That’s Why You Save It For The Cover

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  1. Teh Brawler

    0.0 Bino can draw………

    • Teh Brawler

      I MEAN JOEY!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shoji

        I actually thought that was Bino too for a second XD

        • chrisQ

          …me too^^

          • ReyosBlackwood

            Same here at first, then I noticed the tag

          • BlueAnubis

            I kinda figured it was Joey on accout of three things:
            1. Joey seems to be more creative than Bino,
            2. Bino probably would have charged more,
            3. Bino is always mean to Peanut, so he probably would not do that for him.

          • Supuhstar

            I thought it was bino ’till you said something. >.<

          • Peanut-Lover

            You can also tell its Joey by the collar. Its got a big “J” on it.

        • TLV

          Bino would’ve taken artistic license to make Cyborg look like him, and then the punch line would’ve been “That’s not what he looks like.”

      • JB

        Joey and Bino really do look similar to one another plus they wear the same green collar, but Joey is the one with the dark spotted eye. Maybe same breed?

        • D_Leo

          Yeah…Fido, Bino and Joey are brothers.

          • JB

            Call me mud! > ~<;;;;;

          • WiseIdiot

            Hi mud!

  2. DZ

    Hey, way to go Joey! More to that little weirdo than meets the eye.

    • spoony

      it is my experience that the more strange someone is, the more talented they tend to be. Odd how brilliance often masquerades as eccentricity.

      • eccentricity

        That is not true. I’m very weird and my drawing ability is limited, despite how awesome my brain makes it look. And, then, there are moments of awesome, but those are few and far between.

        Although, I do excel at weirding out people in general.

      • eccentricity

        Although, I do have random moments of brilliance. I just forget when they happen.

        • Lucien

          well it could mean you are better in other areas than most, cause i’m really weird and i have that to my creative advantage :3

        • BlueAnubis

          IT”S AMAZING!!! I just found my twin on the intrnet!!!

          • Lee

            Me, or my Anubis character?

  3. Asteri

    and I AM CYBORG AS WELL!!! ………no I’m not

    …btw, I’m slightly confused… so did Bino just draw lines? or did he actually draw that?

    • Teh Brawler

      He actually drew that. And, with full knowledge that I’m the one who first made the mistake, that’s Joey, not Bino. :|

      • Asteri

        *gasp* that’s right! he’s not Bino D:

  4. Silverpaws

    hahaha yeah peanut you can put some lines on paper too but not like Joey does hehehe

  5. Swarmcrow


  6. sweetsy

    O.O holy cow…. Joey is SERIOUSLY talented…. I’m very impressed joey .. *tosses a biscuit*

    • 54viruses

      He asked for ten dollars… so I’m sure he’ll accept the biscuit as more than enough payment =D

  7. Mojave Coyote
  8. Duskyo

    As the economy goes down, commission prices SKYROCKET!!!

  9. Someone

    I see somepet can turn pro and get a lot of cash from commission and doujinshi.

  10. crazyredemu

    I bet peanut is feeling the way I do when someone draws something of mine way better then me.
    (its not a good feeling!)

    • Zanzawolf

      Yeah it’s never a good feeling…

    • wingedwolfgirl


  11. Blue_Elite

    Just want to point out that there are 3 different art styles here.

    Consider that for a second.

    • chrisQ

      …yeah, okay – *sec* – finished !^^

    • Whiskers

      All technically drawn by the same person if you don’t consider the comic characters themselves… quite impressive, Rick :3c

    • lolparty

      *brainjuice fries*

    • Dima

      You have the Housepets style that Rick developed for Housepets, and the comic style developed for Peanut’s comic, and then I believe Joey’s style is just Rick drawing as per normal :3

  12. kennyfox

    hehe he has alot of practice from all the ummm colorful fanfics he must write?

  13. spoony

    Is it me, or is joey wearing his ears a bit longer these days?

  14. foxfireattack

    The power of Commission!!!

  15. Phife

    Did he just color with a graphite no.2 pencil? That is beyond skill….

    • wingedwolfgirl

      Whoah, yeaah.
      I wish I could draw like that! ;)

  16. james319

    wow Bino can draw XD EPIC!!!

  17. dalqan

    It’s Joey. Not Bino :P

  18. Oblivion

    If it was Bino he’d probably draw Peanut snogging a cat, laugh at him for a bit, stomp on his foot and walk off.

    Ergo, it’s Joey.

  19. Silverstreak

    So Joey turned out to be an awesome furry artist as well as a fursuiter! :o

    I bet he’s popular at cons. *giggles*

    • supervanman64

      Heh, very true.

    • Profesor Rod

      Oh… and you haven’t even seen his porn folder :D *shot*

  20. Littleaeris

    *Wags tail and pants at The Cyborg!*

  21. supervanman64

    Joey can draw really good!

  22. Theolis Wolfpaw

    Oh come on Peanut don’t be stingy $10 is really cheap for something like that.

    • BlueAnubis

      But, that’s like five weeks allowance for him.

  23. Zekermeme

    …well… we’re doomed.

  24. Darcin

    So if he’s the Cyborg, does that mean that he’s going to keep on coming back no matter how absurd his death is to the point where he starts actively seeking his own demise only to have it snatched away from it again?

    Or am I confusing him with the Cyborg Superman.

  25. TD

    It’s official, Joey is cool!

    • Severedevil

      Hey, I thought Joey was cool before it was cool!

  26. JB

    Oh my….I learned something new about Joey. Wait, he cosplays and draws…is his owner into anime!? Yeah, why does everyone have to price their drawings. It’s just lines and colour. It should be free~. o 3o I could put lines and colour on paper too.

    • Unsilenced

      Yeah. Yeah you could.

      But not all lines are created equal…

      I’d say “not all lines and colors” but that would be bad.

    • Whiskers

      Joey, Bino, and Fido’s father/owner is a major nerd… as referenced by Fido walking in on a D&D game a while back.

      • BlueAnubis

        I’m pretty sure they don’t live together. I think Fido’s dad is the nerd, Bino and Max have the same dad, and I’m not sure about Joey’s parents.

        • Spirit of the Wolf

          It’s always the ones who are under-appreciated that can really draw. I speak from experience, so I feel for Joey and want to let you know that his price is CHEAP for what others would charge.

  27. Unsilenced

    If Peanut were smarter, he would hire Joey as an artist, pay him a cut from anything he makes from the comics.

    Prolly be less then 10$ anyways…

    • Zekermeme

      The only problem with that idea is that it’s predicated on Peanut being smart.

  28. wingedwolfgirl

    You’d think at some point the super-villain would change out of that dress.
    Yet…isn’t…smart enough…to ..kill off… the hero?
    Never mind.

  29. Flame

    Wow, it shouldn’t be that hard to figure out his identity. And, OMG, JOEY CAN DRAW!!! XD

  30. Lucien

    sweet! now we need ninjas, pirates, and a zombie and this comic will have it all!!!

    • Loki Impisi

      Were-wolves, slayers, epic fortresses and wizards?

      • Unsilenced


        Pirates =/= awesome.

        Please re-state your request.

    • BlueAnubis

      it’s funny, I said that when Rick introduced Tarrot.

  31. Bella

    Ooh~ didn’tknow Joey could draw so well! The two should collaborate. =3

    • 54viruses

      Now all they need is a writer.

      • Bella

        Aww, but I like Peanut’s storyline! =D

  32. BlueAnubis

    I just realized this! Nefarious Villan/Dress Villan is obviously a refrence to Bino!
    1. Both think that they are brilliant masterminds, but they are a few fries short of a happy meal.
    2. Both want everything done their way, and every other way is stupid.
    3. Bot reqire you to turn in your Badguy Papers/Good Ol’ Dogs Membership Card if you dont agree with their standards.

  33. Justice193

    I think we’re all forgetting something, pets get paid way less for their labor than people do, so $10 is ALLOT of money to peanut, and I’m certain Joey knows this.

    I wonder if Peanut is going to have to bug Jelly for a loan >.>…

    • Spirit of the Wolf

      You meat Grape?

      • Justice193

        yes, yes I do… I was thinking of sandwiches… that’s their last name and without bothering to look it made the most sense to me at the time XD.

  34. Mystery Ezekude

    Wrong! It’s not just lines on paper, it’s shading, accuracy AND lines on paper.

    P.S. Yuri Lowenthal for Peanut! Michelle Ruff for Grape!

  35. Clarke B. Macbeth

    I thought Joey liked Peanut?

  36. Spirit of the Wolf

    OMG it’s Knucles in dog form!!!

  37. Yami

    All this time i thought it was bino based on the sour look, forgetting bino doesn’t have a spot over his eye, and most likely still in Physical rehab.

  38. Kadoukon


  39. Evil_Pie

    I’ll remember Peanuts words when I ask for a commitions.

  40. Rawrimaducky

    At least he’s being forced to pay for quality. :P

  41. Fuzzypaws

    Time for Peanut to go into debt slavery to Joey!