes next

  29. Alexander

    I have to agree with above statements that he looks more like a dog/wolf than a raccoon. For one he just looks massive. Course, that could just be cause Zach is pretty small compared to most of the other pets, but then you look at his head and body shape and it just doesn’t look very raccoonish. Although, when you consider my current basis for raccoons is off of Sandra and Woo (if you don’t know what that is, go read now), I may be a bit mistaken.

  30. Pappy

    [waving hand slowly] “I didn’t post anything…”

    Jedi mind trick FTW