Planted The Family Tree
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  1. Serp


  2. Repicheep22

    Somehow, Daryl comes across as a farm boy to me. Dunno why.

    • BlueAnubis

      must be the way he said “Boy” when talking to Peanut, I thought the eact same thing.

      • gagi

        me too … i almost read it like with a farm accent :D (hope i didn’t misspell the last word)

        • GameCobra

          I have an uncle that speaks like this, but it’s moreso a tone rather than an accent.

          but whenever i hear this tone, i think like that too. like we’ve been raised on the barn on ye yonder.

        • BluFox

          I actually did read it with a farm accent! -_-

          • hephaestus

            wel you seem to be in good company.

        • redwolfmatt

          i read it like fog-horn-leg-horn x3

  3. BlueAnubis

    YAY! More of the pack!

    Wow Daryl is buff too, it must be genetic. I do like the hat though.

    • GameCobra

      I find him more of the running type compared to Miles. his build more resembles like an outdoor athelete more than a bodybuilder.

      • Forvet

        I see it more like a Lanky farm-boy. Which apparently is what our beloved artist was going for. Redneck/Farmboy.

        Tall and Lanky, not as much muscle MASS, per-se. But the kind of “Working muscle” you get when you gain it through activities like you’d see on a farm. I know this how? I work with a guy just like this guy at my job. I wouldn’t want to tangle with him, he’s muscular. But not the massivem uscle type, more… sinewy.

  4. LoftyFox

    ahahaha poor Peanut! Funny though how he first sniffs Peanuts paw! XD

    • Frank

      Well, Rick’s already used “I’m sorry, would this be more comfortable if we sniffed eachother’s butts?” as a punchline; I’m guessing he wanted to go for something different

  5. Fuzzypaws

    Sniff sniff! So cute ^.^

  6. crouchingninjahiddenfurry

    Why do I imagine him as nascar driver for some reason?…….

  7. foxfireattack

    lol. the wolf looks cute in the 2nd panel. ^w^

  8. Wozzler

    Daryl looks hot too ^_^ and thats some shaking XD

    • crouchingtigerhiddenfurry

      I’m surprised no one has called dibs yet
      (I’m still waiting for another female)

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Sorry, but I call dibs. I am already waiting in a shady corner with lots of snacks and entertainment devices. I even got myself a port-a-potty.

        • Cannon Fodder

          I’m next in line after you.
          Whoever says otherwise shall taste my righteous fury, flavour now available in bubblegum.

          • BlueAnubis

            And I’m still in my spot in the corner near the celing. However, I learned from my preveous passing out that hanging upside down is a bad idea. So I built a tree stand instead.

            Could someone bring me something to eat? I’m stuck.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            *Throws a bag of Cheetos to Anubis*

            There ya’ go, boy!

          • BlueAnubis

            Sweet! thank you my lupine friend.
            *opens the bag and sees his reflection*
            … Who drew on my face?!

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          I’m pretty sure Anubis was after me….

  9. SomeGuy

    I see a Bloodhound Gang reference in here…

    “…where’s your brother Daryl? Where’s your other brother Daryl?”

    Probably looking too far into it, but makes it just that much more enjoyable. :D

    • Nohbody

      The Bob Newhart Show did it first. :)

      “I’m Larry, and this is Daryl, and this is my other brother Daryl.”

      (quote from memory)

      • X Intolerable X

        I was praying that I wasn’t the only one old enough to remember that.

        • CalaverX11

          “Old” has nothing to do with it.

        • Farallon

          Likewise :03

      • Ray The Whimsical Lampshade

        That’s what I thought too, especially the way Miles introduced Daryl. I do like the wolf pack so far.

      • Shivers

        Ugh. I feel ancient now. That show – which I also remember, at least in passing – went off the air 20 years ago.

        Blerghhhhhh. Still, filled with lol.

      • J.J.

        Dang! Ya beat me to it!

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        That’s where I was going.

      • Kaloyan

        Thank god I’m not the only one to get the reference to the Bob Newhart Show.

  10. Loki Impisi

    So gansta

  11. TLV

    I like Daryl. Probably cus I was raised on country.

  12. Andrea

    Why am I hearing Foghorn Legghonrs voice right now…Guh that rooster.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      THAT’S the voice that I was thinking of.

      Thank the Gods for Chuck Jones and… Warner Bros.(?)

  13. Yami

    OH NOES! Its a wolf version Foghorn Leghorn, a anthropomorphic roaster that today children do not know because looney tunes no longer run

    • Roguebfl

      Foghorn leghorn is one of the Teacher at Acme University in Tiny Toons.

      • Yami

        Yes, but before the 90’s he was in the Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons from before even VHS tapes

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          I say– well, I say, don’t feel old, boy. Ah’m onlay 16 and Ah’ve done seen about ev’ry one o’ them there Looney Toons episodes.

      • Zekermeme

        You got the name wrong. It’s Acme Looniversity.

    • Tigergulp

      Yay! Looney Toons! Yay for Tiny Toons (which is out on DVD now)…

      *feels old*

  14. Asteri

    I want his hat :D
    *steal* << fail [...]

    • Frank

      Stealing things off a wolf? not a good idea. Remember their “classy centerpiece”?

  15. ndigit

    I like how Miles backed off slowly as if afraid what his brother might do

  16. Shoji

    Lol, I love the second panel XD

  17. FoxStar

    Wolves have big families, heh,

  18. james319

    cant wait to meet the rest of the family

  19. Yokel

    Loving those flappin’ ears in the last panel.

  20. Acey Winters


  21. BillyMT

    At least he tried to sniff Peanut’s paw, instead of…

    ………. Yeah… They could explain what with sniffing in… “there” >_>;

    • gagi

      hehe … but peanut almost looks angry when daryl sniffs his paw…. still it was a nice move …and the dog kind of sniffing might break the pg rule .:P

      • wingedwolfgirl

        I took it to mean that Peanut’s paw is STOPPING, Daryl’s nose before it reaches…
        other places?

        Meh, my mind is wandering …badly so.

        • Rawrimaducky

          You should read a book. :P

          • gagi

            or a comic … a webcomic … this comic…
            yes he should read this comic again :D

            also the stopping part could be possible, but peanut had first put his hand there, so i doubt it … but yea would be funny hearing peanut “heyy where are you goi….. aarrrrrrr”

        • HonoreDerzey

          It’s good to let your mind come up with extra plot-lines! The comic would be interesting if you didn’t. ;)

  22. Raiettei

    Wow. I really REALLY love the expressions here! :3


    I want my Peanut shaken… not stirred.

  23. Mystery Ezekude

    Haha haha. I think I remember a dog doing the same thing to my hand.

    What’s next? Peanut teaches them how to communicate with humans from afar and one of them howls? That would be fun.

  24. wingedwolfgirl

    Mmmmmmm … more wolves.
    :#3 <- (doubly so).

  25. Shiftfox

    *facepalms* I’ve had to deal with that joke ever since I moved to North Carolina. My name’s Daryl, and so is my dad’s. No brothers, sadly.

  26. HonoreDerazey

    Ohhhh, come on Daryl……..SHAKE HIM HARDER!

    • J.J.


      Whew! Thanks! (Peanut looks down at the shake): “Ooops… It’s turned to butter.”

  27. Clarke Macbeth

    I have yet to see a reference to the gray wolf’s societal structure. You know, alpha male? Alpha female? Hierarchy? There’s got to be some humor in that somewhere.

  28. Anon

    I laughed when I first read this.
    1 itty bitty critic. Someone may have already said it but… On the last panel. I think you could have done a better job with Peanut’s ears going up and down. Just saying. Comic still funny.

  29. J.J.

    Ha.. the classic Daryl gag.

    At least Miles didn’t say, “Oh… and this is Carlton.. Our door man.”

  30. Quocorya

    Oh gawd I has too… “Mah Boi” :O

  31. knux

    expect no less form a wolf handshake XD

  32. Lance

    Goober wolf.

  33. umm yer

    yer i gave him an irish accent @.@ then a farmer 1 … then and assie 1 i cant deside

  34. Shady Kitsune

    Thats a very form fitting hat for a wolf. Wonder if he made it himself? >.>

  35. Barkum

    Hmm, I dunno about you guys, but Im getting a bit of a D-bag feel from him….

  36. The Bronze Gryphon

    This here’s my brother Darryl, and this is my other brother Darryl…

    Great Newhart reference, Rick. I’m liking this wolf storyline a lot.

  37. Wolfspawn

    Pooor peanut! Just trying to teach the wuffs how to behave :P