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  1. Theo

    I hate people like that.

    • Oblivion

      I hate Anime in general.

    • Jer-oh-me


      • sweetsy

        In the end it all comes down to preferance. I personally have a respect for it as my dad was in the military and we lived there for 4 years… a lot of the stuff that gets popular over here… is well… not the most popular anime back over there… or they completely ruin it over here like with 4Kids did with one piece. I have an appreciation for the language and its fun to try and learn it through watching shows.
        Unfortunately… a lot of people think that well.. its weird to like it… but it isnt… its just like people liking say… comic books… only they move and talk.
        But I digress, I think this is probably one of the most NORMAL traits Joey has shown so far XD Seeing as he has a tendancy towards creepy.. its good to see him interested in something that a growing part of the country likes.
        I really love his character its so complex and entertaining to watch ^^

  2. Odos

    I’ll admit, I like Anime better when it’s subbed as opposed to dubbed… But, as a whole, I don’t watch that crap anymore…

    I realized how much cartooning is spiraling down the toilet when I realized that AMERICAN cartoonists are trying to copy the style. Teen Titans just killed it for me, though it was dieing a LONG time before that…

    Not only that, but I took a look at the Anime crowd… and shuddered… I may not care much about how I look, but that is ONE crowd that I’d much rather stay away from.

    • GameCobra

      It only gets bad i find when the genre is copied by everyone and their… well, you know.

      Avatar was a very nice adaption. makes me respect Nikelodeon at least for that part.

    • Sophie

      (Firstly, since I’m responding directly to what you said, let me clarify I don’t mean to flame or be personal here. Got nothing personal against you, promise. Now, ahem…)

      “[The anime crowd] is ONE crowd that I’d much rather stay away from.” – Odos

      Yet you don’t stay as far away as possible from the furry crowd, many of which frequent this site? (At least logically, I’m betting they’re popular guests here)

      It’s silly to judge someone by their hobbies or blame said interests for poor social skills. Perhaps they would be better in social situations and would take better care of themselves if people didn’t continually ostracize them?

      Anyhoozle, anime certainly has its ups and downs, just like American animation (think Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends as compared to Johnny Test as compared to Family Guy as compared to Venture Bros. as compared to… Okay, you get it by now). There is some truly great anime out there (Neon Genesis Evangelion always comes to mind) and there’s a lot of crap (InuYasha, Bleach, Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon) but there’s always variety. It’s not really fair in my opinion to say anime only has one style, just like it’s not fair to say American animation has one style.

      As for the Sub vs. Dub “debate,” I’ve almost always preferred dubbed, unless the English voices were just so unbearably bad I had to go with subtitles (Gravitation, I’m lookin’ at you). But for the most part, I think the whole argument is silly and trivial. It’s like telling someone that because they like cheddar cheese instead of American on their ham & cheese that they are unequivocally wrong. That they have no right to eat a ham & cheese sandwich with cheddar.

      Just enjoy the sandwich! Or get a different sandwich if you don’t like it!


      • cannon fodder

        NERD FIGHT! *mortal theme song starts*

      • sweetsy

        … you are now my new favorite person.

        But you have to also remember theres the fandoms in the fandoms… its just like with the drama shows… everyone’s gonna have different opinions on what they like. Some people are going to like the fantasy or the Scifi or the realistic it could happen love stories…

        To call certain ones crap totally disrespects the people that worked so hard to make the shows. Just as much time if not more is put into these shows than most cartoons here in the states… and if they werent popular and if they were just … crap… then shows like Sailor moon (watched it as a little girl) Inuyasha (as a teen) and others couldnt go on as long as they did.

        Even if you dont like them.. i dont think its fair to call them crap.

        Still, I do love your perspective on what they were saying.

        • Zekermeme

          It also seems just a bit hypocritical to start condemning certain shows as crap after ranting about how people can watch what they want. (Especially when your example of “good” anime is frelling NGE and your “crap” list consists of some of the most popular shows, adapted from manga by the best authors, out there.)

          • Score_Under

            Zekermeme, the most likely reason they class as crap in his eyes is because they go on pretty much forever, they realize they can make a lot of money out of it, then make an endless story full of fillers that quickly gets boring.

        • Sophie

          Yeah, I realized I should have been more clear that in my opinion – which is purely opinion and not to be used for reference when checking out anime, btw – those shows aren’t particularly good. I could’ve – and maybe should’ve – also gone into detail about why I dislike those shows and what makes them, again, in my opinion, not worthy of being considered “good.”

          (And just for the record, popular =/= good, nor does amount of time and work = good. That might sound harsh, but just because a twelve-year old works on a story for a semester of Jr. High and puts all of their heart and soul into it, that doesn’t make it classic literature. Again, this is just my analogy, and my particular views on the subject.)

          In short, sorry, twasn’t my goal to present my opinion as fact or truth.

          Also, to whomever called me a “he,” the name is Sophie. And I iz a lady. =)

          • Zekermeme

            Ever read XKCD?

            “Correlation doesn’t imply causation, but it does waggle its eyebrows suggestively and gesture furtively while mouthing ‘look over there’.” – alt text, XKCD #552

            It’s the same thing with popularity and quality. While, technically, it’s true that something being popular doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good, popularity is a strong indicator of quality. After all, how many ways are there for something to become popular without being good?

            I suppose I may be getting too involved in this, since like Mouko, I liked the items on your crap list (except Sailor Moon, never did watch it) and despised Evangelion. And it doesn’t really matter anyway – now that you’ve acknowledged that all that is a matter of opinion, arguing about it is just a waste of time for everyone. In this case, though, I really just wanted to point out that claiming that the idea that popularity corresponds to quality is a logical fallacy is, itself, a logical fallacy, and when used in this context more or less a strawman.

      • Mouko

        What’s funny is that my opinion is the exact opposite of yours. XD; I loved Sailor Moon, Inu-Yasha, and Bleach… but I despise NGE and think it’s a pretentious piece of overrated junk.

        But I guess this falls under me thinking (ingredient I perceive to be weird) doesn’t belong on sandwiches. ;)

      • Lucas H.C.


        I try to stay open-minded for everything, that’s why I don’t define a cartoon for the country it is from, or anyone who like it a wirddo… I like anime, I like american style, I like the national style… every has its pros and cons but, what don’t have it?

        I have already gone to some animecon and like it, and even listenning to what some people says, I would love to go to some furrycon… I prefere to form my own opnions instead of following “labels”.

  3. LucifersAngelFeather

    thats my mann knows how to watch anime correctly :D

    • Lucas H.C.


  4. Mz. Mowz

    I don’t even WATCH Anime. I just find watching it stupid.
    In mangas they leave a lot more in, and it isn’t abridged for the “innocent children” who might watch it.
    Who’d have guessed Shaman King had so many bath scenes? Not that I’m complaining, mind you…

    • sweetsy

      I definately liked the manga better for shaman king… though I was severly upset that mantas dad freakin hit him while he was in the hospital… seriously… what the heck…

  5. Kadoukon

    weird its still tuesday where I live.

  6. Lucrowse

    lolz, I loved subbed things, not to hate on the translators, but something is lost when taken out of context.

  7. Theo

    Oh man.
    Rick, you’ve opened the flood-gates.

    But for the record, I prefer dubs.
    R.I.P. Toonami. T __ T

  8. Fuzzypaws

    Agreed with Theo, Toonami was awesome.

    • Echo

      i miss toonami >.<

  9. Lax

    Dubs suck, even Anime with a medium fluent sub is better

    • Flame

      It depends, most dubbes suck, but some are okay. Personaly, I prefer subbes, but Toonami did a pretty good job.

  10. Fuzzy

    That’s just sooo true. Actually, no dubs *or* subs. That’s hardcore!

    • Score_Under

      Yup, every 2 episodes or so, “Oh wow, I understood that word!” :P

  11. ndigit

    interesting how Joey’s creepy friends have no names.

  12. Eric

    Joey needs to start finding some better friends to hang out with.

    I love the alt text for this comic! It just adds to the funny!

  13. TLV

    Anime is pretty much crap this day. at least as far as filelrs and blood shed. Now, Gina Densetsu Gin, THAT is good anime. Old school blood-bath.

    That said, I prefer manga nowadays.

  14. slacks315

    I suppose I will add my two cents…

    Although dubs can be good (examples: DBZ, yu yu hakusho, cowboy bebop, trigun, hamtaro)
    They are often worse than the subs for 2 reasons
    1. Bad voices/acting (Granted I can’t speak any language other than English so I don’t know if they are doing any better, but i certainly sounds better from my point of view.)
    2. Companies will edit the original to localize it, market it toward a younger audience, because they think something might be too risque’, or just because they felt like it

    Sailor moon and one piece are both good exaples of these two.

    • slacks315

      P.s. It;s not even just anime. The same can be said of many foriegn cartoons. I was watching some Jungledyret clips a few nights ago and although the English version wasn’t bad, it didn’t compare to the original, simply because they made it a bit more kid friendly than it already was. and the actors had great voices, but weren’t too good at acting. I have yet to see a good live action dub though.

    • Chakat Firepaw

      The biggest problem with voice acting in dubs is that most of the companies doing the dubbing are stuck with third string voice talent, and that is in as measured within the rather limited North American talent pool.

      The translation may or may not be an issue, but a lot of nuance is often lost. For example, a lot is said in how honourifics are used or not used, and this is often stripped in a dub.

      As for liking/not liking anime as a universal statement: That’s like saying you either like or don’t like films and TV.

      ObDSW: Watched stuff raw in 1-6 weeks of original Japanese air date, (6eps/tape, plus time to ship from the guy on a work term).

  15. Tamer

    Raw = Subs > Mediocre minimum-wage terrible voice acting lifeless American Dubs

    • D_Leo

      Tell that to Cowboy Bebop or Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

  16. falconfox01

    I for one noticed how Joey’s friend’s tag is always covered so we have no clue.
    As for the Anime debate, its just like any other genera, it has its pros and cons. I prefer subtitles to dubbuing but thats because my ears arn’t up to snuff.

  17. Manachu Boy

    I applaud the use of the ‘Joeys creepy friends’ tag. With subs and dubs, I really don’t care for the most part although subs are far superior to dubs that have been tampered with by marketing execs. Yet on the other hand I’d sooner take a professionally done dub than some of the horrors in translation that sometimes sneak out of the fansub scene…

    As for anime in general, I do enjoy a fair amount of it but it suffers from Sturgeon’s Law just as much as everything else does.

  18. Edgeferret

    hehe had a few friends like that, I prefer the original because its uncut but I still like the dubs no matter what, just wish when they bring it over to America they would leave it alone ya know

  19. Residentfriendly

    well, that sure explains why Joey is so artistic~ btw, kinda nice seeing him in recent comics xD
    hes kinda cute~ =P

  20. Dreama

    The difference between dubbed and subbed stuff depends on the Anime.
    Like, Original Japanese Pokemon is a lot more interesting when subbed without all those censored things by 4kids.
    And the subbing of Wolf’s Rain is too literally translated, so it makes less sense than the dubs.

    …On the same note, my friends do this to me ALL THE TIME.

    …And who has a VCR anymore? I mean, I did a double-take at the tape.

    • Echo

      *blinks* whats a…vee..sea..arrrre?…isnt that a dvd case hes holding? (dont you dare take that seriously)

  21. Echo

    i watch anime in the REAL way its intended to be watched….fansubbed by 733t /btards for free on yewtoob…

  22. vnbuchholz


  23. DarkRexx

    That is a lotta pink on just one guy. :P

  24. Oblivion

    Cow & Chicken and Johnny Bravo blows Anime out of the water any day.

    Go America. Even though I live in Canada. But we get overlooked. So, go America.

    • ndigit

      No. No. And no. There are good american cartoons yes. There are bad anime yes. But Cow and Chicken and Johnny Bravo should never be compared to anime. Ever. They are the epitome of all that is horrid in cartoon history.

      • sirbacon

        I wouldn’t say Johnny Bravo is “horrid”, especially in the case of those episodes that parody classic movies like “The Fugitive”. However, I will agree that it isn’t on the same level as any of the anime I’ve ever seen.

        It’s like comparing Mickey Mouse and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; there’s not enough of a stylistic similarity to actually make any comparison. They both have humanoid animals, and that’s about it. Same for Johnny Bravo and most anime: they both have heroes with unrealistic looking hair(usually), and that’s about it.

  25. redwolfmatt

    i usually prefer the subbed version of anime because a whole lot of the time the American voice actors are sub-par, especially when you’ve already watched episodes with subtitles.

    that aside: fan-boys/girls ruin everything! –_– please no fan-fic/slash jokes!

  26. EHH

    I went to an anime club before. It was creepy and I left because I wanted to see something else.

  27. Kiwaku

    Your honor, I submit to state’s evidence Black Lagoon, Ghost in the Shell SAC, and Hellsing as examples of good dubs.

    Sometimes the settings make more sense to have dubs, imho, such as Hellsing where the characters are mostly Brittish/English speaking. It’s all in the voice actors. Like someone mentioned, it’s more a problem of when importing companies cut or hide things (4Kids) from the original to make it more kid friendly.

    • Ozzy pup

      I’ve always hated what they did to the digimon series when they dubbed them, the name changes peev me the worst but they cut out half the entertaining dialogue, (like Daisuke’s fight with agumon when he calls him a B*stard), subs for me thanks with a few manga exceptions G.I.T.S and Appleseed for example

  28. james319

    sometimes subtitles move to fast XD i can never catch everything their saying

  29. Able

    my friend does that, he hate all dubbed animes but the same thing subbed he loves. i just want to strangle him. *rages*

  30. Kail

    Animes is all good and dandy in some ways, but of cartoons and Anime, what is your favorite thing of all time. Me, Samurai Jack, just because it was that awesome.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Ditto on the SAMURAI JACK!
      I still like anime though.

  31. Kailen

    Two things.
    1) The glory of DVD lets people choose which version they want without having to buy separate copies. Awesome.
    2) I loathe subtitled anime, for the most part, as well as the self-proclaimed “purists” who demand it only be watched that way. I assure you that unless the director used a foreign language in the film itself, or made one up, or just really, REALLY liked one or more specific voice actors, the “original intent” was for the audience to understand what the **** was being said.

    Makes for a funny comic. ;)

  32. Anti-Theory

    Subs are simply the way it was meant to be watched. A lot of effort goes into making a show English-friendly who’s characters were originally animated to speak Japanese words. When you try and change the language, the lips don’t match and the meanings may not always make sense (Example: Japanese puns)

    Watching it in it’s native language gives you a better idea of what was really going on versus what the editors want you to see. This is true for a lot fo anime, but not for all. Case in point, I started re-watching Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters in Japanese to see if it’s any better. It’s not.

  33. Mandy

    Hehehe, I love it when the alt text sums up exactly what I was thinking in the first place. People still use VHS tapes?

  34. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Joey’s creepy friend’s need names.

  35. Mouko

    Anyone who’s seen what 4kids did to YGO and One Piece would know that those of us who dislike dubs have a valid reason for it. ;)

  36. Ringtail Starr

    Hey guise, I wrote a song! It’s about…

    Personally, I prefer subbed anime, since I’ve often found that dubbed anime tends to have rather horrible voice actors. However, things like Ouran High School Host Club (despite feeling like it misses a lot of the stuff in the english version) has some excellent voice work.

    Then there’s Digimon. I don’t think I ever COULD watch it subbed. The english is just too funny <3

  37. kennyfox

    anime is cool. subbed or dubbed doesnt matter to me. i just enjoy it.

  38. Qman3000

    I prefer subbed just because the voices usually fit the characters better.

    • gagi

      Yea, same here.

      • sirbacon

        Subs always beat dubs because of the voices. Nothing ruins one’s suspension of disbelief quite like a waitress in Meiji-era Japan having a -thick- Southern accent.

        • Kailen

          Two words:

          Cowboy Bebop.

          Even the creator has said that the English voices are better.

          Generalizations are bad, yo.

  39. Rider098

    I started watching Anime in OVA because the acting sounds more natural than most dubbed versions to me… but I’m not gonna get into that discussion. *veers away from massive comments above*

    I only just noticed the tags for “Joeys creepy friends”. If Joey was so weird I wonder what quirks they have. XD

  40. FoxStar


  41. LavitzSkall

    Its always nice to see Joey some more, hes not been in the spotlight much

  42. yeah

    yeah windows sux

  43. Tim

    My personal opinion on it is that those who demand it to be shown subbed really ought to be able to understand Japanese well enough that it’s an aid if they miss a few words. For me, I know enough Japanese to understand, so I tend to watch subbed on my own; but with my friends, I’ll watch a dub. Sure, some are crappy. All in all, it’s still better than game voice acting, so I’ll take what I can get.

  44. BlueAnubis

    meh, I usually dont care either way. if something I want to watch is available in either, then I’ll watch it. I will say however. most of the time, the subbed one sounds better.

  45. Peanut-Lover

    Am i the only person who notices that that anime dude looks like Largo from Megatokyo

  46. wingedwolfgirl

    At least itz not fansubed (or … you can’t tell anyways)

  47. Novil

    One of the best Housepets! comics so far. So much truth in this.

    • Lax

      Hi there Novil! Nice to see you here :)

  48. foxfireattack

    Heh. I like OVA’s sometimes. However, I’m not even paying attention to the screen which is why I watch dubs so often. Well… Listen more then watch.

    However, I like the dubs for FMA a lot. ^w^

  49. Rawrimaducky

    It’s sad that people fight over subbed or dubbed, no matter what, the same thing in the show will happen, it dosen’t matter if a few words change or if it’s completely genuine, you’ll live.

    • Lax

      Blood is censored, cheezy lines replace the original ones. It does make a difference, I’ve seen many such examples. Shaman King with dubs and than with subs – the difference is like day and night

  50. Keyblade0101

    I absolutely adore dubs, and I don’t understand how people can go around saying they prefer subs. You spend most of your time reading the subtitles that you miss half of what’s going on.

    At least with dubs it’s actually in your own language, and you can actually understand the storyline a hell of a lot better.

    Only dubs I hate are ones by 4Kids. They edit out all the great stuff… ;-;


    I don’t care if the anime is dubed or subed, as long as I can watch it. ^_^

  52. JackLee1978

    For those who say anime sucks, watch Azumanga Daioh, Rurouni Kenshin(except season 3), Basilisk, Samurai 7, FLCL, and Now and Then, Here and There.
    As for manga try Nana, Kurasgi Corpse Delivery Service, Honey and Clover, Sorcerer Hunters and Dominion Tank Police. If you are 18 or over I highly recommend Bersek.

    There’s one thing they got right with the 4Kids One Piece. The person who voiced Zolo previously voiced Guts.

    • duke

      NEVER EVER EVER say that 4kids did anything good with onepiece again!!!

      thats just blasphemous.

      also good manga, love hina, negima, the world god only knows, and zatchbell

  53. gamerwords

    His expression towards the VCR tape is funny. he’s like, “What is that?” lol

    • Duskyo

      Old school stuff man!!!

  54. Bella

    So, so true. Joey’s creepy friend has the right of it.

  55. CaptainBaconMan

    Oh god so true.

  56. Zurry

    I try to watch movies/series in the original language that it’s filmed in.. The voice director for the dub is not as likely to care about the correct inflection/emotion behind the words.

    I watched Rent Lola Rent in German, and Angel-A in French.. I enjoy watching movies/et cetera in the format they were originally intended.. I see it as widescreen vs. standard.

    • Frank

      Try watching Shrek dubbed. They actually did a good job with it! Of course, this was more the initiative of Dreamworks themselves tan any ot the particular dubbing directors.

      • Profesor Rod

        Which sadly is not the intention of Anime licensees. They only care for profits >_<

  57. Leina Wolfe

    i don’t see what is so great about undubbed. i can follow the subtitles or the action, but not both. sure, some of the voice actors suck, but at least it’s in a language i can understand…

  58. Lucien

    in my opinion i think the subbed is better for one reason they sound more fluent in the language, and second the dubbed versions voices switch more often than most character’s moods…
    >.> how i see it….

  59. Redkittycat

    Subs ftw! It’s mostly for the little notes that subs give, which the dub ones don’t give squat about. I just want to know what the Japanese writing means D: and dubs won’t tell me! Also it totally helps me read things faster and makes my eyes multitask! (Or so I’m convinced of….like how online games helped me with typing and video games with eye hand coordinating….IT’S TRUE!) XD

  60. CalaverX11

    I prefer subtitles, because I just can’t stand dubbed voice acting. It’s all terrible. I’d rather watch the film with the original voice actors in whatever language they speak because it just sounds more natural.

    • Profesor Rod

      And the acting contain the director’s vision, which makes it truer to the original.
      Most dub scene directors give a crap about it and say “excellent” in the 1st take…

  61. The Sarcastic Spoon

    XD I love the tag for the other guy. “Joey’s creepy friends”. Also, so true. XD Dubbs have some okay voices but overall most dubs suck, but subtitles are just as annoying. XD Anyway. Love the one off stuff

  62. Sunchips

    RE: picking up subtleties in with the subtitles.

    I watch subbed anime rather than dubbed for two reasons: voice acting sucks on many dubs (not all, I have seen some very good dubs) and secondly, I speak Japanese (not perfectly for sure) and the subs help me catch what I miss, but I pick up on the subtleties through the Japanese itself, not the subs. Love the comic btw, XD

  63. Wolfspawn

    Haha ^^ Well I’d have to agree. i’d rather watch a movie with original sound and reading the text. And it’s anoying if the lips aren’t synced with the dubbed sound…

  64. William Frost

    I can’t stand guys like that.
    Seriously, when they import shows to japan from america, they don’t pull crap like this, they dub it over and everyone’s happy. So these guys need to shut the heck up before I clock them.

  65. Krillos

    …Ah, I get it. He’s actually refering to the lousy voice-acting xD

    • Severedevil

      When you’re listening in a language you don’t understand, you can pretend the voice acting and the script are good even if it sounds terrible, and the subbed dialogue is terrible.

  66. Zakuhi

    Yay! An otaku housepet!!

  67. pot

    dubbed all the jp voice sux

  68. Supuhstar

    LOL so true…

  69. Cassandra

    Hi there, long time reader, first time poster. Love the comic, btw.

    I always prefer dubbed, since I like to listen to anime when I get bored of the current scene, and do other things on the computer.

  70. Winston

    I always prefer the subbed,dubbed sounds so crap…probably because I’m asian.

  71. Barkum

    One-two puch to fanboys. WIN!!!

  72. Kit nomara

    Hehe I see pixels, and as always great work.