Nature: Pushing The Boundaries Of Good Taste Since Forever
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  1. Kadoukan

    yay first

  2. dalqan


  3. Fuzzypaws

    Let’s see how many people show up!

    • Someone

      I wonder it that PETA guy will show up.

      • Nutjob

        That’s… A really good question, actually.

        PETA would sure as hell protest if it were humans that hunted and killed the deer.

        What would their opinion be over these wolves doing the same?

        … This also brings up the scary question of if the deer in this reality have achieved the same level of sapience as the wolves and dogs and other pets we’ve seen.

        I mean, there’s already been talking horses… How far removed are deer from horses?

        • R-One

          Scary concept, but I think you’re over-analyzing the Gag a wee bit too much…

          • hephaestus

            isnt it like furrys with pets though? or most anything of human animal relations, anthropomorphicised (god i hope i spelled that right). but I have often thought about these sort of things, anyone have an answere/opinion?

        • Einenwen

          We’ve already seen it. Remember when Grape ate the mouse? There is still a food chain.

        • Bellwether

          Saw it with the cows. Food animals are dumb.

          Just a matter of do deer count or not.

  4. DZ

    It isn’t classy until you roast it first.

  5. Tre

    It may not be in the suburbs, but out here in the boonies, it’s completely acceptable,

  6. TLV

    Depends on if it’s cooked, and what side of the Mason-Dixon you’re on.

  7. lolparty

    i think the fluids is what makes it classy.

  8. FerretWithASpork

    That apron… Do want! :P

    I like where this is going XD

  9. BlueAnubis

    I can tell, Lucretia is the Martha Stuart of her pack. The apron says it all.

    Just think of it as a luau, except with a deer instead of a pig!

    I want to go the the housewarming party too!!!

  10. Firewing417

    Wow, Thats Good! XD Go Lucretia & Miles! =D

  11. FoxBlood

    I still come! I’ll bring pie!

    • Lucien

      I’ll bring the chocolate covered roasted squirels*

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        I’ll bring a turkey and a few pheasants.
        Nothing says “WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!!”
        better than a dead bird or few ^^

        Now I need to go make the stuffing…

      • hephaestus

        you just gave me a great idea for thanksgiving!


      I think Peanut is funny and cute.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      I bring…My appetite?

  12. Lax

    She’s cute for a predator :D

    • J.J.

      She is cute. I’m bringing the Tuna Casserole!

  13. Cyb-009

    I really love that apron.
    But you’d end up next to the deer if you actually tried to I think. (^_^)

  14. Tigergulp

    Hmm…now is this deer fresh? cause I won’t eat it if its not!

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Only if itz being severed.
      Wolves wouldn’t serve rotting meat.

  15. SomeGuy

    Lucretia? As in Vincent’s mother from FFVII? Or maybe I’m looking too far into other references…

    And they can still have venison. It just needs to be cooked. :p

    • FoxStar

      Your looking too hard into it, yes.

    • Yojimaru

      Total geek moment I know, but Lucretia is SEPHIROTH’S mother. Vincent was in love with her but got spurned in favor of Hojo.

      • Littleaeris

        Nah, same things happened when the character was first introduced into Housepets.
        No geeks here… Just intellectuals !~

      • Megaket

        What I know of FFVII is…
        Lucretia was Sephiroth’s mother, an’ Vincent’s wife, an’ Jenova is…
        He repeatedly called her mother, but… Who was she?

    • bobo

      she is acutily sephrorths mother vencent worked is at shinera the same time as lucretia

  16. J.J.

    “Sniff the Cook”??

    Oh man.. I ain’t going there. Funny yes, but I’m not going there.

    • chrisQ

      …depends on who’s wearing that apron^^…

      • J.J.

        I think it’s the female… Still… They probably all smell like Popcorn.

        • Mephrum

          Kernel corn! :o

  17. falconfox01

    I think Wolves trying to be like Humans is gona be funny on SOOO many levels! Sniff the cook…wonder if you’d get bit if you tried?

    • Shady Kitsune

      It was already pointed out, but:
      You’d probobly end up next to the centerpiece if you tried.

      • jinxtigr

        Depending on her mood it might be worth it :D

  18. Raiettei

    Peanut as an etiquette coach, even if he doesn’t know much about it, is pretty awesome in my books!

    And yes. The apron is awesome! (It must be MINE!)

  19. Bombur

    You do know, that somewhere, someone in the anthropomorphic community is going to take that “Sniff the Cook” apron and make a tee-shirt out of it since it is so clever. Clever hell, I thought it was funny! Wait… it a smock or apron? I mean aprons are used to cooking, but smocks have that little neck thing…..Hmmm.

    • othorlimmis

      dont go smartass on me, mister!

    • gagi

      i would so wear that shirt … and i like to cook :D

  20. IronCrux0

    Gross :C

  21. vnbuchholz

    WEll it looks like they still have their INSTINCTS…..

    • Shady Kitsune

      Are you talking about the apron or the carcass now? xP

      • Megaket


  22. Peanut-lover

    Im going to make the apron. I love my job. Go cosplay designers! We rule!

  23. Rawrimaducky

    But at least the effort was there. :P

  24. MagicalSarai

    I love Peanut’s expression in panel three… and I died laughing when I saw the apron!!

    • Megaket

      He kinda looks like their son, just…
      Kinda like an orphan with a new home?

  25. Jack

    awesome. just awesome.

  26. Jutah

    Just…… where did she GET that apron?

    • Gravity-Glue

      Dont know…
      *whispers* You can still get some for $12 each!
      Nope, nothing comes to mind.

  27. Yami

    I wonder how many people have thought or have done modified Sniff to something else.

    I’d like to see a shirt that says “Sniff the Glaucoma Patient”

  28. gagi

    i don’t know… i hope those humans are understanding … and someone will actually make a fire to roast that thing … (yummy) …. otherwise this could be a bad housewarming party .. :P

  29. Kailen

    If he keeps growing taller/more muscular like this, in about three more strips Miles will have green fur.

    • Shady Kitsune

      Lets see, one strip had him shown shorter than a adult man. The one where he caused panic in the city by greeting said man.
      And Peanut is a dog of unspecified breed, but lets assume he is the size of an average/small one. If Peanut was average Grape is one huge cat. Anyhow they of course are pets and a lot smaller than humans. In the Uncle Ruben’s Farm arc it was usggested they are around as tall as small children when standing on 2 legs.
      So Miles (and assumably other wolves) isn’t probobly much bigger than a german shepard if it got on 2 legs. Thats still pretty big though.
      … We need a size chart, for the readers sanity and the creators accuracys sake. (Still a very enjoyable comic though. :3 )

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        Fido is bigger than Peanut by… about a head?

        Miles is bigger than Fido.

        There’s your size chart.

      • Kailen

        Miles has been growing though. Compare his size vs Peanut in this comic to a previous one:
        Same conversation even!

        I know, ya gotta work on the designs a bit before their finalized. It’s still kinda funny to see though.

  30. Deucalion Wolfe

    Wouldn’t a center piece be like, flowers? So I don’t think the deers for eating, especially since he did say CARCASS….weird.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Only gutted.
      There’s still meat on those bones to be cooked.

      Let me at it and it will knock you off your feet…
      I tend to experiment when cooking.

      Let’s see… A little cayenne sprinkled over the body,
      some Dales Sauce, a little Bud for marinating
      and removing of fat.

      Top that off with some onion and garlic salt,
      roast it for a few hours, after marination,
      of course, and serve it up.

      The Budweiser will have gotten rid of a lot of
      the fat, and will make the meat literally
      fall-off-of-the-bone tender, while the alcohol
      is cooked away by the fire.

      BAM!! Perfect Venison!

      • BlueAnubis

        I must admit, you are making me drool a bit, that sounds like some good meat.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          I got most of my ideas from my older brother and parents.

          • BlueAnubis

            It sounds like something my brother would cook up, being both a hunter and a chef.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            I’ll have to meet him one day

            exchange recipes and what not lol

  31. Argent Stonecutter

    What, no organ meats?

  32. wingedwolfgirl

    Hay, a deer carcass? That’s perfectly acceptable.
    …It’s for decoration AND dinning purposes right?
    Cuz now my mouth is watering…

  33. Oblivion

    I’d sniff THAT cook.

    If y’know what I mean.


    • Ninja

      AHH! You ruined the phrase!
      *smacks you over the head*
      The phrase goes “BOW-CHICKA-BOW-WOW”

      Also, I like how Rick redesigned Lucretia, she looks awesome.

  34. CalaverX11

    I love Peanut’s expression in the last panel. That just made the comic for me.

  35. Forvet

    I’ll bring the Chuhiahuas! … wait those arn’t side dishes? Hmmm…

    Guacamole! \o/

  36. Squival

    It takes a certain sort of class to pull that off, right?.. well maybe the wrong sort actually >.>
    No one can quite understand human dining ettiquette anyway

  37. Bella

    LOVE the apron. c:

  38. Kamron

    I’m a deer.



    • gagi

      i feel bad for you :P

  39. Rooth

    I feel bad for her. Nothing quite like slaving over a feast that no one will eat. :(

    I wonder what books he was reading that made him think a gutted deer carcass would be awesome. Then again, there may be some hunters in the neighborhood who would marvel at their ‘gift’ ;)

  40. icarus

    well clearly the neighborhood isn’t in pennsylvania…

  41. D_Leo

    Amazing how an apron instantly makes her look feminine.
    Wa~it, isn’t this technically hadaka apron?

  42. Mystery Ezekude

    “Sniff the Cook?” *facepalm* Canine habits…

    P.S. Yuri Lowenthal for Peanut, Michelle Ruff for Grape!

  43. Wolfspawn

    AWrrr that’s funny :P Peanut is adorable as always and the wolves are more pretty then anytjing I’ve seen before! :P

  44. Wolfspawn

    And ”Lucie” is hawt ^^ HAWT WOLF I TELL TA :P

  45. Angela


  46. RockstarRaccoon

    Gutted Deer? WIN! If you don’t think that’s a good centerpiece, you must have bad taste!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      And if you think it’s bad, I’ll fix it up so that only a
      vegetarian or someone from PETA, that is,
      the Ethical Treatment PETA, not the, For the Eating
      of Tasty Animals PETA, would refuse to eat it.

  47. BillyMT

    Meh, who cares for visual? Frills are for dresses, not for food!

  48. Froggy

    I’d love to see that centerpiece…maybe Lucretia is the wolf equivalent of Martha Stewart!

    (Loving “Sniff the Cook”, btw.)