Stranger Danger

200th Comic! Yaaaay!

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  1. Kadoukan

    YAY 200TH cOMIC!

    • Hunter


  2. Tre

    That’s one big wolf.

    • Teh Brawler

      Oh yeah

    • Duskyo

      I think: Sompared to the size of a regular dog standing up, the wolf is normal sized.

      • Echo

        not a regular dog, no…that would be a coyote, a german sheppard with over active glands would be about the size of a runt wolf…on average, depending on species, they average about the size of a st bernard…just skinnier…people think they are smaller because people are use to seeing tiny deer and then you see a picture of one attacking a caribou and think they are the same size… (hmmm…how to describe…ah, i once saw one with antlers that were longer then i am tall…)

        the greywolf and arctic wolf has a paw print the size off a human hand with the fingers splayed out…and at the shoulder stands about the height of the average man’s naval…

        the coyote is about the size of the average dog but has a leaner form…

        • Geek

          Technically, the average wolf of any species would be around seven feet tall if it stood on its hind legs.

          • kusanagisama

            I wasn’t aware wolves were even that big. Only wolves I’ve seen in person (behind glass, at the Cheyenne Mountian Zoo), were Mexican Wolves, and they don’t seem that large.

          • duke

            nice to know but anyone else wonder why there is a WOLF in the HOUSE drinking coffee.

            i mean don’t get me wrong i think wolves are pretty cool and all but if there was a full grown wolf in my house id be more concerned about where the nearest gun was.

  3. Wozzler

    cute wolf

  4. Oblivion

    who dat wolf

    • Gravity-Glue

      lol when i first read the tag I thought,” WHO’S THAT POKEMAN!?”

      • Whiskers

        IT’S PIKACHU!!!!!

        • Geek

  5. Flame

    WOW, 200 comics!!! Congragulations, Rick!!! Also why is a wolf a guest? LOL XD

    • Megaket

      WERE-wolf, my good sir.

      • Rooth

        Well, Grape calls it a regular-something, presumably a regular wolf as opposed to a werewolf. Are you saying Grape is wrong? ;)

  6. Teh Brawler

    Oh thank heaven, there’s no one-off tag. Hmmmmm…….. do I sense a reappearance by Joel? :D

  7. Scott

    The plot thickens. I’m going to like this arc.

    • Teh Brawler

      Wait, how can the plot thicken if there wasn’t a plot before now?

      • Geek

        There was plot. Then there was no plot. Then there was thicker plot.
        Then they made cheese and drank soda all day. I’m just sayin’.

  8. omega_fox123

    well i can see this story arc is gonna be interesting. that wolf could give fido a run for his money in the mucle department.

    rub for it peanut, hide in the closed and tell tarot to lock her doors and windows

  9. Two_Twig

    Racist towards Greek People? I agree, I am torn and confused, can someone help me?

  10. Repicheep22

    200 comics! Wooh!
    So, what’s a wolf doing in the Sandwich house?

  11. Someone

    Furry guy in Housepets!? WOOH!

    • FoxStar

      How is he ‘fiury’? It’s a wolf, normal wolf at least within the world of Housepets. Also the correct term is ‘anthro’. not furry. Furry is a fetish subculture.

      • Sabakuryu

        As much as I would agree with ya on your use of anthro instead of furry, the term “furry” has not been set in stone. To say that “furry” absolutely refers to the a fetish subculture bothers me. So far the word can go either way, clean or dirty. Preferrably I would rather you’ve phrased it “‘Furry’ is the same thing as anthro, but it also encompasses any fetishes tied with it.” Or something to that effect if ya get what I mean.

        For me the scale from clean to nasty would be Anthro>Furry>Yiffer. Furry is on the edge of clean and dirty. I hope one day that meanings for the word furry will be solidly estalished.

      • Kakurady

        Y’know… if I twist the words hard enough, Uncle Sam and the Grim Reaper are also anthros.

        • Madd the Sane

          In Terry Pratchett’s books, they’re called anthropomorphic personifications, and include Death, the Hogfather, and the Soul-cake Duck.

          • Geek

            Anthropomorphic simply means: to give a nonhuman creature, idea, or concept human traits. It has notheing to do with any specific class of being; thus Pterry’s DEATH, tooth fairy, etc. are as much “anthros” as Peanut, or Grape, or whatever. A TALKING TOASTER is a form of anthro. “Personification” is merely giving something a personality, theus Pterry’s terminology is the result of a fundamentally correct train of logic..

      • LeftBlank

        Nope, see here on the historical use of ‘furry’:

  12. Keeshah

    collar him, peanut would love to have a BIG bro…! :)

  13. LucifersAngelFeather

    A NEW CHALLANGER HAS ARRIVED!!! hehe just couldnt stand for it :P damn grape must be annoyed by now to be woken every five seconds

    • Teh Brawler

      Great, now I have the thought of a limited edition Super Smash Brothers Houspets Edition game stuck in my head. I hope you’re happy.

      • Trauts

        Oh god, now YOU’VE got the idea of Housepets characters in Super Smash Brothers in MY head too! I hope YOU’RE happy!

        …Hmmm…do you think that Grape’s side-Smash Attack should be “BROOM TO THE FACE!” or “Frying pan to the face!”? Maybe the frying pan, along with the “Why did I bring this along?” could be a taunt….

        Oh yes, and Final Smash can probably be the cardboard “Explosion!”.


        • Rooth

          Get out of my mind!!!! :D

        • Teh Brawler

          And peanut’s final smash would be dressing up like superdog! :D

          • GameCobra

            That’s small thinking!

            Firedog Peanut! With dual cannon fire hydrants! enough push to put Mario to shame!

            Also, it would help PEanut’s lack of air power >.>

  14. Hunter

    200 huh?
    F*** yeah.

  15. GameCobra

    Happy 200th comic,Rick Griffin. Hoping for many more!

  16. DZ

    Huh, a wolf sipping coffee or some other beverage in the living room. I’m curious about how rare ‘wild’ animals are in the Housepets universe.

    • FoxStar

      Not that rare. Their are zoos, after all.

      • DZ

        Yeah, but even then they seem more like performers than anything else.

      • duke

        and most are endangered.

  17. Ada

    Oh my. He’s a big boy. *O_O*

  18. Firewing417

    Wow, Thats Amazing! Nice Work on the 200th Comic Rick!

    • Firewing417

      Anyone Notice that He Looks -Similar- To Fox? >_>

      • Teh Brawler

        Oh no, here it comes, you brought this on yourself:

        • Just-This-Guy

          *Does several Barrel rolls.*

          Do i get a prize?

        • Firewing417

          LOL I Didnt Even notice xD I Ment the Character Fox, Remember Him? :p

          • Firewing417

            And No Justguy, You Dont. you Got -3 HP From Lazers. o3o

      • BlueAnubis

        It’s funny, As soon as I saw him, I thought of Fox. Then I got the image of our new wolf friend taking something away from him and saying “I can’t let you do that, Fox!”

  19. TLV

    It that an actual wolf?

  20. R-One

    Imminent plot twist ahead! Evasive action! XD

    • Firewing417


      • duke

        too many barrel rolls and you’ll die from the g-force.

        (probably not but still…)

  21. Jutah

    Interesting, I wonder what this means for other “wild” animals in the housepets world such as Foxes, Tigers, or Crocodiles. Would it not be considered too odd for one to come over or be invited to your house and have a chat over a cup of tea like this wolf or would they be treated with the same fear and animal control as we do?

  22. Gravity-Glue

    Happy 200th comic, from all of us to yous, lemme get hot chokkit, cause coffe makes me spew!

    dont ask…

  23. Just-This-Guy

    ooooh, a Wolf. Interesting…. and YAY for Peanut interupting Grape’s sleep time again!

    • gagi

      yea … i was thinking the same thing … its so nice to see peanut bugging grape again :D

      • Firewing417


        And on Another Note, Who Bothers With TG? :x DONT ASK OR YOU’LL REGRET IT.

  24. Max Wolfe

    I just realized Grape has a middle name?

    • FoxStar

      Peanut Butter Sandwich.

      Grape Jelly Sandwich.

  25. Odos

    It’s ME!!! That’s what I’ll tell myself until we actually find out who it is. =P

  26. Tibarus

    Congrats on the 200′th comic Rick.

  27. FoxStar

    Congrads little bro.

  28. Yinas

    congrats to 200th comic !!!1

    and is it the first time to see Earl’s head? oO or did i miss that before?

  29. HonoreDerazey

    For all of you saying the Wolfs are dangerous, they’re not. How do I know? I have a pet Wolf… Yes, they ARE legal! They won’t eat you if they don’t have a taste of human blood >:3

    BTW, nice plot twist! And your 200th comic! That’s like 199…+1!!!!

    Lets celebrate!!! =D *Pulls out boombox and plays Peanut Butter Jelly Time* Get it? Peanut and Grape! Peanut Butter Jelly (which is usually in the grape flavor) Time!

    • Firewing417

      Penut Butta Jellay! Penut Butta Jellay! Penutbuttajellypenutbuttajelly With a baseba–
      -Whacked upside the Head with a Fryingpan by Grape-

      • BlueAnubis
        • wingedwolfgirl

          Yeah Dancing!

      • HonoreDerazey

        *Looks down at Firewing417 bleeding profusely on the floor* WAYEAH WAYEAH WAYEAH! NOW DER U GO DER U GO-

        *gets hit on the head by Rick Roll* Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down!

        I got Rick Roll’d! D:>

        • Firewing417


          • BlueAnubis

            Well you know what? YOU made me lose… THE GAME!!! ARRRRRGGGGGggggggghhhhh!!!

  30. james319

    in our world,that would actually be considered as a were-wolf XD i wish anthro’s were real T_T

  31. Spirit of the Wolf

    Ok… hyper time…
    *inhales deeply*


    *gasp* Ok *wheeze* I’m done now.

  32. Shadowsong

    This is the first time I posted here. Read this comic for a long time just don’t at all.

    Anyway, this is really funny. Especaily what Grape said. “He’s a reguler..” That whats cought my attention. Something tells me something more deep rooted is going to happen. *Smiles like a cray person*

    Oh and I agrea the Anthro’s should be in our world. it’s odd to be one here. *looks left and right*

  33. Kakurady

    Well, that seems to the the first reappearance of Grape’s bed since #1… congratulations for the #200th comic!

  34. Salen

    “Werewolf?” “There wolf, there castle!”

    Anyways, how… civilized the uncivilized wildlife is.

  35. Wolf Nanaki

    This made my morning. Wolves are the best. <3

  36. Zurr

    Earl Sandwhich? Punny name much?

  37. VDrake

    Y’know, it’s entirely possible this could be a relative of Peanut’s. I don’t recall his breed ever being disclosed, and ‘mutt’ is entirely possible.

    Also: Dude’s built, compared to a lot of the other dogs we’ve seen. What’s more, it seems a bit unusual that Earl is talking with the wolf in that setting. I think Serious Business is going down.

  38. BlueAnubis

    Ahh, the 200th comic ending the way the first one started; with Peanut waking Grape up and Grape wanting to hurt Peanut. must be one of those circle of life things.

  39. Rooth

    Oh yeah, and, Congratulations! *does 200 happydances* *feints*

  40. Puddlecub

    I want a woofy-woof-woof. Especially if he’s almost human sized. Think of carpool!

  41. Squival

    Yes! 70th post!

    Nice strip as well, thats one big wolf

  42. Banarok

    it can be a regular wolf.
    or a regular human in costume

    tats the regulars i can think of

  43. Merellin

    Yay! Wuffy! *scritches behind his ears and feeds him cookies* ^.^

  44. blackcat_13

    heheheheheheheheh :3

  45. wingedwolfgirl

    200 COMIC!
    Dibs on the hot/new/wolf-guy! :3

  46. dalqan

    No that is a wolf. Not a guy in a costume.

  47. Ray The Whimsical Lampshade

    Man, poor Grape just cannot get a nap in , can she? Also congrats on 200 strips. I am intrigued by who dat wolf., can’t wait for Wed.

  48. J.J.




    There Wolf! There Tree!

    Why are you talking like that?

    Oh,…, I thought you wanted to talk that way?!

    … *** Thank you Mel Brooks!

  49. Shady Kitsune

    Hmm… What WOULD be considered a werewolf in the Housepets! universe? (Yes, the exclamationmark is part of the name, the page says so!)
    Plus I wonder how a wild animal (or a “feral” as reffered during the PETA arc) seems to be familiar with Mr. Sandwich?
    Obvious foreshadow is obvious. *eagerly waits for next update*

    Wow, 200 already? Then again I started reading a bit late. =P

  50. vnbuchholz

    Is this the first time we’ve seen Mr. Sandwich’s full head?

    • FoxStar


      • vnbuchholz

        Oh yeah I guess the car strip has a full view….

        But I think this is the first time I’ve his eyes….

  51. Theo



    • Jack

      no he is not.

      he is stealing he’s tea!!!!!!

  52. Rider098

    Congratulations on the 200th comic Rick!

    Well I guess we should have expected this, another character introduction… and he’s BIG! At least in comparison to the other characters. I can’t help but wonder how many characters he planned on making in this series initially… totally rhetorical question by the way! Keep up the good work Rick!

  53. Rawrimaducky

    It’s been a while since Grape took a nap. :P

  54. Rangershot13

    I always thought a wolf was needed for the comic, and Rick can read minds.

  55. Leina Wolfe

    OMFG it’s an entire human! and another character.
    i’m not sure which excites me more…

  56. redwolfmatt

    D8… 8D… xD!

    • Teh Brawler

      You’re either doing math in Hexidecimal, or you’ve got some real feelings about this comic! :D

  57. Lucien

    XD Yay!!! A Wolf I the Comic!!! Who is he? What’s his name? Why’s he there? How’d he get there? Is he Drinking tea or coffee? …..

    (ok so i like wolves so sue me…)

  58. TechieWolf

    Dude, my fursona is in the comic :P

    • TechieWolf

      oh, he’s called Techie.

      • Cannon Fodder

        And so the shameless self promotions of fans own characters begins.

        • TechieWolf

          kaboom, egoshot

          anyways, just recognized the wolf and couldn’t resist to post my fursona

          • FoxStar

            Next time, resist better.

          • FoxStar

            There are dozens of other places to promote yourself. This is not one of them.

          • Billy Mays

            KABOOM EGOSHOT!
            ORDER NOW FOR ONLY 19.95!

          • TechieWolf


    • Ada

      You made a grey wolf fursona?
      What are the odds?!

      • Shen Hibiki

        Awww, don’t be mean to him, he thought he had his 5 minutes of fame~… XD

      • gagi

        lol… your icon fits so well with your comment :D

        and yea … wolfs are quite common i suppose ….


        10% out of 100%

  59. Angela

    Wolves = AWESOME.
    Congrats on your 200th comic Rick!

  60. Alex-chan

    Wait…. so that’s not a wolf from the zoo come to finally play with Peanut?

    Hm, guess not, that’s an all gray wolf and they look more like brown marked wolves…

  61. Akinokaze

    and a very cute looking wolf at that ^_^

  62. GameCobra

    After closer inspection:

    Grape is giving Peanut the Death Stare… she’s that close, i tell ya!

  63. Farallon

    That is one gigantic light switch :)

  64. rabidkanid

    That animal has pecs, is fairly toned and drinking tea while talking to mr sandwich. I think I’m going to have to side with Peanut on this one.

    Either that or it’s a furry in his costume :P

  65. SuperNova

    RealWolfSize * AnthropomorphicConstant = WerewolfSize

  66. Fuzzypaws

    Want to see more!

  67. Spirit of the Wolf

    Plz keep him on as a permanent character! PLZ KEEP HIM ON AS A PERMANENT CHARACTER!!!

    • Firewing417

      Let’s Just Keep our Fingers Crossed and Hope Rick Agrees XD

  68. xtwincashx

    I wounder how this is going to turn out? Is he related? A new pet? XD Or just a new neighbor?

  69. microbuss

    hehe cute werewolf Loving every minute of this comic ;-)

  70. BanditRingtail

    Very few people seem to appreciate just how big real wolves are. I’m pretty sure I don’t, since I haven’t ever seen them in person.

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      They can vary in size, but few rarely get larger than a German Sheppard. This one is more like a Great Dane.

  71. friendly fur

    I hope they get a fox too xD. Fox is my favorite animal, but wolf is my second most favored :D , so at least you got close :D

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      Well they already have a dog named fox, sooooo….. A fox named… dog?

      • Trefoiler

        Unlike that ape named Ape. He was simple.

        I aught to know: When I received my first potted plant, I named it ‘ Plant.’ It died, but luckily, Plant Jr. sprouted up Plant’s place. As fate would have it, Plant Jr. flowered only just before following in Plant’s tragic footsteps and it, too, met its demise. Plant III was always a sickly thing, and died before it could blossom. Currently, the family line remains discontinued, but I remain hopeful that Plant IV will be the greatest Plant yet.

        It just made sense to me, Person.

  72. Wolfspawn

    OMG, THat wolf is hot! ….. And I’m happy this comic is going so well! ^^ Where can I buy the fanshirts :P

  73. Mowo64

    Oh my gosh!! We finally see a human’s FULL face!! Wierd!!

    Grape’s so silly… why does she even bother with Peanut?

    • BillyMT

      Newp it’s still sideways XD


    you the old saying let sleeping lye or something like it.

  75. Trefoiler

    I love it. The whole thing. Nearly (only nearly; therein lies much of the charm in) insufferable Peanut, Grape’s eternal suffering, the rising of a new (already suffocatingly intriguing) character; everything. S’good s’uff.

    I’m totally off to read the next strip.

  76. Lee

    He’s so big, yet his paw doesn’t touch the ground while sitting?