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  1. rathalos1

    nice job on the wall paper

  2. Wolf Nanaki


  3. GameCobra

    nice job indeed. i like the extra sky space!

  4. Sylum

    Hellz yea. I think people annoyed you enough huh? It came out really good.

  5. Frostgrip

    I demanded, you delivered, Kudos :3

  6. J.J.

    Very nice. A win!

  7. gagi

    yeyyyy … thank you very much Rick!!!

  8. Kyderra

    yaay wallpaper!

  9. taco

    i see no stars… did they all move to Mexico city?

  10. toboe

    TY TY

  11. Cerberus

    It was a given
    There was no way you could say “no” to so many requests without a total uprising
    The wallpaper is amazing and i congratulate you on a job well done
    thx :)

  12. Chip Uni

    Thank you so much! I appreciate the wallpaper.

  13. Peanut

    Why did you crop the comic to 4:3? No one uses that kinda screens anymore.

    • Rick Griffin

      It’s 5:4 thank you very much. And I do.

      • Foxstar

        Massive burn. Kari has taught you well.

      • Peanut

        My deepest sympathy.

        • Peanut

          PS: And it IS 4:3. :)

          • Rick Griffin

            Are you satisfied yet?

          • Cerberus

            um not to intrude but does it matter? though my knowledge of computers is very limited, i thought the wallpaper just adjusts to the screen?

          • Mewz

            @Cerberus It does, but it will stretch the image which removes quality, or it will leave a empty space. Most people nowadays use 16:9 or 16:10. So it would have been nice if that was offered too. ;P

  14. Mephitidae

    Perfect wallpaper for ps3 ;)

    surprised you made a wallpaper of it considering the… abuse?

  15. Mewz

    I do wish there was a 16:10 variant, my screen is 1680×1050. :(

  16. Sylum

    EIther way it’s still really good. lets leave it at that.

  17. Teh Brawler
  18. falconfox01