Third Wheel
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  1. JoeyWolf

    Ackward pause activate…

  2. tjprower

    That was hilarious.
    Great way to break the moment!!

  3. Chadwardenn

    i feel… disapointment

  4. dragonnutds

    my wii is off, it said 12 pm, but it was a little before when i checked my watch which says it is now 11 pm becouse of dayligt savings, which all together confused me about the update for a moment.

  5. Eric

    Zach always ruins everything!

  6. james319

    LOL :3

  7. CalaverX11


    • james319

      TUNE IN NEXT TIME ON!-TIGER (and friends)!!!

      • wingedwolfgirl

        …for another exiting adventure!

  8. Cerberus

    now thats just mean
    Zach hadn’t even done anything yet
    jeez thats terrible and completely………..well true but thats beside the point
    still cruel

  9. JoeyWolf

    I think this is the first comic that no one said anything. Can someone prove me wrong or am I correct here?

  10. MaNiC

    errr yeaaa….

  11. LoftyFox

    awww that’s kinda mean D=

  12. GameCobra

    Yup. redundant to the point they felt like a cartoon. good old Zach saved them!

    and Oops! Rick made an Arc!

  13. falconfox01

    I think it’s a very interesting thing when a comic with no words can still show so much! I hardly find it mean, But i have had this very type of thing happen, where we are clowing around being silly and someone clueless wakls in and just kinda stares at us, killing the moment. Not their fault, not OUR fault, it just happens.

  14. LucifersAngelFeather

    lolz for awkward momemts :D

  15. Ebly

    Way to go, Zach. >[

  16. Kamron

    You just took a mediocre joke and turned it into something awesome.


    • Alexander

      I hate to admit this, but I wholly agree. Last comic kinda flopped for me, but this just made it hilarious.

    • Kyderra

      I am in total agreement

  17. Blue_Elite

    Given a bunch of us wanted Zach to appear and it seems he has done so for no good reason at all, does this constitute fan service?

  18. gagi

    i don’t know why … but i feel so bad for zach…. he is not a bad bunny …

    • Cerberus

      i share that same feeling and i thought Marvin was a nice cat, and i guess Tiger might do something like this, but i would never think Marvin would

      • gagi

        yea .. zach should be all finger shaking at those two …. arff

        • Foxstar

          Not if he wants to keep those fingers. Tiger’s already shown himself to be..well not stable and Marvin is the last feline Zach wants to urk.

          • Cerberus

            now that i know Marvin wouldn’t do…………..right?
            He wouldn’t turn violent on Zach and attack him right? That just doesn’t seem like Marvin


        i think Tiger the dog is cute!


        Zach the bunny doesn’t always ruin everything!

  19. Cannon Fodder

    This comic made me do an awesome face too

  20. Watcher

    Its like on Family guy so many times. One comes to mind where they are pretending to be the A-Team and strike a pose, then the guy is like “Get off my property!” and spoils the moment.

    I think we’ve all had this kind of moment.

  21. Scott Panthertaur

    Makes you wonder how long they were standing there like that to warrant the curiosity of the bunny.

    • gagi

      well since Monday of course … so about two days …

  22. Spirit of the Wolf

    To be honest, this one didn’t really do it for me.

    • MagicalSarai

      Yeah… I agree… this one just was… flat.

      • Cerberus

        not “flat” in that sense. It just doesn’t appeal to you for one reason or another. It still has depth.

        • MagicalSarai

          I don’t know… I found the whole strive for humor to be two demensional.

  23. othorlimmis

    he cries….mantears.

  24. Shady Kitsune

    Meh… The last 2 comics (including this one) are kind of downers. Though Tigers awesome face is awesome.

    • R-One

      Gotta look at em in a different light than most of the others – Tiger’s backstory involves a spin on Garfield for ideas, if I recall right (could have sworn he posted something about that somewhere anyways), so both of these strips are poking a little fun at that – “Garfield and Friends,” and the awkward long pause during the “commercial break,” for example. They’re not as funny as some other jokes have been, but there’s still some humor value in em. :)

  25. Kyderra

    I had that before, it’s very awkward.

  26. Supuhstar

    … And that’s all Ihave to say about that.

  27. BillyMT

    At least Zach’s still around, unlike Pap… Tiger vanished with him XD

    • JoeyWolf

      He is likely still in that crate.

    • Cerberus

      which kinda sucks, Pap was so cute………………the little b@*#&!%

  28. rathalos1

    just one of those moments

  29. Xu-kitty

    Cousin Oliver?

  30. Sabakuryu

    I have CHORTLES!

    • Echo

      Maybe you should take a cough drop…

  31. Zekermeme

    I thought they liked him – to the point of Tiger declaring Zach his best friend ever. This joke seemed a little forced because of that…

  32. Fuzzypaws

    Poor Zach :(

  33. wingedwolfgirl


    Yea, I can sympathize with Zach.
    Walk into a situation…
    …no idea what’s going on…

    Ya know; that sorta thing.

  34. Rawrimaducky

    Poor Zach *snickers*


    this one just doesn’t make sense

  36. Squival

    This had me laughin out loud so hard xD
    Who doesnt do something like that from time to time! ^^

  37. BlueAnubis

    SOMEONE HELP US! We’re stuck in a loop!

    Ah! thanks Zack.

  38. Silverpaws


  39. Valtz

    When the show got desperate for ratings.

    Also how long have they been standing there?

  40. thewhitedragon

    poor zach he will feel more and more distanced from tiger now D:

  41. JB

    Those commercials went by real quick. I couldn’t tell what they were advertising.
    Zach, situations like that may look weird but it is normal.

    • Cerberus

      thats what they said