Only Funny To Me, Probably
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  1. Mouko

    Ah, the pain of a creator~

  2. Dylan

    I wonder Rick feels this way?

  3. thatguy


    That sounds so odd coming from Grape.

    • Odos

      you know… that stood out to me too… I don’t know why…

      • GameCobra

        To Grape, Peanut is her pupil.

        • othorlimmis

          i think it sounds flirty…


          • Justice193

            I think it has to do with the fact that Peanut is in so many ways still a puppy, sure he is extremely smart, but his character speaks of having little experience, or ability to put that intelligence out the way he want it to come out, as emphasized by this strip.

            Grape, though they are probably around the same age, is much more Mature in most ways, (sometimes though >.> …) and as she looks at him as her brother, she has rights to call him a pup… this also suggests that she is a little older, like how you could call your little brother and/or sister “little” for their entire lives, and it’d be perfectly acceptable, compared to you, if the age difference is large enough, it may even be acceptable to call them “kid” all their lives.

            Peanut is a Genius, and is Uber creative, but he just can’t put it into pictures or words XD… the Idea of saying “pup” is also a way of saying “you’re still young, give it time, and practice, and you’ll be able to do it no sweat” all in one word :) the silly and tongue sticking out is to cheer him up :D .

            I can relate… at least I can get the words down :p

  4. Hikori

    ha, i’ve done that before

  5. BlueAnubis

    Aww, funny puppy. X3

    They’re both so cute in pannel 3.

    you know, I have the exact same problems at times* it can be frustrating.
    *Read: Every other hour

    • MagicaSarai

      Panel 3 is perfect! I love Grape’s expression and the pure excitement in Peanut’s face.

  6. R-One

    Rofl, pretty sure any writer or artist has been there, done that. Makes it all the more funny IMO. XD

  7. FF

    The expressions…Oh how I love the expressions in this one.

  8. Lax

    Panel 3 – :D

  9. LucifersAngelFeather

    holy Jesus O_O is that his supplementary material O_O its huge!!!

    aaaawww cute in panel 3 – X3=

    • Chip Uni

      Peanut didn’t point out that spot(superpup!) also has a one-hundred gigabyte wiki at freewikiswithtoomuchadvertising.

  10. Repicheep22

    I hear ya Peanut. I hear ya.

  11. gagi

    hehe .. No thank you …

    Peanut probably broke the desk with that story pile :P

  12. james319

    LOL “silly pup” XD

  13. icarus

    as a fellow webcomic artist, it’s funny to me too :B

  14. Kaiseto

    I really, really know this feeling. Coming up with ideas and supplementary stuff for projects, but never actually getting anything done on the project itself. I think that’s because I know if I work on the project itself I’ll eventually figure out that I don’t have the capacity to finish it, and I”ll give up.

    • Ariana

      I hear you. Backstory ftw…or ftl, depending on how you look at it. >.>

      • Disconnected

        Back story is faster then light?


    • Zanzawolf

      Yeah I know that whole story right there. Can’t get any of the stories I have planned to work out because of that.

  15. Arcanewind

    *sigh* i KNOW exactly what peanut feels like….i myself have over 300 pages and many many notebooks full of sketches related to my comic, yet only actually have about 30 pages ACTUALLY FINISHED…. lol…its a very sad truth when it comes to comic artists…

  16. Naskatan



  17. FoxStar

    World building is hard.

    • Nohbody

      I find that world building is easy.

      Making an actual story (or series of them) out of it, on the other hand… :(

  18. Shnurui

    Sounds familliar, Guess just call me Peanut too:/

  19. xxmilesxx

    Grape sticking her tongue out makes me giggle

  20. Uzrok

    I feel Peanut’s pain o.o

  21. redwolfmatt

    ha! i’ve been on both sides of that before n.n;;

  22. Samuel Black

    I feel for you Peanut!!! I’m sure you have lots of projects that you haven’t finished.

  23. Ben

    The story of my creative life :B

  24. Junior

    I like how Grape is supportive of Peanut’s comic making.

  25. Edge ferret

    I feel your pain peanut lol I have that same feeling when im drawing trying to get everything done >.> wonder if thats how I would be if I was drawing a comic

    • Edge ferret

      oops put my name in wrong >.>

  26. Echo

    i find it funny….but only because i have a friend whos constantly begging for me to proof read his power ranger fanfic… (im bad about it, ill pull out a note pad on any story im reading and sit there makeing notes every time i see a spelling error, error in narrative, a loop hole in the story that needs to be closed, or just something out right nonsensical (such as suits of armor, full heavy armor, with holes for ears and tails? oh seriously, decorative or not..)

    anyway, yeah, he wants me to proof read because he knows ill point out all the problems with it…problem is i dont like power rangers

    • Disconnected

      That’s the same with my older brother he proofreads my fanfiction even though he doesn’t like the fandom.

  27. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Oh god, Peanut is so me. I want to write out stories and have fans of them, but I can’t ever get them organized into anything, and I have lists and maps and all sorts of other things that are for me characters and their worlds.

  28. supervanman64

    I feel like this all the time when it comes to comic creating.
    Peanut, I feel your pain, dude!

  29. kennyfox


  30. htg

    To all those saying “Yeah, that’s me!”, you’re all still pikers, amateurs, mere dilettantes, compared to the late, great J.R.R. Tolkien. ;-)

    • icarus

      EVERYONE is an amatuer compared to tolkien, dude.

    • wingedwolfgirl

      …and C. S. Lewis?

    • Mouko

      What was the point of saying this? Other than being rude?

  31. kuro

    aww, “silly pup”
    That’s my boyfriend’s pet name for me n.n <3 haha
    and AWW this is adorable.

  32. Profesor Rod

    I’d like to see Housepets’ supplementary material~ :P

    • Peanut-Lover

      No library would have room for it

  33. Peanut-Lover

    The only thing i would have changed it i would have place the emphasis on “I” instead of “like” in panel 3

  34. Fuzzypaws

    Heh, yeah, feel that myself sometimes. And panels 3 and 4 are completely adorable. :3

  35. wingedwolfgirl

    Oh Gosh!!!!1!!! I have the same problem as Peanut!
    Only mine is reversed, as in, I can draw the images (have a huge pile of them) but I can’t write the story.
    Er, not saying Peanut can’t draw, mind you.

    Also, it’s sad but; knowing I’m not the only one is encouraging.

  36. Flame

    LOL, that’s WAY too much material to read!!! XD (Also, this was funny to me too, Rick!)

  37. Wolfspawn

    Cutzie all the way! Spot the superdog rules :D

  38. Two_Twig

    I really must commemorate Peanut’s desire for creativity, it almost makes me feel jealous. Almost. By the way, brilliant “poke of the tongue” moment. Truly spot on.

  39. Traxer

    As a procrastinating writer…yeeeeeeah, this makes me sicker madly.

  40. vnbuchholz

    Who does Grape represent if Peanut is Rick?

  41. Teh Brawler

    I think its interesting that no one has commented on the fact that Grape no longer has eyelashes and the bejeweled collar. Statement of the obvious, I know, but I just thought it would have made a bigger uproar. Maybe the stuck-out tongue makes up for it.

    • GameCobra

      Doesn’t bother me really =P

      Sure, i loved the idea of Grape getting eyelashed and a glass/diamond collar, but it wouldn’t fit her character in my opinion. her going around like that i’m sure would make feel like she’s trying to tell everyone that’s she’s a girl.

  42. Draco_2k

    We like what you’re doing, Rick. :p

    • Profesor Rod

      Yeah, we do you silly ferret kit. :p

  43. Ray The Whimsical Lampshade

    Well, Grape is younger than peanut, (according to the bios), but she watches over Peanut like an older sister. In the third panel I think she was just trying to reassure him, that he does have one fan. Also i thonk the collar and lashes were for special occasions.