The Voodoo They Do
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  1. LoftyFox

    I love it!! The wolf is so cute, and so is the ferret.

    • Mz. Mowz

      You MUST be a new reader.

      • blackcat

        defintutalutsy new reader
        tho the wolf is fabluso

      • Severedevil

        Because everyone in the comic is cute?

  2. So

    Next he should invent the internet! And then post comic strips on it!

    • Tarith Averin

      Of course! GENIUS!

      • Lucien

        let’s just hope he doesn’t invent microsoft…

  3. Odos

    Huh… smart, and funny that they exploit and jump through loopholes, anybody willing to do that for a good cause is awesome, and even more so since he’s a ferret!!

  4. RockstarRaccoon

    Your humanish job it to INVENT TELEVISION. O!O

    • Wolf Nanaki

      But it’s already been invented! D:

      • Littleaeris


      • Trefoiler

        Invent High-Definition.

        • Lucien

          Invent Omega-Definition where you’re put inside the movie!!!

          • Trefoiler

            Virtual Reality has already been–

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            *SMACK* No. It has not.

            Perhaps he could invent….

            THE FRIZBEE!!!
            *sees frizbee fly by and chases*

  5. Ken

    I imagine Keene sounding like Jack Black in the last panel for some odd reason…

  6. TLV

    Listen to the crazy-drunk normally-prey ferret whose giving you a chance to live a better life.

    • Rick Griffin

      Ferrets are predators

      • Tahoe

        Darn tootin!

        • Kamron

          Darn dookin’!

          • chrisQ

            …hehe, that ferret is probably more burping than dooking^^… :D

      • Tapewolf

        I think TLV was probably referring to Miles being a ten times larger predator…

  7. Chochi

    They can invent the taco,too!

  8. Darcin

    How deep is that seat, exactly?

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Deep enough for a ferret to be up to his knees in it?
      That’s some soft-padding!

  9. Repicheep22

    Ya gotta love loopholes.

  10. Tahoe

    Hey …. he has his glasses on all the time.
    What a cool guy =3

    • Mz. Mowz

      They’re secretly attached to his face

  11. Kamron

    That alt text is portmanteautally awesome.

    I’m going to have to make sure that I use it some time tomorrow.

  12. Raiettei

    “Pet in Name Only” is now the new name of my band.

    In other news: I’m liking Keene. He’s so totally all over the place with his ideas! Hehe!
    And Miles is still awesome.

    • Raiettei

      Or rather, “Pet on Paper Only”. D’oh. I should re-read things before I post every now and then, eh?

  13. Someone

    For some reason. I really wish Miles will work as a policewolf and become Fido partner. It’s would be COOL!

    • TD

      You might be on to something there. Assuming that the wolves can gain acceptance, police work might be pretty ideal for them. They can work as a pack(squad) hunting down prey(criminals); only thing that they’d have to be careful about is bringing them in alive.

    • HonoreDerazey

      You invented a new plot line! :D

      • Geek

        Yeah, if that idea isn’t explored I for one will…will…

        …Well, I’ll be very sad, that’s what.

      • wingedwolfgirl

        Plot-line too thick.
        Invent television.

  14. Cannon Fodder

    Yay for loopholes!

    • Mz. Mowz

      Amen mah brothah or sistah!
      (you’re not very specific)

  15. Tapewolf

    I’m hoping ‘invent television’ -was- just an example and not the job they’re contracting him to do, otherwise this could get a little awkward. That said, he might be able to convince them with a Baird mechanical TV or something, if you can keep the scanning disks in sync it’s fairly basic…

    TV aside, the whole setup is ringing a couple of alarm bells, for instance the possibilities of cheap labour exploitation are endless. Here’s hoping the ferrets don’t suddenly freak out on some kind of power trip.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      Ferrets don’t freak out on power trips.

      Ferrets freak out on power STRIPS.

      Ow, that smarts.

  16. foxfireattack

    and I shall invent… SLICED BREAD

    • chrisQ

      …sounds like the best thing since COOKED MEAT…^^ ;P

      • Geek

        Really? I was thinking of food in general.

      • BlueAnubis

        Hmm, your Sliced Bread and Cooked Meat intruege me… I have it! I shall put them TOGETHER! I will call it… A Sandwhich!

  17. james319


  18. ndigit

    …whenever I see Miles, I keep thinking he’s Fox’s long lost brother or something. A freakishly beefed up brother, but that’s beside the point.

  19. vnbuchholz

    Sorry Miles but I think I just invented Television….


  20. falconfox01

    Miles is so expressive both with body language and words!

  21. Cody MacArthur Fett

    He’ll certainly be shaken, and breaken, and achen like humans do. Interestingly enough, there’s also a song by that same name by David Ryrne.

    Who knows? Maybe miles will even end up as a teacher, or maybe even part of the president’s cabinet . . . No, wait, that’s Hank “Beast” McCoy.

  22. hbar98

    Miles’ expression in the third panel is fantastic! Any way we can get a shot of that sans text?

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Is it just me or does he look like he has woman parts in that panel? >>

      • Trefoiler

        Nope (I’m sure you’re not alone); and surely nope. Good eye, though.

  23. MagicalSarai

    The ferret reminds me of gene wilder as willie wonka… “Invent Televison!” “You get nothing!” I see it being said the same way…

    That out of the way… i love how the wolf is wearing his seat belt, yet the ferret is all over the car.

    • D_Leo

      Ok, I must speak up; Your av is soooo friggin adorable! Of course Kota-kun would kill anyone involved if he ever saw that…

      • MagicalSarai

        I’m so glad that someone knows where it is from!! I fell in love with Kota ever since he showed up in the manga, so I was overjoyed that they actually made him a main character… and so when I found this picture… had to have it!

  24. Denaya

    I love the demand to invent television. *Hugs Keene* Eccentric ferrets rock!

  25. Foxtailhigh

    AHH!…the television…INVENTED BY SCOTLAND! :3

    • Geek

      Wait, really?

      • Tapewolf

        Absolutely. Do a google search for “Baird mechanical television”. It was replaced by CRT systems after WW2, but he had it working in the 1920s.

    • Clarke B. Macbeth

      I think who invented the television, where and when is highly debatable. Also debatable is what would define a “television.”

      • Foxtailhigh

        It was invented by John Logie Beard in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. John was a great scientist who longed for the television to be real. Even though he invented the television and changed the world completely, his graduation from University was delayed during WW1

  26. Drakel


    Apart from that, awesome!

    • Sockmaster

      NOT VOODOO SILLY DRAKEL! There is just a hole in the seat! xD

  27. Sockmaster

    Also, Miles’s knees are super knobby

  28. Rawrimaducky

    DO IT!!!…….please :P

  29. Lycanthrope

    “On paper” means LEGALLY, so this is ten times bad for Miles.

    Wolves as police would invite so many brutality lawsuits it would not be funny. Wait…maybe it would….

    Of course, this has all been figured out at a level far higher than ours. *Peers at Rick*

    • Tapewolf

      Miles seems to be pretty with it, and I daresay smarter than Keene. My guess is he’s either wangled some kind of contract clause to protect himself or he thinks it’s worth taking the risk.

  30. Edge ferret

    hehe he seems to have sobered up a little since the last few panels

  31. wingedwolfgirl

    “Pet in Paperwork Only” Sounds like there could be recurrences.

    And now I’ll go off on something else.

    Mile’s eyes…
    I thought they were grey but their blue!

  32. Fuzzypaws

    Ferrets and money – a dangerous combination!

    • Tahoe

      Hey! Is not!
      That’s just a recipe for FUN

      • Mz. Mowz

        Or ripped up money that makes you SAAAD.

  33. Kailen

    Ah, that’s what I love about this comic. There are so many “furry” stories out there where the animals/anthros whatever could be swapped out with humans and there’s be no differences. Even a few have some stereotypical traits, but other than that, nothing. But here? The animals don’t always “get” humans. They try, but they’re still a little bit off.

  34. DarkRexx

    Notice how Miles doesn’t say he CAN’T invent television, just that it’s already been done.

    Genius much?

    • Leinad

      it’s easy to invent stuff if you have a working example right in front of you.
      … but then it isn’t necessarily INVENTING…

  35. Mystery Ezekude

    Hey, I’ve noticed something. The artist included a few wolves in the “Zoo” arc, but it looks completely different compared to this.

  36. Profesor Rod

    Wolf taking an exam. HILARITY ENSUED! X3

  37. JB

    I wish someone would invent emo grass that cut themselves. So what humanish job be suited for a pack of wolves?

    • Leinad

      i direct you to the above post by “Someone,” about Miles’s possible future in the police, but that would be too obvious…

      he should open a BOOKSTORE!

  38. Leinad

    real life should have a GOE… for people. that would be awesome.

  39. Barkum

    Ferrets are sweet 80’s businessmen! He’s convinced me to invent TV too.

  40. thewhitedragon

    its my imagination of miles is getting more muscular every comic? XD

  41. CamKitty

    Ferrets sure can lean forward pretty far when drunk. Keeping balance must suck :D

  42. Lee

    I can’t get over how muscular Miles is. I want a woofy!

  43. Profesor Rod

    Also, seat-belted wolf :3