Puppy Power
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  1. LoftyFox

    LMAO!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOO CUTE!!! And Peanuts expression is priceless!!!

  2. Repicheep22

    I’m not sure if I want to know what’s happening offscreen.

    • Rawrimaducky

      Tea party! :P

      • Luminosity

        Of course, they’re probably going to dump the hot tea all over him.

  3. DZ

    Hah, they’re adorable.

  4. Oblivion

    PHA HA HA.

  5. Just-This-Guy

    Peanut, we hardly knew ye.

  6. Raiettei

    Adorable? That’s just what THEY WANT YOU TO THINK!!!

    And Peanut’s face in panel 3 is just plain awesome. :3

    • Asteri

      the third cut reminds me the one where he’s sitting in the pond lol

      • LoftyFox

        Yeah, lol.. I looked at the pond panel to compare, it seems that he has an iris and only dot for pupil. In this strip on the third panel, he has a dot for pupil and iris is non existent. Brings me to conclude that this time, he is scared, but last time (in the pond) he was…….you know, something else. =P

  7. DZ

    The whole family is just too cute, I hope their integration into society works out for the best.

  8. Someone

    They are so CUTE! (and so evil!)

    Now think about the cubs. A wolf’s cubs. Bino will in troble now. The cubs will take over the ringleader from him! That would be so fun!

  9. Asteri

    Mile’s pack is just full of awesomeness :D

    • wingedwolfgirl


  10. Scrappy-Doo


  11. TLV

    Peanut yelling in the last panel seems to have become tradition ever since he met Miles.

  12. Acey Winters

    This won’t end well for Peanut. LOL!

  13. crazyredemu

    Now he knows how grape feels!

  14. Helferlein

    Well…. don´t wolf cubs fine-tune their killing skills with prey brought by their mother?

    Miles should better check frequently……

  15. Duez

    Aw snap, those kids ALWAYS get ya with that cute ploy! o:

    Fun stuff there, looking forward to more! :3

  16. Wolfspawn

    I wanna be draged away by a bunch of furry wolves :P Lovely ^^ hahahaaa! And Peanut looks so surprised :D

    • toboe

      Are you sure? You might not come back :P

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        I’d come back… naked and thinking your my next meal *drools*

        • Drakel


  17. falconfox01

    Laughed myself clean off my chair!

  18. james319

    LOL Peanut, Cute as always ^_^

  19. HonoreDerzey

    The cubs must smell table scrapes on Peanut! :3

    • Keeshah

      peanuts ARE food! :)

      • HonoreDerzey

        Dogs don’t like peanut butter sticking to the top of their mouth… I think… my dog didn’t >.>

  20. Squival


    • Spirit of the Wolf


      Now they’re dragging me off too.
      Hey, is that a… oh, Gods no…
      NO! Not that!
      ANYTHING BUT — what?
      Ohhhh, it’s your SISTERS who are watching Zabumafu….
      *thank the Gods*

      My shady corner has officially moved into their living room.

      • Gravity-Glue

        heh, don’t mind me, im just the repair man who’s here to “test” your 360.
        Hurmadurma :P
        Well, its working perfectly fine, I just need to make sure overnight, and tomorrow, and every waking hour after that.
        *growl**chomp* ok ok, ill leave now

        • rWolf1991

          go Halo 3 ODST

  21. Mystery Ezekude

    The wolf cubs look a tad shorter than an adult-sized Babylonian. I wonder how big they are compared to the younger Babylonians…

    • FoxStar

      Bigger. Wolves then to be as big, or bigger then most dog breeds.

  22. Dorian

    And he was never seen again!

  23. Shady Kitsune

    Sure hope Miles knows what those pups are up to… >.>
    I doubt Peanut will end up as a “center piece” but from the looks of it, he might need teraphy after whatevers going to happen.

    Is it just me or does the “leader” cub look a bit feminime to anyone else? His/her chest sticks out to suggest it IMO. Also s/he says “boys” as most males would direct their friends as “guys” in the english language. That or it’s part of the southern type accent, like how Daryl has.

    … Geez I got to stop doing that.

    • FoxStar

      Are you going off one one drawn panel in which said nameless pup is leaning forward? It’s best to not worry about gender till Rick gives names and mannerisms.

      • Shady Kitsune

        Guess so. But I have a bad habit of over analyzing stuff. Important or not. -.-;;
        Which brings up the question why did I make those thoughts public? Maybe cos I was curious if anyone thought the same?

    • D_Leo

      Besides, they’re still little children, there wouldn’t be any difference in any external feature visible, save for maybe the eyelashes. And it wasn’t said whose pup is whose.

  24. wingedwolfgirl

    I can just see it now…
    Miles: Heh, their just kids. They are likely exited to have meet someone their proportional size.
    Wolf cub #1: Okay guys! Roosted peanuts; or Peanut Butter?

    • Disconnected

      Peanut Butter sounds a little suggestive. <..>

  25. Rawrimaducky

    UFC! XD

  26. toboe

    I love Miles’ expression, he looks so proud of his cubs, and is completely oblivious to their actions, like so many parents I know.

  27. Kume

    Is it me or is the wolf’s head in the first and last panel cut and paste? same with panel 2 and 3.

    • Puppy Power

      For the first and last panels it isn’t; look at the eyes. But for the second and third I think you might be right. Ah well, dosen’t really matter. I probably would do the same thing.

  28. Spirit of the Wolf


    Rick’s just gotten me to change my avvy for the THIRD TIME this STORY ARC!!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      And I just changed it last comic, too.

    • mv

      This single cub expression made me laugh hard for a few minutes :D

  29. TD

    This just proves what I’ve always known; CHILDREN ARE EVIL!!!!

  30. BillyMT

    Bite their ears, BITE THEIR EARS…! XD

    Which was the movie who said a canine respects who bite their ears, now?

    • hennessyvenom

      i think it was snow dogs

  31. Shnurui

    Must smell like grape

  32. hennessyvenom

    “okay, you have fun now!”
    as peanut is carried off to his certain doom.
    ahh the days when we are blissfully unaware of what is actually happening

  33. Fuzzypaws

    Evil kids are the best kind!

  34. J.J.

    Run! Someone go get Grape! Peanut’s about to be tied up and burned at the stake by these wild Indi…(er…) Cubs!

  35. Polprav

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    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?