See You At The Party Officer
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  1. Tre

    Yay for corrupt police!

    • Mouko

      I’m not sure it’s corruption so much as the age-old adage of, well… not ‘doing your toiletry business’ where you sleep.

    • FoxStar

      Not corruption.

      The ferret’s owner founded the housing development and it’s likely he paid for other services too. It’s more like “Real Politick”

      • wolfsangel

        that, or the ferrets have a rep for being completely bonkers like the old man and he doesnt want to mess with them lol

        • Eriisu-chan

          That was my first thought!

  2. DJ darkwolf420

    that shut him up pretty fast

  3. Asteri

    well, that worked lol

  4. Fuzzypaws

    Maybe he’s into ritual sacrifice himself!

  5. GameCobra

    wellp, Miles is now the king of the biggest tail wag in this comic’s history now.

  6. LoftyFox

    AHA!! Money talks! Indirect money, that is..

  7. foxfireattack

    I’d rather have connections to people in high places then money ANY day.

    • FoxStar

      It’s the money that gets you those connections.

      • foxfireattack

        Not necessarily. Money talks but you can’t buy everything.

      • foxfireattack

        If a politic has everything, what does he need your money for? That’s kinda my point.

  8. toboe

    And if that hadn’t worked, he would have pulled out the old puppy-dog-eyes

    () ()

    • TLV

      Wolves don’t do puppy dog eyes. They do something seemingly harmless, but reminds you what big teeth they have, and just how strong those teeth are.

      • toboe

        All the better to eat me with, I suppose.

        • X Intolerable X


          That was horrible. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • MagicalSarai

            I dunno… how often do you get little red riding hood throws these days? It made me laugh.

          • VF09

            Oh, what big paws you have!

      • Manachu Boy

        *insert obligatory Freefall ‘big wolf grin’ reference here*

  9. crouchingtigerhiddenfurry

    Wait I dun get it

    (p.s. not a new reader just can’t use my normal name right now)

    • Kurastwolf

      The ferrets’ last names are Milton.

      The ferrets’ owner created, owned, and possibly paid for everything in the housing developement, cops included.

      The ferrets inherited their owner’s… well, everything.

      The ferrets registered and moved the wolves in.

      Ergo, the police officer is living in a housing developement owned by Miles’ “owners.”

      Never anger the landlord.

      • Lucien

        For thier wrath maybe surely great…

  10. Raiettei

    This… almost sounds like the end of one of my messed up fairy tales.

    In other news… Dang, those ferrets are AWESOME.

  11. Sylum

    Crafty little ferrets aren’t they XD

  12. Whiskers

    It’s rather off-putting how ridiculously RIPPED Miles appears to be :U

    • chrisQ

      …yeah, I think so too… most others here seem to rather like it for some reason or other, though^^… :)

      • Leinad

        i agree. he tries so hard to make him buff, it looks kinda silly. wolves have lean muscle built for speed and endurance, not so much pumping iron.

  13. gagi

    being a ferrets pet does have it’s perks … though i thought it should be the other way around … but these ferrets are on the top of the food chain now … even higher that police

  14. Yami

    *sings the Flintstones theme, but replaces the word Flintstones with Miltons*

    the cops are so bought off lol

  15. iSKUNK!

    Where did he pull that pet-license card from?

    • Jutah

      Err…… why must you point out these things?

      • falconfox01

        LOL! ….errr….ok now i dont wana guess

      • Yami

        Its called hammer space.

        • Lucien

          Yes if all else fails it’s hammerspace.

    • FoxStar

      If your wondering how he eats and sleeps.

      And other science fact.

      Repeat to yourself “It’s just a show/movie/cartoon.”

      You should really just relax.

    • gagi

      he has a kangaroo pouch on his belly … but the fur color is the same, so you can’t see it …. and he has many more wonderful stuff in there.

      on the other hand, Rick, you might have overdone the muscles slightly.

      i’m still waiting to see the reactions of other guests, ^^

      • Nohbody

        “on the other hand, Rick, you might have overdone the muscles slightly.”

        Slightly…? :P

        Especially for a furry creature (even if few artists do furries as actually… well, furry, for various reasons), his biceps are way too well defined, not to mention looking a bit deformed (and not in a “thinking in human terms about an animal” way).

        • Argent Stonecutter

          I have that problem in Second Life, half the people who make furry avatars put ripped muscle shading… even on thick-furred animals like squirrels. And don’t ask for a custom coloring without the “toned” layer. :(

    • chrisQ

      …maybe his granddad was a tasmanian wolf and Miles is a secret marsupial^^… lol :D

      • chrisQ

        …as gagi already suggested, too – darn, I should read the whole thing before posting myself^^… :P

        • gagi

          haha … it’s ok … great minds think alike *winks*

    • GameCobra

      He got it from inside the house. >.>

      He has enough time in my opinion between Panel 1 & 2 to go get it, and Panel 2 is just in his left hand off-screen on Panel 2.

  16. M.D.

    First police brutality; then “obedience tests” and now something similar to the infamous “pass laws”. The status of pets in your universe is halfway between old-fashioned slavery and apartheid.
    If it’s on purpose, then the stark contrast with the cute and naive characters is brillant.
    If not, it’s getting really creepy (yet still enjoyable).

    • Argent Stonecutter
      • Spirit of the Wolf

        I don’t get it. What’s the connection?

        • Argent Stonecutter

          Humans as “X” (Gods, the weird aliens, Nazis, …). Like, think of Watership Down at one end of the spectrum, and Garfield/Peanuts at the other, and this somewhere in the middle.

    • Leinad

      I don’t see it. they are not enslaved, any more than the average child. if a kid was hosting a block party all his own, and if kids were naturally faster and better armed than most adults, then you would want to keep an eye on them. their parents would be responsible for watching and registering them
      plus, what police brutality are you talking about?

  17. Lomstat

    that wolf gets more buffed each frame!!! … not like i am against it X3

  18. Sophie

    Methinks I might think Miles (that is the wolf’s name, right?) a little too key-uuuuute for his own safety. That fur, that intelligence, that adorable naivety… Those… muscles… O.O

    • Lucien

      Calm down girl, calm down.

      • BlueAnubis

        Besides that, he’s taken, and there’s a line of people waiting for the single ones. Unless someone left their shady corner and didn’t call a seat-check.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          No, I’m still here in my shady corner…

          can someone bring me a snack?

        • wingedwolfgirl

          *raises hand from crouched position in shady corner*
          Present and accounted for!

  19. timmainsson

    Actually officer they are legal, we just call them family barbecues (although no family is added. to high in cholesterol)

  20. friendly fur

    Seeming how he acted, the ferret named miles seems to be some sort of mafia, or that he owns one heck of alot of money, and therefore controls the whole neighborhood. Go up against him and his friend, and you’ll probably have A LOT of trouble, but that’s just what i assume, I am in NO WAY sure this is right :p

    • Manachu Boy

      Miles is the wolf. The ferret’s one of the ones who inherited pretty much everything from their owner a month or so strips back, their owner owned the estate the comic’s based in. Stands to reason what they say pretty much goes, just as well they’ve not gone on a total power trip beyond amassing shiny things… yet. :D

  21. Tom Flapwell

    What, nobody’s mentioned “premesis” for “premises”?

    • Tapewolf

      I didn’t notice that, though there seems to be a word missing in the third panel. While it’s fairly easy to work out that he’s referring to their owners, he hasn’t actually said that.
      Then again, I don’t know what the policy around here is for typo-spotting, if any.

  22. JB

    To me, Miles gave the police a “Get out of jail” free card. This might sound like a silly or dumb question, but do wolves actually wag their tails when they are happy like dogs? I just never seen it happened before.

    • hennessyvenom

      ahhh, get out of jail free, beckons back to the time when i wasnt too busy to play monopoly
      im thinking i might try that
      hopfully they dont get too offended

      • Manachu Boy

        You *know* they’re just going to then respond with a card saying ‘Go directly to jail, do not pass go, do not collect 200 (insert currency here)’, right?

    • Argent Stonecutter

      “do wolves actually wag their tails when they are happy like dogs?”


      • Lucien

        and to back you up yes they do wag their tails like dogs, uncle had a pet wolf.
        sadly miss him…

        • Kurastwolf

          Wolves do a lot of their communication with tail positioning and movements.

          It’s actually very similar to dogs… as if they were related somehow…

          I’ll have to research this…

          ~Lights his pipe and walks off in thought.~

          • gagi

            Why research that when you could just ask Miles? I bet he could tell you all you want to know.

  23. Edge ferret

    why do I have a feeling the ferrets own the wolves now o__o

    • Argent Stonecutter

      And the problem with this is…?

      • Edge ferret

        no problem hehe just saying it out of woozle curiousity

    • BlueAnubis

      Only on paper, besides, doesn’t every ferret want a polite and well read wolf as a pet?

      • Edge ferret

        hehe I has one of those n.n

  24. BlueAnubis

    Miles is obcenely cute in the last pannel.

    I wonder if Bill’s next words were “So… you want me to bring anything?”

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      lol, besides the “Please don’t get me fired for doing my job” cake?

      Yeah, he needs to come pick me up.
      I have a couple a turkey, a couple of pheasants,
      a squash casserole, and the fixin’s for the deer
      I need to get to that party.


      does Peanut even know about human etiquette?

  25. J.J.

    I think Officer Bill is the lucky one.. Have you SEEN Mile’s arms?!

    He could break Officer Bill in half!

  26. FriendlyFireForKids

    Problem, officer?


    i think the Grey wolf looks a little nervous.

  28. BillyMT

    Actually that’s an untold patrol rule. “Don’t ever push your authority to who, indirectly, pays your salary”. For bette ror for worse… XD

  29. Raven

    I doubt that the cop is a “dirty cop” or has been bought off, he’s just not stupid enough to mess with people who have enough money to buy all the twist0ties in the world or suddenly decide to buy out the police station and fire him.

  30. Wolfspawn

    Buff wolf is hot :P He would kick ass really if he wasn’t so uptight nice and friendly ^^

    *Murrrs happily*