Which Plans? Witch Plans!

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  1. Teh Brawler


    • Pokeblue

      I totally second this notion.

      • gagi

        i Third it… poor rick,.. drawing awesome pages, and then having us nag him about it :P

        but yea !!! this one takes the cake … or a pumpkin or what ever !! it’s awesome

        • taco

          yes need wall paper
          and dont forget the cake is a lie

          • Justice193

            hey, I just had some cake, THE CAKE IS NOT A LIE.

            you can get it by taking teh alternate route end game :P

        • Raiettei

          I wholeheartedly agree with this notion. It must be done.

    • falconfox01

      Most definitly this needs to be wall paper! Please Rick?

    • Tapewolf

      Pretty please…

      • Shady Kitsune

        Hold that thought!
        *sprinkles sugar on top of the “pretty please”*

    • Supuhstar

      Very. Much.

    • LoS

      if you REALLY want a wallpaper
      it might be a good idea to have some aspect ratios in mind, BUT
      i just may try and hook you guys up with a vectorization of this…
      need more practice doing that anyways

      • Supuhstar

        yeah. I like vectors. They’re convenient. Good luck, though!

    • Bella

      A wallpaper of this *would* be amazing. c:

  2. slacks315

    Amazing update is amazing!!!!!!

  3. Repicheep22

    That is awesome!
    And let me guess, Grape and Max are Simba and Nala?

    • GameCobra

      I’m pretty sure they are going out as Prideland characters.

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        That’s what I thought at first too.

      • Teh Brawler

        I was thinking that, too, but Simba and Nala seem to fit, too.

        • GameCobra

          As my comment below this also hints, i too thought at first it was Simba and Nala too as well. but then i realized Max looks like one of the Prideland poster characters >.>

          • dekigo

            “I too at first … too as well.” TOO MANY MODIFIERS.

      • Cerberus

        I thought Pridelands too

        (but maybe theres a connection?
        hmmmmm Lion King……..Pridelands)

        • timmainsson

          *Sings quietly* Kimba kimba Kimba the white lion is his name.
          credit to where credit is due disney.

          • omega_fox123

            a similar name, hurbavore friends and being and orphan…those are the only similaraties i see in kimba and simba.

            kimba was lost, while simba knew how toget home the whole time

            there were no humans in the lion king

            TLK is based more off hamlet than kimba

          • Musimba

            The creators of Kimba and Simba should give credit to where the idea came from which is an African tale several centuries old. No one knows who originally created the story or exactly where it came from.
            My name also comes from African legend but I ain’t tell’in what it refers to just so I can be annoying.

      • JB

        Or they could have dressed up as regular lions.

  4. GameCobra

    I swear for a moment there, i thought Grape and Max were Simba and Nala XD

    and i really, really, REALLY must say i love Housepet holidays more than anything now. Kudos, Rick.

  5. Spirit of the Wolf

    Say it with me.


    Still waiting for that single she-wolf to show up.

  6. james319

    XD i just knew Tarot would dress something like that XD

  7. Spirit of the Wolf

    I wonder if she’s off to Hogwarts…

    • Cerberus

      id say shes graduated

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        She’s going to be the Quiddich (sp?) Coach.

        • Cerberus

          Sp correction Quidditch
          (major potter fan right here)
          and for all purposes Quidditch World Cup

          *begins chant* Krum Krum Krum

        • Cerberus

          and to add, Peanut is wearing a wizard hat
          (not story book correct but still fits great with the broom)

          • omega_fox123

            peanut probly wanted to be murlin( pretty sure i spelled that wrong), yen sid, or mickey

  8. Loki Impisi

    You, sir, win the day.

  9. BlueAnubis

    WHOO!! Grape and Max look SO cute in their Pridelands costumes, and Peanut almost looks like a ninja the way he is sitting on that broom. GO TAROT!

    On a mostly unrelated note. I wonder if Fido has been having bad luck today? You know what they say about a black cat on halloween… If you don’t bring her sweets, she’ll be mad at you the rest of the year. >:3

  10. Cerberus

    Wow that is how its done
    All you little kiddies take notes cuz this is upper class stuff

    First you get Grape jealous by getting Peanut to go with Tarot
    Then have her swoop in out of nowhere on a flying broom stick
    Grape gets mad and finally realizes her true feelings for Peanut
    Fellings of betrayal and loneliness followed by a silent period

    all mixed together and what do you get………
    a love story fit for any book shelf
    (i may just be over interpreting it but hey we can dream right?)

    Rick you are a guru

    • Teh Brawler

      …..so……beautiful…….*begins crying silently in the corner out of hope*

      • Spirit of the Wolf


        Go find you’re own corner.

        • tjprower

          RFOLMAO!! XD
          So, the corner is private property.
          I think I’ll stay in the open, rather than test the wolf in the closet…

          Tarot is a win here. She creeped me out when she made her appearance, but now she reminds me of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. (All credit goes where it belongs)

      • Cerberus

        Thank you Thank you
        *bows to imaginary standing ovation*
        i take pride in my ablility to manipulate the situation to fit my purposes

  11. Keeshah

    it’s canon! Tarot can fly!

    • GameCobra

      Only with a Broom!

      • Cerberus

        I don’t see proof of that

        • GameCobra

          Shhhh. >.> <.<

        • wingedwolfgirl

          Nonetheless, AWSOME.

    • Cannon Fodder

      Did someone call?…
      Oh whoops my mistake

  12. CalaverX11

    Peanut’s terrified.

  13. Trauts

    Huzzah! Tarot is back!

  14. Cerberus

    watch out for the full moon
    little werewolves are about

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      The full moon is going to be Nov. 2.

      Also, I read one of your comments on the previous comic.
      Where do you live that you make pumpkin shapes?

    • Cerberus

      Im pretty sure i replyed to that but there were a lot i replyed to
      i live on the west coast

  15. Kajex

    Aww… Grape sounds jealous. That’s a sign, if ever there was one. :3

  16. thewhitedragon

    its just me or peanut looks like he’s about to cry? o_O

    • gagi

      i hope not .. i think he is just looking down, and there is a slight light reflecting too …. or he could be scared of hights….

  17. redwolfmatt

    oh wow <3 grape and max look adorable in their little pridelands costumes together! and poor peanut looks scared out to all heck up there x3

  18. foxfireattack

    Sorry, year and a half. It feels like just the other day you started this comic. :3

  19. Frostgrip

    Sweet as hell one panel…I demand a wallpaper version!

  20. Ebly

    as teh brawler so wisely stated

    • gagi

      you forgot

  21. gagi

    rick nice job with the costumes, and the spooky green color, and i like the soft shades too … they look especially nice on Grape.

  22. 8feet

    Wallpaper!!! there’s a doggy witch and wizard in the air! run for your poppies!!! I mean puppies!!! Prideland customs for sale! Lolz!!!

  23. Shady Kitsune

    Aw, those matching costumes are adorable.
    *flips mushy switch back to OFF*

    Great 1 panel Rick! =D

    I wonder… Is Tarot’s ability to levitate objects limited to inanimate ones? You know, shes just making the broom fly in this one, and we haven’t seen her make a person (pets are people too) alone levitate…

  24. Rocko Wolfcoon

    awesome, i’d love this as a wallpaper, lol peanut is so scared

  25. MagicalSarai

    Me’thinks someone is jealous….

  26. Mario_Dan

    Nice use of shadows…it gives depth and relief to the drawing.

  27. Kyderra

    I made a attempt at creating a wallpaper version of this
    it is currently 1650X1050
    It is still a bit blurry because of up scaling , i did the best i can ;)

  28. Wolf Gem


  29. Squival

    the shading on this looks really really nice

  30. legendario777

    Hello I just want to say this. I, for one, likes to look in the internet for something to pass the time. You know, like webcomics or forums and things of such. Little did I knew that I was going to find this, awesome, intriguing, crazy ( in a good way, please do not be offended ), fully of life and feelings, and giggles ( LOL’s for those who like to speak the lingo ), masterpiece of a webcomic. No, please let me rephrase that, this is way too much profound and deep and beautiful to be called just a webcomic. Here I see a talent,a gift if you will, a great way to spend time in a matter of sane and safe fun. And for that, I must be grateful to you, the genius behind the curtains of a good creation like this one. I mean, who in his wisdom , would be able to conceive a idea so strange, so seemingly far fetched, that is so good ?
    Your name would appear to be Rick Griffin, isn’t ? Well then Rick Griffin, the only thing I can say to you is THANKS.
    I have been reading your comic just two days ago and not to brag or anything, but it took me 2 hours to read since the beginning to the latest strip , twice…just to show how much of a slow reader I can be when something so fascinating captures my attention.
    And one of the best parts, after I had laughed my soul out with the strip, I can laugh the same with the comment.They are also Made of WIN ( not the horse ). So I am also in an immense debt to the people that took time to write those EPIC comments that unlike mine, were funnier and shorter than this one.
    I will be an AVID reader of this comic until death do us apart, or it comes to an end.

    • gagi

      You type a lot. but I agree. This comic is so epic it’s more than awesome :D

    • Gizer

      i agree with you, i just love housepets too! xD

    • Spirit of the Wolf


      • legendario777

        Well , if you see this world’s mental and moral state we’re living in , I guess you could call it “sane”

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          A comic, SANE?

          Eh, anythings possible.
          *goes back to watching for single she-wolf*


        why does it look like Tarot have physic powers.

    • Cerberus

      My first comment to this is that you write in very sophisticated manner and that is the first thing that sets your comment apart from the rest
      Second i can’t help but notice that you have a deeper understanding of this entire comic than even some of the readers that have been here since the beginning ( no offence to anyone)
      And third you don’t use phrases and comments that so up in every post i the same way as they have been used
      This leads me to some questions……
      How did you come to find Housepets?
      Why did it take you so long to find it?
      An avid reader like your self has probably read a lot of great stories weither online or off.
      It just seems strange that none of them have lead you here til now
      Thats if you don’t mind me asking.

      • legendario777

        First of all, thank you for replying to my humble comment.
        Second, the lucky day when I found Housepets ! I was actually looking for something to read,
        but rather than to simply read books and encyclopedias like I usually do, I was looking for something to make my day a happier one. And sure it did ! also the ad I found in a site did help, to be honest.
        To answer this one , I don’t usually think too much what I am typing it is just in the spur of the moment , like for example right now. I have just came from work and turn on the computer , looking for a new update ( By the way, I didn’t know that one new strip only comes every 2 days or so =’( ; but , oh well ) , saw your reply and here I am answering to it ^ ^.
        Don’t worry , I don’t mind I get that a LOT . Being too nice and respectful to everyone despite having the size of a tiger ( If you get what I mean _ _U ) inspires distrust towards me. But here in the Internet, I have the advantage to be myself and not get lapidated for it ¬_¬ .
        OK. now that being answered, ( and I hope it was well explained) , let’s get onto the next questions.
        Why couldn’t I find Housepets ! earlier ?
        Well I don’t have very much time free ( I usually work 9 to 12 hours a day ), in fact I am stealing time to sleep in order to type this. And yes, I have the hobby to read a lot in my free time , whether be it in the web or a good
        old plain book. And like I said, I don’t mind that, in fact it makes me somewhat curious that somebody would take their time to reply to my longer-than-heck and boring commment = ). And to make it even stranger to you ( trick or treat ), I am only 18 years old ! There, wasn’t that shocking ?
        And to boot , if you were tp check the others sites I’ve been, you would think I am only an infant !
        Makes you want to trow rocks at me , doesn’t it = ) ( I really hope you wouldn’t ).
        Hopefully that this boring comment answered your questions. Sorry for being so hasty, but I got to sleep…mhaa ….*yawns* until the next Housepets ! !!!

        • Leinad

          do you always write essays when posting to random comic message boards?

          • legendario777


        • Cerberus

          Well that is an exellent explaination thank you. I really didn’t expect you to respond so quickly.
          To start with, you can usually tell if someone reads a lot, as long as they aren’t trying to hide it. Thats why i asked. As far as the respectful and nice goes, every little(or a lot) helps to cure the sorry mental and moral state(as you have stated) the world is in. It won’t spark distrust from me. As for the time it took you to get here. well that was a little too inquisitive on my part and i apoligize for it. It was just intriguing and i rally wanted to know, no matter how long or boring (which i disagree with) the comment is. And no i wasn’t shocked about you being 18 im only 16, so no stone throwing thats for certain.

          • legendario777

            “takes off helmet”
            Thanks !

  31. Lunachan

    I now love tarot ^-^

  32. Mowo64


    Silly Peanut… I love how he sees absolutely nothing wrong with Tarot…

    And I want more Tarot!! She’s amazing!!

  33. legendario777

    Well it was my first comment here, I had to give my “speech” for all the lost time, don’t you think.?

  34. Rawrimaducky

    Looks like Peanut needs an emrgency bathroom break

    • Rawrimaducky


    • Alexander

      That put a very awkward image in my head… I’ll spare you the details.

  35. shenhibiki

    I used to be a Tarot fan. Now even more XD

  36. J.J.

    (snaps fingers) Ah… let me guess…

    Simba and Nala… right?

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      This one’s already been discussed at the top of the page.

      • J.J.

        Well must have been a good reference for me to repeat it :-D


  37. Scary Man Behind You

    Housepets got a small mention in the Halloween strip of Concession http://concessioncomic.com/ two people are dressed as Peanut and Jelly. The artist didn’t even bother remembering their names. He just says “Zoë is the purple one from Housepets.” and “Angie is the other one from Housepets.”

    Strange considering several months ago I remember The concession Artist badmouthing Housepets and Better Days on the Futhia High Forum with the FH artist. I think they might have also taken a Shot at Calamities of Nature as well.

    • BlueAnubis

      Hmm, now I am torn. part of me is glad that Housepets! is getting some free publicity, the rest of me is rounding up an angry mob to maim him for badmouthing Housepets! and not even bothering to learn Peanut and Grape’s names.

      Nobody take my seat while I get my crossbow. Anybody want me to pick anything up while I’m gone?

      • Firewing417

        Get me a Level 8 Pyromancer’s Book of spells. Thier’s Burning to be done!

        On another note, TAROT & PEANUT! (on a Broom.)

      • Cerberus

        Ummmmmm……well if you could pick me up a pack of twizzlers, a bag of Doritos, and the comedic writings of Jim Gaffigan, i think we can take this guys out with terrible jokes and poor impersonations

      • Alexander

        I could use some tuna. Keep forgetting to get some when I go out, and it’s been about a month. I can’t finish my casserole without any tuna! It’s starting to smell funny! Please hurry…

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        If there is such a thing as wolf-nip, ten pounds would be lovely.

        • HonoreDerzey

          Wolf-Nip, Cat-Nip, Weed, Meth, Crack, those all suck… Mercury is the way to go.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            But that’s close too close to a precious metal. That could be fatal for me.

            I only wear a bronze necklace to keep myself under control on nights like tomorrow.

  38. Fuzzypaws

    Why is everyone so adorable!

    • toboe


    • HonoreDerzey

      Wow, you sure are a positive person…BUT SO AM I!!! FREE HUGS AND LAMBORGHINI’S FOR EVERYONE!! :D

  39. HAWKE

    lol…Housepets is the best…

  40. TD

    Oh lord; it’s things like this that make me regret being a PeanutxGrape fan. Tarot is made of win!!!

  41. wingedwolfgirl


    WOOW -to the infinite power.

    Looks like Peanut’s Hallows-Eve is EPIC this year.

    On THAT note…

    WOOOOO -T.

  42. Rider098

    Oh, Peanut is not afraid of riding a broomstick, that is probably one of the reasons why he wanted to go with Tarot! I think the real reason why he’s scared is more along the lines of this:
    “Step on it, the superstitious mob is gaining on us!”
    “What if they are just pretending?”
    XD Great strip Rick, really brightened up my day!

  43. JB

    Peanut, how is the view up there? The key is to balance like a cat without falling.
    Any ideas what is Tarot going to show him? Wait, was the flying part it?

    • Alexander

      Bow chicka bow wow?

  44. yoji

    *breaks out the shotty and holy water* that time of year again =_=

  45. Bella

    I love Tarot… even if she is competition for Grape.

    Wonderful comic, as always. <3

  46. Firewing417

    Happy Hallow’s Eve!~


  47. Duskyo

    I love the shading detail in this one, in particular.

    I’ll just follow everyone else:
    WALLPAPER PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. HonoreDerzey

    Rick, this reminds me….did Tarot find the remote?! I MUST see the full potential of the Great Spirits! I…must…know! D:

  49. MTB

    They are all adorable – Tarot seems to fit right in. :D

    Passerby: “Nice costume!”

    Tarot: “Huh?”