What Are You Still Doing In My Room
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  1. Kadoukan


  2. CannonFodder

    Dude’s buff
    …This comic raises soo many questions

    • Inaku

      Anyone else think that ‘Who dat wolf’ (I shall name him squishy, for simplicities sake!) Looks ~ Rather NAKED without the collar. x3

      • D_Leo

        Yes. Yes he does.

        • Justice193

          believe it or not, I totally agree (I thought the same thing about the mice,)… but we’ll get over it quick, I’m sure (I did).

      • Eagle0600

        I think he’s called ‘Miles’.

  3. Kadoukan

    peanuts face in the last panel was classic

  4. CalaverX11

    *sniff sniff* … *sniff sniff*


  5. CannonFodder

    Peanut watch out! Do a barrel roll

  6. Mephrum

    You know that the comic is getting to you when you think of one of the animal characters as ‘naked’ whenever they don’t have a collar…

    • CannonFodder

      My thoughts exactly

      • Trauts

        MY thoughts exactly!

        • falconfox01

          LOL! Glad I wasn’t the only one who thought that!

          • gagi

            yea naked people .. wassup with that ? …
            and i love peanuts face in the last panel, he looks like he’s having a heart attack …

            Rick .. you’re a genius ..

    • james319

      strangely enough, thats 100% true, i guess its cuz he has more body to cover then the other characters…

    • Winston

      …gawd,YOU ARE RIGHT!

  7. GameCobra

    *Waves at the wolf*

    Hello, Balto~ I mean, Mr. Wolf!

  8. Just-This-Guy

    pffft. who says ‘hello’ anymore?

    • chrisQ

      …oh, only just all of us well-bred preppies, old boy^^…

  9. DZ

    Wow, he just looks so friendly. I wonder if the other dogs will fawn over him as they do Fido.

    • TLV

      He also looks big enough to rip their heads off and stuff em with squirrels o_o

      Oh, and what Mephrum way up there said? He’s right. It DOES feel like he’s naked.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Maybe he has a friend who is a rat named Ops.

  10. Ookitsu

    Peanut just play it cool and everything will be fine. Wait he just screwed that up possibly. Just play it cool from now on and things will be fine.

  11. FoxStar

    I do like the fist Grape is making.

  12. james319

    he seems like a nice guy :)

    • JB

      Don’t be fooled. There is something evil about him and the wolf hiding it very well. Peanut! RUN~!

  13. Max Wolfe

    To everyone who’s mentioning dat wolf being naked. Since when do wolves or werewolves wear collars D:?

    • Mephrum

      We know that they don’t; It would be out of place if he did. Since he’s feral, being ‘naked’ makes sense? It’s just something that we’re not used to yet because the strip has mostly focused on neighborhood pets so far. More than that, the characters reinforce it now and then, like when Mr. Sandwich removed Grape and Peanut’s collars in the mini-mart that one time.

      So, we’re not complaining. We’re commenting.

      • othorlimmis

        you DO realise theres a small line there, right?

      • Trefoiler

        A thought occurs to me after all this discussion over the ‘human-size’ wolf and the ever-present ‘omg naked hax’ concern: This is one of those animals that would seem perfectly capable of wearing adult clothing (perhaps purchasing it for himself, even). At this point, Miles appears to be completely sensible, and I find it enjoyably sobering to see that, like any sensible person who is somehow exempt from the courtesy of clothing in public, he simply chooses not to wear anything at all. ^_^ I’ll bet nobody complains, either? I like to think the reasons are obvious, though.

        Just some thoughts…

  14. Schrodinger

    Don’t you just hate it when people talk about you behind your back?

    • Trefoiler

      It can’t be much worse than talking about you in front of your back.

      And you never answered my question– What happened to your cat, sir? A lot of curious people want to know.

  15. Spirit of the Wolf

    Coming home to be told you have a visitor: $10

    Realizing that visitor is a wolf (awesome): $25

    The look on your face in panel four when he sneaks up on you and begins to introduce himself:

    • wingedwolfgirl

      There are some things money can’t buy.
      For everything else…there’s a wolf.

      • Ada

        For some reason I laughed more at your reply than the original. XD

      • wingedwolfgirl

        Coolz, thanks. :)

  16. Draco_2k

    Don’t worry, Peanut, biology teaches us that dogs are wolves too.

    • Trefoiler

      By many definitions, they can be considered Wolf Lite.

  17. ownbig.ru

    When you order frogs legs at a restaurant what do they do with the rest of the frog ? – Well surely they just throw the rest of the frog away and take it to the tip.

    • wingedwolfgirl


    • Geek

      Frogs can regenerate. I’m pretty sure that they ust putthe frog back into it’s tank and wait for them to groe back. And then rip them off again.

      I’m never gonna eat frogs legs, ever }8P

  18. AstroFenn

    Cue heartattack.. poor Peanut.. funny how Grape’s not fussed about a wolf in the house.. XD

  19. dalqan

    Who dat wolf?

  20. icarus

    interesting :o i guess a neighborhood exclusively for pet owners would attract exotic pets sooner or later. i imagine a wolf would have to have all kinds of obedience class certifications and canine good citizenship awards to be considered safe for suburbia, though.

    • JB

      Well, so far the wolf doesn’t act like the ones in the animal channel shows, or maybe he’s deceiving everyone. Peanut should be a detective, and investigate.

    • RockstarRaccoon

      I don’t think he’s supposed to be a pet.

    • Manachu Boy

      Eh, there’s no collar. I suspect him being there on his own accord; this is a reality where the whole uber-rich ferret thing got played out after all! Maybe this is going to result in a more in-depth look at the human/animal relationship in this universe? Or maybe it’s just gonna be played for laughs? Either way is good by me, I got my wake up call of ‘y so srs’ a while back. :D

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Wolves are almost impossible to train. Sure you can get them to trust and understand you, but getting them to do what you say without a fight is incredibly hard.


        who do you think Peanut or Grape?

      • icarus

        i know, but people still take them as pets…the same with tigers, or any wild animal really NOT meant to be a pet. people try to raise them. rarely, they raise them in a way in which they fit into human society.

        i was thinking maybe the wolves were owned by an animal trainer for hollywood, or something. but i didn’t think about the whole collar/no collar thing.

    • thewhitedragon

      considering how polite and how educated he seemed when drinking tea.. id say he had a loot of training XD

  21. dragonnutds

    it might not be the caller that makes him look naked, it could be his six pack, since i don’t recall any other animal so far having one, so it makes him look shirtless

  22. MagicaSarai

    Hmm… no collar but he seems pleasant enough… where could this be going? I see you shiver with antici…… pation!

    • Trefoiler

      Yet, when the Griffin does sate our curiosity, it will surely remove the cause…

      … but not… the symptom!

  23. JB

    My, what a big body you have Mr. Wolf. You sure he isn’t planning an evil scheme to take over the neighborhood?

    • Trefoiler

      ‘All the better to hug you with, my dear?’

      • JB

        Oh, I heart hugs. <3

  24. RockstarRaccoon

    What? Where did this come from? O!o Better yet, where is it GOING? That’s a scary thought…. O!O;;

  25. Yami

    I bet Grape has thought about a sound proof room, thing is those tend to have their draw backs. Like on family guy when peter farted and it stayed in there. I don’t know if Grape uses a litter box or the bathroom like everyone else, but could you imagine her trapped with her litterbox?

  26. BlueAnubis

    Dude, Awesome Wolf is awesome, and built like a tank.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      And freaked out Peanut is freaked. :)

      • Spirit of the Wolf

        And I’m-going-to-kill-you-for-waking-me-up Grape is I’m-going-to-kill-you-for-waking-me-up.

        • Geek

          And I am really sick of that particular phrase!!!

          • Trefoiler

            Yes, let’s try to tone it down, everybody.

            Annoyed Geek is annoyed.

  27. Flame

    If a talking wolf came behind me and said hello, I would freak out too. (Even though they’re like my favorite animal.) :D

  28. wingedwolfgirl


    • Ada

      Seconded. *Thud!*

      Also, Peanut’s face. Hilarious. XD

      • Cannon Fodder

        *Steals both of yours wallets*

        • Trauts

          *Steals wallets of from you in turn.*

          • Cannon Fodder

            *steals back*

          • wingedwolfgirl

            *Wakes up,
            *Punched both Cannon Fodder and Trauts.
            *Takes wallet back
            Mine! :)

          • Cannon Fodder

            Oh yeah?!

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            I counter with

            JUSTICE KICK!!!
            The Great Saia Man was my sensei!

            Flies off on the nimbus.

          • Lucien

            *stops time and take the wallets, and throws them in a random river* So where are the wallets now?

      • Ninja


        • gagi

          ooo you furrys … fainting at the fist sight of a wolfy …

          rick, you should have put a collar on him :P

          • BlueAnubis

            hmm, so all the ladies are letting out a wolf-whistle?

          • Winston

            …somehow,that sounded insulting.
            I’m a wolf furry.

          • BlueAnubis

            I’m just talking about the whistle they did in old cartoons when they saw an attractive person. Many people know the sound, but not the name. it was mentioned on the James Bond movie, “The Living Daylights,” though.

  29. HonoreDerazey

    I wish my pet Wolf would just give a friendly “Hello”, but no; he gets so excited when I come home he howls for 30minutes.


    • Lucien

      XD lol your wolf is just excited to see you!

  30. Banarok

    that wolf is more antromorhpic then the average animals in this comic, he got a real chest and not only fuzz :) ,

  31. Rawrimaducky

    D’awwww, he’s fluffy :P

  32. xtwincashx

    HA! I was right! XD

  33. Angela

    I like Peanut Butter Sandwich. Poor boy…

  34. Raiettei

    I’ve just finished reading over this series for the second time, (after being introduced to it last Sunday,) and I must say; this is a quite awesome series here! It doesn’t take much for me to lose interest in a story and never touch on it ever again, so… congratulations. You’ve made me read through it twice to catch everything I missed the first time. Go you!

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Yes. You may now bask in the glory that is Rick. Then you may bask in the glory of the so far nameless wolf after that.

      I hope his name will be Michael. He looks like a Michael. I would say Sampson but that would be too obvious.

      • Lucien

        Or Fenir… too much
        Maybe…. Vox IDK just seems like an easy role off the tounge name.
        anyway forget i commented anything.

        • BlueAnubis

          There’s always O’Donnell :3

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Why not go full on Norse and call him Fenrir. Of course, it would fit better if he was black on his back with a mottled gray underside and face.


          Yeah… I am THAT into wolves.

          • Lucien

            here here your not the only one XD

          • Winston

            You’re not the only one who’s nuts about wolves.

          • Spirit of the Wolf

            YAY I’m not alone!

    • Trefoiler

      Admittedly confounding naming convention aside– Welcome! The Griffin has a habit of hooking just about every innocent visitor to the site! Still, I’m sure he loves us all. :P

      And I should say I’m sure I love your avatar. It’s uncanny how much I like it… Props to you!

  35. Fuzzypaws

    He’s, gasp, as big as a human!

    • Lucien

      Some wolves are.

      • Geek

        Technically, a lot of them are BIGGER. Or at leat longer. The average wolf would be seven feet if it stood up on its hind legs. No, realy. I’m totally serious. Nature likes big things. Like grizzly bears.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          Wolves don’t usually get bigger than a German Sheppard though. Thicker maybe, but not bigger. Still, A German Sheppard is a fairly large dog, but Michael, Mr. ‘Who dat Wolf”, seems more Great Dane sized to me.

          • Lucien

            had an uncle who a resuced a wolf pup and when it grew it was as big as him when he stood on his hined legs and my uncle is 5′11″ sadly enough he had to release him… >.>
            *Nostalgic moment*

  36. Moosher

    i hope this is a don’t judge a book by his cover situation, he looks like he could snap even Rex in half

  37. Lucien

    Ahhh… who’d dat wolf…. nobody knows…. until next comic…. (hopefully -_-)

  38. R-One

    “Moved in?” Ooooooooooh boy…. As if the ferrets alone didn’t already open a huge can of worms – a feral moving into the neighborhood, as in literally “moving in” as a human would? >.0

    Guessing there’s one hell of an explanation for this forthcoming on Friday… *waits patiently*

    • Tapewolf

      You know, that was my initial thought when he first turned up earlier. If the ferrets can own a house (assuming they don’t have a legal guardian who truly owns it or something), there doesn’t seem any obvious reason why a wealthy wolf couldn’t buy a house…

  39. Profesor Rod

    FFFFFWOW… This buddy is pretty big o.o!

  40. gagi

    heyy could he also be a cat lover … ^^ … that would be so funny and cool and then he and peanut would go in a double date with a couple of cats and the neighbourhood dogs would just stare … and ….

    ok i’m going crazy … i’ll just wait quietly for the fridays comic :D

    • Cannon Fodder

      Yes you are going crazy, here have a nice comfortable jacket, it even has latches.

      • BlueAnubis

        So it was YOU who stole my favorite coat!!! I used to wear it twice a day, and now I can’t! thanks a lot.

        • gagi

          heyy it’s a very loose and big jacket .. so i think we can share … and maybe the “who dat wolf” could join too.

          • Geek

            …Yeah, you’ve squicked me out. Thanks a bunch.

  41. Wolfspawn

    HAhahaha ^^ Good old wolves :P Classic ^^

  42. J.J.

    Poor Peanut. It looks like it’s all to much for his brain right now.

    Talk about going to the dogs…

    • Geek

      Betcha they find that ofensive.
      Dogs, I mean.


    I think the Housepetscomic is awesome and cool.

  44. Justice193

    So, a wolf… now all we need is a lion, but that would of been way more predictable, and there is one at the zoo :P .

    I’ll be honest, like many here I felt Mr. Wolf looked naked without a collar, but then I tried to picture him with a collar and felt it was pretty silly… the only thing that would make that wolf look less naked is if it was wearing body armor (he’d PWN on the police force, but he’d need more better armor)… but then I thought about it again, he’s so freaking buffed up, he don’t need no stinkin armor… mind you wolves generally are, but this is like, Alpha wolf type buff (which would make a hell of a lot of sense as to why he’s chatting with people in the community), and speaking of which when do we get to see the pack? (and I don’t mean the Six pack… I swear if the pack only has six members XD.)

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      The biggest aren’t necessarily the Alphas all of the time, but in this instance I do agree.

    • Trefoiler

      I don’t imagine he would get anything outside the vest and the shades; you know: the standard uniform. Well, standard canine unit uniform. Though, he could actually fill out an officer’s uniform, given the option…

      Mm… in uniform:roll:

  45. BillyMT

    This comic has been brounght to you by BIG WOLF SPECS. Making your feminine side overcome your daily duties since 328 b.C.

  46. Winston

    Rick…your comic just gained 20% more popularity with the introduction of wolf.XD

    • Trefoiler

      And an excellent trade-off, too: 20% increase in the 2009 PR for a meager ~2.7% infusion of wolf. That’s impressive! Even for Rick!

  47. Samoys

    lot about you

  48. lilikindsli

    tJacyc I want to say – thank you for this!