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  1. BlueAnubis

    Keene to the rescue!!!

    • Gravity-Glue

      At first I thought he was holding cheese soda…
      Cheese + Soda = ?

      • Gravity-Glue

        Oh, and Orange Soda FTW!

        • Rooth

          Cheese soda!?! *hurl*

          • Dreama

            Not too weird. I’ve had cheese icecream.

  2. Gravity-Glue


    • Ellix


      • Spirit of the Wolf



        • Spirit of the Wolf's Shadow

          That avatar is perfect for the nature of the comment.

        • FADFRANKIE

          why did that ferret call the wolf stupid?

          • Lucien

            because he’s just sitting there… mopping

          • Squival

            And yay for the now rich ferret to the rescue ;)
            Only known of Miles for about 4 strips but he is awesome

      • J.J.


        Well, he doesn’t.

        • HonoreDerazey

          …I don’t even wanna know what made you think about that… ._____.

          • Izkata

            Many have – my roommate glanced over and asked why the wolf was naked…


        i wish i had a talking wolf from House Pets comic.com. it would be so awesome and cool.

        • Gravity-Glue

          Don’t we all?

  3. dragonnutds

    i knew it was the ferrets, that explains the house to everyone asking how they could afford it in the comments in the previous comments

  4. EHH

    Miles has nice biceps. I guess after seeing scrawny pets (no offense), it’s noticeable.

    • EHH

      I almost forgot to add something. Nice sunglasses.

  5. BanditRingtail

    Some people think this is beefcake fanservice. =P I just think it’s natural with how wolves like to walk and run all the time. ‘Course, now without having to do that just to feed themselves, they may develop a bit of pudge…

    • Blue_Elite

      Maybe they’ll compensate by running on a treadmill.

      The only question is will they do it 2-legged or 4-legged?

      • Shen Hibiki

        *points at pecs* I would say 4-legged for those, unles they also lift weights <.<

        • Rooth

          Books are pretty heavy … ^_^

  6. Tre

    Miles is jacked. I guess being feral has it’s advantages.

  7. LucifersAngelFeather

    well thats some fancy rescue

  8. Someone

    Muscle + Cute = AWESOME!!!

    • J.J.

      In the pack, I’m sure there’s actually two criteria here:

      1) Muscle + Cute = Awesome Pack Protection;
      2) Muscle + Cute = Happy Alpha Female :-)

      • D_Leo

        And Happy Alpha Female = Happy Alpha Male = *Really* Good Pack Protection

  9. r

    Whoa! Miles is built like a Russian tank! Maybe they’re are not afraid of him, but rather made severely self conscience by his physical prowess.

    • Cannon Fodder

      You know that might be it.
      Ahh, I wouldn’t be a afraid if I saw him irl, I would give him a hug…
      Then again I hug everything.
      One of these days porcupines I WILL HUG U!

  10. Polar_Bear

    Yeah, man. That wolf is ripped!! Does he bench-press Buicks in his spare time?

    • J.J.

      I saw that. Bet he’s keep that Pack of his very safe and secure.

  11. R-One

    Oh lord, the ferrets… now it makes sense…. >.<

    BTW, love the idea of a feral having taught itself to read and write – actually had a similar concept drawn up for that Pet-Friendly RP going on the forums, but never found a good time to jump in, lol.

    … but your wolf here seems to be much more fluent in English than most humans… "Alas?" Gad, can't remember the last time I actually even HEARD someone use that word!

    • Justice193

      You would be surprised just how much reading can do… most people don’t take it serious enough, but those that do have a huge advantage over those that don’t… mind you getting the accent right would be a bit of a stretch, but most dictionaries come with a built in pronunciation guide, so it’s quite possible if someone was determined.

  12. TLV

    Dr. Pepper is better.

    • Lax

      Fanta Twister is the best

      • BlueAnubis

        Who loves Orange Soda?

        Keene loves Orange Soda!

      • Herbert west

        your both wrong nothing can beat good old coke

  13. Lax

    Dang! Compared to him, Peanut is but a pup in his shadow 0_0 Tarzan must have trained him or something

  14. Shoji

    Holy crap look at his arms O_O

    • wingedwolfgirl

      *wakes up from fainting*
      I did!
      Aww drat, I’m on the floor again.

      • wingedwolfgirl

        …annnnd, not sure why i said that…

  15. Wozzler

    Miles’ muscles are awesome =3

  16. TD

    My god, how I wish I lived in this world!

  17. Kurastwolf

    Reminds me of the artwork of Illidan from Warcraft 3.

    Just Dayum, son.

  18. chrisQ

    …gosh: wolf on steroids^^… :)

    • FoxStar

      He’s about the normal muscle mass for a wolf or any ‘working’ animal.

      • chrisQ

        …pft – not even working class humans working on a building site have that kind of biceps without 1) pumping iron, and 2) taking supplements… and believe me, I know this for various reasons… :P

        • Cannon Fodder

          Yeah but if you told us, you’d probably go to jail

          • chrisQ

            …I have -no- idea just -what- you may be thinking of… ;P

        • HonoreDerazey

          May you take in mind that Miles is a Wolf. (As you know) And Wolf’s are, to some degree, weaker than humans. So I would say Miles is AS strong, if not a bit less, than the average human.

  19. Epsilon

    I’d yell too if I saw muscles like that coming towards me

    • Firewing417

      It Probly Start an Interestingly Intelligent Conversation with Miles.

  20. Wolfspawn

    Ahhh! it’s the spoiled little ferrets at the big house :P This is great ^^ And the wuff is buff :D

  21. lazyredhead

    i think he’s small for a wolf….isn’t a wolf on it’s hind legs nearly as tall or taller then a human?

  22. Wolf Nanaki

    Why’d you have to make Miles so hot? :P

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      *Dangles picture of Miles in front of Nanaki*

      • wingedwolfgirl

        0 3 0 *paws @ picture*
        Gosh what am I doing!?!

        • Xu-kitty

          *tosses fetcing stick*

          And holy crap, those muscles are huge.

          • Firewing417


          • Cannon Fodder

            *brings it back*
            *drops it for you to throw again*

          • Gravity-Glue

            *slams into wall*
            oh wait, i do that alot already

        • Gravity-Glue

          BAD! SIT! STAY!

      • Wolf Nanaki

        o.o *stare*

  23. Wolf Pup TK

    If a wolf like that came up to me and introduced himself my reaction would probably be something like:

    Can…. Can I hug you?

    • Lucien

      My way would be:

      *look back*
      *do a double take*

      … Hello there nice to meet you! *and shake his hand wildly*

  24. Sockmaster

    OHMIGOD. His arms are so gigantic they’re almost sickening…

  25. Tapewolf

    Now I’m reminded of the game Morrowind, where for some reason it’s considered socially acceptable for a feline to run around on two legs and earn a living, but a wolf attempting the same will get exactly the reaction in this comic…

  26. Random Viewer

    am i the only one who got the Fallout ref in the title? hehheh

  27. Just-This-Guy

    if i saw a wolf in the street id be like. “Awwwwweeeesoooooooome.”

  28. Dissension

    Seeing wolves in the street isn’t terribly uncommon where I live.

    Granted, I don’t live in a big city.

  29. Chip Uni

    Staying in the car no longer saves you from wolves.

  30. Rider098

    Keene must be awfully brave and/or good at analyzing a situation to invite a dangerous predator into his car! XP

    • Lance

      Ferrets fear nothing. Size doesn’t enter into it; they’re psycho. Besides, ripped or not, Miles is under 5 feet tall as seen in panel 2 (or he’s accosting a basketball player), and the chauffeur is probably an ex-football player with a gold tooth, a bazooka and bling-rings that will leave a dent.

  31. Shady Kitsune

    More like “Sweet Christmas, it’s a wolf! Get in it in the car before it’s shot!”
    … Why are his biceps almost quadrapule size in the 2nd panel? Lifting your arm up doesn’t flex them THAT much.

  32. Gavinfoxx

    *looks back at the previous comic and this one*

    Hunh. He’s lost some muscle definition since that time period!

  33. J.J.

    This has a bit of a “Prince & the Pauper” or “Oliver Twist” take on life,…, from a Wolf’s perspective.

    I like this wolf. He can move in to the house next door to us! Wouldn’t bother me a bit… Just make sure he’s been dusted for flea’s and we’ll be just fine.

  34. Calbeck

    OMG Talking Wolf! YAY!

    *engages in animated discussion regarding nature of the universe*

    • Firewing417

      -Joins in- o3o

      • Lucien

        I know thw ending number of Pi~
        It is 3

        How i figured it out: if Pi is 3.14159….. in a continuos decimal sequence,

        And Pi is round then it stands to logic that what ever number you began with you’ll end with.

        Thus it’s 3

  35. Sockmaster

    I looove the Housepets world. Animals that can talk and read and write and have the same intelligence and mind capacity of a teenager… and have opposable thumbs… are AWESOME.

    Also wolves are kind of cool. BUT DOGS PWN YOUR SOCKS.

    • Firewing417

      Well, then i Pwn your Sawks.

    • Gravity-Glue

      Then I shall now HALF pwn your socks!
      If you do not get this then you sirs and mams, are fails.

  36. RageReaper

    You never go to the city first. Its always going to have idiots around every corner you come to, and then their idiocy becomes temporarily contagious and spreads to everyone.

    In short, people feed off of another’s fear and make it their own.

  37. Rodger Young

    So do ferals speak English?

  38. wingedwolfgirl

    If a talking wolf walk up to me, I would probably just freeze;
    Suspended in a strange state of sheer terror, and abundant joy.
    Then he’d probably walk away and I’d be like…

  39. RobbyThePerv

    Bulging Biceps Batman, he’s ripped!He’s also got muscle’s.

  40. Max Wolfe

    It makes you wonder if Miles can beat Chuck Norris with his muscles o___o

    • Firewing417

      NOTHING Can Beat Chuck Norris. YOU HEAR ME?!

      • Firewing417

        Although, Miles Is..Epic…
        Alright, I Take that Back, MILES IS TEH NEW CHUCK NORRIS.

        • Chuck Norris

          *Round-house kicks you*

          • Miles

            -Owns You with a Single Pawnch

          • Lucien

            *Watchs the show of Chuck randomly beating people* I need popcorn…

          • Chuck Norris

            Oh yeah Miles
            *blows hole in the universe*
            Ah crud anyone got ducktape?

          • Squival

            Chuck Norris told a Chuck Norris joke to Chuck Norris… they didnt laugh cause they’re not funny

  41. Naya

    I can haz a pet Miles? He seems like the type that would love to have an intelligent debate with someone X3

  42. Godith

    is it just me, or does miles get more and more buff each strip? at first he was just adorable, now he’s THE SMEX.

    • Miles

      Fangirl. >:U

      • Squival

        or guy

  43. Rawrimaducky

    Two thumbs up for incredibly rich ferrets!! :D

  44. Justice193

    *dances and pats self on back for getting it right*
    ok, maybe I didn’t guess That much of it… but still XD

    Those people should be ashamed…he wasn’t even taking a threatening posture.

    you know, there is only one thing that could of made that strip funnier, and I know I’m cruel to say this but here it is:

    if someone across the street had noticed the commotion, realized the situation had been misinterpreted, started to cross over to help out, and gotten hit by the limo…

  45. Angela

    Gotta love the ferrets.

  46. Silverpaws

    yay reply # 100 hahahaha awww poor wulfie he joust wants to fit in da human society

  47. james319

    at least he helped XD

    cheese soda LOL

  48. Forvet

    S’it just me, or does Miles seem a tad… shorter? In this one?

    • Alexander

      To me it just looks like he gets more and more ripped in each comic. At first he didn’t look much bigger than Peanut, but now he’s borderline body builder.

  49. thewhitedragon

    woah, this guy is really really muscular and agree with forvet, he looks really short on this one compared to the image of him in the sofa talking with MR. Sandwich.

  50. Fuzzypaws

    They’re just jealous of his megamuscles!

  51. Flexico

    Two things: One, awesome arm muscle there. XD Two, yay for referring to other storyarcs! ^_^

  52. Phife

    Nice Bicep right there! It amuses me that one of the ferrets is the one who finds him. Third panel makes me want to hug him.

  53. Trefoiler

    Aha! Moneybags to the rescue!

    So this more-or-less ‘cultured’ pack really is unusual? Even in Housepets!-land? Interesting! And informative!

    Oh, and in panels one through three? I’ve never actually commented on it, and I feel as if it’s been said more than enough to justify carving it into your drawing hand so that you can never rightly forget it, but- Rick?- your expressions never fail to amaze!

  54. Lee

    Aww! I wanna hug him.