Despite His Name Being Bill
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  1. DJ darkwolf420

    woohoo first

    • Loki Impisi

      *Is dragged off by giant angry bees*

    • LoftyFox

      Commenting “woohoo first” doesn’t gain you any respect from anyone. Next time post something relevant to this AWESOME comic! =3

  2. Loki Impisi

    Blue steaks all around!

  3. LoftyFox

    Wow, the steak is totally blood red.. Hmm, lack of pants.. You can’t tell if he is wearing any. Looks like he isn’t. hehehe..

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Yes, Lucretia only wears that apron for decoration.

      Who needs cooked meat anyways. Cooking it only takes away all of the flavor XD

      • Whiskers

        takes away all the flavor and the delicious bacteria

        • HonoreDerazey

          And tape worms! :P

          • Rj-pilot

            Meh, one you eat it it’s the appendix’s problem. It’ll be fiiiine!

          • HonoreDerzey

            Yeah I knew that, it just the fact of having “creepy-cwarlies” in your intestine. >.>

          • HonoreDerzey

            TYPO! I meant, “Creep-CRAWLIES!”.

    • Cody MacArthur Fett

      He is, or Bill would have pointed out the lack of pants. My guess us that there’s just a small gap between the pants and his shirt because of his tail. Lucretia, however, doesn’t appear to be wearing anything but an apron, unless she’s wearing running shoes beneath the panels, but that’s just crazy.

  4. lolparty

    omn nom nom nom

  5. Teh Brawler

    It just keeps getting weirder and weirder.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Yayz for weirdness!

  6. Repicheep22

    It’s not as bad as it sounds, my great-grandpa used to eat meat straight off the cow when he was out ranching. Yes, it sounds gross, but he lived to be 90-something, so it couldn’t be all bad.

    • LoftyFox

      Was he thin? I hear tape worms are a big problem with undercooked meat. yummy, now I have no appetite. =P

      • Lucas H.C.

        Tapeworms are only dangerous if the place the cow was keept (while alive, of course) has lack of hygiene (one cow must feed on others infected feces, with tapeworm eggs).

        I know that somethings are hard to be controled, so, I think that cooking chicken, pig, cow and fish meat would be essencial to remove this parasite (and others) from it.


    • Blue_Elite

      It’s “okay” if it’s THAT fresh (okay as long as there was nothing wrong with the cow pre-slaughter) but cooking the meat is much much safer. Cooking to rare kills any bacteria that might have gathered on the outside of the meat while maintaining that “fresh” taste on the inside.

  7. Spirit of the Wolf

    I love the way Miles punches the air and face-palms at the same time in the last panel.

    Also, can anyone help me in ODST? Miles and Lucretia’s kids are BEASTS at this game! Every time I re-spawn there’s either a sniper or plasma grenade no more than 10 steps away -_-

    • CannonFodder

      That’s why you use rockets, nothing quite says, “BITE ME” like a rocket to the face.
      Then again nothing else says, “I’M BETTER THAN YOU” like beatdowns.

    • Kajex

      Oni Site Alpha, interior- that’s all you need. :D Lemme know if you need halp.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Ummm… I’m not sure what this is, but does it relate to the comic?

  8. DZ

    I agree, the rarer the better. If anybody hasn’t heard of it, I recommend trying yukhoe; raw meat is delicious (if also a bit risky).

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Hmmm… may need to follow up on that

  9. foxfireattack

    hmm… Rare meat IS the best in my opinion. Still got more flavoring in than well done.

    no joke. Go out, grab some hamburgers, and try it. (I’m not responsible for what happens to you by the way. You’re the one that chose to do it.)

  10. Lax

    Ok, that guy must be a psychotic murderer to enjoy a raw stake 0-0

    • Loki Impisi

      You be surprised how many people enjoy the taste of blood that AREN’T into any creepy stuff at all. Next time your in a butcher shop order “black pudding”. Its really quite a treat.

      • Lucas H.C.

        Black pudding, blood sausage, morcela or chouriço (as we call it in Brazil) is actually a common food… however I never really like the idea of eating cooked blood, I find it very repulsive (and many deceases can be transfered by blood, needing to be very well prepared and cooked).

  11. Sable

    Cooking meat nowadays is mainly for all the bacteria from the slaughter house, wild game should be decently ok to eat raw if prepared sanitarily.

  12. Chip Uni

    Hrmph! Miles, Lucretia… and my grandmother with fish.

    I’m NOT saying that I have otter blood; I’m only saying that I’ve never known my grandmother to cook fish before eating it. Marinate, yes. Cook, no.

    • Spirit of the Wolf


      (blech in my opinion)

      But pickled herring is the best

      • Keeshah

        Tar-Tar is the term your looking for. Tar-tar = raw meat. sushi = raw fish

        • some_wolfish_guy

          Actually, not to be a jerk or anything… but Tartare (with he e) would be the term you’re looking for.

          and Foxfireattack, ‘getting’ hamburgers and having them raw is a very BAD idea. The majority of bacteria on meat, is on the surface. ground beef has a lot of surface area to grow on. plus it’s usually been sitting for a while for it to grow. if you want a rare hamburger, by all means, do it… just grind the beef yourself, and I guarantee the best burger you’ve ever had.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          I meant sushi.

          Chip Uni was talking about fish

  13. Lance

    Rare steak is just the best. Not so much cooked as heated.

    As for “worms”… you mean trichinosis. It’s certainly an issue with wild game. However, it’s just not an issue in meats raised in modern settings. There’s plenty of other things to worry about, such as e. coli and other bacteria, but that’s dealt with by proper handling of the meat. Keep it clean (wash it, cover it so dust and other airborn badness stays off of it, don’t cut it from roast-sized to steak-sized until just before preparation), avoid meat that’s been slimy (the slime IS the bacteria. Literally.) and you’re fine.

    Also, overcooking red meat is where the carcinogens you keep hearing about associated with red meat come from. That well-done piece of shoe-leather may be to someone’s taste, but it is far, far more dangerous than properly-handled rare meat. Yeah, I wouldn’t eat elk, wild pork or venison less than medium-well (160 degrees) all the way through, but ranched red meat? 130. Tops. Fillet mignon from a premium source? Body temperature, slice it thin, a touch of salt, and we’re done.

    “Now now, boys, there’s plenty for all. Me, I likes mine… raw.”

  14. Asteri

    hahahaha :D well that’s the wolve’s way~!

    …… Lucretia…. how do I pronounce her name?

  15. Wozzler

    Raw foods XD

  16. Shnurui

    No no, it’s not the perfectly cooked meet that makes them classy, it’s the metal forks for an outdoor party. specially when it’s just finger food, or paw food…

  17. SomeGuy

    The fact that she’s wearing an apron that says “Sniff the COOK” makes this all the more funny.

    The cook forgot to cook.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I wonder how exactly one DOES that.

  18. gagi

    it’s like sushi, just different meat :P

    well i guess our evolution got it wrong: eat raw meat, discover fire, start to cook meat, eat cooked meat, meet a wolf pack, go back to eating raw meat….

  19. CalaverX11

    I order my steak “Bikini Atoll.”

  20. TLV

    Just waiting for the food poisoning to set in.

  21. Fuzzy

    You should try a “Lion Head”, it’s delish! “A raw egg yolk surrounded by a manelike garnish of chopped onion and caviar on a bed of steak tartare”.
    And it’s probably way safer than commuting to work every day.

    • Tapewolf

      o_O That sounds like a handy way to catch Salmonella…

      • Fuzzy

        Depends on where you live. And it didn’t used to be, back in the good old days before livestock became heavy-duty industrialized.

        • FoxStar

          Lots of people didn’t live to see the age of 50 in the good old days ether.

  22. james319

    those guys are pretty cute ^^

  23. Just-This-Guy

    Lucretia is so cute!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Sry buddy, but she’s been claimed by Miles, now get in line behind me, Blue Anubis, and anyone else who’s waiting for an unclaimed wolf to show up.

  24. timmainsson

    I have eaten raw meat for years to include fresh kill with no problems but my system is use to it. one tip. don’t try this with store bought meet fresh or from a trusted kosher butcher

    • FoxStar


  25. timmainsson

    oops for got the (.) after bought meat changes the meaning

  26. RGD

    ummmm raw stake mmmmmm.

  27. Tahoe

    Someone else likes them ‘mooing’ … AWESOME!

  28. Ariana

    That’s hilarious.

  29. Raiettei

    Dun matter if it’s cooked or raw… they make steaks without mistake.

  30. Zekermeme

    My uncle would love that steak.

    He’s… quite insane, though.

  31. redwolfmatt

    i must admit, i love a good rare stake… but raw?

  32. wingedwolfgirl

    Bill? but he said he needs to be Frank.
    (yes, old joke)

    Did the extra-raw steaks come from the deer carcass I wonder?

  33. Rawrimaducky

    Mmmmm….. Juicy red sause *drool*

  34. Argent Stonecutter

    Carnivores FTW, ^^

  35. lonewolf23k

    Raw Meat? Meh. Make my stake Medium.

  36. BlueAnubis

    For some reason, all I can hear is G.I.R. saying “Oh, Yeahhhhh…”

    I love Lucretia’s expressions throughout the strip, they’re so cute.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Great… now I can’t stop thinking of Wild Man Rick Savage saying “Ohhhh, Yeeaaaaah!

  37. knux

    And thus Bill’s chances of becoming a health inspector were inadvertently decreased XD

  38. Zyrin

    The she-wolf’s really cute.

  39. A Cheetah

    @ Rick : are lucretia’s expressions as fun to think up and/or draw as i’m guessing they are?

    dunno why, but i just get the idea you have a LOT of fun drawing her facial expressions. :)

  40. Squival

    “sniff the cook” apron is great xD

  41. Acey Winters

    So is Lucretia a female or what? I’m confused :<

    • Jaezel

      Lucretia is a very pretty, female wolf. I assume she is the Alpha Female of the pack, being the packleader’s mate.

  42. Argent Stonecutter

    Of course forgetting you’re supposed to cook the meat when you’re wearing an apron that says you’re a cook is pretty wild.

  43. RockstarRaccoon

    Wonderful. Hopefully, because they are wolves, it’s like sushi where it’s so fresh you can eat it raw….

  44. Mystery Ezekude

    Oh! So THAT’S why he thought that Miles was up to no good. Because Bill has hardly seen any exceptions so far apart from Miles. And yes, raw meat is very unhealthy.

  45. Xu-kitty

    Ah, well, I’m pretty sure humans CAN eat raw meat (Sushi, after all), it’s more a health issue (e-coli, whatnot), and the fact that human jaws are pretty weak, and cooking meat makes it easier to chew.

    But all the other animals eat their meat raw, so human digestive systems are wussies.

    • Blue_Elite

      I wouldn’t call our digestive system “wussies”. For one thing we’re omnivores; that by itself means we can digest or “handle” a large variety of different substances without getting sick.

      Another part of it is simply conditioning. You ever heard “don’t drink the water in Mexico”? Other people who are used to clean water can’t drink it (or even have contact i.e. salad washed with water) but the natural citizens there don’t (at least that I know of) have a problem with it.

      Also animals aren’t immune to diseases from eating raw meat; they can still get sick from those. Even wolves can suffer problems from things like sharp bone pieces while gnawing on them. There’s always a risk with eating another animal no matter how you prepare (or don’t prepare) it.

  46. D_Leo

    Lucretia is just adorable, especially in the middle panels. One question though, would it count as Hadaka Apron if she doesn’t wear anything normally?

  47. Firewing417

    You Gotta Wonder if Those ‘Sunglasses’ Make him Blind :P
    Otherwise, That’d make Perfect sense!


  48. Blue_Elite

    Looks like the cow gets the last laugh against Grape after all.

    (hint: [i]Grape[/i] didn’t get to eat his innards)

  49. Lance

    Of course, one thing that swished right by is Bill’s little exposé: that his experience with wolves has been negative. Imagine how Daryl would interact with Bill. Bill does what he does for solid reasons; he believes his own eyes and his own experiences over vague generalizations from people who don’t have to deal with the consequences.

    I’ve known quite a few police officers. They deal with the very worst that humanity has to offer 12+ hours a day (ask a cop about overtime and shifts sometime). Eventually, the attitude is (and I quote): “There’s wolves, sheep and sheepdogs”. Cops are under physical threat constantly (even off-duty they are on the lookout for people whom they’ve crossed paths with s before seeking them out for revenge), which eventually substantially alters someone’s brain chemistry and hormonal balances. Cops are feared and hated by everyone they meet, which is deeply emotionally damaging. Cops are lied to by everyone who speaks to them. Cops get this incredibly cynical attitude for reasons which make a great deal of sense to them. Cops have the highest divorce rate among “professional” careers, and they NEVER get custody of the children (see previous reference to 12-hour shifts and psychopathic revenge-seekers). It’s a self-selection fallacy, but one which can be reached through entirely logical steps. Cops are the way they are because it cannot be any other way… not without major changes to how the task of policing is done, anyway.

    Leaving aside another self-selecting unsupportable bias (“furries good, humans bad!”), looking at the world Rick has shows several things. One, there ARE animal criminals. Enough to warrant an entire body of law and wing of the police force. Two, some animals are jerks… downright malicious. Bino’s only funny because he’s ineffectual. Three, wolves and other ferals know far less about humanity than they think they do (and vice versa), nicely illustrating “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”). Four, animals as a group are portrayed as “wearing their hearts on their sleeves” more than humans; to an even greater degree than humans they feel before they think, and act upon that. All that adds up to “dealing with ferals is, in fact, playing with fire”.

    Yeah, Bill’s a man of a sort that dangerous when backed by a badge. The world made him that way. But if steak tartare can fix that, maybe the local pets should take up a collection and buy him a side of beef.

    Sucks to be the cow though…

  50. Shady Kitsune

    Am I the ONLY person here who would rather have his stake well-done? >.>

    But man, what kind of food does Bill eat at home if raw meat is the best steak he has had? Betchya you could mix mashed potatoes with dog food and he’d think it’s delicious.

    • Kurastwolf

      While I enjoy a well-done steak quite a bit, many people enjoy the tougher, juicier taste of raw meat. Personally I do medium rare, to stay on the safer side.

      Cooking involved dehydration. Ergo your rare steak will have more juice than the well done. Even if it is blood.

      • Shady Kitsune

        Well the taste of blood makes me a bit ill… So I won’t be running with the wolves anytime soon. xD
        Unless I learned to cook on open fire. <.<

  51. Supuhstar



    Does anyone else wanna try it, now?

  52. Cerberus

    well that would be one tasty steak

    and on a side note (and i do realize how old this gets but…) i stumbed upon housepets by accident and haven’t stop reading it since. and i know, yet another comment to clog the postings, but hey with something this good it can’t be helped

  53. Kadoukan

    Hes gonna get the worms

    • rWolf1991

      Thats mostly with pork :)

      • Kadoukan

        yeah but raw meat can always give you something

        • rWolf1991


  54. Eagle0600

    I absolutely detest anything approaching rare. Mostly because it could potentially have live parasites. In part because I hate it if it could still go ‘moo’.

  55. Denaya

    Medium works… but hey… if it gets them in good with the neighbors let there be rare steaks! Also, pants are overrated! *shakes a fist*

  56. Java

    Yum, carpaccio!

  57. J.J.


    With a side order of Ringworm please;-)

  58. tjprower

    Lol… funny as always.

    I’m really enjoying this comic, so I finally decided to say what I thought about it.

    Grape and Peanut are for the win throughout the entire comic, and Miles is just pure AWESOME.

    … Go figure, though, that he’d share my character’s cousin’s first name… heh, Miles…

  59. Frank

    Took me a while to get the caption but “I need to be Frank . . . despite his name being Bill”