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  1. Repicheep22

    Cartoon physics are SO much more entertaining than real physics.

    • Sleet

      I wish my school’s physics department offered a class on it.

      • Xyie

        I’ve a friend who’s doing D&D rules for it…

        PUN-kin. nice. Well, at least there’s plenty of good pumpkin recipes!
        Or he could go for that “blockhead” look. I guess.

        • Fuzzypaws

          D&D toonage… I should do that too :D

    • Cerberus

      Aren’t they though?…. id love to be able to pull anything of any size out from behind my back. or have a tiny squeak horn that could blow the top of everest. lol

      • tallgrass

        But then, if a serial murderer was the cute and fluffy mascot of a cartoon, the police would never be able to catch and/or cause bodily harm to him!

        • Cerberus

          Thats where the dip comes into play. Thats the fast track down death row for a toon serial killer

          • redwolfmatt

            oh wow man! kudos, i can’t believe there’s someone who would make that reference in this day and age! loved that movie <3

            also, more on the actual comic: cute peanut is cute!

          • Cerberus

            thank you kindly, wasn’t sure how many yungsters posted so i felt like i should bring them into the loop with the clarification post.

            And to add on…….Peanut cute, truer words have never been spoken (at least from my point of view) :)

        • Cerberus

          and for thoughs that may not have caught the reference, i pulled that from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            Roger Rabbit FTW!

          • MagicalSarai

            Who could forget Roger Rabbit?! I was one of the greatest live-action/animation conglomerations ever!!

          • FADFRANKIE

            i think peanut and grape should give out candy on Halloween.

  2. LoftyFox


  3. lolparty


  4. Just-This-Guy

    is Peanut the size of his brain aswell? XD

    • LoftyFox

      Including or excluding the shell?

      • Silverpaws

        excluding tha shell

        awww poor peanut, grape should have seen this coming ant told peanut how to carve a pumpkin

    • Foxstar

      Don’t pick on Peanut. He’s displayed many traits Grape doesn’t have.

      • Cerberus

        I agree with Foxstar Peanut can’t help being different (now that i know how this makes him different) and i know we would rather he be different anyhow

    • Kyderra

      I think Peanut can calculate, read, learn really fast, but his common knowledge is just average at best.

  5. mc_hollis

    Wrong Month!! :3

  6. Asteri

    Oh no Peanut!! you’re doing it wrong!!
    :9 I’ll love to see how it ends up.

  7. james319

    LOL thats so cute X3 wish we celebrated Halloween here T_T

  8. mathgrant

    Peanut’s “pumpkin bread” pumpkin is really creative! Not last place! DING!

  9. Cerberus

    I don’t get it……….*stares blankly at comic* why is Grape facepalming? Did Peanut do something wrong?

    • Cerberus

      I mean realize pumpkins don’t flop over like that and he’d hit the “pumpkin gut” center by now but other than that im missing it

      • Ada

        Halloween is typically celebrated with Jack-O-Lanterns. Peanut is doing more of a Thanksgiving thing. o.O

      • residentfriendly

        Peanut number 2 xD

      • Bella

        Peanut is thinking Grape meant carve it, as in the way one would “carve a turkey” or “carve a ham” =)

      • Cerberus

        Hmmmmmmm well see the way i do it is we gut the pumpkin, we cut the sides out and into shapes, we cut designs into said shapes and then sprinkle some spices and scented stuff on top, then hang them out side from wire. I guess you could understand my confusion

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Where, exactly, do you live?

        • Cerberus

          I live in the wonderous land of Narnia where the…….the…….
          well that didnt plan out like i thought it would
          i live on the pacific coast


        Peanut you silly dog your suppose to to carve the pumpkin not cut it.

    • Jack

      your supposed to carve a scary face in one side of the pumkin, cut out the top take out the insides, put a burning candle inside, and replace the top back in its original place. (sculpture carving NOT slice up food about to eat it carving.)

  10. Cinder

    I afraid to see what Peanut will do to a Turkey on Thanksgiving…

    • Alexander

      Probably try and carve a face in it.

      • Justice193

        OH NO, you just gave everyone here some inside joke to be Expecting XD

  11. 8feet

    Halloween! my favorite time of the year,don’t ask why,especially at 3:00 a.m. that’s the time when them ghouls comes out to play! I’m ma custom as a zombie soldier lol!

  12. Milo

    Oh, silly Peanut! You just gotta love that dog. I wonder what they’re going to be this year for Halloween… hopefully he’ll have more luck than last year.

  13. CalaverX11

    *gasp* It’s a CARTOON?!?

  14. fignint

    “Marcie, you’ve made egg soup!”

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Sorry “Sir”

  15. gagi

    lol…. i wonder what the wolfs are doing to there pumpkins … that should be interesting to see

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      I wonder what their costumes will be XD

      *wishes for single she-wolf to show up*

      • Jack

        the adult wolfs are going to buy the same size costumes as their kids so that grape can have another oh-crap moment! XD

      • JB

        Cub 1: “How do we dress up for Halloween?”
        Cub 2: “I don’t know. We’re suppose to look like something in clothes.”
        Cub 3: “Wait, we can dress as People. Wear shirts, pants, and shoes.”

        Well, these are my thoughts that might be a possibility.

        • gagi

          i want them to dress up as cats and dogs :D .. well more cats… like Joey (i sure hope i didn’t get his name wrong … the fursuiter)

          or maybe they could just put some red paint on and go like werewolfs

          • wingedwolfgirl

            Wolves as werewolves?
            That’s stereotyping you know.

          • Cerberus

            Its not a stereotype, their just improvising and utilizing what their opportunity to be majorly realistic werewolves. However i dont think paint would work well on fur…………

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            I, sir, do find that offensive. We were’s are NOT ‘mindless killers’.

            We kill only when we have to thank you very much.
            And who do you think helped Buffy stake Edward? It wasn’t Angel, that’s for sure.

            Just jk about the offensive thing though, but really.
            Not all were’s are the blood and gore that hollywood and the church has made them out to be.

          • Cerberus

            *looks up from his cringing position*
            Oh just a joke? whoo thought i was in for a world of hurt
            But anyways that was not my meaning at all
            i was simple stating that wolves would be the best for werewolf costumes cuz…..well they already have half it covered.
            Some of the costumes being worn by human kids are just………. well blood and gore

  16. welsh mullet

    Grape has got a nice pair there….
    I mean a pair of pumpkins of course :P

    • BlueAnubis

      *stares blankly from his treestand*

      excuse me for a moment,Seat Check!

      *jumps down and mauls Welsh Mullet*

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Seat Check X2

        *Mauls welsh mullet again*

        • D_Leo

          times three;
          hold him there while I get me mallet.

      • Cerberus

        Im not much for mauling, so im just going to lay down over here with my bag of popcorn and watch

        • rWolf1991

          second that

        • Cerberus

          im not against it, i mean if they deserve it they deserve it, im just not the type of fur that would do it. *offers popcorn to rWolf*

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            *joins* I got bored. *grabs pawful of popcorn*

          • Cerberus

            *looks at bruises and gashes on welsh mullet*
            I can see why.
            You think he’ll live?

  17. Jack

    I really love the expression on Grapes face in frame 3. XD

    • Raiettei


      The expressions in this comic are quite superb, yes!

      • Cerberus

        Third on that one
        my drawings aren’t worth the paper their drawn on, so its cool to look at the artwork of others that have actual talent, though it makes me remember every epic fail ive had with drawings…………

        • wingedwolfgirl

          I was wondering what was a good option here, I think I’ll join you.

  18. J.J.

    Awh… poor Peanut.

    “MOM! DAD! Peanut needs a new Pumpkin!”

    *I’m sorry I carved it wrong, Grape. How’s it supposed to look?*

    “Like… (Hold Mom & Dad’s carving) THIS!”

    *ACK!* —— Faints

  19. JB

    Silly pup, she didn’t mean like that. We can use Peanut’s pumpkin to make pie now or unless they plan to make a half a jack-o-lantern.

  20. Wolf Nanaki

    Oh Peanut, you…nut.

  21. Acey Winters

    bwaha.. reminds me of my first time carving a pumpkin xD

  22. Shady Kitsune

    It’s the best thing since sliced pumpkin!
    Wait a second…

    • Frank

      I hate you! I was drinking water when I read your comment and now I have to wipe the whole table! Why do you have to be so darn funny?! Why do you have to have the only thing on this page that made me laugh out loud?! (everything else made me laugh, but not out loud)

  23. Kailen

    Best carved pumpkin ever. ;)

  24. BlueAnubis

    This is my third favorite facepalm in the series.

    on the plus side, Peanut is carving it very well. Must be all those cooking shows he watches.

    • Shady Kitsune

      I thought he watched pet makeover shows?
      You know that arc where Grape started going out with that other cat… Whats-his-name? Max?

      • BlueAnubis

        True, he does watch a lot of TLC, but he also likes to watch the Food Network.

        And yes, it was Max you were thinking of.

  25. BillyMT

    Wisehead… XD

  26. Rawrimaducky

    He’s just making a carving of a carved turkey. :P

  27. wingedwolfgirl

    Ah yes, when life gives you pumpkins…make pie (or something to that effect).

  28. Fuzzypaws

    So many cute expressions!

  29. Watcher

    As long as there are roasted seeds to be had, I’m down with ruining a Jack-o-Lantern…

  30. Firewing417

    Sliced Bread Jack-o-lantern. :P

    On the Other hand, Maybe he’s Just a nut, Like me. :V

  31. Tigergulp

    Mmm! Pumpkin steaks! X3

  32. BlueAnubis

    I will probably be injured for saying this, but in the middle of the night, I saw Grape’s face in pannel 3 and I thought.
    “I Are Serious Grape, This Are Serious Punkin Carvin.”
    I have obviously been spending too much time on the internet.

  33. Profesor Rod


  34. Max Wolfe

    “I still can’t believe it’s not pumpkin!”

  35. Clarke B. Macbeth

    I love it when cartoons take things so literally, it makes it more funny that way.

  36. HonoreDerazey

    You know, I don’t think Peanut is stupid, I think he just lost his common-sense…and never found it.

  37. Musimba

    Does Peanut carve eyes and a mouth into a Thanksgiving turkey and stick a candle in it?
    Did I just reveal the comic strip for Thanksgiving?

  38. DenzelWsal

    Dear Friends, HAPPY HALLOWEN! A little late..!!


    why is Peanut cutting the pumpkin with a knife?