Did I Mention You’re My Best Friend?
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  1. DJ darkwolf420

    the wolf is awsome and the weasel is drunk heehee

    • Firepaw

      Wolves are always the best = 3
      *wags tail*

  2. DJ darkwolf420

    whoops ferrets my bad

    • RockstarRaccoon

      Actually, ferrets are a type of weasel.

      • Richard Lin

        And for those out of the know, ferretone is like ferret catnip, only it smells like chocolate, has an oily texture, and allows you to perform entire full spine transplants while the ferret is under its addictive spell. oh, it also makes their skin and coat better somehow.

        • X Intolerable X

          And where might one find a donor ferret spine?

          I don’t have a ferret or anything, I just wanna make a cool bracelet out of it.


          • Zekermeme

            Well, that does sound like an accessory that tells people not to mess with you…

          • Richard Lin

            Thats the thing though, its a common misconception that ferrets have spines, when in fact, they do not.

          • Trefoiler

            Regarding spineless ferrets:
            So, you can imagine how groundbreaking it was when we were finally able to make a successful transplant.

    • Argent Stonecutter

      You can call us weasels, ferrets, carpet-sharks, whatever you like. We accept worship in all names and denominations.

  3. BanditRingtail

    It’s a ferret. They probably develop hallucinations if they consume too many pixie stix.

  4. dalqan

    nice one

  5. Repicheep22

    I think this would be a sugar high. It’s not a whole lot different, except you probably tend to remember more. Plus, sugar can do strange things to animals.
    And I love Miles’ expressions. He can’t get a word in edgewise, but still says a lot.

  6. Sleet

    Who loves orange soda?

    • Keijiei


    • Zanzawolf

      Kel loves orange soda. XD

      Ugh I feel old remembering that Keenan and Kel bit ^^;;.

      • Blue_Elite

        Is it true?

        You’re not the only one.

        • yoji

          MmmmmmHmmmmmm!! I do I do I dooo-oooo!!! ^_-

          • Littleaeris

            I don’t! Oranges make me kinda sick, no matter what form… T.T

          • BlueAnubis

            I made that same joke on Monday. lol

  7. GameCobra

    Oh snap! Call in Fido! We need a breathalizer!

  8. LucifersAngelFeather

    ha orange soda drunks, i know them, it is actually possible :P

  9. TLV

    … What.

  10. SomeGuy

    So Dad had a plan…and apparently philanthropy will help achieve it. I guess it makes sense that a community of pets all helping each other will further the idea that animals can make the same moral decisions as humans.

    The more they help each other, the more “human” they become. Though greed certainly is a human characteristic as well. >:3

  11. Rider098

    Ah, under the influence of carbonated sugar drinks, that would certainly explain his sudden generosity! XP

  12. Fuzzypaws

    Imagine the effects if he consumed an energy drink!

    • Gravity-Glue

      After about a day the world would dr up, implode and all things in the universe would cease to exist… or maybe he would try off road racing with the limo. Saying that, how would he reach the foot pedal?

    • Profesor Rod

      We all know what happens with coffee :333
      Hammy proved the Fry effect!

    • Keijiei
    • CyberCorn Entropic

      Depending on the amount of caffeine in the drink, he’d most likely either vibrate himself into another dimension or explode. Or both.

      • Chip Uni

        Actually, he’d explode the other dimension!

    • Chocolate Zanzibar

      Ever overcharge an alkaline battery? it farts hydrogen gas, then explodes. i could only imagine would emmit alpha, beta, and gamma radiation after consuming a small ammount of energy drinks. shortly before shifting into another universe or plane of exsistance, the ferret’s massive outburst of radiation would probobly kill anything without lead skin.

    • Trefoiler

      I don’t need to! We’ve already seen what a handful of chocolate-covered expresso beans can do to a small animal, and now that we’ve seen the effects of orange soda, it seems only reasonable to imagine their combination…! 8O :arrow: :!:

      • Trefoiler

        Seems I meant to use ‘ :arrow: ‘.

        • Trefoiler

          OR it seems that emoticon doesn’t actually exist despite the WordPress guide. Hm.

          • Trefoiler

            *sigh* … or it’s just slow to load when done properly… I’m finished now. Yes.

  13. mathgrant

    Imma let you finish, Keene, but Beyonce had one of the best orange soda-inspired ramblings of ALL TIME!

    • BlueAnubis

      Yo Mathgrant, I’m really happy for you, and i’mma let you finish, But Kell is the biggest fan of orange soda of all time!!!

      • othorlimmis

        yo blueanubis, i’m really happy for you and imma let you finish…(witty comparison here).

        so go ahead.

  14. Eric


  15. Bombur

    This comic gets better and better….Wow, awesome.

  16. Cannon Fodder

    Wait so they spent all the money instead of doing what their dad wanted?
    Or are they doing it?
    I’m confused, someone help explain.

    • Blue_Elite

      “… blowing more money than we could ever spend…”
      Something people seem to not be taking into account is that the ferrets inherited businesses on top of a huge fortune. They not only have a lot of money, but are continuing to rake in even more as time goes on.

      As for “what their dad wanted,” aside from knowing about his fondness of animals/pets this is the first specific goal mentioned in-comic. As far as we know, he just wanted the ferrets to be happy (unless I’m forgetting a comic that specifically says otherwise).

      • FoxStar

        This. Also their dad surely took in account someone going spend crazy and took steps.

  17. RockstarRaccoon

    I must say, indeed… O!o

  18. Kajex

    Slinkyrat is hammered from Orange Crush. X3 Adorable.

  19. chrisQ

    …those facial expressions of Miles are absolutely perfekt – so fitting !… it is amazing what you can convey with such slight changes to the mouth and eyebrows, Mr. Griffin… great artwork !… :D

  20. Firewing417

    I DO agree.

  21. Wolf Nanaki

    Well Miles, it seems you learn something new every day~

  22. Sockmaster

    Before I read the last panel I thought, “GET A GRIP IT’S ORANGE JUICE FOR GOD’S SAKE!”

  23. Salen

    Ferretone and Orange Soda… It’s like Rum and Coke for ferrets? Either way, YAY! More ferret-stuff!

  24. Tigergulp

    Be glad its not chocolate; it would probably have killed him. or is that just for dogs? I forget @_@

  25. Traxer

    Reminds me of Snoopy and rootbeer. ^^

  26. Jack

    That’s just the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. :)

  27. MagicaSarai

    I enjoy the humor in this strip… don’t know why I foudn it so funny, but it is. Perhaps it’s the fact that the bazillioneir ferret just said “dawg” to a wolf… who could easily eat him in about two bites.

    • Trefoiler

      Well, he’s abnormally edified by (what would appear to be Housepets!-) wolf standards; perhaps he’s completely disarmed the term! I mean- it’s as if he’s completely unaffected, here… ;)

      • MagicalSarai

        True, true…. I still liked the fact that he was wearing bi-focals and reading in the woods. Educated wolf… can’t live as he wants too… forced to stick to society’s stereotypes… perhaps that’s what made the other wolf eat little red riding hood?

  28. Just-This-Guy

    Somebody spiked the drink!……..he he he. Miles expressions are just so funnyXD

  29. htg

    I’m surprised Miles is wearing a seat belt. And the ferret isn’t.

  30. Shady Kitsune

    Maybe ferrets don’t handle sugar and caffeine too well? Being high on sugar is a possibility.

  31. BlueAnubis

    Wow, Keene is hammered. He makes me laugh, but not as much as Mile’s expressions.

  32. ChromeHeart

    Three panels later, and I realize Miles shares my first name, as like a cat in Las Lindas. Coincidence? I say no, just to add more suspense to my life. XD
    -looks around for stalkers-

  33. wingedwolfgirl

    I was right! You can get high on soda pop!
    *runs off to beige vanilla coke*

    • wingedwolfgirl

      *runs back*
      I meant binge…
      never mind.

      • Trefoiler

        Its froth tends to be beige, doesn’t it?

        • wingedwolfgirl

          Isn’t Beige a color?

  34. Squival

    So I guess Ferrets are very big lightweights

  35. Edge ferret

    lol ::has can of orange soda:: >.> no I wasn’t gonna drink it ::takes sip::

  36. Rawrimaducky

    d’awww, he’s cute when he’s drunk :P

  37. james319

    LOL its the perfect title XD i like it when he’s drunk :P

  38. J.J.

    Keene: “Dat Soda is Da Bomb!”

    Miles Wolf: “Ah.. You are bombed. Snookered in fact”

    Keene: “BARRRRRRRFFFFFF! Oh… sorry Dawg… ”

    Miles Wolf: “ehhh… It’s okay. It should wash out (GAG)”

    Keene: “Don’t worry.. I’M DRIVING!!”

    Miles Wolf: “Oh God (buries his head in his hands.., er…, paws).

    • Lucien

      *prays for Miles safety…. and the other drivers.*

  39. Tahoe

    Yeah, you have no idea what orange soda can do to us …. especially the 20th one…

  40. Leinad

    miles is buff. and intelligent. and covered with fur.
    somebody hide him from the fangirls!

    that said, I LOVE THIS COMIC!

    • Alahmnat

      In this community, I don’t think it’s the girls you have to worry about ;) .

      • Shady Kitsune

        Whoops, meant to say “resent” not recent.
        … Thats the word right?

  41. Raiettei

    Every time I see him, Miles gets more and more awesome to me.

    Keane’s improbable intoxication just makes me smile. :)

    • Raiettei

      Err… Keene.

      • Lucien

        I knew it Sodas are just flavored beer with high amounts of caffeine!!!

  42. R-One

    Intoxication from caffeine, rofl. Only with ferrets… :D

  43. SuperNova

    Please don’t develop Cerberus syndrome.
    Please don’t develop Cerberus syndrome.

  44. Trefoiler

    Love it, love it. I especially love that, on top of all else, Miles knows the importance of a seat-belt! Vehicular safety ftw!

    I’m with Raiettei: Miles never fails to impress!

    • wingedwolfgirl

      *sigh* :3
      The articulate-wolf is also a safe-wolf!

  45. BIllyMT

    Some people get drunk even with mouthspray… See what 0.01% alcoholic solution does to some people?! XD

    …I mean, ferrets XD

  46. CamKitty

    Heh I like this comic simply because he artist is good at showing just the sheer length of a ferret. Long little buggers, they are.

  47. JaXx

    See kids this is why you shouldn’t get drunk, You may end up with a naked buff wolf in your private car and your too drunk to notice the full situation :P

    • Gravity-Glue

      I thought that was the reason why people got drunk?

  48. Wolfspawn

    Awww ^^ That’s adorable :) *Huggles the fuzzball*