Dear Tabby
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  1. BluFox

    Aw, that’s so cute! A flustered Grape just brightens my day! Er, night…

  2. DJ darkwolf420

    undecided fail

  3. Kadoukan

    grape is a fan girl

  4. Flame

    LOL, Grapes too caught up in her thoughts to write! XD

  5. Teh Brawler

    This one really made me laugh , Rick. Way to make Grape vulnerable. Also, we have the foil to “I want your puppies” now.

    • Teh Brawler

      oh, and before anyone else calls it:

    • Blue_Elite

      I think you mean, “I want your ‘poppies’”. ^_^

    • Oblivion

      I think YOU mean ‘I want your poppius’

  6. Fuzzypaws

    I wonder how Grape feels about Maxwell’s teasing. *giggles*

  7. Two_Twig

    Sides…hurt… from… laughter.
    Hehe… ow.

  8. BlueAnubis

    Aww, Grape is so cute when she is being all fan-girly. wait, what am I talking about? She’s always cute!

  9. BlueAnubis

    I just noticed that under the biggest scribble it says “I WANT YOUR KITTENS!!!”
    I guess I can’t read between the lines *shot for a terrible joke*

  10. LucifersAngelFeather

    aww, Grape is soooo cute :3 this just gives me a smile on th elips… and since its only morning by me :D …. thats bount to change fast >:( – but lets see how long Grape can keep me smiling :D

  11. Kadoukan

    Dear My sweet Attention Abasi Gatamu, *unlegible* when i saw you in Pridelands playing my most favorite second most favorite character i just wanted to say I WANT YOUR KITTENS(lol) i love your physique, your so catlike unlike several of the other actors who *unlegible* not that i think they’d be into cats im just *????* the body. i mean i like your body. i mean you must *?????* real well because i think about it a lot. I in a way *???* like being a lion. I like *???* with your body.
    Love, Grape sandwich

    • Teh Brawler

      I think I see a reoccurring theme here that starts with “b” and ends with “ody”.

    • no space

      First illegible: “I was just- I have been-”
      Second illegible: “…who I think are trying to appeal to ____”

    • potemkin1925

      the unreadable part: “who I think are trying to appeal to…” only one word left to decipher :D

      • Justice193

        I think it says humans, I unno though :S that’s ones really scribbled, I can only make out the “ns” at the end of the word, and then just barely.

        • Disconnected

          I think it might be us fans but humans might work to.

          • Justice193

            yeah… yeah, us fans fits perfectly, I”m going with that :D .

          • Ker

            I’m pretty sure it’s “Humans” The letter before “ns” is almost definately an “a” and before that, I would say does NOT look like an “F”, as it is short, and sort of “n” or “m” shaped.

    • jinxtigr

      Wow. That was more suggestive than I thought. Real well?

  12. Kamron

    I would totally buy a wallpaper based off of this comic.

  13. Zaiki

    Grape never stops being adorable. Even if she’s about to break my face in, I probably couldn’t help from going “Awww.”

  14. R-One

    Excellent parody in this one. R-O-F-L. :D

  15. TLV


    That, more than anything, made me laugh.

  16. 54viruses

    Keep trying Grape, anything worth writing needs a few rough drafts!

  17. CamKitty

    LOL at scratched out “I WANT YOUR KITTENS”

    This is neat, sort of a side Grape rarely shows :D

  18. Epsilon

    I can see where this is going… and I like it.

    • Littleaeris

      Omigod! It’s Leo !
      But I do agree with your statement, VGC fan :3

      • Epsilon

        Hello thar lol

        • Littleaeris

          Haven’t seen you in a while, how’ve you been?

  19. lolparty

    Who writes standing at a podium?

    • FoxStar

      It’s a small desk.

  20. FoxStar

    Oh Grape.

  21. james319

    aww poor grape :( cant find the words

    • Epsilon

      Idk, I think I want your kittens fit quite nicely

  22. vnbuchholz

    I wonder if this Abasi will ever show up in a later strip…..

    • Tomfox

      We’d better hope he doesn’t or else Max is SOL ;)

      • TLV

        Before or after Peanut tear’s off Abasi’s face?

        • Profesor Rod

          We *NEED* to see Grape doing one of those infamous “fangirl squeals”.
          I giggle when my girl does one of those :D

  23. falconfox01

    Rick, once again you have RUINED my image at work! Everyone thinks i must be insane from all the spasmatic laughter from my office! :P

  24. supervanman64

    The first one I noticed crossed out was “I WANT YOUR KITTENS!” lol

  25. HonoreDerazey

    The Author of The Pridelands in a human, yet she LOVES him? This is what I call, “A peanut situation”.

    • Severedevil

      Meh. Celebrities are essentially fictional characters, so there’s no reason for crushes on them to obey normal species restrictions.

    • R-One

      It’s not the author she’s in love with – it’s whatever cat played the role of the main character in the movie of said author’s book. (Read the letter, there’s a few hints in it) :P

      • Justice193

        actually it’s a human (or something else, just not a cat) that played the part of a lion in a movie, ithe biggst hint to that it “you’re so catlike” and the “into cats” part.

        you’re absolutely correct though, and this surprises me, especially from grape, normally the down to earth type, to be falling for a well played character.

        the physique may be there, but it’s still just the character she’s fallen in love with XD.

        • GameCobra

          That’s not necessarily true

          the words “being catlike” can be her way of describing his acting skills while “into cats” can be a reference to the actor’s fans, as in fans like Grape.

          It’s still a possibility, i admit, but i find the Prideland series, being an anthromorphic series, would be best portrayed by pets in all. =P

  26. flora

    I too am a fan girl and if i know grape she is gonna blow the letter off and write some steamy fan-fiction

  27. Peanut-Lover

    I think she will finish the letter but it will get ruined and max will think it was for someone she is cheating on him with and he will get mad and yell at her and him and peanut will get into a fight that grape will break it up and explain it and peanut and Max will… do something… i cant be to creative this early in the morning. That’s what i would do.

    • Blue_Elite

      Check the alt-text. Max knows all about Grape’s infatuation with with Abasi Gatamu. If anything, were Max to discover one of these discarded letters he’d snicker gleefully as he’d dangle it front of Grape and watch her turn red with embarrassment.

      • Peanut-Lover

        he may know about that but if dudes name is illegible he wont know who its written for.

  28. GameCobra

    Ah, Grape. writing fan letters <3

  29. Lloxie

    I am detecting lethal amounts of cute here. XD <3

  30. wingedwolfgirl

    Blushing Grape iz cute.

  31. Leina Wolfe

    this raises up several interesting, universe-expanding questions. with sentient animals, come movies for sentient animals, and with those movies, animal movie stars… how high does it go? animal directors? political figures? interesting thoughts…
    love the comic, btw. police dogs FTW!!!

  32. Ricia

    Oh Grape I totally understand. Fangirling can get one all flustered.


    thank you so much!! i’m about to download from the site right now!

  34. Novil

    I tried to read some of the crossed out words and wondered why you thought this strip is supposed to be funny. Then I saw the “I WANT YOUR KITTENS” line and started to laugh. Good idea, and great execution.

  35. Edge ferret

    hehe I know how that feels like somewhat >.>

  36. Rawrimaducky

    Writers block; it will be the death of us all. :P

  37. Clarke Macbeth

    I can’t wait to see Taroh again. She’s my favorite character. We will see her again, right, Rick?


    haha lol

  39. Hunter

    How cute

  40. Kadoukan

    comic 199 and number 200 coming soon

  41. Kadoukan

    this is so serious